Male Students M - R

Source: History of Macedon Academy, 1841-1891. Fairport, N.Y.: Mail Steam Printing House, 1892.


"The following list of students is as nearly complete as could be made from the records and memory of the oldest students. No catalogue was issued until 1845, and several since then are missing.

N.Y. is understood when no State is given. Dates given when the name is first found in catalogue."

* Denotes decease.

[Note: "1841-50" appears to mean that the compilers knew a student attended during the 1840s, but didn't know what year(s).]

- M -

MACOMBER, James W., location not given, 1841-50
MACOMBER, William P., Providence, R. I., 1854-5
MACOMBER, Pliny, Barry, Mich., 1846-7
MACK, J. D., Ontari, 1885-6
MAINE, Alva P., location not given, 1864-5
MALONE, Llewellyn J., Ontario, 1885-6
MALLORY, Henry, Macedon, 1849-50
MANN, Orville, Macedon, 1841-7
MANN,Charles M., Bushnell's Basin, 1856-7
MANLEY, Edward, Ontario, 1862-3
MANCHESTER, William B., Venice, 1881-2
MANSFIELD, George, Macedon Centre, 1888-9
MARRATT, William, Pittsford, 1847-8
MARKHAM, Leman, Farmington, 1862-3
MARSHALL, George W., Macedon Centre, 1841-50
MARSHALL, E. C., Scottsburg, 1859-60
MARSHALL, John A., Macedon Center, 1882-3
MARSHALL, William J., Macedon Center, 1851-2
MASON, Nathan H., location not given, 1856-7
MASON, Walter, location not given, 1865-6
MASON, Joseph K., location not given, 1849-50
MATHER, David, location not given, 1858-9
MAXWELL, Joseph, Macedon, 1879-80
McCLARY, John D., location not given, 1855-6
McCLARE, Andrew I., Palmyra, 1857-8
McCLARE, Martin, Palmyra, 1853-4
McCOMBS, John C., Manchester, 1861-2
McCREA, Alfred B., West Walworth, 1855-6
McDONALD, O., Macedon, 1859-60
McGARRY, Barnett, Macedon, 1870-1
McGREAL, John T., Lincoln, 1877-8
McGREAL, Lawrence L., Macedon, 1879-80
McGREAL, Anthony, location not given, 1887-8
McGAVERN, John C., Farmington, 1887-8
McINTOSH, John, Macedon Center, 1884-5
McINTYRE, J., Hall's Corners, 1858-9
McKNUTT, R. Augustus, Palmyra, 1862-3
McKNUTT, Frank, Farmington, 1880-1
McLEOD, Fred S., Macedon, 1888-9
McLOUTH, Peter H., Farmington, 1858-9
McLOUTH, Gustavius A., East Farmington, 1869-70
McLOUTH, Lewis A., East Farmington, 1869-70
McLOUTH, Aldrich J., East Farmington, 1855-6
McNamara, John, location not given, 1856-7
McNALL, Willialm, Henrietta, year not given
McNALLY, John, Walworth, 1861-2
MEAD, John G., Macedon Center, 1841-5
MEAD, Richard T., Macedon Center, 1851-2
MEAD, John H., Macedon Center, 1857-8
MEAD, G.S., Norwich, 1859-60
MEAD, William H., Mendon, 1860-1
MEAD, Thomas G., Macedon Center, 1861-2
MEAD, John W. Macedon Center, 1862-3
MEAD, Charles, Mendon, 1865-6
MEAD, Edgar L., Macedon Center, 1865-6
MEAD, Thomas H., Macedon Center, 1865-6
MEAD, Alfred M., Macedon Center, 1870-1
*MERRIFIELD, Durand S., East Penfield, 1877-8
MERRILL, S., Macedon, 1858-9
MERRILL, J.C., Macedon, 1858-9
METCALF, George, Bellville, Canada, 1885-6
MIDDAUGH, Levi, Webster, 1857-8
MIDDAUGH, Carlton E., Webster, 1852-3
MIDDLETON, Albert, location not given, 1872-3
MILLER, Jonathan, location not given, 1858-9
MILLER, Alfred B., Port Gibson, 1861-2
MILLER, William H., West Walworth, 1861-2
MILLER, Charles A., Port Gibson, 1861-2
MILLER, Silas P., Port Gibson, 1862-3
MILLER, Edgar D., location not given, 1866-7
MILLER, George R., location not given, 1868-9
MILLEN, George U., Macedon, 1890-1
MINER, Irving S., Hudson, Mich., 1857-8
MITCHELL, Philander, location not given, year not given
MITCHELL, John, Macedon, 1852-3
MITCHELL, Edwin, location not given, 1871-2
MITCHELL, Thomas H., location not given, 1874-5
MOORE, Sebastian R., location not given, 1848-9
MOORE, Phineas, location not given, 1856-7
MOORE, Stephen J., Manchester, 1857-8
MOORE, Palmer W., location not given, 1863-4
MOORE, Fred C., Walworth, 1870-1
*MOREY, Cornell, Macedon Center, 1841-50
MOREY, Lewis, location not given, 1841-50
MOREY, Henry, location not given, 1841-50
MOREY, Albert G., Macedon Center, 1847-8
MOREY, Andrew Comstock, Macedon Center, 1853-4
MORRIS, Lyman K., location not given, 1856-7
MORRIS, Robert, Lincoln, 1871-2
MOTT, Edwin S., location not given, 1852-3
MOTT, Marion D., location not given, 1853-4
MOTT, Leander M., location not given, 1854-5
*MORSELL, Charles K., Macedon, 1851-2
MORSELL, William P., Macedon, 1868-9
MOSELY, Ira W., location not given, 1854-5
MOUNT, John W., Williamson, 1851-2
MULLINER, George, location not given, 1852-3
*MUMFORD, W. Wallace, Macedon, 1847-8
*MUMFORD, Lafayette, Macedon, 1853-4
MUMFORD, Jerome B., Macedon, 1856-7
MUMFORD, Fred M., Macedon, 1875-6
MURPHY, Andrew, Clinton's Corners, 1861-2
MURPHY, Timothy C., Macedon, 1865-6
MURPHY, Stephen L., Macedon, 1879-80

- N -

NELSON, William, Macedon, 1884-5
NETTERVILLE, Edward W., Macedon, 1841-50
NEWBURY, Frank J., Lincoln, 1877-8
NEWHALL, John R., Lincoln, 1873-4
NEWHALL, Benjamin R., Lincoln, 1887-8
NICHOLS, George E., Farmington, 1862-3
NICHOLS, Horace I., Norway, 1873-4
NICHOLSON, Franklin, location not given, 1841-50
*NIXON, John W., Macedon, 1851-2
NIXON, John J., Macedon, 1852-3
*NORTHROP, Greenleaf, location not given, year not given
NORTHROP, Edward E., Macedon, 1841-3
NORTON, Burton S., Pittsford, 1853-4
NORTON, Canfield, Pittsford, 1853-4
NORTON, Franklin A., Ontario, 1855-6
NORTON, James, location not given, 1856-7
NORTON, William H., Penfield, 1856-7
NORTON, Augustus C., Penfield, 1856-7
NORTON, Theodore, Victor, 1861-2
NORTON, Gilbert, location not given, 1868-9
NORTON, Clarence C., location not given, 1873-4
NORTON, Chauncey, Lakeside, 1873-4
NORTHWAY, W. Luther, Macedon Center, 1862-3
NORTHWAY, Wilbur H., Macedon Center, 1863-4

- O -

O'BRIEN, Morris, Macedon, 1879-80
ODELL, Daniel, Fairport, 1855-6
ODELL, David, location not given, 1855-6
*ODLE, Robert D., Macedon Center, 1868-9
OLNEY, William F., location not given, 1856-7
ORNUM, Goerge, location not given, 1875-6
*OSBAND, Embury D., Macedon, 1847-8
OSBORN, Abner G., location not given, 1855-6
*OSBORN, Halsey A., Perinton, 1886-7

- P -

PACKARD, William Cullen, Macedon Center, 1841
*PACKARD, Abram L., Macedon Center, 1847-8
PACKARD, Cyrus X., Macedon Center, 1851-2
*PACKARD, Joseph L., Niagar, 1854-5
PACKARD, Nathaniel B., Macedon, 1856-7
*PACKARD, Joseph B., Macedon, 1857-8
PACKARD, Frank, Macedon Center, 1884-5
PACKARD, Philander, Macedon Center, 1889-90
PADGHAM, Phillip, Farmington, 1857-8
PALMER, Nathaniel, Penfield, 1847-8
PALMER, George L., Ontario, 1851-2
PALMER, John M., Webster, 1857-8
PALMER, John M., Webster, 1857-8
PALMER, James L., Walworth, 1854-5
PALMER, L. N., Webster, 1859-60
PALMER, O. H., Webster, 1859-60
PALMER, J. M., Webster, 1859-60
PALMER, D. Sidney, West Walworth, 1861-2
PALMER, Oscar C., location not given, 1863-4
PALMER, David E., location not given, 1863-4
PALMER, Franklin D., location not given, 1865-6
PALMER, Lyle, location not given, 1870-1
PALMER, John B., Lakeside 1881-2
PARKER, John C., Palmyra, 1864-5
PARKER, Jerome, Macedon, 1865-6
PARKER, Franklin D., location not given, 1865-6
PARKER, Charles H., Macedon, 1870-1
PARKER, Eugene, Walworth, 1872-3
PARKER, Frank A., Macedon, 1885-6
PARKER, Theodore J., Putneyville, 1887-8
*PARKHURST, Justus, Rochester, 1847-8
PARKHURST, William, Chapinsville, 1857-8
PARKE, Suel, Macedon Center, 1845-7
PARMLEY, Warren B., South Bristol, 1846-7
PARMLEY, James, South Bristol, 1851-2
PARMELER, James, location not given, 1854-5
PARSHALL, Rossman J., Lyons, 1863-4
PARSHALL, William A., Lyons, 1864-5
PATTERSON, Charles B., location not given, 1856-7
PATTEN, William R., location not given, 1868-9
PATTEN, Oscar B., Macedon Center, 1880-1
PATTEN, Byron B., Macedon Center, 1887-8
PATRIDGE, Grover, Palmyra, 1854-5
PATRIDGE, Daniel, Palmyra, 1861-2
PATRICK, William A., Victor, 1861-2
PAYNE, Marvin A., Manchester, 1851-2
PAYNE, William H., Manchester, 1852-3
PAYNE, Gideon B., Manchester, 1853-4
PAYNE, Andrew G., West Farmington, 1854-5
PAYNE, Moses A., West Farmington, 1858-9
PAYNE, Andrew G., location not given,1866-7
PAYNE, Clarence A., West Walworth, 1880-1
PAYNE, Walter J., West Walworth, 1887-8
PAYNE, Guy, West Walworth, 1890-1
PAYNE, John W., West Walworth, 1891-2
PEACOCK, Ezra, Macedon, 1851-2
PEACOCK, Harrison F., location not given, 1853-4
PEACOCK, Charles L., Lincoln, 1854-5
PEACOCK, George H., Lincoln, 1855-6
PEACOCK, Jerome R., Lincoln, 1856-7
PEACOCK, Oscar H., Lincoln, 1862-3
*PEACOCK, Milton J., Macedon Centre, 1863-4
PEACOCK, Fred, Lincoln, 1868-9
PEACOCK, Oscar F., Lincoln, 1859-60
PEASE, Wesley C., Ontario, 1857-8
PEARSON, John W., Lincoln, 1879-80
PECK, William A., East Penfield, 1859-60
PECK, Willard H ., location not given, 1863-4
PENNELL, Edson, South Bristol, 1851-2
PERRY, Joseph B., Coldwater, 1863-4
PERSONS, Oliver H., Clifton Springs, 1856-7
PETERS, George, West Macedon, 1844-50
PETERSON, Cornelius A., Fleming, 1846-7
PETTIT, Robert W., Palmyra, 1851-2
PETTIT, George E., Palmyra, 1852-3
PHETTEPLACE, Abraham W., Manchester, 1844-50
PHELPS, Edgar C., East Penfield, 1860-1
PHILLIPS, Alonzo, Macedon, 1844-50
PHILLIPS, Adrian L., location not given, 1865-6
PHILLIP, John G., location not given, 1865-6
PICKETT, Marcus E., Gorham, 1857-8
PICKAR, A. B., Oswego, 1859-60
PILCHER, Henry E., Macedon Centre, 1887-8
PITCHER, William, location not given, 1854-5
PITCHER, Clifford J. M., Martinsburg, 1887-8
PLUMB, Wilton J., Fairport, 1862-3
PLUMB, James, location not given, 1870-1
PLUMB, Charles E., location not given, 1871-2
PLUMB, Robert J., Scottsville, 1879-80
PLUMB, William H., Scottsville, 1879-80
POOR, Moses, location not given, 1866-7
POST, John H., Fleming, 1846-7
POST, Jothan, Macedon Centre, 1841-7
*POST, Richard, Macedon Centre, dates not given
POST, Joseph, Rochester, 1847-8
POST, William E., East Palmyra, 1864-5
POST, Spencer R., East Palmyra, 1870-1
POST, Daniel R., West Butler, 1861-2
POTTER, John A., Victor, 1861-2
POTTER, Russell D., location not given, 1864-5
POUND, Edwin H., Farmington, 1847-8
POUND, Stephen B., location not given, 1854-5
POUND, A. O., Perinton, 1859-60
POUND, Franklin L., Marengo, 1858-9
POUND, William, location not given, 1865-6
POWER, Robert, Manchester, 1841-50
POWER, Harrison H., location not given, 1841-50
POWER, Melvin, location not given, 1841-50
POWER, Alanson, location not given, 1841-50
POWER, Israel R., Manchester, 1851-2
POWER, Morey A., location not given, 1852-3
POWER, M. H. Sibley, location not given, 1852-3
POWER, Emmoi A., West Farmington, 1857-8
POWER, Truman, West Farmington, 1860-1
POWER, Duane, Manchester, 1879-80
POWELL, John B., Macedon, 1854-5
POWELL, John, Adrian, Mich., 1861-2
POWELL, Clark R., Macedon, 1846-7
PRATT, Oscar E., Webster, 1857-8
PRATT, Auvergne B., Macedon, 1864-5
PRATT, Frank A., location not given, 1855-6
PRATT, L. Fred., Manchester, 1879-80
PRESTON, George H., Ontario, 1856-7
PRICE, Ira, Macedon, 1877-8
PRITCHARD, Reuben, Palmyra, 1855-6
PULVER, Charles, Macedon, 1847-8
PURDY, Alexander M., Macedon, 1853
*PURDY, Charles A., Macedon, 1841-50
PURDY, Ira L., Macedon, 1857-8
PURDY, Fay H., Sodua, 1879-80
PUTNAM, George A., Stanley Corners, 1858-9

- Q -

QUIMBY, William C., Mendon, 1856-7
QUIMBY, George T., Mendon, 1856-7
QUINN, John P., Macedon, 1879-80

- R -

RAMSDELL, Stephen L., Macedon Centre, 1841-5
RAMSDELL, Jonathan, Moscow, Mich., 1851-2
*RAMSDELL, Ashley V. D., Macedon Centre, 1847-8
*RAMSDELL, William H., Macedon Centre, 1852-3
RAMSDELL, William D., Adrian, Mich., 1853-4
RAMSDELL, Isaac, Adrian, Mich., 1858-9
RAMSDELL, Jonathan G., Perinton, 1847-8
RANOUS, James T., Macedon Centre, 1851-2
RANOUS, John G., Macedon Centre, 1852-3
RANOUS, Charles, Macedon Centre, 1854-5
RANOUS, George W., Macedon Centre, 1863-4
RANNEY, George C., Macedon Centre, 1863-4
*RATHBUN, Solomon, Macedon, 1845-8
RANSLEY, Thomas C., Macedon, 1880-1
RANSLEY, Walter O., Macedon, 1890-1
*RAWSON, George W., Macedon, 1847-8
RAWSON, Martin Luther, Macedon, 1847-8
RAY, Frances H ., Chatham, 1851-2
RAYNOR, Andrew J., Ontario, 1857-8
RAYNOR, Samuel, location not given, 1864-5
RECORD, George R., Manchester, 1881-2
REDFERN, Fred, Walworth, 1889-90
REED, Nathan R., Walworth, 1858-9
REED, Rufus, Macedon, 1862-3
REED, C. W., Macedon, 1875-6
REED, Albert S., Macedon, 1886-7
REESE, John T., Orleans, 1856-7
REEVES, Amos, location not given, 1853-5
REEVES, James E., East Palmyra, 1860-1
REEVES, Henry C., Macedon, 1881-2
REEVES, Reuben A., Macedon, 1877-8
REEVES, Luther W., Macedon, 1883-4
REYNOLDS, Ward B., Macedon, 1846-7
REYNOLDS, Byron, Macedon, 1846-7
REYNOLDS, William H., Pittsford, 1856-7
REYNOLDS, Thomas E., Manchester, 1858-9
REYNOLDS, Walter S., Farmington, 1860-1
REYNOLDS, Charles C., location not given, 1864-5
REYNOLDS, Harvey H., Fairport, 1889-90
RICE, Stephen A., East Walworth, 1754-5
RICE, Mortimer, Phoenix, 1854-5
RICE, Edward H., Geneva, 1860-1
RICE, Franklin, Palatine, 1873-5
RICHARDS, Nathan J., Penfield, 1847-8
RICHARDS, Augustus H., location not given, 1852-4
RICH, Noah F., Penfield, 1852-3
RICKER, J. H., Ontario, 1859-60
RICHARDSON, David P., Macedon, 1847-8
RICHARDSON, Joseph M., Henrietta, 1844-5
RICHARDSON, Silas C., Farmington, 1853-4
RICHMOND, Charles, location not given, 1870-1
RICHMOND, Silas C., Macedon, 1868-9
RIDDELL, Jerome, Egypt, 1861-2
RIDDELL, Calvin D., Victor, 1856-7
RIDDELL, John D., Victor, 1858-9
RIDGEWAY, Job, Williamson, 1851-2
RIPLEY, Theron, Macedon, 1885-6
RIKER, George W., Ontario, 1855-6
RIKER, James H., Ontario, 1855-6
RILEY, William L., location not given, 1853-4
ROBINSON, Baxter, Farmington, 1844-5
ROBINSON, Alfred, Ogden, 1846-7
ROBINSON, Joseph, Farmington, 1845-8
ROBINSON, Edwin K., Gypsum, 1856-7
ROBINSON, Andrew J., Gypsum, 1860-1
ROBINSON, William P., location not given, 1869-70
ROBERTS, Raphael M., Fairport, 1854-5
ROBERTS, Lemeul G., Macedon Centre, 1875-6
ROCKWELL, Irving D., West Day, 1860-1
RODNEY, Claude, Manchester, 1879-80
ROGERS, Amon C., Webster, 1847-8
*ROGERS, William C., Macedon, 1847-8
ROGERS, Albert M., location not given, 1853-4
ROGERS, Jacob, location not given, 1865-6
ROGERS, Albert, location not given, 1865-6
ROGERS, Henry W., Lincoln, 1886-7
ROOD, Emerson A., Palmyra, 1847-8
ROYS, James S., Lyons, 1858-9
ROYS, Benjamin, Lyons, 1859-60
ROYS, Albert, Phelps, 1861-2
RUDD, Frank R., location not given, 1866-7
RUSH, Edwin S., Farmington, 1847-8
RUSHMORE, H. G., New Salem, 1859-60
RYAN, Dennis, Webster, 1873-4

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