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From the 1860 Gazetteer of the State of New York, by J. H. French

MACEDON - was formed from Palmyra, Jan. 29, 1823. It is the S.W. corner town of the co. Its surface is rolling and irregular. The valley of Mud Creek extends E. through the S. part. It is drained by Mud and Red Creeks and their tributaries. The soil is a clay and gravelly loam upon a limestone formation. Macedon, (p.v.) a canal village, was incorp. Nov. 1856. It contains 2 churches, a saw and grist mill, furnace, and machine shop, and about 500 inhabitants. Macedon Center (p.v.) is incorp., and contains 3 churches, the Macedon Academy, and 20 houses. The first settlement was made as early as 1789, by Webb Harwood and Ebenezer Reed. (1) The first church (Bap.) was organized in 1800. (2)


  1. Israel Delano, form Mass., and David Comstock, settled in the N. part, and Darius Comstock and Jerome Smith in the central part, in 1790. Jacob Gannett, John Gibson, Barnabas Brown, Abner Hill, Adam Kingman, __ Spear, Jonathan Warren, Constant Southard, ___ Reid, Packard Barney, and Philip Woods, from Mass., in 1791. A number of Friends came in 1800 from Penn. and Mass. The first child born was Enoch Gannett, in 1791; the first death was that of David White. Barnabas Reed taught the first school; Wm. Porter kept the first inn, and Jacob Gannett built the first mill.
  2. There are 5 churches in town; 2 Friends, Bap., M. E., and R. C.


From the 1824 Gazetteer of the State of New York, by Horatio Gates Spafford

MACEDON, a Township in the SW corner of Wayne County, 20 miles W. of Lyons, 16 N. of Canandaigua, bounded N. by Ontario, E. by Palmyra, S. by Farmington of Ontario County, W. by Perrinton of Monroe. It is township 12, range 3, of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase, has Mud creek across its SE corner, and the Erie Canal across the southern part, described as the W. township of Palmyra, in Ontario County, in the early part of this Work, and need not be again described. It was erected Jan. 20, 1823, from the W. part of Palmyra, Ontario County, and before the close of the same session became one of the townships of the new County of Wayne.

Current Place Names in the Town of Macedon:

Cator Corners, Huddle, Macedon, Macedon Center, North Macedon, Walworth Station, Wayneport, Yellow Mills

1867 Directory of Macedon

Property Owners of the Town of Macedon, 1891: added 1/9/14<

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Unclaimed Mail, Macedon Post Office, Jan. 1, 1841

Early Macedon Schools

Students of Macedon Academy

19th Century School Items - 1887 Macedon Academy Commencement Program

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Macedon Founders of Geneva's Van Dusen Nursery

Autobiography of Luther Rice Delano

History of Macedon Cemeteries

Macedon Center Cemetery: Town of Macedon
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Part 4 I-M   Part 5 N-R   Part 6 S-Z

Macedon Village Cemetery

Macedon Civil War Veterans Monument

Civil War Soldiers of the Town of Macedon

Old Quaker Cemetery: Macedon Center

St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery

Union Burying Ground, Wayneport

Town of Macedon Cemeteries Map

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