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We're pleased to present a large work created and donated to our site by Charles Shaw. The listings below represent an incredible amount of dedication and work on his part over a long period of time. Charles' comments below give insight into the type of research, resources and judgement he used to create this very special list.

"These records are found in the several volumes of "New York State Adjutant General Reports". It should be noted that these reports are hardly error free, but they are among some of the few sources available for this type of research. I have used them for several years and have learned to weed out some of the records as stated. For instance: I have omitted many names that are noted "no further record", although sometimes these men's names appear in the volumes of "Roll of Honor" by the US QM Dept. as buried in National Cemeteries. The same can be said of the "deserted" notation - often these men did not desert, but were sick or missing and this term seems to me as an easy way to dispose of them from additional morning reports of co. clerks. Having said this I can say that they still are the best or, in some cases, the only source at our disposal."

"With my wife's help, I have been indexing NY State cemeteries since 1986 and have acquired a large number of Civil War Vets. burial sites. We were in Wayne Co. last year and checked several cems. Later, after checking your web site, I became very impressed with the cemetery lists and the ease of reading them. The info found in ( ) is from my own records."

"I did omit burial sites due to lack of space. Some of these vets are buried in Wayne Co., or at least have tombstones in local cemeteries, and others are buried in National Cemeteries such as Andersonville, Ga."

Update 12/1/2000 - Burial Locations with locations key

Charles Shaw
April 2000 Updated: December 2000

cia - captured in action
kia - killed in action
wia - wounded in action
dod - died of disease
dow - died of wounds
nd - no date
nfr - no further record
( ) - from personal records
Letters in parentheses - see burial location key

Civil War Vets   Enlisted in NYS Regiments in Wayne Co.
Name Co. Regt. Date Place Age at Enlistment Service Record
Ables, Wm. E. (ARL) G 9Art 12/11/63 Wolcott 18-dod 7/11/64 Wash. DC
Abrams, Wm. H. (MA) A 9Art 8/2/62 Red Creek 24-dod 1/13/63 Wash. DC
Adams, Hiram W. D 160Inf 8/29/62 Williamson 33-dod 3/18/63 Brashear City, La.
Adams, John (AND) A 111Inf 7/24/62 Palmyra 34-cia 5/1064 died nd Andersonville
Adams, Samuel B 33Inf 8/30/62 Palmyra 44-trans 10/3/63 49Inf
Adams, Samuel (WY) I 49Inf 10/3/63-wia 5/3 dow 12/29/63 Palmyra, NY
Adams, Wm. (NB) D 3Art 8/15/62 Savannah 23-dow 7/31/64 New Bern, NC
Albaugh, Jas. D 9Art 8/15/62 Lyons 21-dod 11/29/62 Ft. Mansfield, Va.
Albaugh, John D 9Art 8/21/62 Lyons 21-dod 12/7/62 Ft. Mansfield, Va.
Allee, Edward B 27Inf 5/2/61 Lyons 21-dow 7/29/62
Allen, Asa (Cairo, ILL) D 160Inf 8/22/62 Marion 26-dod 8/27/64 Cairo, Ill.
Allen, Eli A. (WY) C 8Cav 9/17/61 Sodus 18-dod 9/23/63 Harper’s Ferry, Va.
Allen, Jas. (WY) K 9Art 8/20/62 Galen 44-wia nd dow 8/4/63 Ft. Mansfield, DC
Allen, Levi F. Sgt. (WY) D 9Art 8/14/62 Lyons 31-dod 9/16/64 Wash. DC
Almakinder, John D 111Inf 8/7/62 Sodus 35-cia 6/21/64 died no date pow
Andrew, Alvin (WC-WY) B 9Art 8/8/62 Ontario 30-wia Winchester nd dow 9/21/64
Andrews, Richard Watson SgtMaj 160Inf 8/30/62 Sodus 29-wia 10/19 dow 10/20/64 Cedar Creek
Andrews, Rowland B. B 27Inf 5/2/61 Lyons 23-dow 7/2/62
Angle, Geo. W. D 90Inf 9/5/61 Clyde 20-dod 9/26/62 Ft. Jefferson, Fla.
Anson, Wm. D 9Art 12/16/63 Huron 18-kia 7/9/64 Monocacy, Md.
Austin, Edward A. Sgt. C 111Inf 7/20/62 Rose Valley 23-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Autinburing, Geo. K 9Art 7/13/62 Clyde 44-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Ayres, Chas. F. E 111Inf 8/11/62 Arcadia 24-wia 7/3/63 Gettysburg dow 10/12/63
Bailey, Cyrus P. C 160Inf 9/4/62 Lyons 27-died 10/10/63 New Orleans, La.
Baker, Geo. F. (WY) D 111Inf 8/2/62 Sodus 21-died 2/20/63 Centerville, Va.
Baker, Henry A. E 111Inf 2/24/64 Savannah 19-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Baker, Jacob (ARL) H 111Inf 7/22/62 Palmyra 40-dod 10/25/63 Warrenton, Va.
Balch, Elon G. G 9Art 12/21/63 Galen 37-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Barnes, Jas. A 9Art 5/14/63 Palmyra 23-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Barnhart, Wm. A. H 75Inf 9/30/61 Wolcott 18-wia 5/27 dow 5/31/63 Pt. Hudson
Bartholomew, Dayton D. E 111Inf 8/11/62 Williamson 37-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Beadle, Justin (WY) B 111Inf 7/31/62 Savannah 21-dod 1/9/65 Savannah, NY
Beecher, John B 160Inf 8/30/62 Walworth 24-dod 3/15/63 Brashear City, La.
Belding, Silas W. 2Lt. C 111Inf 8/17/64 Lyons 41-kia 4/2/65 Sutherland Sta. Va.
Benger, John (WY) B 160Inf 8/30/62 Macedon 30-dod 10/6/63 New Orleans, La.
Bennett, Harvey G 9Art 1/4/64 Galen 43-trans VRC nd died 7/27/65 Wash. DC
Bennett, Wm. H. Cpl. D 111Inf 9/1/64 Macedon 26-kia 3/31/65 White Oak Ridge, Va.
Beres, Francis Cpl. F 75Inf 10/1/61 Huron 27-dod 10/1/63 New Orleans, La.
Berry, Pat’k. Cpl. D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 38-kia 5/31/62 Fair Oaks, Va.
Besley, Jas. A. (AND) A 111Inf 2/17/64 Palmyra 19-cia 6/22/64 d. 1/5/65 Andersonville
Betts, Riel P. K 9Art 12/14/63 Savannah 18-kia 7/9/64 Monocacy, Md.
Blackman, Wallace Cpl. (WY) D 8Cav 9/25/61 Clyde 21-dod 2/16/62 Wash. DC
Blakely, John R. A 9Art 8/2/62 Wolcott 21-kia 6/1/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Blanchard, Earl D 111Inf 5/11/64 Sodus 18-cia 10/30/64-died 2/23/65 pow
Bloomer, Wm. S. F 98Inf 10/22/61 Lyons 18-wia 6/3 Cold Harbor dow 6/4/64
Bodman, A.H. Cpl. (CHA) B 160Inf 8/22/62 Palmyra 21-dod 2/20/63 New Orleans, La.
Bowers, Wm. A 160Inf 8/27/62 Arcadia 20-dod 1/14/63 New Orleans, La.
Bowles, Fred'k. I. (ARL) K 111Inf 2/29/64 Rose 18-died 5/17/64 Wash. DC
Box, Geo. D 111Inf 8/6/62 Sodus 19-cia 12/1/63 Mine Run died no date pow
Boyall, Wm. Cpl. A 160Inf 8/26/62 Arcadia 33-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Bradley, Augustus B. (PHIL) B 9Art 12/5/64 Lyons 20-dod 11/17/64 Phil. Pa.
Bradshaw, Putnam (WY) B 98Inf 10/25/61 Lyons 44-discharged 12/24/62 (died 1863)
Bray, Jas. D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 44-wia 5/31 dow 9/10/62 Ann. Md.
Brewster, Isaac O. C 160Inf 8/28/62 Lyons 29-kia 9/19/64 Opequon, Va.
Brightman, Ezra J. A 111Inf 7/23/62 Marion 21-wia 5/14 Spotsylvania dow 5/29/64
Brill, Peter H. (ARL) H 111Inf 7/22/62 Palmyra 18-wia 5/5 Wilderness dow 7/7/64
Brink, Harvey C. (ARL) G 9Art 12/30/63 Wolcott 18-dod 7/14/64 Wash. DC
Brink, John (AX) F 105Inf 3/14/62 Lyons 21-dod 6/29/62 Alex. Va.
Broughton, Robert A 160Inf 8/27/62 Arcadia 20-dod 4/8/63 Brashear City, La.
Brown, Bartlett E 111Inf 8/6/62 Arcadia 33-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Brown, Jacob B. (WY) B 9Art 8/12/62 Ontario 31-dod 9/19/64 furlough Ontario, NY
Brown, John E 111Inf 2/12/64 Galen 18-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Brown, Thos. D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 29-died 11/15/62 NY Harbor
Brown, Wm. H. (WY) A 111Inf 7/26/62 Palmyra 27-died 2/12/63 Alex. Va.
Brownell, Edward I 98Inf 10/28/61 Palmyra 18-kia 5/14/64 Drewry’s Bluff, Va.
Browning, Jacob A 9Art 5/28/63 Clyde 42-kia 9/19/64 Winchester, Va.
Buchanan, Robert Cpl. B 111Inf 7/23/62 Clyde 23-kia 6/17/64 Petersburg, Va.
Bump, Jas. H. Cpl. (GB-WY) A 111Inf 7/29/62 Palmyra 23-kia 7/2/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Bunyan, Mortimer G 9Art 9/30/63 Clyde 21-dod 8/31/64 Wash. DC
Burgess, Chauncy F 98Inf 10/18/61 Lyons 18-died 6/10/62 White House Landing
Burkey (Barnky), Fred’k. E 111Inf 7/27/64 Macedon 43-kia 6/16/64 Petersburg, Va.
Burns, Michael Cpl. E 17Inf 5/10/61 Newark 22-kia 8/30/62 Bull Run, Va.
Burr, John H. F 75Inf 10/1/61 Wolcott 18-kia 5/27/63 Port Hudson, La.
Burrad, Wm. G. Cpl. E 111Inf 7/25/62 Marion 23-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Cady, Egbert H. (WY) A 9Art 8/6/62 S. Butler 18-kia 6/1/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Caldwell, Cady H. Sgt. A 160Inf 8/27/62 Arcadia 26-dod 3/4/64 New Orleans, La.
Canville, Cornelius D 160Inf 8/22/62 Williamson 21-dod 2/27/65 Stephensons Depot
Carpenter, Chas. (WY) L 1Art 10/1/61 Palmyra 19-dow 5/2/63
Carpenter, Orin B. 1Lt. D 9Art 8/18/62 Lyons 35-kia 10/9/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Carr, Geo. W. (WY) H 75Inf 9/30/61 Wolcott 19-dod 2/25/64 NY City
Carrier, Wm. Seward (WY) E 10Cav 9/29/61 Clyde 23-dod 8/2/62 Baltimore, Md.
Carroll, Simeon D 111Inf 8/5/62 Lyons 23-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Cary, Abram S. Cpl. A 160Inf 8/25/62 Arcadia 22-dod 9/30/63 New Orleans, La.
Cary, Jos. C 9Art 12/29/63 Huron 28-dod 7/10/64 White House, Va.
Case, Chas. F 98Inf 12/23/61 Lyons 19-wia 5/16/64 nfr (d. 8/6/64 And. Ga.)
Case, Jas. H. (CHA) D 160Inf 8/31/62 Palmyra 18-dod 6/28/63 New Orleans, La.
Chapman, Washington B 9Art 12/17/63 Ontario 42-dod 7/12/64 hospital ship Atlantic
Chase, Howard L. (MA) H 8Cav 10/16/61 Palmyra 21-dod 3/15/62 Wash. DC
Church, Geo. H. B 9Art 12/3/63 Ontario 18-dod no date Ft. Mansfield, Va.
Clark, Benj. D 111Inf 12/28/63 Sodus 18-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Clark, Geo. A. Cpl. C 8Cav 9/10/61 Palmyra 22-dod 1/10/63 Belle Plain, Va.
Coake, Geo. I 17Inf 5/10/61 Newark 19-dod 1/24/63 Wash. DC
Coffen, Alfred C 111Inf 9/2/64 Palmyra __-kia 3/31/65 Hatcher’s Run, Va.
Coleman, Albert K 9Art 3/4/63 Clyde 18-kia 7/9/64 Monocacy, Md.
Coleman, Wm. H. C 160Inf 8/27/62 Lyons 18-died 1/22/64 Franklin, La.
Congdon, John D. D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 22-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Conklin, Tunis Cpl. H 9Art 8/15/62 Galen 21-kia 7/9/64 Monocacy, Md.
Conroe, John B 111Inf 8/8/62 Clyde 21-wia 5/6 Wilderness dow 5/26/64
Contant, David Cpl. D 111Inf 1/13/64 Marion 18-cia 10/30/64 d. 1/26/65 Salisbury,NC
Cook, Wm. H. (DV) H 9Art 9/5/64 Lyons 20-dod 5/7/65 Danville, Va.
Cookingham, Chas. L. 1Sgt. (WY) D 111Inf 8/6/62 Galen 18-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Coonan, Michael Cpl. B 33Inf 5/9/61 Palmyra 28-dod 3/19/63 White Oak Church, Va.
Cooney, Andrew C. D 67Inf 6/4/61 Clyde 37-kia 5/31/62 Fair Oaks, Va.
Corcoran, Lawrence B 160Inf 8/25/62 Palmyra 28-wia 5/27 dow 6/3/63 Baton Rouge
Cormick, John K 9Art 8/18/62 Clyde 42-drowned 9/5/62 Clyde, NY
Cornue, Paris Sgt. F 2MTDR 12/14/63 Arcadia 35-kia 6/27/64 Petersburg (17Inf)
Cox, Edwin B 111Inf 8/7/62 Clyde 21-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Coy, Roswell Cpl. D 160Inf 8/22/62 Marion 19-dod 8/10/63 Baton Rouge, La.
Cramer, Conrad Cpl. (HH) F 98Inf 10/25/61 Lyons 35-died 4/14/63 Hilton Head, SC
Craw, Lafayette G 111Inf 1/1/64 Butler 39-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Craw, Morris J. G 111Inf 1/1/64 Butler 18-died 12/29/64 at home
Crawford, Myron H. Sgt. A 9Art 8/5/62 Red Creek 23-wia 7/9 dow 8/24/64 Frederick, Md
Cripps, John E 111Inf 8/7/62 Arcadia 18-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Cull, Jas. Cpl. (WY) I 17Inf 5/10/61 Newark 30-kia 8/30/62 Bull Run, Va.
Culver, Ambrose A 111Inf 9/5/64 Palmyra 18-cia 10/30/64 d. 1/29/65 Salisbury
Curtis, Bela K 111Inf 9/7/64 Lyons 44-wia 10/30/64 died nd Salisbury, NC
Curtis, Edwin D. H 75Inf 9/29/62 Huron 19-died 7/16/63 New Orleans, La.

Contributed by Charles Shaw

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