Surnames D - G

cia - captured in action
kia - killed in action
wia - wounded in action
dod - died of disease
dow - died of wounds
nd - no date
nfr - no further record
( ) - from personal records
Letters in parentheses - see burial location key

Civil War Vets   Enlisted in NYS Regiments in Wayne Co.
Name Co. Regt. Date Place Age at Enlistment Service Record
Daily, Edwin R. (NO) D 160Inf 8/22/62 Williamson 24-dod 5/31/64 New Orleans, La.
Dalton, Michael (SAL-WY) B 160Inf 8/25/62 Macedon 39-cia 10/19 d. 12/2/64 Salisbury, NC
Dare, Wm. Cpl. A 9Art 8/6/62 Red Creek 30-dod 12/20/62 Ft. Reno, DC
Davenport, Franklin W. D 9Art 8/13/62 Huron 24-dod 10/4/63 Ft. Foote, Md.
Dawson, John W. (ARL) B 111Inf 7/31/62 Clyde 26-died 11/5/64 Wash. DC
Dean, John D 9Art 8/12/62 Lyons 23-kia 6/8/64 Cold Harbor, Md.
Dean, Marcus D 160Inf 8/30/62 Sodus 18-dod 1/24/63 Carrollton, La.
Dearlove, John D 111Inf 2/24/64 Sodus 21-kia 5/10/64 Po River, Va.
DeBott, Peter D 111Inf 1/13/64 Marion 25-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
DeCon, Samuel B. E 111Inf 8/12/64 Williamson 19-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Degolyer, Edward K 9Art 8/24/62 Galen 30-dod 1/6/64 Ft. Mansfield, Md.
Delong, John (WY) G 9Art 8/30/62 Huron 30-dod 10/15/64 Winchester, Va.
Denning, Jos. C. Cpl. (WY) A 111Inf 7/28/62 Palmyra 18-wia 10/14 Bristoe Sta. dow 10/21/63
Derby, Geo. F 75Inf 9/26/61 Huron 18-wia 1/14 dow 2/6/63 New Orleans, La
Devas (Devos), Peter F 111Inf 8/9/62 Arcadia 21-wia 7/2 Gettysburg, Pa. dow 7/8/63
Deyoe, Francis B 33Inf 8/18/62 Palmyra 36-kia 5/4/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Dickinson, Powell C. F 75Inf 9/26/61 Huron 23-wia Port Hudson, La. dow 6/16/63
Dickson (Dixon), Geo. B 111Inf 7/30/62 Clyde 18-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Dickson, John C 160Inf 8/29/62 Lyons 44-cia 6/23/63 Brash. C. .supposed dead
Dietz, Wm. Musician C 160Inf 8/29/62 Lyons 18-dod 4/15/63 New Orleans, La.
Disbrow, John M. D 111Inf 8/6/62 Galen 18-died no date or place
Ditzel, Fred'k. (BR) B 160Inf 8/22/62 Palmyra 36-dod 7/29/63 Baton Rouge, La.
Dixon, Able G 9Art 8/24/62 Wolcott 22-dod 4/29/64 Wash. DC
Donohue, Jas. K 9Art 8/20/62 Galen 26-dod 9/16/62 Galen, NY
Dow, Solomon F 111Inf 2/8/64 Galen 35-died 9/18/64 Petersburg, Va.
Downs, Michael (ANN) K 9Art 8/21/62 Galen 26-kia 7/9/64 Monocacy, Md.
Drum, Jas. M. (CHA) A 160Inf 8/26/62 Arcadia 34-dod 4/15/64 New Orleans, La.
Duell, John H 9Art 8/24/62 Rose 26-dod 1/31/64 Galen, NY
Dumalt, Elijah Bugler C 8Cav 9/18/61 Marion 18-dod 1/20/62 Wash. DC
Dunn, Chas. (WY) B 27Inf 5/2/61 Lyons 18-dod 12/2/61
Dunning, John D 111Inf 7/29/62 Williamson 18-wia 7/2 Gettysburg dow 7/7/63
Edgar, John L. I 1VetCav 8/24/63 Palmyra 27-kia 5/15/64 New Market, Va.
Eicknoff, Anson A 160Inf 8/25/62 Arcadia 19-dod 7/5/63 New Orleans, La.
Ellis, Jas. H. 1Lt. (FK) E 9Art 8/15/62 Lyons 19-kia 7/9/64 Monocacy, Md.
Ellsworth, Orson A 9Art 1/4/64 Huron 43-died 9/21/64 Sandy Hook, Md.
Elmer, Albert A 9Art 8/8/62 Wolcott 21-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Emeigh, Asa (ARL) D 111Inf 2/11/64 Williamson 40-wia 5/10 Po River dow 6/28/64
Emerick, Levi C 9Art 1/4/64 Wolcott 22-cia 7/9 dod 11/24/64 Danville, Va.
Enderle, Jacob A 160Inf 8/26/62 Arcadia 40-dod 12/6/63 Franklin, La.
Ettinger, Francis D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 34-dod 2/28/62 Wash. DC
Failing, Milton A. C 8Cav 9/9/61 Sodus 19-cia 5/12/64 died 5/7/65 Macon, Ga.
Fairfax, Chas. A 111Inf 8/12/62 Palmyra 21-cia 12/1/63 d. 9/3/64 Andersonville
Farnsworth, Edward Sgt. I 17Inf 5/24/61 Newark 20-wia 8/30/62 Bull Run dow 9/7/62
Faulkner, Samuel G 9Art 12/29/63 Sodus 42-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Feak, Almon F. E 75Inf 9/20/61 S. Butler 20-died 1/1/64 New Iberia, La.
Feek, Alonzo H 9Art 12/10/63 Rose 21-cia nd dod 11/12/64 Danville, Va.
Ferguson, Jas. (WY) F 98Inf 10/18/61 Lyons 19-died 6/8/62 Yorktown, Va.
Ferguson, John W. (WY) D 111Inf 2/22/64 Sodus 25-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Field, Morris D 111Inf 1/4/64 Sodus 36-wia 5/10/64 Po River dow no date
Finch, Wm. (LP) F 98Inf 10/28/61 Lyons 40-wia 6/2 Cold H.dow 7/2/64 Balt. Md.
Finnigan, John B 160Inf 8/25/62 Palmyra 43-died 11/10/65 Elmira, NY
Fitch, Irving L. (WC-WY) A 9Art 12/26/63 Butler 18-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Fitzgerald, Nicholas C 111Inf 8/5/62 Rose Valley 24-cia 10/2/63 died nd Andersonville
Fletcher, Chas. P. Cpl. D 160Inf 8/22/62 Marion 27-kia 9/19/64 Opequon, Va.
Flier, Abram D 111Inf 7/31/62 Sodus 40-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Flinn, John W. Cpl. D 9Art 8/12/62 Lyons 24-kia 9/19/64 Winchester, Va.
Follett, John S. D 111Inf 8/7/62 Lyons 20-dod 11/18/62 Lyons, NY
Force, Myron H. Cpl. (MA) E 111Inf 8/12/62 Arcadia 28-dod 9/20/63 Wash. DC
Forncrook, Adin Cpl. (WY) D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 19-kia 7/31/62
Frecker, Geo. (ARL) C 160Inf 8/28/62 Lyons 21-kia 9/19/64 Opequon, Va.
French, Silas B. A 160Inf 8/26/62 Arcadia 40-dod 5/6/63 Brashear City, La.
Fresch, Jos. F 98Inf 10/28/61 Lyons 22-died 6/8/62 NY City
Fries, Gilbert (WC) B 9Art 8/11/62 Williamson 21-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Frisbie, Willard L. Cpl. (WY) B 111Inf 7/30/62 Clyde 18-cia 5/19 died 8/7/64 Florence, SC
Fritz, Samuel E 111Inf 8/8/62 Arcadia 20-wia 7/3 Gettysburg dow 7/18/63 Balt.
Frost, Henry C. (WY) A 9Art 8/5/62 Red Creek 20-dod 1/14/63 Ft. Reno, DC
Fuller, David L. C 111Inf 8/5/62 Rose Valley 29-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Fuller, Samuel I 17Inf 7/18/61 Newark 32-kia 8/30/62 Bull Run, Va.
Fuller, Wm. R. E 111Inf 8/25/64 Arcadia 26-cia 10/30/64 died nd Salisbury, NC
Gallagher, Pat';k. C 160Inf 8/29/62 Lyons 26-kia 9/19/64 Opequon, Va.
Gardner, Chas. (Seven Pines, Va.) I 98Inf 1/11/62 Palmyra 19-died 6/62 Baltimore Crossroads, Va.
Gardner, Geo. W. (Seven Pines, Va.) B 33Inf 5/9/61 Palmyra 19-kia 6/28/62 Gardner's Ford, Va.
Garlock, Chas. E. 1Sgt. (WY) E 111Inf 8/4/62 Arcadia 20-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Garrity, Pat'k. (ARL) K 9Art 8/25/62 Clyde 42-wia 6/5 dow 6/14/64
Gatesman (Gailesman), Geo. Cpl. E 111Inf 8/6/62 Sodus 21-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Gaul, Chas. Lucian 2Lt. B 27Inf 5/2/61 Lyons 26-dod 8/20/62 NY City
Genung, Wm. D. (WY) B 111Inf 8/5/62 Clyde 22-wia 5/5 dow 5/14/64 Fredericksburg
German, Wm. D 8Cav 10/5/61 Clyde 18-mia 5/12 dod 10/12/64 Andersonville
Gillett, Orison (WC) H 9Art 9/1/64 Huron 41-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Godkin, Thos. (BR) D 160Inf 8/30/62 Sodus 38-dod 8/9/64 Baton Rouge, La.
Goldsmith, Harvey A 111Inf 7/21/62 Palmyra 18-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Goodchild, Henry Sgt. (WY) D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 24-wia 5/31 dow 6/8/62 transport boat
Gould, Jas. E. F 25Inf 8/29/62 Macedon 21-trans 6/10/63 44Inf
Gould, Jas. E. (WY) I 44Inf 6/10/63-kia 5/8/64 Wilderness, Va.
Grandine, Daniel N. E 111Inf 8/7/62 Williamson 32-cia 5/15 d. 6/29/64 Andersonville
Grandy, John N. F 98Inf 12/10/61 Lyons 18-wia 5/16 dow 10/26/64 Ft. Monroe
Granger, John D 160Inf 8/22/62 Williamson 45-dod 8/22/63 New Orleans, La.
Grantz (Giranty), Frank (ARL) F 98Inf 11/14/61 Lyons 26-wia 6/3 Cold H. dow 6/13/64 Wash.
Graves, John (H.) (WY) D 90Inf 11/18/61 Clyde 18-dod 8/26/62 Key West, Fla.
Green, Alonzo D 67Inf 5/10/61 Clyde 20-wia 5/31 dow 6/30/62 Ann. Md.
Griswold, Erastus A. G 9Art 12/16/63 Wolcott 39-dod 1/27/65 in Virginia
Griswold, Jas. H. E 111Inf 8/5/62 Arcadia 18-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Gumore, Daniel V. A 160Inf 8/29/62 Arcadia 36-dod 12/9/63 Franklin, La.

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