The 1887-1888 Directory of the village of Lyons, Town of Lyons, Wayne County, N.Y. is useful as a research alternative to the 1890 US census, which was destroyed in a fire. The directory names home and business owners, as well as residents who did not own their own homes, and notes occupations of all residents. Addresses can be used to search for or verify home ownership.

Our appreciation for transcribing the full directory goes to Town of Galen Editor Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1886-1887 Directory of Lyons
Town of Lyons, Wayne County, NY

Wayne County, NY

Part 3, Surnames Me - R


Meade F. A., widow, h Foster n Maple
Meade Mertie, kitchen girl, Congress Hall
Medbery A. M., grocer, Water n Congress Hall, h do
Medbery Clara Miss, school teacher, bds Water n Congress Hall
Medbery Elmer, clerk, Water opp Congress Hall, bds Butternut n High
Medbery E. C., bus driver, bds Butternut n church
Medbery E. E., farmer, h Butternut n Church
Medbery Fred L., clerk, bds Butternut n Church
Medbery Ida Miss, clerk, Water n Congress Hall, bds do
Medbery Jennie Miss, bds Butternut n Church
Medbery Louisa, widow, h Butternut n Church
Medbery Martin, clerk, Water n Congress Hall, bds do
Medbery William, bottler, h Elmer
Meeker Floyd, night watchman L.V.R.R., bds Central House
Meiers Barbara Mrs., boarding house 16 1/2 Canal
Menanson Joseph, shoemaker, h 26 Broad
Menges Clymer, student, bds Broad cor Queen
Merchant John, farmer, h 26 Catherine
Merrigan Bridget, domestic, Church opp the Park
Merz George, laborer, h Spencer n Holly
Messenger Foster L., 5 and 10 cent store 17 Canal, h do
Messinger Jacob, bartender Graham House
Messmer Albert (Messmer & Northup), Broad n Water, h Canal n William
Messmer Daniel, laborer, bds 11 Canal
MESSMER & NORTHUP (Albert Messmer and Samuel Northup), Palace Cave restaurant, Broad n Water
Metz D., widow, h Canal n Phelps
Metz Libbie Miss, domestic, 86 William
Meyer Henry, watch maker and jeweler, 16 Broad, h Bear
Mierkey Henry, wagon maker, bds Jackson n Canal
Mierkey Louis, laborer, h Jackson n Canal Mierkey Louis, jr., cigar maker, bds Jackson n Canal
Miers Joseph, laborer, h the Lane n Maple
Miers Mathew, laborer, h the Lane n Maple
Miles John, asst. yard master N.Y.C.R.R., h r 50 Geneva
Miles Kate Miss, music teacher, bds Geneva n gas house
Miles Mary Miss, milliner, bds Geneva n gas house
Miles Patrick, foreman, h Geneva n gas house
Miller Charles, laborer, bds Canal n Spencer
Miller Charles, laborer, bds Layton n Water
Miller Charles W., clerk 28 Canal, bds do
Miller Edward, cigarmaker, bds Layton n Water
Miller Edward, farmer, bds Maple ab brewery
Miller Elizabeth G. Mrs. (Peper & Miller), William n Church, h do
Miller Fred, mason, h 26 Maple
Miller Fred, teamster, h ab Aqueduct
Miller Fred F., laborer, bds Rice n Bear Miller George, farmer, h Maple ab brewery
Miller George, lock tender, bds Layton n Water
Miller George F., bakery, 28 Canal, h do
Miller George F., jr., clerk, 28 Canal, bds do
Miller Henry, carriage painter, bds Layton n Water
Miller Henry, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Catherine ab Ditton
Miller Jacob, laborer, h Montezuma n malt house
Miller John, butcher, 56 Canal, h Geneva n Montezuma
Miller John, farmer, bds Maple ab brewery Miller J., constable, h Rice n Bear
Miller Louis, laborer, h 37 Montezuma
Miller L. D., painter and decorator, h Butternut n Pearl
Miller Magdalena, widow, h Rice n Bear
Miller Mary Mrs., h Layton n Water
Miller Rosie Miss, bds Maple ab brewery
Mills Gus, lock tender, bds 19 Water
Mills Gustavus, commercial traveller, h Canal n Phelps
Mills Jennie Mrs., dressmaker, 19 Water, h do
Mills John, sign painter, h 15 Canal
Mills William R., school teacher, bds Canal n Phelps
Mindel Margaret, widow, h Layton ab Water
Mindel Philip (Graff & Mindel), 43 Water, h Pearl n Broad
Mindel William, farmer, h Layton ab Water
Mintel Charles, laborer, h 35 Jackson
Mintel Frederica Miss, dressmaker, h Jackson n Spencer
Mintel Maggie Miss, tailoress, bds Jackson n Spencer
Mintel Mary Miss, tailoress, bds Jackson n Spencer
Mintel Peter, harnessmaker, Water n Broad, bds 35 Jackson
Mirick A. G. Mrs., h 17 Phelps
Mirick A. Gertrude Miss, bds 17 Phelps
Mirick A. Jeannette Miss, h Catherine n Holly
Mirick Amelia E. Miss, h Catherine n Holly
Mirick Benjamin, bds Lawrence n Phelps
Mirick Gertrude Miss, bds 10 Holly
Mirick Hiram, h 10 Holly
Mirick Hiram, student, bds Lawrence n Phelps
Mirick Ira, h Holly cor Spencer
Mirick Ira, book-keeper, bds 10 Holly
Mirick James P., h Catherine n Holly
Mirick Mary B., widow, h Catherine n Holly
Mirick Mary L. Miss, bds 17 Phelps
Mirick Milton, maltster, h Lawrence n Phelps
Mirick Nelson C., printer, bds Cahterine n Holly
Mirick W. P., grocer, Geneva n Elmer, h 17 Phelps
Mitchell George, teamster, h 43 Montezuma
Mix George S. B., freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., bds Canal n Spencer
Mix M. H. (Burnett & Co.), 52 Canal, h Canal ft Lawrence
Mix Mary H. Mrs., h Canal n Spencer
Moore Charles H., lumber dealer, h Broad n Jackson
Moran Andrew, h Layton ab Water
Moran Bridget, cook, Graham House
MORAN DANIEL, clothier and tailor, 34 Canal, h Phelps n Holly See page 58
Moran Daniel (Moran & Martin), bds Water n Aqueduct
Moran James, barber, h Butternut n Queen Moran James, laborer, h 28 Montezuma
Moran Nicholas, farmer, bds Layton ab Water
Moran & Martin (Daniel Moran and John Martin), saloon, Canal opp Phelps
Morey E. A., widow, h Foster n Maple
Morrin Christopher, laborer, h Water n Aqueduct
Morrin Daniel, stone mason, h Water n Aqueduct
Morrin Edwrad, milk peddler, bds Water n Aqueduct
Morrin John, mason, h Water n Aqueduct
Morrin William, laborer, h Water n Aqueduct
Morse W. J. (Plantz & Morse), 12 Canal, bds Congress Hall
Motz Dorotha, widow, h 59 Water
Motze Philip, shoemaker, h Water n Aqueduct
Mulranin Edward, canvasser, h Holly cor Spencer
Munger Orange, house and carriage painter, h 2 Butternut
Munger Wallace, house painter, bds 2 Butternut
Munn Gardner, student, bds 26 Catherine
Murphy Charles, fireman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Murphy Dennis, engineer N.Y.C.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Murphy J. H., engineer N.Y.C.R.R., h Elmer n Shuler
Murphy Kate, domestic, High cor Queen
Murphy Nellie Miss, bds Franklin
Murphy Richard, foreman N.Y.C.R.R., h Franklin
Murphy Sarah, widow, h Franklin
Murphy Timothy, laborer, h 16 Montezuma
Murphy William, horseshoer Pearl n Broad, h do
Mutschler Daniel, laborer, h Catherine ab Ditton
Myers Frank, horse shoer Geneva cor Church, bds Canal n William
Myers Helen, bds Bear n Queen
Myers H. F., clerk, 24 Canal, h 23 Catherine
Myers John, bds Spencer n Jackson
MYERS J. C., agricultural implements, hardware, etc., 33 Water, h High
Myers Theodore, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., h Franklin n Depot
Myers William, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Franklin n Depot


National Express Co., James H. Rudd, agent, 3 Center building, William
NATIONAL HOTEL, B & W Johnson props., 8 and 10 Canal
Nellis Nelson, liquors, William opp Opera House, h Broad n Church
NETTLETON & CO. (G. E. Prosser), boots, shoes and rubbers, 5 Canal
Nettleton A. E. (Nettleton & Co.) 5 Canal, resides Syracuse, N.Y.
Newell M. B. Mrs., millinery and fancy goods, 23 Canal, h do
Newkirk Mary, kitchen girl Hotel Price
Nichols Maggie, dining room girl, Graham House
Nico Josephine Miss, bds 50 Phelps
Nico Mary Ann, widow, h 50 Phelps
Noble Charles A., printer, bds Maple n Hill
Noble Ella Miss, school teacher, bds Maple n Hill
Noble Thomas, tailor, h Maple n Hill
Norley Edmond G., boatman, bds Water n Layton
Norley George H., blacksmith, h Water n Layton
Norley Norman T., boatman, bds Water n Layton
Norman Catherine, laundress Hotel Price
Northup Catherine, widow, h Geneva n Depot
Northup Samuel, saloon and restaurant, Geneva n Depot
Northup Samuel (Messmer & Northup), Broad n Water, h Geneva n R.R.
Norton Charles, carpenter, h Canal n Spencer
Noskow Rosa, widow, h Bear n Queen
Nusbickel Frederick (Nusbickel & Co.) Broad cor Water, h Pearl
Nusbickel Frederick, jr. (Nusbickel & Co.), Broad cor Water, h do
Nusbickel & Co., hardware, etc., Broad cor Water Nye W. S., gate tender N.Y.C.R.R., h 7 Shuler


O'Brennen Nano Miss, bds Franklin
O'Brien Annie Miss, bds 12 Shuler
O'Brien John, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Elmer n Shuler
O'Brien Katie, dining room girl, Congress Hall
O'Brien Maggie, domestic, 26 Phelps
O.Brien Michael, laborer, h 12 Shuler
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, h Geneva n Elmer
O'Connor Lizzie Miss, domestic, 30 Phelps
O'Connors Michael, night watchman N.Y.C.R.R., h Elmer n Shuler
O'Grady T., saloon and restaurant, Canal n William, h do
O'Keefe William, laborer, h 11 Shuler
O'Malley Thomas, laborer, h Elmer n Shuler
O'Neil Everett, school teacher, bds Broad cor Queen
O'Neill Anastasia Miss, bds Franklin
O'Neill Bridget Miss, bds Geneva n Montezuma
O'Neill John, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., h 15 Shuler
O'Neill Margaret, widow, h Geneva n Montezuma
O'Neill Mary, widow, h Franklin
O'Neill Michael, shoemaker, h r 21 Broad
O'Neill Thomas, laborer, h Franklin
Oakleaf Eva Miss, domestic, Phelps n Jackson
Oakleaf George, laborer, h Catherine n Ditton
Oakleaf George, laborer, bds Foster n Maple
Oakleaf Harry, laborer, bds 35 Phelps
Oakleaf Magdalena, widow, h 35 Phelps
Ohmann Christian, h 46 Maple
Olmann Fred, potter, h Maple n Jackson
Omay Catherine, h Ditton n Phelps
Ophinger Martin, laborer, h Catherine ab Ditton
Orff Amanda, domestic, Catherine n Lawrence
Ortnot John, laborer, h Maple n brewery
Ostrander L. A. Rev., pastor Presbyterian Church, h 80 William
Otto Henry, clerk Memorial Building, bds Lawrence n Phelps
OWEN CHARLES H., agent Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Co. office Franklin n Hotel Price, bds Graham House


Painter George, peanut vender, h 26 Montezuma
PALACE CAVE RESTAURANT, Messmer & Northup, Broad n Water
Palmer Charles, conductor L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Palmer Henry L., postal clerk, h Catherine n Ditton
Palmer Martha, vegetable cook, Congress Hall
Palmeter Alice A. Miss, bds 5 High
Palmeter D.G., packer, h 5 High
Palmeter F.H., carpenter, 5 High, h do
Palmeter Frank H., jr., carpenter, h Phelps n Jackson
Palmeter Ira T., laborer, h 14 High
Palmeter S.G., car inspector L.V.R.R., h Shuler n Elmer
Parish Norman A., repairer, h 36 Phelps
Parker Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker 60 Canal, h do
Paromet Alphonse, baker, bds Commercial House
Parshall Dewitt Mrs., h Jackson cor Catherine
Parshall Frank, telegraph operator N.Y.C.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Parshall Ross J., sheriff, Butternut head Church
Partman Henry O., laborer, h Sisson n Phelps
Paton J.J., groceries, crockery, etc. 19 Water, h Broad n Queen
Patterson E.H., conductor L.V.R.R., h 69 Broad
Patterson R.J., commercial traveller, h 22 Church
Peer A.S., veterinary surgeon Water n Broad, h do
Pell James H., merchant tailor 17 Water, h Queen n Broad
Penoyer John, h Layton ab Water
Penwright Jesse, laborer, h Water n Aqueduct
Peper Ruth A. Mrs. (Peper & Miller), William n Church, h do
Peper & Miller, (Ruth A. Peper and Elizabeth G. Miller) millinery and fancy goods, William n Church
Peters Isaac, conductor N.Y.C.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Petteys Hortense Miss, bds Phelps n Jackson
Petteys Jennie Miss, h Phelps n Jackson
Petteys William F., tinsmith Water n Broad, h Phelps n Jackson
Peterson Margaret, h Canal n Phelps
Pfistnal Joseph, cooper 78 Water, h do
Pflug Barbara, widow, h Butternut n Water
Pheiffer Lena Miss, domestic Broad cor Queen
Pheiffer Magdaline, widow, h 140 Canal
Pheiffer Theodore, butcher, h 140 Canal
Phillips Clarence, laborer, bds Hotel Price
Phillips Frank, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., h Franklin
Pickett Charles, carpenter, h Sisson n Maple
Pickett Charles, carpenter, h 96 William
Pickett Elizabeth Miss, artist, 57 Broad, bds do
Pickett John M., carpenter, 57 Broad, h do
Pickett John M., jr., freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., h 42 Broad
Pilcher Ellen, widow, h 23 Rice
Pilcher William, carpenter, h 23 Rice
Pinkerton Frank, bartender, William n Graham House, h do
Pixley Mary A., widow, h 20 High
Plantz Spencer (Plantz & Morse), h Broad n William
Plantz & Morse (Spencer Plantz and W. J. Morse), wall paper and window shades, 12 Canal
Platt Dora Miss, bds Butternut n Queen
Platt Emma T. Mrs., h Butternut n Queen
Platt Nellie Miss, bds Butternut n Queen
Playford James W., blacksmith, h Phelps n Culver
Playford Stephen, h 56 Phelps
Pohl Louis, reporter, h Jackson n Broad
Pomeroy F.B.,, h Broad cor Queen
Porter Martha A., widow, h Sisson n Phelps
Porter Nathan, bookkeeper and cashier, 42 and 44 Canal, bds Phelps n Jackson
Potter Benjamin, teamster, h Phelps n Sisson
POWELL P. J., prop. Graham House, William cor Church
Powers Michael, hostler, Congress Hall
Pratt Charles, laborer, bds 60 Canal
Price C. B., grocer, 38 and 40 Canal, h 5 Holly
Price Dewitt, clerk Hotel Price, bds do
Price George P., prop. Hotel Price, Franklin n Depot
Price Leman, clerk Hotel Price, bds do
Pritchett Anna Miss, domestic, 16 Jackson
Pritchard Henry, farmer, h Geneva ab W.S.R.R.
Pritchard Ida, domestic, Geneva ab W.s.R.R.
Prosser G. E. (Nettleton & Co.), 5 Canal, bds Broad cor Queen
PULS JOHN F., groceries and provisions, 10 Jackson, h do
Puls John H., clerk, 10 Jackson, h do
Puls Mary F. Miss, bds 10 Jackson
Pulver Adelia, widow, h 24 Montezuma
Purcell James, brakeman N.Y.C.R.R., h Shuler n Geneva
Purdy Marvin, salesman, bds 45 Canal
Putnam James W., physician, 4 Church, bds graham House
Putney Brothers, grocers, Geneva n Canal
Putney C. H. (H.W. Putney & Son), h 67 Broad
Putney E. B. (Putney Brothers), h Bear n Broad
Putney George E., painter, h High n Church
Putney H. W. (H.W. Putney & Son), h 66 Broad Putney H. W. & Son (C.H. Putney), fanning mill manuf., 2 & 4 Geneva


Quincy Lincoln, yard master N.Y.C.R.R., h Geneva n R.R.


Race L. G., brakeman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
RADDER CHARLES H., groceries and provisions, 54 Canal, h Phelps n Jackson See page 63
Radder Ferdinand, carpenter, h 22 Rice
Radder Frank, laborer, h Phelps n Sisson
Radder George (Mann & Radder), Geneva n gas house, h 15 Maple
Radder Henry W., watchmaker and jeweler, William head Canal, H Phelps cor Sisson
Radder Maggie, domestic, 17 Phelps
Radder William, h Sisson cor Phelps
Rainsley James, laborer, h Spencer n Jackson
Rainsley William, laborer, h Spencer n Holly
Ranckert Dora Miss, h 98 William
Randall Albert, lock tender, h Cherry
Randel Carrie Miss, h 1 Phelps
Rankert Jacob, farmer, h Phelps n Sisson
Ransom Althea Miss, ticket agent N.Y.C.R.R., bds Franklin n Depot
Rapp Peter, saloon, 29 Canal, h do
Rauscher George, laborer, h 33 Montezuma
Rautach John, laborer, h 38 Montezuma
Ravell Florence D. Miss, school teacher, bds 40 Broad
Ravell Harry, landscape painter, h 40 Broad
Ray C. H., lawyer, Court House, h High n Church
Raymer John, laborer, h Culver n Phelps
Reagan Michael, laborer, bds Franklin
Reals S., liquor dealer, 11 Broad, bds Broad n Water
Redgrave Ida M. Miss, bds Phelps cor Holly
Redgrave Irene Miss, bds Phelps cor Holly
Redgrave Lizzie R. Miss, bds Phelps cor Holly
REDGRAVE S.C., hardware and cutlery, 42 and 44 Canal, h Phelps cor Jackson
Reeves John, laborer, 11 Bear
Renkert Michael, h Maple n Culver
Reynolds Eugene, car repairer, h Shuler n Elmer
Reynolds George, patrolman Erie Canal, h Maple n Culver
Reynolds Mary E. Miss, bds Maple n Culver
Reynolds Thomas, laborer, h Geneva n Canal
Reynolds William Mrs., h 2 Shuler
Reynolds William H., laborer, bds Maple n Culver
Rice E. A. B. Mrs., h 51 Maple
Rice James, laborer, h r 21 Broad
Rice Mary, widow, h 49 Broad
Richards Brothers (W.N. and E.A.), booksellers and stationers, 7 Canal
Richards E. A. (Richards Brothers), bds 15 Lawrence
Richards Josie Miss, bds 15 Lawrence
Richards N. T., h 15 Lawrence
Richards W. N. (Richards Brothers), bds 15 Lawrence
Richardson Mary P., widow, h High cor Queen
Richmond A. Mrs., h Geneva n Railroad
Richmond Catherine T. Miss, bds 11 Bear
Richmond Ellen H. Miss, h 11 Bear
Richmond Harry, laborer, h 23 Pearl
Richmond Leland, carriage painter, h 11 Jackson
Richmond M. J. Mrs., h 11 Bear
Riley Elizabeth, widow, h Spencer n Holly
Riley George, laborer, bds Spencer n Holly
Riley John, h Jackson n Broad
Ritter Charles, cigar maker, bds 1 Maple
Ritter Emma Miss, h 1 Maple
Ritter Fred, teamster, bds 1 Maple
Ritter Theodore, teamster, h 1 Maple
Roach Annie, chambermaid Graham House
Roach Ella Miss, tailoress, bds Butternut n Queen
Roach John, engineer Fall Brook R.R., bds Central Hotel
Roach Maggie Miss, dressmaker, bds Butternut n Queen
Roach Peter, h Butternut n Queen
Robbins C. S., laborer, h Lawrence head Geneva
Roberts Levi, laborer, h Water n Aqueduct
Robinson Abram T., cartman, h Holly n Catherine
Robinson Ann Miss, tailoress, bds Geneva n W.S.R.R
Robinson B. Mrs., h Geneva n Canal
Robinson Chauncey, section hand N.Y.C.R.R., bds 25 Church
Robinson C. K., travelling salesman, bds Geneva n Canal
Robinson Daniel, kalsominer, h Rice n Kent
Robinson James, assistant yardmaster N.Y.C.R.R., bds Geneva n W.S.R.R.
Robinson John F., clerk Center building, bds Geneva n W.S.R.R.
Robinson Michael, laborer, h Geneva n W.S.R.R.
Robinson O. C. (Hoffman & Robinson) Memorial building, residence Newark, N.Y.
Robinson William, contractor and builder, Phelps opp Sisson, h 86 William
Robinson William, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Geneva n W.S.R.R.
Rodenbach Jacob (Rodenbach & Gucker), 24 Canal, h Catherine n Lawrence
RODENBACH & GUCKER, (Jacob Rodenbach and Charles H. Gucker), dry goods and notions, 24 Canal See page 66
Rodgers Marinda, widow, h 19 Jackson
Rogers B.F. (A. W. Johnson & Co.), William opp Opera House, h Canal n Holly
Rogers B. R. Mrs., h Holly n Catherine
Rogers Clinton, laborer, bds Canal n Jackson
Rogers Edward P., farmer, h High cor Queen
Rogers Edwin W., photographer, William opp Opera House, h Canal n Jackson
Rogers Hunting, farmer, h Spencer n Jackson
Rogers James, farmer, h High cor Queen
Rogers Mary L. Miss, bds High cor Queen
Rogers Mellie Miss, bds Canal n Jackson
Rogers Murray M. (Dereich & Rogers), William n Water, h do
Rogers S. B. Mrs., h Broad n Queen
Rohr Dorotha, widow, h William n Canal
Rohr Jacob, teamster, h Elmer n Geneva
Rohrbacker Magdalena, widow, h Maple n Jackson Rooker Christopher, grocer, Canal Lock, h do
ROOKER GEORGE, groceries, ale, beer, etc, Maple cor Sisson, h do
Rooker Henry, clerk Graham House
Rooker Margaret Mrs., h Canal n Spencer
ROOKER W. H., groceries and provisions, 72 and 74 Broad, h do
Rooker W. H. C., clerk, bds Maple cor Sisson
Roth Joseph, butcher, Water cor broad, bds Layton n Water
Rotsell William, car cleaner, h Elmer
Roys Charles H., lawyer, over Gavitt's Bank, William, h Phelps
Roys J. S., farmer, h Geneva cor Shuler
Rozell William, saloon and pool room, 33 Water, h do Rudd James H., bookstore and newsdealer, agt American and National Express Co.'s, 3 Center building, h Church
Russell George H., tinsmith, bds 4 Butternut
Russell Martin, laborer, h 4 Butternut
Russell Mary J. Miss, bds 4 Butternut
Ryan C. B., grocer, Geneva n Water, h do, also saloon, Water
Ryan Edward, h Maple n Hill
Ryan Jeremiah, laborer, h Maple n Hill
Ryan Katie Miss, h Bear n Queen
Ryan Mary Miss, tailoress, h Bear n Queen
Ryan Thomas, laborer, h Bear n Queen
Ryder John, carpenter, h Layton ab Water

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