The 1887-1888 Directory of the village of Lyons, Town of Lyons, Wayne County, N.Y. is useful as a research alternative to the 1890 US census, which was destroyed in a fire. The directory names home and business owners, as well as residents who did not own their own homes, and notes occupations of all residents. Addresses can be used to search for or verify home ownership.

Our appreciation for transcribing the full directory goes to Town of Galen Editor Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1886-1887 Directory of Lyons
Town of Lyons, Wayne County, NY

Wayne County, NY

Part 4, Surnames S - Z


Sanders Edgar, foreman, h Spencer n Lawrence
Sander Fred, laborer, h 5 Shuler
Sanford Orpha, widow, h Pearl n William
Schaffenberger Salome, domestic, Geneva n Depot
Schaffer Frederica, widow, h Layton av Water
Schaffer Joseph, laborer, h Maple n Hill
Scharp George, carpenter, h Rice n Kent
SCHATTNER ADAM, wire screen manuf. also leader of band, h 59 Phelps See page 67
Schattner Charles, baggageman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Schattner Melvina Miss, bds 59 Phelps
Schattner William, carpenter, h 7 Ditton
Schaub Barbara, widow, h Broad n Church
Schaub Carrie Miss, milliner, Broad n Church, h do
Schaub Charles H., clerk, 19 and 21 Broad, h Pearl cor William
Schaub George H., baker, bds Lawrence n Phelps
Schaub Jacob, bakery, Broad n Water, h Lawrence n Phelps
Schaub Louise Miss, milliner, bds Broad n Church
Schaub Mary Miss, bds Lawrence n Phelps
Schaub Mary B. Miss, bds Lawrence n Phelps
Schaub William, section hand, bds Lawrence n Phelps
Schaub William J., laborer, bds Lawrence n Phelps
SCHEETZ BROTHERS (Edward H. and William), cigar manufs. 5 Maple See page 68
Scheetz Edward H. (Scheetz Brothers), 5 Maple, h do
Scheetz Fred, carpenter, h Sisson n Phelps
Scheetz George, blacksmith, bds 5 Maple
Scheetz George Mrs., h 5 Maple
Scheetz William (Scheetz Brothers), 5 Maple, h 1 Jackson
Schenk Andrew, mason, h Phelps n Culver
Schlecht Christopher, laborer, h Phelps below Culver
Schlee Augustus (Claassen, Schlee & Brother), Canal n Holly, h do
Schlee Charles, mason, h Maple n Culver
Schlee Cahrles, jr., carpenter, h Maple n Culver
Schmuck Catherine, widow, h Phelps below Culver
Schmuck Libbie, weaver, h Phelps below Culver
Schneible Bernard, baker, h Spencer n Holly
Schneider Louise, domestic, Joppa House
Schneker Julia, widow, h Spencer n Holly
Schooly Samuel, engineer L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Schoonover Daniel, laborer, h 63 Broad
Schoonover Theodore, laborer, h 4 Shuler
Schreiber Anna Miss, bds Canal n Spencer
Schreiber Henry, bricklayer and plasterer, h Canal n Spencer
Schreiber Henry, jr., mason, bds Canal n Spencer
Schreiber Matilda Miss, bds Canal n Spencer
Schreiber William, mason, bds Canal n Spencerv Schuyler Henry, clerk, Memorial building, bds Phelps n Holly
Schuyler I. B., dry goods, Memorial building, bds Phelps
Sckwartz Bertha Miss, bds Ditton cor Catherine
Schwartz Rosa Miss, bds Ditton cor Catherine
Schwartz Stephen, laborer, h Ditton cor Catherine
Schwartz Stephen, jr., teamster, bds Ditton cor Catherine
Scott Samuel, maltster, h 19 Lawrence
Scott Seymour, maltster, h 30 Phelps
Scott W. S., clerk, bds 19 Lawrence
Scutt William, h 1 Butternut
See Jerome, carpenter, h 27 Layton
Sees Charles, paper hanger, h 55 Broad
Seiple George, cutter, bds Broad cor Queen
Shanley John, Am. exp. agt. S., G. & C.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Sharp John, laborer, h Phelps n Jackson
Sharp John Mrs., dressmaker, Phelps n Jackson, h do
Shaw Denny, carriage painter, bds 17 Maple
SHAW E. D., druggist and stationer, 48 Canal, bds Phelps n Lawrence See page 69
Shaw Hamlet, laborer, bds 17 Maple
Shaw Jacob, ornamental painter, h 17 Maple
Shaw Louise M. Mrs., h Rice n Bear
Shaw Nettie Miss, bds 17 Maple
Shea John, laborer, bds Franklin
Sheffield Abbie Miss, bds Geneva n Lawrence
Sheffield Fannie, dishwasher, Congress Hall
Sheffield James, laborer, h Geneva n Lawrence
Sheldon A. F., county treasurer, also physician, h Broad n Queen
Shelly James, section hand N.Y.C.R.R., h 31 Spencer
Shepard Clark L., carpenter, Catherine n Ditton
Shepard Libbie Miss, bds Catherine n Ditton
Shepard Marie Miss, bds Catherine n Ditton
Sherman A. L., h Catherine n Ditton
Sherman Charles, house painter, h Rice
Sherman Frank Miss, h Lawrence head Geneva
Sherman F. J., physician, Broad cor Queen, h do
Sherman S. D., physician and life ins. agt., Lawrence head Geneva
Sherman William Mrs., seamstress, h 38 Phelps
Sherman W. B., paper hanger, bds National Hotel
Sherwood Clara Miss, bds Queen n High
Sherwood L. H. Rev., principal Lyons Musical Academy, Queen n High, h do
Shipler J. W. H., photographer, 32 Canal, bds congress Hall
Shuler George, h 45 Geneva
Shuler George H. (Shuler Milling Co.), Geneva, h 45 do
Shuler M. H. (Shuler Milling Co.), Geneva, h Queen n William
SHULER MILLING CO., George H., M. H. and P. J. Shuler, managers, Geneva
Shuler Philip, miller, h Water n Butternut
Shuler P. J. (Shuler Milling Co.), Geneva, h Water
Silor William, potter, h Canal n the pottery
Simmons A. R., carpenter, bds Elmer
Simmons George H., carpenter, h Elmer
Siple George H., cutter, 34 Canal, bds Broad cor Holly
Sisson C. C. Mrs., h Broad n Church
Smallbone Emma J. Miss, bds 52 Catherine
Smallbone John, wood turner, h 52 Catherine
Smelt William, h Ditton n Phelps
Smith Adelbert, bartender, Canal n William, bds do
Smith Albert, engineer, h Catherine cor Lawrence
Smith Charles, clerk, 54 Canal, bds Geneva n Montezuma
Smith Eugene, student, bds 61 William
Smith Fannie, widow, h 23 Maple
Smith Frank, laborer, h Phelps cor Foster
Smith George Washington, coachman, Jackson cor Catherine
Smith G. W., laborer, h Catherine ab Ditton
Smith Henry, laborer, h Spencer n Lawrence
Smith Henry, laborer, h Canal n Holly
Smith Henry L., carpenter, h Phelps cor Foster
Smith Lizzie Miss, dressmaker, h Phelps cor Foster
Smith Mary E., widow, h Maple cor Sisson
Smith Patrick, laborer, bds Franklin
Smith Robert H., omnibus line, h 61 William
Smith William, blacksmith, Jackson n Phelps
Smith William, printer, bds Ditton n Phelps
Smith William, transfer express agent, h 70 Broad
Sneitzel Carrie Miss, milliner 60 Canal, bds do
Sniffen Edward, car repairer N.Y.C.R.R., h Elmer
Snitzel John, h Kent n Maple
Snyder Edwin, harnessmaker, bds Catherine n Ditton
SNYDER E., 99c and variety store, 16 Canal, h Canal n Catherine See page 71
Snyder Paul, lock tender, h 60 Broad
Soggs Douglass, laborer, bds Shuler
Soggs Ellsworth, laborer, bds Shuler
Soggs Howard, house painter, bds Shuler
Soggs Lila Miss, bds Shuler
Soggs William, pattern maker, h Shuler
Soogs William, jr., laborer, bds shuler
Soper Edward, laborer, bds Shuler
Soper Orson, bds Shuler
Spahr Frances Miss, bds Atlantic Garden House
SPAHR MARTIN, Atlantic Garden House, 37 Canal See page 25
Stacy A., carpenter, h Canal n Spencer
Stanford Frank, fireman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Stanley David, miller, h Bear n Queen
Stanton George T., farmer, h Catherine cor Ditton
Stanton J. F., printer, h Butternut n Church
Starks Carrie Miss, bds 41 Montezuma
Starks Cora Miss, bds 41 Montezuma
Starks Elizabeth, widow, bds Franklin n depot
Starks William, machinist, h 41 Montezuma
Starr Ann Miss, bds 45 Canal
Stebbins William, engineer L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Steele John, farmer, h Layton ab Water
Stein Frederick, tailor, bds 11 High
Stein Pauline Miss, bds 11 High
Stell David, laborer, h Maple n Foster
Stell Louisa Miss, domestic, Phelps n Holly
Stell, William, clerk 35 Water, bds do
Stelle Edward, car inspector L.V.R.R., h Franklin
Stephan Edward P., clerk 38 and 40 Canal, bds Montezuma n Geneva
Stephan George, carpenter, h 13 Montezuma
Stephan George, jr., cigarmaker, bds 13 Montezuma
Stephan Harry, clerk 52 Canal, bds Montezuma n Geneva
Stephan Louise Miss, carriage trimmer, bds 13 Montezuma
Stephan Louise Miss, seamstress, bds Spencer n Holly
Stephan P.J., shoe maker, 52 William, h Spencer n Catherine
Stephans Theodore, conductor L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Sterret Hannah, widow, 58 Broad
Sterret Melvin, bartender, h 58 Broad
Stewart Catherine, widow, h 72 Broad
Stewart James, laborer, bds 51 Maple
Stewart William, laborer, h 58 Broad
Stickney Andrew, laborer, h Lawrence cor Catherine
Stickney Walter, laborer, h Lawrence n Catherine
Stime Thomas, brakeman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Stoeckel Frederick, shoemaker, Maple n Hill, h do
Stoeckel Philip, clerk Water n Broad, bds 64 Maple
Stoetzel Emma Miss, domestic Cherry
Stoll John, yard master, h Elm
Stolz S. (Stolz & Straus), Memorial building, h 52 Broad
Stolz & Straus (S. Stolz and N. Straus), clothing and men's furnishing goods, Memorial building, William
Storms Delia, widow, h Jackson cor Spencer
Storms Frederick, laborer, h Jackson cor Spencer
Storms Josephine Miss, bds Jackson cor Spencer
Stroms Theodore, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., h Phelps cor Jackson
Stout E. T. Mrs. Cherry, h cor Bear
Stout O. C., physician, h 32 Phelps
Strain J. F., manager Congress Hall, bds do
Strany George, 18 Canal, bds Phelps n Holly
Stratton James, tinsmith, 42 and 44 Canal, bds Maple cor Foster
Stratton John, h Maple cor Foster
Stratton Julia Miss, h Maple cor Foster
Stratton Katie Miss, bds Maple cor Foster
Stratton Mary Miss, bds Maple cor Foster
Straus N. (Stolz & Straus), Memorial building, h William n Broad
Strichnetz Henry, engineer N.Y.C.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Stubly Fred, laborer, bds 60 Canal
Studer Charles, clerk, bds Water n Broad
Studer Charles E., clerk 54 Canal, bds Water n Cangress Hall
Studer Margaret, widow, h Sisson n Maple
Stults William R., produce dealer, bds 21 Maple
Sturges Albert R., telegraph operator, bds 1 Butternut
Sturges George F., overseer gas works, h 1 Butternut
Suesse Jacob, bds 24 Catherine
Sullivan Florence, engineer N.Y.C.R.R., h Elmer
Sullivan J. D., laborer, bds Hotel Price
Sunderlin A. M., foreman N.Y.C.R.R., h Geneva n Elmer
Sunderlin Mary A. Miss, bds Geneva n Elmer
Sutherland Armsby, freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., bds Queen cor Bear
Sutherland Lewis W., physician Memorial building, h Church cor Bear
Sutton H. M. Mrs., h 59 Broad
Sweeting Mary Miss, school teacher, bds High n Queen
Sweeting Volney H., maltster, h High n Queen
Swett Samuel, farmer, h Church cor High
Swickhardt Barbara Miss, h Phelps n Jackson
Swickhardt Fred, laborer, h Phelps n Jackson


Tammany James P., laborer, h 4 Montezuma
Tammany Kittie Miss, dining room girl Graham House
Tammany Lottie Miss, kitchen girl Graham House
Tanner F. A., bookkeeper First National Bank, h Church cor Butternut
Tanner E. H. Mrs., h Geneva n R.R.
Tasno John, laborer, h 40 Montezuma
Taylor Edwin, teamster, h 7 Lawrence
Taylor James, teamster, bds 7 Lawrence
Taylor Marion Miss, h Cherry cor Bear
Taylor Willard U., student, bds Broad n Church
Taylor William, tanner and maltster, h Broad n Church
Teller Cornelia S., widow, h 6 Holly
Teller Dexter M., clerk Pearl n Broad, bds Foster n Maple
Teller D.V., canal supt. section A., Pearl n Broad, h Foster n Maple
Teller John, teamster, h Jackson n Broad
Teller John H., printer, bds 6 Holly
Theise Bertha H. Miss, bds Water n Broad
Theise Charles, shoemaker, h Water n Broad
Theise Charles, jr., cigarmaker, bds Water n Broad
The Lyons Gas Light Co., Geneva cor Water, George F. Sturges supt.
THE LYONS NAYIONAL BANK, D. S. Chamberlin pres., William cor Canal
THE LYON REPUBLICAN, W. T. Tinsley editor and proprietor, Republican building, William See page 74
THE LYONS SENTINEL, M. J. & I. J. Van Marter, 14 Broad
THOMAS BYRON, county clerk, Pearl, h Broad n Church
Thomas Elizabeth, widow, h 7 Holly
Thomas George E., sexton Grace church, h Holly cor Spencer
Thompson Charles, carpenter, h Sisson n Maple
Thompson Frank, laborer, h 29 Montezuma
Thornton Clarissa A., widow, h 11 Layton
Tillison George, laborer, h William n Canal
Timerson Hamilton, brakeman N.Y.C.R.R., h 50 Geneva
TIMM JOHN A. REV., pastor First German Lutheran Church, h 11 High
Tinney Charles, State scow, h Maple n brewery
Tinsley Henry G., assistant editor, The Lyons Republican, h Phelps cor Lawrence
Tinsley Nellie Miss, bds Phelps cor Lawrence
TINSLEY W. T., editor and proprietor The Lyons Republican, Republican building, William, h Phelps cor Lawrence See page 74
Tomney M. C., baled hay, straw, etc., Montezuma n Geneva, h do
Tompkins T. R. Mrs., h 19 Catherine
Towar A. H., livery and sale stable, Pearl opp the Park, h Church n Broad
Towar Henry, dentist, William, h 76 William junc Broad
Towar H. T., dentist, Republican building, h Broad n Jackson
Travers J. E., clerk 3 Canal, h Water n Broad
TRAVERS THOMAS F., Flower City Tea Store, 3 Canal, h Water n Broad
Traynor Lawrence, laborer, h 13 Shuler
Trimmer George A., manager Lyons branch Rochester Distilling Co., William cor Church, h do
Tripp Oscar, laborer, bds Broad c Queen
Trobridge Mary Mrs., h Phelps cor Sisson
Trumpour W. N., house painter, h Canal n Spencer
Tucker Frank, porter, Central Hotel
Tucker George, freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., bds Shuler n Geneva
Tucker M. C., cashier The Lyons National Bank, William cor Canal, h William
Tucker William, freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., h Shuler n Geneva
Tuffy Anthony, laborer, h Shuler n Elmer
Turner J. M. Miss (Hall & Turner), 60 William, h do
Tyler Frank, freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., h 21 Broad
Tyndall Martha A., widow, h Maple n Sisson
Tyrrell John, cigarmaker, bds National Hotel


Umbledee Henry, engineer L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Unger Martin, meat market, Broad n Water, h do
Unger Michael, laborer, h Phelps below Culver
Unger Philip, clerk, Broad n Water, bds do
Utter Charles, carriage painter, bds Ditton n Phelps
Utter Margaret, widow, h Ditton n Phelps


Vail James, brakeman L.V.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Van Auken Josiah, boot and shoemaker, Canal n Phelps, h Catherine n Jackson
Van Auken Lizzie Miss, h 33 Catherine
VAN CAMP H. T., editor Wayne Democratic Press, William c Canal, h 28 Butternut
Van Camp May Miss, bds Butternut n Queen
VAN CAMP WILLIAM, publisher Wayne Democratic Press, William cor Canal, h 28 Butternut
Van Deburg Emma Miss, h 27 Phelps
Van Deburg Maria E. Miss, h 27 Phelps
Vanderbilt Austin, laborer, h Water
Vanderbilt Henry, laborer, h Holly cor Canal
Vanderbilt Mina Miss, bds Catherine n Ditton
Vanderbilt William, tanner, h Catherine n Ditton
Van Derhoof James, horse trainer, h 11 Broad
Van Derhoof J. W., car repairer N.Y.C.R.R., h Elmer
Van Derhoof Oscar, car coupler N.Y.C.R.R., bds Elmer
Van Etten J. W., lawyer, Masonic block, h William n Post office
Van Gorder William, laborer, h 72 Broad
Van Houten Henry, cartman, h 19 Maple
Van Marter Annie Miss, h 12 Layton
Van Marter I. J. (M.J. & I.J. Van Marter), 14 Broad, h 12 Layton
Van Marter Josephine Mrs., milliner 60 Canal, h do
Van Marter Joseph, farmer, h 12 Layton
Van Marter M. J. (M.J. & I.J. Van Marter), 14 Broad, h 12 Layton
VAN MARTER M.J. & I.J., publishers The Lyons Sentinel, 14 Broad
Van Marter William, lawyer, h 47 Maple
Van Wickel Margaret A., widow, n Water n Aqueduct
Vaughn E. A., engineer L.V.R.R., bds Hotel Price
VEEDER M. A., physician and surgeon, Broad n Church, h do
Veeder S. J. Mrs., h Broad n Church
Vickery Patrick, engine wiper L.V.R.R., h Franklin
Videman John, shoemaker, h 48 Montezuma
Voisin Joseph, butcher, Broad cor Water, bds Layton n Water
Volcer William, laborer, h Spencer ab Jackson
Volzer Fred, barber, bds Canal n Holly
Vorman S. T., engineer N.Y.C.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Vosburgh Charles, bottler, Canal n Jackson, h do
Vosburgh Isabella R., widow, h High cor Queen
Vosburgh Sarah J. Miss, school teacher, h High cor Queen
VOSTEEN HENRY, cigar manufacturer 32 Canal, h Geneva See page 77
Vosteen John, clerk 32 Canal, bds Geneva n Water


Wagner Carrie, domestic, Holly n Catherine
Wagoner G. J., h Canal n Holly
Waldo Charles, bds 45 Canal
Walhizer Peter Mrs., h Canal n Catherine
Walker Charles G., clerk 42 and 44 Canal, h Canal n Spencer
Walker William, carpenter, h Layton ab Water
Walrath Archibald, farmer, h Layton ab Water
Walrath Henrietta Miss, bds Layton ab Water
Walsh Catherine, widow, h Catherine n Jackson
Walsh M. J., carpenter N.Y.C.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Walsh Patrick, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., h 23 Pearl
Walt John, fireman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Walter Mary Miss, domestic, h Cherry n Bear
Walters Lydia, domestic, Catherine cor Holly
Way John, teamster, h 2 Catherine
Way John, tree trimmer, h Water n Broad
WAYNE DEMOCRATIC PRESS, William Van Camp, publisher, William cor Canal
Wapels Hanson, laborer, h Rice n Bear
Wapels Mary B. Miss, bds 45 Montezuma
Wapels William, maltster, h 45 Montezuma
Warfield B. F., postal clerk, h Phelps cor Ditton
Warfield Frank, freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., bds Broad c Queen
Warren David, h Maple n brewery
Warren H. D., brewer, h Maple n brewery
Washier Henry, laborer, h 29 Maple
Waterman Asaph, farmer, h 24 Phelps
Waterman Frank P., clerk 27 and 29 Water, h 20 High
Waterman M. J., farmer, h 14 Phelps
Watkins Carlton, engineer, h 31 Montezuma
Watkins Frank, laborer, bds 31 Montezuma
Watrous H. H., dentist, over 99 cent store, Canal, h do
Watson Irving, laborer, bds Layton n Water
Weaver Bena Miss, domestic, 65 William
Webb Fred, express messenger, h High n Church
Webb John, laborer, h 3 Shuler
Weber Caroline Miss, h Canal n Phelps
Weber Louise, domestic, Phelps n Lawrence
Weber Morretz, shoemaker, h Canal n Phelps
Webler Maggie Miss, domestic, Water n Broad
Webler Philip, clerk 24 Canal, bds 16 1/2 do
Weden August, carriage trimmer, h Canal n Jackson
Weden Ernst, carriage trimmer, h Layton ab Water
Weden E. G., cigarmaker, bds Canal n Jackson
Weikmann Charles, mason, h Spencer n Jackson
Welch Catherine, widow, h Catherine ab Ditton
Welch Celia Mrs., seamstress, bds Foster n Maple
Welch David, tailor, h 3 Foster
Weller Charles, car inspector N.Y.C.R.R., h Elmer n Shuler
Weller Edward, laborer, h Elmer
Weler James, h 32 Catherine
Weller Jennie Miss, bds 32 Catherine
Weller Julia A. Mrs., bds Catherine n Ditton
Weller Thomas, clerk 55 and 57 Canal, bds Broad n Queen
Welling J. Mrs., h 63 William
Welton Joseph, fireman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Werner Dorothy, widow, h Water n Broad
Werner Fred, saloon, Water n Broad, h do
Wesley John Mrs., h Phelps cor Sisson
Wesley J. E., freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., h Phelps cor Sisson
West James, potter, h Spencer n Holly
Western Union Telegraph Co., Charles K. Haynes, manager, William n Canal
Westfall David, travelling slaesman, 35 Water, h head of Water
Westfall Emma, widow, h Lawrence n Catherine
Westfall Fred, clerk 19 Water, bds Water n Butternut
Weyheimer Henry, laborer, h 50 Maple
Wheeler, Marinda, widow, h 1 Maple
Whilock James, farmer, h Queen n High
Whitlock Fannie Miss, h Queen n High
Whitman I. A., stenographer and type writer, H Broad n Church
Whitney Ira, farmer, h above Aqueduct
Whitney Lena Miss, domestic, Broad n Queen
Wichman Emma Miss, bds Canal n Jackson
Wichman Louis, cigarmaker, bds Canal n Jackson
Wichman Louise Miss, bds Canal n Jackson
Wichman Sopha, widow, h Canal n Jackson
Wilbur Edward, laborer, h Layton n Water
Wilbur William, cooper, h Layton ab Water
Wilbur William, laborer, h Layton n Water
Wilbur W. H., laborer, h Layton ab Water
Wilder Belle Mrs., dressmaker, 11 Broad, h do
Wilder Gaylord, car chalker N.Y.C.R.R., h Elmer n Geneva
Wilk Anna Miss, bds Canal n Holly
Wilk ered, laborer, h Canal n Holly
Williams Charles H., bookkeeper N.Y.C.R.R., bds Canal n Holly
WILLIAMS ED. H., carpenter and builder, Canal n Holly, h do
William George Mrs., h Geneva cor Lawrence
William George C., carpenter, bds Canal n Holly
Williams May Miss, domestic, 5 Holly
Williams William, conductor L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Williams W. H. Rev., h Bear cor Queen
Willis Edward, fireman N.Y.C.R.R., h Elmer n Geneva
Wiltz Louise, domestic, Queen n High
Wintemute, Charles, baggage master L.V.R.R., bds William n Lawrence
Wintemute Jane, widow, h William n Lawrence
Winters John, laborer, h 50 Montezuma
Winters William, laborer, bds 50 Montezuma
Witbeck John J., hairdresser 9 Broad, h Water n Broad
Witherby Fannie Mrs., dressmaker, 60 Canal, h do
Witt Eliza, widow, h Jackson n Maple
Wo Lee, Chinese laundry, Water opp Congress Hall, h do
Wolfe John, gardener, Summit n Culver
Woolfe Lewis, town clerk, Memorial building, h Jackson cor Phelps
Wolford R. H. Mrs., h 12 Ditton
Woobey Alfred, laborer, h Kent n Maple
Woobey Edward, laborer, bds Kent n Maple
Woobey John, laborer, h Rice n Bear
Woobey William, laborer, h Catherine ab Ditton
Woodard Seymour, h Lawrence n Catherine
Woodham Harriet Miss, bds Spencer n Holly
Woodham Thomas, laborer, h Spencer n Holly
Woodlan William, laborer, h Culver n Phelps
Worthington Edward, laborer, h Church n High
Worthington Elizabeth, widow, h Church n High
Worthington Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker, bds Church n High
Wyckoff Lyman J., captain of State scow, h 60 Canal
Wyckoff Orrin, bartender, Canal n Phelps, h do
Wyckoff Sarah Miss, h 60 Canal


Yackel Fred, h Sisson n Phelps
Yackel Fred, carpenter and builder, h Jackson n Phelps
Yackel Fred, jr., carpenter, h Sisson n Phelps
Yackel Henry, cigarmaker, h Sisson n Phelps
Yackel Lena Miss, h Maple n Culver
Yackel Louis E., cigarmaker, h Jackson cor Maple
YATES W. H., coal dealer, Elmer, bds Broad n Queen
Young D. M. Rev., pastor M. E. Church, h 65 William
Young Henry, agent agricultural implements, h Canal n Spencer
Young Joseph, meat market, Elmer n Geneva, h do
Young Martin, moulder, h 53 Broad
Youngs Charles, laborer, h Phelps n Culver
Youngs G. W., lamp lighter, h Spencer n Holly
Youngs James, printer, bds Spencer n Holly
Youngs Jennie Miss, bds Spencer n Holly
Youngs Luman, farmer, h Layton ab Water


Zimmerlin Brothers (H.F. & C.G.), hardware, cutlery, etc., William n Opera House
Zimmerlin C. G. (Zimmerlin Brothers), h William
Zimmerlin F. C., h William
Zimmerlin H. F. (Zimmerlin Brothers), h William
Zimmermann August, harness maker, Water n Broad, h Bear n Queen
Zipfel John, blacksmith, h Spencer opp Cemetery
Zipfel Joseph, road commissioner, h Spencer opp Cemetery
Zipfel Vinzence Mrs., h Spencer opp Cemtery
Zwilling William, manager Joppa House, 19 Canal

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