The 1887-1888 Directory of the village of Lyons, Town of Lyons, Wayne County, N.Y. is useful as a research alternative to the 1890 US census, which was destroyed in a fire. The directory names home and business owners, as well as residents who did not own their own homes, and notes occupations of all residents. Addresses can be used to search for or verify home ownership.

Our appreciation for transcribing the full directory goes to Town of Galen Editor Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1886-1887 Directory of Lyons
Town of Lyons, Wayne County, NY

Wayne County, NY

Part 2, Surnames F - Ma


Facer Benjamin C. (Facer & Althen), h High n Church
Facer Mary, widow, h High n Church
Facer & Althen (Benjamin C. Facer and George D. Althen), hairdressers, Water n Congress Hall
Failing M. L., travelling salesman, h 12 Phelps
Falby John, brakeman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
FEHR BROTHERS (Charles and William ), meat market, Canal cor Geneva See page 38
Fehr Charles (Fehr Brothers), Canal cor Geneva, bds 45 Canal
Fehr William (Fehr Brothers), Canal cor Geneva, h do
Feiock John, foreman, h Catherine n Jackson
Feltman Peter, cabinetmaker, h 51 Catherine
Feltzer Christopher, laborer, h Canal n Jackson
Feltzer Frederick, laborer, h Canal n Jackson
Filer H. O., condition powders, Canal, h Catherine cor Holly
Finch James, harnessmaker, Canal n Phelps, h 17 Catherine
Fish Nancy, widow, h Layton ab Water
Fisher Amelia Miss, bds Lawrence n Spencer
FISHER DAVID REV., h Canal n Spencer
Fisher Edmond, book-keeper, bds Lawrence n Spencer
Fisher Jacob (Fisher & Lang), Canal n Catherine, H Lawrence n Catherine
Fisher John W., clerk 42 and 44 Canal, bds Canal n Spencer
Fisher Mary L. Miss, bds Canal n Spencer
Fisher William F., laborer, bds Lawrence n Spencer
Fisher W. F., hairdresser, Canal n William, n Broad n Lawrence
FISHER & LANG (Jacob Fisher and George Lang), manufs. of all kinds of stoneware, Canal n Catherine See page 40
Fitzgerald John, engineer N.Y.C.R.R., h Geneva n Montezuma
Fitzpatrick R. N., salesman, 34 Canal, bds Canal n Phelps
Fitzsimmons Elizabeth, widow, h 60 Canal
Fitzsimmons Mary, domestic, William n Canal
Flavahan Garret, laborer, h Maple n brewery
Flavahan James, section hand, bds Maple n brewery
Fletcher Clinton, porter, Congress Hall
Fletcher Cornelia Mrs., h 44 Jackson
Flynn Andy, engineer L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Flynn Dennis, car repairer, h Geneva n W.S.R.R.
Flynn Harry, engineer L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Flynn Joseph, fireman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Foote Alvin, laborer, h 50 Geneva
Ford Patrick, laborer, h 28 Montezuma
Ford Peter H., carpenter, h 27 Phelps
Forfar James, h 28 William
Forgham R. F., bottling works, r 50 Geneva, bds Congress Hall
Forrester H. E., D.D.S. dentist, 1 Memorial Building, bds Phelps
Forsyth M. L., agent Singer Mfg. Co., Pearl n Broad, h Broad
Fox Charles F., laborer, bds Phelps cor Jackson
Fox Edward, laborer, bds Phelps cor Jackson
Fox George, laborer, bds Phelps cor Jackson
Fox Jacob P., car inspector N.Y.C.R.R., h Franklin
Fox Patrick, section hand N.Y.C.R.R., bds Shuler n Elmer
Fox Soloma, widow, h Phelps cor Jackson
Fox Sophie Miss, bds Phelps cor Jackson
Fox William, finisher, bds Phelps cor Jackson
Francisco George M. Mrs., h Layton above Water
Frank Carrie, domestic, Lawrence n Spencer
Frank Elizabeth, widow, h 15 Maple
Franklin Cornelia Mrs., h Franklin n Depot
Franklin Jessie Miss, bds Franklin n Depot
French E. L., tel operator N.Y.C.R.R., h Geneva n W.S.R.R.
Freshour W. H., book-keeper N.Y.C.R.R., h 25 Phelps
Friend Albert, car repairer N.Y.C.R.R., h 46 Water
Fries Andrew, carpenter and builder, 3 Phelps, h do
Fries Theodore, grocer, h Rice n Bear
Friesemann John, laborer, h 98 William
Frink D. Mrs., h Queen n William
Fullenwarth Fred, laborer, h Layton ab Water
Funnel Michael, laborer, h 2 Montezuma


Gaenthner Charles, mason, h 18 Montezuma
Gafney William, laborer, h Maple n Culver
Galbraith Alexander S., switchman W.S.R.R., bds Shuler
Ganthner George E., mason, h William n Canal
Ganthner Mary Miss, tailoress, h william n Canal
Gardner F. H., school teacher, bds 18 Butternut
Gardner Helen J. Miss, h Catherine cor Holly
Gates Alfred H., deputy county clerk, h Pearl
Gates Bridget, widow, h Canal n Phelps
Gates Stephen Mrs., h Geneva cor Lawrence
GAVITT S. B., banker, Republican building, William, h Catherine cor Holly
Gavitt W. S., assistant cashier, h Holly n Catherine
Gaylor Charles H., laborer, bds Montezuma n malt house
Gaylor Martin, laborer, h Montezuma n malt house
Gaylor Robert M., engineer, bds Montezuma n malt house
Gaylord William, horse trainer, bds Central Hotel
Gehan William, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., h Geneva n W.S.R.R.
GELSER GEORGE H. REV., pastor Evangelical Association, h Holly n Spencer
GETMAN G. W., druggist and stationer, 43 William, h 8 Catherine
Geunthner Catherine, widow, h 71 Maple
Gibbs John Mrs., h Water n Butternut
Gibbs Josiah, stationary engineer, h Water n Butternut
Gibson C. A., clerk, William cor Church, h William n Water
Gifford Charles, engineer N.Y.C.R.R., h Jackson cor Catherine
Gifford F. C. Mrs., h William n Broad
Gilbert Elizabeth Miss, h 49 Broad
Gilbert E. F., furniture dealer and undertaker, Water n Broad, h 38 Broad
Gilbert J. P., physician, 49 Broad, h do
Gilbert Mary, widow, h 49 Broad
Gilkey Giles, laborer, h 6 Butternut
Gillan William, fireman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Gleason Patrick, foreman N.Y.C.R.R., h Franklin
Glen Willard W., student, bds 42 Phelps
Glen William, h 42 Phelps
Glimpse Benjamin, clerk Central Hotel
GLIMPSE CHARLES, prop Central Hotel, Franklin opp Depot See page 32
Goddard William, laborer, h Shuler n Geneva
Goddard William, jr., laborer, bds Shuler n Geneva
Goetzman Emma, domestic, Butternut n Queen
Goewey D. B., traveling salesman, h 68 Broad
Goewey Henry, laborer, h 27 Maple
Goewey Smith H., house and sign painter, 12 High, h do
Good Katie, domestic, William n Broad
Goodfriend Joseph, butcher, Broad n Water, bds do
Goseline John D., grocer, h Maple n Hill
Graff Henry (Graff & Mindel), 43 Water, h 41 do
Graff Katie Miss, bds Spencer n Holly
Graff Mary Mrs., h Spencer n Holly
Graff Philip W., clerk 27 and 29 Water, bds 41 do
Graff & Mindel (Henry Graff and Philip Mindel), marble and granite workers, 43 Water
GRAHAM HOUSE, P. J. Powell, propr. William c Church
Graney John, laborer, h Elmer n Shuler
Graney Mary Miss, bds Elmer n Shuler
Granger William, laborer, h 45 Jackson
Graves Mary Jane, domestic, Queen cor Bear
Gray James, carpenter, bds 21 Church
Gray John, carpenter and builder, 21 Church, h do
Gray John A., deputy post master, bds 21 Church
Gray Margaret Miss, bds 21 Church
Green Edward, baggageman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Green Nellie Miss, dressmaker, bds Phelps n Jackson
Greennagel Barbara, widow, h Spencer n Holly
Greennagel George H., potter, h Spencer n Holly
Greenwood Hattie Miss, domestic, Broad n Church
Groden Patrick, laborer, h Elmer n Shuler
Grotrian Augustus Rev., h Broad cor Maple
Grout Henry, laborer, h Spencer n Holly
Grunberg Daniel, h Canal n Holly
Gucker C. H. (Rodenbach & Gucker), 24 Canal, h William n Queen
Gucker George, h Spencer n Holly
Gucker Lizzie Miss, bds Spencer n Holly
Guenthner John, mason, h Maple n Culver
Guilfus Edwin, section boss, h Shuler n Elmer
Gunthner Charles F., saloon, restaurant and pool room. Water cor Broad, h do


Hack Henry, baggagemaster N.Y.C.R.R., h Snyder block, Water
Haessig Fred, moulder, bds Spencer n Lawrence
Haessig George, mason, h Jackson n Spencer
Haessig Henry, shoemaker, h Spencer n Canal
Haessig Katie Miss, bds Spencer n Lawrence
Haessig William, teamster, h Canal n Spencer
Hahn Albert G., confectionery, etc., 13 Canal, h do
Hahn George, confectionery, fruit, etc., 30 Canal, h Catherine n Jackson
Hahn Lizzie, bds 34 Catherine
Haight Lavina Miss, h Layton ab Water
Haitz Cornelius, soap and candle factory, Geneva n Canal bridge, h do
Haitz Libbie Miss, dressmaker, bds Geneva n Canal bridge
Haitz Louisa Miss, bds Geneva n Canal bridge
Haitz Mary Miss, dressmaker, bds Geneva n Canal bridge
Hale P. V. Mrs., h 36 Maple
Hall C. C. Mrs. (Hall & Turner), 60 William, h do
Hall Sarah, widow, h Catherine n Lawrence
Hall & Turner (Mrs. C. C. Hall and Miss J. M. Turner), physicians and surgeons, 60 William
Halpin Bridget Miss, school teacher, bds Queen cor Bear
Hammond Burton, surrogate's clerk and counsellor at law, County Clerk's office, h William n Post Office
Hammond Sarah B. Miss, h 23 Pearl
Hanchett Bradley, laborer, bds Shuler n Elmer
Hanchett Catherine E. Miss, h Broad n Queen
Hanchett Frank Miss, clerk Memorial building, bds Broad n Lawrence
Hanchett Manly, h Broad n Queen
Hanchett M. Frances Miss, bds Broad n Queen
Hanchett Rachel, widow, h Shuler n Elmer
Hanchett W. M., laborer, h Shuler n Elmer
Hano Henry, bds 78 Broad
Hano John, h 78 Broad
Hano Libbie Miss, bds 78 Broad
Hano William, bds 78 Broad
Harbert Charity Mrs., h Maple n Sisson
Hardt F. C., clerk 38 and 40 Canal, bds Canal n Geneva
Harms Frederick, blacksmith, h Canal
Harrington A. L. Mrs., h William n Broad
Harrington R. Rev., h 24 Church
Harris Lydia, widow, h Layton n Water
Harris L. Mrs., dressmaker, 38 Phelps, h do
Harshman L. J., mail agent, bds Hotel Price
Hart Edward, laborer, bds Franklin
Hart Fannie, domestic, Phelps cor Lawrence
Hart Homer, fireman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Elmer
Hart Lizzie, domestic, Commercial House
Hart William, carpenter, h Phelps cor Culver
Hartman Benjamin, h Layton ab Water
Hartman Fred, carpenter, bds 24 Catherine
Hartman George, clerk Snyder Block, h Jackson c Phelps
Hartman Jacob, h Phelps cor Jackson
Hartman Jacob, groceries and provisions, Snyder Block, Water, h Water n Broad
Hartman Louis, gardener, h 24 Catherine
Hartman Maria, widow, h Butternut n Queen
Hartman Pomeroy, clerk, bds Butternut n Queen
Hartman William, clerk, bds Butternut n Queen
Hartnagel Clara Miss, clerk, bds Water cor Broad
Hartnagel Emma Miss, bds Water cor Broad
Hartnagel E. C., post office clerk
HARTNAGEL GEORGE, dry goods, groceries, wall paper, etc., also postmaster, Water cor Broad, h do See page 45
Hartnagel George W., bds Water cor Broad
Harvey Annie Miss, dressmaker, bds Shuler
Harvey William, section hand W.S.R.R., bds Shuler
Hatch Nelson, car inspector, h Shuler n Elmer
Hattler Anna Miss, clerk 55 and 57 Canal, bds 5 Phelps
HATTLER G. M., dry goods, groceries, carpets, oil cloths, etc., 55 and 57 Canal, h 5 Phelps See page 45
Hattler G. W., book-keeper, 55 and 57 Canal, bds 5 Phelps
Hattler J. M., clerk 55 and 57 Canal, bds 5 Phelps
Hawley George N., student, bds 19 Jackson
Hayes Ella, domestic, 69 Broad
Hayes Jerry, brakeman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Haynes A. T., clerk 16 Canal, h 21 Butternut
Haynes Charles K., manager W.U. Tel Co. William n Canal, h 21 Butternut
Haynes George G., freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., h High n Church
Haynes James B., blacksmith, Water n Broad, h Butternut n Church
Haynes Jerome, travelling agent, h Butternut n Church
Hazen Ettie C. Miss, bds 27 Phelps
Hazen Horace, brakeman L.V.R.R., h Franklin
Helbert Anna M. Miss, bds Maple n brewery
Helbert George, farmer, h Maple n brewery
Helbert George S., foreman Brock's brewery, h 52 Maple
Helsel Jacob, laborer, h 45 Jackson
Henkel Antoine, wagonmaker, h Maple n Jackson
Henkel Henry, cartman, h Jackson n Maple
Henneberg Andrew, carpenter, bds 142 Canal
Henneberg Gustavus, laborer, h 142 Canal
Henneberg Mary, widow, h 142 Canal
Henricks Fred, farmer, h Canal n Spencer
Hersey & Co., druggists and stationers, William hd Canal
Hersey W. A. (Hersey & Co.), William head Canal, h do
Hessingar George, finisher, h Canal n Lawrence
Hickey Frank, switchman W.S.R.R., h Geneva n R.R.
Hickey J. J. Rev., pastor St. Michael's R. C. Church, h William cor Lawrence
Hickey Patrick, section boss N.Y.C.R.R., h Geneva n R.R.
Hicocks Sarah Miss, seamstress, h Water n Butternut
Hillick J. B., conductor L.V.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Hinchman Jeremiah, h William n Canal
Hines William, yardmaster N.Y.C.R.R., bds Holly n Catherine
Hiser Louis, engineer N.Y.C.R.R., bds Elmer
Hoehn George, blacksmith, bds Geneva n Canal
Hoffman A. L. (Hofman & Robinson), Memorial building, h Catherine cor Holly
HOFFMAN & ROBINSON, (A. L. Hoffman and O. C. Robinson), watchmakers and jewelers, musical instruments, etc., Memorial building. See adv inside front cover
Holdridge Edwin L., carpenter, h Phelps n Culver
Holley Mary K., widow, h Phelps n Jackson
Holly John, laborer, h 6 Shuler
Holly Morris, laborer, h Elm
Holmes S. D., h 82 William
Homewood Mary, widow, h Jackson n Canal
Homewood Mary A., widow, h 36 Phelps
Hopkins Richard, laborer, h Phelps cor Sisson
Hopkins W. A., carpenter, h Phelps cor Sisson
Hopp Christopher, carriagemaker, h Lawrence n Catherine
Hopp Christopher Mrs., dressmaker, h Lawrence n Catherine
Hopp George, carriage painter, h Elm
Hopp John, blacksmith, Geneva cor Elm, h 14 Montezuma
Hopp Katie Miss, bds 14 Montezuma
Hopp William, clerk, bds Montezuma n Geneva
Horn John Y., travelling salesman, h Phelps n Lawrence
Horrigan James, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., h Franklin
Hotchkiss Calvin (H. G. Hotchkiss' Sons), Water, h Butternut n Queen
Hotchkiss H. G. (H. G. Hotchkiss' Sons), Water, h Butternut
Hotchkiss Hiram G. (H. G. Hotchkiss' Sons), Water, h Butternut n Queen
HOTCHKISS H. G. SONS, manufs. essential oils, Water
Hotchkiss Leman (H. G. Hotchkiss' Sons) Water, h Queen bet Broad & William
Hotchkiss Mary A. A. Miss, h Butternut n Queen
Hoth Mary, widow, h Phelps n Foster
Hough C., laborer, h Geneva n Canal bridge
Hough W. A., carriage maker, Montezuma cor Geneva, h Broad cor Queen
Houman Delia Miss, bds 42 Montezuma
Houman Fred, carriage painter, bds 42 Montezuma
Houman Mary, widow, h 42 Montezuma
HOUSE WILLIAM, bottler of lager, birch beer, soda, ginger ale, etc., Catherine ab Ditton, h do See page 47
Hovey A. J., hats, caps, etc., 50 Canal, bds do
Hovey E. J. Mrs., h 48 Canal
Hovey F. S., h 48 Canal
Howell Luman C., watchman N.Y.C.R.R., h Layton n Water
Howell Vernon, h Pearl n Broad
Howley John, fireman N.Y.C.R.R., h Shuler n Elmer
Howley Patrick, laborer, bds Shuler n Elmer
Hoy Belle Miss, tailoress, bds Geneva n Canal
Hoy Isabella, widow, h Geneva n Canal
Hoy Maria Miss, bds Geneva n Canal
Hoyt Eliza J. Miss, bds Canal n Spencer
Hoyt Mary B., h Canal n Spencer
Hubbard Mabel Miss, bds Maple
Hubbard Mamie Miss, clerk 11 Canal, bds Maple
Hubbard R. A., 36 Canal, h Phelps n Jackson
HUBBARD W. F., pianos, organs, musical instruments, etc., 11 Canal, h Maple See advt front colored page
Hubbard & Breisch, dry goods and notions, 36 Canal
Huff M. A., contractor, h 21 Lawrence
Hughes John K., laborer, h Layton ab Water
Humbert George (Humbert & Kaiser), h Butternut n High
Humbert & Kaiser (George Humbert and Harry Kaiser), flour and feed, 33 Canal
Hunt Lydia G., widow, h 21 Jackson
Hunter Ella Miss, weaver, bds 50 Geneva
Hunter Jane Miss, bds 24 Rice
Hunter Robert, laborer, h Catherine ab Ditton
Hunter Thomas, h 24 Rice
Husted James N., police justice, Pearl n William, h Queen cor William


Ingersoll J., telegraph operator N.Y.C.R.R., bds Franklin n depot
Ireland Charles E., house painter, h 50 Canal
Ireland C. J. Mrs., h Canal n Phelps
Ireland Louise Miss, bds Canal n Phelps
Ireland Mary J. Miss, bds Canal n Phelps
Ireland Nellie J. Miss, bds Canal n Phelps
Israel Cronelius, laborer, bds Geneva n Canal


Jacovy Margaret, widow, h Catherine cor Holly
Jameson Hugh, dentist, 30 Canal, h Phelps cor Queen
Jefferds Willard, postal clerk, h 34 Phelps
Jennings David, carpenter, h 27 Maple
Johnson A. W. (A. W. Johnson & Co.,) William opp Opera House, h Maple n Sisson
Johnson A. W. & Co. (B. F. Rogers) railroad, steamship and insurance agency, William opp Opera House
JOHNSON B. & W., props National Hotel, 8 and 10 Canal, h do
Johnson Ella M. Miss, bds National Hotel
Johnson Emily Miss, bds 12 Layton
Johnson John B., tile and brick manufacturer, Montezuma, h 3 High
Johnson John B., jr., brickmaker, bds High n Church
Johnson Thomas W., brickmaker, bds High n Church
Jones Aaron, h Geneva n Elmer
Jones Samuel A., justice of the peace, h Catherine n Jackson
Jones William, laborer, h Hotchkiss flats
Joppa House, William Zwilling manager, 19 Canal
Jordan John S., baggageman W.S.R.R., h Geneva n Railroad
Jordon Charles E., law student, bds Butternut head Church
Joyce John, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Elmer n Geneva
June Ruth, widow, h Phelps n Culver


Kaiser Harry (Humbert & Kaiser), 33 Canal, h do
Kaiser Henry C., harness maker, Canal cor Jackson, h do
Kaiser Jacob, farmer, h 51 Canal cor Jackson
Kaiser Mary Miss, bds Canal cor Jackson
Kaiser Philip, laborer, bds Canal cor Jackson
Kaiser William, harness maker, bds Canal cor Jackson
Kall Clara, widow, h Geneva n Canal bridge
Kane Michael, laborer, bds Franklin
Kane Thomas, laborer, bds Franklin
Kautseman Jacob, h Franklin
Keach George L., engineer N.Y.C.R.R., h Phelps n Sisson
Kearns Lena Miss, domestic, William n Canal
Kehoe Michael, assistant roadmaster N.Y.C.R.R., bds Franklin
Keiser Christian, tinsmith, h 33 Spencer
Keiser Lena Miss, dressmaker, bds Butternut n Church
Keiser Mary, domestic, junc. Broad n William
Keiser Saloma, widow, h Butternut n Church
Kelher Patrick, laborer, h Franklin
Keller Christine Miss, bds Geneva n Canal bridge
Keller Jacob Mrs., h Geneva n Canal bridge
Keller Joseph J., clerk, 21 Water, bds Geneva n Canal
Keller Josephine, domestic, 45 Canal
Keller J. C. Mrs., h 10 Jackson
Kelley Katie Miss, h William cor Lawrence
Kennedy A. C. Mrs., h Foster n Phelps
Kennedy George T., clerk, h Foster n Phelps
Kennedy Maggie, dining room girl, Hotel Price
Kent Ada Miss, bds 27 Catherine
Kent George, lawyer and justice of the peace, Nellis building, William, h Catherine n Holly
Kent George T., h 27 Catherine
Kent Martha Miss, bds 27 Catherine
Kern David, laborer, h Phelps n Culver
Kershner E. F., freight agent N.Y.C.R.R., bds 13 Phelps
Kessler Samuel, section hand N.Y.C.R.R., h 39 Montezuma
Ketcham Joseph, flagman N.Y.C.R.R., h Maple n Jackson
King Albert, laborer, h 32 Maple
King Oliver, hostler, bds Central Hotel
Kingsley Arthur, engineer N.Y.C.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Kinyon George, fireman N.Y.C.R.R., h Franklin
Kipland Charles, laborer, h 25 Pearl
Klenk John, moulder, bds Canal n Jackson
Klenk William, barber, bds Canal n Holly
Klinck George, blacksmith, h Canal n Holly
Klinck Minnie V. Miss, bds Broad cor Church
Klinck O. K. Mrs., h High n Church
Klinck Owen K., clerk 19 and 21 Broad, bds High n Church
Klinck S. H., real estate and auctioneer, Broad cor Church, h do
Klinck W. L., manager U. L. Telegraph Co. Centre building, bds High n Church
Kline William, meat market, 31 Water, h do
Klippel E. J., clerk, 24 Canal, bds Graham House
Klippel John H., driver American Express Co., bds Knapp House, Canal
Klumpp Lena Miss, bds Butternut n Water
Klumpp Sarah, widow, h Butternut n Water
Knapp L. Mrs., boarding house, 45 Canal
KNITTEL VICTOR, dealer in all kinds of fresh and salted meats, Water cor Broad, h Layton n Water
Knobloch Jacob, h Canal n Spencer
Knobloch John, billiard hall, Memorial building, h Canal n Spencer
Knowles Eliza Miss, h Maple n Brewery
KNOWLES GEORGE W., produce dealer, Water opp Congress Hall, h Broad
Koehler Julia Mrs., nurse, h 14 Broad
Koester Emma L. Miss, manager Empire State Telephone & Telegraph Co., h 34 Maple
Koester Margaret, widow, h 34 Maple
Koester Talitha B. Miss, bds 34 Maple
Koetsch Charles, watch maker, bds Phelps n Lawrence
Kreiss Jacob Mrs., h 52 Water
KREUTZER WILLIAM, lawyer and insurance agent Nellis building, h 82 William
Kreutzer William, jr., student, bds 84 William
Krisz Henry, laborer, h Spencer n Holly
Krugman John, laborer, h Holly cor Canal
KRUGMAN WILLIAM, groceries and provisions, Canal n Spencer, h do See page 51
Kyle W. J., station agent W.S.R.R., h High n Church


Laas Robert, wagon maker, h 7 Canal
Laggey Fred, laborer, bds 47 Montezuma
Laggey Fred, jr., laborer, h 47 Montezuma
Laggey Lizzie Mrs., bds 47 Montezuma
Lake Charles, laborer, bds Water n gas house
Lake George, laborer, h 33 Montezuma
Lake Henry, gas maker, h Water n gas house
Lake L. S., clerk, bds William n Broad
Lake Michael, laborer, bds Water n gas house
Lake William, laborer, bds Water n gas house
Lalley Edward, laborer, h 1 Shuler
Lalley Thomas, laborer, h 1 Shuler
Lane John D., bds 63 William
Lane R. D., bookkeeper, h 63 William
Lang George (Fisher & Lang), Canal n Catherine, resides Rochester, N.Y.
La Rue Charles, laborer, h Elmer n Geneva
Lauster Charles, laborer, h Bear n Queen
Lauster Charles A., clerk 52 William, bds 100 do
Lauster Eliza Miss, bds 100 William n Broad
LAUSTER GEORGE, meat market, all kinds fresh and salted meats, 52 William, h 100 do
Lauster Lena Miss, bds Bear n Queen
Layton D. W. Mrs., h High n Church
Leach A. B. Mrs., h Lawrence n Catherine
Leach A. E., clerk, bds Cherry n Bear
Leach A. M., h Cherry n Bear
Leach Clarence, car inspector N.Y.C.R.R., h Lawrence n Catherine
Leach F. A., lawyer, William cor Canal, h Rice
Leach H. J., maltster, h Catherine n Holly
Leach Lucia A. Miss, bds 52 Water
Leach Miles S. Mrs., h 52 Water
Leach Minnie Miss, bds Cherry n Bear
Leach Sarah C. Miss, bds 52 Water
Leddy William, horse trainer, bds Central Hotel
Leege Fred, bartender, 33 Water, bds do
Lehman Jacob, h Spencer n Holly
Lehman Joseph, mason, h Spencer n Holly
Lehn John, carpenter, h Foster n Maple
Leidinger Barbara Miss, bds Canal n Catherine
Leidinger Joseph, wagonmaker, William n Water, h Canal n Catherine
Leidinger Lena Miss, 36 Canal, bds Canal n Catherine
Leidinger Libbie Miss, tailoress, bds Canal n Catherine
Leonard E. D., lumber dealer Elmer, h Geneva c Elmer
LEONARD E. G., dry goods, carpets and groceries, 27 and 29 Water, h 34 Broad See page 52
Leonard Edward K., bookkeeper 27 and 29 Water, bds 34 Broad
Leonard Etta Miss, bds Geneva cor Elmer
Leonard Harlow, travelling salesman, h Elmer n Geneva
Lepperd Caroline Mrs., h Culver n Maple
LeRoy Fred, hostler, William cor Water, bds Canal n Geneva
Lewis Albert, laborer, h the Lane n Maple
Lewis Aldize, laborer, h 59 Water
Lewis Antoine, laborer, h the Lane n Maple
Lewis Frank Mrs., h Spencer n Holly
Llewellyn Thomas, printer, h 9 Canal
Lloyd W., laborer, h r Towar's livery stable
Lockwood B. F., manuf. well and sewer pipe, Montezuma, h Catherine n Jackson
Lockwood Manty Miss, dressmaker, bds Catherine n Jackson
Long Mary A., dressmaker, bds Geneva n Water
Looss Joseph, bds National Hotel
Low Jesse, laborer, h 12 Spencer
LUBECK HENRY REV. LL. B. rector Grace Episcopal church, h 7 Phelps
Ludy Jacob, cigar maker, h Phelps n Foster
Ludy Mary, widow, h Phelps n Foster
Lumbert Abby, widow, h Geneva n Elm
Lyons Musical Academy, Rev. L. H. Sherwood, principal, Queen n High
Lyons Union School, John H. Clark, principal

M - Ma

Mackin Mary, domestic, Phelps n Lawrence
Mackin Stephen, laborer, h Butternut n Church
McCall Ella Miss, bds 3 Holly
McCall Joseph, farmer, h 3 Holly
McCarthy Daniel, laborer, h Shuler n Geneva
McCarthy Ella Miss, bds Canal n Catherine
McCarthy Florence, laborer, h Canal n Catherine
McCarthy James, bartender, Geneva n Depot, bds do
McCarthy Jerry, laborer, bds Shuler n Geneva
McCarthy Katie Miss, bds Canal n Catherine
McCarthy Mary Miss, bds Canal n Catherine
McCarthy Mary, domestic, Lawrence n Phelps
McCarthy Nora, dining room girl, Hotel Price
McClelland Phebe, widow, h Catherine cor Ditton
McCollum W. E., drug clerk, 48 Canal, bds Phelps n Lawrence
McCullagh Maggie, domestic, Cherry n Bear
McCumber William H., train dispatcher F.B.C. Co. R.R.
McDemaher Margaret, widow, h Culver n Summit
McDermott James, laborer, bds Hotel Price
McDonald Anna M., widow, h Geneva n Water
McDonald Joseph, laborer, bds Geneva n Depot
McElwain Susan Mrs., h Phelps cor Holly
McElwain Susie S. Miss, bds Phelps cor Holly
McGonigal John, travelling salesman, h Foster n Maple
McGonigal Mary Miss, bds Foster n Maple
McKay S. A. Rev., pastor First Baptist Church, h Sisson n Phelps
McKinney Ellen Miss, bds Rice n Bear
McKinney Richard, laborer, h Rice n Bear
McKinney Virginia Miss, bds Rice n Bear
McNamara J. C., car inspector L.V.R.R., h Franklin
McNeill James, clerk N.Y.C.R.R., h Elmer n Shuler
McPherson Finley, student, bds Church n Court House
McPherson J. C., physician and surgeon, Church next to Court House, h do
Mahany James, freight transferer N.Y.C.R.R., h Jackson n Spencer
Mahney Cornelius J., carriage painter, bds National Hotel
Majewsky Emma Miss, bds Jackson n Catherine
Majewsky George, mason, h Jackson n Catherine
Makley Lucinda, widow, bds Elmer n Geneva
Malay James, laborer, h Elmer n Geneva
Mallery A. H., farmer, h Canal n Spencer
Mallery Emma Miss, h Canal n Spencer
Mallery Spencer, h Spencer n Lawrence
Manion Patrick, laborer, h Elmer
Mann D. H. (Mann & Radder), Geneva n gas house, h Catherine n Holly
MANN & RADDER (D. H. Mann and George Radder), lumber, shingles, lath, doors, sash and blinds, Geneva next to gas house See page 54
Mansfield Alice Miss, clerk, Memorial building, bds Spencer n Canal
Mansfield Ellen Miss, bds 6 Spencer
Mansfield Emily Miss, vest maker, bds 6 Spencer
Mansfield Mary U. Miss, compositor, bds 6 Spencer
Mansfield William, potter, h 6 Spencer
Mapes George, cigar manuf. Center building, h 85 William
Marcott George H., plumber, steam and gasfitter, Water n Layton, h do
Marshall A. J. Miss, bds 12 Ditton
Marshall H., lumber and coal, Geneva n Montezuma, h William
Mars James, laborer, h Franklin n depot
Marshall Charles, clerk, bds William
Marshall Polly, widow, h William n Canal
Martin Adam, shoemaker, h Canal n Holly
Martin Barabra Miss, clerk 55 and 57 Canal, bds 5 Phelps
Martin Charles, butcher, bds 62 Canal
Martin Charles, clerk 52 William, bds Canal n Phelps
Martin Henry C., carriagemaker, h Maple n Sisson Martin John, boatman, h Canal n Jackson
Martin John, house painter, bds 62 Canal
Martin John (Moran & Martin), Canal n Phelps, h do
Martin John P., carriage painter, bds Jackson n Spencer
Martin Margaret Miss, tobacco stripper, bds 62 Canal
Martin Martin, tailor, h Jackson n Spencer
Martin Philip, clerk, h 111 Canal
Martin Rose, domestic, Holly cor Spencer
Martin Valentine, laborer, h 62 Canal
Martin Valentine, lock tender, h 18 Broad
Marzolf Barbara, widow, h Jackson cor Catherine
Marzolf Barbara Miss, h Jackson cor Catherine
Marzolf George, cigarmaker, bds Jackson cor Catherine
Mason Emeline, widow, h Butternut cor Pearl
Mason William R., lawyer, Park block, h Butternut c Pearl
Mathews E. Miss, milliner, William n Canal, h do
Mathews Jane Miss, milliner, William n Canal, h do
Matthes Fred, tinsmith, 42 and 44 Canal, h Ditton n Catherine
Matthes George, bartender, Water cor Broad, bds do
Matthes Henry, laborer, h Holly n Catherine
Matthes William, laborer, h Holly n Catherine
May James, engineer, h Catherine n Canal

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