The 1887-1888 Directory of the village of Lyons, Town of Lyons, Wayne County, N.Y. is useful as a research alternative to the 1890 US census, which was destroyed in a fire. The directory names home and business owners, as well as residents who did not own their own homes, and notes occupations of all residents. Addresses can be used to search for or verify home ownership.

Our appreciation for transcribing the full directory goes to Town of Galen Editor Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, N.Y.

1886-1887 Directory of Lyons
Town of Lyons, Wayne County, NY

Wayne County, NY

Part 1, Surnames A - E

Lyons Street Directory

Bear street, from Queen to Broad
Broad street, from Water to Jackson
Butternut street, from Water to Queen
Canal street, from William to north corporation line
Catherine street, from Canal to north corporation line
Cherry street, from Bear to north boundary line
Church street, from Geneva to Butternut
Culver street, from Maple to Phelps
Ditton street, from Phelps to Catharine
Elmer street, from Geneva to the railroad
Fargham steet, from Geneva to Leach
Foster street, from Maple to Phelps
Franklin street, from Geneva easterly
Geneva street, from Lawrence to south corporation limits
High street, from Church to Queen
Hill street, from Maple to Phelps
Holly street, from Phelps to Canal
Jackson street, from Broad to Canal
Kent street, from Maple to Hill
Langton street, from Water to north corporation line
Lawrence street, from William to Canal
Leach street, from Water to south corporation line
Maple street, from Broad to north corporation line
Montezuma street, from Church to east boundary line
Phelps street, from Canal to north corporation line
Queen street, from Lawrence to Butternut
Rice street, from Bear to Kent
Shuler street, from Geneva to the railroad
Sisson street, from Maple to Phelps
Spencer street, from Canal to the cemetery
Summit street, from Hill to Culver
Van Marter street, from Maple to west boundary line
Water street, from Geneva to west corporation line
William street, from Water to Broad

Public Blocks and Buildings

Central Building, William cor. Church street
County Clerk's office, Pearl street
Court House, Church street
Knowle's Block, William street
Lyons Republican Block, William street
Parshall Memorial Block, William street
Post Office Block, Canal cor. William street
Zimmerlin Block, William street

Abbreviations Used in This Work
ab-above. ave-avenue. bet-between. b or bds-boards. c or cor.-corner. do-ditto.
E.-East. Ex.-Express. ft.-foot. h-house. ins-insurance. Junc-Junction.
L.V.R.R.-Lehigh Valley Railroad. (M.O.)-Money Order. Nat.-National. N.-North.
n-near. N.Y.C.R.R.-New York Central Railroad. opp.-opposite. P.O.-Post Office.
r-rear. S.-South. St.-Street. Tel.-Telegraph. W.-West. W.S.R.R.-West Shore Railroad.


Abbott C. W., brakeman, h Shuler n Geneva
Abby Emma, domestic, 52 Geneva
Abert George, policeman, h Bear n Cherry
Abert Martin, section hand, bds Shuler
Abert Michael, teamster, h Geneva n Elmer
Abert Philip, stationary engineer, 4 Shuler
Ackerman Daniel, boatman, h Geneva n Elmer
Ackerman Gavin, laborer, h 8 Montezuma
Ackerman M., cartman, h Elmer n Geneva
Ageitt William, carpenter, Montezuma n Geneva
Ageitt W. W., carpenter, h Ageitt block, Canal
Ageitt Jane Miss, h Catherine n Ditton
Albaugh Dora Mrs., dressmaker, h 44 Water
Albaugh Jesse, laborer, h 44 Water
Albaugh Maggie Mrs., h 60 William
Albaugh Prudence Miss, dressmaker, h Geneva n Montezuma
Albaugh Wells, blacksmith, h Geneva n Montezuma
Albro Samuel, fireman, h 22 Catherine
Alden John D., freight clerk N.Y.C.R.R., h 54 Canal
Alden Mary E. Miss, seamstress, bds Phelps n Culver
Alden Myron, stationary engineer, h Phelps n Culver
Alford Eliza A., widow, h 33 Maple
Alford W. Henry, fanning mill maker, h Bear n Queen
Allee Andrew, house painter, h Rice n Kent
Allee George, house painter, h Maple n Hill
Allee Phebe, widow, h Maple n Hill
Allen Hattie M. Miss, bds Water n Aqueduct
Allen Ida, kitchen girl Central Hotel
Allen James W., car inspector N.Y.C.R.R., h Water n Aqueduct
Allen Lucy, assistant cook Central Hotel
Allen Mary Etta, widow, h Water n Aqueduct
Althen Albert, barber, h Jackson cor Catherine
Althen Charles, blacksmith, h 13 Montezuma
Althen Charles, tailor, h Jackson cor Catherine
Althen Daniel, grocer, Church n William, h do
Althen Edward, laborer, h Holly cor Spencer
Althen George D. (Facer & cor Water Althen), Water n Congress Hall, h Jackson n Catherine
Althen Louisa Miss, bds Jackson cor Catherine
Althen Sarah, widow, h 3 Holly
Althen William, laborer, bds Jackson cor Catherine
American Express Co. James H. Rudd, agt., 3 Center building, William
Anstee A. H. Mrs., h Phelps cor Jackson
Ansty William, laborer, h Butternut n Queen
Appleman Philip, cooper, h Montezuma n Geneva
Armitage Albert, patternmaker, h Water n Butternut
Arnold Anme L., bds Phelps n Lawrence
Arnold Mary A., bds Phelps n Lawrence
Arnold M. T. Mrs., h Phelps n Lawrence
ASBECK J. H. REV., pastor St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, h Spencer n Jackson
Ashley Ella Miss, bds 32 Phelps
Ashley Helen M. Mrs., h 18 Butternut
Ashley H. S., time-keeper N.Y.C.R.R., bds 18 Butternut
Ashley Kate Miss, clerk, 36 Canal, bds William n Lawrence
Ashley Minie Miss, bds Butternut n Queen
ASHLEY ROBERT W., printer, bds 18 Butternut
Ashley William F., h William n Lawrence
Aspenn John F., switchman, h Geneva n Montezuma
Atkins T. M., clerk, 12 Canal, bds Phelps n Jackson
ATLANTIC GARDEN HOUSE, Martin Spahr, 37 Canal. See page 25
Aul Elizabeth Miss, dressmaker, bds 39 Phelps
Aul Henry, fanning mill manuf., 39 Phelps, h do
Austin Edward, laborer, h 22 Montezuma
Austin Howard A., ticket agt. W.S..R.R., bds 52 Water
Austin Lydia, widow, h Foster n Maple
Avery Burt, fireman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Elmer


Bacon George, laborer, h Rice n Bear
Bailey Charles, carpenter, h Elmer n Geneva
Bailey Sylvanus, carpenter, h 39 Jackson
Bailey S. N., carpenter, h 50 Catherine
Bailey William, carpenter, h Jackson cor Spencer
Bailey William, jr., bds Jackson cor Spencer
Baltzel Charles M., clerk, 19 and 21 Broad, h 17 do
Baltzel George H. (George H. Baltzel & Co.), Broad n Pearl, h do
Baltzel George H. & Co. (S. Baltzel), boots and shoes, Broad n Pearl
Baltzel S. (George H. Baltzel & Co.), Broad n Pearl, h do
BALTZEL W. H., dry goods, groceries, carpets, oil cloths, etc., 19 and 21 Broad, h do See page 26
Banks Edward, maltster, h r Towar's livery stable
Barber Ella Miss, school teacher, bds Broad n Queen
Barnhart C. J., teamster, h Geneva n Canal
Barnum Orlando (Barnum & Eagan), h Pearl n Broad
Barnum & Eagan (Orlando Barnum and W. H. Egan), restaurant and saloon, William n Graham House
BARTLETT CLARK, groceries, provisions, crockery, glassware, etc, Canal lock, h William n Canal See page 26
Bartlett Cora Miss, bds William n Canal
Bartlett John, janitor, h Cherry
Barton Clara Miss, domestic, 82 William
Barton Frank, student, h Foster n Phelps
Barton Lena, widow, h Foster n Phelps
Bashford James, cider vinegar manufacturer, Water n Layton, h Water n Butternut
Bashford James D., recorder, h Water n Butternut
Bastian Abbie, widow, h Montezuma n Geneva
Bastian Carrie Miss, bds Montezuma n Geneva
Bastian Elizabeth, domestic, Queen n William
Bastian Fred, carriage painter, h 54 Canal
Bastian Henry Mrs., h 17 Montezuma
Bastian Henry, cigarmaker, bds Montezuma n Geneva
Bastian Katie Miss, bds Montezuma n Geneva
Bastian Salomia Miss, bds 17 Montezuma
Bastian Valentine, laborer, h Montezuma n malt house
Bastian W. H., carriagemaker, Geneva n Church, h Montezuma
Bates John, laborer, h Bear n Richmond ave
Bates Lucinda, widow, h Church cor Butternut
Beach Israel, laborer, h Culver n Phelps
Beachman R., watchmaker and jeweler, 15 Canal, h Jackson n Lawrence
Beadle Lena Miss, bds 60 Broad
Beadle Thomas, h Canal n Catherine
Beadle W. C., clerk, 11 Broad, h do
Beck Magdalene, widow, bds 72 Broad
Belden Maggie Mrs., h 78 Broad
Belden Phebe L., widow, h Geneva cor Lawrence
Belding Cornie Miss, bds Canal n Catherine
Bellinger Samuel, laborer, h 10 Shuler
Bellon Rosalie, domestic, 26 Phelps
Bender Albert, laborer, bds Maple n Foster
Bender Helena Miss, bds Maple n Foster
Bender Lena, domestic, 17 Catherine
Bender Michael, farmer, h Maple n Foster
Benjamin C. H., clerk 52 Canal, bds Canal foot Lawrence
Bennett Barney, roadmaster N.Y.C.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Bennett L. R. (L. R. Bennett & Son) h Church cor William
Bennett L. R. & Son (William H.), livery and sale stable, William
Bennett William H. (L. R. Bennett & Son) bds Church cor William
Berkaw E. A. Mrs., h 23 Church
BERNS CHRISTOPHER, brick manufacturer, Montezuma, h Canal n Holly
Berns Enest, machinist, h Jackson n Canal
Berns Fred, laborer, h Ditton n Phelps
Berns Henry, saloon, 2 Ageitt block Canal, h Jackson n Catherine
Berns William, brickmaker, bds Canal n Holly
Berry Edward, horse shoer, h 18 Jackson
Beston Patrick, section hand W.S.R.R, bds Franklin
Bingus Minnie, domestic, h Catherine n Lawrence
Binning Mary Miss, bds Geneva n Lawrence
Binning Phebe, widow, h Geneva n Lawrence
Bisch Dora, widow, h 93 Canal
Bisch George W., saw mill, Jackson cor Canal. h 125 Canal
Bisch Louis, laborer, bds 93 Canal
Bishop Frank, expressman Fall Brook R.R., bds Central Hotel
Blackburn Isabel Miss, bds Broad n William
Blackburn Jessie Miss, bds Broad n William
Blackburn John A., h Broad n William
Blackman Edward, laborer, h Pearl n Broad
Blaine Chester, lawyer over Gavitt's Bank, h 28 Phelps
Blake Alice, domestic, William n Broad
Blake Ann, widow, h Culver n Phelps
Blake Frank, laborer, bds Culver n Phelps
Blakley L. M., h Catherine cor Canal
Blank Charles, laborer, h Franklin
Boardman Annie C. Miss, bds 23 Church
Boardman C. H. Mrs., teacher Union School, h 23 Church
Bockoven Mary, dining room girl Central Hotel
Boeheim Charles, salesman 46 Canal, h Sisson n Phelps
Boeheim Fred (F. W. Boeheim & Son), h Phelps n Sisson
Boeheim F. W. (F. W. Boeheim & Son), h 7 Jackson
BOEHEIM F. W. & SON (Fred), furniture dealers and undertakers, 46 Canal See page 28
Boehmler F., furniture dealer, William n Canal, h do
Bolsby William, brakeman, h Shuler
Bonacker B., bds Water cor Broad
Borck Frederick, brick manuf., Montezuma, h do
Borck Philip, brickmaker, h 8 Montezuma
Boss Sarah Mrs., ice cream dealer, 7 Holly, h do
Bostwick Charles, nursery agent, h Cherry
Bostwick Linda Miss, bds Cherry
Bostwick Minnie Miss, bds Cherry
Bostwick Sarah Miss, bds Cherry
Bottum E. C., travelling salesman, bds 13 Phelps
BOTTUM E. W., physician and surgeon, 49 William, h 13 Phelps
Bottum Hattie W. Miss, bds 13 Phelps
Bourne Ann W., widow, h 12 Catherine
Bourne Eben, tallyman, bds 12 Catherine
Bourne Edward, blacksmith, h Jackson n Broad
Bourne Edward, book-keeper, bds Water n Broad
Bourne Henry, clerk, bds Water n Broad
Bourne James, laborer, h Canal cor Catherine
Bourne John Mrs., h Water n Broad
Bourne Joseph, potter, bds Canal cor Catherine
Bourne William E., clerk 5 and 7 Broad, bds Canal cor
Catherine Bower John, laborer, h 2 Butternut
Bower William, laborer, bds 2 Butternut
Bowers William G., clerk 19 and 21 Broad, bds Butternut cor Water
Boyle Edward, printer, h Catherine n Jackson
Boyle James P., green house, Catherine n Jackson
Boyle Mary, widow, h Catherine n Jackson
Bradley James M., farmer, h 61 Broad
Bradley John, gentleman, h Broad n Church
Bradley Lawrence, blacksmith, Pearl n Broad, h Catherine n Jackson
Bradley Louisa Miss, bds Broad n Church
Bradley Michael, clerk 18 Canal, bds Catherne n Jackson
Brandt Mary, widow, h 31 Spencer
Brant Sarah J., widow, h Catherine n Ditton
Breisch Amelia, domestic, Pearl n Broad
Breisch F. L., 36 Canal, h Sisson n Maple
Brennan Edward, laborer, bds Franklin
Brideman William, h Phelps cor Ditton
Bridgman Alice Miss, bds Phelps cor Ditton
Bridgeman Fannie Miss, music teacher, bds Phelps cor Ditton
Bridger Mary E. Miss, tailoress, h Layton ab Water
Bridger Ruth, widow, h 15 Jackson
Brink F., laborer, h Maple n Hill
Brink William, brakeman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Brock Barbara, widow, h Canal n Phelps
Brock George (George Brock & Co.), 71 Maple, h 49 do
BROCK GEORGE & CO.(Jacob Brock), brewers and maltsters, 71 Maple
Brock Jacob (George Brock & Co.), 71 Maple, h do
Broderick Martin, laborer, h Franklin
Broderick Martin, jr., laborer, bds Franklin
Broderick Mary, chambermaid, Congress Hall
Brooks A. C., tile maker, h 40 Phelps
Brooks E. A., stationary engineer, bds 40 Phelps
Brower Aaron, laborer, h Culver cor Maple
Brower Eliza, widow, h 46 Water
Brown Byron, laborer, h William n Canal
Brown Frank, lawyer, 17 Water, h 132 Maple
Brown John T., laborer, h William n Water
Brownson Jennie T. Miss, bds Phelps opp Holly
Brownson Morton, h Phelps opp Holly
Bruch Emma Miss, bds 54 Maple
Bruch Frederick, h 54 Maple
Bruch William, cartman, bds 54 Maple
Brundage Grace H. Miss, bds 36 Maple
Brundage John, hostler, h 46 Montezuma
Brundage M. B., bookkeeper, h 36 Maple
Brundage M. Maud Miss, bds 36 Maple
Brundige Harvey, farmer, h William n Broad
Brundige John, hostler, h Montezuma n Phelps
Buckemeer Jacob, boatman, h 23 Maple
Bueckel Elizabeth, widow, h Canal n Holly
Buell Dexter, policeman, h Ditton n Catherine
Buell Jesse, house painter, h Jackson n Phelps
Buell John, insurance agent, 18 Broad, h do
Buell Samuel, h 23 Lawrence
Buisch George, harnessmaker, 21 Canal, h do
Bunchard Fred, car repairer, h Shuler n Elmer
Bunker Lovie Miss, domestic, 59 Broad
Burch Charles, switchman, h Water
Burgess H., wagon maker, h Phelps below Culver
Burgess John, h Phelps below Culver
Burghdurs J. M., bartender Congress Hall, bds do
Burghdurs J. M. Mrs., cook Congress Hall
Burkhart Lany Miss, bds 12 Spencer
Burkwaldt Julia, domestic, Broad cor Queen
Burnett A. E., clerk 52 Canal, h Jackson n Catherine
Burnett Charles R., lock-tender, h 25 Church
Burnett C. W. (Burnett & Co.) residence Phelps, N.Y.
Burnett J., prop. Congress Hall, Water n William
Burnett & Co. (M. H. Mix), dry goods and groceries, 52 Canal
Burnette George, night watchman, h 37 Spencer
Burnette William E., paper hanger, h 37 Spencer
Burns Frank, tel operator N.Y.C.R.R., h Maple n Jackson
Burns Henry A., merchant tailor, Canal n William, bds Jackson n Spencer
Burr A. C., brakeman L.V.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Burroughs D. L., physician, William n Canal, h do
Busby Joseph, farmer, h The Lane n Maple
Butts Eva Miss, bds Shuler


Caffrey George, brakeman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Cahill Michael, saloon, Elmer n Shuler, h do
Calhoun Horatio, carpenter, h Rice n Kent
Calhoun Nelson, mason, h Rice n Kent
Calvert La Mont, postal clerk, bds Broad cor Queen
Camp Helen, widow, h Canal n Catherine
Camp John H. (Camp & Dunwell), h Phelps n Lawrence
Camp Rebe D. Miss, bds Phelps n Lawrence
Camp & Dunwell (John H. Camp and James W. Dunwell), lawyers, Republican Building, William
Cannan Martin, laborer, bds Franklin
Carey John, section hand, h Culver
Carpenter Caroline, widow, h Layton above Water
Carpenter Jemima, widow, h Pearl cor Butternut
Carr Frank, agent, h Spencer n Jackson
Carr Henry, carpenter N.Y.C.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Carver Fannie Miss, bds 21 Maple
Carver G., h 21 Maple
Carver George L., flour, feed and grain, Church cor William, h Jackson n Phelps
Cassey Patrick, laborer, h Franklin
Caton Robert, laborer, h Shuler
Cavender Charles, laborer, h Pearl cor Butternut
Cavender Katie, widow, h Canal n Catherine
Caves George, section hand, h Cherry
Caves Rosa Miss, domestic, Catherine n Holly
Cayton Florence Miss, domestic, 24 Phelps
CENTRAL HOTEL, Charles Glimpse, prop., Franklin opp Depot See page 32
CHAMBERLIN D. S., Pres. the Lyons National Bank, William cor Canal, h 29 Catherine
Chappell David, cartman, h Layton n Water
Chappell Edward, section foreman N.Y.C.R.R., h Franklin n Depot
Chappell Hattie, domestic, 4 Phelps
Chappell William, switchman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Franklin n Depot
Childs A. D., mail agent, bds Hotel Price
Christman John, speculator, h 52 Water
Citter George, h Phelps n Foster
Claassen Edward, handle manuf., Canal n Jackson, h 126 Canal
Claassen G. A. (Claassen, Schlee & Brother), Canal n Holly, h do
Claassen Lizzie Miss, bds Holly c Canal
Claassen, Schlee & Brother, manufs. agricultural implements, Canal n Holly
Clapp Clark, farmer, h Broad n Queen
CLARK F. T., confectionery and ice cream, 18 Canal, bds Phelps n Holly See page 32
Clark John H., principal Lyons Union School, h Foster n Phelps
Clarke L. H. Mrs., h Geneva n Water
Classey Harry, switchman, bds Central Hotel
Cleary Catherine Miss, bds Elmer n Shuler
Cleary Hannah Miss, bds Elmer n Shuler
Cleary Maggie, domestic, Phelps n Lawrence
Cleary Mary, widow, bds Elmer n Shuler
Cleary Mary Ann Miss, bds Elmer n Shuler
Cleary William, horseman, h Lawrence cor Catherine
Cline Walter, h Broad n Queen
Cline William, laborer, bds 63 Broad
Clinton Jane Miss, bds Elmer n Shuler
Cobb Charles, farmer, h Layton ab Water
Cobb W. H., conductor, h Catherine n Ditton
Colburn Catherine, widow, h Geneva n Elm
Cole Charles, brakeman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Cole Susan Mrs., seamstress, h 1 Phelps
Collins Cornelius, switchman, h 11 Montezuma
Collins Jeremiah, deputy sheriff, h 22 Butternut
Collins Minnie L. Miss, bds 15 Catherine
Collins T. W., lawyer, Masonic block, h 15 Catherine
Collins T. W., jr., lawyer, Masonic block, h 15 Catherine
Commer George, painter, h William n Broad
COMMERCIAL HOUSE, D. Ehrhardt, prop., Water n Broad See page 33
Comorning William, agent, h 32 Maple
Congress Hall, J. Burnett, prop., Water n William
Conor James, laborer, h Holly cor Spencer
Conor Julia Miss, bds Holly cor Spencer
Cooke Caroline Mrs., h 37 Broad
Cooper Chauncey B, painter, h Maple cor Foster
Cooper William, cartman, h Ditton n Phelps
Cosart John H., boots and shoes, 9 Canal, h Catherine n Phelps
Cosselman Henry, laborer, h 35 Montezuma
Cosselman William, laborer, h Maple n Hill
Couch A. C., engineer N.Y.C.R.R, bds Hotel Price
Couch W. W., engineer N.Y.C.R.R., bds Hotel Price
COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE, Byron Thomas, County Clerk, Pearl n William
Crager Henry P., cigarmaker, h Phelps cor Jackson
Cramer G. W. Mrs., h 4 Phelps
Cramer George H., ins. agt., 52 Canal, h 59 Broad
Crandall Charles E., ins. agt., 42 and 44 Canal, h Jackson n Phelps
Crandall Susan A Miss, bds Jackson n Catherine
Crawford Archibald, engineer N.Y.C.R.R., h Layton n Water
Crawford Catherine P., bds Lawrence cor Phelps
Crawford F. C. Mrs., h Lawrence cor Phelps
Crawford William B., freight clerk, bds Lawrence cor Phelps
Cronise Samuel, carpenter, h William n Broad
Crookman Charles, teamster, h 2 Catherine
Croul Catherine V., widow, h William n Canal
Croul Maria, widow, h 19 Jackson
Croul Martha M. Miss, h Canal n Catherine
Crow George, laborer, h Spencer ab Jackson
Crow Zelpha Miss, nurse, bds Spencer n Jackson
Cullen Bernard, mason, h 26 Rice
Cullip Samuel, laborer, h Catherine n Ditton
Cullip S. W., carpenter, h Water n Broad
Culver Azor B., clerk, h William n Broad
Curry Thomas, section foreman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Franklin
Curtiss Frank, foreman, bds Queen head of High
Curtiss H. F., clerk coal office N.Y.C.R.R., bds Queen head of High
Curtiss J. A., coal agent N.Y.C.R.R., h Queen head of High
Czerny B. A., locksmith, bds 22 Broad
Czerny Gottfried, gun and locksmith, 22 Broad, h do


Dains Jessie Mrs., h 43 Water
Daniels Fred, fireman L.V.R.R., bds Central Hotel
Darling Charles S., student, bds Rice n Bear
Darling Fay N., organist, bds Rice n Bear
Darling N. P., music dealer and teacher, Rice n Bear, h do
David W. G. Mrs., h Phelps n Lawrence
Davis Samuel, foreman, bds National Hotel
Davis William, house painter, h Canal n Jackson
Day Edward, maltster, bds Geneva n Canal
Dean Mary, widow, h Culver cor Maple
Dean Norman, laborer, h Pearl n Broad
De Bussie Rachel Mrs., tailoress, h Phelps n Foster
De Golar J. T., horse dealer, h 23 Phelps
De Hunt John, porter, Congress Hall
Deitz M. J. Miss, h Broad n Church
Deitz Sarah Miss, h Broad n Church
Delevan Charles, laborer, h Canal n Phelps
Demmon Ella A. Miss, bds 37 Broad
Demmon Phebe H., widow, h 37 Broad
Denning L. E., mail agent, bds Hotel Price
Depew Henry, flagman W.S.R.R., h Butternut n Church
Dereich Albert, laborer, h 2 Butternut
Dereich Elizabeth, widow, h 41 Jackson
DEREICH FRANK, photographer, William opp Opera House, h 41 Jackson See page 35
Dereich John, h William n Water
Dereich John, blacksmith, h Maple n Jackson
Dereich John, jr. (Dereich & Rogers), h 5 Maple
Dereic Philip, car shifter N.Y.C.R.R., h Maple cor Sisson
Dereich amp;& Rogers (John Dereich and Murray M. Rogers), blacksmiths, William n Water
Deuchler Bertha L. Miss, bds 90 William
Deuchler Edward, clerk, bds Geneva n Canal
Deuchler Louis, insurance agent, 90 William, h do
DEUCHLER PHILIP, carriage and sleigh manufacturer, Geneva cor Lawrence, h Geneva n Canal
Devereaux Thomas, laborer, h 11 Canal
Devine Barney, laborer, h 15 Shuler
Dewey S. A. Mrs., h Broad cor Queen
Dewitt Walter, clerk Central Hotel
Dickerson E. B., hats, caps, etc., Water opp Congress Hall, h Cherry
Dickerson L. L., clerk 17 Water, h 8 Maple
Dickie Charles W., bookkeeper N.Y.C.R.R., h Broad n Church
Dickie William, h Broad n Church
Dillenbeck Charles Z., clerk 21 Water, bds Phelps n Holly
DILLENBECK M. H., druggist and stationer, 21 Water, h Phelps n Holly
Dingman A. B., laborer, h Rice n Bear
Dippy Harrison, laborer, h 46 Montezuma
Doane Albert W., laborer, bds Canal n Phelps
Doane Calvin, tanner, h Canal n Phelps
Dodson T. J., fireman N.Y.C.R.R., h Ditton n Catherine
Dolan George, cigar maker, bds National Hotel
Doaln Thomas, carpenter, h Sisson n Phelps
Donavan W. H., engineer L.V.R.R., bds Hotel Price
Dorntee John, foreman N.Y.C.R.R., bds 11 Canal
Douglass Andrew, laborer, h Catherine ab Ditton
Dove N. J., hairdresser, 20 Canal. h do
Doyle John, laborer,h 24 Montezuma
Drew Josephine, domestic, Phelps n Jackson
Driscoll Jerry, laborer, bds Elmer
Driscoll Nancy, widow, h Church cor Broad
Driscoll N. Miss, milliner Church cor Broad, h do
Duncan Andrew, laborer, h Geneva n Elmer
Dunham Frank, teamster, h ab Aqueduct
Dunn Alfred, farmer, h Geneva ab W.S.R.R.
Dunn Almira, widow, h Culver n Phelps
Dunn Catherine, widow, h Water n Aqueduct
Dunn Cora Miss, tailoress, bds Culver n Phelps
Dunn Harrison, carpenter, h 14 Shuler
Dunn Jennie Miss, domestic, Phelps n Jackson
DUNN & SMALL, ice dealers, Culver n Summit See page 36
Dunning Louis R., engineer, bds Geneva n Lawrence
Dunning Mary E. Miss, dressmaker, bds Geneva n Lawrence
Dunning Sarah M., widow, h Geneva n Lawrence
Dunwell James W. (Camp & Dunwell), Republican building, h Broad n William
Durfee Pardon, cashier, h Lawrence n Catherine
Durfee Westfall Miss, h Lawrence n Catherine
Durkee Robert M., laborer, h Canal lock


Eagan T., switchman N.Y.C.R.R., bds Franklin
Egan W. H. (Barnum & Egan), William n Graham House, h Phelps n Jackson
Ehart Albert, printer, bds 50 Phelps
Ehart Emma Mrs., dressmaker, 50 Phelps, h do
EHRHARDT D., prop. Commercial House, Water n Broad See page 33
Ehrhardt Philip, carpenter, h 35 Water
Eich Philip, jr., meat market, 56 Canal, bds Catherine n Ditton
Eitelman Christian, saloon and restaurant, Water n Broad, h do
Eitelman Laura Miss, bds Water n Broad
Ellinwood A. H. Miss, bds Church n Court House
Ellis Charles, commercial traveller, h Jackson n Broad
Ellsworth George, carpenter and plumber, h 28 Maple
Elmer James, h 52 Geneva
Elmer Joseph, laborer, h r 50 Geneva
Elmer Thomas, car repairer, h Shuler n Elmer
Elmer William, brakeman, bds r 50 Geneva
Emmel Katie, domestic, 52 Broad
Empire State Telephone and Telegragh Co., Emma L. Koester, manager, William n Canal
Engel Daniel, boots and shoes, 31 Canal, h do
Engel D. E., clerk 31 Canal, h 20 Jackson
Engel Fred, shoemaker, h 21 Rice
Engel F. H., miller, h Butternut n Water
Engel Louis, miller, h 21 Rice
Engelhardt Fred, bottler, bds Catherine ab Ditton
Ennis E. T. Mrs., h High cor Queen
Ernst Bertha L. Miss, domestic, William n Lawrence
Ernst Cahrles, laborer, h Catherine ab Ditton
Eschenburg Cahrles G. W., laborer, h Rice
Eschenburg Herman, blacksmith, h Geneva n Montezuma
Eschenburg Louisa, widow, h Rice
ESPENHAIN CHARLES F., custom grist mill (roller process), Broad n Water,h Church n High See page 36
Espenhain E. F., harnessmaker, Canal cor Geneva, h Spencer cor n Jackson
Espenhain Mary, widow, h Church n High
Ewald Peter, hairdresser, Canal n William, h Jackson
Eyer Elizabeth Miss, bds 5 Catherine
Eyer George F., h 5 Catherine
Eyer Lydia, domestic, 11 Bear

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