South Sodus Cemetery, Part 2

Town of Sodus

Wayne County, NY

Located in South Sodus on Route 14. Record from tombstone (1960) inscriptions and Clark records circa 1882.

2005 Driving Directions - Rte. 14 North heading into the Town of Sodus. Cemetery is in the hamlet of South Sodus on the corner of Rte. 14 and Wayne Center Rd.

Rev. Wm. T., Nov. 17, 1855, 67y 9m 12d

"Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace."

Charlotte, wife, Oct. 25, 1855, 71y 1m 13d

"Precious is the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints"

Anne M., dau. W. & M., Dec. 11, 1874, 5y 3m 6d

Esbond 1873-1959
Deborah S., wife, 1884-19
Robert 1912-1935

Frank, Feb. 24, 1928, N.Y. Pvt. 15 Batt'n U.S. guards

Andrew C. 1849-1927
Barbara B. 1852-1925
Edward C. 1880-1958
Caroline I. 1883-1952

Valentine 1848-1895
Emily, wife, 1853-1914
Wells J.

Mary, Oct. 2, 1868, 69y 13d (on Robinson lot)

"Our mother, we loved her"

Hiram, March 26, 1826-July 5, 1890, Civil War
Elizabeth A., wife, Aug. 19, 1829-March 23, 1895
Infant daughter
Infant son of H. M. & E. A.
Sam B. 1874-1953
Helen M. 1880-19

Benjamin, July 3, 1834-Sept. 27, 1903
Cordelia A., wife, Feb. 10, 1839-Apr. 26, 1923
Nettie 1865-1934
Jonathan H., June 2, 1799-Oct. 27, 1877
Lucy, wife, Aug. 15, 1803-Oct. 17, 1886
Manfred, son J. & L., Sept. 21, 1846-Aug. 11, 1858
Daniel W., son J.H. & L., Sept. 20, 1864, 25y 10m, died a prisoner of war at Charlestown, S.C., Co D, III Reg. N.Y.S.V.
Lydia, dau. J.H. & L., July 4, 1832-Sept. 16, 1858
Alfred 1841-1918
Louisa DINGMAN, wife, 1846-1927
Mary E., wife Alfred & dau. J. & E. BROWER, Mar 5, 1871, 28y 3m 6d

"O glorious change, O blest abode
Now is she near and like her God."

Samuel W., Feb. 4, 1910, 79y, Co D, 9 H. Art.

Sally CARL, wife of Isaac, 1816-1841
Isaac, March 31, 1857, 89y 2m 2d

Clark 1870-1946
Alice 1867-1932
Lawrence, son Clark & Alice, infant, 1898
Baby Durward, 1932, infant son Hulon & Ruby

Jerry, Mar. 12, 1914, 71y, Co D, 90 N.Y. Vol.
Ann, wife, dau. John & Mary McINTYRE, 1848-1910 (On McIntyre lot)

William F. 1872-1948
Jennie B. 1869-1957

Robert, May 28, 1888, 77y 6m 13d
Eliza, wife, Apr. 25, 1905, 88y
Martha, dau. Robert & Eliza, Aug. 11, 1859 13y 11m 12d
Harrison, no dates

John 1820-1901
Mary, wife, 1827-1908
Archibald, Feb. 13, 1857, 78y
Ann, wife, Dec. 2, 1867, 80y
James C. 1864-1932
Mary, wife, 1868-1932

Eliza, wife Daniel M. Jr., Ma5rch 30, 1844, 30y 25d (Clark says 1844, DAR in 1945 says 1818)

"Friends nor physicians could not save
This mortal body from the grave
The grave will not confine me here
When Christ in glory doth appear."

George W., Jan 5, 1877, 29y 2m 10d

"Weep not for me my mother dear
I am not dead but sleeping here
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me."

Cordelia, dau. Daniel & E., Feb. 9, 1852, 24y 1m 9d

"Thus fades our sweetest comforts here
Our dearest friends they disappear
When the lod call from God is given
They sleep in death to wake in Heaven."

Father, Henry, 1838-1909
Mother, Addie, 1841-1922
Rosa A., infant dau. H. & A., Sept 4, 1872, 17d

This broken bud will bloom in heaven"

Wm. A., March 22, 1868-March 23, 1902

Daniel, May 5, 1819-Apr. 10, 1895
Elizabeth, wife, March 29, 1827-May 30, 1884
Saloma 1855-1926
Frederick, June 17, 1846-Oct. 21, 1929
Hannah H., wife, Oct. 2, 1851-Apr. 7, 1925
William H., Feb. 3, 1860-Dec. 15, 1890
Lavery, Oct. 20, 1875-Apr. 2, 1877, 17m 5d (Clark records say Lyverin)

"A light is from our household gone"

Carrienia, May 14, 1879-Aug. 8, 1879

Charles, son John & Eliza, Dec. 24, 1848, 22y (Clark-27y)
Walter, son John & Eliza, Sept. 27, 1850, 31y
Foster, son John & Eliza, May 28, 1853, 28y
John, March 11, 1867, 90y 1m 10d
Eliza, wife, July 14, 1867, 80y 11m 7d
Rensselaer, Jan. 27, 1849, 45y

"My darling son lays by my side"

Rensselaer Jr., son R. & Lydia, Feb. 4, 1849, 2y 6m 8d
Lydia, wife of R. Sr., May 30, 1874, 62y 4m 7d

Precious in the site of the Lord is the death of his saint"

Jesse, May 14, 1870, 60y 2m
Phoebe, wife, July 3, 1896, 83y 2 m 8d

John W., Sept. 5, 1890, 76y
Angeline, wife, Dec. 28, 1890, 78y
Calvin, Feb. 3, 1870, 23y 10m

"Weep not father and mother for me
For I am waiting in glory for thee."

Mary E. 1852-1939
Elijah 1844-1925

William, Jan. 25, 1896, 79y
Isabella BUTLER, wife of Wm., July 6, 1894, 73y
Thomas, Oct. 28, 1832-Apr. 5, 1905
Mary E., wife, July 26, 1834-

Phebe, April 22, 1840, 62y (Clark records say MILLS)

Jacob R., Sept. 4, 1809-Aug. 12, 1891
Anna, wife, June 20, 1809-Mar. 29, 1889
Adelbert D., June 1, 1858-March 30, 1899
Hattie J., wife, Sept. 9, 1858-Feb. 6, 1923

Helen J., wife of William, 1878-1938

J. Herschel, March 18, 1876, 40y 11m 21d

"My trials ended, my rest is won"

Tryphena, dau. H. & P., March 15, 1863, 17y 8m 11d

Jane A., wife M.R., July 19, 1882, 69y 2m 9d

Samuel, March 29, 1850, 64y
Ruth, wife, Oct. 3, 1854, 70y 1m 11d
George W., Dec. 18, 1855, 56y

Martha J., wife John C., May 9, 1854, 21y 4m 28d

Jonathan, Dec. 1839, 90y, Revoluntionary & War of 1812

Eleanor 1834-1919

Hiley, wife of Wm., Apr. 14, 1839, 40y

"Green be the turf above thee
Friends of my early days
Noone knew thee but to love thee
Noone knew thee but to praise
Here I be and rest in peace
While hypocrites may view my place"

William H. 1848-1911

James M., Sept. 14, 1825-Jan. 27, 1898
Nancy, wife, July 25, 1823-Nov. 17, 1898
Benjamin, May 8, 1854, 57y 9m 11d

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

Nancy, wife, Oct. 26, 1875, 77y 7m

"Gone but not forgotten"

Christopher, Nov. 22, 1834, 79y
Mary, wife, May 13, 1855, 99y

"I loathe it, I would not live always"

Isabella, wife of E., Oct. 3, 1844, 32y

Lorenzo D., May 27, 1851, 33y 10m 25d

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

Aubery L., son L.D. & Eliz., Aug. 6, 1858, 10y 8m 3d

"Sleep on, my darling Aubrey, rest on, bright angels
Guard thy steps, but oh, thy place at home is vacant.
All that bitter, bitter cup, none may know, but tis past
And now we dare not call our loved one back to us again."

James 1828-1904
Elsie BURNS, wife, 1840-1910
Horace, Sept. 27, 1818-Oct. 4, 1894
Harriet, wife, Oct. 25, 1824-Oct. 14, 1865
Ellery, June 16, 1877, 89y 7m 4d
Elizabeth, wife of Ellery
Harvey P., Nov. 27, 1889, 59y 10m 15d

Matthew, July 26(marked out & handwritten 23rd added), 1857, 59y, 12d
Nancy, wife, March 16, 1859, 52y

"To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of
Life which is in the midst of the paradise of God. Rev.7:2"

Marian, former wife of J. BENNETT, Oct. 15, 1866, 75y 11m 15d
Ida E., dau. A.P. & A.H., Apr. 3, 1860, 3y 9m
Philip A., son P. & E., Nov. 30, 1861, 21y 7m 14d

"Farewell beloved brother farewell,
From pain and suffering free,
We here awhile in sorrow dwell,
Then sleep and rise with thee."

G. Almira, wife of Samuel, 1829-1914 (On Cuer (Guer?) lot)

Horatio G., Sept. 10, 1847, 69y 8m 27d
Permelia, wife, Oct. 4, 1836, 55y (reported to be the first burial in this cemetery)

"Friends and physicians could not save
Her mortal body from the grave
Nor can the grave confine it here
When Christ shall call her to appear."

Elizabeth, wife of H.G., July 16, 1856, 58y

John 1836-1904
Anna Mary, wife, 1835-1918
Rosa, dau. J. & M., May 10, 1877, 10m 7d
Pauline, dau. W. & E., Feb. 19, 1919-Dec. 29, 1923

Charles W., Oct. 10, 1885, 22y 8m 22d

Peter, Feb. 25, 1872, 21y 11m

Margaret, wife of Andrew, Feb. 4, 1868, 51y 11m 26d

"Gone but not forgotten"

Silas B., son H. & M., Nov. 1857, 5y

William, Jan. 4, 1851, 83y, native of Ireland

"Thou art gone to the grave we no longer behold thee
Nor tread the rough paths of the world by thy side
He gave thee, He took thee and he will restore thee
And sinners may live for the sinless hath died."

Eleanor, wife, Aug. 1, 1844, 69y 7m 1d, native of Ireland

"In sure and certain hope to rise
And claim her mansions in the skies
A Christian here her flesh laid down
A cross exchanging for a crown."

Thomas, son, Jan 5, 1852, 49y

All flesh is grass"

Rev. John, Jan. 9, 1868, 66y 5m

Gabriel, Apr. 20, 1776-Aug. 4, 1847, 71y
Hannah, wife, June 11, 1779-Jan. 22, 1851, 72y
Orvis L. 1900-19
Pearl E. 1901-
Dorance H. 1927-1935

Anthony P., Sept. 3, 1856, 30y 5m 13d

Elizabeth, wife of Reuben, Oct. 27, 1818-Aug. 10, 1903

William H. 1878-19
Rose C. 1879-1957

Ida B. 1858-1933

George L., son J.J. & D., 1858
Martin, son J.J. & D., Sept. 2, 1842, 1m
Eliza, dau. J.J. & D., OCt. 24, 1850, 1d
Cornelius, Apr. 5, 1785-July 6, 1844, 59y
Clarissa, wife, May 16, 1788-Oct. 29, 1863, 75y
Nancy Ann, March 3, 1817-Nov. 10, 1837
John P., Dec. 11, 1880, 43y 2m 4d
Margaret, wife, Dec. 15, 1884, 44y 4m 7d
Bertie, son, Jan. 19, 1864, 2y 6m 19d
J. Wesley, son, Aug. 19, 1876, 13y 5m 9d
Abraham, Dec. 5, 1819-Jan. 18, 1903
Harriet L. LAMPSON, wife, May 30, 1825-Aug. 30, 1912
Joseph J., March 21, 1823-Aug. 29, 1908
Delia, wife, Jan. 25, 1824-May 17, 1888
Eunice, wife of Ebenezer, June 26, 1863, 74y 7m 15d

"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"

Herbert W., Jan. 23, 1854-Feb. 8, 1888
Mary A., Dec. 26, 1851-Feb. 4, 1924

Marshall P., Feb. 13, 1878, in his 48th year

"This languishing head is at reat
Its thinking and aching are o'er
This quiet immovable breast,
Is heaved by affliction no more."

Matie A., Feb. 18, 1878, 20y 6m

"Nought shall be in heaven, no darkened room,
No bed of death nor silence of the tomb,
But breezes fresh with love and truth
Shall brace the soul with an immortal youth."

John, March 23, 1844, 50y (Clark records say SHOUT)

Edith H., wife of Kenneth, 1892-1945
Harriet B. CRANE, wife of Wm., Apr. 25, 1823-June 15, 1888
Harry, Feb. 17, 1809-Oct. 15, 1880
Caroline, wife, Aug. 13, 1818-Jan. 12, 1880
Nancy, Feb. 8, 1836-Apr. 4, 1841, 5y
Sarah H., May 17, 1840, 1d

Elizabeth, wife of Richard, June 27, 1847, 27y 10m 13d

"She is gone to a land of love
Her cares and afflictions are no more
And may we soon meet her above
When our troubles and trials are o'er."

Mother Wilhelmina 1852-1942
Edward H., son, 1877-1938
Lydia, wife of Albert, May 4, 1870, 44y
Vern A., son A. & J., 1877-1888
William, May 5, 1875 (no stone, from Clark records)
Wife of John, Apr. 16, 1860 66y

"Friends nor physicians could not save
This mortal body from the grave
Or can the grave confine it here
When Christ my Saviour doth appear."

John, April 5, 1861, 71y, Soldier

"Dearest father thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But tis God that hath bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

John 1874-1933
Sarah 1875-19

Sylvester D. 1902 -1919
Ralph 1899-1900
Nellie 1896-1900
Lynn A. 1893-1898
James, Aug. 14, 1837-July 7, 1900
Lilliam F., wife of Oscar, 1869=1919
J. Eugene 1868-1915
Lewis H. 1842-1906
Harry A. 1874-1900

Albert 1856-1895
Earl, son A. & Mary S., 4 days
Norton 1825=1907
Marie Antoinette, wife, 1832-1895
Newton 1858-1911
Armon 1871-1912

Pearl, wife O.C., 1883-1925

John M., July 17, 1859, 44y 26d

"There is a house not made with hands eternal in the heavens"

Benjamin, March 1, 1873, 62y 2m

"God is love"

Mary, wife, Dec. 11, 1893, 86y 2m 2d

George F., son G. & O., Apr. 26, 1875, 1m 12d
George, June 3, 1894, 68y 1m 23d
Dorothea, wife, Apr. 25, 1891, 66y 4m
Elizabeth 1850-1927
Magdalena, dau. G. & D., May 31, 1861, 2y 5m 2d

William H. 1803-1867
Maria, wife, 1807-1872
Eliza J. 1830-1868
Charles E. 1832-1906
Elizabeth A. 1840-1918
David W., 1837-1905, Co D, 111th Inf.

Richard, Sept. 21, 1847, 61y 4m 27d
Laura, wife, Nov. 23, 1847, 64y 10m

John, Nov. 16, 1898, 62y 24d
Josephine LaRue, wife, died Fenville (probably Fairville) Dec. 27, 1879, 34y 3m
Peter, Dec. 2, 1863, 58y 7m 15d

"Gone but not forgotten. Mark the perfect man and behold
the upright; for the end of that man is peace."

Sally M., wife, Oct. 10, 1889, 79y 4m
Charles P., son Peter & S.M., Nov. 8, 1864, 13y 8m 21d

"We loved him. The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away"

Edwin R., Apr. 19, 1870, 31y
Elizabeth MILES, wife, Feb. 25, 1874, 32y
Ettie Belle, dau., Aug. 5, 1883, 13y

Elijah, Aug. 25, 1841, 78y
Rachel, wife, March 21, 1849, 81y
Harriet, dau. Elijah P. & Jerusha, June 28, 1842, 8m

Robert, Sept. 26, 1902, 72y
Albert 1847-1923
Sarah, wife, 1850-1931
Willie, son, Apr. 4, 1872-Apr. 1, 1876, 4y

"Willie thou art gone to rest
Thine is an early tomb.
But Jesus summoned thee away,
Thy Saviour called thee home."

Hiram, May 4, 1871, Co G, 9 H. Art.
Martha, wife of Hiram, 1912
Ruth, dau. H. & M., Aug. 19, 1844, 12y 11d

Elisha, July 29, 1882, 45y 5m 10d
Merritt, March 2, 1879, 75y
Maria, wife, Apr. 18, 1877, 68y 10m 29d
William S., son, Dec. 4, 1861, 22y 8m 4d
Merritt M., son, March 22, 1862, 27y 7m 11d

William, Apr. 3, 1874, 91y 10m 17d
Margaret, wife, May 5, 1875, 84y 9m 17d

Charles 1836-1885
Barbara, wife, 1836=1913

Earl 1894-1931

George T., July 30, 1862, 80y

"Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help
Whose hope is in the Lord his God."

Mary, wife, Aug. 18, 1854, 63y, native of County Wicklo, Ireland

"Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil; for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me."

William, July 15, 1896, 69y 4m 3d
Mary A. PIXLEY, wife, 1819-1904
Samuel 1823-1908
Sarah J., wife, 1833-1902

William S. 1825-1917
Mary, wife, 1838-1896

Jacob, Feb. 28, 1857, 64y

He lived as in his maker's ete
At every step prepared to die.
He died as one exchanging breath
For immortality in death."

Betsey, wife, Feb. 22, 1863, 65y

"Friends or physicians could not save
This mortal body from the grave.
Nor can the grave confine it here
When Christ shall call it to appear."

Abagail, dau., March 16, 1854, 26y

John C., July 13, 1835-Nov. 27, 1887
Jennett, wife, 1842-1927
Dewayne 1904-1906
Arthur 1910-1910
Sarah, wife of B.P., March 23, 1871, 45y 8m
Sarah T., dau., Apr. 1874, 18y 9m 23d
Aymer 1876-1960
Julia 1874-19

Abraham H., Aug. 22, 1863, 62y 10m 13d
Deborah, wife, Sept. 19, 1876, 68y 9m 20d
Adelaide, dau. A.H. & D., March 17, 1881, 32y 3m 9d
Lydia, dau. A.H. & D., Sept. 27, 1837, 2y2m28d

(Veteran..marker on or near Smith lot, no headstone, possibly Albert Smith since his wife and son are here.)
(G.A.R. & IOOF markers, no headstones, between VanDusen & Wm. McMullen lots)

Susan J., wife of Lee, 1861-1904 (on Hiram Knapp lot)
Christiana, dau. S. & L., 1888-1896

William, May 5, 1879, 40y
Mary J., wife, 1846, 1918
Luther, Oct. 27, 1866-June 5, 1925
Ella M., wife, July 6, 1862-Apr. 14, 1933
Jacob, Sept. 18, 1871, 70y (Clark records say 1874, 76y)

"The father of his kindred has gone home to meet his friends in heaven."

Samuel, July 26, 1803=Oct. 8, 1852, 49y 2m 7d
Pamela, Aug. 17, 1808-Nov. 8, 1833, 25y 2m 21d

"A fatal stroke to me unknown
We little thought so soon to part
But so it is ordained to be
I hope in heaven to meet with thee."

Eliza, Dec. 20, 1812-Aug. 31, 1892
Gardner, Jan. 31, 1794-Jan. 3, 1855, 61y

"A kind husband and affectionate father"

Abigail DAVIS, wife, Mar. 20, 1803-Dec. 26, 1877, 74y 9m 6d

"Gone but not forgotten"

Gardner D., July 8, 1827-April 21, 1895
Ann, wife, Aug. 9, 1840-Nov. 25, 1882
Sarah, dau. Isaac & Mary, Feb. 8, 1862, 17y 11m

"The spirit is not dead
Though low the body lies
But freed from sin and sorrow fled
To dwell beyond the skys."

Isaac, Apr. 10, 1821-Feb. 12, 1883
Dorcas E., wife, June 9, 1822-Dec. 23, 1899
Sarah, Feb. 6, 1875, 82y 1m 18d
James, son, May 30, 1852-Sept. 8, 1878
Aldice P., Feb. 28, 1823-Dec. 12, 1881
Margaret, wife, Jan. 7, 1830-March 17, 1893
Samuel, May 19, 1765-Oct. 14, 1820, 55y
Elizabeth, wife, Feb. 27, 1769-Jan. 27, 1853, 84y

William, Jan. 9, 1844-Mar. 10, 1874, Co G, 10 Vt. Inf.

Francis W. 1839-1909
Lucy A., wife, 1842-1936
Caleb, June 26, 1814-June 17, 1899
Margaret G., wife, July 14, 1815-Oct. 19, 1890
William G., Aug. 9, 1853-Aug. 29, 1925
Lueze L. WELCH, wife, Sept. 4, 1855-April 14, 1934
Michael, Sept. 7, 1900, 77y
Frances, wife, 1840=1928
C. Ora, March 28, 1882-
Daisy M. TACK, wife, Feb. 6, 1886-May 5, 1949

Ann, wife, of Joseph, Jan. 20, 1855, 68y 3m

"In life, affliction was my lot
All human help was vain
But God did please my pain to ease
And freed me from my pain."

Jenson, son Thomas & Mary, Apr. 17, 1850, 1y 2m 11d

"This lovely bud so young and fair
Called hence by early doom
Just come to show how sweet a fl'r
In paradise could bloom."

Mary, wife of Thomas & dau. Richard & Laura SUTLIFF, Dec. 4, 1871, 47y 4m 20d

"Thou art gone but not forgotten"

Thadeous C., son J. & E., Feb. 27, 1848, 10d

Richard, Aug. 22, 1856, 62y (Clark records say Aug. 28, 1857)
Lois, wife, Dec. 1, 1856, 51y

Matilda 1852-1936

Louisa M., dau. Durfee & Samantha, Aug. 27, 1847, 17y 11m

Caleb, husband of Mary, May 17, 1842, 65y

Almah J., dau. C. & A.E., July 5, 1857, 3y 28d (on lot with Robert & Elizabeth FINCH)

"Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade
Death came with friendly care
This opening bud to heaven conveyed
And bade it blossom there."

Enos, Nov. 12, 1864, 60y 8m 7d (Clark says Tunus)

"Far from the world O Lard I flea
From strife and tumult far
From scenes where satan wages still
His most successful war.
The calm retreat the silent shade
With prayer and praise agree
And seem by thy sweet bounty made
For those who follow thee."

Frances, wife of James, March 10, 1877, 67y 6m 4d

"Our mother is gone to a mansion of rest"

Frank, son W. & P., June 11, 1875, 5m 17d

"Budded on earth to bloom in heaven"

Foster, Sept. 25, 1877, 6m 7d, son of W. & P.

"Asleep in the arms of Jesus"

Jacob, Sept. 8, 1822-Apr. 20, 1905
Martha, wife, Jan. 30, 1817-May 23, 1904
Richard J., son J. & M., 1852-Dec. 13, 1858, 6y 4m 21d

"Dearest Richard thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel
But this God who hast bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

Willie L., son J. & M., 1849-Feb. 19, 1860, 10y 8m 28d

"We hope to meet thee in the better land
When life's brief race is o'er
And join the anthems of the blest
Upon the bright and radiant shore
Where we shall live to die no more."

Orpha, 1935-2010
Vernon D., 1931-

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