Wooden Family List


Contributed by Wayne Co. GenWeb Volunteer Pat Goodnough

1.    Mrs. Fred Anderson, Litchfield, Michigan

2.    Mrs. George Anderson, 292 Main Street, Binghamton, New York

3.    Mrs. Frank Avery, Phelps, New York

4.    Mr. Willis Avery, Phelps, New York

5.    Mrs. Clara Backus, Kendall, New York

6.    Mrs. Kittie Baird, Fairport, New York

7.    Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. Barden, Lyons, New York

8.    Miss Clara Barker, Kendall, New York

9.    Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bartran and Family, Waterloo, New York

10.  Mr. and Mr.s Harvey Bonnell, Waterloo, New York

11.  Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Bowman, Webster, New York

12.  Mrs. Ruth Brethen and Mrs. Lois Brethren , 2165 South 54 Street,

                Philadelphia, Pa.

13.  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brewer and Family , RD, Waterloo, New York

14.  Mr. Albert Bronson, Brockport, New York

15.  Misses Helen and Mary Bronson, Brockport, New York

16.  Mrs. Kinor  Buckland, Bergen, New York

17.  Mr. and Mrs. Claude Burden and Family, RD, Waterloo, New York

18.  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burnette, RD , Phelps, New York

19.  Mr. and Mrs. Clair Burnette and Family, Phelps, New York

20.  Mr. Ed Burnette and Family, Phelps, New York

21.  Mr. Everette Burnette, Brockport, New York

22.  Mrs. Flora Burnette, Brockport, New York

23.  Mr. Frank and Miss Jennie Burnette, RD, Phelps, New York

24.  Mr. Frank Burnette, Wolcott, New York

25.  Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burnette and Family, Wolcott, New York

26.  Mr. George Burnette, North Rose, New York

27.  Mr. Grant Burnette, Oswego, New York

28.  Mr. and Mr. Grant Burnette, Phelps, New York

29.  Mrs. H. S. Burnette, Morton, New York

30.  Mr. James Burnette, Brockport, New York

31.  Miss Jennie Burnette, Phelps, New York

32.  Mr. Leon Burnette, Wolcott, New York

33.  Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Burnette and Family, Phelps, New York

34.  Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Burnette, North Rose, New York

35.  Mrs. Lottie Burnette, Kendall, New York

36.  Mrs. Margaret Burnette and Family, Phelps, New York

37.  Mr. and Mrs. K.A. Burnette, Kendall, New York

38.  Mr. Merton Burnette, RD 2, Wolcott, New York

39.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burnette, Phelps, New York

40.  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Burns, North Rose, New York

41.  Mrs. Millard Buzzell, 7 Jefferson St., Lowville, New York

42.  Mrs. Thelma Byrd, 122 Orange St., Jackson, Michigan

43.  Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Candle and family, Buffalo Rd, Coldwater, N.Y.

44.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carson, 200 Spruce Ave., Rochester, New York

45.  Mrs. Emma Church, Phelps, New York

46.  Mr. and Mrs. Clise and Family, Madison Street, Geneva, New York

47.  Mr. and Mrs. James Clise and Family, RD, Waterloo, New York

48.  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Condit, RD 4, Geneva, New York

49.  Mr. Ernest Condit, RD, Stanley, New York

50.  Mr. Charles Converse, Honeoye Falls, New York

51.  Mrs. Charles Converse and Family, RD 1, Scottsville, New York

52.  Mr. Clarence Converse, 69 Youngs Avenue, Coldwater, New York

53.  Mr. Edward Converse, Holcomb, New York

54.  Mr. Harold Converse, 39 Peart Avenue, Point Pleasant, New York

55.  Mrs. James Converse , Paul Road, Coldwater, New York

56.  Mrs. Raymond Converse, RFD, Rush, New York

57.  Mr. Willard Converse, Rush, New York

58.  Mr. William Converse, 13 Fenwick Street, Rochester, New York

59.  Dr. and Mrs. Edgar B. Cook, 244 Edgerton Street, Rochester, N.Y.

60.  Mrs. Rhoda Cox, Avalon, California

61.  Rev. John H. Crippen, Galiton, Pa.

62.  Mr. Elmer H. Deane and Family,583 South Main St.,Canandigua, NY

63.  Mr. and Mrs. Fred DeLamarter and Family, RFD, Waterloo, New York

64.  Mr. and Mrs. James Dennington and Family,RD3, Geneva, New York

65.  Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Derr and Family, High Street, Geneva, N.Y.

66.  Mr. and Mrs. Clinton DeWolf, RD, Scottsville, New York

67.  Mr. and Mrs. Clinton DeWolf, RD1, Webster, New York

68.  Mr. Clinton Dix and Family, Buffalo Road, Coldwater, New York

69.  Mr. Wallace Dix and Family, 122 Sycamore, St, Revenna, Ohio

70.  Mr. and Mrs. Roy Duncan, Manchester, Washington

71.  Mr. and Mrs. Charles. M. Eckert, 9 Yorden Street, Binghamton, NY

72.  Mrs. Frances Edington, 67 North Kain Street, Geneva, New York

73.  Mrs. Roy Ehart, 192 Gardiner Avenue, Rochester, New York

74.  Mrs. Thomas Flannagan, Rose Street, Geneva, New York

75.  Dr. G.D. Forbes, Kendall, New York

76.  Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Ford, Wolcott, New York

77.  Mrs. Bertha Foster and Family, Webster, New York

78.  Mr. and Mrs. Harold Foster, Webster, New York

79.  Dr. and Mrs. James B. Foster and Family, Webster, New York

80.  Mrs. Jane Foster and Family, Lake Road, Webster, New York

81.  Mr. and Mrs. Norman Foster, 621 Worth Street, Pittsburgh, Pa

82.  Mrs. Wilbur Fowler, Fowlerville, Michigan

83.  Mrs. Wilbur Fowler, 122 Orange Street, Jackson, Michigan

84.  Mrs. Alths Francis and Family, Reid Street, Geneva, New York

85.  Mrs. Harry Galbraith, 6 Howard Street, Geneva, New York

86.  Mrs. J.G. Getz, 443 North Main Street, Kent, New York

87.  Mrs. George H. Gifford, Fayette, Ohio

88.  Mr. Darwin Gillette, North Rose, New York

89.  Mr. Glen Gillette, Savannah, New York

90.  Mr. Orson Gillette, Wolcott, New York

91.  Mrs. Caroline Glover, Fowlerville, Michigan

92.  Mrs. Abigail Goodwin, Listersville, West Virginia

93.  Mrs. George Green and Family, Wolcott, New York

94.  Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Green and Family, Wolcott, New York

95.  Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Grinnell, Sodus, New York

96.  Mr. George G. Hammar, Gates, New York

97.  Mr. and Mrs. John Harland, Phelps, New York

98.  Mr. Henry Harlow, 824 Fuller Street, Grand Rapids, Mighigan

99.  Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hay, RD4, Geneva, New York

100. Mrs. Bradley Heath, Hanover, Michigan

101. Mrs. A. Hofforth, 461 South Avenue, Rochester, New York

102. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Horning, Phelps, New York

103. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Houghson and Family, RD, Stanley, New York

104. Mrs. Abbie Howland, Northfield, Minnesota

105 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hubbard, North Chili, New York

106. Mrs. Kate Jeffery, Locust Street, Lockport, New York

107. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson, Ceresco, Michigan

108. Mr. and Mrs. George Johnson and Family, Webster, New York

109. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Judd, 28 Washington Street, Hartford, Conn.

110. Mr. and Mrs. Burnette Kelley and Family, Newark, New York

111. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelley and Bertha, Newark, New York

112. Mrs. Brooks Kellogg, Avon, New York

113. Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. King, 145 Kenwood Ave, Rochester, New York

114. Mrs. Maud W. Kitchelt,Iola Sanitarium,Nurse's Home, Rochester, NY

115. Mr. Edward Lindlow, Pulteney Street, Geneva, New York

116. Mrs. Myrtle Littlebrandt, Homer, Michigan

117. Mr. and Mrs. Howland Lutes, RD, Lyons, New York

118. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Maisler, 103 Holly Ave, East Oaklyn, N.J.

119. Mrs. James Mansy and Family, RD, Waterloo, New York

120. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Marble and Family, RD, Waterloo, New York



123. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Kauer, Coldwater, New York

124. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Maurer and Family, Coldwater, New York

125. Capt. and Mrs. Donald Macgowan, Eggerts Road, RD4, Trenton,

          New Jersey

126. Miss Effie Merritt, 7530 Oglesby Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

127. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Merry, William Street, Geneva, New York

128. Miss Ruth and Mr. Albert Miller, Phelps, New York

129. Mrs. Julia Montgomery, Brockport, New York

130. Mrs. M. Mosher, Jonesville, Michigan

131. Capt. and Mrs. Charles Mudgett, Fort Devens, Ayer, Mass.

132. Mrs. Lura Newberry, 436 Pioneer Avenue, Kent, Ohio

133. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Newton, Watervliet, Michigan

134. Mrs. Maud Paige, 61 Jefferson Terr. , Rochester, N.Y.

135. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Palmer, Geneva, New York

136. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Palmer, 93 Bold Street, Hamilton, Canada

137. Miss Alice G. Paul, 37 Arvine Heights, Rochester, New York

138. Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Paul, 21 Lenox Street, Rochester, New York

139. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Pellett, Webster, New York

140. Mr. and Mrs. Don Pruom, Red Creek, New York

141. Mrs. Frank Ransford, Litchfield, Michigan

142. Rev. and Mrs. Frederick Redfern, University, Columbia, SC

143. Mrs. Edith Reeve, East Henrietta, New York

144. Prof. and Mrs. Byron F. Robb and Family, Webster, New York

                           (Forest Home, Ithaca, New York)

145. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Salisbury, Phelps, New York

146. Mrs. Helen Sampson, Nine Mile Point, Webster, New York

147. Col. and Mrs. John B. Schoeffel, Schnectady General Depot,

                          Schnectady, New York

148. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Schumann, Pulteney Apt, Geneva, New York

149. Mr. and Mrs. George E. Schumann, 84 Falleson Road, Rochester, NY

150. Mrs. Lottie Schumann and Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Schumann,

                           49 Highland Avenue, Geneva, New York

151.Mr. and Mrs. William Scott and Family, New Waterloo Road General

                           Delivery, Geneva, New York

152. Dr. and Mrs. James Sebring, Wolcott, New York

153.Mr. Fenton Seeley, RD, Waterloo, New York

154. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Shibling, 67 South Union St. ,Rochester, N.Y.

155.Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Short, RFD, Churchville, New York

156. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert W. Short, RD, Churchville, New York

157. Mrs. Harry Smith, Watervliet, Michigan

158. Mr. and Mrs.Elmer V. Smith,After Deck,Nine Mile Point, Webster,NY

159. Mrs. L. Spencer, Jonesville, Michigan

160. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Springer, RD3, Waterloo, New York

161.Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Stafford, Sumner, Iowa

162. Mr. Floyd Sutton, Morincie, Michigan

163. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sutton, Waterloo, New York

164. Mr. Maylen Sutton, Flint, Michigan, C.O. Buick Motor Company

165. Mr. O.B. Sutton, 1548 Temple Street, Detroit, Michigan

166. Mr. Robert Sutton, Hilledale, Michigan

167. Mrs. Willis Sutton, RD, Waterloo, New York

168. Mr. H.L. Temple, 35 Herkimer Street, Buffalo, New York

169. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Tennant and Family, 368 Hillview Avenue,

                                  Syracuse, New York

170. Mr. Harvey Thomas , Brockport, New York

171. Mrs. M.P. Thomas, 393 Rosewood Terr. , Rochester, New York

172.Mrs. Martha E. Thompson and Family, 34 Caroline St.,Rochester, NY

173. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Thompson and Family, 168 Barton, St.,

                                 Rochester, New York

174. Mrs. Jennie Thompkins and Family, Nine Mile Point, Webster, NY

175. Mr. and Mrs. James Townsend, Newark, New York

176. Mrs. Mary Trumble, Penfield, New York

177.Mrs. Daisy Tyler and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dallas, Nine Mile Point,

                                  Webster, New York

178. Mrs. Edward Updyke, RD2, Seneca Falls, New York

179. Mrs. Sarah Upham, 16 Myrtle Street, Leroy, New York

180. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Van Sice, Cheshire Lake Rd,RD5,

                                 Canandaigua, New York

181.Mrs. Eva Van Slyke, Sodus, New York

182. Mrs. Josephine Van Voorhis and Family, Kendall, New York

183. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vosburgh and Family, RD, Geneva, NY

184. Mr. and Mrs.David Wahl and Family, Scottsville Road, Coldwater,NY

185. Miss Lois Wahl, Scottsville Road, Coldwater, New York

186. Mr. Levi Warner and Family, 1072 South Avenue, Rochester, NY

187. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Warner, Phelps, New York

188. Mrs. Ora Webster, RD2, Coldwater, New York

189. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Webster, Coldwater, New York

190. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wells, Caresco, Michigan

191. Mr. N.G. Westbrook and Family , Hemlock, New York

192. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Weyburn and Family, Waterloo, New York

193. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Welvin, Lyons, New York

194. Mr. and Mrs. John Welvin, Lyons, New York

195. Mr. and Mrs. Lou B. Woodard, 6300 Montgomery Road, Pleasant 

                    Ridge, Cincinnatti, Ohio

196. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Woodard, 1048 Hemlock St., Meadville, Pa

197. Mr. and Mrs. Alverne Wooden, 69 Evergreen Street, Rochester, NY

198. Mr. and Mrs. Alvern Wooden and Family, 33 Farragut St., 

                         Rochester,New York

199. Miss Anna Wooden, Wooden Street, Rochester, New York

200. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wooden, 26 Union St., Leroy, New York

201. Dr. and Mrs. Aubrey Wooden and Family, RD, Waterloo, New York

202. Miss Blanch Wooden, RD2,Spencerport, New York

203. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Wooden, 93 Shady Way, Charlotte PO,

                 Rochester, New York

204. Mr.Charles W. Wooden, 620 Mulvey Avenue, Winnipeg,Man. Canada

205. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wooden, RD1, Bradford, Rhode Island

206. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Wooden and Family, RD5, Waterloo, NY

207. Mr. Descum Wooden, Fowlerville, Michigan

208. Mrs. Dorothy M. Wooden, 82 Chili Avenue, Rochester, New York

209. Miss Edith Wooden, RD2, Spencerport, New York

210. Mr. Elmer Wooden, Litchfield, Michigan

211. Miss Elsa M. Wooden, RD4, Geneva, New York

212. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wooden and Family, Waterloo, New York

213. Mr. Fay Wooden, Parma, Michigan

214. Miss Florence Wooden, Litchfield, Michigan

215. Mr. and Mrs. George Wooden and Family, Andes Ave., Geneva, NY

216. Mrs. George R. Wooden and Family, 102 East North St. Geneva, NY

217. Mr. Germain Wooden, Edgewood Avenue, Brighton, New York

218. Mr. and Mrs. Germain Wooden and Family, Waterloo, New York

219. Mr. Harley Wooden, Battle Creek, Mich. C.O. Kellogg School

220. Mr. Harvey Wooden and Family, RD , Waterloo, New York

221. Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Wooden, 12 Brighton St., Rochester, N.Y.

222. Mr. and Mrs. John Wooden, Canandigua, New York

223. Miss Leonora Wooden, 173 Wooden St., Rochester, N.Y.

224. Miss Lettie Wooden, Leroy, New York , C.O. Mrs. Upham

225. Miss Lettie A Wooden, 82 Chili Avenue, Rochester, N.Y.

226. Mr. L.E. Wooden, Hanover, Michigan

227. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wooden, Coldwater, New York

228. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wooden, RD, Waterloo, New York

229. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Wooden, Waterloo, New York

230. Mr. Ward Wooden, 140 Lehigh Ave, Rochester, New York

231. Dr. Warren Wooden, 38 South Goodman St., Rochester, N.Y.

232. Mr. Willard B. Wooden, 4019 Chamoune Ave., San Diego, Calif

233. Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Wright, Phillips Road, Webster, New York

234. Mrs. Helen Wright and Family, East Henrietta, New York

235. Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Wright, Nine Mile Point, Webster, New York

236. aMr. and Mrs. Charles Yates, Watervliet, Michigan

237. Mrs. C. A. Young, RR3, Fowlerville, Michigan

238. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Young, Clover Road, Pittsford, New York