WOLCOTT, N.Y. 1905

These names of Women of Wayne were abstracted from lists or photo captions from the old "Grips" book on Wolcott. These women and girls were members of "ladies", sororal, and young women's clubs and organizations in 1905. The lists come from short articles, or captions for photos that would not scan well. As such, we can't assume that all members were included in the articles or were present when photos were taken. No further information about any of the women was given. Further information about persons and organizations named below should be asked of the Office of the County Historian.

Source: "Grips" Historical Souvenir of Wolcott, E.L. Welch, 109 Corning Avenue, Syracuse, N.Y., published 1905


Mrs. Boyd
Mrs. Clarence Brewster
Mrs. James Brewster
Mrs. A. Brink
Mrs. Leslie Brockway
Mrs. Brundage
Mrs. W.D. Campbell
Mrs. M. Clark
Mrs. James Cook
Mrs. Ida Cosad
Miss Nellie Curtis
Mrs. Omar Curtis
Mrs. O.C. Davis
Mrs. W. Easton
Miss Lillian Foote
Mrs. A. Harder
Mrs. L. Harder
Mrs. Percy Harmon
Mrs. Thomas Henderson
Mrs. Dr. Horton
Mrs. Clayton Johnson
Mrs. C.T. Johnson
Mrs. Hattie Johnson
Mrs. Edward Kellogg
Mrs. Knapp [the village milliner]
Mrs. E. Lyttle
Mrs. Newton Michel
Mrs. Moore
Mrs. John Murphy
Mrs. E. Peck
Mrs. George Reed
Mrs. C.T. Shaw
Mrs. Randall Shaw
Mrs. E. Stewart
Miss Mary Talcott
Mrs. Bert Thacker
Mrs. H. Thacker
Mrs. Charles Thomas
Mrs. Edward Wadsworth
Mrs. W. Wager
Miss Hattie Watson
Mrs. A. Wells
Mrs. Wilder
Mrs. Benham Wood


Glenny Countryman
Theda Dowd
Carrie Harder
Liela Jourden
Ida Medan
Ruth Northup
Netta Olmstead
Reta Olmstead
Bessie Parks
Alice Perry
Marie Schattner
Marguerete Wadsworth


Olive Coleman
Miss Bessie Fish
Laura Hall
Alice Kelley
Alta Luffman
Ethel Miller
Blanche Metcalf
Mildred Metcalf
Vera Nasmith
Grace Vincent


Mrs. E. Bennett
Mabel Brown (small child)
Mrs. Rose Brown
Mrs. Wealthy Campbell
Miss Libbie cole
Mrs. Nellie Curtis
Miss Matie Kitchen
Mrs. C. Merrill
Mrs. Celia Miller
Miss Grace Pitts
Mrs. Jennie I. Pitts
Mrs. Cora Porter
Miss Julia Pringle
Miss Minnie Sherman
Mrs. N. Stage
Miss Lulu Wicks
Mrs. Bertha Wicks


A body of 11 zealous workers who in 3 years time raised $500 towards St. Stephen's building fund and other church interests. Organized October 15, 1902, with the following officers elected:

Mrs. A. B. Sabin, President
Mrs. R. L. Hamilton, Secretary
Mrs. Fred Knapp, Treasurer

WOLCOTT HIVE, No. 318, L.O.T.M. (don't know what this organization is)

Mrs. Lodema Abbott
Mrs. Carrie Doolittle
Mrs. Myrta Green
Matie Kitchen
Miss Mabel Metcalf
Mrs. Marion Murphey
Mrs. Jennie Olmstead
Mrs. Estelle Sabin
Mrs. Ethel Sabin
Mrs. Flora Tague
Mrs. Emma Wells


Mrs. James Cook
Mrs. Hursey
Miss Lydia Kellogg
Mrs. Clark Lefevre
Mrs. Amos Nash
Mrs. Henry Paddock
Rev. Mrs. Pitts
Mrs. Enos Reed
Mrs. George Reed
Miss Mary Talcott


Organized June 27,1904 at the home of Mrs. G.H. Northup by Miss Harriet May Mills of Syracuse. [Mrs. Northup's husband was president of the Board of Trade of Wolcott, a large buyer and shipper of fruit and wealthy lumber dealer. She was born Marion P. Perkins, daughter of Rev. Edgar Perkins of Phoenix, N.Y.] The society motto was "The Noblest Motive is the Public Good."

Mrs. J.E. Lawrence, president
Mrs. O.M. Curtis, 1st vice-president
Mrs. E.H. Kellogg, 2nd vice-president
Mary Talcott, secretary
Mrs. G.H. Northup, treasurer
Mrs. W.H. Thacker, auditor

EVERGREEN REBEKAHS, No. 145, I.O.O.F. (International Order of Odd Fellows)

Organized March 1893, Lodge No. 145 was one of the first Rebekah lodges in the county.

Mrs. James G. Brewster, Vice Grand
Jennie Brown
Mrs. William Brown, Treasurer
Edith Bort
Miss Martha Cornwell, Secretary
Mrs. J.E. Lawrence, Noble Grand
Mabel Medan
Pearl Olmstead
Mrs. E.J. Peck, Financial Secretary
Mrs. Plumley
Mrs. Robbins
Miss Schaeffer
Mrs. Schattner
Laura Vanderpool
Mrs. C. Webb

WOLCOTT GRANGE, No. 348, P. of H. (Patrons of Husbandry)

Organized in 1875, by 1905 No. 348 had over 800 members from approx. 500 families, making it the second largest Grange chapter in the world! Only women listed here, culled from 1905 officers list, charter member list, and photo caption. There were probably many more women members. The group photo is small and will not scan clearly. C.M. means Charter Member:

Mrs. Mary Andrus
Mrs. Ada Belknap
Mrs. Jas. A. Brewster, Trustee
Mrs. Lovina Brewster (may be same woman)
Mrs. Nettie Clapper
Mrs. E. Clark
Mrs. Ida Cosad
Mrs. Martha Devoe
Mrs. George Dickinson
Mrs. Ella Douglas
Mrs. Henry Dowd - C.M., deceased
Mrs. Hezekiah Easton - C.M.
Mrs. Wm. Easton
Mrs. Egnor
Mrs. Fitch
Mrs. Nancy Frost
Mrs. Martha Gibbs
Miss Harper
Mrs. Anna Harper
Mrs. Hannah Hawley
Mrs. Ella Hibbard, Chorister
Mrs. C. Hurter
Mrs. Jas. H. Hyde - C.M.
Mrs. Nellie Jones
Mrs. Sarah A. Jones, Flora
Mrs. Anna Kelley, Pomona
Mrs. Andrew Kelley (may be same woman)
Olive Lamb
Sarah Madan
Mrs. John McDormer
Mrs. Hiram McQueen
Mrs. Wm. Zopher McQueen, Steward
Mrs. Meeker
Miss Mitchell (2 separate women are Miss Mitchell in the photo)
Mrs. Mitchell
Mrs. Cora Munsell
Mrs. H.R. Paddock
Mrs. John Paylor - C.M.
Mrs. W. Peer
Mrs. Deforest Pierson
Mrs. J.L. Phillips - C.M.
Mrs. E.H. Reed - C.M.
Mrs. Reynolds
Mrs. Richardson
Mrs. J.H.L. Roe, Secretary, C.M., Past Secretary 1882-1904
Mrs. Joseph Roe (may be same woman)
Martha Russell
Mrs. Warren Seager, Ceres
Mrs. Irving Scott, Chaplain
Mrs. A.B. Thacker - C.M., Past Master 1899-1900
Miss Edna Tyrrell
Mrs. J.S. Tyrrell - C.M.
Mrs. I.Y. Upham, Pianist
Mrs. Oresta Vought
Mrs. Sarah Wadsworth
Mrs. T.J. Waldorf - C.M.
Mrs. George Waterman
Mrs. S.S. Wells - C.M., deceased
Lizzie B. Wilson - C.M.
Mrs. Winchell
Mrs. A.M. Wise, C.M., deceased
Mrs. Mason G. Wood, Lady Ass't. Steward
Mrs. L. Worden


Draper Chapter was installed at Wolcott on February 25, 1898, by Past Grand Matron Elizabeth Raymond, assisted by Raymond Chapter, No. 100, of Savannah, N.Y. Their charter was granted Sept.9 of that year. In 1905 there were 101 members. Women listed below were in photo or mentioned as past officers.

Miss Carrie H. Bliss
Mrs. Clifford Brewster
Mrs. U.G. Brewster
Miss Sue G. Craft
Mrs. Dr. Day
Mrs. Annie Dusenbury
Miss Carolyn D. Exner
Miss Fannie Fish
Jennie R. Foster - past Worthy Matron
Nellie C. Graves - past Worthy Matron
Mrs. Charles Graves (same woman?)
Mrs. C.H. Hammer
Minnie T. Hammond - past Worthy Matron
Mrs. Dr. S.W. Houston
Mrs. Dr. L.C. Jones
Mrs. Arthur Jurden
Mrs. Lillian D. Kellogg - Worthy Matron in 1905
Mrs. E.H. Kellogg (probably same woman) - husband is prominent lawyer
Mrs. Bertha Kelly - was first Worthy Matron
Mrs. F.L. Knapp
Miss Nellie Moses
Mrs. J.A. Murphy
Mrs. Wm. Olmstead
Mrs. Rollo Steward
Ada A.P. Stewart - past Worthy Matron
Mrs. C. D. Walker
Mrs. C.H. Wethy

LOGAN CIRCLE, No. 29, LADIES OF THE G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic)

Organized in 1901 by Mrs. Mary E. Hancock of Fulton, N.Y. Officers installed at that time were:

Mrs. J.E. Lawrence, President
Mrs. Anna Hanford, Senior vice
Mrs. Irving McIntyre, Junior vice
Mrs. E.J. Peck, Treasurer
Mrs. Fred Fitch, Secretary
Mrs. Cyrus E. Fitch, Chaplain
Mrs. Charles Miller, Conductor
Mrs. Helen Curtis, Guard
Mrs. Geo. Mitchell, Assistant Conductor
Mrs. Manly Cole, Assistant Guard

Pictured are:

Mrs. Helen Burt
Mrs. Manley Cole
Mrs. Helen Curtis
Mrs. Abram Egnor
Mrs. Cyrus E. Fitch
Mrs. Anna Hanford
Mrs. J.E. Lawrence - elected president of the State Dept. G.A.R. in 1905
Mrs. Irving McIntyre
Mrs. Charles Miller
Mrs. E.J. Peck
* Mrs. Charles Richards
Mrs. Irving Scott
Mrs. Benjamin Sharp
Mrs. Charles Sharp
Mrs. Hiram Taylor
Miss Ada Van Alstyne
Mrs. Maria Vanderpool
Mrs. Milton B. Wadsworth
Mrs. George Waterman

* nee Phylura Lundy, mother of Joseph Hampton Richards, wife of Civil War veteran Charles Richards, being paternal grandparents of Verna Snyder Shinebarger Seidel.

WOLCOTT LEGION, No. 305, N.P.L. (don't know what this organization was)

Organized 1899. The photo shows men and women members, very well-dressed, holding a large American flag. Perhaps it was a political organization?

Mrs. David Doolittle, President
Miss Pearl Doolittle
Mrs. Augustus Lovejoy
Mrs. Newton Michel, Organist
Miss Belle Mott
Miss Bertha Mott
Rev. Jennie I. Pitts, Chaplain
Miss Jennie Reynolds
Mrs. Wm. Reynolds, Conductor
Mrs. Edward Robbins, Vice-President
Mrs. Charles Trickler, Past President
Miss Edith Vanarsdale
Mrs. Lemuel Wadsworth

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