to his

Granddaugher Jennie Snyder

These two personal letters from Amos Snyder to his granddaughter Jennie Snyder Pemberton were contributed by Eloise Blanchard, Jennie's great-granddaughter! Paragraphs have been given more space for ease in online reading.

"Family history: Jennie was born 6 Sept 1858 to Peter B. Snyder (19 Sept 1825 - 10 Oct 1868) and Hellen Cuyler (b. 16 Sept 1834). Two other children: George A Snyder and Nellie (died young). Jennie's father (Peter B. Snyder) died and was buried in the South Red Creek Cemetery. The family was then under the care of Charles Hoff who lived (I believe) in Sedalia MO. They moved there and then Jennie met William Henry Pemberton (1 Jul 1850 - 14 Mar 1936), whom she married 30 Sept 1878. They had four children (Pearl, Voyl, Cuyler, Helen- Pearl and Cuyler survived and had children)."

"I believe the tombstone Amos mentions is the one in the South Cemetery of Red Creek. It mentions quite a few of the family members."

"Just for reference, all the dates came from the Snyder family bible given to Peter Snyder by Amos Snyder with the following note:"

Presented to Peter B. Snyder
By his Father
As a token of regard
for his
Present and Future
Sept 4th, 1848

This letter (the original) belongs to my aunt Mary Belline, Jennie's granddaughter. She also has a portrait of Jennie Snyder.

Letter dated July 1 1874
Postmarked Aug 19, Red Creek, New York

Addressed to Miss Jennie Snyder, Sedalia, Missouri
Care of Jakeway Hoff

My dear GrandDaughter,

Your very acceptable letter of the 14th June 1874 arr'd last night. I was glad to hear from you. Sorry to hear that you had been sick. Hope you will become acclimated after a while and then become healthy. I have learned for the last 6 months what it is to be out of health, 'tho never very rugged. I have to diet on tea & toast bread coffee and toast bread when I could eat pork, potatoes and beans if I dare. So it goes. But I have learned in what ever state I am placed, therein to be content. Living or dying to be the Lords and try to bear everything patiently. I don't expect to be here (above ground) much longer.

I have a spot beside your Grandma where I expect to be laid away, and a stone placed in position to accommodate us both & others who are now resting there. My Complaint has been and still is the chronic diarrhoea. I am just able to be about. have got it checked but don't know how long it will last. I saw Geo yesterday, He's here. ___ he says is good & has a great deal to do. We have some cool weather now, & then. Tell Andrew the wheat crop is doing finely. The cool weather is very favorable for it, and the prospect is for wheat to be plump.

Prospect for a good fruit crop is favorable. They tell me you have to pay 5 [cents] for a 3 cent postage stamp, so I enclose you a couple. Now Jennie you say you would like to see Grandpa. You never will in this world of trouble, sickness & perplexities but there is a sweet by-and-by where we may meet & never never part again. will you meet me there. I am bound for that happy place.

Tell Andrew and Polly for me that I hope they are Still living for that better land, where I hope to meet them. My best respects to all who may take the trouble to enquire after me, and believe me yours most

Jennie SnyderAmos Snyder

Jennie letter dated August 19, 1873

Red Creek Wayne

Dear GrandDaughter
Your very kind and acceptable letter by Charles Hoff was handed me by him, last night, You don't know had (sic) glad I was to hear from you, and to learn that a Kind Providence was still Kind to you and your good friends at Sedalia. While so many of our acquaintance, and some of our most dearest friends have died and have been laid away where owe shall see their dear faces nomore in this world of sorrow & trial, Yet we, thanks to a Kind Providence are still permitted to live. 20 years ago I had no expectation of being permitted to see my grandChildren grown up the young men and young woman. But for some reason Known only to him who knows all things I am still spared? While some of my dearest friends, those whom I expected would outlive me. some of them many long years, have gone. but they have gone I trust to that "Sweet by and by", where if we live right, we shall meet them, when we pass over the river of Death. Let us see to it dear Jennie that we may find them on that blest shore. You must not think Jennie that Grandpa forgets you because he don't write oftener. I think of you and your circumstances almost daily and would be so glad to see you, but that seems to be out of the question. my health and strength has failed me so that I can do but little, except what I can do with the pen, and don't go from home a great ways anymore. I cannot come to see you. but I can remember you and my distant friends at a Throne of Grace evening and morning and pray that our Heavenly Father will have them beneath his care, and lead them by his Spirit in the way of all Truth.

You wrote me last spring that you would like my picture. I would like to accommodate you and others in that direction but I have had for a few years so little fund that I hardly know how to spare for that purpose what it would require. Should I live to have them taken I will most certainly send you one.

Our friends here are generally in usual health. John Stretch and Ida Snyder are both here making us a visit. You must be sure & give my best respects to your Uncle and Aunts. give the big one to Aunt Kate for I have not forgotten her kindness to your mother yourself and little Nelly. and the biggest of all take to yourself.

I enclose a little change so that you can pay for stamps and paper so that you can write often. I will try to answer all your letters after this without waiting so long. Now Jennie in conclusion let me say to you be a good girl, that's the advice I give my GrandChildren, all and they seem to take it, those that are old enough to know what it means seem to heed it. Now I must bid you good by. And subscribe myself

Jennie SnyderMost Kindly

Amos Snyder

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