June 5, 1930

Part 2

Formerly Published in Wolcott, N.Y.

Transcribed and Contributed by Diana Niedermeier

The following was transcribed from the Lake Shore News, a now-defunct newspaper published in Wolcott, N.Y. that covered local news about eastern Wayne county. All first and surname spellings are as in the original. There were some large advertisements in this issue; Diana transcribed the smaller ones. Many thanks to Diana Niedermeier for contributing another long newspaper transcription!

Lake Shore News, Thursday, June 5, 1930. Published in Wolcott, N.Y.

FURNACE VILLAGE: Number Entertain Guests Memorial Day and Week-End

Adelbert Phillips is spending a week in Canaseraga with his daughter, Mrs. Claude Rathburn.

Mrs. Clyde Halleck and daughters, of Ithaca, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marsh, the past week. Mr. Halleck and sister, Marjorie, spent the week-end at Mr. Marsh's, also, returning to Ithaca, Sunday night.

Miss Ellen Flint, called on Mrs. Iva Wilkinson and Mrs. Arthur Worthy, Sunday.

Mrs. Jasper Countryman has returned to her home at the Furnace, after spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. Ted Shove.

Miss Elva Wilkinson spent the week-end with Miss Elinor Lamb, of Lummisville.

Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Countryman had as Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. John Conrad, of Auburn, and Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Countryman and son Donald.

Mrs. Fred Marsh visited relatives in Norwood and Heuvelton, N.Y., from Thursday until Saturday of last week.

Mrs. W.H. Fox and guests from West Virginia, called on Mrs. Arthur Worthy and Mrs. Floyd Snyder, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Countryman and son Donald, of East Rochester, visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Countryman, Memorial day.

Mrs. Ernest Borden, of Philadelphia, Pa., and her sister, Mrs. Henry Oswald, of Syracuse, called on the former's mother-in-law, Mrs. Van Weaver, one day last week.

Miss Emma Stell, Mrs. Allen and her daughter and husband called at VanWeaver's, Monday.


Mrs. Mate Kellogg, of Philadelphia, N.Y., is visiting her granddaughter, Mrs. Walter Bovee, for a few weeks. Mrs. Kellogg has not been well this spring.

Fred Seaman and family, since the fire, have been staying with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Brewster. B.G. DeWitt and family, exiled by the same cause, are at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. DeWitt, till after the insurance adjusters have passed on their flat.

B.L. Bush, of Jordan, was in town for a time, Tuesday morning, called here to confer with his partner, John B. Robertson, on arrangements to follow the fire that wiped out their furniture stock

Mrs. Cora Brewster entertained on Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hawkes and son David Allen, of Manchester, N.Y.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur L. Taylor entertained on Friday Mrs. Taylor's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. John DeLong, of Sterling.

Mrs. Cora Brewster had as her guests on Memorial day, Mrs. Alice Smith, of Hannibal, and on Sunday Miss Glennie Wilcox and Henry O'Brian, of Martville.

Mrs. J.A. Murphey, Of Oriskany, N.Y., was in town last week, going on Monday to visit her brother and other relatives at Martville, and intending to return to the O.E.S. home this coming Sunday. Mrs. Murphey is in pretty fair health, though she tires easily.

Mack Douglass, of Red Creek, entered the employ of B.T. Moore, as clerk, Monday morning. Since he quit driving on the bread wagon, Mack has been employed in Rochester, but he did not like the hours there and was glad to be nearer home. He will make a very desirable employee.

The "Reamer" sisters," Mrs. W.R. Shaw, of Syracuse, Mrs. Ira Foster and Mrs. J.V. Whitbeck, of Cleveland, O., and Mrs. L.B. Dobbin, of Wolcott with Messrs. Whitbeck, Shaw and Dobbin and Paul Whitbeck, were all at their cottage at Fair Haven over the week-end. They arrived on Memorial day, and the Cleveland contingent left for home, on Monday. Mr. Shaw going with them as far as Erie, Pa.

The Misses Cornelia and Sue G. Crafts, of Corning, were in town for Memorial day and Sunday.

Miss Addie Walker and Warren Ferdun, of Closter, N.J. passed the Memorial day recess with the former's sister, Miss Lena Walker.

Mrs. Theresa LaDue Tompkins, of Milwaukee, Wis., has been a recent guest of Mrs. Elizabeth J. Campbell, also calling on the few other old friends who remain in Wolcott. Her son, Gilbert Tompkins, of Chicago, brought her here, but did not himself remain for any length of time.

The Misses Cora and Nettie Skutt recently returned to their home here after passing the winter in North Rose with their brother, Orrin.

Irving Rathbun returned from Schenectady last Thursday to spend the summer with his daughter, Mrs. E.T. Phillips. His son, Willis Rathbun, and his wife, brought him here, going on to Rochester to pass the week-end with Walter Rathbun and family. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. A. Fenn, of Schenectady.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Raynor, of Batavia, spent last week with relatives in this section, returning home on Saturday.

Mrs. Karl T. Soule, of Rochester, drove down last Thursday after her mother, Mrs. G.H. Northup, and the latter's cousin and guest, Miss Frances Wheedon, of Elmira, taking them back to Rochester to celebrate Mrs. Northup's birthday, which fell on that date. She brought them home Friday night.

Morris D. VanPatten, of Chicago, was a recent brief guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.M. VanPatten, stopping here twice in the course of a hurried business trip to Rochester, Binghamton, and Ithaca.

Ned Waldorf resumed his parachute-jumping at the Cortland airport last Sunday afternoon, and it is reported, received a purse of $200. As this was the one thing he wanted to do, his parents relented and gave their consent. He expects to do a lot of jumping with Lieut. Mull, the aviator, this coming summer, having numerous engagements ahead.

Wilbur L. Taylor hopes to reopen the Ever Ready restaurant, closed since the fire, today. He places his damage, due to smoke, water and broken wire service, at around $500.

Mrs. E.H. Kellogg and Mrs. C.S. Graves entertained the Past Matrons' club last Thursday evening, with a dinner at Metcalf's Tavern, followed by a pleasant social session at the Kellogg home. Mrs. Marian Murphey, of Oriskany, was the guest of honor.

LaVerne Knapp, of Syracuse, paid a brief visit to his mother, Mrs. Carrie Knapp, and his sister Miss Louise Knapp, Sunday.

Harley C. Mosher, of Syracuse, called on friends in Red Creek and Wolcott, Tuesday.

Mrs. William T. Ivey caught the little finger of her left hand in the car door, last Thursday, crushing its tip, so that she will lost the nail. It has proved a very painful injury.

Mrs. Frank Hyde, of Huron, called on friends in North Rose, Memorial day.

Phildell Osborn arrived home from Notre Dame university, Notre Dame, Ind., late last week, to remain for the midsummer vacation.

The Misses Martha LeFevre and Marguerite Grangre, of Wolcott, will graduate as trained nurses from the Genesee hospital, Rochester, this (Thursday) evening. The exercises will be held in the Masonic Temple, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy LeFevre and Mr. and Mrs. Irving Granger, parents of the graduates, plan to attend. (NOTE: Not sure which spelling of Grangre/Granger is right.)

Dana P. Waldron, of Huron, attended a Pomona Grange meeting at Otisville, Orange county, yesterday.

William Blazier, of Huron, was taken to the Barber hospital, Lyons, Monday morning, suffering from appendicitis. He was Dr. Stuck's patient. An operation was performed, and he is reported to be doing nicely.

Miss Dora M. Wood, with her mother, Mrs. King, and two friends from East Rochester, called on friends here and in South Butler, yesterday.

B.G. DeWitt settled his fire claims, Tuesday, and expects to reopen DeWitt's grocery on Saturday of this week.

Mrs. A.D. Harder, of Savannah, has returned home from the Strong Memorial hospital, Rochester, where she was under the care of her brother, Dr. William Mack, Mrs. James Miller, of Butler, is caring for her.

Mr. and Mrs. Shant and two childrn,(sic) with Mrs. Shant's grandparents, have moved upon the P.C. Case farm in this township. Mr. Shant will retain his position with the Lackawanna railroad for a time, after which he expects to take over the management of the farm.

Mr. and Mrs. Delos Thorn, of Rochester, visited Mrs. Sarah Wadsworth, over Memorial day.


FOR SALE- Millions of early and late celery plants. Early plants now ready. J.H. Snyder, Sodus, N.Y.

FOR SALE- Goose feathers, live-picked, for pillows. Fine quality. Mrs. Minnie Wright, call at W.H. Kasson's, Wolcott.

FOR SALE- Quantity of small-size seed potatoes, desirable variety. Alfred Lander, West Butler; 'phone 141F52, Wolcott.

FOR SALE- Upland grown cabbage plants, ready from June 5 on. Tomato, pepper and lettuce plants, ready now. J.F. Boyer, Wolcott, N.Y. 'Phone 160F15.

FOR SALE- A few bushels of choice yellow eye seed beans and a quantity of second-hand lumber. 'Phone 41F23. Harry Proseus, North Rose, N.Y.

WANTED- A second-hand chain pump in good usable condition. Tubing not wanted. Drop card, or see William Hall, West Butler.

VEAL CALVES WANTED by Burke Bros., of Clyde. Call their buyer for this territory, Frank Beach, 'phone 143F42, Wolcott.

HIGHEST MARKET PRICE paid for eggs, poultry, veal, and cows. Poultry received each Wednesday. C.W. Bain, Rose, N.Y.; 'phone 1F23, North Rose.


THE FIRESIDE GIFT SHOP is having bargain week. And a number of new articles have come in. Visit the shop, at 29 Lake avenue, and find what you want or order by catalogue. Lamp shades a specialty to match any room. Attractive gifts for commencement. 'Phone 67-R. Mary Hay Johnson.

PLANT IRIS- A perennial easy to grow. Transplant at any time. Fine for border. A wonderful showing of pink Iris this week. Drive in and see them. Marshall M. Murray, Stewart's corners, Route 5.

A "HOME ARTS" SHOP or woman's exchange will beo pened(sic) June 18, over Foster's Smart Style shop. Anything made by women in their homes sold on commission. Ada Luffman.

BOYS EMPLOYMENT BUREAU-Do you want a boy to work for you temporarily or permanently? Are you a boy seeking work after school and during vacation? In either case register with the Wolcott Rotary Club's Boys' Employment Bureau, C. Henry Graves, chairman and manager.

ANY PERSON desiring to purchase or rent real estate in the village of Wolcott may obtain free information concerning the same from the Chamber of Commerce. Persons having real estate to sell or rent will please notify said Chamber. Inquire of Louis Marks, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Committee on industries.

CHICKS-DUCKLINGS--Limited number for sale in June and July at reduced prices for same high quality. White Leghorns each week, R.I. Red, Barred Rocks, Black Minorcas, White Pekin ducklings on special order. To be sure of getting them, book your order now. Also some room for custom hatching. Simonds Poultry Farm, Red Creek, N.Y. "Phone 4F31


I WISH TO THANK the Grange for the kinds remembrance that they sent me during my severe lameness. E.E. Vosburg.

TO OUR GOOD NEIGHBORS who gave the beautiful Memorial-day floral piece for the grave of our loved ones, we wish to express our sincere gratitude. Friends, we appreciate you. Mrs. Hannah VanVleck and Family.



ARPEAKO PRODUCTS: Are right in line for home consumption in late spring and summer. We have them and recommend them. We now have home grown radishes, crisp and tender, a big bunch for only 5c. All sorts of other vegetables. Try our fresh fish for Friday. They are iced as soon as caught, and the meat is firm and retains its full flavor. Cooked meats to save the harried housewife on hot days.


WOLCOTT GRANITE WORKS: CEMETERY MEMORIALS OF ALL KINDS. We carry a larger stock than ever before. Both Foreign and Domestic Granites and Marbles. LEROYEDWARDS. Corner Oswego and Cemetery Streets, WOLCOTT, N.Y. Member Wolcott Chamber of Commerce.

J.L. BECKER: Funeral Director, Ambulance Service. Red Creek, N.Y. 'Phone 20M.


Notice to Creditors to Produce Claims: PURSUANT to an order of Hon. Charles P. Williams, Surrogate of Wayne County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Emma H. Clark, late of Wolcott, in the county of Wayne, N.Y., deceased, that they are required to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to John W. Brandt, attorney for C.R. Clark, the Executor of the said deceased, at the Law Office of John W. Brandt, in Wolcott, New York, on or before the 31st day of July, A.D., 1930.
Dated Jan. 20, 1930
Charles Richard Clark, Executor of the Will of Emma H. Clark, deceased.
John W. Brandt,
Attorney for Executor, Wolcott, N.Y.

Notice to Creditors to Produce Claims: PURSUANT to an order of Hon. Charles P. Williams, Surrogate of Wayne County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Ernest D. Mathews, late of Butler, in the county of Wayne, deceased, that they are required to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to Frank H. Mathews, the administrator of the deceased, at the residence of said administrator in Wolcott, N.Y., on or before the 16th day of August, A.D., 1930.
Dated, Wolcott, N.Y., Feb. 4, 1930.
Frank H. Mathews, Administrator of Estate of Ernest D. Mathews, Deceased.
John W. Brandt, Attorney for Administrator, Wolcott, N.Y.

Notice to Creditors to Produce Claims. PURSUANT to an order of Hon. Charles P. Williams, Surrogate of Wayne County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Mary Dempsey, late of Wolcott, in the county of Wayne, deceased, that they are required to present the same with vouchers thereof, to George Silliman, the Executor of the said deceased, at the residence of said George Stilliman in Wolcott, N.Y., on or before the 20th day of September, A.D., 1930.
Dated March 7th, 1930.
George Silliman, Executor of the Will of Mary Dempsey, deceased.
Hamn & Brandt, Attorneys for Executor, Lyons, N.Y.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO PRODUCE CLAIMS: Pursuant to an order of Hon. Charles P. Williams, Surrogate of Wayne County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Addison Weed, late of the Town of Huron, Wayne County, N.Y., deceased, that are required to present the same with the vouchers thereof to Oscar S. Weed, the executor of the will of said deceased, at his residence in the Town of Huron, on or before the 12th day of September, 1930.
Dated at North Rose, N.Y., March 24th, 1930.
Oscar S. Weed, Executor of the will of Addison Weed, Deceased,
F.H. Everhart, Attorney for Executor, Wolcott, N.Y.

Notice to Creditors to Produce Claims: PURSUANT to an order of Hon. Charles P. Williams, Surrogate of Wayne County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against James Shaw, late of Wolcott, in the county of Wayne, N.Y., deceased, that they are required to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to Harry K. Graves and John W. Brandt, the Executors of the said deceased, at the office of the Executors in Wolcott, N.Y., on or before the 11th day of October, A.D., 1930.
Dated April 1, 1930.
Harry K. Graves andJohn W. Brandt, Executors, Estate of James Shaw, deceased.
John W. Brandt, Attorney for Executors, Wolcott, N.Y.

Notice to Creditors to Produce Claims: PURSUANT to an order of Hon. Charles P. Williams, Surrogate of Wayne County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against John Flatt, late of Butler in the county of Wayne, deceased, that they are required to present the same with vouchers thereof, to Frank C. Rich, the executor of the said deceased, at the residence of said executor in Butler on or before the 20th day of October, A.D., 1930.
Dated April 15th, 1930.
Frank C. Rich, Executor.
James P. Thompson, Attorney for Executor, Wolcott, N.Y.

HAPPENINGS IN ROSE: Excellent Program held at Town Hall on Memorial
Day--Baptist Church Dinner

Mrs. Lena Mack, of Ithaca, was a recent visitor in town.

Rev. and Mrs. Finch and daughter, Ruth, visited their son in Schenectady over the week-end.

Miss Lena Kingsley, of Batavia, was a guest at L.S. Town's part of last week.

Miss Elizabeth Town, of Canajoharie, spent the week-end with her father, L.S. Town.

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Seager, accompanied by Miss Lellavene Armstrong, of North Rose, motored to Hubbardsville last Friday, returning Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Edward Deignor spent Thursday in Rochester.

B.H. Jeffers and father, Henry Jeffers, were in Potsdam over the week-end.

W.A. Marsh spent Thursday in Syracuse.

Miss Anna Blake, of Rochester, spent Thursday with her sister, Miss Margaret Blake.

Miss Helen Bain is spending this week in Syracuse.

Mr. and Mrs. Hennessey, of Syracuse, and Mr. and Mrs. Perry Stubley were week-end guests of Mrs. Minnie Stubley.

The Memorial day exercises were held at the Town hall, Friday morning. Rev. Mr. Jacques, of North Rose, gave a very interesting address. The school band headed the parade of ex-soldiers and Boy Scouts.

Mrs. W.B. Exner, of Clyde, sang a solo which was exceptionally good. Dick Brewster gave the Gettysburg address.

The Missionary society of the Presbyterian church will meet the Mrs. G.D. Winchell, Wednesday afternoon, June 11.

Mrs. Edward Weeks and Mrs. Stubley were in Rochester, Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Osgood, with Wayne Mitchell and a friend, of Pittsburg, N.Y., visited their parents over Memorial day.

Mrs. A.H. Brandes and son, Charles, spent Memorial day with A.H. Brandes at Watkins Glen.

Oscar Sober, of Lyons, and Al. Norris, of York's corners, were Memorial day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Weeks.

Frank Closs, Sr. and daughter, Rachel, and Mayor W.H. Closs, of Canandaigua, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Closs, Jr., Memorial day.

Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Beare were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rolfe, Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. Esther Harper is moving into the Franklin Miner house on Sodus street.

Miss Mary Cahoon, of Ithaca, spent the week-end at home.

Miss Doris Cahoon visited at Morton, N.Y., over Memorial day.

Miss Mary Cahoon will teach at Port Jefferson, L.I., this coming school year.

Stanton E. Waldorf, who has been ill, is improving slowly.

Mr. and Mrs. Dedrick, of Auburn, and Dr. and Mrs. Richardson, of Sodus, were callers at Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Waldorf's, Sunday.

WEST SIDE NEWS: Farmers of Vicinity Start to Plant their Beans

Mrs. Frank Davis, Mrs. Lillie Fuhrman and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Raymer spent last Saturday in Newark.

Mr. and Mrs. Berry, of Syracuse, ate dinner with Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Taylor, Sunday.

Mrs. Harry Salisbury is entertaining her daughter from South Carolina.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Michele's uncle, from Niagara, was their guest over the week-end.

Eddie Crombach, Jr., of Wolcott, was the guest of Jack Patterson, Jr., Friday night and Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Mack Park took Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Taylor last week to visit her mother's grave at Victory and her niece's grave at Conquest; also to see her two brothers. John and Charles Bogart, at Spring Lake.


BIOLOGY ROAST; The weather has warmed up so that the biology class, taught by Mr. Crouse, went on a roast and field trip Tuesday afternoon, after school.


Elimination-contest winners for the Churchville events are as follows: Fifty-yard dash: 1st, Vernon Fowler 2nd, Walter Walker. Hundred-Yard dash: 1st, Howard Marsh; 2nd, Ralph Cook. Running broad-jump: 1st, Harold Miles; 2nd, Vincent Orr. Running high-jump: 1st, Harold Miles.

The half-mile relay team is composed of Leon Eygnor, Howard Marsh, Ralph Cook and Glenn Eygnor.

Our baseball representatives are Howard Marsh and Elmund Rings.

Our soft baseball representatives are Vincent Orr and Lawrence Colvin.

The horseshoe pitching contest has progressed into the finals. Those taking part in them are Lawrence Colvin, Morrison Wilmoth, Theron Smith and Edgar Harper.


Miss Cowan visited at her home in Hobart and returned, Monday morning, driving a new Ford car.

Miss Green spent Memorial day at her home in Canton.

Miss Margaret Howard spent Memorial day at her home in Smyrna.

Miss Seager reports an enjoyable time spent at Ithaca.


The agriculture IV class held its speaking contest, June 2. The judges were Miss Ruth Hollander, Miss Agnes Ford and O.M. Smith.

Willis Montana received first place upon the subject, "The Challenge of Rural Life." Edmund Rings won second on "Reforestation." Hayes VanVleck received third place on his speech on "Diversified vs. Specialized Farming."

NORTH WOLCOTT: Death of Hulbert J. Bennett Occurs on Sunday

Merney Raynor, of Rochester, was a visitor in town, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Powell visited relatives in North Rose last Sunday.

Rev. Ira Owen is in the Strong Memorial hospital in Rochester for observation.

The Brotherhood and Philathea classes will meet with Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ford on Friday evening of this week.

Carlton Bauer and Miss Agnes Butler, of Buffalo and Fair Haven, were married in Fair Haven last Saturday afternoon by the Rev. A.T. Clark. After returning from their wedding trip they will reside on his father's farm here.

Clayton Vought is the poud(sic) possessor of twin calves.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Griggs and family and Mrs. Margaret Cox were all visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Cox, Sunday.

Hulbert J. Bennett, aged 73 years, of Kakat, passed away on Sunday morning of heart disease. He had been apparently in his usual health until a few hours before his death. Besides his widow, he leaves three children, Mrs. Meric Phillips, of Fair Haven; Mrs. John D. Andrews, of Savannah and Wells Bennett of Ann Arbor, Mich. The funeral was held from the home on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 p. m., with interment in the Ford cemetery. Mr. Bennett will be greatly missed, as he was a man of high character and an amiable disposition.

Mr. and Mrs. George Larkin and family, of Alton, ate their Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Younglove.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Younglove and daughter, of Wolcott, and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Younglove and son motored to Auburn on Memorial day and called on Mr. and Mrs. Austin Livingston.

Mrs. Horace VanAllstine has been ill recently.

Robert Brundidge is confined to his bed.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ford entertained the Comrades class on Wednesday evening of this week.

Nelson Field has been ill for a few days.

NEWS OF NORTH ROSE: Charles Deady Has Hand Mangled By Saw--Eastern Star
Chapter Gives Entertainment

Mrs. E.W. Catchpole and son, Joseph, and Miss Alice L. Deady visited the Misses Olga and Doris Catchpole, at Poughkeepsie, from Thursday until Sunday. On Friday they drove to West Point.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Welch and family, of Rochester, visited Mrs. Olive Welch, Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ambrecht, of Oswego, visited Mrs. Carrie Favreau last week.

Charles Deady injured three fingers on his right hand badly with the saw in his planing mill, on Monday morning. He was taken to the Barber hospital at Lyons, where Dr. Stuck, of Wolcott, dressed the wounds.

Miss Bessie Gould, of Fulton, visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry Partrick over Memorial day.

Friends of Mrs. Alice Harder will regret to know that she has been very ill since last Thursday. Her aunt, Mrs. Fred Murdock, of Oswego, is spending some time with her and her mother, Mrs. Carrie Favreau.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson and daughter, Jean, spent Sunday at Chautauqua, with Miss Harriet Wilson.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Partrick spent Sunday with their people in Fulton.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore, of Rochester, have returned to North Rose to live. They have rented the Boughton house on Caroline street.

Marvin Winchell, Jr., has a position with an A.& P. store in Hornell.

Mrs. Minnie Carroll, who had been spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. Wolcott Jackson, in Huron, and with the Hill family, went to Syracuse on Monday.

Marvin Winchell and daughters, Virginia and Jane, and Mrs. Russell Weeks spent Monday in Rochester.

Mr. and Mrs. Seth C. Oaks are attending the Northern Baptist convention at Cleveland. O.

Mrs. Elizabeth Snell, of Rochester, is spending the week with Mrs. Marvin Winchell.

Miss Edwina Jessup is spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lawrence, while her people are attending the Northern Baptist convention at Cleveland.

Miss Madeline McCall and Richard Murphy, of Rochester, spent Sunday at Charles McCall's.

William Winchell and Mr. and Mrs. Capon, of Rochester, spent Memorial day with Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Winchell.

Miss Eva Deady and Mrs. Harry Partrick attended the banquet of the Auburn court of Catholic Daughters of America at Spring Side Inn, Auburn, Monday evening.

Arbor Vitae chapter, O.E.S., entertained about 100 guests from Savannah, Lyons and Walworth at a 6:30-o'clock dinner at the M.E. church parlors last Wednesday evening. The dinner was followed by a social evening in their lodge rooms. The program consisted of a vocal duet by Mrs. A. Peck and Mrs. Olive Wilson; a playlette by Leona Burns, Marjorie Baker, Eudora Oaks and Clara Thompkins; a solo by Mrs. Ruth Garlic, a piano duet by Mrs. Jacques and Martha Peck; two numbers by the male quartet, Wells M. Dodds, Warren L. Edwards, William Rolfe and Mullette Jacques; a little play, "Frank Glynn's Wife," given by Mrs. Virginia Fisk, Alice Hill, Lellavene Armstrong, Mrs. Grace Horn, Mrs. Brokaw, Mrs. Elizabeth Putnam and Mrs. Kate Colburn; and a lollypop dance by the Misses Ermine and Marjorie Catchpole and Harriet Favreau.

DeWitt Quereau is visiting his mother, Mrs. Minnie Quereau.

Mrs. Albina Washburn is ill.

Miss Ruth Fowler spent Memorial day with Miss Catherine Bonney, of Alton.

EAST SIDE NEWS: Tourists Lose Way Because of Fire at Wolcott

Mrs. Celia Plumroy and two daughters, Helen and May Boston, of Lockport, spent a few days at Charles Boston's recently.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Countryman, of North Wolcott, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Shove.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Wells and little son ate their Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Welch.

Mrs. Charles Rogers, of Rochester, recently called on Mrs. Charles Boston.

The annual rural schools' field day was held at Charles Boston's grove last Thursday. A spelling contest was held at 10:30. Dinner was served at 1 p.m., followed by sports of all kinds. District No. 12, Mrs. Alice Payne, teacher, won the school banner for sports.

Mrs. Hugh Compson is gaining very slowly after her operation at the Auburn City hospital.

Miss Helen Sharpe and friend, of Olean, spent Memorial day and the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Sharpe

Mr. and Mrs. "Dode" Blaisdell were Sunday callers at Albert Larkin's.

Miss Winnie Milliman, of Martville, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Reynolds and little son, of Auburn, and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Reynolds, of Syracuse, spent Memorial day with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reynolds.

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Caywood, of Solvay, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shafer.

and George Reed, of California, called on Mrs. William Chapple, Memorial day.

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