Victory, N.Y. Old Home Day 1938

Source: "Souvenir Program, Victory Federated Church, Old Home Day, July 30, 1938"

The program for the 9th Old Home Day notes that this event, sponsored by the Victory Federated Church, was held the last Saturday in July of each year. Half of the pamphlet is a sentimental, generalized patriotic speech that sheds no light upon Victory's history. The rest contains many ads for area Cayuga and Wayne County businesses. Souvenir programs such as this are useful time capsules of general economic and individual business change, serving historians and genealogists as partial business directories for small-town and rural communities.


Bud Robinson Bakery - Red Creek, N.Y.
Community Market - Chas. J. Smith, Prop., meats, vegetables, fruits, Red Creek, N.Y.
Blue Bell - Red Creek, N.Y.
Bixby's Restaurant - Red Creek, N.Y.
Red Creek Mills, Inc. - flour, feed, seed, fertilizer, spray, farm implements, Red Creek, N.Y.
Carlton Spurr - Essotane and Andes gas ranges, Westbury, N.Y.
Red Creek National Bank - Red Creek, N.Y.
E.W. Haslem Est. - Red Creek, N.Y.
The Douglass Insurance Agency - Red Creek, N.Y.
The Frank M. Douglass Company - gift shop, Red Creek, N.Y.
Cramer's Market - C.A. Crane, Prop., Red Creek, N.Y.
Foster's Smart Style Shop - ladies' wearing apparel, Wolcott, N.Y.
Mott Lumber & Coal Co., Grange Silo Co. - Red Creek, N.Y.
Nichols' Garage - auto repairing, Firestone tires, towing, Red Creek, N.Y.
Kilby House - Red Creek, N.Y.
Sheehan's Greenhouse - Red Creek, N.Y.
Stewart's Service Station - Savannah, N.Y.
F. Percy Fry - dealer in live and dressed poultry, eggs, Savannah, N.Y.
Bennett's Red & White Store - South Butler, N.Y.
Leroy Edwards - granite and marble works, Wolcott, N.Y.
Mrs. B.G. Dewitt - fashion shoppe, Wolcott, N.Y.
E.J. Streeter - 5c and 10c store, Wolcott, N.Y.
The Wolcott Restaurant - and ice cream parlor, Wolcott, N.Y.
The Rexall Store - Wolcott, N.Y.
Van Valkenburg's - jewelry and sporting goods, Wolcott, N.Y.
Enterprise 5c to $1.00 - Sarah Mathews, Mgr., Wolcott, N.Y.
Putman Beauty Shoppe - Mrs. Roy W. Putman, Red Creek, N.Y.
McMann's Barber Shop - Red Creek, N.Y.
Becker Funeral Service - Red Creek, N.Y.
Wm. Pasco - funeral director and embalmer, South Butler, N.Y.
Palace Theater - Wolcott, N.Y.
Soda Grill - lunches and dinners, ice cream, Wolcott, N.Y.


Hapeman Motor Co. - gas, oil, tires, batteries, garage and service, Cato, N.Y.
Wallace Manroe - purebred registered Guernseys, Victory, N.Y.
Dewey Reynolds - custom feed grinding, sawing, Victory, N.Y.
Burke's Garage - gas, oil, tires, towing and repairing, Conquest, N.Y.
C.E. Turner - druggist, Cato, N.Y.
H.L. Hogan - Texaco gas and oil, ice cream, Cato, N.Y.
W. Wallace Bradt - dealer in Old Company's Lehigh Anthracite, John Deere, G.L.F. Products, Cato, N.Y.
Taylor & Brinkman - groceries, meats, candy, cigars, Cato, N.Y.
Davin's Market - Cato, N.Y.
Pooler Hardware Co. - stoves, ranges, Sherwin-Williams paint, Cato, N.Y.
F.M. Blake, Jr. - wholesale agents for Sinclair Refining Co., Cato, N.Y.
The Hapeman-Goodfellow Co. - lumber, coal, builders' supplies, Cato, N.Y.
Cato & Meridian Telephone Co. - Cato, Hannibal, Fair Haven, N.Y.
The First National Bank - Cato, N.Y.
Dr. Johnson - Cato, N.Y.
Jean Butts - tree setting, landscaping, stump clearance, fruit farm, Victory, N.Y.
Saeli's Cash Store - groceries, hardware, meats, farm machinery & supplies, Spring Lake, N.Y.
Elmer Sabin - general merchandise, Conquest, N.Y.
Dr. M.T. Mount - dentist, Cato, N.Y.
Millard A. Mott - furniture and funeral service, Cato, N.Y.
Marshall Bros. - gas, oil, grease, meats and groceries, Port Byron, N.Y.
W.C. Bush - body and fender repair, Duco paint, electric welding, Port Byron, N.Y.
Smith's Service Garage - general repairing, towing, Blue Sunoco gas and oil, Port Byron, N.Y.
Walter A. Ware - news dealer, stationer, tobacconist, radio sets, fishing tackle, etc., Port Byron, N.Y.
Weedsport Theatre - Weedsport, N.Y.
Zimmer's Cut Rate Store - ice cream, pop corn, fountain service, Weedsport, N.Y.
E. Harris Hager - insurance, surety bonds, Victory, N.Y.
Willis Brothers - Adrian Slegers, Prop., coal, feed, fertilizer, groceries & trucking, Auburn, N.Y., Throop Station
Cato Milling Co. - L.L. Coppernoll, Prop., fertilizer and wool, flour, feed, grain, Cato, N.Y.
Rock Garden Cheese Factory - Victory, N.Y.
C.N. Dietel - hardware, Fair Haven, N.Y.
E.E. Simmons - jeweler and watchmaker, Fair Haven, N.Y.
Knight's Cash Grocery - dry goods, meats, clothing, hardware, Victory, N.Y.
E.A. Hornburg, Red & White Store - general merchandise, Victory, N.Y.
Four-Corner Garage - gas, oil, towing, repairing, Victory, N.Y.
Claire's Trailer Kamp - A.C. Blanchard, Texaco gas and oil, lunches, confections, North Victory, N.Y.
L.D. Blanchard - Sunoco and Tydol service, groceries, North Victory, N.Y.
Guy H. Lanphere - new and used automobiles, Weedsport, N.Y.
Elmer W. Kerns' Garage - sales, service, gas, oil, Hudson, Terraplane, Port Byron, N.Y.
Henry & Baldwin - Dairylea ice cream, cigars, candy, Port Byron, N.Y.
Frank Casey - Est. 1890, insurance, Cato, N.Y.
Arthur Scott - carpenter, Fair Haven, N.Y.
Warren D. Parsons - general merchandise, Spring Lake, N.Y.
Ryder's Barber Shop - Fair Haven, N.Y.
L.J. Mendel - footware, Fair Haven, N.Y.
Jackson's Service Station - R.H. Jackson, Prop., gas, oil, accessories, Fair Haven, N.Y.
S.T. MacArthur - International Harvester Dealer, Fair Haven, N.Y.
Bradley's I.G.A. Store - Fair Haven, N.Y.
Dot's Lunch Room - confectionery and lunches, Fair Haven, N.Y.
C.W. Mecomber - Gulf servie, groceries & meats, gas & oil, Port Byron, N.Y.
Baggs Brothers - carpenters, Fair Haven, N.Y.
Phillips & Silliman - general merchandise, Fair Haven, N.Y.
H.H. Bacon - farm produce, Gulf gas and oil, Lehigh Valley coal, Victory, N.Y.
Victory Garage - Clarence Wands, Prop., auto repairing, tires, gas, oil, Victory, N.Y.
Hadcock Bros. - Pontiac and Chevrolet, Fair Haven, Oswego, Fulton
Fair Haven Bank - Fair Haven, N.Y.
Houghtaling's Red & White Store - meats and groceries, Fair Haven, N.Y.
Fair Haven Garage - W. Roy Maynard, Prop., Fair Haven, N.Y.
Roy Rasbeck - distributor of Tydol products, Fair Haven, N.Y.
Lytle Van Patten - oal and wood, dump truck work, Fair Haven, N.Y.
Masson Brothers - creamery butter, Conquest, N.Y.
Walter F. Smith - greenhouse growers vegetables and flowers, Conquest, N.Y.
Taber Motor Co., Inc. - Dodge and Plymouth, coal, International farm machinery, Cato, N.Y.

The centerfold of the program is a poster. Events advertised were: two band concerts by the Red Creek High School Band, speeches by Sergeant Charles Curtin (the New York State Police Safety Man) and NYS Congressman Hon. John Taber, baseball tournament with Hannibal vs. Meridian and Cato vs. Victory, chicken dinner and supper, a Cake Walk in the afternoon, and a sermon the next day at the Victory Federated Church given by District. Supt. Samuel Houghton.

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