The original 1913-1914 catalog of the Leavenworth Institute has been reorganized for on-line presentation. Part 1 contains names of faculty, students, and that year's alumni association members. Part 2 contains general information about the school, student life, costs, the teacher training program, and photographs. Information in Part 2 explains how someone could be a teacher without attending college, as well as why youths over age 14 are often listed in the census as being "farm laborers" or "at home."

This catalog belonged to Mabel L. Lamb, who identified several of the people in the photographs.

1913 Wolcott Students

Student identified is Willis Christian.






Printed under Resolution of the Board of Education
Wolcott, N.Y.


George W. Roe, Pres.
Ralph H. Watkins, Vice-Pres.
Joel Fanning, Sec'y
Willis M. Stone
Edward H. Kellogg



Raymond B. Gurley, Pd.B., Ph.B. (University of Chicago), Principal, Mathematics and Physics Agnes Ford, Preceptress, English Catherine E. Reed, A.B. (Syracuse University), Latin and Elementary Sciences Florence G. Merrell, A.B. (Cornell University), German and History Carrie H. Bliss, Drawing and Chemistry Blanche O. Stone (Oswego Normal), Training Class Nell Bernice Albertson, Music and Elocution


C. Florentine Hendrick
Preliminary Subjects, Algebra, Commercial Arithmetic


Mabel V. Phillips (Palmyra Training Class) Nellie Fosmire (Geneseo Normal)


Mary L. Fanning (Oswego Normal)
Leta F. Mangus (Oswego Normal)


Calla E. Green (Wolcott Training Class)
Irene E. Nester (Oswego Normal)

William Greff, Truant Officer
Clark A. Lefever, Janitor


Ellen Baker
Catherine Bangert
Gladys Blaisdell
Leon Blaisdell
Robert Blauvaelt
Fay Brewster
Grant Brewster
Arthur Bridges
Holley Caster
Waive Christian
Guy Cole
Raymond Cole
Ruth Conway
Lester Countryman
Franklin Countryman
Gilbert Crossman
Ernest Curtis
Edna Fosmire
Ruth Fosmire
Harold Fox
Marie Granger
Russel Granger
Mariette Greff
George Greig
Pauline Griswold
John Calvin Hibbs
Marjory Houston
Elva Jeffers
Neal Jeffers
Ross Kimball
John Knapp
LaVerne Knapp
Eldred Knowlton
Dorothy Lash
Howard Leaty
Charles Leaty
Mildred Mason
Theodore McWharf
Ralph Miles
Albert Pitts
Douglass Pitts
Fay Pitts
Leverne Pitts
Juanita Post
Esther Quance
Harold Raasch
Raymond Reed
Mildred Rice
Warren Rice
Miriam Rich
Adelbert Roberts
Laura Stevens
Miriam Strait
Alton Taylor
Harry Taylor
William Taylor
Bernice Tyler
Morris VanPatten
Howard VanAuken
Alice Wiggins
Myrtle Wolven


Anna Armstrong
Carson Baker
Beatrice Blaisdell
Leslie Chase
Douglass Church
Elon Clark
Leagrande Cleveland
Edward Douglass
Josephine Gurley
Gordon Hibbs
Vera Jones
Arvon Kimball
Vincent Mack
William Mott
La Verne Olmsted
Maurice Reeder
Mary Sciarrino
Gladys Smith
Carl Swadling
Mary Stuart
Dorothy Taylor
Harold Taylor
Doris VanAuken
Raymond Wakeman
Alberta Waldorf
Ralph Waldorf
Edward Wells
Florence Wolven
George Wright


Ray Brewster
Floyd Couch
George Dauria
Whitney Dobbin
Marion Eygnor
Florence Green
George Johnson
Louise Knapp
Roland LeFebre
George Miles
George Polakis
Charles Post
Wilson Post
Frank Rich
Clare Sabin
Raymond Shafer
Maurice Shaver
Edward Shortsleeve
Robert Talcott
Albert Wamsley
Doris Weeks
Edward Wells
Mildred Wise
Carolyn Wolvin


Charlotte Baker
Floyd Briggs
Lloyd Briggs
Grace Brinkerhoff
Kenneth Chaplin
Gladys Chase
Leona Christain
Marion Cleveland
Ruth Curtis
Clyde Fosmire
Sarah Fox
Gladys Hart
Frank Jaques
Tom Johnson
Kenneth Kelly
Ellis Knowlton
William Malaney
Arthur Mott
Irene Paylor
Wilson Post
George Raasch
Mildred Raynor
Alice Reeder
Maggie Sciarrino
Fletcher Sharp
Lloyd Tyler
Harold Wright


Carlton Abbott
Ruth Andrews
Stephen Briggs
Anna Campbell
William Clapper
Ella Conway
Nellie Countryman
Laura Dobbin
Floyd Easton
Rossilyn Egnor
Esther Graves
Lester Johnson
Stanley Mott
Charles McDorman
Alta Pitts
Paul Post
John Reeder
Sarah Root
Margaret Stubley
Laura Talcott
Floyd Trickler
Watson Tyrrell
Dorothy VanGuilder
Emma VanGuilder
Earl VanPatten
Mae Belle Ward
Worden Wright


Louise Bangert
Dewight Bowden
Gertrude Chaplin
Samuel Cosad
Levina Couch
Cecile Countryman
Gertrude Curtis
Dewey Dean
Lloyd Dean
Olive Dusenbery
Roy Foster
Hortense Fox
Florence Harder
John Kellogg
Willie Kitchen
Ellis Knowlton
Lewis Lash
Mary McWharf
Dorothy Madan
Reva Morris
Louise Olmstead
Dewley Palmer
Genevieve Pitts
Stuart Post
George Reeder
Mae Reynolds
Ethel Shafer
Ethel Sharp
Mabel Taylor
Cornelia Thomas
Kenneth Tyler
Lee VanAuken
Ralph Wolven


Milton Buckminster
Ethel Curtis
Inez Dowd
John Duffy
Laura Foster
Anna Fox
Elliott Green
Frances Greene
Edward Gaylord
Raymond Hallet
Emily Knapp
Agnes Lash
Cecil Luffman
Harold McDorman
Jennie McIntyre
Frances Miles
Ina Miles
Edward Powers
Adelaide Rich
Ruth Shipley
Edison Swadling
Leighton Tyrrell
Draper Wells
Helen Wells
Ernest Wolven


Gwendolyn Bullock
Ruth Bullock
Ross C. Caster
E.G. Christian
Donald DeWitt
Clara Douglas
Mabel Flatt
Edna Galloway
Nathalie M. Jurden
Florence L. King
Mildred Lape
Charles R. McQueen
Arl C. Moore
Maurice Mott
Ella Orman
Willard Raynor
Esther J. Reed
Edna Reynolds
Leon Shaver
LeRoy VanNorstrand
Viletta Ward
Dorothy Weager
William Wells
John Williams
Lena Whalen



Robert Albertson, Wolcott
Nellie Bacon, Wolcott
Doris Brewster, Wolcott
Ray A. Brewster, Wolcott
Frances Crane, Butler
Alice Dean, Wolcott
Olin Dusenbury, Wolcott
Pearl Gage, Victory
Leman Gaylord, Wolcott
Florence Henderson, Rose
Doris Kellogg, Wolcott
Mildred Lamb, Wolcott
Florence LeRoy, Huron
Wallace Manroe, Victory
Effie McQueen, Wolcott
Bessie McWharf, Wolcott
Hester Merrell, Wolcott
George Meitzler, Jr., Wolcott
Jennie Palmer, Martville
Mack Park, Wolcott
George Parsons, Victory
Clarence Reynolds, Wolcott
Helen Roe, Wolcott
William Roe, Jr., Wolcott
Lynn Root, Wolcott
Lawrence Salisbury, Wolcott
Genevieve Shear, Rose
Alvie Silliman, Wolcott
Bernice Strong, North Rose
Ralph Tillapaugh, Wolcott
C. Lacy VanNorman, Wolcott
Maurice Wadsworth, Huron
Glen Waldorf, Wolcott
Frederick Wells, Wolcott
Myron Williams, Wolcott
Leon Woodruff, Wolcott
Earl Woods, South Butler


Florence Bacon, Wolcott
Ruth Bacon, Wolcott
Hazel Boyle, Rose
Edwin Bullock, Wolcott
Linda Cahoon, Wolcott
Ethel Colvin, Wolcott
Iva Correll, Huron
Laura Cosad, Wolcott
Raymond Crane, Butler
Blanche Davis, Huron
Gladys Douglass, Wolcott
C. Grant Douglass, Wolcott
Glen Gillett, Huron
Carolyn Graves, Wolcott
Hugh Green, Wolcott
Rudolph Johnson, Wolcott
Mildred Kellogg, Wolcott
Leola Kelly, Wolcott
Stanley Kerr, Wolcott
Euleta McQueen, Wolcott
Ruth Michel, Wolcott
Ray Michel (deceased), Wolcott
Harold Miller, Wolcott
Ralph Miner, Rose
Lloyd Morris, Wolcott
Faye Raasch, Wolcott
Carlisle Rathbun, Wolcott
Dorothy Reed, Wolcott
Arthur Seelye, Rose
Orlando Shafer, Wolcott
Howard Shipley, Wolcott
Vera Smith, Victory
Elta VanNorman, Wolcott
Royce Wadsworth, Wolcott
Ruth Waldorf, Wolcott
Clark Wilson, Rose
Rollin Weager, Wolcott
Mildred Watson, Wolcott
Laura Woods, South Butler


Olga Catchpole, North Rose
Ethel Cox, Wolcott
Morris Craw, South Butler
Graydon Curtis, Wolcott
Edith Curtis, Wolcott
Lucile Curtis, Wolcott
Genevieve Drury, Huron
Agnes Hall, South Butler
Mabel Greene, Wolcott
Ruth Hamer, Wolcott
Holley Hendrick, Wolcott
Belle Lefevre, Huron
Harvey Loveless, Butler
Merle Manroe, Victory
Gladys McMillan, Wolcott
Nettie Palmer, Wolcott
Madge Pasco, South Butler
Rex Post, Wolcott
Carlton Tague, Wolcott
Wynona Tyrrell, Wolcott
Ralph Watkins, Wolcott


Elmer Buckminster, Wolcott
Willis Christian, Huron
Burdette Colvin, Wolcott
Ethel Crane, Butler
Ruby Doolittle, Wolcott
Gladys Dow, Wolcott
Traver Garlic, North Rose
Gertrude Garner, Huron
Dema Gaylord, Wolcott
Laura Gaylord, Wolcott
Mary Louise Gaylord, Wolcott
Susie Graham, North Rose
Laura Harris, North Rose
Delos Hickock, Rose
Ula Kellogg, Wolcott
Dorothy Merrell, Wolcott
Henrietta Miller, Wolcott
Wanda Moore, Wolcott
Leslie McClurg, Huron
Ruth McOmber, North Rose
Minnie Pitts, Wolcott
Alta Seager, North Rose
Leon Seward, Wolcott
Dora Sours, Wolcott
Lawrence Stone, Wolcott
Lois Talcott, Wolcott
Hulda Versprill, Wolcott
Gladys Walker, South Butler Laura Wells, Wolcott


William Andrews, Westbury
Stephen Bullock, Wolcott
Zaida Tillapaugh, Wolcott


Maude Aikens, South Butler
Mildred T. Benton, Williamson
Mary Cooper, North Wolcott
Laura L. Coppernoll, Red Creek
Edith R. Curtis, Wolcott
Julia A. Duffy, Wolcott
Clementine Green, Martville
Bernice K. Haus, Martville
Henrietta Miller, Wolcott
Ruby Pitts, Wolcott
Adah Saunders, Red Creek
Hulda Versprill, Wolcott


The Alumni Association holds its annual banquets on the Friday night of Commencement Week. The offiders for the year 1913 are:

President...............Claud E. Mitchell '06 Vice-President..........Ruth L. Northup '08 Secretary...............Eva Lucile Robertson '03 Treasurer...............Mildred L. Metcalf '10


Nellie L. Cook (Coon)
Jacob A. Reed
William V. Wells

Garry G. Henderson
William I. Tompkins, Rochester University
Charles H. Towlerton, M.D., New York Medical College

Cornelia E. Crafts, State Normal College
Caroline DeLaMater, Oberlin College
Geroge H. McKnight, A.B. Cornell, Ph.D. Friedburg University, Germany
Merritt E. Newberry, State Normal College
Elizabeth C. Robinson (Gilkey), Oswego Normal
Nellie A. Welcon (Moses) (deceased)

Ephriam Brainard
Susie A. Dowd (VanPatten)
Warrren C. Henderson
Hugh L. Jones
Mary M. Paddock (Brown), Syracuse University

Nellie E. Johnson (Towlerton)
Gipson B. Mack
Cora P. Reed
Harriet E. Viele (Hough) (deceased)
Sarah G. Viele (Wood)
Charles W. Viele

Nettie M. Colburn (Strait)
Llewellyn Jones
Hiram L. McQueen
Mabell Cooper (Jacobs), State Normal
Harry Waldorf, D.D.S., Buffalo Dental College
Lena S. Walker, State Normal

Edna G. Blade (Rice)
Mary E. Dean (Carroll)
Benj. T. Moore
Fred W. Roe, A.G., Ph.D., Columbia University
Wm. L. Rumsey, Cazenovia, A.B. Harvard, Harvard Law
Margareta Smith (Kraus), State Normal
Walter R. Strait (deceased)
Nellie R. Thacker, State Normal
Gisela Waldorf (Richards)
L. Belle Whitbeck (Heald), State Normal
Lucia Roe (Jones)

Sue G. Crafts, Geneseo Normal
Frank W. Davis
Mary A. Reed, Oberlin
Carrie L. Welcher (LeRoux)
Claud C. Lytle, M.D., Syracuse Medical

Sarah A. Baker (McGowan), Oswego Normal
Bessie A. Buckingham, Geneseo Normal
Charles H. Hurd
Gay A. Jones, M.D., New York Medical
Elizabeth A. Kelly (Wood), Oswego Normal
Orrena W. Post (Merrell)
Herbert S. Roe (deceased), Cornell
Willis W. Roe, Cornell
Addie D. Walker, Geneseo Normal

S. Maude Cooper (Quick), Fairfield Seminary
Eleanor E. Rumsey (Armstrong), Lasell Seminary
Jennie L. Simpson, Oswego Normal
K. Estelle Bradshaw (Cunningham), State Normal
Horace M. Lawrence, Fairfield Seminary
Fred G. DeWitt
Raymond G. Graves

Clarence J. Armstrong (deceased)
C. Nettie Colvin (Hiserodt)
Harlow F.G. Loveless, A.B., Williams
Docia A. Phillips (Weeks)
L. May Sherwood, Fairfield Seminary
James P. Thompson, Albany Law
Grace Timerson (Sheldon)

Charles Boynton
Lelah L. Cornwell
Jennie A. Dobbin (Baldwin)
Wynona C. Fee
Nellie Fosmire, Geneseo Normal
Frank E. Fox, M.D., Baltimore Medical
Otis M. Lawrence
Albert F. Lawarence
BEssie T. Paddock (Reynolds), B.L., Syracuse University
Charles Reynolds
Carl E. Sours

Jennie A. Reed (Loveless)
Salome Easton (Bell)

Wilbur Roe
Everel Haviland (Albany Medical)
Roscoe Hersey, Syracuse University
Fred Upson
Lelah Palmer (Sampson)
Anna Crisler, Oswego Normal
Anna Fish (Hawley) (deceased)
Mary E. Rathbun
Ina L. Vought (Fowler)
Lulu Porter (Nelson)
S. Evelina Henderson (Evans)
Phebe Benjamin (Hayes), Oswego Normal

Clarence E. Rogers
J. Roe Stevenson, Williams
Roy L. Deville
Dwight F. Johnson, M.D., Cornell Medical
Frank Palmer (deceased)
John M. Gray
Mabel A. Lytle (Johnson), Oswego Normal
Ethlyn P. Partridge (Masson), Northwestern
Florence Armstrong (Whitford)

Charles Larence
Ralph E. Gurnee, Pratt Institute
L. Alice Boynton (Mulchy)
Bertha Raynor (LeFevre)
Grace Fox, Syracuse University
Fannie P. Palmer (Livingston)
Nellie E. VanVleck
Bertha Crisler (Allen)
Georgia Otis, Syracuse University
Ethell Piersall (Baldridge)

Edward A. Salter
Ernest J. Kelley
Belle G. Palmer (Cornwall), Oswego Normal
Edward J. Coleman, Colgate
Martha Hutchings, Syracuse University
Laura A. Borden
Mabel E. Sours (Coleman)
Pearl E. Olmsted (Peterson)
Grayson Z. Knapp
Olyve L. Hedges
Margaret Mae Lyman (Rose)
Robert O. Brundige, Colgate

E. Blanche Bird
Daisy Paddock, Auburn Training School
Clara A. VanVleck (Harper)
Chester Ellinwood, Columbia
John L. Briggs
Bessie Fish, Cortland Normal
Sydney J. Jones (deceased)
Blanche Stone, Oswego Normal
Golda A. Tillapaugh (Curtis), Emerson School of Oratory
Ernest Fox, Cornell Law
Leo A. Brewster, Cornell

Eva Lucile Robertson, Wellesley
Florence Conklin
Carrie Jones (Bailey)
Anna Otis, Syracuse University
Flossie Caster (Brockway), Syracuse University
Myrtie Rosenberg (Shipley)
Maude A. Wamsley (Robbins)
Leon M. Brockway, Cornell

A. Myrtle Bailey, Oswego Normal
Pleadus L. Coleman (Coleman), Oswego Normal
Mary L. Fanning, Oswego Normal
Edward J. Lowe
Lucy A. Park (Gould), Oswego Normal
Edith M. Post (Stone)
Romaine C. Price, Webb School Naval Architecture
George W. VanVleck, Colgate
Martha W. VanVleck (Walker)

S. LouElla Bird (Ballard)
Leon U. Bidwell, University of Buffalo
Earl W. Brown
George C. Catchpole
Cecile M. Horton (Austin)
Earl Horton
Jennie L. Loveless (Lobell)
Bessie L. Merell (Kelley)
Mary A. Newberry (Brown)
Willis A. Rathbun, Bliss Electrical School
Grace E. Seelye
John L. Taylor

Marion W. Beach, University of Michigan
Florence M. Boyd (Quereau)
G. Porter Brockway, Cornell University
Alfred L. Chaddock
Glenn J. Doolittle, Chicago Medical College
Lena M. Easton (Knapp)
Florence E. Jenkins (Taylor)
Alice E. Kelly (deceased)
Myrta E. Luffman (DeKing)
Florence G. Merrell, Cornell University
Claud E. Mitchell, Cornell University
George H. Newberry, Cornell Unversity
Edgar H. Thomas
Edith B. Ward (Fitch)
Lillian M. Wells (Beach), Syracuse University

Ruth T. Boylan, Whitman College
Ralph D. Kellogg
Edwin B. Pitts

Theda A. Dowd
Catherine E. Ekert (Perry)
Calla E. Green
Deda F. Green
Charles W. Lytle, University of Cincinnati
Ida M. Madan
F. Blanche Metcalf
Viola C. Newberry, Syracuse University
Ruth L. Northup
Ferne L. Proseus (Dillingham)
L. Marguerite Wadsworth
Benjamin B. Wood
Harry W. Woodruff

Mary Briggs (Prindle)
Ray S. Cooper
Marguerita Olmsted, Oswego Normal
Laura L. Paddock
Bessie Park, Oswego Normal
Lewis E. Roland, Colgate University
H. Marie Schattner (Troutman)
William F. Tanner
Mary L. Tillapaugh, Oswego Normal
Floyd B. Watson

E. Clayton Baldwin
Hazel V. Boothe
Eva C. Deady, Oswego Normal
Gertrude P. Henderson
Iva M. Huntley
Helen V. Johnson, Rochester Business Institute
Leila H. Jurden
Edward N. Kellogg
Aldae C. Luffman (Seelye)
J. Alvin Maclay
Mildred L. Metcalf
Seth C. Oaks, Rochester Business Institute
Ralph C. Paddock
Archie J. Strait
Fred W. Woods

Melvin J. Gillard
Clarence A. Goodrich
Margret Kellogg
Lloyd Marshall, Rochester Business Institute
Hariett Miller
Carl Olmsted
Arthur G. Palmer
Florence G. Roe
Frank E. Seelye
L. Draper Seymour
Roe T. Soule
Harold J. Welch, Rochester Business Insitute
Mary Wells

William Andrews
Stephen E. Bullock
Edwin W. Catchpole Jr.
Lillian E. Cosad
Jesse Luffman
Maurice W. Mott
Raymond D. Richardson
Zaida Tillapaugh
Earl L. Vandermeulen
Mildred T. Wadsworth
Jennie L. Weager
Gladys M. Weeks


Nellie E. VanVleck
Ethel Piersall (Baldridge)
Frank Palmer (deceased)
Mabel Sours (Coleman)
Pearl E. Olmsted (Peterson)
Grayson E. Knapp
Olive L. Hedges (____)
Mae Whitbeck (Pretes)
Mary Hoyt
Ruth Washburn (Lawrence)
Matie Kitchen (Silliman)
Grace Coleman
Bertha Merrell (Blauvelt)
Blanch Coulling

E. Blanch Bird
Flossie Castor (Brockway)
Anna Coolican
Mary G. Dolling
Sara Falkey
Orielle B. Caywood
Mary F. Meade
Eva R. Nash
Agnes J. Seager (Raymer)
Clara VanVleck (Harper)
Lucile Vossler
Polly Gibbs
Alice Boynton (Mulchy)
Myrtle Bailey

Florence E. Conklin
Winnie Cox
Sarah Duffy, Oswego Normal
Bessie Fish
Katherine McGrady (Lundergon)
Florence C. Miller (Chapman)
Edith M. Post (Stone)
Myrta M. Rosenberg (Shipley)
Jessie M. Southard

Laura A. Bordon
PLeadus L. Coleman (Coleman)
Jennie L. Cuddeback
Sadie B. DeBrine
Inez A. Fisher (Cottrell)
Carrie M. Jones (Bailey)
Mary A. Maroney
Mary L. Fanning
Anna Otis
Lucy A. Park (Gould)
Carrie N. Russell (Sissons)
MNna Sherman (Chaddock)

Florence M. DeGilleke
Harriet I. Hapce
Winifred B. Heath (Harper)
Jennie M. Loveless (Lobell)
Myrta E. Luffman (DeKing)
Bessie M. Merrell (Kelley)
Mary A. Newberry (Brown)
Leslie M. Palmer (VanAuken)
Grace E. Seelye
Elizabeth M. Westfall

1907 Belva M. Adle (Terpening) Florence M. Boyd (Quereau) Frances M. Bradshaw (Winney) Clara B. Dobbin (Campbell) Lena M. Easton (Knapp) Ethel Overton (Frances) L. Mae Lewis Edith B. Ward (Fitch) Jessie M. Phillips (Patrick)

Harriet A. Buchanan
Ida M. Grego
Bertha B. Easton (Vrooman)
Ella C. Harmon (Holland)
Glennie Heald
Bessie M. Herter (deceased)
Alice R. Kelley (Paine)
May D. Pellett
Ferne L. Proseus (Dillingham)
Nannie M. Wilson

Grace M. Boss
Flora Buckminster
Cassie M. Ekert (Perry)
Bessie A. Emery
Deda Green
Maude E. Lockwood
FLorence M. Manning
Juanita Olmsted
Emma J. Palmer (Cooper)
Evelyn Shipley

Clara M. Barless (Farnum)
Mary Briggs (Prindle)
Lena S. Collier
Rowena Curtis (Winney)
Eva C. Deady
Edna M. Douglass (Loveless)
Lillian M. Fanning (Akins)
Clara L. Fitch (Cook)
Pauline Fuller
Calla E. Green
Gladys L. Hill
Blanche Metcalf
Marguerita B. Olmsted
Bessie Park
Nina G. Palmer (Showers)
Miriam A. Raasch (Wright)
Marie H Schattner (Troutman)
Alice M. Sergeant
Florence E. Seymour
Ethelyn W. Simons
Edith Stubley
Mary Tillapaugh
Hazel A. Turner (Seager)

Iva M. Huntley
Harriett Miller
Lela V. Mixer
Bessie Olmsted
Hilda Sherman
Harriett Taylor (Reed)
Iva B. Thompson (Palmer)
Lila Warren

Charlotte Burns
Ruby Doolittle
Mae Howell
Ethel Johnson
Ruth Lansing (Stoddard)
Minnie Pitts
Bertha O. Smith
Jennie Thompson
Edna Timerson
Mary VanDusen

NOTE: All names are exactly as spelled in the original historical resource. To maintain historical authenticity, names won't be changed or "corrected."

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