Part 7
Wayne County, N.Y.

Contributed by Allyn Hess Perry, from papers at the Office of the County Historian.

The Commercial Press was a monthly newspaper from Pultneyville, Town of Williamson. The Office of the County Historian has a small bundle of issues. A small part of the paper was devoted to Personal Items, listing various names of people from the area.

There is some fascinating reading about the Lake Ontario shipping trade in the 1860s, and neat ads for businessess from all over the place in these papers. There was quite a schedule of ships from Pultneyville to Charlotte to Toronto, naming ships and captains (the new ferry runs between Charlotte/Rochester and Toronto.) Not to be ignored in this paper are the railroad schedules, with stops in Palmyra, Oswego, Syracuse. And the Pultneyville & Palmyra Stage. "Leave daily at 6:45am - Arriving at 7:30pm connection at Palmyra with the N.Y.C.R. Road, Going West at 9:46a.m. and 4:20p.m. Going East at 11:20a.m. and 4:20p.m." The obits aren't detailed but give such an essence of the way life was. Spellings and misspellings are exactly as in the original paper.

Allyn Hess Perry
Co-coordinator, Wayne County NYGenWeb
July 2004

September 1863
October 1963
November 1963
December 1963
January 1864
February 1864


September 1863

CAMP MEETING - The Nazarites have been holding a Camp Meeting near Atkinson Sayles' on the Salmon Creek road. It closed Sunday, Aug. 23rd. The weather was fine, and they had quite a large gathering.

A NEW CHURCH - The Hollanders of this place and vicinity have erected a new church, in this village near Craggs' Flouring Mill.

THE CONVENTION - At a Convention of the citizens of Wayne, Cayuga and Seneca Counties held at the city of Auburn in Cayuga Co., on Friday, July 24th, we as well as others from this section, were chosen to represent this town at Auburn, on Monday, Aug. 31st, for the purpose of taking into consideration the best means of closing up our difficulties between the North and South, by either enlisting ourselves, finding a substitute, or paying $300 for "any other man" that will go and stand by his country, and maintain the honor of our "National Emblem." What action will be taken by the delegates then and there assembled, is a matter of doubt with us. It is believed that most of the delegates on presenting their credentials, will be thrown out, as not being able to service, as none but sound men will be admitted. How it will be as far as ourself is concerned, time only can determine. This section of the country has always been noted as being very bilious. But we shall wait patiently until the convention is over, hoping to be able to give a good report of it in our next number, if we are able to be in our office at the time of the regular issue of the paper.


-David Baringer was in town August 23rd.

-A.A. Pallister returned home from Buffalo July 29th.

-Platt Nims of Lawton, Mich., arrived in town Aug. 22nd.

-Mrs. Dr. David Powers of Coldwater, Mich. Is stopping in town.

-H. Brockhouse has charge of the engine in J. Reynolds' Tannery.

-Z. Burnell and wife returned home from Chicago Tuesday, Aug. 11th.

-Mrs. Capt. A.A. Holling arrived in town from Buffalo August 6th.

-Arnold Albright was drafted for the U.S. service, at Auburn July 24th.

-Mrs. A. Grippen has taken up her residence for the present at Auburn, N.Y.

-Jno. Pallister and daughter returned home from Michigan Thursday, Aug. 6th.

-Mrs. Dr. A.F. Sheldon has been spending a few days in town at H. Auchampach.

-Austin Cross and wife of Rochester arrived at Hon. S.C. Cuyler's Saturday, Aug. 22nd.

-Miss Emma Allen left for Marion Wednesday, August 26th, where she is attending school.

-John H. France of the 160th N.Y. reg. Returned home Aug. 15th. He was wounded in the knee.

-E.J. Ingham of New York was in Rochester Thursday, August 18th, on his way home from Iowa.

-Mrs. Wm. F. Moore and daughter of Palmyra have been in town on a visit to Capt. H.N. Throop.

-Chauncy Burr, William T. Miller and Cornelius Brewer have gone to the oil regions at Titusville, Pa.

-Miss Georgia Allen left for Brockport Monday, August 31st, at which place she is attending school.

-William Springer of Whitewater, Wis., is in town, and will return home about the 1st of October.

-C.C. Lewis is located again at Whitewater, Wis. In the vinegar trade under the firm of Kiser & Lewis.

-Myron Vanwinkle of the 111th N.Y. reg. Died July 28th of wounds received at the battle of Gettysburgh.

-Capt. J.J. Morley of the Steamer Bay State was thrown out at Auburn, as exempt from the draft Aug. 21st.

-Doct. A.G. Austin and wife and A.J. Bixby and wife have been down the St. Lawrence on a fishing excursion.

-Mary Atkinson (daughter of Robt. Atkinson,) has been visiting at J. Reynolds. She left for home Monday, Aug. 15th.

-Geo. Maines (son of Charles Maines of Williamson,) was drafted from Baldwinsville, N.Y. Thursday, Aug. 20th.

-Sergt. Geo. Benton of the 98th N.Y. regt. Has been in town on a short furlough. He returned to Elmira Aug. 17th.

-D.C. Higgins has been spending a few days in town. He has taken up his residence at Newark, N.Y., with his daughter.

-John Vanwinkle has been very sick from Dysentery, caused by exposure and change of climate in going after his son that died at Gettysburgh, Pa.

-Henry Ward Jr. "the Old Subscriber," is still Ticket Agt. Of the N.Y. C.R.R. at Seneca Falls, who we had the pleasure of seeing for the space of about two minutes a few days since.

-Hon. S.C. Cuyler and wife, Andrew Holling and wife, Alfred Allen and daughter, W.H. Rogers, Miss Margret Cuyler, and Mrs. Mary Farwell returned home from Montreal Thursday, August 13th.


October 1863

NIGHT WATCH - The inhabitants of this village should make arrangements the coming fall to make our dwellings more secure against burglaries, and fire. We have as yet been very fortunate, and the way to continue so, is for the citizens to come together and make an effort to establish a Night Watch. The expense will be but small if each one will bear their proportion of the burthen.

Let a fire once break out at the west end of the place, with a strong northwest wind, and it would be apt to clean out both sides of the street. Agitate the subject and it will be done; and the expense thereby attending it will never be felt by any one a hundred years to come.

-R. Reynolds' clothing store was broke open on the night of Saturday, Sept. 5th, and about $300 worth of ready made clothing, cloths, boots and shoes were taken. The goods have since been found, but no clue to the burglars has as yet been made. This is the third time that his store has been entered.


-Zenus Burnell has gone to the oil wells near Titusville, Pa.

-Wm. W. Pratt is stopping for the present at New Bedford, Mass.

-Hon. Martin Butterfield and wife of Palmyra were in town Sept. 10th.

-John Gates started for Chicago Tuesday, Sept. 9th to be absent several weeks.

-Cornelius Brewer has returned home from Titusville, Pa., not expecting to go back.

-Dr. D.C. Higgins is in Buffalo. He goes from there to New York to spend a few days.

-John J. Allen and wife of Adrian, Mich., arrived in town Friday evening, Sept. 11th.

-Joel W. Norton has put up a cider mill on his farm and will be ready for the fall campaign.

-Wm. Gowthrop and wife left for Red Wing, Minn. Tuesday, Sept. 9th to spend the winter.

-Mrs. J.H. Gloyd left for Oswego Tuesday, Sept. 8th, to spend a few days at Capt. R. Smith's.

-Soloman Pratt, (son of Johnathan Pratt) arrived in town from Michigan about the 9th of Sep.

-J. Henry Gloyd returned home from Titusville, sick with a fever, on Thursday, September 10th.

-David S. Mack has applied for a commission in a Negro regiment, and stands a fair chance of getting it.

-B.J. Woodhull left town Friday, Aug. 28th for Montreal, and returned home Wednesday, Sept. 2nd.

-Miss Eunice J. Allen, daughter of John W. Allen of Marshall, Mich., arrived in town Friday, Aug. 28th.

-Chas. Betchen of Red Wing, Minn. Was in town a short time since on his way home from New York.

-Capt. Ethel M. Allen of Co. I 98th regiment has been very sick with a fever, but is slowly recovering.

-Miss Margret L. Cuyler has been visiting at Sodus a few days, and returned home Thursday, Sept. 10th.

-Miss Hattie L. Todd has been on a visit to Baldwinsville, N.Y., and returned home Friday, Aug. 28th.

-J.M. Stoddard Esq. Of Moravia, N.Y. was at Auburn a few days since. He says the crops in his vicinity look well.

-J.W. Powers returned home from New York Tuesday, Sept. 1st, having been down with another drove of sheep.

-Dr. Benj. Throop of Palmyra, N.Y., died of Consumption Thursday, Sept. 10th, and was burried Sunday, Sept. 13th.

-John Reynolds and wife, and Mrs. Mary Farwell started for New York Monday, Sept. 7th, and will return home via Elmira.

-Miss Agie Robinson of Oswego, has been spending two or three weeks in this village, stop while here at John Pallister's.

-John Rhodes of Buffalo, (formerly of this place) burried his youngest daughter Stella, at this place on Thursday, Aug. 27th.

-Miss Julia E. Powers (daughter of J.W. Powers) is the teacher of music in the Sodus Academy, and stands high in her profession.

-Miss Mary Holling and Miss Frank Throop have been a trip around the lake on the Steamer Bay State, and returned home Wednesday, Sept. 2nd.

-Chas. H. Hill has been absent on a visit to the oil regions, and returned home Saturday, September 5th, not favorably impressed with the country and style of living there.

-Dr. A.G. Austin of Williamson was the delegate to the Republican Union Convention, from this town, to the State Convention held at Syracuse Wednesday, Sept. 2nd.

-Chas. Foster and wife, Mrs. Lawrence and Judge Duell's son of Courtlandville, N.Y., and Chas. Shepard of Buffalo have been stopping at Hon. S.C. Cuyler's for a few days.

-A. Holling, A. Milliman and Job Ridgeway have made arrangements in Troy for a flax mill to be put up in A. Holling's planing mill. Albert Milliman left for Troy Thursday, Sept. 10th.

-H. Auchampach has been making some improvements in the appearance of Washington St. at the lower end of the village, by raising the road. He makes a good Pathmaster as far as the village is concerned.

-Mrs. D.G. Grandin and Mrs. Myron Vanwinkle have leased the house owned by Mrs. Farwell, in this village, and have opened a boarding house. It is hoped they may get a share of the business, and be well patronized.

-William Waters is now in his 84th year, and enjoys very good health, but keeps the house most of the time, occupying his leisure moments in reading the papers, and keeping himself posted in the current events of the day.

-John W. Mount, (son of R.R. Mount) was in town a few days since, on a visit to his parents. He resides at Medina, Orleans Co. N.Y., and has charge of the "Medina Iron Works," and is manufacturing steam engines, mill gearing &c.


November 1863


-Miss Rumsey left for Ellenvile, N.Y. Monday, Oct. 19th.

-Eber Cornwall of Wisconsin arrived in town Saturday, Oct. 17th.

-Miss M.L. Cuyler left for Auburn N.Y. via Syracuse, Tuesday, Oct. 20th.

-J..W. Powers left for New York with a drove of sheep, but was taken sick at Palmyra and returned home Saturday, Oct. 17th.

-Sullivan Reynolds and wife of Mt. Upton Chenango Co., N.Y. are visiting at J. Reynolds' arriving in town Friday evening, Oct. 16th.

-E..R. Woodhull handed in to this Office the smallest hen's egg ever "cackled over," the greatest circumfrence measuring two and one half inches.

-Stephen K. Williams Esq. Of Newark has received the nomination for State Senitor (sic) from the Union Convention held at Port Byron several days since. He will make a good member, and be true to the cause of the Union.

-Mrs. Krumbhaar and Mrs. Fairchilds of Cazenovia, N.Y., Mrs. Birch, and Mrs. Bowers of Rock Island, Ill. Have been in town stopping at "Lake Cottage," the residence of Saml. Ledyard. They left for home Monday, Oct. 19th.

-Arnold Dunning has been raising his house another story, which makes a decided improvement on Jay St.

-Mrs. Saml. Burdick of Mt. Upton, has been visiting at R. Reynolds, in this place, and returned home Oct. 7th.

-Clark Mason Esq. of Newark has received the nomination of County Clerk from the Republican Union Convention.

-Lieut. David S. Mack has been in town for a short time. He is attached to the 7th reg. U.S. Colored Troops, at Baltimore.

-Lieut. Byron Gates was in town several days since, as he was home on a furlough, and is for the present stationed at Elmira, N.Y.

-Ella Gazlay of Pleasant Plains, N.Y., purchased at the Provincial Fair at Kingston, C.W., six sheep amounting to $650.00.

-Albert Satterlee and wife, and Mrs. William Reynolds of Elmira, N.Y., have been in town on a visit, stopping while here at J. Reynolds.

-H.M. Griffen of this place has been very sick and confined to his house for about a week, but is out again attending to his business as usual.

-Job Ridgeway accidentally sawed off his fingers of his right hand by buz saw in Hollings' planing mill, one finger had to be amputated.

-Mrs. Eli Clark of Sodus died Wednesday, Oct. 7th, and was burried at Sodus Friday, the 9th, aged 86 years. Services were held at the Presbyterian Church by Rev. Mr. Irish.

-Orlando Powers of N.H., brother of J.W. and J.H. Powers has been at this place on a visit, and returned home via Niagara Falls, and Buffalo Saturday, Sept. 19th.

-Dr. B.P. Peer and wife gave a party Wednesday evening, Oct. 7th. Dancing was the order of the evening, and everything passed off pleasantly, so we are informed.

-Dr. A.G. Austin and wife gave a party Friday evening, Oct. 16th. We didn't enjoy ourselves much - only we did, and arrived home twords the small hours the next morning.

-Dr. W.S. Lee D.D.S. of Sodus will visit this place every Wednesday through the fall and winter. Any thing in the way of Dentistry will be done up in good style by the Dr.

-Rev. James Gregg has been in town several weeks. While here he preached to his old congregation several times. He is now located at Philadelphia, Jefferson Co., N.Y.

-Married at Sodus Oct. 4th by Rev. H.T. Giles, O.G. Farchilds of Heart Prairie, Wis., to Eliza A. only daughter of Adam Nash of Williamson N.Y. They will return to Wisconsin Tuesday, October 20th.

-Alfred Allen has been improving the appearance of Washington St. opposite B. Todd's Son's store, by moving back the building he formerly used as a Wood Depot. Why can't we have a good Town Hall on the spot.

-Lemuel Durfee of Macedon received the nomination for Member of Assembly from the Western District of this county on Thursday, Oct. 8th, at Walworth. This will be the second term that he has served in that capacity.

-Rev. Havens, M.E. Clergyman from Sodus, preached the funeral sermon of Myron Vanwinkle, at the Church in this place on Sunday, Sept. 27th. He preached a good war sermon, and he has in him the "ring of the true mettal."

-Mr. Potter of the firm of Kenyon & Potter, Druggest, Syracuse, N.Y. has a "good family beast" as he calls it, but I never road around the track as fast before as I did one afternoon in Syracuse a short time since. She is worth $1000.

-Dr. Wm. Cornwall arrived in town from Canada, where he now resides, Friday, Oct. 9th. He brought with him some fine Evergreens that were raised on the "Thousand Islands," also a box of those fine fish, such as they take out of the S. Lawrence, of which we got our share.

-W.G. Cowles Esq. of Clyde has received the nomination from the Republican Union Convention as County Judge. We have been acquainted with George for some time, and look upon him as straight forward reliable man. Let this district respond by giving him a big majority.


December 1863

WAR ON THE FRONTIER - Rumors of war along our border has been the theme for discussion for several days, plotted by the Vallandigham men in Canada, that are sneaking through the Canandian Provinces for protection. There is more smoke than fire, but it will be a good plan for people near the border to get their old muskets and swords polished up - "for the next gale that sweeps from the north may bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms." It won't answer to stand idle. "What do the people wish?" - "Liberty or death."

FARM FOR SALE - On our first page will be found the advertisement of E.R. Wilber's farm for sale. Those in want of one, cannot do better than to buy this.

-Did we make a bad prophesy in the last issue of our paper in saying that the Union ticket would be elected in the state by 30000 majority ? We will now make another one, that "Honest Old Abe" will be our next President and receive a larger vote by carrying the entire Northern States, a part if not all of the Border States and Missouri.

SODUS ACADEMY - Read on our first page the advertisement of the Sodus Academy. It is under the superintendence of Prof. Lewis H. Clark, who has been connected with the institution for several years, has built it up, and now has the reputation of being the best school in the county. We have known Prof. Clark for years, and consider him one of the best teachers that the state can produce.

THE FRUIT CROP - The apple crop through this section was short compared with former years. There has been shipped from this port this fall over 17000 bbls. Apples, 475 bbls. Cider, 150 crates peaches, and 250 crates grapes. The places shipped to was New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kingston, Ogdensburgh, Montreal, Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire and Connecticut. If we have any thing of an average crop another year, there will be shipped from this point alone over 30 000 bbls. Apples. Let us look at the valuation of the products shipped from this port by Lake, during the present season:

17 000 Bbls. Apples, at $2. Pr bbl... $34 000.00

475 do Cider at $3 1-2 ..........................1 662.50

175 000 lbs Dried Apples, at 5 1-2c.... 8 837.00

150 Crates Peaches, at ......................$2 300.00

250 do Grapes at $1.................................250.00

Small dried fruits, Berries

Peaches, Plums & C.......................... _1_000.00

Sum total,........................................... $ 46 049.50

This does not include the large amount of dried fruit sold to dealers, and shipped by Rail Road at Palmyra last spring, and before the opening of navigation on the Lake.


-J.W. Powers has a few long wooled bucks for sale.

-Miss Sarah M. Todd returned home Tuesday Nov. 17.

-Chauncy Fish arrived home from the army on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd.

-David Barringer of Oil City, Pa. Was in town on Sunday, Nov. 15th.

-John Gates of Sodus has for sale a fine lot of medium wooled ewes.

-Mrs. R. Reynolds has been absent for some time at Ellenville, N.Y.

-Capt. Z. Burnell and J.H. Gloyd have returned home for the winter.

-Miss Georgia Allen returned to school at Brockport Monday, Nov. 9th.

-Zimri Waters was the Juryman from this village to Lyons at the last court.

-Wm. R. Liddle is very sick and been confined to the house for several days.

-John S. Sheffield, Mate of the Schr. Alfred Allen, returned home Monday, Nov. 16th.

-Alfred Allen and W.H. Rogers returned from Oswego Saturday November 14th.

-Chas. Cottrel, son of Jos. Cottrel, has returned home after an absence of several years.

-John H. Powell, the jeweler, is now located at Lima, N.Y. and doing a good business.

-Geo. M. Nichols returned home from New York to spend the winter Saturday, Nov. 14th.

-Mrs. Dr. D.C. Powers and daughter left for home in Cold Water, Mich., on Wednesday, Nov. 4th.

-Capt. A.A. Holling has laid up the Schr. Alfred Allen, and returned home Monday, Nov. 16th.

-Elisha S. Chapman's letter came too late for an insertion in this number, but will appear in our next.

-Capt. G.C. Ledyard of Vicksburgh, will please accept our thanks for southern papers received.

-Ledyard S. Cuyler of this place was presented on Thursday, Oct. 29th, with a girl weighing 1 1-2 lbs.

-John Reynolds makes the best Harness Leather in the state - so says Hadger & Haight of Port Byron, N.Y. and Frank Miller of Newark, N.Y.

-J. Haven Powers returned from New York on Tuesday Nov. 17, having been after a stock of Goods.

-Mrs. Durfee Sherman, son and daughter, of Newark, and Mrs. Lewis Nichols and daughter, of Kankakee City, Ill. Have been in town on a short visit.

-W.A.D. Hume of Cleaveland, Ohio, passed through Syracuse a few days since on his way to Boston, Mass., on a lecturing tour.

-Chas. Smith, son of Robt. Smith of Williamson, has been promoted from brakesman to the post of conductor on the N.Y.C.R.R.

-Albert S. Todd is to teach our district school this winter commencing Monday, Nov. 23rd. The Trustees have made a good selection this time.

-Chas. Truax, Geo. Benton and Levi White's son arrived home from the army just before election. Mr. White's son lost one leg during one of the battles.

-Mrs. Peter Powers, mother of J.W. and J.H., died at this place on Saturday, Oct. 30th, in her 76th year. She was burried on Saturday, Nov. 2nd.

-Samuel F. Ledyard arrived home from Washington Territory on Wednesday, Oct. 28th, having been absent about four years. They have left for Washington, D.C.

-William Fleming, son of Jacob Fleming of this place, was drowned off Toronto on Friday night, Oct. 23rd., by falling from the main boom of the Schr. North Star.

-Jas. H. Eaton, agt. Of the firm of Kenyon & Potter, Druggists, Syracuse, was in town a short time since. He is a fine man, a good salesman and one that his firm may feel proud of.

-J.M. Stoddard and lady of Moravia, N.Y. James Cox and lady of N.J. , and Increase Stoddard and sister of Horseheads, N.Y. have been spending several days in town, visiting at J.W. Powers.

-Wm. VanCamp, Ed. Of the Wayne Democratic Press, Lyons, N.Y. was in town just before election. We did not have the pleasure of seeing him, but he no doubt has heard from the town since he returned home.

-E.W. Capron, Ed. Of the "West Branch Bulletin," at Williamsport, Pa., has been spending several days in town, and made a grand speech at this place on the political topics of the day on Saturday evening, Oct. 30th.

-R.L. Adams, Ed. Of the Fulton Patriot and Gazette, published at Fulton, N.Y. passed up the Central Road a few days since. He is a fine fellow, and gets up as good a county paper as is published in the state.


January 1864


Departed this life, at the residence of J.H. Powers, in Pultneyville, Wayne Co., N.Y., on the 31st of October, 1863, Mrs. Lois S. Powers, in the 78th year of her age. Mrs. Powers was the wife of the late Peter Powers, who removed from Cayuga county to this place in the year 1839. She was born in Corydon, New Hampshire, in 1787. She has lived with her sons, who resided here, since the death of her husband, which occurred in 1845. Her sickness was of short duration - only a few days of suffering - and she laid aside the robe of mortality, and passed away as calmly as the soft breezes of evening. She early embraced the faith of the Christian; maintained a consistant and honorable walk in her profession, and was ever faithful in the discharge of the various duties of wife, mother and relative. She was much respected and beloved by all her neighbors and friends. Being of a social turn of mind, she spent much of her time with them in those pleasant interviews, which add so much to the pleasure of social life. Our friend will not soon be forgotten, while her seat will be found vacant at the festive board. She had lived to a good old age, - her appointed hour had come, - she has entered upon the joys and glories of the spirit life, where her youthful vigor will be renewed, and where she will find relatives and friends in a happier home. Mrs. Powers leaves behind her, children and grand-children here and elsewhere, who, while they will shed a tear over her departure, and miss her in the family circle, should not mourn her exit, realizing that the exchange she has made, is her eternal gain. - They should imitate her virtues, cherish her memory, and prepare to meet her in a brighter day and in a fairer clime. S.C.C.

Pultneyville, Nov. 15, 1863

THE WAYNE DEMOCRATIC PRESS - This paper is published at Lyons, by Wm. VanCamp, and is ably conducted, a good advertising medium, and copper fastened throughout. We are on the exchange list, and take pleasure in seeing how the "old ship of state" sails from his stand point. Van will be all right by and by.


-H.D. Dunning has moved to Pontiac, Oakland Co., Mich.

-Waters Shipley is making extensive repair on his house this winter.

-Col. Corning of Palmyra, and Capt. E.M. Allen were in town Friday, Dec. 4th.

-Capt. J.J. Morley of the Steamer Bay State arrived in town Monday, Dec. 14th.

-Ja. Benton, wife and child arrived in town From Ithica, N.Y. Saturday, Nov. 28th.

-Jacob Dewiner has purchased the widow DeKroyft house and lot opposite Zimiri Waters.

-H. Brockhouse has purchased eighteen acres of land formerly belonging to the Hallet farm.

-Joseph Tomkinson and wife of Lyons, N.Y. have been on a visit to his mother's in this place.

-Capt. H.N. Throop has been confined to his house for several days, owing to a swelling on his arm.

-James, son of Samuel Calhoun, of Williamson, died Saturday Dec. 19, of Inflamation of the lungs.

-Mrs. Geo. B. Maines of Baldwinsville, N.Y. is in town and will not return until after the holidays.

-Miss Emma Allen has been home from school several days through the vacation of the Marion Institute.

-Mr. And Mrs. McAlpin of Dundee, Yates Co., N.Y. was in town Monday, Nov. 30th. She is a daughter of Morgan Chapman.

-Mrs. Lyman Milliman has spun sixty yards of linnen the past summer. Ladies tune up your pianoes and beat that if you can.

-Mr. And Mrs. D.V. Lacy have left town on a visit, the former to Oil City, Pa., the latter to Philadelphia and New Jersey.

-Mrs. Geo. Smith (formerly of Walworth, N.Y.) has been spending a few in town and returned to Sodus Center, Friday, Dec. 4th.

-Joshua Granger has sold his farm on the east town line. His auction came off Wednesday, Dec. 9th. He has bought Benj. Burden's farm.

-Chas. Robison of this village has been appointed Recruiting Officer for this section. Now is the time to enlist and get the large bounty.

-Mrs. Seth Coleman, of Sodus, died on Monday night Dec. 21, ages 86 years. Her funeral will be at Sodus village on Thursday the 24th.

-Mrs. William Wake, of this town, fell and broke her arm Thursday Dec. 17.

-Durfee E. Wilcox has erected a new house the past season fronting the road running east from the saw mill formerly owned by Col. Wm. Johnson.

-Bethel Todd Esq. of this village lies dangerously ill from paralisis of the limbs, and his physician says he can not remain in his present situation long.

-Capt. Ethel M. Allen has been home on a furlough, and before he returned was married to Miss Ann Smith, daughter of Robt. Smith of Williamson, N.Y.

-Mrs. R. Reynolds and her father have arrived home from Ellenville, N.Y. The old gentleman appears about as well as when he last visited this place one year ago.

-Miss Jennie M. Field, daughter if Eli Fields of Milwaukee, Wis was married Nov. 19th to Mr. Joel Ellis at the residence of the bride's father by E.P. Hotchkis Esq.

-Capt. A. Holling and Cornelius Brewer have bought the Schr. Petrel of Charlotte. She has arrived in our harbour, and is to be hauled out and lengthened the coming winter.

-Geo. F. Dunning has sold his farm on the ridge east of Williamson. He had his auction on Wednesday, Nov. 18th, and moved to Orion, Oakland Co., Mich. On Monday Nov. 30th.

-Johnathan Leighton of Sodus has just opened a clothing store in that village, and is prepared to offer greater bargains in ready made clothing than can be found any where else in town. Give him a call.

-Lyman Milliman is about selling his farm to John W. Brownwell. He has leased one acre of land to John Britton near his flax mill, and is putting up a new house and calculates to eat his Christmas dinner in it. His mill has been in operation some time and runs tip top.

-Martha Tomkinson of Lyons is teaching school in John Vanwinkl's district this winter. Joanna Johnson is teaching school in Eli Clark's district this winter. Jane Throop is teaching school in S.C. Cuyler's district this winter. Miss Gordon is teaching school in district No. 16, near Benj. Tomkinson.

-John W. Mount of Medina, N.Y. has got up a new patent Drag Saw, with a new and valuable feature. By a new and simple contrivance, patented April 21st, 1863, the power, instead of being stopped every time the log is sawed off, draws up the log and adjusts itself again, and so on until it is sawed up.

-Capt. Jas. T. Holling of the Clipper Rival, Capt. Saml. D. Tomkinson of the Schr. Thomas Kingsford, Capt. Wm. J. Leaver of the Schr. Glen Cuyler, Capt. E.H. Todd of the Schr. William Doran, Wm. H. Waters, John Case, John Roys, Andrew Roys, Jackson Mason, Jac. Dunning, Lusurn Mason and Geo. Graves have returned home for the winter.


February 1864

THE PARTY     Mr. And Mrs. J.W. Powers, gave a Party on Saturday eve., Jan. 23, and like all former occasions we done ourselves great injustice, by the different varieties that was spread out before us.

SURROGATES COURTS. Geo. W. Cowles, County Judge and Surrogate, will hold Surrogates Courts as follows: Lyons, on Monday, February 1; Palmyra on Monday Feb. 8, Clyde, on Monday, Feb. 15, 22 and 29.

The Office at Lyons will be opend at all times for the transaction of business. County Courts and Courts of Session, will be held on the third Tuesday of March June and November.


-Mathias Hoot had his Auction Tuesday; Jan. 5th.

-Robt. Warren has enlisted and had his Auction Jan. 10th.

-J.S. Todd had his Tin Wedding Monday, Dec. 28th.

-Alfred A. Allen has moved from Brooklyn, Mich. To Adrian.

-J.W. Powers spent the Holidays at Horse heads and Elmira.

-Isaac E. Shipley was presented with a boy Jan. 12th weighing 8lbs.

-Wm. R. Liddle has sold his wood lot to Levi Sweet - consideration $288.

-Lyman Milliman has sold his farm to Jno. N. Brownell - consideration $1600.

-E.J. Roys and wife gave a fine party at their house Thursday evening, Dec. 24th.

-Hon. T.M. Poweroy M.C. will please accept our thanks for Feb. Documents received.

-Edwin Church of Erie, Pa., son of Joseph Church, arrived in town Jan. 8th.

-Miss S.M. Todd has been very sick with Sore Throat or Quinsy, but is now well.

-D.C. Higgins arrived in town from Newark Jan. 11th and returned the 18th.

-John Reynolds wants about 500 cords of bark for which the market price will be paid.

-Ellen, daughter of R. Reynolds, is in Syracuse for treatment by a celebrated physician.

-Geo. W. White has sold his house and lot. (The Thos. Robbins place.) Consideration $800.

-J.W. Powers has three head of beef cattle. John and I.E. Shipley have ten - give them a call!

-Mrs. Sabrina Pollock arrived in town from Newark Jan. 7th, and her husband arrived Jan. 16th.

-Samuel D. Griffen has been confined to his room for ten or fifteen days with Inflamation of the Lungs.

-Jas. G. Hopkinson of the "Palmyra Courier Office" was in town a short time since, collecting for the paper.

-Addison Gates of Lyons, son of J.W. Gates of Ontario, was married to Miss Biddlecum of Macedon Jan. 8th.

-Miss Kate Wilber arrived in town from Rochester Jan. 11th.

-A.A. Cornwall and wife have been down to Syracuse on a visit, and returned home Thursday, Jan. 14th.

-Benjamin Burden has sold his farm to Joshua Granger - consideration $800. He had his auction Jan. 20th.

-Hon. S.C. Cuyler and wife left home Jan. 5th to spend the winter in Rochester, Courtland and Washington.

-A.W. Higgins, son of D.C. Higgins, has volunteered for the war, and has been home on a furlough of ten days.

-Wm. H. Rogers has dried over 900 bushels of apples the last fall, and sold them for 10 cents per pound, realizing over $700.00.

-Wm. Smelt, proprietor of Congress Hall, Lyons, N.Y., has received the appointment as Superintendent of the Pages of the House of Representatives for the session at a salary of $2000.

-Wm. Myres, clerk of the Steamer Bay State has been to New York. He will be in town some time in February to remain a few days.

-Aaron Brewer and wife were aroused from their slumbers on Tuesday evening, Jan. 12th by a surprise party. Let the villagers keep their eyes open for there is no telling where the next raid will be made.

-A. Cornwall 5th and son of Alexandria Bay arrived in town Jan. 6th. The former left for home the 7th, the latter left for Rochester to attend Eastman's Mercantile College Wednesday, Jan. 13th.

-Capt. H.N. Throop has been appointed Gen. Superintendent of the "Ontario Steamboat Co." again this season. He will proceed to Charlotte about the 1st of February to put the Steamers in thorough repair for another seasons business.

-Alexander Sands, of Ontario, offers his farm for sale, consisting of 140 acres, situated about three miles N.W. of Ontario village. All good grained land, also good wood lots - Price $40 pr. acre, part paid down, the balance to remain on a good long credit.

-Rev. J.E. Battin, Episcopal Clergyman of Sodus had a donation party Jan. 7th, at the residence of E.B. Young in Ontario. The proceeds were about $100. We had a fine time, a good supper and a crowded house, which kept friend Young busy in having the temperature of the room at about blood heat, in order to sell off the Ice Cream.

-Bryam J. Woodhull, son of E.R. Woodhull has received an appointment as Clerk of the Steamer Ceres, Capt. H.H. Foster, in the U.S. Navy. He has been connected with this paper for about two years, setting up all of the type for the paper, during the time, as well as other duties connected with the store. He is a faithful, steady, and honest Young Man. We wish him success in his new field of duties.

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