Part 11
Wayne County, N.Y.

Contributed by Allyn Hess Perry, from papers at the Office of the County Historian.

The Commercial Press was a monthly newspaper from Pultneyville, Town of Williamson. The Office of the County Historian has a small bundle of issues. A small part of the paper was devoted to Personal Items, listing various names of people from the area.

There is some fascinating reading about the Lake Ontario shipping trade in the 1860s, and neat ads for businesses from all over the place in these papers. There was quite a schedule of ships from Pultneyville to Charlotte to Toronto, naming ships and captains (the new ferry runs between Charlotte/Rochester and Toronto.) Not to be ignored in this paper are the railroad schedules, with stops in Palmyra, Oswego, Syracuse. And the Pultneyville & Palmyra Stage. "Leave daily at 6:45am - Arriving at 7:30pm connection at Palmyra with the N.Y.C.R. Road, Going West at 9:46a.m. and 4:20p.m. Going East at 11:20a.m. and 4:20p.m." The obits aren't detailed but give such an essence of the way life was. Spellings and misspellings are exactly as in the original paper.

Allyn Hess Perry
Co-coordinator, Wayne County NYGenWeb
July 2004

September 1865
October 1865
December 1865
January 1866
February 1866


September 1865


A corrispondent sends us the particulars of a sad accident which occurred near South Butler, last Saturday, on the farm of Mr. G.S. Center. It appears that while Mr. Jas. VanTassel was attending to some part of the machinery near the tumbling rod of a threshing machine, a portion of his clothing was caught on the bar, throwing him to the ground in such a manner that the joint played upon his throat, exposing the wind-pipe. He was taken from the machinery apparently dead; but he soon exhibited symptoms of life, and Dr. Griffin was sent for, who dressed the wound, and the man is covering..... (Clyde Times)


It is supposed to be in possession of some one in this immediate neighborhood. The owner, who attaches much value to it, is anxious to find the same, and will give adequate reward for information leading to its recovery. It may be left with Mrs. Armine Holling or at this office.


A grand Pic Nic came off for the returned soldiers of this vicinity on the lake shore, four miles west of our village, on the farm formerly owned by Freeman Hopkins, now owned by Wm. Reed, on Wednesday, Aug. 9th. The day was fine and cool which drew out a large concourse of citizens, which were variously estimated from two thousand to three thousand persons. Jos. W. Gates of Ontario was the president of the day. J.W. Stebbins Esq. and J.D. Husbands Esq. Of Rochester were the speakers on the occasion, both of which spoke eloquently of our past and future prospects as a nation, and paid a glowing tribute to our brave boys who have periled their lives in defense of their country. "Newman's Brass Band" was present and discoursed fine music at intervals. Three or four sail boats were in readiness for those who wish to enjoy a fine sail upon our beautiful lake. At the gate way leading to the grounds was an arch, upon which was perched an eagle, and on the sides of the arch were the names of our boys who died in the defense of their country. The dinner was gotten up and arranged by the ladies of Ontario, of which every spoke in the highest terms. Every one seemed to enjoy themselves hugely, and nothing happened tending to mar the ceremonies of the day in the least particular, as order and sobriety was maintained throughout. At about five o'clock p.m. the speaking being over, the crowd left quietly for their several homes.

-We received the following from the Hon. Byram Greene of Sodus, N.Y., and it is very applicable to the case in point.

"The plea, which, the secessionists make, before President Johnson, reminds a person of the celebrated trial of the kettle.

The plaintiff declared, before a Justice of the Peace, that he loaned, the defendant, a five pail kettle to make soap, and when it was returned, it was cracked to plaintiff's damage, $5.

The defendant said before the Justice, please your honor, I have three pleas to make, either of which, will non-suit the plantiff.

In the first place, the kettle was cracked when I loaned it.

In the second place, it was sound when I returned it.

And in the third place, I never loaned the kettle, at all."


-Miss Ardell of Prattsburgh, N.Y. is stopping in town at John Pallisters.

-C.R. Havens formerly with John Reynolds, is located at Mazo-Manie, Dane Co., Wis.

-Maj. D.F. Hamlink has been promoted to a Brevet Lieut. Colonel since our last issue.

-Miss Anna Sincebaugh of Ithaca left town August 12th, having been on a visit to Lorenzo Fish.

-T. Scott Ledyard and wife gave a party at their residence, the "Lake Cottage," in this village August 16th.

-James H. Eaton, of the firm of Kenyon, Potter & Co. of Syracuse, and wife have been in town on a visit to J.M. Reynolds' family.

-Richard H. Wilber formerly of this place, is now in the west making baloon assentions. He made one from Freeport, Ill., July 22nd.

-John Reynolds wants to buy all the flax seed that was raised in this section of the county, for which the highest market price will be paid.

-J.W. Baker, Post Master at Walworth, N.Y., will please accept our thanks for services rendered, as well as for a list of new subscribers.

-Philander B. Roys has razed the house in the rear of the Union Church in this village, and is now putting up a residence on the spot for himself.

-Isaac H. Gurnee of Ontario has sold his farm of fifty acres to John Gilbert of New Jersey - consideration $2500. Mr. Gurnee moves to Marion.

-Lorenzo Whitney is to have a party at his hotel called the "Soldiers Reception": on Friday, September 1st. Music by the "Newark Quadrille Band."

-Samuel Farwell of Utica, N.Y., President of the "Ontario Steamboat Company," made us a short call a few days since, while on a visit to Capt. H.N. Throop.

-Wm. H. Crenell, Collector of Customs for the district of Genessee, Maj. Geo. Barry, Clerk of Monroe County, and Inspector Rogers were in town July 31st.

-Joseph W. Gates of Ontario has received the reappointment as Internal Revenue Assessor for this district comprising the counties of Seneca, Cayuga and Wayne.

-Jas. B. Craggs has returned from England having been absent about four weeks. He has a cousin in Yorkshier, England named Thos. Westfield who in June last sold twenty fat sheep only thirteen months old for 3L4s each, and their wool for 2L6s each.

-Glen C. Ledyard, son of Samuel Ledyard of this town, arrived in town Aug. 10th, and will remain home a few days, when he will return to Chicago.

-Miss Bell Burbank of Rochester, formerly of Marion, has been in town on a visit to Alfred Allen's family. She returned home on the steamer Cataract August 14th.

-Charles Robinson sold off his personal property at auction on John Vanwinkle's farm, two miles west of this village Aug. 16th. Edward Stegar is to work the farm.

-A.A. Paymaster William W. Woodhull U.S.N., wife and son arrived in town from Spotswood, N.J. August 16th, and are stopping with his father - E.R. Woodhull.

-John Walton, of the firm of Cornwall & Walton of Alexandria Bay, wife and child have been spending a few days with A.A. Cornwall and family. They returned home Aug. 16th.

-William Reed, son of Fitch Reed of Ontario, lost about three hundred cords of wood and one hundred cords hemlock bark by fire getting in his woods. His loss is about one thousand dollars.

-Samuel Brown of this town has been down to take a look at the oil regions, but we have not heard from him since his return. If such men as "Sammy" gets the oil fever, name one that wo'nt.

-Capt. B.B. Brewer arrived in town July 30th from Chicago, and left for home the 31st in company with his sister, Mrs. Zimri Waters who will stop at Adrian, Mich., to make her friends a short visit.

-Thomas Northen wishes to dispose of his house and lot, the latter consisting of twentyfive acres located near the Centinary Chapple, Sodus. Good buildings and fruit on the premises. Give him a call.

-John Quinlin D.D.S. and wife of Chicago, Ill., Charles Shepard Esq. And Mrs. Page of Buffalo, N.Y., and J. Lincklaen Cuyler of Syracuse, have been in town a few days stopping with Hon. S.C. Cuyler.

-Charles Ferrin, son of the late Reumus Ferrin of Palmyra, has received the appointment of Post Master of that place, vice W.H. Southwick removed. Charley is a good fellow and will be well liked in his new position.

-Married August 15th at the residence of the bride by the Rev. James Landreth, Mr. John Karhl of Iowa, to Miss Jennie Bullock of Williamson. They left for the west the same day.

-Hon. S.C. Cuyler has been absent several days at Buffalo to attend the U.S. Court on the trial of Danl. Cogswell for violation of the Revenue Law. Since his arrival home he has seized a boat for the violation of the Revenue Law.


October 1865


Lyman Sherwood, whose death is announced in our paper to-day, has borne a conspicuous part in the affairs of Wayne county for a quarter of a century. In 1839 he was appointed Surrogate, and in 1842 was elected to the State Senate from the 7th district. For many years, as senior member of the firm of Sherwood & Smith, he stood at the head of the Bar. Up to 1855 he acted with the Democratic party, but joined the Republican party at the time of its formation. In 1860 he was elected County Judge and Surrogate, in which capacity, in the conscientious discharge of his duty, he won for himself many warm friends, and at the same time contracted many bitter enmities. Since he left the Bench, and for a year or two before, his health has been gradually failing. - During his last few days his faculties nearly forsook him, and on Saturday evening his soul took its flight. He was 63 years old.... (Lyons Dem. Press.)


We are indebted to Rev. K.P. Jervis, of this village, for the following partial list of ministerial appointments at the recent session of the M.E. Conference for this District:

Presiding Elder, Geneva Dis. - J.H. Kellog. Lyons - W. Manning, (from Bath.) Geneva - W.H. Goodwin. Newark - J. Raines, Jr. Sodus - J. Landreth. Clifton - T. Stacey. Penn Yan - D.D. Buck. Clyde - Asa S. Baker. Palmyra - T. Tousey. Painted Post - R.D. Munger. South Sodus - J. Powell. Geneseo - K.P. Jervis. Hedding Church, (Elmira) - O.L. Gibson. Farmville - John Easter. Tyre - A.W. Green. Port Gibson - E. Hotchkiss. East Palmyra - R. Clapp. Pultneyville - J.M. Bull. Marion - W.W. Bunyan......(Lyons Republican)


-Oliver Cross, wife and son have been in town a day or two on a visit to Hon. S.C. Cuyler.

-Samuel Hildreth of Palmyra died Sept. 11th, aged 56 years. His disease was dropsy of the heart.

-Henry Reed of Olean was in town Sept. 22d, not having been here since his removal, some 20 years.

-George Culver of Chesaning, Mich. Arrived in town Sept. 21st, having been absent from this place seventeen years.

-Dr. W. May of Palmyra died Sept. 10th, aged 57 years. He was a talented man and an honor to his proffession.

-John W. Mount of Medina is now manufacturing wood sawing machines. See his advertisement on our last page.

-G.B. Stebbins of Rochester is Editor General for the north west on "Home Industry." He has left for Iowa and Missouri.

-J. Wells Pitkin of Oswego, of the firm of Penfield, Lyon & Co., and C.P. Eaton of Laona were in town Sept. 23rd on oil business.

-Hon. T.G. Yeomans of Walworth has shipped about seven hundred crates of peaches, and will have one hundred and fifty more to dispose of.

-Thomas Gillam, book keeper of Ayers Hotel Rochester, will please accept our thanks for documents received a few days since by a friend of his.

-Miss Emma Allen has been absent from home several days on a visit to Rochester and Canandaigua. She returned home Monday, September 18th.

-Rev. James Landreth preached his farewell sermon at the Union Church in this village on Sunday, Aug. 27th. The M.E. Conference have stationed him at Sodus.

-Pomeroy Tucker Esq. Of Palmyra, and John M. Frances, Editor of the "Troy Times," of Troy, were in town Sept. 4th, and called on us while we were absent from home.

-James DeBrine has started a daily line of stages between Sodus and Newark, a route very much needed by the inhabitants of Sodus. See his advertisement in another column.

-Hon. T.G. Yeomans of Walworth, W.H. Southwick of Palmyra, and Hon. W.H. Rogers of Pultneyville were the delegates to the Republican State Convention held at Syracuse Thursday, Sept. 20th. Joel H. Prescott of Newark, E.F. Maine of Macedon, and Theo. Williams of Ontario were the delegates to the Senitorial Convention held at Port Byron Saturday, Sept. 23rd.

-Austin Cross of Rochester, manufacturer of hose, belting &c., was in town Sept. 11th. Persons in want of any thing in his line cannot do better than buy of him, if they want a tip top article.

-Hon. S.C. Cuyler, Dept. Collector of Customs for this port, seized another lot of whiskey Sept. 4th four miles east of this place. It was prized Sept. 8th by W.S.Throop and Ledyard S. Cuyler.

-R.L. How of Palmyra wishes to sell the timber on eight acres of land situated near this village on the old Danl. Grandine farm adjoining Waters Shipley on the south. For price &c., apply to the said How.

-Mariah - wife of Randolph Reynolds of this village - died of consumption on Saturday, Aug. 26th, aged 43 years, and was buried the 28th. Rev. James Gregg preached the discourse which was held at the house.

-"Mat" - connected with "Ayer's Hotel," Rochester, is always on hand and looks out that the jackets of the traveling public are filled full of good eatables. He is a good fellow and is well liked by the community.

-Henry Butler of Marion has received a load of lumber, timber, shingles &c., from Canada, for his hotel that he is putting up near the Palmyra Depot. It was landed at this port Sept. 21st from the schr. "Minnie Proctor," of Brighton, C.W.

-Dr. A.H. Collins of Utica hands us the following. An Englishman presented his bill which was paid and made out as follows;

"To aos"""""$175,00.

"To agitinonimome"".,75.

Read it if you can.

-E.W. Capron, Editor of the "West Branch Bulletin," Williamsport, Pa., was married in Haddonfield, N.J., by Rev. J.R. Bryan, Sept. 21st, to Agnes - daughter of William C. Cooper of Philadelphia, Pa. The Ed. Will please accept our thanks for the documents received.

-Arrangements are being made to open a school, of an Academic character, in this village. The services of Prof. L.H. Clark can be procured provided a sufficient number of students are immediately pledged. Zimri Waters has the subscription paper - let it fill up rapidly.

-John Henderson of Charlotte, mate of the Steamer Bay State, has a pair of Black Spanish Chickens, rose comb: The hen commenced to lay about the middle last March and has laid 115 eggs up to Sept. 1st, and since that time she has layed two eggs a day "right from the shoulder." If anyone can beat this they will have to "humor it a little," and may do it. The hen was one year old on the 1st of Sept. last.


December 1865


The Pultneyville Select School is now fully organized and in successful operation. Over fifty students have been registered. Fifteen or twenty more can be accommodated. Primary scholars can be admitted to classes in Spelling, Third Reader, Writing and Primary Arithmetic. Intermediate Students can take Reading, Spelling, Penmanship, Bookkeeping and Morey's Arithmetic.

More advanced students will find an extensive list of higher studies open to their choice. The entire school will have the advantage of a well arranged system of Rhetorical Exercises.

-Jas. B. Todd, Mate of the Schr. Thos. Kingsford, arrived home from Chicago Nov. 26th, the vessel having been laid up at that place.


A Monument for the Soldiers who were killed or died in the late rebellion from the 2nd Election District of Williamson, was erected in our Cemetery on Tuesday, Nov. 28th, after which exercises were held in the Union Church. Chaplain James Gregg and Prof. Lewis H. Clark were the speakers and were listened to by the audience with marked attention. The Choir led by Dr. A.G. Austin gave us some fine pieces well suited for the occasion, and highly spoken of by all who have an ear for music. Hon. S.C. Cuyler of our village was the originator and prime mover in raising the subscription, and carrying the work forward to completion; and his name will long be remembered by the citizens and soldiers of this vicinity, and handed down to posterity for his patriotic impulses and union sentiments during the late rebellion.

The Monument is of white marble, about twelve feet high, and on either side at the top is the word "Soldiers," the title of Monument, and below it floats the stars and stripes with the names underneath, twelve in all, three on a side, of our brave boys who fell or died in the terrible conflict. The monument cost $260.


The Side-Wheel Steamers composing the "American Express Line" between Lewiston and Montreal have laid up for the winter at Charlotte. Capt. H.N. Throop Gen. Supt. Has just purchased some property at the above named place and will build a dry dock the coming winter for the use of the company alone.


-R. Reynolds returned home from Tidioute, Pa., Nov. 15th.

-Chas. H. and E.W. Hill of Sodus Point arrived in town Nov. 18th and left the 19th.

-J.H. Eaton and wife of Syracuse arrived in town Nov. 18th, and left for home the 20th.

-Mrs. Amos Gloyd arrived home from Michigan Nov. 2nd, having been absent about one year.

-Nellie Pallister arrived home from Red Wing, Min. Nov. 21st having been absent about one year.

-Leo Miller arrived in town Nov. 20th and left the 22nd for Indianapolis, Ind., via Mount Morris, N.Y.

-Jonah Moses arrived in town from Guilford, Chenango Co. N.Y. Nov. 22nd, stopping at John Reynolds.

-Thomas Quaif was married to Miss Annie Granger at Sodus Nov. 26th, by the Rev. James Landreth.

-C.P. Eaton of Laona, N.Y. arrived in town Nov. 17th from Tidioute, Pa., and left for the Oil Regions the 18th.

-Armine Holling returned home from Idaho Nov. 15th having been absent in that locality the past eighteen months.

-Joseph Mason arrived in town from Mount Clemens, Mich. Nov. 14th to close up his business affairs in this section.

-Capt. J.H. Holling of the Schr. Rival returned home Nov. 28th, his vessel having gone into winter quarters at Charlotte.

-E.R. Woodhull will please accept our thanks for that barrel of cider. It is a tip top article, but will need filling up soon.

-Mrs. Charles Betcher of Red Wing, Min. arrived in town Nov. 21st, stopping while here with her mother, Mrs. Wm. Gowthrop.

-Richard H. Lawrence of Elmira arrived in town Nov. 18th and left the 22nd stopping while here with J. Reynolds and family.

-Dr. D.C. Higgins left for Newark Nov. 29th to be absent most of the winter. We wish the Dr. all the happiness he may enjoy in his old age.

-Dr. A.G. Austin will open his Singing School in this village about the 12th of December. Let the list fill up rapidly for the Dr. is well posted in music.

-Joseph Wilks sold his personal property at auction at his residence three and a half miles east of Pultneyville on the Lake road Thursday, Nov. 23rd.

-W.J. Wilcox proprietor of the "Waverly Book Store and News Room," 150 State St., Rochester, arrived in town Nov. 24th and returned the 29th.

-Miss Florence Ward, daughter of Mrs. A.A. Cornwall of this place, returned home from Rochester Nov. 18th where she has been attending school.

-Mrs. Dr. D.C. Powers and daughter of Cold Water, Mich. Arrived in town Nov. 10th, stopping while here at the residence of her brother's, T.S. Ledyards.

-Jacob Danforth, formerly foreman in J. Reynolds' Tannery, died at his residence in Palmyra Friday, Nov. 10th, and was buried at this place Sunday, the 12th.

-J.B. Leighton has opened a Ready-made Clothing Store at Ontario, and respectfully solicits an impartial examination of his stock and desires a liberal patronage.

-C.B. Lanphere sold his personal property at auction, at his residence three and one half miles north of East Ontario November 21st - Addison Turner, Auctioneer.

-Prof. Lewis H. Clark opened his Select School in this village Monday, Nov. 20th, with 50 students, and will probably be increased to 60 before the month closes.

-R.W. Knight of this village has a set of Stencil tools that cost $33 which he will sell at $15 and over three hundred card portraits which he will sell at one cent each.

-John DuBois having sold his farm will sell his personal property at auction, without reserve, at his residence three fourths of a mile north of John Paddocks Nov. 29th.

-Hiram Harding returned from Michigan a short time since and is now engaged in assisting Joe Benedict to find his dog. He is about getting out a patent for a new loom.

-George H. Gazlay, son of the late George W. Gazlay formerly of this place was killed Oct. 19th by the explosion of the steamer Yo Semite on the Sacramento river, Cal. His age was 37 years.

-Wm. W. Reed, Managing Owner of the estate of the late Fitch Reed, deceased, by and for the purpose of settling said estate, sold the personal property at auction November 20th - A. Turner, Auction.

-S.E. Harkness of Marion is the only authorized agt. For the sale of Mason & Hamlin's Celebrated Cabinet Organs for the towns of Williamson, Sodus, Ontario, Walworth, Macedon and Marion. See his advertisement in another column of our paper.


January 1866


At Williamson, N.Y., on the morning of the 3rd of Dec. James B. Seely, son of Eerastus Seely, aged 26 years.

Another of our young men has gone from us, when life looked bright before him. A good young man has fallen in the bloom of early manhood. He left a young companion bowed with grief, in the brief space of 13 months has she been a bride and a widow, stricken parents, sister, brother all mourn the loss of their loved one.

His short life has been passed in our midst. He has left many friends that will miss his kind word and cheerful presence. Such lesson in life are sad, but let all realize such is the lot of mortals.

"There is no death! An angle form,

Walks o'er the earth with silent tread;

He bears our best loved things away,

And then we call them 'dead.'

And ever near us, though unseen,

The dear immortal spirits' tread;

For all the Boundless Universe

Is life - there are no dead."....A Friend.


On Saturday evening, Dec. 23rd the Union Church in this place was packed full to see the Christmas Tree and the distribution of the presents. About 500 gifts were given out, some of which were very valuable and fine. We were presented with several, among which was a very find Vessel of a white color, and not being well acquainted with that kind of a craft can't tell whether it was intended for speed or not, but we are satisfied it will carry a good load for its size. We have finally concented to let our friend, the donor, Capt. J.T.H. have charge of it the season to come.


-John W. Allen of Marshall, Mich. Was in town Dec 7th on a flying visit.

-William Scott of this town died Dec. 2nd and was buried the 5th, disease Consumption.

-Chas. P. Moody sold 25 head of cattle that he brought from Canada, at public auction Dec. 8th.

-Asher C. Moses Esq. Of Deposit, N.Y. arrived in town Dec. 8th and left for Auburn the 12th, to attend the U.S. Court.

-Hon. Horace Morley of Sodus Point had a Paralytic Stroke a short time since, but has recovered so as to be about.

-George Lattimer, residing two and a half miles east of Sodus Corners, sold his personal property at auction Dec. 12th.

-Adam Nash and family have returned from Monticelo, Iowa, and will make this section their permanent residence hereafter.

-W.S. Throop of this place is "Magistrate" and "Notary Public." All business entrusted to him will be attended to promptly.

-Mrs. W.S. Collins, daughter of Ovid Aldrich formerly of this place, was in town Dec. 6th. Her place of residence is Denver, Colorado.

-Henry Barnhart's house in Ontario came very near being consumed by fire on the morning of Dec. 18th, but was discovered in time to save it.

-Hon. S.C. Cuyler, Dept. Collector of Customs for this port, sold the Yacht "Thomas Williams" at auction, for violation of the revenue laws, Dec. 9th.

-R.W. Knight has 1600 card photographs instead of 300, as stated in our last issue. Those wishing to buy should call on him as they will be closed out below cost.

-Wm. M. Reed having sold his farm, located two miles north of the Old Furnace, sold his personal property at auction Dec. 14th. Addison Turner was auctioneer.

-Capt. J.J. Morley of the Str. "Bay State," was married Tuesday, Dec. 26th to Miss Hornby, of Brockville, C.W. He will take rooms for the winter at the "Osburn House," Rochester.

-Jacob Dunning, Frank Dunning, sons of Arnold Dunning; Byron Brewer, son of Cornelius Brewer; Erasmus Whitney, son of Lorenzo Whitney; Harry Craggs, son of Thos. Craggs; and Jacob Fisher, son of Adrian Fisher, all of this town, returned home from a whaling voyage Dec. 6th, having been absent about nine months.

-George B. Maines has been stopping in town a short time.

-David L. Boyd arrived in town from Orangeville Dec. 28th.

-Gov. Wm. O. Duvall of Hayti, E. Garrison and wife of the "Globe Hotel," Syracuse and Robert Walker of Rochester arrived in town Dec. 27th.

-W.E. Youngs has opened an Oyster Depot at Williamson Corners, and will furnish Baltimore and Fairhaven oysters by the gallon, half gallon or can, as low as they can be had in Western New York.

-William Young Esq. died at the residence of his son, in Ontario Dec. 7th, and was taken to Geneva for inturment Dec. 9th. Mr. Young was connected with the "Pultney Land Office" nearly forty years.

-Dr. W.S. Lee of Sodus will visit this place the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month during the winter. All those wanting work done in the Dentistry line will find him at the Hotel as stated above.

-James Wake has returned from his tour through the west, and neglected to call on his friends in Michigan, in consequence of losing his shirt and was obliged to return home, but will give them a call soon.

-E. Darrow & Brother, 65 Main St,., Rochester, "Osburn House Block," have as fine a Book Store, and as large an assortment as will be found in Western New York. All those wishing any thing in the Book or Stationary line should not fail to give them a call.

-John Reynolds has a fine lot of Harness Leather at 40 cents a lb., Calf Skins at $1l.75 a lb. (average 24 to 28 lbs. to the doz.) Calafornia Kips at 75 to 80 cents lb. In sides. Orders will be filled promptly and a good article will be sent.

-John Reynolds returned from New York Dec. 13th, having been down to attend the annual meeting of the "New York Star Petroleum Co." The board stands the same with the exception of Rich. P. Lawrence of Elmira in the place of H.J. Comstock of Jamestown, N.Y.

-At the annual meeting of the Pultneyville Lodge No. 159 F.A.M., the following were elected officers for the current year: Harvey Auchampach W.M., T. Scott Ledyard S.W., J.H. Powers J.W., Ledyard S. Cuyler Treas., A.A. Cornwall Sec. See notice of meetings in another column.

-The following seaman have returned home, Capt. Russel Smith, of the Prop. "Ackron;" Capt. S.D. Tomkinson, of the Schr. "Thos. Kingsford;" Capt. William J. Leaver, of the Schr. "Alfred Allen; Capt. Mervin V. Pallister, of the Schr. "Sylph;" Capt. John S. Todd, of the Schr. "J.J. Hill;" Z. Burnell, Val Fish, John Case, R. Russell, and Albert Cooper.


February 1866


At the Annual Meeting of this Company, held at the "Globe Hotel" in Syracuse, on Wednesday, January 10th, the following Directors were chosen for the ensuing year;

Samuel Farwell, Wm. J. Bacon, Charles E. Barnard, Utica; Oliver T. Burt, Geo. Barnes, Syracuse; Horatio N. Throop, John M. Reynolds, Pultneyville; J. Wells Pitkin, Oswego; Joel Thayer, Skeneateles.

Officers - Samuel Farwell, President; Oliver T. Burt, Vice President; Geo. Barnes, Secretary; H.N. Throop, General Superintendent and Treasurer.

Inspectors of Election - Stiles M. Rust, W.A. Sweet, Syracuse; W.B. Phelps, Oswego.

Executive Committee - J. Wells Pitkin, Oswego; J.M. Reynolds, Pultneyville; Joel Thayer, Skeneateles.

Syracuse, Jan. 10, 1866.......Geo. Barnes, Sec.

-Lorenzo Whitney of this place has about 100 bushels of seed peas. All those in want of this article should give him a call.

-H.W. Fish, Editor of the "New Orleans True Delta," and wife arrived in town Jan. 27th, stopping while here at the residence of his father Isaac Fish.

-At a meeting of the Board of Health held in the city of Utica; on the 18th ult., Mr. Charles E. Barnard was appointed Inspector of Out Houses, Cesspools &c., in the 1st Ward, vice Mr. Jas. Crumly resigned.


The friends of the Rev. Armon Spencer are respectfully invited to attend a Donation Visit for his benefit, at the Brick Church in Williamson on Thursday evening, Feb. 1st. Oysters and good music will be among the attractions on this occasion. Friend Spencer is a stirling man, and deserves a large benefit - turn out en mass.

-Dr. A.G. Austin shot a grey eagle in our streets a few days since that measured seven feet from the extreme tip end of its wings, and as the bird was dropping he was heard to exclaim;-

"Who's pin here since Ish pin gone."

-Edward Pallister has sold his farm, consisting of 80 acres, to Geo. Morgan - consideration $3680; and has since bought Ezekiel Clark's farm, formerly owned by Thos. Fish - consideration $83 per acre.

-Dr. A.G. Austin has a first class Singing School in this village which meets every Tuesday evening. His "Glee Class" will give a concert at the Baptist Church in Williamson Wednesday eve. January 31st.


-The friends of Rev. James Ireland of Sodus gave him a donation visit January 25th.

-Frank Poucher sold his personal property at public auction, at his residence in Sodus, January 3rd.

-Chancey Fish has purchased 18 acres from the farm of B. Todd's estate on the Bear Swamp road.

-The farm of the late G.M. Cooper, consisting of 90 acres, has been sold to Mr. Wilder - consideration $5,800.

-George Middleton has rented his farm in Sodus, and disposed of his personal property at auction Jan. 24th.

-George Cole and Miss Kate Wilbur arrived in town January 17th; the former from Titusville, the latter from Rochester.

-Chas. G. Richards has sold his farm, consisting of 160 acres, to Jacob McKeg and John Johnson - consideration $8,800.

-Mrs. Eliza Graves sold her personal property at auction January 25th, at her residence one mile east of Hon. Wm. H. Rogers.

-The tenant house opposite Craggs' Flouring Mill, belonging to B. Todd's estate, was sold to John Brookhout - consideration 400.

-John Clicquenoi has sold his farm, formerly known as the Phelps farm, consisting of 45 acres, to John VanHee - consideration $2,070.

-H. Deright has rented his farm and purchased H. Brockhouse's house and lot, situated near Hon. S.C. Cuyler, - consideration $2,700.

-William D. Tomkinson of Pontiac, Mich., and Edwin Tomkinson of Pine Run, Mich., are in town, having been called here by the death of their mother.

-Philip Robison, son of James Robison, was married to Miss Libbie Cooper, daughter of Hamilton Cooper, January 11th, by Rev. Amasa Stanton.

-Emmit Teats has sold his farm, situated on the East Town Line, formerly owned by Geo. And Alfred Allen, to H. Brockhouse - consideration $2700.

-Prof. Owen, the "Glass Blower," has been in town entertaining and delighting large audiences with his lectures and experiments during the past week. Splendid gifts were given each evening. He goes to Sodus, Alton, Wolcot, Clyde and Lyons. Let the citizens of each town turn out en mass, and we will garuntee they will be perfectly satisfied.

-Charles Larkins jr. will sell his personal property at auction on the premises of Chas. Larkins four miles north west of Marion, on Thursday, February 1st.

-A Festival was held at the M.E. Church in Williamson Friday, Jan. 12th for the benefit of said society. Oysters and music of the first order were the entertainments for the evening.

-Mrs. Sarah Tomkinson, relic of the late Rev. Joseph Tomkinson, died at the residence of her son John, in this town Saturday, January 13th, and was burried the 18th. She was 83 years old.

-John G. Roys returned home January 29th, having been absent about ten months on a whaling voyage to the coast of Iceland. He will please accept our thanks for files of Scotland papers.

-Harmon Betcher of Red Wing, Min., formerly of this village, arrived in town January 11th, and will return home some time in February. Harmon! We will give up the bet when oblige to, and not before. Circumstances look suspicious yet.

-Curtis & Joseph Lewis of Whitewater, Wis. will please accept our thanks for remittances. They seem to think that Wisconsin is the noblest state in the west, but cave in and acknowledge that the "Old Empire State" is the balance wheel of the Union.

-George Weaver has sold his farm, formerly owned by J.S. Pound, consisting of 105 acres, to John Dubois - consideration $4,725. He has purchased the Knapp farm, consisting of 119 acres, situated one mile south of Sodus Village - consideration $7,735.

-A.M. Winchester of Sodus, Proffessor of Elocution, and Commissioner of Common Schools, "read from the Poets" at the Union Church in this place January 8th. The proceeds went towards defraying the expenses of furnishing a room for the Select School.

-H.N. Nichols, our fellow townsman, having made arrangements with John M. Layton of Buffalo, dealer in Tobacco, Snuff and Cigars, will travel over his old route as usual, and offer great inducements to dealers in the "weed." See advertisement in another column.

-John VanWinkle has purchased the farm owned by Mrs. C. Brewer, formerly owned by Wm. Husker, consisting of 21 acres - consideration $2700; and she has purchased the farm recently owned by Capt. J.J. Morley, in Sodus, consisting of 130 acres - consideration $5,590.

-The copartnership heretofore existing under the name of Griffen & Reynolds was dissolved by mutual consent January 10th, and a new firm was formed under the name of Griffen, Reynolds & Lacy. They are now fitting up the store adjoining J. Reynolds', and will move about the first of April.

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