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Wayne County, N.Y.

Contributed by Allyn Hess Perry, from papers at the Office of the County Historian.

The Commercial Press was a monthly newspaper from Pultneyville, Town of Williamson. The Office of the County Historian has a small bundle of issues. A small part of the paper was devoted to Personal Items, listing various names of people from the area.

There is some fascinating reading about the Lake Ontario shipping trade in the 1860s, and neat ads for businessess from all over the place in these papers. There was quite a schedule of ships from Pultneyville to Charlotte to Toronto, naming ships and captains (the new ferry runs between Charlotte/Rochester and Toronto.) Not to be ignored in this paper are the railroad schedules, with stops in Palmyra, Oswego, Syracuse. And the Pultneyville & Palmyra Stage. "Leave daily at 6:45am - Arriving at 7:30pm connection at Palmyra with the N.Y.C.R. Road, Going West at 9:46a.m. and 4:20p.m. Going East at 11:20a.m. and 4:20p.m." The obits aren't detailed but give such an essence of the way life was. Spellings and misspellings are exactly as in the original paper.

Allyn Hess Perry
Co-coordinator, Wayne County NYGenWeb
June 2004

February 1868
March 1868
April 1868
May 1868
June 1868
July 1868


February 1868


-Dr. A.G. Austin offers $10. Reward for his Hound Dog that he has lost.

-William F. Ashley, of Lyons, has been appointed Assistant Doorkeeper in the Assembly.

-Charley Williamson, of Palmyra, has been appointed Assistant Librarian for the Assembly.

-Mrs. A.A. Cornwall, has lost a Hair Breast Pin, of which a liberal reward will be offered if returned.

-Rev. Armon Spencer, of Williamson, had a Donation a few evenings since and was very liberally attended.

-H.S. Flower, John F. Starin and Mark C. Finley, are the applicants for the Canal Collectorship at Palmyra.

-Luther M. Chase, of Palmyra, has sold out his Hard-Ware Store to William Doran, and has given possession.

-William Beckwith, of our village, has constantly on hand a good assortment of Furniture and Ready Made Coffins.

-A.M. Winchester, of Sodus, and Henry R. Tabor, of Marion, have been appointed by the Governor as Notaries Public.

-John S. Rich, of Marion, has been appointed, we understand, secret mail agent of the state at a salary of $1500 a year.

-Lyon & Griffin of this place, keep receiving a fresh supply of goods, and are determined not to be undersold by any one for Cash.

-John W. Sherman, formerly of our town, is now located at Des Moines, Iowa. He will please accept our thanks for papers received.

-Peter and John Buerman, will sell off their personal property at Auction, at their residence in East Williamson, Saturday Feb. 1.

-John N. Reeves, of Williamson, would respectfully inform the public, that he is engaged in the Pump business. All orders promptly filled.

-Samuel Brown, a Deputy Inspector of Customs for Rochester, was in town a few days since on business connected with the department.

-John A. Holmes is about to resign his position as Station Agent of the N.Y.C.R. Road at Palmyra, and accept the agency of the Mutual Life Insurance Co.

-Hon. Andrew Cornwall, Member of Assembly from Alexandria Bay, Jefferson Co., arrived in town January 24, remained over Sunday, and returned to Albany the 27.

-Joseph Gazlay has added another Billiard Table in his Saloon, and tore up his Bowling Alley.

-Richard Russell has a wood lot, west of Millards Distillery, and adjoining Aaron Pratt on the east, consisting of 19 acres, that he offers for sale in part or the whole of it.

-Z. Griffin, son of Matilda Griffin, of our town, and a school teacher at Williamson Corners, had to pay Capt. Alfred Wakely $35. for choking his son in school a short time since.

-Mrs. M.A. Brewer wishes to sell her farm, situated about two and a half miles north west of Sodus village, and half a mile east of the Centinary Church, consisting of 106 acres.

-William Eaton, formerly with H.B. Craggs, in the Flouring Mill, at this place, is now located at Ontario, in A. Hill's Mill, where he will be pleased to see all of his old friends.

-Peters Allen will sell his personal property at Auction, at his residence, on Thursday February 6th. Peters is not going into the Merchantile trade, as we noticed in our last number.

-Hon. S.K. Williams, our State Senator, we see is chairman of the senate committees on State Prisons and Retrenchment; and is also on other important committees. His rooms are Stanwix Hall.

-Rev. J.A. Swallow, Methodist Minister at this place, is to have a Donation Visit at the Union Church, in our village, Wednesday evening, February 5th. Ample accomodation will be made for all the teams that come.

-A.A. Cornwall, takes this method to inform all those indebted to him either by note or book account, to come forward and arrange them immediately, as arrangements are about being made to change the firm.

-Sidney C. Moodey, formerly of our town, now of Beloit, Wis., writes that they are having one of the finest winters thus far that they have ever seen in the west; that business is good and the people in fine spirits.

-Rev. Erastus P. Smith, Episcopal Clergyman at Sodus Point, had a rousing donation at the residence of George Swales, in Sodus, on Wednesday evening January 15, and received $230 in cash. He is well liked by the entire community.

-Dr. L.M. Gaylord and wife, of Sodus, celebrated their "China Wedding," January 16th. The relations presented them with a complete china set of dinner and tea ware. They were also presented with a cup and saucer said to be over a hundred years old.

-Curlis C. Lewis, writing from Whitewater, Wis., says he is still on earth and in a flourishing condition, and that they frequently have a call from people in this section, William Douglass having called a few days before, and H.E. Tufts being with them at the time of writing.


March 1868


-Lyman Lyon, of Palmyra, has been appointed Notary Public in and for Wayne County.

-D.F. Luce Esq., has sold his house and lot in Marion village, to Miles Holcomb for $2,300.

-Abram Legner has sold his farm to his brother Simeon, consisting of 44 acres - consideration $2,100.

-Lyon & Griffin, are selling goods cheap for cash, and if you don't believe it call and examine for your selves.

-S.S. Poppinoe, of Williamson, has been appointed by the Governor Notary Public in and for the county of Wayne.

-Michael Bruno will sell off his personal property at Auction, at his residence, two miles north of Joy, February 27.

-John Smith, of Marion, has sold his house and lot in that place to his brother William, consideration $2,500.

-Rev. Mr. Baxter, of Sodus, had a donation at the Centinary Church, is Sodus, February 5th, and received $111.

-Asahel Todd Jr. of this place has got an improvement on Aaron Pratt's wire fence patented, and is said to be good thing.

-Capt. J.H. Ledyard, once the popular steamboat commander on our lake, was taken to the Utica Insane Asylum February 18.

-John A. Fries, writing from Mount Clemons, Mich., says they have good sleighing, the weather cold enough to keep it, and they are all in fine spirits.

-Atkinson Sayles has sold his farm, together with his personal property, consisting of 160 acres to Abram, James and Peter Legner - consideration $9,500.

-Valeris Nims, formerly in the freight and express office at the Palmyra Depot, has been promoted by being placed in the Ticket Office, vice John A. Holmes resigned.

-William Hoagland is President of the "Butter and Cheese Factory Co.," located in the southwest part of the town. "Bill" if the directors don't come to time use the briar on them.

George Aistrope is expecting to go to England on a visit, about the first of May, and will be absent about four months. "George" if you go and come back via Quebec, look out.

-Mrs. C.M. Wake, writing from Port Byron, Ill., says the Thermometer stood thirty degrees below zero the 10th of February, the coldest even known in that part of the state.

-Martin Hollander has sold his farm, consisting of 54 acres to Jesse Deright and Thomas Craggs, for $2,400. Martin will see his personal property at Auction February 29.

-Alexander R. Tiffany, formerly of Palmyra, N.Y., and who was first Judge of this county, from 1817 to 1830, died at his residence in Palmyra Mich., January 14.

-Capt. Charles White, has bought "Curley Bill" Smith's farm in Marion, consisting of 22 acres - consideration $4,400. The Captain is going to move back from Long Island.

-Richard Russell has a wood lot, west of Millards Distillery, and adjoining Aaron Pratt on the east, consisting of 19 acres, that he offers to sell in part or the whole. Give him a call.

-Delando Sandford has sold his farm, consisting of 96 acres, to C.C. Eddy of our town - consideration $4,800. "Cyrene" is bound to have all the land that joins him before he stops.

-John Holland having rented his farm, will sell off his personal property at Auction, Feb. 20, at his residence, one and a half miles east of this place, formerly owned by James Peacock.

-Heman Miller, formerly track master of the N.Y. Central, has been in town looking after rail road ties that washed ashore last fall; and offers ten cents a piece for them delivered at this port.

-Mr. & Mrs. A.H. Tower, gave a fine party to their friends, at their splendid farm in Alloway, in this county, on Monday evening, Feb. 24. Over 200 cards of invitation were given out, and we hope they had a fine time.

-Bacon & Ennis formerly from Lyons, N.Y. are now doing shipping and commission business in Chicago. They are fine fellows and stand good with the board of trade. Produce to be sent west for sale, can't be put in better hands.

-Capt. Mervin V. Pallister, was Married to Addie Robison, by the Rev. Mr. Swallow, Wednesday, morning February 19. They immediately left for New York. Mervin, is a son of John Palister, and Addie is a daughter of James Robison, all of this village.

-Tinsley of the LYONS REPUBLICAN, says that "the President has sent to the Senate the name of Charles N. Tuttle, a bankrup nostrum-vender of Auburn, as U.S. Assessor of Internal Revinue in place of Gates. We would give more for his chance of being translated than for that of his confirmation by the Senate. If Reynolds was rejected, where will such a man as Tuttle stand." [Note: spellings exactly as in paper]


April 1868


-Mr. And Mrs. H. Auchampach gave a fine party at their residence, March 7th.

-Dr. D.C. Higgins, M.D., has been in town several days, and left for Newark March 28.

-Harvey H. Pound is on the road this spring with his usual variety of goods in his line.

-Abram Johnson sold off his personal property at Auction, on the "Sargent Farm," east of this place March 16.

-Mary Ann Brewer having rented her farm, near the Centinary Church, sold off her personal property at Auction March 17.

-Martin Hollinder sold off his personal property at Auction, Feb. 22, at his residence about one mile west of E.J. Roys.

-John Tinklepaugh, having sold his farm, one mile east of Pickleville, disposed of his personal property at Auction March 5.

-Rev, Benjamin Tomkinson, had a Donation at the Union Church, in this place, Feb. 19; and his receipts were about $60.

-Emerson Harrown, having rented his farm, sold off his personal property at Auction, at his residence near the Centinary Church, March 28.

-Phillip II. Swancott has sold his farm, opposite of the Bullock farm, on Tuckiehoe road, consisting of 30 acres, to Martin Hollinder - consideration $1400.

-Mr. And Mrs. Charles White, and Miss Bell Tassell, arrived in Williamson, March 24, after an absence of six weeks, on a visit to New York and Long Island.

-John A. Holmes has established a General Rail Road Ticket Office in Palmyra; and all who are traveling north, south, east or west, should purchase their Tickets of him.

-E.S. Green, Post Master at Sodus, went and carried the Mail on a hand sled, from Sodus to Newark and back, during one of our severe snow storms this winter, as the stage could not go.

-John Reynolds has sold his Tannery in this village, to Edward W. Shove, of Moravia, N.Y., and George Stoddard, of Walworth, N.Y., consideration $3,500. They take possession April 15.

-Capt. Russ Smith has been appointed to the command of the Propeller EMPIRE, of the "Northern Transportation Co.," and leaves for Chicago March 30, where his boat went into winter quarters.

-T.S. Jackson, of Palmyra, and Agent of the "Agricultural Insurance Co.," of Watertown, will please accept our thanks for the remittance. "You know, I know, and We all know," that you have a good agency.

-Robert Tetor sold off his personal property at Auction, on the farm formerly known as the "Deacon Granger Farm," near the Centinary Church in Sodus,. March 19. He intends to move to Yates Co.

-Dr. L.A. Reeves, of Williamson, has bought the old homested, having bought out the Heir's; he has a fine pair of work cattle, and a nice lot of young ones. The Doc is ready at all times to attend to all calls in his profession; and at the same time would like to have all those indebted to him call and settle, as he wishes to ballance up his books and commence anew.

-James Johnson, living between this village and the ridge, lost his wife Polly March 3, and was buried the 6. On account of the bad state of the roads, the funeral was postponed until Sunday, the 22. Serman by the Rev. B. Tomkinson. Jimmy has since sold his farm, consisting of 50 acres, to Capt. Russ Smith - consideration $3,000, and has given possession. On the 25th of March he sold his personal property at Auction.

-Marriage, at Pultneyville, N.Y., March 26, Capt. James T. Holling, to Miss Mary, eldest daughter of Prof. Samuel Owen, (the celebrated glass blower.) The new Pair started at once for New York and Washington. By this union some complicated relationships are secured. Prof. Owen had married for his second wife, the Sister of Capt. H. and becomes Father In Law of his former Brother In Law. The Captain becomes Husband of his Niece, and Grandson of his own Father. And Mrs. H., by marrying her uncle becomes Daughter In Law to her former Step Mother.

TOWN ELECTION - The following is the result of our town spring election held at this place on Tuesday, March 3.

Rep. Dem.

For Supervisor

B.J. Hance 123      James M. Hinolf 90

For Town Clerk

William H. Todd 154      Samuel Baldwin 89

For Justice of the Peace

S.S. Poppinoe 115      C.G. Richards 94

For Justice of the Peace- vacancy

J.W. Powers 124      Isaac Bruno 89

For Assessor

John N. Reeves 123      Samuel Vaughn 90

For Commissioner of Highways

Joel W. Norton 150      James M. White 89

For Commissioner of Highways-vacancy

William Pallister 124      R.P. Fairbanks 88

For Overseer of the Poor

Thomas J. Peer 124      Josiah Bruno 89

For Collector

Amasa O. Miller 118      P.H. Robison 91

For Constables

Amasa O. Miller 118      P.H. Robison 91     John Johnson 93

For Sealer of Weights and Measures

David V. Lacy 124      John W. Burtis 89

For Inspectors of Election District No. 1

Caleb E. Congdon 124      G. W. Calhoon 88

Barton P. Peer 124      George B. Maines 85

For Inspectors of Election District No. 2

Evi D. Stoddard 124      John W. Burtis 89

Isaac E. Shipley 122      Henry Benton 88


May 1868


-Stacey Grant died at his residence in Ontario April 7th, and was buried the 9th, aged 74.

-Adrian Contant has sold his farm, consisting of 24 acres, to William Mumford - consideration $1500.

-Mr. And Mrs. Charles Fields celebrated their Golden Wedding, on Saturday March 28, at their residence in Sodus.

-S.S. Poppinoe, has a House and Lot; also a Splendid Building Lot, in the village of Williamson, which he wishes to sell. Call and see him.

-Edward Baker, son of Joshua, was married to Mary P., only daughter of Edward Pallister, Sunday, March 29th.

-Capt. J.J. Morley, of the Steamer Bay State, was presented by his Wife, at Sodus Point, a few days since, with a Girl.

-George Tummonds sold his farm, one mile north of Pickleville, and sold off his personal property at Auction April 11.

-Henry Coon, Prof. Lewis H. Clark and John Hall, sold off a surplus of stock at auction, at the residence of Joseph Wilks April 18.

-Atkinson Sayles has bought out John Pratt, on the ridge, (the Noah Yale farm,) consisting of 20 acres, for $2400, and he has taken possession.

-Alexander White, son of Levi, died at the residence of his father, in this town, March 27th, and was buried the 20th: disease Consumption.

-John N. Reeves, as will be seen in another column, has gone into the manufacturing of the old fashion wood Pump, at his residence on the ridge.

-Capt. William J. Leaver, was married to Mary P., only daughter of Capt. Chauncey Fish, of our town, by the Rev. Mr. Swallow, on Sunday March 29th.

-Lyon & Griffin, have just returned from New York, with as fine a stock of Goods that was ever brought into this town; see their new advertisement in another column.

-W.H. Boman & Sons, had their store entered in Palmyra April 1, and some $400 worth of Cuttlery taken. They have offered $100 for the thief and recovery of the goods.

-Dr. A.F. Sheldon has been appointed Deputy Collector of Customs for this port, and A.A. Cornwall, Deputy Inspector of Customs for the port. They entered upon their duties April 1.

-Shove & Stoddard, have commenced business in the Tannery formerly owned by John Reynolds, and will pay the highest market price for Hides, and Skins. See their advertisement.

-C.C. Burnett, once a propeller captain on our lake, and lately a hotel proprietor at Alton, in our county, committed suicide a short time since, at West Hickory, Pa. by taking Laudalum.

-William Leaver says if people wish to keep the birds from stealing their cherries, they can do so by stuffing the skin of a rooster and putting it up in the tree, they will never come near it again.

-Samuel D. Lawrence, has sold his farm situated in Ontario, half a mile north of Lorenzo R. Boyington's, on the lakeshore, to Peter C. Grinnells, consisting of 50 acres, for $2750. Sam had his auction April 11th.

-Maj. J.H. Gilbert, has been appointed by Henry Flowers, as first Clerk in the Canal Collectors Office at Palmyra. The Major makes a good clerk, and we hope the time is not far distant when he may get the appointment of Collector.

-George B. Maines, of the firm of Todd & Maines, Merchants at Williamson, left for New York, Tuesday, April 21, after their new stock of Spring and Summer Goods. George is a good business man, and is well liked by the entire community.

-Dr. C. Cliff, Magnetic Physician, has been in town several days, performing some wonderful cures. He is now at the Hotel in Williamson and will remain there until April 26. At Ontario from April 27, until May 7. At West Walworth from May 8, until the 22.

-John Carles had about $15 worth of goods stolen out of his wagon, in this village, Saturday evening, and he offers a reward of $5. This is not the first time that goods have been taken out of wagons, in this place, and no attention has ever been paid to it by any one.

-Samuel Lyon, of the firm of Lyon & Griffin, of our village, was married to Miss Georgia, eldest daughter of Alfred Allen, Esq., by the Rev. Mr. Webster, Episcopal Clergyman of Palmyra, on Wednesday Morning, April 22, at the residence of the Brides parents in this village.

-Capt. H.N. Throop of this place, is making arrangements to build a Pleasure Steamer here the coming season. It will be about 100 feet long, and will be driven by two screw wheels, with two trunk engines, and will have State Room accommodations for about twenty persons; and will be, when ready, the fastest boat of her size on our lake.

-J. Haven Powers, is agent for S.S. Scranton & Co, Hartford, Conn., for the sale of the following books: Smith's Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Devotional and Practical Family Bible, and History of American Methodism. He has the towns of Sodus, Ontario and Williamson, to canvas in, and has commenced his work, meeting with good success thus far.


June 1868


-A.A. Cornwall has the "Freemason Monitor" for sale, which should be in the hands of all Masons. Price $1.50

-Daniel Danforth lost his house by fire May 27. It was situated near the Roys School House, and no Insurance.

-Dr. L.M. Gaylord, of Sodus, has purchased the Hulett Farm, and we understand will cut it up into village lots.

-Peter Lergner, died at his residence in this town, April 30, and was burried May 2, aged 74 years - disease, dropsy.

-Prof. Lewis H. Clark, delivered an able lecture on Temperance, at the Union Church, in this village, Sunday evening, May 10th.

-Linas Coleman, of Sodus, is building a new house, on the sight of the old one which is to be removed. George Cole has the contract.

-Jim Walker, formerly of the firm of Boman & Walker, Palmyra, has been elected Alderman of the city of Albany, where he now resides.

-Married at Whitney's Hotel, Sodus, April 18, by Rev. Erastus P. Smith, Harvey Redmond, to Miss Frances Miller, both of this town.

-Died at Sodus Point, April 8, Georgiana, wife of the Hon. B.R. Lummis, in the 52, year of her age. Servises (sic) by the Rev. E.P. Smith.

-Hon. Stephen K. Williams, State Senator, will please accept our thanks for his speeches on the Erie, N.Y. Central and Hudson River Rail Road bills.

-William Beckwith, of our village, has the contract for building the new Church in Sodus, in place of the old Centinary Church which is to be torn down.

-Harvey H. Pound, has purchased the stock of goods formerly owned by J.S. Thompson, at Williamson, and will continue the business at the same old stand.

-John W. Burtis has bought of Wm. Swales, of Sodus, his half interest in the Schr. "Union," consideration $800. She will make excursions from this place July 4th.

-R. Reynolds is on the road with samples from the old and well established house of J. & S. Gormly, 52 State St., Rochester, N.Y. He is selling goods cheap as all admit.

-George C. Wake, of Port Byron, Ill., says that he has eleven ewes that has seventeen lambs, one of them has three fine strong lambs over a week old. Illinois, he says against the world.

-John T. Leggett, of Arcadia, had his house badly damaged by fire May 20, by the burning out of a chimney. It was insured in the "Agricultural Co.," of Watertown, N.Y.

-Married at Sodus Point, April 8, by the Rev. Erastus P. Smith, Walter Adelbert Nimocks, of Minnieapolis, Minn., to Miss Tilly, daughter of the late Hon. Horace Morley, of the former place.

-Mrs. Frank Sinsabaugh has lately moved to Williamson, and opened a Millinery Establishment in that village, and respectively solicit's the patronage of the citizens of the place and adjoining towns.

-William Fleming, an old resident of this village, died after a short illness, of consumption, May 5th, and was burried the 7th. The funeral services were held at the Church, sermon by the Rev. Benjamin Tomkinson.

-Abner Grinnells of Ontario, was married to Mrs. Sarah Tucker, of this place, at the residence of Capt. Andrew Holling, by Gen. W.S. Throop, Esq., April 27. Mr. G. has since sold his farm in Ontario, and moved to Webster.

-Robert A. Smith, wishes to dispose of his house and lot situated on Erastus Seeley's farm, on the Tuckeyhoe road, consisting of one acre of land, with eighteen young Apple Trees, and all in ample order. Call and see.

-William Oliver, formerly clerk of the Str. Cataract, is now in the DEMOCRAT office at Rochester. Bill had better look out how he pitches into us whenever we are in town, or we'll drop on him some time when he don't look for it.

-George W. Griffin, of the firm of Lyon & Griffin, in this place, has purchased the house and lot formerly owned by J. Haven Powers, consideration $1350. He is at work making some very extensive alterations in its outward appearance.

-Silas L. Keys, formerly of the American Hotel, Utica, has leased Ayers Hotel, Rochester, for a term of years, re-furnished and re-modeled it throughout. Thomas Gilliam, who was formerly with Redfield, is in the Office, and Tomy is well liked by every one. Give them a call!

-Maj. A.B. Williams, of Lyons, in this County, has taken up his residence in Chicago. He is an old resident of the county, was respected by all who knew him. He represented our district in the State Senate a few years since, with marked ability and during our late rebellion, was Paymaster in the army. The Major was as sharp and shrewd a politician as could be found, and was true to his friends.

-Capt. H.N. Throop, has brought his Dredge, Pile Driver, Timber &c., here from Charlotte, and will break ground soon for his Steam Mill, which will, when completed, be ahead of anything ever built before. It will have a carriage way over sixty feet long, and will whittle up a log lively, and give it any bevel that is required, and suitable for ship building. He will also put up a Store House and build his Pleasure Steamer.


July 1868


-Fish & Benton, have put up a Soda Fountain in their store.

-Mrs. William Fleming, offers her house for sale in this village cheap.

-Peter Lergner had a finger cut off in a stave machine at this place May 23.

-L. Whitney, is to have a Fourth of July Ball at his Hotel, in Sodus, Friday evening July 3.

-James Robison & Son, have lengthened their Grocery Store in this village, and we understand are doing a good business.

-Alzora, daughter of Wanton F. Millard, of our town, died at the residence of her father, on Wednesday, June 18 - disease dropsy.

-Tompkins Allen and Wife, formerly from this village, but now of Leslie, Mich., was in town a short time since enroute to New York.

-Charley Walton, of Palmyra, was married to Miss. McCloth, of Farmington, June 17, the anniversary of the battle of Bunker Hill.

-Isaac Shipley says that Vanderbilt has got beat on one road, he can't get the controle of the Canandaigua and Pultneyville Rail Road.

-C.C. Lewis, writing from Whitewater, Wis. Says that the prospects are good for a bountiful harvest, and that the weather is beautiful.

-Miss Nellis, daughter of Mrs. Johnathan Pratt, of Marion, formerly of this town, is teaching school in this village the present summer.

-Hon. J.W. Gates, of Ontario, and U.S. Internal Revinue Assessor for this district, has returned from Iowa, where he has been on a visit.

-William Springer, formerly of this town, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Lewis, Whitewater, Wis., May 23, aged 82 years.

-E. Joseph Roys, was the only one from this town that was drawn on the Petit Jury, to serve at the present county court, His Excellency Judge Cowles presiding.

-J. Haven Powers is agent in this town for the GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE CO., also agent for the sale of publications from the house of S.S. Scranton & Co., Hartford, Conn.

-Lyon & Griffin have just put up a Hay Scale in this village, and they also intend to start a Coal Yard. They also have as fine a stock of goods as was ever brought in to this town.

-Henry Benton, of the firm of Fish & Benton, of our village, was married to Miss Mary, daughter of Peter VanDriest, formerly of this village, but now of Mich., May 17th.

-Rev. Erastus P. Smith, Episcopal Clergyman of Sodus, held eve. Service at the Union Church, in this village, on Sunday June 21, at 8 P.M.

-William C. Johnson, of Macedon, of Macedon, lost his house by fire June 12, caused by a defect in the stove pipe, it was but slightly damaged, fully insured.

-Arsel Clark, of Macedon Centre, let his team run away a short time since, doing no damage, only throwing cedar posts all over the village. Hol on Arsel.

-J.B. Craggs has closed his Flouring Mill in this village for the present, for the undergoing of repairs, and due notice will be given as soon as it is ready for business.

H.W. Fish and Lady, Editor of the NEW ORLEANS REPUBLICAN, is in town, stopping for a short time on his farm. Wright is looking well and appears in fine spirits.

-Lizie, only daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Thos. Quaife, of our village, died June 13th, aged ten months. Thomas has a host of friends, and they deeply sympathise with him in his affliction.

-Mrs. Hoot, wife of the late Mathias Hoot, of Sodus, died at the residence of her grand son P.H. Hoot, about two miles east of this village, on the farm formerly owned by John Allen, May 29.

-Orrin Danforth, of Sodus, was arrested by the U.S. Marshall a short time since, as alledged for the violation of the Revinue Laws. He was bound over and held for trial, but we think will prove himself clear.

-Roys & Pallister, have constantly on hand at their Ware House near the bridge in this place, Flour, Salt, Plaster, WaterLime, Grain Baggs, &c., &c. Their Schooner Pilot will make excursions from this place July 4th.

-Friend Averill of the COURIER, says a Conductor on the cars the other day encountered a drunken passenger, and having no ticket demanded his destination, "Going to h__l said the inebriate," and he was put off at Palmyra.

-John W. Burtiss, of our village, we are pleased to hear, has become a firm beleiver in mental telegraphing. We know several that has tried it lately but didn't amount to anything, as it all depends upon the person that is under your control.

-Hon. Ornon Archer, of Palmyra, Hon. S.K. Williams, of Newark, and T.W. Collins, of Lyons, are the applicants for the congressional nomination this fall, as we understand that our present member, Hon. T.M. Pomeroy does not wish for a re-nomination.

-Hank - son of Quaker Hank Southwick, of Palmyra, has arrived home from Washington D.C. where he has been for a long time in the Paymasters Office; and we, understand that he is to have a Postal Car, running between New York and Buffalo on the first of July.

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