The Williamson High School Informer

VOL. III     Williamson, N.Y., June 13, 1912     No. 1

History of the Class of 1912.

Since there are only six members in our Graduating class and since we six have not been together throughout our whole High school course, I will take up a short history of each member separately.

Our president, Ralph Westfall, was born in Auburn, during the year of 1892. He says, he lived not gar from the State's Prison, but as you all may see, he has thus far escaped such a destination.

Very little is known of his early life and education. Therefore we will consider that he was a common, very ordinary boy. In the year 1907 and '08 Ralph was a member of the 1911 class, but on account of working during the year when the members of that class were Sophomores, he missed one year of school and joined our class in our Sophomore year. For the past two years Ralph has worked faithfully and, although he was engaged for a few nights each week during last year with things other than study, he has behaved very well and we, as a class, have deemed him worthy of being our president.

The Vice-President, Mildred Benton, is next in order. As you probably all know, Mildred was born on a farm about two miles north of East Williamson. There she attended district school, until she attained the age of fifteen, when she began coming to High School and joined our class in our Freshman year. Mildred truly believes in the motto, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." SHe has had a hard course throughout High School on account of being unable to attend our school in the grades, but we surely think she will win.

Our class secretary was born on a farm about two miles south of Williamson in the year 1893. She is a bright and very studious girl and although she went to district school during her early life, she has been at the head of her class all through high school. It has been decided that Maud will teach school in the district where the "tar and feather" case occurred last fall. We all hope that she will not use the remaining tar and feathers on her innocent scholars.

The class baby was born at Pultneyville in the year 1895. This member attended district schools, sometimes one and then another, until he reached the eighth grade, when he began coming to high school. Nothing serious nor extra-ordinary happened to Clarence until during the past year. During this year, it is rumored that he delights in teasing both girls and the teacher in English Four and Ancient History classes. We think that Clarence has been mislead someway by someone, for during the past year, he has delighted in using "Armstrong Heaters" whether it be cold or warm. This we think does not sound or look well for the "class baby."

Winifred Buerman was born at Pickleville, where she now lives, in the year 1894. She attended the district school there, until she reached the eighth grade, when she came to Williamson, and joined us in our eighth grade. "Winnie" truly lives up to our motto "Nihil sine labore" that is "Nothing without labor," for she works and she works from morning till night.

You may all see that our class has not been together as an organization long enough to accumulate a history and therefore accept this as a history of our class. If you consider those of us who are above mentioned as either "slow" or "incapable of originality," remember there is one "saving member."

Eunice Lockley '12

Statistics of the Class of 1912.

Clarence LaGassee - FAvorite dish - pickled elephant; favorite song - "Art thou weary"; favorite resort - Under the apple trees during recitation period; favorite conveyance - On feet that take no 10 shoes; the musical instrument he can play best - a buzz saw; greatest desire - To smoke the biggest meerschaum pipe; ideal - To marry money; for what he is noted - For teasing the girls.

Maud Engelsen - Favorite dish - Humming Birds' tongues on toast; favorite song - "Home, Sweet Home"; favorite resort - In the moonlight, accompanying a neighbor home; favorite conveyance - A car that is always late; the musical instrument she can play best - mouth-organ; greatest desire - To go to Switzerland; ideal - A complete gentleman; for what she is noted - for her ability tot answer a question nobody elle can.

Eunice Lockley - favorite dish - Limberger cheese; favorite song - "Good-bye my lover, good-by"; favorite resort - At the stone house on the ridge; favorite conveyance - A Car)r); the musical instrument she can play best - automobile horn; greatest desire - To see and be seen; ideal - a handsome beau; for what she is noted - For her charming voice.

Mildred Benton - favorite dish - Cat tail soup; favorite song - "Rain, Rain, go away"; favorite resort - At church; favorite conveyance - The Trolley; the musical instrument she can play best - A tin-pan; greatest desire - To keep her equilibrium; ideal - A black-haired dana=dy; for what she is noted - For her bright sayings in Physic's class.

Ralph Westfall - favorite dish - fried gingerbread; favorite song - "How can I from thee part"; favorite resort - At Adam's just before the train arrives; favorite conveyance - A vaulting-pole; the musical instrument he can play best - A Clarinet; greatest desire - To go to college; ideal - A blonde; for what he is noted - for his sense.

Winifred Buerman - favorite dish - murhies; favorite song "Work for the night is coming"; favorite resort - her head in a book; favorite conveyance - Shank's horses; the musical instrument she can play best - base drum; greatest desire - to be a school-marm; her idea - An Egyptian; for what she his noted - mispronouncing the words such as adjective, picture and husband.

Winifred Ruth Buerman '12

Class Will

We, the Graduating Class of 1912, being in sound mind and having full possession of our natural faculties, realizing that our brilliant career in the Williamson High School is about to come to a close, do hereby make, aver and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former Wills made by us, in the manner following, that is to say:

To BERTHA L. - A week's vacation in Pultneyville, to see more of Courteville.

To MILDRED PALISTER - Some one a little "larger" to hold her on his lap, when they go out riding, four in a buggy.

To RUSSELL - A girl to return his smiles.

To ISAAC - Someone to accompany him to the freshman parties.

To LENA FULLER - A good supply of writing material to write to 'him', who lives out-of-town.

To ANNA - A supply of rubber tubes and pointers.

To MR. ERSKINE - A bouquet of "Sweet Williams".

To ALFRED - A camel (Kaymel).

To EDWARD - A cure for bashfulness.

To JOHN - A book entitled "Nonsense".

To LILAH - A simple remedy for "heart trouble".

To BEULAH - More evening strolls after choir rehearsal.

To EMERSON - The means of becoming an electrician.

To VICTOR - More popularity among the girls in Williamson.

To JUDSON - A megaphone to use in plane geometry class.

To MARION - A cure for absent mindedness, so that she can get to school properly dressed.

To FLORENCE - A yearly allowance with which to buy ice cream.

To BESSIE JOHNSON - A placle upon which to fix her eyes, when she is studying "German poetry".

To BENNETT - More Sunday evenings "down on the farm".

To ROLAND - A book on "good behavior in English class".

To BESSIE VER CROUSE - Success in collecting Victorian dues.

To MARY - A camera, (a Brownie of course).

To BLANCHE - A lecture from Professor Erskine on "Dignity".

To KENNETH - A model for drawing.

To CHRISTINE - More visits from that "West Webster fellow".

To GORDON - A dressmaker's model, which he may have to hug.

To MILDRED RUSSELL - A cough remedy, so that she will not lose so much time from classes.

To BERTHA MOORMAN - More notes to Write.

To PEARL - Something more difficult to accomplish than stunts at Victorian Initiation.

To RUTH - A conductor that just "suits" her.

To MASON - Some new teachers for him t get a "Crush on".

To HOWARD FULLER - Some titles with which to address people.

To HOWARD VANHOLDE and JESSE ELVE - Some Mellins Food.

To HAZLE - A timepiece, so she will not keep "Toot" out after 12 o'clock.

To ALICE - The courage to ask Glenn Phillips to another "Freshmen Party".

To GEORGIA - As it is "Leap Year" two tickets for the Star.

To MISS ZWICKY - More treats from the scholars.

To MARGUERITE - Something to overcome her giggles.

To CHARLES FISHER - Someone to enjoy his "nice" horse and buggy.

To IRENE - A pair of crutches.

To ARMILDA - A barrel of "Pickles".

To HELEN - Someone to carry her across "mud puddles", when out walking.

To ALMYRA - A First Year Latin book.


Moll & Lund
Fancy Groceries
Williamson, N. Y.

F.S. Wilder,
Williamson, N. Y.

G. M. Mullie,
Cigars and Tobacco.
Williamson, N. Y.

Gordon & DeHond,
Department Store
Williamson, N. Y.

See the car that looks to be
Twice what it
Costs,, and is Just as
Good as it Looks.
Carr & DeZutter,
Williamson, N. Y.

J. C. Berzine,
Furniture and Undertaking
Williamson, N. Y.

H. DeJager,
Lawn Mowers
Right - Try Him.
Williamson, N. Y.

West & Decker
Fine Clothing and Gents' Furnishings.
Williamson, N. Y.

Compliments of
B. W. Mohr,
Williamson, N. Y.

J. W. Bennett
Drug Store
Call and See the New Fountain
Williamson, N. Y.

Wilson, The Baker.
Ice Cream.
Williamson, N. Y.

Leonard DeZutter,
Dealer in
Toys and Fancy Goods.
Williamson, N. Y.

A. B. Covert,
Dry Goods and Groceries,
Williamson, N. Y.

The Williamson House,
J. V. Olmstead, Prop.

Lockley & Putnam,
Maxwell Motor Cars

Williams & Scott Co.,
Commercial Printers

The Williamson Candy Works,
Home Made Candies and Ice Cream.
Williamson, N. Y.

D. C. Cottrell,
Horse and Auto Livery
Williamson, N. Y.

A. E. Cole,
Fresh and Salt Meats
Williamson, N. Y.

Tassell & Fairbanks,
Plumbing, Heating and Lighting.
Williamson, N. Y.

John DeFrine,
Dealer in
Agricultural Implements,
Bicycles, Motor Cycles, Sporting Goods,
Williamson, N. Y.

Go To
For Everything in
Jewelry Line.
The Store on the Corner
Williamson, N. Y.

Mrs. G. D. Young,
"Holeproof" Hosiery,
Williamson, N. Y.

Home Laundry,
C. D. Cottrell, Proprietor,
South Avenue
Williamson, N. Y.

G. M. Beckwith,
Dealer in Fine Harness,
Williamson, N. Y.

J. W. Malone,
Ice Cream Parlor
Lunch Room,
19 Main Street,
Williamson, N. Y.

DeZutter & Fuller,
Dry Goods and Groceries,
Williamson, N. Y.

Moorman, VerHow & Co.
Dealers in General Merchandise,
Williamson, N. Y.

J. E. Spavin,

Mrs. G./S.(?) M. DeZutter,

The State Bank of Williamson
Has the Best of Service in
Banking or Insurance.
Try It! Try It!

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