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Welcome to the Wayne County, NY GenWeb page! The purpose of this siteis to enhance family research by offering a variety of useful and vital historical resources. It should be noted that, although nothing fancy or technologically slick, this site is the result of a lot of hard work, since 1998, on the part of many volunteers who reside all over the United States. You can be sure that, no matter where one lives, each volunteer has a keen historical or genealogical interest in Wayne County, so you can expect quality resources.

Wayne County GenWeb is a team project. There are currently two co-coordinators who plan and type; one co-coordinator does the coding to post information on line; several contributing editors who do original projects and transcriptions and hunt down goodies; and a group of regular volunteers / contributors whose efforts have been indispensable to the site's growth since the late 1990s.

Found throughout the Wayne County GenWeb site are many excellent items, such as:

  • Cemetery lists - about 108 - and growing, and many with known genealogical connections annotated by volunteers.
  • Queries page where you can add your own research problem(s).
  • Gazetteer information for all of the Wayne County towns for different years.
  • Historical accounts of towns and people once only accessed by those who visited the county.
  • Old newspaper articles that provide a "snapshot" of what life was like in earlier times.
  • Links to other informative and pertinent websites of county interest.
  • A list of Wayne County resources, both people and places, that you can contact for more information, legal documents, wills, maps, and etc.
  • The unusual and unexpected - rare lists, original articles and books, and original projects and features created by Team Wayne.

This site is updated periodically, on no particular schedule, so be sure to check for what's new to you in the "What's New" section since your last visit. If you have old articles typed up or photos of family items that you wish to contribute, please contact either one of the co-coordinators and let us know what it is. Our contact addresses are on the front page of this site. Articles should be out of copyright, or you must have secured written permission to post on line from the author or their heirs. If you have photos, they should be ones that you yourself have taken. If you didn't take them yourself, please have the photographer directly contact us via email and give their permission. Please do NOT "save" images / scans off the internet from other sites to send them to us.

Please bookmark this site and return often. You never know what you might find here -and we never know what we'll receive to offer you! Also, if you have found an ancestor on this page, please tell us about it. This is a volunteer project and our reward is knowing we've helped our fellow Wayne County researchers. Congenial and helpful comments and/or suggestions, of course, are always welcome, as are thank-yous to the volunteers.

Thank you for visiting the Wayne County, NY GenWeb page. And, good luck in your search.

Wayne County, NY USGenWeb Co-Coordinators:

Martha and Allyn

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