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This is an original school souvenir for School District No. 12, Town of Walworth, given to students by their teacher, Mark B. Furman. School souvenirs were most popular between 1900 and 1910. Usually given out at the end of the school year at "one room" rural schoolhouses that served children from the immediate neighborhood, they're valuable as circumstantial evidence for narrowing down the area within a town where a family resided. School souvenirs of this period will show children born just before or after 1890, or between the missing 1890 census and next one in 1900.

The photo of Mr. Furman is a real photograph. Below the photograph is a full text transcription. This rare old souvenir may be the only one left, and has been donated to the Office of the County Historian. For information about where this district was located or persons named below, please contact the county historian's office directly. Their web address is in our research section.

Walworth School Souvenir

Walworth School Souvenir


School District No. 12
Walworth, Wayne Co., New York

Presented by Mark B. Furman, Teacher

Charles R. Skinner State Sup't.
Rufus N. Backus Co. Sup't.


William Fritts
H. Watson Hurlbut
Henry Salzer


Lewis L. Clark
Earnest J. Clark
Clinton A. DeWitt
Leslie J. De Witt
Bert DeWitt
Alvin R. DeWitt
Leland T. Furman
May J. Guinan
James D. Guinan
Richard T. Guinan
Cassie Guinan
Clarence Hagreen
Henry W. Hurlbut
Gifford G. Hurlbut
Bessie D. Kenney
Frank L. Kenney
Glennon J. Kenney
Thomas Kenney
Ethel M. Jacobs
Clinton J. Lincoln
Harrison T. Lincoln
Frank Martins
Libbie B. McCrea
Ernest D. Merrifield
Olive M. Palmer
Fairfield D. Salzer
Lilla B. Stalker
Mildred Valentine
Eugene J. Vane
John S. Vane
Philip D. Vane
Herman Vibbard
Florence A. Vibbard

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New 1/12/07   Two new school items found by site co-coordinator Allyn Hess Perry!

Some Names From:

June 22, 1915

Class Obituary, Mary Durkin
Vocal Solo-Leonore, Mrs. F. Fredenburg
Class Will, Leland Franke
Advice to The Juniors, Frank Sawyer
Reply of The Juniors, Melba Smith
Flute Solo, Mr. Hugh Becker
Scrap Bag, Hazel Blythe
Class Poem, Mary Downs
Class Prophecy, Ruth Frowley

This pamphlet is in the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY, located in the Walworth School file.

Walworth PUPILS 1904-1905

WALWORTH, WAYNE CO., N.Y. 1904-1905

Frank Henn, Teacher
Chas. Dinse, Trustee
Jacob Bills, Collector
Chas. Mills, Clerk


Albert Dinse, Anna Dailor
Anna Bliek, Arthur Kuier
Carl Mills, Cecil McCrea
Chester Rood, Dinnes Uerheule
Eddie Cronk, Elmer Rood
Emma Cronk, Eva Kuier
Florence Kuier, Fred Boekhout
Fred Dinse, Glenn McCrea
Grace Rolland, Grace Furman
Grace Kuier, Hobart Furman
Howard Kuier, Irene Rood
Isaac Uerheule, John DeSmidt
John Bliek, Lee Daansen
Leslie Kuier, Leland McCrea
Leoline Bannatyne, Leon Rolland
Floyd Bannatyne, Loren Wolf
Lo Dinse, Louise Dinse
Lucy DeSmidt, Mabel Bannatyne
Marion Rood, Mary Durkin
Maynard Mills, Melba Smith
Regena Durkin, Ruth Dinse
Sadie Uerheule, Walter Durkin
Will DeSmidt, Yamile Bliek

This list of pupils is at the Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY, in the Walworth school file.

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