Marriages Recorded at Zion Episcopal Church

Palmyra, Wayne County, N.Y.

The following marriage citations were copied from original handwritten record books of the Zion Episcopal Church of Palmyra, Wayne County, N.Y. by Harriett M. Wiles in 1935. The unpublished typescript of miscellaneous records for this church can be personally viewed at the New York City Public Library. Please do not email to say that the spellings are "wrong" or to ask for more info. This is all the info given and spellings are as on the typescript. To seek out further information about persons listed please order a search from the Wayne County's Office of the County Historian.

Apr. __ Joel Bacon to Emma Billings
Sept. 4 John H. Gilbert to Chloe Thayer
Oct. __ Chad Southwick to Margaret Jennings
Oct. 24 Moses B. Whitmore to Dolly Elmanson

Apr. __ Draper Allen to Sophia Rogers
May 16 Abram Beals to Stella Seely
Sept. 18 James Lover to Ellen Hayes

(Above copied from record of Rev. John A. Clark by B.H. Hickox)

May 7 Leland Fillmore to Rebecca Fosgate
June 4 James Sumner to Miss Alma Parker
July 4 John Ayers to Miss Kesiah Clark
Sept. 16 Horace Birdsall to Dorcas Flagler

(Above copied from pencilmarks of Rev. Ezekiel G. Gear by B.H. Hickox, Dec. 1830)

Dec. 31 William Hyde to Lauranna Caroline Page

Jan. 28 John G. Winter to Mary Robinson

(Above in the handwriting of Rev. John M. Guion)

Sept. 23 Aaron Smith of Bloomfield to Miss Barbara Fish of Manchester, N.Y.

June 13 Charles Smith of Rochester to Catherine H. Colt of Palmyra
June 30 John B. Knapp to Eliza W. Barnhart
___ Elihu Hinman to Miss Calista Inman
Sept. 13 Major George W. Cuyler to Miss Caroline Porter
Nov. ___ Thomas Rogers, Junr., to Miss Mary Thompson
Nov. 24 John Beam of Sodus to Mrs. Clarissa Miles
Nov. 29 Horace Chase of Medina to Miss Turner of Macedon
Dec. 24 Hiram P. Thayer to Miss Sarah Elizabeth Williams

Jan. 8 George K. Stiles to Miss Harriet Rose by F. Smith Esq. (rector absent)
Jan. 9 Henry P. Allen to Miss Ann Maria Havens
Jan. 15 Major L. Hurd to Miss Sally Ann Tabor
Feb. 19 James Mason to Miss Henrietta Maria Harmsley of Sodus in St. Johns Church, Sodus Ridge
June 25 Ira White, Senior Warden of Zion Church to Miss Esther Bates of Hopewell
July 4 Mr. J.D. Dunning to Miss Eudora Smith
July 11 Mr. Franklin Payne to Miss Octavia J. Lewis
July 29 John H. Merrill/Morrill of New York to Miss Eliza Gardner
July 29 John N. Cornell of New York to Miss Angelina Gardner
Oct. 3 Joseph Buckingham and Miss Eveline West
Nov. 1 John Brower of Huntsbury, Ohio, to Mrs. Mary Hussey of Palmyra
Nov. 14 William G. Gardner to Mary E. Durfee
Nov. 29 Rev. Seth Davis to Miss Mary Emeline Thayer

Jan. 23 John Amsden to Ann Parker

(Above is record of Rev. B.H. Hickox)

Mar. 13 at house of Mr. Miller near the creek, George Hathaway to Miss Eveline Elsave
Mar. 20 at house of Mr. Reeves near creek, Israel T. Hatch, Esq. of Buffalo to Miss Lydia Powers of Auburn ( on typescript - "they were the niece and nephew of Gov. Enos Throop")
May 6 at house of Mrs. Betsey Colt in Palmyra, Gershom Schermerhorn of Geneva to Miss Elizabeth Colt of Palmyra
June 4 Theron Rudd Strong, Esq. to Miss Abby Louise Hart

(here ends record of Rev. Mr. Powers)

"Records of William Staunton"

Nov. 28 Levi Darling to Miss Jerusha Capron, dau. of Joseph, 2 mi. south

Mar. 5 Jacob Bortles to Mary Colt
Apr. 27 Oliver Niles to Miss Hannah Ann Gardner
Aug. 5 Eugene L. Morgan to Miss Dorothy Ann Armington of Manchester

Feb. 15 Henry Gardner to Miss Barbary M. Todd at house of Mrs. Polly Todd
June 8 George Redfield of St. Joseph, Mich., to Miss Julia M. Mason of Palmyra at home of John Rogers
Sept. 23 Abram Martin to Miss Esther Chadwick at Mr. Nottingham's
Oct. 5 Martin Butterfield to Miss Nancy May of Westminster, Va., at home of Dr. Hoyt

"Records of Rev. John D. Gilbert 1837"

Apr. 4 James Simon and Abigail Hopkins of Town of Penfield, Munro (sic) County
___ Benjamin Elias and Mary Simon of the above place, Witnesses Lemon or Simon

"Records of Clement M. Butler"

Oct. 1 William May, M.D. to Elizabeth Thayer at Levi Thayer's (dau of Levi and Clarris, latter dec'd)
Dec. 9 Thomas Buckley to Phebe (?)

Jan. 10 at Notting's Hotel, Mr. Hiram Foskett to Mrs. Jane Foskett, both of Walworth
Jan. 10 Mr. George W. D. Gilbert to Miss Philena Durfee
Sept. 10 Fred'k T. Hurthall of Massilon, Ohio to Miss Sally Maria, dau of Frederic Smith, Esq.
Sept. 19 Sam'l T. Broeck of Branchport to Miss Mary Baldwin of Palmyra

Jan. 1 at L.C. Smith's Tavern, Mr. Thos. Cornwall of Perrinton (sic) to Miss Laura (?) or Lana Maria Brazzee of Victor
Apr. 1 Henry Nottingham to Miss Mary Jane Hathaway
Apr. 28 at Port Gibson, Mr. Albert Barrard of Buffalo to Miss Elizabeth Jenkins of the former place

"Records of T.S. Brittan"
1841 Jan. 26 (28?) Bruce Everson to Lucy Crowell
Feb. 25 William Walton to Susan Ann Carpenter at Nottingham's Hotel
June 23 Henry Southwick to Henrietta Chapman
Sept. 27 Jacob Crandall to Julia Cook
Sept. 28 George Wilson to Rachel Piper. Mar. at Widow Piper's house at Manchester, near Port Gibson

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