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Part 3

From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Friday, December 21, 1934, page 12


Newark, Dec. 30- Fred Hulett Pollock, 68, died today in his farm home near Fairville.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Friday, February 23, 1894, page 4

Mrs. P. Campbell, an aged widow of Clyde, died at her home on Park street, in that place, Tuesday evening, from heart failure. For many years Mrs. Campbell had kept a candy store and bakery on Park street. Deceased was about 82 years old.

NOTE: 1880 Census, Clyde, Town of Galen: Phebe Campbell, age 60, confectioner, wife of Phineas Campbell, age 62.

Butler-Savannah Cemetery
Phineas 1818 - 1891
Phebe Taylor, wife, 1820 - 1894

Elizabeth Schwab, wife of Philip Schwab, one of the richest farmers in South Lyons, died yesterday morning. Deceased was one of the oldest residents of the town of Lyons and was born in Germany in 1824, coming to this county and settling in Lyons when but 9 years of age. She leaves a husband, Philip Schwab, one son, George E. Schwab of South Lyons, and one daughter, Mrs. Fred Stolz, of the same place. The funeral services will be held to-morrow afternoon.

Lyons Rural Cemetery
SCHWAB Philip Oct. 12, 1908, 87y 5m 12d
SCHWAB Elizabeth wife Feb. 22, 1894, 70y 7m 19d
SCHWAB Barbara dau. of Philip & Elizabeth, Jan. 1859, 10y
SCHWAB Philip Henry son of Philip & Elizabeth, Jan. 1859, 5y
SCHWAB Mary E. dau. of Philip & Elizabeth, Jan. 1859, 1y

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Monday, March 18, 1895, page 4

The death of Farley Vanderbilt of Fairville, aged 82, occurred last Saturday evening. Several children survive.

The death of Charles C. Horton of Newark occurred last Saturday afternoon from a shock of paralysis, aged 66 years. A widow and brother survive.

The remains of Russell Hibbard of Grand Rapids, Mich., and formerly a resident of South Butler, were taken to the latter place on Saturday, and funeral services were held from the Disciples' Church, of which he was a member for many years, and were conducted by Rev. W. H. Applegate. Mr. Hibbard was 77 years of age. He leaves four children, two sons, Willie and Milan, and two daughters, Mrs. Charles Knapp and Miss Sila Hibbard, his wife having died a few years since, and was brought to South Butler for burial.

Butler-Savannah Cemetery
Russell P. 1814 - 1895
Almyra C. 1816 - 1889
Byron 1845 - 1874
Dorcas 1842 - 1847
Sila E. 1851 - 1916

Rev. Jonathan E. Goodhue, formerly rector of St. Mark's Church at Newark, died at his home in that place early yesterday morning, aged 70 years. Deceased was born at Deerfield, N.H., in 1825 and graduated from Yale university in 1852. He was ordained in the Episcopal ministry in 1860. His first parish was at Brookfield, Conn., after which he was rector of parishes in Sterling, Ill.; Davenport, Iowa; Cuba, N.Y., and went to Newark as rector of the St. Mark's Church of that village in July, 1885. He resigned in the fall of 1892 on account of poor health. A widow, Mrs. Esther Goodhue, and three children survive.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Goodhue, Rev. Jonathan Elbridge Apr. 15, 1824 in Deerfield, N.H., d. Mar. 17, 1895
Goodhue, Esther A. wife June 5, 1837-May 15, 1913

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Wednesday, April 15, 1896, page 4

Miss Kittie Vienne, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Vienne, died at the home of her parents, four miles south of Palmyra, Tuesday morning, aged 22 years.

An epidemic of measles is largely prevalent throughout different parts of Ontario. The first case resulting fatally was that of the youngest son of Martin M. Cartan, who died yesterday morning. The attendance in the different schools is being considerably reduced by the disease.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Tuesday, September 24, 1895, page 4

Fred C. Boutall died Sunday morning at the home of his brother, Frank Boutall, two miles south of Marion, of consumption. Mr. Boutall was born in Cleveland October 16, 1865. Besides his wife he leaves a baby seven months old.

Marion Cemetery
Boutall, Frederick, 1865-1895

Peter Bush, of Clyde died at the Wayne county alms house yesterday morning, aged 40 years.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Tuesday, September 24, 1895, page 4

The death of Mead A. Blackmar occurred at Newark yesterday. Deceased was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Blackmar, and was 24 years of age. Among those who survive are a father and mother, two sisters, Miss Harriet Blackmar and Mrs. Emma Richmond; and a brother, Arthur Blackmar, of Newark.

And, from the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, Newark NY, unknown date ca. September, 1895:
Mead Blackmar, aged 24 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Blackmar, died Monday. The funeral is being held this afternoon, and is private.

NOTE: residing in Newark in 1880 was dry goods merchant Edwin Blackmar, wife, and 5 children. Son Mead A., age 8, was said to have a medical condition.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, Newark NY, unknown date ca. September, 1895

On Saturday last, at the home of Mrs. Matteson on Palmyra street, Mrs. Cynthia Wright, the oldest resident of this town, died, at the extreme old age of 95 years, 5 months, and 13 days.

Mrs. Wright was born in Vermont April 8, 1800, and moved with her parents in childhood to Maddison (sic) county, this state. In 1816 she was married to Jason Spencer. By this union there were three children - two daughters and one son. In 1826 Mr. Spencer died. His widow married Joel Wright, who lived but a few years. By this marriage two children were born. At the age of thirty-two Mrs. Wright was left a widow with five children. She made a brave battle with life, and moved to Cazenovia where she succeeded in endowing each of the children with a good education. Wesley P. Wright, one son, went through college, and became a professor in a female college in Canada, and later became one of the faculty of Victoria college. He was also a clergyman of note. About twenty-five years ago Mrs. Wright came to Newark where she has since lived, most of the time enjoying good health, and blessed with a clear mind and all her faculties almost to the hour of her death.

She is survived by one son, John A. Spencer of Rochester, and one daughter, Mrs. Marietta Duncomb of San Francisco. She leaves one sister, Mrs. J. S. Matteson of this village, aged 84, and two brothers, Rev. John W. Pratt, A. M., of Lansingville, N.Y., aged 80, and L. M. Pratt, M.D., of Homer, aged 77, who was a prominent physician in Albany for about thirty years. Mrs. Wright was the eldest in a family of seven sisters and four brothers, Mrs. T. W. Beebe, one sister, dying recently. Another sister was the wife of Prof. H. B. Jolley of this village, aged 84, who is the last of eight sons-in-law of the family.

Deceased was a noble woman, a devoted Christian, a communicant in the Methodist Episcopal church. Her older friends speak in high terms of her personal worth. Living in retirement so long, she was know (sic) but little to the younger generation.

The funeral was held Monday, Rev. J. E. Allen, the Methodist Pastor, officiating, assisted by Rev. Dr. Burgess. The remains were interred in the Pratt burial lot in the Palmyra cemetery.

Another death notice, from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Tuesday, September 24, 1895, page 4
The remains of Mrs. Cynthia Wright, who died at Newark Saturday at the age of 95 years, were taken to Palmyra for interment, Rev. S. F. Sanford, pastor Methodist Episcopal Church, officiating.

Palmyra Village Cemetery
Wright, Cynthia, Sept. 21, 1895, 95y

Patrick O'Brien, Sr., who has been in poor health for a year or more died Wednesday evening last at the county house, where he was taken after the exciting encounter between two of his sons a couple of weeks back. His age was seventy years. He was born in Limerick, Ireland, and came to this country forty-five years ago. He has been the father of seven sons, four of whom survive, with the widow and two grandsons.

The funeral was conducted Saturday by Rev. D. W. Kavanaugh in St. Michael's church, the interment being in the East Newark cemetary (sic).

Also, from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Saturday, September 21, 1895, page 4:
The death of Patrick O'Brien, Sr., took place Wednesday night, at the Wayne county poor house hospital. Deceased is the father of the young men who created the disgraceful O'Brien assault case in Newark last week.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Friday, September 13, 1895

Word has been received in Palmyra of the death of James Byron Reeves at his home in Los Angeles, Cal. He was 62 years of age and a member of the dry goods firm of Alldrich & Reeves previous to 1866.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Saturday, September 21, 1895, page 4

Miss Florence E., daughter of G. D. and A. E. Gatchel, of Malcolm, aged 15 years, died yesterday morning.

The death of Wilhelmina Van Holde, of Williamson, occurred yesterday at the age of 43 years and 11 months.

Marion Cemetery
VanHolde, Abram, 1853 - ____
VanHolde, Wilhemina, wife, 1842 - 1895 (is year of birth incorrect?)
VanHolde, Emma, 1861 - 1912

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Wednesday, September 18, 1895, page 4

A Chicago Lad Run Over by the Cars and Fatally Injured at Palmyra.

A fatal accident occurred near the Central-Hudson station at Palmyra at an early hour yesterday morning. Alfred Nelson, of Chicago, a lad but 16 years of age, was run over and fatally injured. The discovery of the accident was made by an employe of the railroad company who found the unfortunate lad lying on the tracks. His right leg was crushed, his skull was fractured, and he was otherwise bruised and mangled. He was carried to the freight office and Drs. Chase, Henessy and Darling were summoned. They soon found that the lad was fatally injured. He regained consciousness only long enough to say that he had no relatives or friends It is thought that he dropped asleep on a freight car and fell off under the wheels. He was on his way to Syracuse, a letter of recommendation to the E. C. Stearns cycle factory being found in his pocket.

Also, from the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date in September 1895:
Alfred Nelson of Chicago, aged 16, was killed by a Central train in Palmyra yesterday.

Also, from The Roman Citizen, Rome NY, unknown date:
A boy who gave his name as Alfred Nelson was fatally injured on the Central railroad track at Palmyra, having fallen from a freight car. He came from Chicago.

And, from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Saturday, September 21, 1895, page 4
The chief of police of Palmyra yesterday received a telegram from Chicago asking for particulars of the death of Alfred Nelson, who was killed on the Central-Hudson railroad last Tuesday; also what the expense would be for shipping the remains to that city. The authorities were somewhat surprised, as the young man had stated that he did not have any parents or relatives living.

1880 census of Chicago: an Alfred Nelson, age 11 months, born July 1879 in Illinois, was the youngest son of cabinet maker Niels and his wife "Sahra" Nelson, both born Norway. Alfred had 4 older siblings, two born in Norway. 1900 & 1910 census of Chicago: Nels and Sarah Nelson, b. Norway, and both emigrated to the U.S. in 1871. Mr. Nelson was still a cabinetmaker, and owned a mortgaged home. Mrs. Nelson stated that she was the mother of 10 children, of whom 6 were living.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date in September 1895

An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Gunn, living near the Blue Cut, died Sunday night and was buried yesterday, Rev. J. E. Allen making a prayer at the grave. [NOTE: an area off Rte. 31, northeast of Newark NY]

Also, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Wednesday, September 18, 1895, page 4:
Lester Gunn, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. James Gunn, who reside on the boundary of Arcadia and LYons, died Sunday of inflammation of the lungs.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Wednesday, September 18, 1895, page 4

William Roehrig, a well-known farmer residing three miles southeast of Lyons, died Sunday from malarial fever, aged 43 years, having a widow and one small child. The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon, Rev. Mr. Hartwig, of St. John's German Lutheran Church, officiating.

Lyons Rural Cemetery
ROEHRIG William 1852-1895
ROEHRIG Philip 1834-1891
ROEHRIG Caroline wife 1842-1881

Evalin Cornwell died at his home about three-quarters of a mile west of Pultneyville Sunday night of apoplexy, aged 64 years and five months. He was apparently well Sunday noon, but after eating his dinner he remarked that there was no feeling in his left hand, after which he soon settled back in his chair in an unconscious state from which he did not recover. Dr. Briggs was called, but could do nothing for him. He leaves three children: Mrs. George Waters, Mrs. Frank Granger and Frederick Cornwell, all of whom reside in Pultneyville.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Saturday, February 8, 1902, page 4

Young Son of Charles Darling Buried in Rural Cemetery at Lyons.

The remains of Roland Eugene Darling, of Chicago, were taken to Lyons yesterday and interred in the Rural cemetery. Deceased was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Darling, the former of whom came with the body to the village.

Charles Darling was born and received his musical education in Lyons. He is now a distinguished organist of the Western metropolis. His son's death came after a month's illness with typhoid. Before the interment yesterday brief burial services were held at the grave, Rev. Mr. Hull being the officiating clergyman.

NOTE: Roland not listed on the County Historian's Office Lyons Rural Cemetery list.

Edward Phelps Killed.

Word was received at Sodus yesterday of the death of Edward Phelps who married Miss Mary Pullman, of Sodus, several years ago. He was killed by the cars at Lansing, Mich.

NEW 11/27/11   From The Monroe County Mail, Fairport NY, Thursday, December 6, 1917, page 5


Mrs. Pepper passed away Wednesday night after a long illness. She was a resident of this place until about 9 months ago when they moved to the McCrea farm in Walworth. She leaves beside (sic) her husband, three daughters, Florence, Reta and Hazel and two sons, Decatur and Gerald, also several sisters and brothers.


Walworth Center, Dec. 3.- Mrs. Georgeanna Pepper, wife of Raymond D. Pepper, passed away Wednesday evening, NOvember 28th. Mrs. Pepper had been a great sufferer for many months from cancer, and since June she had been confined to her bed. Mrs. Pepper's maiden name was Georgeanna Kellogg. She was born in Bradford county, Pa., forty-five years ago, and was married to Raymond D. Pepper of the same place in 1892. About fifteen years ago, the came to York state to live. Deceased leaves a husband, five children, Reta, Florence, Decator, Hazel and Gerald, all of this place, and two sisters and a brother of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Pepper joined the M. E. church of her native town at the age of fifteen years. The funeral was held Saturday at 2 o'clock from the Macedon Center M. E. church. Rev. Park of West Walworth, assisted by the Macedon Center pastor, officiated. Interment in the Macedon Center cemetery.

Mrs. A. T. Whitehead and Floyd Kellogg from Pennsylvania, were here to attend the funeral of their sister, Mrs. Pepper.

NOTE: Mrs. Pepper isn't listed on the 2001 compiled Macedon Center Cemetery list.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sammons and Mr. and Mrs. George Lee returned from Chili, Friday evening, where they attended the funeral of Wellington M. Kennell, brother of Mrs. Sammons and Mrs. Lee, who were called there by his sudden death, Monday evening. The funeral was held Friday.

NEW 11/27/11   From The Monroe County Mail, Fairport NY, Thursday, November 24, 1910, page 2

East Rochester, Nov. 23.- Mrs. Mary Legee died at her home on East avenue, Saturday, November 19th. Mrs. Legee moved here from Lyons, about eight months ago. Services were held at the home, Monday afternoon, Rev. Ward of Lyons, officiating. Interment at Holy Rest cemetery at Buffalo, Tuesday. Deceased leaves her husband, five girls and six boys, the youngest an infant only a few days old, her father, John Rechlin, a sister and three brothers in Buffalo, also a sister, Mrs. Dean Shaw of this village.

Highly Respected Citizen Dies at Ontario Center.

Ontario Center, Dec. 10.- Fred Grandin, a highly respected citizen of this town, died suddenly at the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Carl Grandin, Sunday morning. Death was due to apoplexy. Deceased was sixty-five years of age, and leaves no immediate family. His wife died last year and his only brother, Carl, died last summer of apoplexy. Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at the Congregational church, Rev. M. L. Dalton officiating.

NEW 11/27/11   From The Herald, Fairport NY, Wednesday, July 7, 1920, page 8

Ontario, July 5

Martha, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeBaene , died in the General hospital in Rochester Thursday, June 24, of scarlet fever, aged 21 years. A private funeral was held from the home of her parents in Williamson Saturday morning, Rev. Wm. Byrne officiating, with burial in the Catholic cemetery in Ontario. She leaves besides her parents, several brothers and sisters, among whom is Mrs. Edward Hillegar, of Ontario.

St. Mary's Church Catholic Cemetery
Town of Ontario
DeBaene, Martha, born 1899, died 1920

NEW 11/27/11   From The Monroe County Mail, Thursday, March 18, 1915, Fairport NY, page 3

Walworth, March 15

At 4 o'clock, Monday morning occurred the death of Franklin Russell at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Carrie Sawyer. Mr. Russell had been ill a couple of weeks with a slight attack of pneumonia, but was not considered seriously ill until a short time before his death. He was born in Ontario, and lived later in Lincoln. He married Martha Strickland. They moved to Hillsdale, Mich., in 1883, and in 1893 to Farwell, Mich. In 1909 they moved back to Walworth, and made their home with their daughter. Mrs. Russell died nearly two years ago. Mr. Russell's funeral will be held from the home, Wednesday at 2 o'clock. Rev. Campbell of Chili, a former minister of Lincoln, assisted by Rev. S. Brusie, will conduct the services. Burial at Free Will cemetery.

Walworth Freewill Cemetery
Frank, 1833 - 1915
Martha, wife, 1830 - 1912
Fred, son, 1880, 18 yr.

NEW 11/27/11   From The Monroe County Mail, Fairport NY, Thursday, February 24, 1898, page 7

Walworth, Feb. 22

Mrs. Nutt died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. DeWitt Foskett, last Wednesday, at the age of 93 years. Funeral was at the house, Saturday. Interment at Rome, N.Y.


NUTT.- In Walworth, February 16, 1898, Mrs. Nutt, aged 93 years.

Farmington, Feb. 22

Mrs. Myrtle Dillon Mott , died Thursday evening. She leaves beside (sic) a husband, two small children, one, a babe of three weeks. The funeral was held from her late residence, Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. I. W. McLaughlin of Macedon, officiating. Interment in the village cemetery.

NEW 11/27/11   From The Fairport Herald, Wednesday, August 6, 1913, page 6

West Walworth, Aug. 4

The funeral of Henry Hemmerick was held from his late home Saturday afternoon and was largely attended. Lincoln grange, No. 122, of which deceased was a member, attended in a body. Mr. Hemmerick was born in Germany April 3, 1860, and was married to Sophia Forman, Oct. 22, 184. He came to America with his family in March, 1892. They settled in this vicinity, where he has since resided. In 1894 they bought the farm where they now live.

Mr. Hemmerick was a kind neighbor, a loving husband and father, and will be greatly missed. He leaves to mourn his loss his wife and two daughters, Mrs. Albert Schumacher, of the town of Penfield, and Ella, who resides at home, be sides a large circle of friends. The funeral was conducted by the Rev. Paul Nemeschy of Roseland Lutheran church of which deceased was a member, with interment in Smith cemetery. The family wish to extend thanks to all those who assisted them in any way, also the grange for the beautiful floral piece. The family have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

NEW 11/27/11   From The Herald, Fairport NY, Wednesday, January 14, 1920

Farmington, Jan. 12.

John Nussbaumer, an aged resident of this village, died at his home Saturday evening, January 10, aged 80 years. He was ill but a few hours, death being caused by acute indigestion. He was born in Germany on Nov. 2, 1839 and came to this country when twenty years of age. He married Miss Adelia Cotton in 1863, who survives him, also one sister, Mrs. Royal of Brighton. He also leaves two daughters, Mrs. Jesse Peck, of this village, and Mrs. Mervin Rush, also of this town, and five sons, Charles F. of Palmyra, Albert of Macedon, Edward, Frank and Fred, all of this town, also twenty-five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. The funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon at one o'clock from his late home, Rev. Mr. Rosette, pastor of the Baptist church at Macedon, officiating. Interment was made in the North Farmington cemetery.

Macedon Center, Jan. 12

Mrs. Melvina Foskett passed away Wednesday morning at the home of her brother-in-law, John Foskett, after a long illness. She was the widow of Dewitt Foskett of Walworth, where she has resided for many years and where her sterling qualities won for her many friends. The funeral was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Foskett Sunday at 2 p.m., burial in the Center cemetery, where lie her husband and son. Deceased was 72 years of age.

Edward Dunn, of Rome, Messrs. Potter, of Brighton, and Mrs. and Mrs. John Jewett, of Penfield, were in town Sunday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Foskett.

Macedon Center Cemetery
Foskett, Dewitt P., b. 1848 - d. 1912 (lot 26 no stone)
Foskett, Malvina, wife of Dewitt Foskett, b. 1848 - d. 1920 (lot 26 no stone)
Foskett, John A., b. 1854 - d. 1922 (lot 26-5)
Foskett, Ethie A., wife of John A. Foskett, b. 1862 - d. 1926 (lot 26-6)

West Walworth, Jan. 13

Mrs. Lottie Payne Frey died early this morning. The funeral will be held at her late home Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. C. W. Park officiating, and interment will be made in the cemetery here. Besides her husband, Edward M. Frey, she is survived by seven children, Olive F., George E., Ernest B., N. Pearl, Charlotte E., Gladys L. and Wellington P.; three grandchildren, all of West Walworth; one sister, Mrs. Anna Wyman, of Fairport; four brothers, George Payne, of Penfield, Dr. Walter J. and John W. Payne, of Fairport, and Captain Guy Payne, M.D., of Cedar Grove, N.J.

West Walworth Cemetery
Edward M., 1862-1950
Lottie E. Payne, his wife, 1863-1920
Pearl Payne (no more)

NEW 11/27/11   From The Monroe County Mail, Fairport NY, Thursday, May 28, 1903


Mrs. S. Wells died Saturday, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Clark. Funeral was held at the house, Tuesday, at 2 p.m.


The death of Hattie Rogers, wife of Dr. McPherson of Newark, died May 18th, at Dr. Lee's hospital, where she had gone for treatment. Dr. Marion Craig Potter, of Rochester, and Dr. John Reed, were in attendance, but her case was thought critical from the first. Her sister, Mrs. Dr. I. J. Hill of Boston, was sent for, but only arrived in time for the funeral. She remains in town to visit Dr. Hill's sisters, Mrs. Hutson and Mrs. Curtice, as well as some of her many other friends in town.

Palmyra Village Cemetery
McPherson, Harriet, wife of Donald, May 17, 1903, 42y
McPherson, Donald, M.D., July 25, 1925, 74y
McPherson, Elizabeth V., 2nd wife of Donald, Jan. 14, 1940, 77y 11m 8d


Lincoln, May 23.- The death of Blanche Conrow, wife of William Kerner, occurred at the home of her parents, in this place, Thursday morning, May 21st. Deceased was twenty years of age, and was an earnest church worker. She leaves to mourn her loss, a husband, father and mother, two sisters and one brother. The funeral was held at the Baptist church, Sunday afternoon, at 2:30, and was largely attended by relatives and friends. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.


Mrs. Blanche Conrow Kerner, wife of William Kerner, died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Conrow, Thursday May 21st. Funeral was held at the F. B. church at Lincoln, Sunday, at 2:30 p. m. Interment at West Walworth cemetery. She leaves besides her husband, father, mother, two sisters, and a brother.

West Walworth.

The funeral of Mrs. Ada Blanche Conrow Kerner, was largely attended, Sunday afternoon, at the Lincoln F. B. church. Interment in the West Walworth cemetery. Mrs. Kerner was a member of the F. B. church, and the young people's society of that church. She leaves a husband, to whom she had been married scarcely fourteen months.

West Walworth Cemetery
Kerner Blanche, wife of William Kerner, 1882-1903

West Walworth.

The remains of Howard Clark, son of Allen Clark of Walworth, were interred in our cemetery, last Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Clark's youngest daughter died eight weeks ago. They are grandchildren of M. S. Main of this place.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Monday, January 21, 1901

Prosperous and Prominent.

Calvin Mead, age 70, died yesterday morning at the home of his son, Charles, who resides three miles northeast of Savannah, after an illness of about one week, of pneumonia. He is survived by thee sisters, Mrs. Wallace, of Auburn; Mrs. Derrick, of Syracuse, and Mrs. Heman Douglas, of Savannah, and two brothers, Nathan, of Red Creek, and Michael of Savannah, also three sons, Arthur, of Aurora; Calvin, of Savannah, and Charles, with whom he has resided since the death of his wife, who proceeded him by about two months. Mr. Mead had been a life-long resident of Savannah, a very prosperous farmer and a prominent member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Savannah, of which he had been class leader for several years.

MEAD, Calvin W., died 1901, wife Julia Douglas, buried Savannah-Butler
Butler-Savannah Cemetery
Calvin W. 1834 - 1901
Julia Douglass, wife, 1834 - 1900

Samuel S. Glen.

Samuel S. Glen, a wealthy and prominent citizen of Clyde, died of pneumonia, Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock, aged 57 years. For about thirty years Mr. Glen was engaged in business in New York city. Last spring he went to Clyde, purchased a beautiful home and removed his family thereto. He is survived by his widow, two sons, Harry and Charles, and one daughter, Helen; also five brothers, William, of Lyons; John, of Syracuse; Elias, of Albany, and Theodore, who resides in California. (paper only listed 4 brothers)

Rose Cemetery
Glen, Samuel S., wife Cora H., born 1842, married 1893, died 1901

Life Long Invalid Released.

Miss Carrie S. Swales died at Sodus Saturday, aged 15 years. The deceased was born in that town, and had ben an invalid most of the time. For two or three weeks she had spasms, death finally relieving her sufferings. Those who survive are a father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. William K. Swales, and a sister, Miss Ella Swales.

Sodus Rural Cemetery
SWALES Carrie S daughter of William K. & Hannah 1885-1902

Leonard Collins.

Leonard Collins, of Clyde, died very suddenly of heart disease Saturday morning at the home of his son Frederick E. Collins, of Lockport, aged 66 years. The remains will be taken to Clyde this morning for interment. Deceased is survived by his widow, one son Frederick E., and one daughter, Carrie.

Maple Grove Cemetery
COLLINS Leonard 19 Jan. 1901 67y Co. H 9 NY H. Art.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Wayne County Review, Lyons NY, April 20, 1905, front page

Mrs. Ella C. Lendt.

Mrs. Ella C. Lendt, wife of Fred Lendt, formerly a resident of Lock Berlin, died at Dr. Lee's hospital in Rochester Tuesday afternoon. Deceased was 31 years of age and leaves a husband and a little daughter 4 years of age. Mrs. Lendt was born in Saugerties, N.Y. and after marriage went to reside in Rochester where she had made her home for the past five years, more of less of which time has been spent in Lock Berlin with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lendt. News of her death was received with the deepest regret by her many friends in that village, which she had won by her winning disposition. The bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community.

This is the second death in the family within ___ ___. Funeral will be held ___ her former home in Saugerties.


Former Resident of Lyons -
Once Principal of the Clyde High School.

News of the death of Peter B. Bradley which occured in Rochester, was received in this village last Thursday. Mr. Bradley was born and brought up on the farm known as the James Bradley farm. He was a graduate of Lima College and for some years held the position of principal of the Clyde High School. About 35 years ago he moved to Rochester, where he has since resided. He was 75 years of age and is survived by a wife, two brothers, William and Benjamin of South Lyons and one sister, Mrs. Murphy of Hillsdale, Mich. Those who attended the funeral from this place were: Benjamin Bradley, Mrs. Cassius Putney, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bradley and Miss Rose Bradley.

NEW 11/27/11   From the Wayne County Review, Lyons NY, November 24, 1904, front page


Resolutions Adopted by Wayne County Bar Association.

The Wayne County Bar association views with deep regret the untimely death of one of its ablest members, Charles Willard Field of Clyde. Mr. Field was one of the youngest members of the bar of the county but he had made great progress in the practise (sic) of his profession and his career gave great promise of future usefulness. Born in Clyde thirty-two years ago, Mr. Field was graduated from the Clyde High School at the age of sixteen and he had barely attained his majority when graduated from Union College with the class of '93. At that time he had prepared himself to follow the profession of civil engineering and for a year and a half after leaving college he was employed as a surveyor on the staff of the State Engineer. Impaired eyesight made it obligatory upon him to relinquish this vocation and returning to Clyde he began the study of law in the office of his uncle, the late Charles T. Saxton. He was admitted to the bar in 1897 and from that time up to the time of his death practised (sic) law with ever increasing success.

For a man of his years Mr. Field exerted great influence in both the political and business affairs of his town. In politics a democrat living in a strongly republican town his personal popularity and standing were such that he was twice elected to office, being chosen town clerk in 1898 and police justice in 1903. He possessed considerable ability as a campaign speaker and during the campaign just closed attracted a great deal of attention by his work on the stump. His influence in business affairs was directed toward the development of his home town. It was exhibited most strikingly in advocacy of a project connecting Clyde with Sodus Bay by trolley, a project that he brought to the attention of financiers and seemed probable of consummation at the time of his death.

In general intellectual attainments Mr. Field was remarkably versatile. He was well informed in the science of engineering, a profound and intelligent student of the law, well posted and deeply interested in questions of current public interest, an extensive reader of good literature. His trend of thought was broad and liberal.

His personal character was devoid of guile and pretense. He was on the other hand frank and open in action and utterance. HIs manner was hearty and agreeable; he was companionable and a most engaging conversationalist. He possessed mcuh personal magnetism, was open handed, genial and generous. No one had a wide acquaintence (sic) in his home town and no one numbered in his range of acquaintance a greater ratio of warm personal friends.

Your committee further recommends that the foregoing resolution be spread upon the minutes of sthe association and that the secretary transmit a copy of same to the family of the deceased member.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Herald, July 9, 1908, page 5


Lewis C. Meade, a former resident of Galen, died at his home in Auburn on Monday, July 6th, at the age of sixty-three years. The cause of his death was neuralgia of the heart. Funeral services were held at Auburn Tuesday and the remains were brought to Clyde on the afternoon train and interment was made in Maple Grove cemetery. A company of Auburn Masons accompanied the remains and the interment was with Masonic honors. Mr. Meade was prominent in Masonic circles in Auburn, being at one time Master of his lodge.

He was well known here by the older residents, as he resided here for a long time when a young man, the family home being at Lockpit. At one time it was known as Meadville, taking its name from his family. He went to Auburn more than thirty years ago and had lived there ever since. For some years he was a keeper in Auburn State Prison, and later was a traveling salesman for prominent business firms. At the time of his death he was in the employ of a contracting firm. He is survived by a widow and one daughter.

Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Dennington, of Geneva, visited Clyde on Tuesday of last week for the purpose of burying their little son, George Edwin, in the family plot in Maple Grove Cemetery. They were met by a few friends who lent them all the assistance possible.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Herald, September 17, 1919

Mrs. Grace Miller Horton.

Mrs. Grace Miller Horton, wife of Dr. Frank C. Horton, died at her home on Sodus street, this village, 8 o'clock Monday forenoon, aged 42 years.

Mrs. Horton was born in New York City and had been a resident of Clyde about 33/35(?) years. She was a Normal graduate and for several years prior to her marriage was a member of the Clyde High School faculty, a woman of culture and refinement.

Surviving her are her husband, one daughter, Martha, and a brother Charles Miller, of New York City.

Funeral services were held at the home at 3 o'clock this Wednesday afternoon, Rev. W.W. Lane officiating.

Maple Grove Cemetery
HORTON Dr. F.C. 1874-1927
HORTON Grace E. MILLER wf F.C. 1877-1919

C. Edward Jones.

C. Edwards Jones, a native and, for the greater part of his life a resident of Clyde, died at his home on West Genesee Street at 1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon, aged 63 years.

Mr. Jones was an expert accountant and in his young manhood was connected with the Clyde Glass Works Company in that capacity. For a number of years he was in the employ of the Erie R. R. Company as an accountant and recently was bookkeeper for the George P. Millard Company of this village. He was also unexcelled as a penman.

Mr. Jones is survived by his widow, three sisters, Mrs. Lillian Wanzer, of Pawling; Mrs. Jennie Pierce of Va.(?); Mrs. Bertram Bates, of Rochester, and one brother, George, of Huntington, Pa.

Funeral services will be held at the home at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon, the Masonic fraternity, of which he was a member, will conducted the services.

Mrs. Mary Groescup.

Mrs. Mary Groescup, widow of __. (?) H. Groescup, a former resident of this village, died at her home in Newark on Sunday. The remains were brought to Clyde on Tuesday for burial.

GROESCUPP Henry 1839-1888
GROESCUPP Mary wf Henry 1844-1919

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, July 10, 1899

Mrs. Elisha Kellogg died in Palmyra Saturday evening, aged 54 years. Mrs. Kellogg was born in Newark, but had lived in Palmyra for the last thirty-five years. She is survived by one son and one daughter.

Palmyra Village Cemetery
Kellogg, Elisha D., Mar. 28, 1902, 70y
Kellogg, Mandena F., wife of Elisha, July 7, 1899, 52y

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, March 10, 1900

Sudden Death at Newark Yesterday Morning of Ella Finley-Wheatley.

The many friends of Ella L. Finley-Wheatley, daughter of Luther Finley and wife of W. W. Wheatley, were pained yesterday to learn of her death from heart failure, which took place at the home of her father on Union street, in Newark, yesterday morning. Deceased went to Newark from Brooklyn a week ago, in very poor health, in the hope that the change would be beneficial, and apparently she was being improved by her visit home. While it was known by the family that she was in a bad state of health, yet there was no expectation that death was so near.

Deceased spent her girlhood in Newark, where she was educated and lived until about twelve years ago. Of a happy, vivacious temperament, she won many friends, and her tastes being musical, she took a course of study at, and graduated from, the Lyons Musical Academy. Her marriage to Mr. Wheatley took place about fifteen years ago, when he was train dispatcher on the West Shore railroad. Later he moved to Syracuse, then returned to Newark again for a time, then located at Weehawken, and is now with the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company as general superintendent. He arrived Thursday evening. Besides the husband and father, one sister, Miss Laura, survives.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Wheatly, B. Laura husb. William Aug. 2, 1930
Wheatly, L. Ella husb. William Mar. 9, 1900

Aaron Riggs, residing three and one-half miles south of Clyde, died Wednesday afternoon, aged 75 years. Mr. Riggs is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Edward Dickie and Mrs. James Francisco, of Clyde.

The funeral of Victor Rocheville was held from the Catholic church, Macedon, yesterday, Rev. M. F. Holmes officiating. Deceased was 82 years of age and was one of the oldest residents of the village. He leaves a widow, two daughters and one son.

The remains of Joseph B. Parker, who died in Kansas City March 5th, of paralysis, were taken to Palmyra yesterday for burial. Deceased was 75 years of age and was a former resident of that village. His wife died March 4, 1899, and since that time deceased had made his home with his son in Kansas City.

Palmyra Cemetery (Vienna Street)
Parker, Joseph B. - March 5, 1900 74y 4m 6d
Parker, Eliza - wife, March 4, 1899 73y 2d

Coroner Thatcher, of Newark, was in Savannah yesterday to hold an inquest over the body of Frank Pettys. After examination the coroner declared an inquest unnecessary. The funeral will be held Sunday morning in Lockpit schoolhouse, under the auspices of the Grand Army of the Republic. Rev. Reuben Burton, of Syracuse, will officiate.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Democratic Herald, September 5, 1894

The death of Mrs. Wadsworth, widow of the late Daniel Hill Wadsworth, of South Butler, occurred on Sunday night, after an illness of several months of consumption, following an attack of the grip. She leaves five daughters, Mrs. John Morgan, of Savannah, and Iona, Viola, Jennie and Hattie of South Butler. Her age was 57 years. Funeral services will be held to-morrow, and will be conducted by Rev. G. R. Miles, of Wolcott.

Butler-Savannah Cemetery
Wadsworth, Daniel H. 1832 - 1892
Wadsworth, Sally J., wife, 1837 - 1894
Harriet, dau., 1874 - 1900
Kasson, Jennie, wife of Bert Kasson, 1872 - 1897

Sudden Death.

Monday afternoon in the woods near Lockpit, Horace May, of Rochester, died very suddenly. He was in company with John C. Bishop, of Lyons, a surveyor, who was engaged in mapping out a wood lot, the wood from which was some time ago purchased by Mr. May from Thos. H. Smith, of Bloomington, Ill. The land adjoins the Thos. Smith estate, and the choppers engaged upon the wood lot had encroached upon the Smith estate. It was to settle the question as to the extent of the encroachment that the survey was being made. While thus engaged Mr. May threw up his hands and sank to the ground dead. The body was brought to Clyde and taken to W. N. Field's undertaking rooms Monday evening. Coroner G. D. York was summoned, and upon hearing the evidence in the case did not deem an inquest necessary. Heart disease is given as the cause of death. The remains were taken to Rochester on the early morning train Tuesday. Mr. May was a prominent business man of Rochester and was 64 years of age.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, January 28, 1901

Nathan Walsworth.

Nathan Walsworth, a farmer residing about two miles southwest of Palmyra, died quite suddenly Saturday afternoon, aged about 65 years. Deceased had lived in Palmyra and vicinity nearly all his life and was well known.

Palmyra Cemetery (Vienna Street)
Walsworth, Nathan C. - 1819-1901
[NOTE: if this is the same Nathan Walsworth, the estimated age or first headstone date is incorrect.]

John Merchant.

John Merchant, a well-known North Lyons farmer, died yesterday, aged 60 years. The deceased is survived by a widow and one daughter.


End of Long and Active Life on Interesting Memories.

Francis Bowman Lane, one of the best known farmers in Wayne county and a scion of one of the oldest families in this section of the state, died at his home three miles northwest of Lyons yesterday, aged 80 years. Deceased had been in failing health for several years past and his demise was not unexpected.

Ziba Lane, his father, was one of the pioneer settlers of Wayne county, building a log house for himself and family on the site of the present Lane homestead at the beginning of the last century. He was born in Maine in 178_(?) and came to New York State in early life, making his way through the forest with his yoke of cattle and wagon containing his family and gods. The spaces between the logs in the cabin which he built were filled in with mud and the chimney was composed of sticks and mud. A blanket served as a door and greased cloths were the only window glass. Many are the interesting stories handed down to the family of the hardships endured the first year. His son, Francis Bowman Lane, the subject of this sketch, added largely to the original estate until now it includes some of the best farming land in Wayne county, being especially adapted to the raising of fruit. The deceased was married to Martha, daughter of Samuel Spear, of Valatie, Columbia county. Of their four children Charles F. Lane is the only survivor and manages the estate. The grandfather of the deceased was born in Bedford, Mass., in 1756 and married in 1778 Lydia Danforth, of Billerica, Mass., The family came to New England from Britain in 1620.

LANE Ziba, Jan. 20, 1866, 82y 11m 10d
LANE Frances G., wife, Jan. 11, 1868, 84y 22d
LANE Francis BOWMAN, Jan. 25, 1901, 82y 1m
LANE Martha SPEARS, wife, July 28, 1902, 80y
LANE Martha Adell, dau., Dec. 5, 1871, 22y 3m 27d
LANE Ziba, son, Aug. 30, 1845, 3m
LANE Cecilia, dau., Nov. 12, 1848, 18m
LANE John, son, Dec. 30, 1841, 21y
LANE Charles F., son, June 19, 1927 75y


Falling Tree Brought Quick Death to Poor James Ost.

A falling tree crushed out the life of James Ost, a farmer residing a few miles northwest of Lyons Saturday afternoon. Ost and two companions were felling trees on the farm of A. Shuler, three miles west of the village at the time the fatality occurred.

Ost miscalculated the direction in which one of the trees fell and was running in the wrong direction when the heavy trunk caught him square on the top of the head, crushing his skull and rendering him unconscious. The accident happened about 8:30 A.M., but the man lingered along until early evening when he died. Deceased was 28 years of age and is survived by a widow and three children.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, September 2, 1911

Funeral of Joseph Young.

Lyons, Sept. 1- The funeral of Joseph Young, who died suddenly of heart trouble Wednesday morning was held this afternoon at his late home on Jackson street at 3 o'clock. The Masonic lodge attended the service in a body. Worshipful Master Charles G. Zimmerlin, of Humanity Lodge, F. and A. M., had charge of the Masonic service. The Masonic quartet sang several selections. The bearers were G. S. Benjamin, H. G. Hotchkiss, Waler Scottney, John Jennings, Jacob Buckemeer and A. E. Burnett. Interment was at the Rural cemetery.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, October 19, 1895

George Hemming, one of Walworth's eldest residents, died Thursday night, aged 86 years. The deceased was a member of the Methodist Church of Walworth. His wife survives him.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Times, August 5, 1875

Thursday afternoon, at a fire in the town of Brighton, an old man of eighty years, named John McQuire, was burned to death. [NOTE: this is in neighboring Monroe County.]

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Democratic Herald, October 26, 1892

It was reported about the streets of Lyons Sunday morning that Harry Norton, a young man working for a Phelps street family, fell dead while employed in doing chores. The young man was subject to epileptic fits and fell into a trance. He expired soon after.

NORTON Charles, 1843-1922, Co G, 126th N.Y. Vol.
NORTON Adaline, wife of Charles, 1845-1913
NORTON Harry 1871-1892

NEW 6/9/10   From The Syracuse Journal, June 3, 1903

Funeral of Mrs. Smith.

CLYDE, June 3- The remains of Mrs. I. N. Smith of Oneonta, a former resident of Clyde, were brought to this village yesterday morning for interment in Maple Grove cemetery.

Maple Grove Cemetery
SMITH Isaiah N. 1835-1924
SMITH Maria L. wf Isaiah N. 1833-1903

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Herald, June 10, 1914

George G. Roe was called to Syracuse Monday to attend the funeral of his brother, Merwin S. Roe, who died in that city after a brief illness early Saturday morning. Deceased was a former resident of Clyde and served two terms as Supervisor of the town.

Mrs. Jane Shear Daboll, widow of the late Homer Daboll, died at her home east of this village Sunday morning, aged 84 years. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. H. D. Bacon of Rochester, two sons, Sheridan, of Rochester, and Frank, of Clyde; two sisters, Mrs. Wm. Strang, of Waterloo, and Mrs. William Phillips of Junius; one brother Scoville Shear of Oaks Corners, N.Y., and six grandchildren.

The funeral took place this Wednesday afternoon, at 2:30 o'clock, the Rev. Nathan Stanton, of Buffalo, assisted by Rev. Mr. Adam of St. John's Episcopal church, Clyde, officiating.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Herald, April 5, 1911


Sarah E. Strickland, of Syracuse formerly of this village, died Monday, aged 78 years. Funeral services will be held at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Nathan Peek (sic), 112 May Ave., Syracuse, Thursday forenoon and interment will be made at Clyde the same day. Deceased was the widow of George Strickland, Co. A. 9th N.Y.H.A. who was wounded at Monocacy and died in a Baltimore hospital on July 11th, 1864.

PECK Nathan M. 1865-1929
PECK Anna S. 1865-1932
PECK Beatrice dau. Nathan &ammp; Anna 1886 5m11d
PECK Sarah STRICKLAND "Mother" 1834-1911
PECK Wm. H. 11 Oct. 1886 65y
PECK Frankie H. dau. Levi & Sarah J. 23 Jul. 1869 4y8d


THe remains of Charles McCarthy were brought to Clyde from Seneca Falls on Monday for burial. Mr. McCarthy who was a former resident of Clyde, died last Saturday, aged 74 years. He leaves four sons Charles, of Seneca Falls, William, of Glendie (sic), Mont., Frank J. and Michael McCarthy, of Chicago. [NOTE: Glendie, MT]

NEW 6/9/10   From the Savannah Times, March 1, 1921, front page

Edson M. Wright (Too late for last week)

After an illness of two months, Edson Milton Wright passed away at his home in East Rochester, Monday March 7th, aged 46 years.

Mr. Wright was born in Savannah and had lived here for many years. In 1883, he was married in Belleville, Ont., to Miss Delilah MacDonald by whom he is survived. He is also survived by one daughter, Emma l. Markell of Rochester, two grand-children, Roland and Randell Markell and one brother, Fred A. Wright of this village.

The funeral was held Wednesday, March 9, in Savannah, internment being made in the Savannah-Butler Cemetery with the Rev. Geo. Britten and Rev. Brooker officiating. The bearers were Edward Earley, Earl McGonigal, E. P. Browne, F. T. Fields and Gipson Mead.

[Note: year of marriage as printed in paper, but obviously incorrect.]

Butler-Savannah Cemetery
Wright, Edson M. 1874 - 1921
Wright, Delilah Wright 1874 - 1954

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, October 7, 1896, page 4

John Buerman, of East Williamson, died Monday of apoplexy, aged 67 years. He moved to this country from Holland fifty-four years ago, and resided where he died nearly the whole time.

Mrs. Samuel J. Cole, one of the oldest residents of Lyons, died yesterday afternoon at her home just east of Lyons. Deceased was widow of Colonel Samuel J. Cole, one of the pioneers of Lyons, who was at one time engaged in the banking business at Lyons the firm being Cole & Mirick. Deceased was about eighty years of age and is survived by one son, John L. Cole, and a daughter, Mrs. Ellen F. Gillette.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, December 31, 1890

Brigadier-General James H. Stokes, who died in New York Saturday and was taken to Geneva for burial, was for over twelve years a prominent business man in Clyde and proprietor of the window glass manufactory there.

NEW 6/9/10   From the Clyde Democratic Herald, unknown date 1889

The sad death of Mrs. Christina B. S. Ketchum, an aged and highly respected citizen of this vicinity, occurred at the residence of her son. Mr. John M. Spencer, on Sodus street about 8 o'clock, Saturday morning. The deceased was a lady of most estimable character and gentle demeanor and her kind disposition endeared her to all with whom she associated. Her strong christian belief was a tower of strength and comfort to her in her declining years and brought to her that fortitude and calm resignation to fate that is characteristic of a true acceptance of the divine faith. Her death, though scarcely unexpected, is a loss that will be keenly felt by all who were near to her. The funeral services were held from the late residence at three o'clock this afternoon. The deceased was in the 82nd year of her age.

Mr. George Zulauf, a life-long resident of this village, died at the residence of his father, Henry Zulauf, on Columbia and Reese streets, about five o'clock, Saturday afternoon, at the age of 27 years and 6 months. Mr. Zulauf possessed a wide circle of friends who will greatly mourn his loss and his parents will miss the affections of a loving and devoted son. The funeral services will be held from the late residence at three o'clock and from St. John's Episcopal Church at half-past three o'clock to-morrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

The death of Chas. Kane, residing near Shepard's Corners, occurred Saturday morning at 3 o'clock. The deceased was 88 years of age and the time of the funeral service has not as yet been fixed.

Mrs. Phoebe Demmon, of Lyons, widow of the late Joseph H. Demmon died at her home on Broad street in that village Wednesday evening, from the effects of a paralytic stroke sustained in November last. She was born in Chester, Warren county.

DEMMON Joseph d 1886, 95y
DEMMON Deborah wife d June 4, 1845, 50th year
DEMMON Phebe H. wife d Apr. 24, 1889, 77y

NEW 6/9/10   From the Union Springs Advertiser, unknown date in late September 1894

Henry Orman, a young farmer living at Angell's Corners, near Seneca Falls, dropped dead while employed on the Reynolds threshing machine at Luther Smith's in Marengo Thursday afternoon. Mr. Orman leaves a wife and one child. His disease was organic heart disease.

[NOTE: identically-worded article printed in Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, September 22, 1892, page 4.]

NEW 6/9/10   From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date June 1896

Mrs. William J. Krum, a former resident of this village, died Monday morning at her home near Joy, aged 50 years. Deceased leaves a husband, two sons, Albert C., and Geo. P., and five daughters, Addie M., Jennie C., Almeda H., Minnie E. and Etta M.

The funeral was held this morning and the interment was in Willow Avenue cemetery. Rev. Dr. Burgess officiated.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Krum, J. William Co. F. 29 N.Y. Mounted Rifles 80 yrs. July 5, 1899.
Krum, Maria husb. William J. 1846-1896 Newark

Mrs. Daisy Raymer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kelley, died early Monday morning, aged nineteen. Deceased was born in Marion, and came to Newark a few years ago with her parents. Three years ago she was married to Wesley Raymer. She is survived by her parents and five brothers. Deceased was a young woman of high character, beloved by all who knew her. She was a member of the Presbyterian church, and the pastor, Rev. Dr. Burgess, officiated at the funeral yesterday.

From an old scrapbook, newspaper source of original article unknown:

Following is a complete list of the names of the dead of 1896, as interred in the Willow Avenue cemetery of this place, with the date, age and residence of each:"

June 23        Daisy B. Raynor            19 years            Newark

NEW 6/9/10   From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date in March 1896


Frederick Frick died in Lyons Sunday, aged 68

Mrs. Elizabeth Moffet died in Phelps Saturday aged 86.

Thomas Chapman died in Walworth Saturday aged 93 years.
Palmyra Cemetery (Vienna St.)
Chapman, Thomas - March 21, 1896 92y 9m 6d

Henry J. Whitlock died in Lyons Monday, aged 20 years.

Mrs. John Conroy died in Phelps Sunday.

Rev. Aaron Clement Lyon, a Baptist clergyman, died in Clifton Springs Sunday.

Dr. W. F. Mailler of Phelps died Sunday in Willard State Hospital, where he had been confined for several months.

Mrs. Maria See, aged 82 years, died at the home of James Richmond in Phelps, Sunday.

James Green of Huron died Sunday aged 67.

Mrs. Albert L. Dewey died yesterday in Shortsville.

John Beam died this morning at his home near the New York Central, aged almost 77 years. Funeral arrangements are not yet made.
Marion Cemetery
Beam, John, Mar 25,1896, 77 yr

NEW 6/9/10   From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date early September 1896

Mrs. James P. Garlock died Friday night, September 4, at her home on Main street, aged almost 69 years, after an illness of almost a year. On the 12th of November last, Mrs. Garlock was attacked with a severe heart difficulty, which persistently clung to her. After a time a stroke of paralysis followed, and she has had a severe battle with disease ever since, sometimes gaining, but only to fall back again. For the past few weeks, she has grown steadily worse, until at the last she was completely paralyzed. All that could possibly be done for her has been done, and she has had every comfort, but the illness was irresistible, and after much physical and mental suffering, the end came at last.

Elizabeth J. VanDeusen was born in the town of Phelps. In 1851 she was married to James P. Garlock, who then lived in that town. Twenty-seven years ago the family moved to Newark, and here they have ever since lived. Three children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Garlock. One died in infancy; the other two, Frank Garlock and Mrs. Charles A. Welcher, still live in Newark. Besides the sadly bereaved husband and children, Mrs. Garlock is survived by three brothers, two of whom live in Michigan and one, Hiram VanDeusen, in Brooklyn.

Deceased was a noble, Christian woman. Always sunny and cheerful in disposition, she drew to herself many friends. She was a devoted member of the Presbyterian church, and in that organization her light always shone. She also belonged to the Woman's Relief Corps and the Industrial Aid Society, and in both of these charitable organizations was always ready for any good work, and by them she will be missed. To her home life she was however specially devoted, and her death is a severe blow to the husband and family.

The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at the house, Rev. Dr. Burgess officiating, assisted by Rev. M. P. Welcher, and not less than two hundred relatives and friends attended.

Many beautiful floral tributes were sent to the home by friends and by the organizations to which she belonged.

Among those present at the funeral from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Van Deusen, of Brooklyn; Mr. and Mrs. MIles, of South Sodus; Mrs. Lyman Bickford and Mrs. George Stevens, of Macedon; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Warner, of Clifton Springs; Peter Garlock and family, of Phelps; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Van Deusen, Mrs. Moshier and Mrs. Williamson, of Gypsum; Mrs. Dr. Turk, of Phelps; John Garlock and family, Mr. and Mrs. Judson Garlock, of Palmyra; Giles Brown and Dwight Garlock, of Port Gibson.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Garlock, Elizabeth VanDeusen wife James Oct. 31, 1827 - Sept. 4, 1896
Garlock, James husb. Elizabeth June 11, 1828 - July 15, 1916

Manlius R. Haight died on Friday, September 4, at his home on Palmyra street, aged 71 years, after a brief illness with a bowel trouble. The funeral was held Monday morning, Rev. Dr. Burgess officiating, and the remains were taken to Junius for burial. Mr. Haight came to Newark from Junius, last year. He was a highly esteemed citizen, respected by all who knew him. In his old home he was a member of the Presbyterian church, and for many years an officer in it. He leaves a wife and daughter, Mrs. John H. Teller, in this village, and a son in Clyde.

HAIGHT Manlius R. 1826-1896
HAIGHT Catherine A. wf Manlius 1832-1922

Mrs. Eliza Wright, wife of George E. Wright, of this village, died Saturday at her home on Church street, after a painful illness of almost a year. She leaves a husband and one daughter. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon, Rev. J. W. Wilson officiating, and the remains were taken to Fairville for burial. Mrs. Wright was a woman of fine character, and possessed many friends, who have sympathized deeply with her in her long illness.

Fairville Cemetery (Town of Arcadia)
WRIGHT George E., 1856 - 19
WRIGHT Alice E., 1856 -
WRIGHT Eliza E., wife 1857 - 1896
WRIGHT Willie E., son 1878 - 1878
WRIGHT Bessie HULTZ, 1879 - 1914

NEW 6/9/10   From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date first week of March, 1896

Hugh Blair Jolley, A.M., entered into rest Sunday morning March 1st, at half past seven. He was born in Bethlehem, Albany county, N.Y., Nov. 1st, 1811. He prepared for college at Cazenovia seminary and graduated at Wesleyan university in the year 1835. He was married to Elvira Pratt in 1838. Mr. Jolly (sic)taught in Cazenovia seminary, Albany academy, and other academies. In the year 1852 he moved on his farm in Macedon Centre, N.Y., where he lived until March 1883, when he and his wife removed to Newark where she died two years after. He was a man of remarkable strength both of body and mind. About three months ago he be gan to show signs of failing health and gradually went down until he was released from his sufferings which he bore with Christian patience and resignation. He was a consistent member of the Methodist church for sixty six years, and lived an exemplary life. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Jennie Stephens of New York, and four children, Theadore (sic) H. Jolley and Agustin J. Jolley of Rochester, New York, Mrs. E. M. Fort of New York, Mrs. D. P. Buchlin of Buffalo, and six grandchildren. The funeral was held from the home of his grandaughter (sic), Mrs. Geo. W. Van Hoesen, yesterday afternoon at half past one, and at two o'clock from the church. Rev. J. E. Allen officiating.

Palmyra Village Cemetery
Jolley, Elvira P., wife of Hugh P., Apr. 4, 1885, 65y
Jolley, Hugh P., Mar. 1, 1896, 84y
Jolley, Theodore H., son of H. & E., Oct. 13, 1896, 57y

Mrs. Charles Curtis of Palmyra, who resided many years near this village, died at her residence in Palmyra, Sunday morning. Mrs. Curtis was a sister of Mrs. Armon Spencer of this village. She passed her 90th birth-day a few weeks ago. Mrs. Hattie Beal, her daughter, has had the care of Mrs. Curtis several years. Allthough (sic) very comfortable, she has been infirm and helpless for a long time. Mrs. Curtis was from old Berkshire county, Mass., and was quite a remarkable woman for liberality. She had been all her life a member of the Presbyterian church, and in many homes may be found certificates of membership in the American Tract or Bible society, persons whom Mrs. Curtis made life members. Mrs. H. C. Beals, Mrs. H. G. Clark, of Palmyra and Mrs. Bradley of Batavia are her daughters.

Palmyra Cemetery (Vienna Street)
Curtis, Charles - Dec. 1, 1886 83y
Curtis, Mary, wife, March 1, 1896 90y

NEW 6/9/10   From the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, February 5, 1896

Mrs. James Y. Bryant, one of the oldest residents of this town died Tuesday, Feb. 4, after a lingering sickness, aged 91 years and 15 days.

Deceased leaves three children, Mrs. J. P. Garlock, L.J. Bryant, of this place, and Frank Y. Bryant, of Fishkill, N.Y.

Mrs. Bryant was born on what is now known as the Dunn place, just south of the West Shore depot at Lyons, January 20, 1805. She moved to East Newark with her parents when an infant, lived in this locality until 1828, when she married J.Y. Bryant and moved to the farm which has been her home until the time of her death.

Mrs. R.H. Robinson, of Round Lake, an aunt of Caleb Robinson, died yesterday of apoplexy.

Chauncey Fuller, Sr., died Sunday in East Williamson, aged 87 years.

Pleasant View Cemetery (Town of Williamson)
Chauncey Dev. 4, 1809-Feb. 9, 1896
Elizabeth wife May 28, 1806-May 6, 1893

NEW 6/9/10   From The Democratic Herald, March 16, 1904 (Clyde NY)


Henry W. Levanway died Sunday morning at the residence of his son-in-law, Ramson (sic) R. Barnes, on Caroline street, aged 85 years. Deceased is survived by his son-in-law, R.R. Barnes a prominent clothier of Clyde, and three grandsons, Bertam (sic) W., Levan R. and Curtis B. Barnes. Mr. Levanway was born in Peru, N.Y., and when 16 years of age came to Wayne County. He hired out as a farm hand to a man by the name of Lapham of Macedon. At the age of 28 years he went to Lock Berlin to work and soon after married Cynthia D., daughter of Alanson Curtis, by whom he had two children, Alanson H., who died 4 years later, and Edra A., wife of H. R. Barnes of Clyde. In 1848 he purchased 200 acres of land, three miles north of Clyde, where he resided for thirty years. In 1894 his wife died and soon after he came to Clyde to live with his daughter. About that time his eyesight failed, and four years latter (sic) he became totally blind. During the Civil War Mr. Levanway was a radical abolitionist. He was a member of the Clyde Methodist Episcopal church. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the residence of R.R. Barnes, Rev. W. C. Walker officiating.

Maple Grove Cemetery
BARNES Edra A. wf Ransom R. 1850-1900
BARNES Horace 1804-1877
BARNES Sarah wf 1811-1879
BARNES Curtis B. 1887-1929 Capt. Inf. Co.E 309 Reg. 78 Div.
BARNES Ransom R. 1849-1913
LEVANWAY Henry W. 1819-1904
LEVANWAY Cynthia D. CURTIS wf Henry W. 1827-1894
LEVANWAY Alanson Henry son Henry & Cynthia 1857 34y [NOTE: according to obit, Alanson died 4 years after Henry W. Levanway married]

NEW 6/9/10   From the Amsterdam (NY) Evening Recorder and Daily Democrat, March 23, 1914, page 10

David Servoss

Word has been received in this city announcing the death in Macedon, N.Y., of David Servoss, a brother of Mrs. John McCann of this city. Mr. Servoss was 83 years of age and for the past three years suffered from paralysis. His funeral was held Sunday afternoon at Macedon. William Servoss, of the fifth ward, and Mrs. John Beveridge, of the town of Florida, are cousins of Mr. Servoss.

Macedon Village Cemetery
SERVOSS David 1830-1914
SERVOSS Julia I., wife, 1831-1915

NEW 6/9/10   From The Clyde Herald, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 1924

Mrs. Juliette C. L'Amoreaux

Mrs. Juliette C. L'Amoreaux, widow of Jabez S. L'Amoreaux, died at her home on North Park Street, Clyde, at 7 o'clock Saturday morning, cerebal(sic) embolism being the direct cause of death.

Mrs. L'Amoreaux was born in New York City on November 10, 1832. With her parents she came to Clyde on a packet, via the Erie Canal, at the age of 10 years, and had resided here ever since, a period of 81 years. She was a woman of rare intelligence, strong in character and one whose gentleness and kindness revealed the innate culture and refinement which were characteristics of her entire life. She was beloved and revered by all with whom she came in contact, and by those who knew her best and were privileged to enjoy intimate association with her, was she the most highly esteemed and loved.

Mrs. L'Amoreaux was a member of the Presbyterian church and followed in the footsteps of the Master, with humble, consistent and unwavering devotion.

The survivors are two daughters, Mrs. Jessie Vrooman of Clyde, wife of Dr. W. R. Vrooman, and Mrs. Julia R. Kennedy of Wayne, Pa.

Funeral services were held at the home at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning, the Rev. F. P. Mudge officiating. Burial was made in Maple Grove Cemetery.

L'AMOREAUX Juliette CHILD 1832-1924
L'AMOREAUX J.S. 1808-1875

George W. Sloan

George W. Sloan, 73, for 30 years one of Lyons most prominent business-men, died at his home in Broad street at 6:30 last Thursday morning after an illness of three weeks. He was born in Clyde, October 25, 1850, the son of Prosper Sloan. He went to Lyons in 1894 to take over a lumber business there and had conducted that with success ever since. A few years ago the business was incorporated under the name of the George W. Sloan Lumber company, the stockholders being members of the family.

Mr. Sloan was a Republican and served that village several terms as trustee. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and chairman of the board of trustees of that church. He was a member of Humanity Lodge of Masons of Lyons, a past patron of Humanity Chapter of the Eastern Star, also a member of Lyons Lodge of Elks.

Surviving members of the family are his wife and two daughters, Miss Lena Sloan and Mrs. James C. Paton of Lyons; also a step-son, D. Everett McClelland of Rochester and a step-daughter, Miss Nell B. McClelland of Lyons, also several nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

The funeral was held at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon with interment at Clyde.

SLOAN George 1850-1924
SLOAN Mary E. TERRY wf George 1854-1905
SLOAN A. Terry son George & Mary 1890-1905

25 Years Ago [1899]

The funeral services of Edward Handlon, aged 17 years, was held last Friday morning at St. John's Catholic Church.

St. John's Catholic Cemetery (Town of Galen)
Luke B., Co. F 103 Engrs. W.W.I 1887-1922
John, 1856-1934
Margaret G., wife, 1856-1912
Michael R., 1884-1890
Edmund J., 1882-1899

From The Le Roy Gazette-News, LeRoy, N.Y., Wednesday, June 23, 1920. Vol. 95, No. 16.


Was Probably the Oldest Resident at This Vicinity.

Mrs. Ellen H. Bowden, widow of James Bowden, died yesterday afternoon at 5:40 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frances D.B. Covell on Myrtle street. She had been in failing health for some time and death resulted from the infirmities of age.

Mrs. Bowden was probably the oldest resident in Le Roy and immediate vicinity, being in her 95th year. Her maiden name was Ellen McCrea Hitch and she was born near White Haven, Pa., on December 27, 1825. When quite young she removed with her parents to Warsaw and later to Pavilion. She was twice married, her first husband being Charles L. Branch of Pavilion to whom she was married in January 1844. He died on December 20, 1858 and on April 29, 1875 she married James Bowden of Pavilion Center, whose death occurred on August 31, 1915. It was after his death that Mrs. Bowden came to Le Roy to make her home with her daughter.

Mrs. Bowden when quite young united with the Baptist church of Pavilion and retained her membership there until the time of her death. She was a quiet unassuming woman, always going about doing good to those in need. In the early days, when nurses were not available, she cared for the sick and administered to the afflicted. Her home for many years was next to the school house at Pavilion Center and to the school children she was like a mother.

Besides her daughter, Mrs. Covell, she leaves three grandsons, Charles Covell, of Buffalo; Albert Covell of Clyde and Howard Covell of Providence, R.I. She also leaves three great-grandsons and three great-granddaughters.

The funeral will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of her daughter on Myrtle street, Rev. I. C. Taylor officiating and the interment will be made in Pavilion Center. (p. 4)

4/27/04  The obituaries of Adelbert Eugene Payne and his wife Elizabeth Robinson Payne were contributed by Sandy Davidson. Further down the page are some obits of their respective parents.

"I found the obits for my great grandparents, Adelbert Eugene Payne (known as A.E. or just Eugene or Gene, son of Rev. John J. Payne) and for his wife Elizabeth Robinson Payne (daughter of Sam and Cynthia Robinson.) Mr. Payne operated a coal and lumber business on Maple Street, just north of Main Street next to the Railroad tracks where they cross Maple. Today the Hardware store is on the property. This connects the two families in Sodus."
Sandy Davidson

Elizabeth Robinson Payne died August 25, 1924
A. E. (Gene) Payne died Sept. 12, 1925


Passed Away In Rochester Hospital -- Had Been Invalid Six Years

Sodus residents heard with sorrow Monday of the death of Mrs. A. Eugene Payne, which occurred at the General hospital in Rochester, where she had been the previous three weeks for treatment.

Mrs. Payne's health failed six years ago. She had cardiac asthma, complicated with a bronchial trouble of long standing. Three years ago she and Mr. Payne went south in search of health and after trying the Florida climate located at Southern Pines, North Carolina, where for a time she seemed to improve. But no permanent gain in strength resulted and she gradually failed.

Mr. Payne has devoted himself entirely to the care of the invalid, sparing no trouble or expense in the heart breaking fight against the loss of his wife, cheering her through dark days of pain and forgetting himself always for her sake.

This summer the family, which consisted of Mr. and Mrs. Payne and Miss Carrie Young, who has been faithful in her tender care of the invalid, decided to motor to the home town, as Mrs. Payne's health seemed to warrant it, and she was therefore able once more to visit the scenes of her girlhood and renew old friendships. While visiting in Rochester she was stricken with her fatal illness and lingered three weeks, death coming as a release from much suffering.

Funeral services will be conducted this afternoon at half past two o'clock at the home of her sister, Mrs. Hester Stockand. Her son-in-law, Rev. Ralph Pierce, D.D. of Detroit Michigan, will conduct the service and she will be laid to rest in the family lot in the Rural cemetery.

Elizabeth Robinson Payne was born in Sodus sixty-five years ago. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Robinson and her entire life, until three years ago, had been passed in Sodus. In her girlhood she married A.E. Payne. Two children were born to them, Mrs. Nellie Payne Pierce of Detroit and Howard L. Payne of Buffalo. The family life was an unusually congenial and beautiful one and severing the ties of wifehood and motherhood brings deepest sorrow to the bereaved family. Besides the husband, son and daughter, Mrs. Payne leaves a sister, Mrs. Hester Stockand of this village, three grandsons and two granddaughters.

Mrs. Payne was a woman of quiet and assuming character, devoted to her family and friends, loyal and true in every relation in life. She joined the local M.E. church in young womanhood and always retained her membership in that body and in the missionary society of the church. Deeply religious, with an abiding faith which comforted her through all her suffering, a friend well said of her "She had a heart void of offense toward God and man." Although her life was less than the three score years and ten allotted to mankind, it was filled with love and unselfish service and it can be said of her "She has fought the fight, she has kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for her a crown of righteousness which fadeth not away, eternal in the heavens."


The death of A.E. Payne, for many years a leading and popular business man of Sodus, occurred Friday morning at the home of his son, Howard Payne, at Kenmore, a suburb of Buffalo. Mr. Payne had been visiting at the home of his son and was stricken on the eve of his return to Sodus, where he had been spending considerable time this summer. Mr. Payne was 68 years of age.

For several years Mr. and Mrs. Payne had been obliged to reside at Southern Pines, North Carolina, on account of Mrs. Payne's health. She died a year ago, while she and her husband were visiting in the north.

Mr. Payne had not been in robust health for a long time, and the strain of his long and devoted care of Mrs. Payne, who had been an invalid for years, told upon him. Following her death his health declined rapidly.

Two children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Payne, the son mentioned and a daughter, Mrs. Nellie Payne Pierce of Detroit, Michigan, who have the sympathy of many in this community in the loss of their father, who was very highly regarded here, for his sterling worth and genial, kindly nature. "Gene" Payne, as he affectionately was called by his friends, numbered his admirers by the score, and all feel a personal loss in his death.

Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock at the home of Mrs. Hester Stockand, Mr. Payne's sister-in-law. Mrs. Payne's funeral had been conducted from the same home less than thirteen months before. Dr. A.E. Hall, pastor of the Sodus M.E. church officiated and interment was made in the family plot in the Rural Cemetery.

2/27/04  This long and informative obit for Rev. John J. Payne was graciously contributed by Sandy Davidson!

"Here is the obit for the Reverend. John J. Payne. He was the minister in the Methodist church in Williamson from 1860- 1864 and the Methodist church in Sodus from 1875 - 1880. He had two sons, A. E. (Gene) 1856 - 1925 and William 1876- 1949. William was born in Sodus and was a butcher I believe. Gene was married to Elizabeth (Lizzie) Robinson, daughter of Sam and Cynthia (Sergeant) Robinson.

The paper is dated September 16, 1904 Vol. VIII No.23 and I believe it is the Wayne Sentinel."


Rev. J. J. Payne died yesterday morning at 7:30 o'clock. His demise came with great suddenness. He was sitting in his chair when he passed peacefully, but quickly away. It was a real shock to relatives and friends.

A.E. Payne was at Wallington, on his way to Syracuse, where a telephone message informed his that his father was dead, and he went at once to the old homestead.

Wednesday night Rev. Payne seemed to be in a fair condition to live at least for months, but the dreaded heart failure came without warning.

The deceased was an exceptionally bright man. A more powerful preacher never occupied a Sodus pulpit. He had a wonderful control of language, and his voice was pleasing to the ear. Rev. Payne was a man who had studied closely and thought deeply. He was skilled in church law and one of the best Bible students in the land. In an argument he was keen and convincing. Many times he won church trials by his magnificent pleas. It has often been remarked in Sodus that the prayers of Rev. Payne were revelations. Men in this town will remember until their dying day special prayers which have come from his lips. Some of the funeral sermons he has preached will live for years. Those who were acquainted with him best, realized his remarkable talents.

Rev. Payne did what he decided was right, no matter what the consequences were. Many times it cost him large sums of money to do what he believed was the right thing.

During his illness he was a great sufferer, but he did not complain. He was too broad-minded and generous for that.

Rev. Payne entered the ministry during the Civil war, his first charge being at Williamson. At that time he was of the Wesleyan Methodist faith, but at the close of the war he became a Methodist Episcopal clergyman. The succeeding charges were as follows: Centreville, Pa., Mecklenburg, Potter Centre, Milo Centre, Branchport, Sodus, Cuba, Angelica and Sardinia. About eighteen years ago he retired. Since that time he has now and then acted as Rev. Payne has resided on the farm east of this village since his retirement from active clerical work. Next to his family he loved his farm and his horse.

The funeral services will be held at the late residence Sunday afternoon at two o'clock, Rev. M.C. Dean of Ulysses, Pa., preaching the sermon. Rev. Dean is a brother of Mrs. Payne.

Those who survive are the widow, two sons, A.E. Payne and William Payne and several brothers and sisters.

2/27/04  The obituary of Rev. Payne's son's mother-in-law, Cynthia Sergeant Robinson, was also contributed by Sandy Davidson!

"Here is the obit of Cynthia Sergeant Robinson, - daughter of James Sergeant and wife of Sam Robinson. Such a long but eloquent write up. Seems it must have been written by one of her nephews."

Cynthia Sergeant Robinson

Cynthia Sergeant Robinson, the daughter of James and Margaret Sergeant was born in Sodus, N.Y., Sept. 22. 1834 and passed into the eternal world Oct. 1st, 1903. She is survived by her husband, Samuel Robinson; two daughters, Mrs. A.T. Stockand and Mrs. A.E. Payne; and four grandchildren - Miss Edna Stockand, Miss Jessie Stockand, Miss Nellie Payne, and Howard Payne. Also a sister, Mrs. H.O. Silver of Clyde; and four brothers, Henry, Oscar, and Harkness of Sodus; and Melvin Sergeant of Kansas.

Ever since Elizabeth F. Ellet the author and poet, from early childhood graced the walls of the old "Maxwell School House," (now known as the "Sentell.") there have gone out there from, many strong men and women, who have taken their places in the world if finance, of education, of social, political, literary, religious and home life with success, and honor to themselves and their country.

Here Cynthia Sergeant was educated. She was an earnest student, and early began the work of teaching, but abandoned it to become the wife of Samuel Robinson. Theirs was the first wedding I ever attended. Every feature of it remains in my memory with vividness today.

The old farmhouse of my uncle was decorated with ropes of evergreens gracefully festooned about the rooms. Great round white cakes daintily dotted with flowers of colored sugar sand graced a wide table. The bride was dressed in white with a wreath of flowers upon her head. It was a happy occasion and all hearts united in giving to this Christian pair a hearty "God Speed."

The last funeral I ever attended was when we laid that precious bride of 48 years to rest. The large concourse of mourners who came each with a chaplet of flowers, to pay their last tribute of respect to their departed friend, evidenced how faithfully she had fulfilled the promise of her girlhood.

One does not have to be argumentative or eloquent to convince this community of the true worth of Cynthia Robinson.

Our "Household Songs" we know by heart, yet always love to hear them re sung. So her life is familiar to us in every detail. "None knew her but to praise her." And, when I say in simple language that few if any could have gone out from this community leaving a record as unselfish, as helpful, as Christlike as hers, I know that from every heart there wells up a sweet "Amen."

No one ever went to her for love and sympathy in any trial and was sent empty away. Hers was the place of rendezvous. Where burdened hearts poured out their grief's, and many of us can say, as did her Pastor, and the "sweet singer" on the funeral occasion, "I have lost one of the best friends I ever had."

Businessmen held her in high esteem for her business insight, promptness and honesty.

The M.E. Church, of which she has been a member since early life, found in her a pillar of strength, and an adornment of purity within its walls. As President of the Ladies' Aid Society she stood meekly at the front for years, until, her strength beginning to fail the the continued upholding, she begged to be relieved, and dropped her weary hands at her side, only to advise, encourage, and pray for those who tearfully but bravely went on with the work.

Shoulder to shoulder she walked beside her husband, being a daily source of strength to him by her encouragement, sympathy, and advice, as well as by her tender wifely affection, from the early dawn of their married life to the glorious sunset of her last conscious day which was the Sabbath of our Lord, one week previous to the day when that husband took his last leave of her with the true fortitude of a Christian soldier.

As a mother she was wise, impartial, gentle, tender and would have given her life, if need be, for the sake of her children or grandchildren, who may well feel that in her virtues they have an inheritance of untold value.

Her sons-in-law she loved as though they had been her own, and the respect which they have ever shown toward her opinions and sentiments entitled them to this regard.

Her trust in Christ was complete. She had no fear of death, except of the physical suffering, and from this the good Father kindly relieved her. Her virtues full bloomed in the Autumn of life are emblemed by flowers - the seasons last gifts.

2/27/04  The obit of early Sodus resident James Sergeant, father of Cynthia Sergeant Robinson, was graciously contributed by his ggg-granddaughter Sandy Davidson!

"My name is Sandy Davidson. I have some obituary's of Sodus people from the 1800's and early 1900's that I would like to pass along to you to use on the website if you so choose. One is of James Sergeant (1804-1895), my great great great grandfather. I am not sure what paper it came from, but was sent to me by a distant cousin, - a descendant of one of his brothers.

Obit of James Sargeant


James Sargeant, First White Child Born in Sodus

Nearly a century old

Could remember Distinctly the Bombardment of Sodus Point in the War of 1812 - Related to Half the residents of His Town.

Sodus, Sept. 8, - The funeral of James Sergeant, who died on Tuesday last, was held at the residence of Mrs. Samuel Robinson, of Sodus, daughter of deceased, on Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Young, pastor of the Sodus Methodist Episcopal Church, officiated. He selected for his text, Genesis, 49th chapter and 33d verse, "And when Jacob had made an end of his commanding of his sons, he gathered up his feet into the bed and yielded up the ghost and was gathered unto his people."

Mr. Sergeant was 92 years of age and up to about ten weeks ago has always enjoyed comparatively good health. He was among the pioneer settlers of Wayne County and was the first white child born in the town of Sodus. He had assisted in the establishment of the public schools and churches in Sodus and vicinity, was a devout Christian, and has been an active member of the Sodus Methodist Episcopal Church for more than 70 years. He could remember distinctly the bombardment of Sodus Point in the war of 1812, and has often related his first trip to Rochester, when Rochester was but a few scattering buildings.

He leaves four sons, Henry, Oscar, and Hark Sergeant, of Sodus, and Mel Sergeant, of Kansas, and two daughters, Mrs. Samuel Robinson, of Sodus, and Mrs. H.O. Silver, of Fairport. Twenty-nine grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren also survive the deceased. It is a conservative estimate that Mr. Sergeant was in some way or other related to fully one half the inhabitants of the village of Sodus.

At the request of the deceased, the body was borne to its last resting place by six of the grandsons, and the interment was in the Bushnell Burying Ground, at the side of his wife, who died fifteen years ago.

2/27/04  The following West Family obituaries were kindly donated by Pennie West!

"The following are obituaries of my Father's first Wife (Mrs. Caroline Clark West), Grandmother (Jennie Mowatt West), Grandfather (Lewis R. West), and Great Grandfather (Nelson Lewis West) all of Palmyra. Thank you for posting these to your website."
Pennie West

April 13, 1933
Palmyra Courier-Journal
Obituary Nelson Lewis West

Nelson Lewis West passed away Monday morning at the home of his son, Lewis R. West, on Yellow Mills Road. Mr. West was over 87 years of age and enjoyed excellent health until the beginning of this year. He was born in Cuyler, Cortland County. He married Miss Hulda Amelia Welch of Tioga County, Pa. To them was born one child, Lewis Raymond West, with whom he had made his home for many years. When he was a young man, Mr. West lived for a while in this section. Then he moved to the Middle West residing in Kansas City for nearly twenty years. He was the last survivor of a family of thirteen children. The funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. R. G. Higinbotham officiating, with burial in Palmyra cemetery. The out of town relatives in attendance were his nieces, Mrs. Ida Septer of Pultneyville and Mrs. Harvey Thompson of the Marion Road and the latter's daughter, Mrs. Helen Cooney of Pultneyville.

August 12, 1948
Palmyra Courier-Journal
Mrs. Clarence West Obituary

Mrs. Caroline Clark West died at her home, 126 Gates Street, Palmyra, Sunday morning, August 8 after a long illness. She was a member of the First Methodist Church of Palmyra and of the Palmyra Women of the Moose. She is survived by her husband, Clarence West, one daughter Jean: one son, David: her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Clark of Canandaigua and ten sisters and four brothers as follows; Mrs. Thomas Wainman, Mrs. Fred Feathers, Mrs. Francis Lee, Alfred Clark Jr., Mrs. Marguerite Staple, Kenneth Clark, Clifford Clark, Mrs. Esie Johnson, Mrs. Leo Howell, Richard Clark, and Janice, Barbara, Sylvia and Winifred Clark. Funeral services were held from her late home Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock with interment in Woodlawn Cemetery, Canandaigua.

January 6, 1949
Palmyra Courier-Journal
Obituary Lewis H. West

Lewis H. West, 72 years old of Palmyra died in Barber Hospital, Lyons, last Friday after a short illness. Born in the West, he came to Palmyra when a young man and after several years went to Canada with his family to make his home. In 1930 he returned to Palmyra where he since had resided. He is survived by his wife, Jennie; eight children, Mrs. Allen Hessan of Lincoln, Neb., Mrs. Jessie Baker, Mrs. Harold Hughes. Nelson, Clarence and Thomas West of Palmyra, Mrs. Martin Smith and Lewis West, Jr., of Shortsville: 17 grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services were held at the Cady & Mate Funeral Home, 122 Cuyler Street, Monday afternoon at 2:30o'clock, the Rev. David W. Bunville of the First Methodist Churchofficiating. Burial was made in Palmyra Cemetery.

October 20, 1966
Palmyra Courier-Journal
Obituary Mrs. Jennie West

Mrs. Jennie Mowatt West of Palmyra died Friday, October 14, 1966 in Rochester. She was 88. Private funeral services were held Tuesday at the Funeral Home of McGuire & Hargrave with burial in Palmyra Cemetery. The Rev. Vernon Martin officiated. Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Martin Smith, Chapin, Mrs. Jesse Baker, Rochester, and Mrs. Harold Hughes,Palmyra: four sons, Nelson, Wolcott, Lewis, Clifton Springs, Clarence, Palmyra, and Thomas of California; 21 grandchildren and severalgreat-grandchildren.

11/13/03  This grouping of Lake Family and related family obituaries was graciously contributed by researcher Colleen Krogstad! My name is Collen Krogstad and I've been doing some family research and found this sight. Many of my family members have a connection with Wayne County. I think your sight is great. Here are several obituaries of family members from the Wayne County area. They have all been passed down through the family and have eventually ended up in my collection. I do not know which newspapers they originated from. The first is the obituary of my ggg grandfather Darius A. Lake. Family information records his death as April 22, 1907.

Darius A. Lake

Darius A. Lake, aged 71, died Tuesday night at 9:30 at his late residence in Marbletown. On September 18th last he had a slight shock and had since been ill and had gradually declined until the end. On Sunday afternoon, March 31st, Mr. Lake had the second shock and from then until his demise he was unconscious most of the time. His suffering, which was unspeakably great, occurred in the interim between the first and second shock. The shocks affected the nerves of his spine and limbs and rendered him helpless.

D. A. Lake was born in Maine February 8th, 1836, a son of George and Roxanna Lake. When he was between two and three years old he moved to Marbletown with his parents and had spent his life there with the exception of three years in the Civil War and three years in Michigan prior to his marriage. He married Miss Elsie Parkhurst, of East Newark, January 1st, 1861, and enlisted in Company A of the 160th Regiment, N.Y. Vols., in 1862, and served for three years. Mr. Lake's first daughter was born while he was in the South fighting for the preservation of his country and was two years old before he saw her. He was never wounded, but in one battle seven bullets went through his hat.

Upon his return from the war he took up farming at Marbletown. During his long life in the community Mr. Lake had made a great many friends. He was a kind father, a splendid neighbor and universally respected and honored by those who knew him. He was a member of the William B. Vosburgh Post, G.A.R., of this village, and of the National Protective Legion.

Mr. Lake is survived by his widow, three children, Mrs. Effie West, who lives on the farm; Mrs. Charles De Velder, of East Maple avenue, and William R. Lake, who resides at home; two brothers, Charles and Samuel Lake, of Mount Rose, Mich.: three sisters, Mrs. Martha Peterson, of Newark; Mrs. Lydia Wolfe, of Newark, and Miss Addie Lake, of Newark; two grandchildren, Miss Ethel and Edward West of this village.

The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at the house at 2:30 o'clock, under the auspices of the Vosburgh Post, Rev. Charles Palmatier officiating. The burial was made at East Newark.

The next is the obituary for his wife.

Elsie A. Lake

The death of Elsie A. Lake, the last of the old settlers, occurred at her home in Marbletown, Feb. 26, 1921, after an illness of 13 months. Mrs. Lake would have been 79 years of age on March 18th. She was born at East Newark, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roselle Parkhurst, her father being a contractor and builder.

In girlhood she attended a private school and later the first school which stood where our Church Street School now stands. Her memory was very clear, and she often told of playing in the orchard on the hill where the State School now stands. Her father received the contract for the first Asylum building. At that time East Newark was the main part of Newark. She was a member of the Christian church and was baptized when sixteen years of age.

When twenty years of age she was married to Darius A. Lake at Newark. Six months later he enlisted in the Civil War and was gone for three years. Six children were born to them, two whom now survive. Mrs. Lake was a staunch Christian, a kind mother and a good neighbor, and endeared herself to all who knew her.

Survivors are a daughter, Effie M. West, and a son, William R. Lake, who reside at the home; a granddaughter, Mrs. Clarence Lindstrom, of Newark, and a grandson Edward West; of Manchester, besides several nieces and nephews.

Burial was made in the East Newark Cemetery, Tuesday Mar. 1st, at 2:30 p.m., Rev. DeYoung officiating.

This is an obituary of Darius' brother Samuel.


Samuel H. Lake, born in this town, died Dec. 17th, 1908, at his home in Montrose Mich. Deceased was a son of the late George Lake and lived in Marbletown until 1862, when he became a soldier in the 160th New York Volunteers. After the war he was married to Miss Ellen Worthing and removed to Michigan where he has lived since, by occupation a farmer. He was ill for a long time with consumption and died at the age of sixty-six years. He is survived by a widow, by a brother, Charles H., of Montrose, Mich., and three sisters, Mrs. Martha G. Peterson of South Lyons, Mrs. Lydia H. Wolf and Miss Addie Lake of Newark.

This is the obituary for Darius' brother Charles that moved to Michigan. Don't know date of death but know it is after 1908 and before 1921 when the first of the three sisters died.

Charles Lake

Buried Friday Passed Away Wednesday after an Illness of One Year.
Had Been a Resident of Flushing Township for Years.

Chas. H. Lake a highly respected resident of this locality, passed away Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock at his home three miles south, and one half mile east of this village.

Mr. Lake had been in poor health for the past year, but the immediate cause of death was bronchitis.

Deceased was born Aug. 17, 1838 at Newark Wayne Co. N.Y. where he resided until he grew to manhood. On Dec. 23, 1860 he was united in marriage to Miss Sophronia E. Aldrich at Phillips, Ontario Co. N.Y. who survives his demise. In 1876 they came to Michigan and settled in Montrose township and latter moved into Flushing township, on the farm where his death occurred. Mr. Lake was veteran of the Civil War having fought in several of the bitterest conflicts during that period. He was at the time of his death a member of the G. A.R. post at Flushing.

Besides his aged wife he leaves to mourn their loss, three sons, Elmer of Ludington, Mich., Alvin and Hollis, and one grandson all residing at home. He also leaves three sisters, Mrs. Martha Peterson, Mrs. Lydia Wolfe, and Miss Addie Lake of Newark, N.Y. The funeral services will be held from the residence Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Rev. Bishop of New Lothrop will officiate and interment was made in the Flushing cemetery.

This is the obituary of my gg grandmother Effie May Lake who was the daughter of Darius and Elsie.

Effie May West
Dies Wednesday At Age of 91

Mrs. Effie May West, 91, died Wednesday (June 25, 1958) in the Lyons Nursing Home.

She was a lifelong resident of Newark. Mrs. West was born in Marbletown on Dec. 14, 1866, the daughter of Darius and Elsie Ann Lake.

She was a member of the Newark Baptist Church. Her father was a member of the G.A.R.

Surviving are one daughter Mrs. Bert Mitchell of Newark; one son, Edward West of St. Petersburgh, Fla.; two grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren.

Funeral services were held Saturday at the Parker Funeral Home with the Rev. Walter Hobkirk, pastor of the Park Presbyterian Church, officiating. Burial was in East Newark cemetery.

This is the obituary of her daughter Ethel's first husband Clarence Lindstrom.

C. F. Lindstrom, Postal Employe, Dies at Newark Honored for 39 Years Service by Fellow Workers

Newark--Clarence F. Lindstrom, postal employee for almost 39 years, died unexpectedly Thursday night (Mar. 22, 1951) at his home, 306 Church St. He was almost 63 years old.

Mr Lindstrom had been on sick leave from the Newark Postoffice since Oct. 24, 1950, and was scheduled to retire on Apr. 1, 1951.

Just a few hours before his death he was presented with a gold wrist watch by a delegation of postal workers in recognition of his long service. The delegation was headed by Postmaster Francis V. Leahy.

He was born in Newark July 20, 1887, the son of John and Amelia George Lindstrom, and had been a lifelong resident here. Mr. Lindstrom was appointed a sub-carrier on Jan. 6, 1913. He had worked under Postmasters James M. Pitkin, Ralph Wilder, A. N. Christy, Frank Baltzel and Leahy.

He was a member of the Masonic Lodge, the National Association of Letter Carriers and was a past elder at the Park Prebyterian Church.

Surviving are his wife, Ethel: his mother, now residing in Auburn; one daughter Mrs. Gene (Elsie) Healey of Newark; one sister, Mrs. Lewis (Violet) Betts of Auburn; two brothers, Ernest of Detroit, Mich., and Benjamin of Ft. Wayne, Ind., and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Effie West of Newark.

Funeral services will be held Monday at the Parker Funeral Home on E. Miller St. and from the Park Presbyterian Church with the Rev. Walter R. Hobkirk, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in Newark Cemetery.

This is the obituary of Effie's daughter Ethel from the Finger Lake Times on Wednesday, July 27, 1977.

Mrs. Ethel M. Mitchell
Newark-- Mrs. Bert W. (Ethel) Mitchell, 87, of 306 Church St., died Tuesday.

Friends may call Thursday from 2-3 and 7-9 p.m. at the Scott Funeral Home Inc.

The funeral will be Friday at 1:30 p.m. at the funeral home. Burial will be in Newark Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Park Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. Mitchell was born in Newark, May 7, 1890, daughter of Lewis G. and Effie Lake West. She was a life resident of Newark. She was a member of Park Presbyterian Church, the women's association and past president of the Foster class. She was a member and past matron of Amity Chapter OES and member of Past Matrons Assn. of Wayne District.

Surviving are one daughter, Mrs. Gene G. (Elsie) Healey of Newark; one niece; and two nephews.

10/11/03  Daniel W. Chase's obituary clipping was found in a 19th century Rochester NY scrapbook. Dated in pencil 1888, newspaper not given, probably a Rochester paper. This was the only article about the Chase's.


Death of a Leading Business Man - Other Mortuary Notes

Just before nine o'clock Saturday night occurred the death of Daniel W. Chase at his residence, 92 Chestnut street, in the 75th year of his age. Mr. Chase was the senior member of the lumber firm of Chase & Otis, and was very heartily respected and esteemed as a business man and a citizen. After a long and honorable business career he has gone, and it is said of him that he never made an enemy. Three years ago Mr. Chase suffered a partial stroke of paralysis, necessitating his withdrawal from active business life, but his death was caused by a general breaking-up of his physical powers, due to old age.

The deceased merchant was born in Chatham, Columbia county, this state, July 6, 1813, and was of Quaker parentage. He was brought up on a farm, and with his parents, removed to Williamson, Wayne county, in 1827. He received a good English education and before he had attained his majority, in 1833, after having spent one winter as deputy superintendent of the Monroe county almshouse, he took up his residence in Henrietta in this county. Here the young man married Miss Lydia Cornwall, also a member of the Society of Friends, and lived for many years, engaged in farming and dealing in nursery stock and farm produce. In 1855 Mr. Chase formed a co-partnership with Lyman M. Otis, for the purpose of dealing in cattle, sheep, wool and nursery stock, and the firm of Chase & Otis has been in existence ever since, a period of nearly 33 years, making it one of the oldest firms in the city.

Mr. Chase removed to Rochester in February, 1867, and immediately engaged in the lumber trade as a member of the firm of Robinson, Chase & Co., which did business on the present site of the Erie railway station on Court street. On the death of Mr. Robinson, which occurred about a month after the firm was formed, Mr. Otis closed up the business in Henrietta and bought out the interests of the Robinson heirs and Mr. Gorton, and the lumber business has since been carried on under the firm name of Chase & Otis. The two men composing it were firmly knitted together in friendship as well as closely associated in business, and resided side by side on Chestnut street.

The wife of Mr. Chase died in 1869, but he leaves four adult children - Oscar B., and Willett E. Chase, and Mrs. George M.C. Roberts of Henrietta and Mrs. B.P. Smith of Rochester. Several brothers and sisters scattered about the country also survive the deceased. The funeral services will be held at the house to-morrow afternoon at three o'clock. Rev. Dr. Asa Saxe, at whose church Mr. Chase had of late years attended, will officiate.

10/11/03  Dr. Daniel Gaylord Mason's obituary clipping was found in a 19th century Rochester NY scrapbook. Dated in pen Aug 13, 1912. There were no other articles related to the Masons or Harknesses.


One of the Best Known of Monroe Physicians is Dead.

East Henrietta, Aug. 13- Mr. Daniel Gaylord Mason, for 28 years a practicing physician in this village and one of the best known of the fraternity in Monroe county, died this morning at his home in Main street, aged 57 years. Death came quietly, Dr. Mason's illness having been for several years' duration, but since Wednesday, his condition had been such that no hope of recovery was given.

Daniel Gaylord Mason was born in Walworth, Wayne county, on July 9, 1855, the son of Horace and Phoebe Mason. Receiving his early education in Walworth schools, he entered upon the study of medicine in New York City where he graduated with the degree of doctor of medicine. Following his marriage to Miss Ida Harkness, of Marion, he began the practice of medicine in the village of East Henrietta where his work was steadily carried on until a few years ago when blood poisoning, which he had contracted while performing an operation, began to impair his health. For several years, his strength had weakened gradually, death coming at the end of the strong fight against heavy odds.

Dr. Mason was a member and former president of the Monroe County Medical Association, of the Rochester Pathological Society, a fellow and charter member of Rochester Academy of Medicine, and a member of New York State Medical Society.

He leaves his wife, Mrs. Ida Harkness Mason; one daughter, Miss Bessie Belle Mason; and a son, Floyd Harkness Mason all of this village; and one brother, Henry R. Mason, of Marion. The funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock, Wednesday afternoon form the family home in this village.

5/26/03  Joseph Gilbert's obituary was graciously contributed by researcher Ross Bentley, with the attached kind note and information about the obit:
" Found this obit clipping among some family papers. I don't recognize any of the names as being related, but I wanted to share it with your site since I have obtained so much information there myself. Somebody will want this information. The newspaper clipping is not labeled as to which paper it is, and it is not dated. However, from the dates, it is obviously from 1917. Hope it helps someone. I, of course, have taken the time to proof-read it to make sure I don't give someone some incorrect data. Thank you for all the help I have obtained from the Wayne County GenWeb site. I am a regular visitor."

Joseph Gilbert

Highly Respected, Retired Farmer Dies at His Home in Marion at Advanced Age of 84 Years

Marion, March 12.--Joseph Gilbert, a most highly respected citizen, died at his home in Main Street Sunday morning at 11 o'clock, following an illness of three weeks, at the age of 84 years. Mr. Gilbert was born in the town of Williamson February 24, 1833, and was the youngest of sixteen children -- a family of eight sons and eight daughters -- of Samuel and Luceba Wilson Gilbert, who came from Vermont and settled in Williamson. October 9, 1859, he was married to Emorett Adams, daughter of the late Micajah Adams of this town. The ceremony was performed at 9 o'clock Sunday morning at the home of the bride, near the Upper Corners, now occupied by William Wood. The officiating clergyman was Rev. Amasa Stanton, pastor of the Marion Christian Church. The bride and groom attended church services and dined with her parents, going to the Gilbert farm later in the day, where they passed their married life.

The bride, a young school teacher, entered with interest into farm duties, to which she had been unaccustomed. Mr. Gilbert prospered and became the owner of his father's homestead, where he lived 56 years. His wife died August 31, 1896.Twelve years ago Mr. Gilbert retired from farm life and moved to the village.Being possessed of a remarkably genial nature, he won a host of friends.At the age of 26 years he had united with the Christian Church, in which he became a valued and influential member, giving liberally of his means for its support as long as the church existed. For more than forty years he held the office of deacon and his exemplary life will long be remembered. He was also a trustee of that church and for twenty years superintendent of the Sunday school.

During his last years on the farm the house was burned and a new one erected.One of the relics saved was the old family Bible, which Mr. Gilbert's parents had owned and which he kept in his room till the last. Mr. Gilbert had read the Old Testament complete the past winter, being able to read without glasses. For years he had been president of the Gilbert Family Association, which met annually and in which he was the last of his generation.

Mr. Gilbert leaves one daughter,Mrs. Delmar Hope, who has all her life lived in his home; three granddaughters, Mrs. Marshall McKee of Walworth, Mrs. Raymond Ebert and Miss Hazel Hope of Marion, and five great-grandchildren. The funeral will be held from the house Wednesday. Rev. W.W. McWilliams, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, officiating. Burial will be in the family lot in Marion Cemetery.

4/17/03  Spotted by co-coordinator Martha in "Boonville Herald and Adirondack Tourist," Thursday, April 17, 1919. For further information about Mr. Cornish, please contact local historical societies.

Sudden Death of Harris Cornish

Harris J. Cornish passed away suddenly at his home in Walworth, N.Y., Monday, April 14, at 7 a.m., following a stroke which he sustained four hours earlier.

Harris Josiah Cornish was the son of Dr. Josiah and Jeanette Hitchcock Cornish and was born in Lee Center July 22, 1846. Later the family moved to Collinsville and afterwards to Turin, where Dr. Josiah Cornish practiced his professional for many years. Harris Cornish received his early education at the Rome Academy. Afterwards he took a course in Medicine, graduating from the Albany Medical College. He was associated with his father in the practice of medicine for a short time and later entered a partnership with the late H.G. Quinn in a drug store in Turin.

For the past 2 years he has filled a position as a traveling salesman for "The Norwich Pharmacal Company." April 12, 1870, he was united in marriage to Miss Julia Rea of Turin, who survives with one daughter, Mrs. George F. Hart, and one son, H. Rea Cornish; also an aunt, Mrs. Martha A. Mealus, all of Turin. He also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Charles H. Pearson of Arlington, Mass., and Mrs. Charles S. Gsell of Buffalo. Mr. and Mrs. Cornish went to housekeeping in Turin, where they lived for some time. They afterward lived a short time at Lowville and in Rome. About 19 years ago they moved to Walworth, where they have since resided.

Funeral services will be held from the home at Walworth Thursday at 2 p.m. Friday the remains will be brought to Turin by auto hearse and burial services held at Turin Cemetery about 4 p.m. [Note: Turin is in Lewis County, NY.]

The following obituaries, and group of other articles related to the Hughson and Blood families, were generously contributed by Susan Camaraire. Susan hopes to be in the area of Clyde, NY for a few days this summer (2003), to visit Maple Grove Cemetery and look for family stones and vital records.

Obituary in Auburn, NY newspaper (1940)
Mrs. Emma G. Blood

Mrs. Emma G. Blood, widow of Newton S. Blood, died Monday night (Jan. 1,1940) at 67 Hamilton Avenue. Mrs. Blood was born in Clyde, Wayne County, N.Y., and for the past 20 years had resided in Auburn. She was a member of St. Johns Episcopal Church of Clyde.

Mrs. Blood is survived by three sons, Robert H. of Yonkers, Francis N. of Buffalo, and Adelbert R. of Rochester; two daughters, Mrs. S.G. Weiss of New York City and Mrs. A.R. Wheeler of Toledo, Oh.; a granddaughter, Mrs. Howard Huffman of Auburn and two grandsons, Thomas and Charles Wheeler of Toledo.

Funeral services will be held at 1 oclock Wednesday afternoon at the Langham Funeral Home, 91 East Genesee Street, with Rev. Norton T. Houser, rector of St. Peters Episcopal Church, officiating. Burial will be in Maple Grove Cemetery, Clyde.

(1908) Obituary

At the home of her sister, Mrs. George N. Stansel, No. 38 Grant avenue, Auburn, N.Y., Tuesday, February 4,1908. Winnie Fay, daughter of Emma Hughson and the late Newton S. Blood, in the 19th year of her age. Funeral services will be held at St. Johns church in Clyde, N.Y., Friday, February 7, at 4 oclock p.m. Burial at Clyde.

(1894) Anniversary Announcement
Fifty Years Married

Tuesday, December 18th was the fiftieth marriage anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Hughson, but the intended reunion on this occasion was prevented by the sickness of a daughter in a distant village. The happy couple were, however, substantially remembered, each receiving a beautiful gold watch. Mr. H. also came in possession of an heirloom a gold seal over one hundred years old, once the property of a greatuncle. At their previous reunion there were seven daughters, seven sons in law, seven grandsons and seven granddaughters, but this year, in the language of Tammany, someone broke the combination. We trust the long married couple may live to celebrate their diamond wedding.

An Octogenarian, Comes From a Family Noted For Longevity and Brilliant Intellect.
Her Memory Grows Stronger With Passing of Years.


CLYDE, Oct. 10. - Mrs. Eugene Hughson of this village, 85 years of age, possesses a most remarkable memory which contrary to the usual course of nature, seems to grow stronger and more tenacious with added years. She is an aunt of Supreme Court Justice J.W. Dunwell.

Knows Scriptures by Heart

Mrs. Hughson has from her early youth been a great Bible student, and has much of the Scriptures stored in her mind. She can today, incredible as it may seem, repeat, word for word, the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

This versatile octogenarian is also a fine Latin scholar and as a pastime has translated the book of Genesis into this language. Her recollection of historical events is distinct and accurate and her conversations are a source of interest and instruction to her many friends. Her narrations of her many and varied experiences are highly interesting. Though nearly in the 90's, Mrs. Hughson is remarkably sprightly and most persons not acquainted with her would judge her age a score of years less.

Mrs. Hughson was born in the town of Lyons in 1818, and was brought up at East Newark. Her father, Captain Stephen Dunwell, was a pensioner of the War of 1812. Her grandfather, Stephen Dunwell, was a soldier of the Revolutionary War and served under Washington. Her grandfather on her mother's side, Robert Purchase, lived to be 106 years old.

The latter was a prominent farmer in the town of Phelps. Mrs. Hughson's name is Malissa, wife of E.N. Hughson, the oldest tinsmith in the state. Mr. Hughson retired from business about a year ago after 70 years at the bench, expecting to spend the balance of his years in well-earned idleness, but recently started in business again, feeling that he preferred to wear out rather than rust out. Mr. Hughson was 82 years old the 5th of this month.

Family Tree Has Many Branches

This remarkable couple has 16 great-grandchildren, 21 grandchildren and seven daughters. Mrs. Hughson inherited her remarkable powers of memory from her father, who was a man of great literary attainments.

(1911) Obituary

Mrs. Malissa Dunwell Hughson, wife of E.N. Hughson, of this village, died last week Tuesday evening (11/14/1911) at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. F.A. Delany, on Glasgow street, aged 93 years. Mrs. Hughson was born in Phelps in 1818 and has been a resident of Clyde, for about 65 years. Her father, Captain Stephen Dunwell, Jr., was a pensioner of the war of 1812 and her grandfather, Stephen Dunwell, Sr., served under General Washington in the Revolutionary War. Mrs. Hughson was an aunt of Supreme Court Judge Dunwell.

Mrs. Hughson has been accorded some distinction in the press of Western New York for her remarkable memory, and as a Bible student. Having the exceptional gift of a clear, vigorous mind, she was able in her eighty seventh year to repeat word for word entire gospels of the Scriptures and could recite lengthy selections from all standard poetry. She was also an unusually excellent Latin scholar. Her memory of historical events was also unerringly accurate and her relation of personal experience was most entertaining.

December 18,1844 she was married to Mr. E.N. Hughson of East Newark, by whom she had seven daughters: Mrs. Ellen Diamond, Jeannette, Pa.; Mrs. J.V. Worden, Phelps, N.Y.; Mrs. Emma Blood, Auburn, N.Y.; Mrs. A.H. Brown, Chicago,Ill.; Mrs. P. Pflanz, Utica, N.Y.; Mrs. Belle Zimmerman, Milan, Mich.; Mrs. F.A. Delany, Clyde. She is survived also by 16 great grand children and 21 grandchildren.

She recited her favorite poem, Death, when eighty nine years old, which Rev. Warren J. Johnson also recited most beautifully at her funeral at 10:30 oclock Saturday morning. Interment was made at East Newark.

(1912) Obituary

E.N. Hughson, Clyde's Grand Old Man died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nellie M. DeLany at 10 oclock last Thursday morning of pneumonia. He was born in the Town of South East, Dutchess County, Oct. 5,1821, and came to Clyde in early life, having previously been a resident of Red Creek and Newark. At the age of 13 years he learned the tin and coppersmith's trade and worked continuously at it for over three quarters of a century, and up to within a few days of his death. He was the oldest active tinsmith in the United States, and, although a nonagenarian, displayed to the last the vigor of mind and body of a man of 65.

On December 18, 1844, he was married to Malissa M. Dunwell at East Newark, and this remarkable couple lived together in perfect accord for 67 years, Mrs. Hughson passing away on the 14th of November last. (1911)

Mr. Hughson was located for 40 years and worked at his trade in the building now occupied by Murphy & McEligott. In 1895 he went into business on Columbia Street and in 1904 removed to North Park street where he conducted a successful business up to about a year ago when he disposed of his business and fitted up a workshop at his home on Glasgow street. A few years ago he revived the manufacture of the oldstyle, handmade Colonial lantern in general use in Washingtons time and like the one which was hung in Old North Church by Paul Revere on that memorable night of April 18th, 1775. These lanterns on account of their unique beauty and style found their way into some of the most aristocratic homes throughout this country,including the White House at Washington. But these lanterns were only one of the many useful and beautiful articles made by this aged and veritable curiosity shop, full of things modern and antique.

Mr. Hughson was a Whig in politics. He witnessed the birth of the Republican party, became one of its most loyal and consistent members and zealously supported its tenets. He was an indefatigable worker, his occasional recreations being hunting and fishing. Mr. Hughson was a thorough gentleman of the old school, gentle yet manly, kindly yet not lacking in true dignity. Loved and respected by all, he was loved most and esteemed the highest by those who knew him best. He was a producer and enriched the world by his untiring activities. He was the highest type of manhood, the devoted husband, the loving father, the loyal friend, the ideal citizen has laid aside the tools of his earthly craft to undertake activities in a land of larger opportunities.

He is survived by one greatgreat grandchild, 17 great grandchildren, 21 grandchildren and seven daughters: Mrs. Ellen Diamond, Jeanette,Pa.; Mrs. Carrie Worden, Phelps; Mrs.Emma Blood, Auburn; Mrs. Ada Brown, Chicago; Mrs. Minnie Pflanz,Utica; Mrs. H.J. Zimmerman, Milan, Mich.; Mrs. Nellie M. Delany of Clyde, N.Y.

Divorce notice
Archie DeLany Wins Divorce

Archie D. LeLany of Clyde has been awarded an interlocutory decree of divorce from Edna P. Delany by Supreme Court Justice Edward R. OMalley at Buffalo. It was further adjudged that the plaintiff have the permanent custody of the minor children, Jack LaVerne DeLany, 9 years old and Donald Russell DeLany,8 years old.

The decree was awarded at an Equity Term of the Supreme Court in Erie County Hall, Buffalo, on January 10, last. (1932)

Inaugurating the new Obits Board 3 is a 2002 contribution from researcher David W. Benedict, the obit of his great-aunt Rebecca Benedict Stroup.

"The following obituary is not actually from Wayne County, but describes my great Aunt, Rebecca Benedict Stroup, who passed away in Williamson, Wayne County, in 1962, after a long residence there. I will leave it to you as to whether you would like to post it with the Wayne County Obits."

Newspaper obit taken from unknown paper, may have been Afton (Iowa)Star-Enterprise

August 6, 1962
Rebecca Stroup, 106
Dies in New York

Rebecca Medora Stroup, 106, of Williamson, New York passed away August 6th in a hospital there. She was the great aunt of Earl and Clarence Carey and True (Buck) Rusk and was related to several others in this area.

Mrs. Stroup would have been 107 on October 11. She had been in frail health for several years, and was hospitalized July 7th after a fall in her home. She lived with her niece, Mrs. Raymond Perry of 51 W. Main St., Williamson.

She was the daughter of Isaac and Martha Benedict, who migrated from Canada to Iowa in an ox-drawn covered wagon before she was born. Both her parents lived into the nineties.

With her six sisters and three brothers, she learned to milk cows, churn butter and spin flax and wool into cloth. The children hunted rabbits, prairie chickens and quail, and herded sheep. Mrs. Stroup's brother William, served in the Union Army in the Civil War, and she recalled the death of President Lincoln.

In 1874, she married Stykes Stroup, a sheep shearer. The couple had one daughter, Mrs. Nora Sperling of Butte, Mont., who died at the age of 20.

After the death of her husband and daughter, Mrs. Stroup moved to Stevensville, Mont. In the mid 1930s she went to Williamson to visit her sister, Mrs. Jenny Broekhuizen, Mrs. Perrys mother. She stayed there to make her home.

Many from here probably remember her 105th birthday, as "Aunt Beck", as she was known, was sent congratulations from the Mayors of three towns where she had lived: Afton, Iowa, Dillon and Butte, Montana. [END]

I hope this will be helpful.

David W. Benedict
Garden Grove, CA

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