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Part 12

NEW 3/9/14   from The Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date in August 1889

Newark and Vicinity

Died, in Skaneateles, August 10th, Mrs. Chloe Smith, widow of the late Lewis Smith, aged ninety-six years. Mrs. Smith was sister of the late Mrs. James Miller of this town, and sister-in-law of the late Seth Smith of Lyons, and Cyrus Smith of Clyde.

NEW 3/9/14   from The Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date in the first week of March 1890


Isaac Johnson a farmer (sic) resident of Marion, died at his home in Williamson Wednesday morning was brought to this place for burial.

The funeral of Mrs. James Griffin will be held to-morrow, Elder Lawton officiating.

Marion Cemetery
Griffin, James H, 1824-1905
Griffin, Mary, wife, 1831-1890

Mrs. Wm. Austin last week received news of the death of her father, Peter Boyce. His home for a number of years has been in Missouri. Forty-five years ago he was one of Marion's most influential citizens - foremost in every undertaking for the improvement of the place. His council was sought by all and his advice always the best, made him a local magnate. He served one term as member of assembly from this district and held many local offices of trust - and is well remembered by the older inhabitants.

NEW 3/9/14   from The Clyde Herald, unknown date between December 10 and 20, 1918

Mrs. Sophia Bowman

Mrs. Sophia Bowman, wife of Chester Bowman, died at her home in Geneva street in this village at 3 o'clock Monday mornng, aged 72 years.

Deceased had been a life long resident of this village, a woman whose many estimable qualities had won her a large circle of friends.

She is survived by her husband and one son, Howard Bowman, with the American Expeditionary Forces in France.

Funeral services were held at the home at 2 o'clock this afternoon, Rev. W. Lane (?) officiating.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Galen
BOWMAN Chester H. 1845 - 1938 Co. B 28 Mich. Inf.
BOWMAN Sophie FREEZLEAR wf 1846 - 1918

Events of 25 Years Ago [year 1893]

The funeral of Mrs. Mary McDermott took place at St. John's Catholic Church, Monday forenoon at 10 o'clock, Rev. J. J. Gleeson officiating. Deceased was 69 years of age.

St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Town of Galen
no name, 1887 72 yr.
Mary, wife, 1893 69 yr.

Thomas W. Mackie, Jr., died suddenly at the home of his mother, Mrs. Amelia Mackie, three miles east of Clyde, last Saturday. He was 18 years of age and employed as signal man on the N. Y. Central block system.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Galen
MACKIE Thomas Jr. 1875-1893
MACKIE Amelia wf Thomas Jr. 1841-1916 [Correction: this is his mother, obviously not his wife!]

NEW 3/9/14   from the Lake Shore News, unknown date in 1912

Mrs. Frank Mathews, of Clyde road, Butler, died at the Myers Hospital, Sodus, yesterday afternoon. She had been there several weeks under treatment and at last Dr. Myers decided to operate yesterday morning, calling Dr. J. N. Robertson, Mrs. Mathews' home physician, to be present and assist him. Dr. Robertson returned home on the noon train. He said they found a cyst, confirming his early diagnosis of the case. Wayne Mathews said this morning his mother did not rally after the operation. Fred Bevier took the train this morning to bring the body. Mrs. Mathews was a native of Alabama.

Butler Center Cemetery
Town of Butler
MATHEWS Frank H. 1856-1931
MATHEWS Mollie E. wf. 1867-1912
MATHEWS Ernest D. son Frank & Mollie 1857-1930
MATTHEWS Wayne S. 1887-1967
MATTHEWS Sarah M. wf. 1895-1983

NEW 3/9/14   from The Lyons Republican, Friday, May 28, 1926

Mrs. Ellen B. Dickerson

Just as we go to press we learn of the death of Mrs. Ellen B. Dickerson, of New York city, formerly of Lyons. The body will be brought to Lyons. The funeral held from Grace Episcopal Church tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock.

Mrs. Dickerson has many friends in Lyons who will be grieved to learn of her death after an illness of about two months.

NEW 3/9/14   from The Lyons Republican, Friday, June 4, 1926

Mrs. Ella Buell Dickerson

Funeral services of the late Mrs. Ella Buell Dickerson, whose death was briefly noted in this paper last week, were held at Grace Episcopal church on Saturday morning. Rev. Pomeroy Hartman officiated and the bearers were Charles G. Walker, James Whitney, William Holloway and W. H./E.(?) Kinney. Burial was made in Elmwood Cemetery.

Mrs. Dickerson was born in Westmoreland, N. Y., December 8, 1853. She received her education at Hudson River Seminary, Claverack, N. Y., and later came to Lyons to study the piano at the Lyons Musical Academy, under the direction of the late Rev. Lyman H. Sherwood. The following year, 1870, she was married to Heman G. Dickerson, at that time a leading business man of Lyons, engaged in the hat and fur business. They made their home on Cherry street, building on a part of the old Dickerson property.

In 1911 they removed to New York and made their home with their daughter, Mrs. Henry P. Miles. Mr. Dickerson died several years ago.

Mrs. Dickerson, while a resident of Lyons, held a prominent place in the social life of the village and had a wide circle of friends. She was a member of Grace Episcopal Church.

Her daughter, Mrs. Henry P. Miles and son Dickerson Miles accompanied the body to Lyons and returned to New York on Sunday.

Elmwood Cemetery
Town of Lyons
DICKERSON Herman G. 1845-1917
DICKERSON Ellen B. 1854-1926

NEW 3/9/14   from The Lyons Republican, Friday, May 28, 1926

Nelton C. Myers

Nelton C. Myers, aged 50 years, died suddenly at his home in High Street on Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Myers was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Myers, was born in this village and lived here all his life. His father was one of the prominent business men of the village for a quarter of a century and his grandfather, George Baltzel, was one of the prominent business men of Lyons for many years.

Nelton C. Myers was educated in the Lyons Union School and in early life worked with his father, who conducted a large hardware business in this village and who had a prominent part in civil affairs. For many years he was president of the Wayne County Agricultural Society and it was through his influence that many speakers of state and national reputation were brought to Lyons to speak at the county fairs. Since the death of his father, Mr. Myers has been connected with the George H. Baltzel shoe store and later with the Hartwig D. Ungerer Shoe Store, and during the past few years he has conducted an insurance business.

He was a member of Grace Episcopal church and Lyons Lodge of Elks. In 1911 he married Miss Clara Stauch of this village. A sister, Miss Florence Myers was buried last Friday. Funeral services were held at the home Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Pomeroy H. Hartman officiating. Burial was made in the Lyons Rural Cemetery. The bearers were George B. Gucker, James F. Lally, William R. Contneen(?), Daniel P. Moran, T. B. Ryan and Gordon J. Trumpour.

NEW 3/9/14   from The Lyons Republican, Friday, June 4, 1926

Letters of administration were granted to Belle Streeter of Lyons on the $1,000 estate of her sister, Florence L. Myers who died in New York, May 19, 1926.

Lyons Rural Cemetery
MYERS Nelton 1876-1926
MYERS Florence L. 1886-1926 [NOTE: sister of Nelton]
MYERS Joseph C. 1847-1899
MYERS Emma M., wife, 1853-1911
MYERS Frances M. 1880-1898
MYERS Newell J. 1883-1919

NEW 3/9/14   from the Wayne County Review, Lyons NY, Thursday, May 7, 1903

Charles McGonigal, a brother of John McGonigal, died at the home of his son, Charles McGonigal, near Port Byron yesterday morning. The cause of death was paralysis with which he was first stricken early last winter and which had rendered him helpless for several weeks. Deceased was born in Port Byron 69 years ago but the greater part of his life had been spent in the town of Butler where he owned and tilled a farm. He was a man of good standing in the community in which he lived, honest and industrious. Surviving relatives are three brothers, William and James of Savannah and John of this village, a son and a daughter. Funeral services will be held from the residence of the son, Charles McGonigal, in Port Byron Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. Burial will be made in Butler Center.

NEW 3/9/14   from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Saturday, December 9, 1893, page 4

Joseph LaRue, one of the oldest inhabitants of the town of Lyons, died at his residence between Alloway and Lyons yesterday morning, aged 93 years. He is survived by three sons, Joseph, Charles and William, and one daughter, Mrs. George H. Renckhert. The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the house. The services will be conducted by Rev. Amos Naylor of the Baptist Church.

NEW 2/15/14   from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Tuesday, March 27, 1894, page 4

James E. Stewart, of Wolcott, died Saturday; aged 66 years. He leaves a wife, but no children. The funeral will be held to-day.

Glenside Cemetery
Town of Wolcott
Stewart, James E., 24 Mar 1894, 66 yrs
Stewart, Annis, 22 Feb 1911 Wife, born in 1929

Claude Powell, only son of George Powell, of Newbridge, died Sunday at the residence of C. F. Flitchcroft, with whom he made his home.

Emmet Teats, of the town of Ontario, died at his home near Ontario Center last Saturday, aged 64 years. He leaves a wife, one son and two daughters.

Leonora Stone, the seven-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Stone, died at the home of her parents, two miles north of Clyde, Saturday, with the croup. Funeral services were held yesterday afternoon. Rev. David Kappel, pastor of the Clyde Methodist Episcopal Church, officiated.

Rose Cemetery
Bill Dean's Reading
Stone, Lenora May, daughter of Clifford O., 1887 - 1894

NEW 2/15/14   from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Tuesday, March 27, 1894, page 4

Further news received from Texas by Fletcher Williams and family, of Newark, state that the decision of the coroner's inquest held over the body of Charles R. Williams, was accidental shooting resulting from the discharge of a revolver which he was cleaning. The deceased was for several years assistant cashier of the First National Bank of Newark. Last June he was married to Miss Sadie Cochran, of Rochester, and in January he severed his connection with the bank, and went to Texas. He located at Devers, Liberty county, and purchased 2,000 acres of land, and intended making that his future home. His cousin, Mr. Morley, formerly of Clyde, and wife were with him there, and will start this evening with the remains, which have been embalmed.

NEW 2/15/14   from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Friday, March 30, 1894, page 4

Many rumors have been current throughout Newark and vicinity concerning the sudden and tragic death of Charles R. Williams at his home near Devers, Texas. The following extracts taken from a letter written to the family will explain itself. The letter was dated Houston, Texas, March 25, 1893 (sic): "About 10 o'clock yesterday (Saturday) morning, Charlie took his pistol, a 32 Colt, out by the house to clean, as it was rusty; he had taken all but one cartridge out and that stuck. In his effort to get it out it some way it was discharged, the ball going through his heart killing him instantly. At the time he was talking to his hired man. A young man who was visiting him his wife and cousin (the writer) were also near. An inquest was held and the verdict was accidental death. They took the body out to Devers and the writer, with an undertaker brought it to Houston this morning. Have done every thing that can be done and am waiting to hear from Newark. Every one here has been very kind." Since the above, a telegram has been received stating the body will reach Newark at 9:15 A. M. to-day. The funeral services will be held tomorrow.

NEW 2/15/14   from The Lyons Republican, Friday, June 3, 1927

Mrs. Albert Christman

Mrs. Maud Christman, wife of Albert M. Christman died at her home in Lyons yesterday at three o'clock. This news was received as we were going to press and before the funeral arrangements were completed.

The surviving relatives are her husband, three sisters, Mrs. Nellie Crawford of Portlandville, N.Y., Mrs. Matilda Cadeau of Newark, and Mrs. Helen Crawford of Milford, N.Y.; two brothers, John Elliott of Rochester and Charles Elliott of Newark.

Elmwood Cemetery, Lyons NY
CHRISTMAN Albert 1869-1938
CHRISTMAN Maud 1873-1927

Miss Frances Bridgeman

Miss Frances Bridgeman, aged ___ (illegible) years, died Saturday afternoon, May 28(?), at the Lyons Hospital where on the previous Wednesday, she underwent an operation, performed by Dr. Webb of Clifton Springs Sanitarium.

Miss Bridgeman was the second daughter of the late William J. and Jane Bridgeman, who came to Lyons from England about 1845. Her father had once been a gardener in the employ of the Duke of Westminster in England, and for several years after coming to this country he followed the profession of farming in South Lyons. The family later moved to the village and resided on Layton Street. Miss Frances Bridgeman, who was the last of her family and who is survived by two nieces of Ravena (sic, Ravenna), Ohio, lived on Phelps street for several years.

Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the Episcopal Church of which Miss Bridgeman was a faithful member. Rev. George H. Ottaway conducted the service which was followed by burial in Rural Cemetery.

Miss Bridgeman was a woman of rarely sweet disposition who numbered as her friends all who knew her. She was cheerful and unselfish and in her character were combined the noblest traits of womanhood. Her devotion to her church and its services was well known and her many friends entertained for her the highest regard.

NOTE: not on county historian's list or findagrave listings for Lyons Rural Cemetery or any other Wayne County cemetery.

[NOTE: her age varied widely in the census. She was age 14 in 1870, age 22 in 1880, age 38 in 1900, age 36 in 1910, age 55 in 1920, age 60 in 1925/]

1886-1887 Directory of Lyons
Bridgman Alice Miss, bds Phelps cor Ditton
Bridgeman Fannie Miss, music teacher, bds Phelps cor Ditton

Mrs. Helen Kitchen

Mrs. Helen Kitchen, aged 72 years, died Saturday evening at the Lyons Hospital where she had been a patient for several weeks.

Mrs. Kitchen had been a resident of Lyons for many years and had many friends who will miss her cheerful presence.

Surviving are four daughters, Mrs. Ida McMullan of South Sodus, Mrs. Mary Payne and Miss Mildred Kitchen of Lyons and Elizabeth Kitchen of Rochester; three sons, Warren Kitchen of Newark, Grant Kitchen of North Rose and Harry Kitchen of Lyons, and twelve grandchildren.

Funeral services were held from St. Michael's Church at 9:30 Tuesday morning, Rev. John R. Fitzsimons officiating, burial being made in the Sodus Rural Cemetery.

NOTE: not on county historian's list or findagrave listings for Sodus Rural Cemetery.

NEW 2/15/14   from The Lyons Republican, Friday, January 30, 1914

Michael Driscoll of Shuler street received word this week of the death of his mother in Ireland.

Mrs. Frederick M. Guenthner

Mrs. Katherine Guenthner, wife of Frederick M. Guenthner, died suddenly Sunday after a short illness, aged 37 years. Death was due to pneumonia. She was a daughter of Michael Henry and is survived by her husband; a son, Harry; a daughter, Alice; four brothers, Charles and William H. of this village, Fred of Los Angeles, Cal., and George H. of Syracuse. Mrs. Guenthner was a member of the Broad Street Lutheran Church.

Mr. and Mrs. George Henry of East Syracuse were in town Tuesday and Wednesday, called here by the death of his sister, Mrs. Frederick Guenthner.

Mrs. William M. Mott

Mrs. William M. Mott died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. William Adsitt, five miles north of this village Tuesday morning. She was 80 years old and was born in Rome, N. Y., where she had always resided up to a year ago when she came here to make her home with her daughter. The funeral was held yesterday and the remains were placed in the vault at Rural Cemetery and in the spring will be taken to Rome for interment. [1900 census of Rome, Oneida Co., NY - Minerva Mott, age 66, b. Nov 1833, wife of William M. Mott]

NEW 2/15/14   from The Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date mid to late August, 1897

Mrs. Mary Knackstedt died Thursday last at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Siegrist on Van Buren street. Deceased was 73 years of age, and death resulted from apoplexy. She was born in Germany, and came to this country many years ago. Her home was in Rochester until about a year ago, when her husband died and she came to Newark to be with her daughters. She is survived by six children, five girls, Mrs. Geo. Wright and Mrs. Chas. Siegrist, of Newark; Mrs. Augustus Knapp, of Lockport, Mrs. John Justice and Mrs. E. Goodenough, of Rochester, and one son, John Andrews, of Fort Worth, Tex. The funeral was held Sunday, Rev. J. W. Wilson officiating, and the remains were taken to Rochester for burial.

Mrs. Frances Wilson died at her home on Church street early Sunday morning of consumption, aged 35 years. Deceased was born in England, coming to this country when a young woman. In New York she met and married her husband, coming to Newark three years ago when he came to work in S. F. Sherman's factory. Deceased is survived by her husband, who is away from home, and three young children, for whom all who know them express the tenderest sympathy. The funeral was held yesterday in St. Mark's church, Rev. Alfred Brittain officiating. Interment in Willow avenue cemetery. [not on county historian's list or on findagrave listings]

Mrs. Matilda See, wife of Frank A. See and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pulver, died suddenly at her home this side of Fairville, on Wednesday last, aged 45 years. Deceased was born in the town of Sodus, living later in Marion and coming to Newark with her parents twenty years ago next month. In 1881 she was married to Frank A. See, and went to live on the farm. With the exception of a year or two, when Mr. See was in business in Newark, she has ever since lived there. She is survived by her husband, parents, one daughter, Blanche, two sisters, Mrs. W. S. Wait and Mrs. J. P. Ballou, and one brother, John E. Pulver. She was held in high esteem by the community, and in deep affection by her family and a large circle of friends. The funeral was held Saturday, Rev. S. Nelson, a former pastor of the Fairville Presbyterian church, and Rev. Mr. Sangree, officiating. [1880 census of Newark - Matilda Pulver, age 28, residing with her parents Alfred and Eliza]

Newark Cemetery
See, Frank A.
b. Aug. 23, 1853 d. Jan. 4, 1927

[The above information about her husband turns up in a findagrave search, but clicking on the listing give result "Memorial not found".]

Mrs. Diana A. Hinsdill, widow of the late Milton Hinsdill, died at Richmond Hill, N.Y., August 15th, aged 81 years. The interment was at Berlin, N.Y. Deceased formerly lived in Newark for several years, at the corner of Main and Grant streets, going back to her friends in the east after the death of her husband some four or five years ago. She is remembered as a most estimable woman, always a kind friend and neighbor. She is survived by one son, Wheeler Hinsdill, of New York. [residing with husband and son in 1855 census of Town of Berlin, Rensselaer Co. NY]

Center Berlin Baptist Cemetery
Berlin, Rensselaer County NY
Diana Hinsdill
December 19, 1816 - August 16, 1897
Inscription: husband - Milton Hinsdill
Milton Hinsdill
August 17, 1816 - April 9, 1892
Inscription: wife - Diana Hinsdill

NEW 2/15/14   from The Lyons Republican, Friday, July 30, 1926

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lynch, Mrs. Ervin Feiock and George Feiock were called to Lyons from Atlantic City by the death of their father, Albert Feiock last week.

Those who attended the funeral of Albert M. Feiock from out of town were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kingsley, Mr. and Mrs. Forest Lamb of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lynch, James Downey, Mrs. Keran Downey of Palmyra; Mr. and Mrs. Abram Vassar, Orie Clark of Phelps; Mrs. James Hennessy of Philadelphia, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. George Van Gordan, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Van Larder, Mr. and Mrs. Steven Linley, Mrs. Odman Newman, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hetterick and family, Mrs. Henry Witt, Mr. and Mrs. William Stell of Newark; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kiser, Jr., and son, William, of Clyde; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schafner, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schafner, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goetsman of Syracuse and George Schafner of Carthage.

Elmwood Cemetery, Town of Lyons
FEIOCK Albert M. 1877 - 1926
FEIOCK Emma E. 1877 - 19--

Funeral Services for Charles Hetler

The funeral services of Charles Hetler, who died July 29, 1926, will be held at the home of Mrs. William Teller, __ Joy Street, Lyons, on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m., the Rev. Albert Heyd officiating.

Elmwood Cemetery, Town of Lyons
HETTLER Mary E. 1849 - 1912 Wife of Charles

Mrs. William Stell

Mrs. Betsy Ann Stell, aged 64 years, wife of William Stell, died Sunday at her home west of Lyons. She is survived by her husband, five daughters, Mrs. Mary Barwick and Mrs. Albert Hawley of England, Mrs. Edward Ghent and Mrs. Herman Smith of Lyons, and Miss Elsie Kent of Rochester; two sons, William and James Sargerson, of England, one sister, Mrs. Fred West of Lyons, and twenty grand-children.

Funeral services were held from her late home Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. Albert Heyd officiating.

NEW 2/15/14   from The Democratic Herald, Tuesday, June 26, 1888, Clyde NY

Wm. Maney, a section hand, who had his arms and leg cut off Saturday morning, at Palmyra, died from the effects the same day. Coroner Chase investigated the case and deemed an inquest unnecessary, as the death was accidental. Maney was 19 years old and lived in Farmington.

NEW 1/17/14   from The Newark Union-Gazette, Saturday Morning, September 21, 1918

The death of Orlando F. Thomas, a former well known resident of Lyons, occurred in New York last Sunday, aged 63 years.

Green-Wood Cemetery
Brooklyn, Kings County NY
Orlando F. Thomas
unknown - September 1918
findagrave listing

The death of Daniel V. Teller, aged 88 years, occurred at his home in Lyons, last week Friday evening. He is survived by one son, Dexter M. Teller, and by two sisters, Mrs. William Bradley and Mrs. Benjamin Bradley, all of Lyons. The funeral was held Monday.

Lyons Rural Cemetery
TELLER Daniel V. 1830 - 1918
TELLER Mary E. wife 1833 - 1905
TELLER Charles W. son 1856 - 1883

NEW 1/17/14   from The Newark Union, Saturday, January 12, 1907

Edwin Pitcher Allen

Edwin Pitcher Allen, who married Miss Edith Allerton, sister of F. M. and T. Y. Allerton, died at his home on Boardman street, Rochester, Wednesday evening, aged 38 years. Mr. Allen was one of the popular young attorneys of Rochester and had been ill for two weeks with typhoid fever. He graduated from Cornell University in the class of 1893. He was popular in the Monroe County Bar Association, a member of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce and of the Third Presbyterian Church, and had many friends in Newark who will sympathize with his widow and two small children who survive. He is also survived by his mother and three brothers.

The funeral will be held from his residence, 32 Boardman street, this afternoon at 1 o'clock. The remains will be brought to Newark on the 3:29 for burial at the Willow Avenue Cemetery.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Allen, Edwin P. 1868-1907

Jacob Bloom

After a lingering illness Jacob Bloom died Sunday night at 10 o'clock, aged 57 years. He was born in this village on the place where he spent most of his life and where his death occurred. For many years he had been in the employ of the railroad. He was never married, but lived with his mother since the death of his father, John Bloom. Besides his mother, a brother, George Bloom, and four sisters, Mrs. Mary Smith, of Phelps; Mrs. Miller, of Canajoharie; Mrs. Walter Patrick and Mrs. Eva Billingham, of this town, survive. The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Braunschweig officiating. The burial was made in East Newark Cemetery.

East Newark Cemetery
Bloom, Jacule, 6 Jan 1907, 59 Yrs. [Correction: Jacob Bloom]

Mrs. Harris Burgess, a cousin of Mrs. W. B. Pulver and the editors of this paper, died at her home in Cortland Sunday, after a long illness.- Gazette.

Cortland Rural Cemetery
Cortland NY
Bertha Eugenia Powers Burgess
1876 - Jan. 6, 1907
She was the first wife of Harris T. Burgess (1875 - 1965)
findagrave listing

Mrs. Jane Raynor died at Marion Sunday morning at 10 o'clock, aged 87 years. She was born in England. She married early in life and became the mother of eight children, six of whom are still living. They are: Mrs. Esther Ratcliff, who lived with her mother at Marion; Mrs. Sarah Ann Stell, of Mount Pleasant, Mich.; Mrs. Julia White, of Duluth, Minn.; Mrs. Phoebe Stanton and William Raynor, of Irondequoit, and Mrs. Laura Trumbull, of Newark.

Marion Cemetery
Raymer, Edward, 1814 - 1887
Raymer, Jane, wife, 1819 - 1907

1850 census of Marion, Jane Raynor, age 33, b. England
1860 census of Marion, Jane Raynor, age 40, b. England
1870 census of Marion, Jane Raynor, age 50, b. England
1880 census of Marion - Jane Rayner, age 60, b. England, wife of Edward Rayner, age 65, b. England
1900 census of Marion - appears to read Jane "Raynier," age 80, b. Nov. 1819 England

The funeral of Ann Janette Pulver, aged 77 years, widow of James Pulver, who died Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Ritz, of Despatch, took place Tuesday afternoon at Willow Avenue Cemetery. Funeral services were observed in Despatch.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Pulver, Jannet wife James 77 yrs.

George H. Parker

George H. Parker, for many years a resident of Newark, died suddenly Sunday, January 6th, aged 64 years. He was born at Goshen, N. H., and came to New York state when 2 years old and to this town, where he had since resided, forty-six years ago.

When a young man he married Miss Lucy E. Alcorn, of Phelps. They had ten children, one of whom is dead. The surviving children are: William H. Parker, Mrs. Sherman Lake, Mrs. G. V. Genthner, all of Newark; Mrs. George Ellis, Jr., of Brockport; Ward A. Parker, Mrs. Ira Woodhouse, Frank R. Parker, Mrs. F. C. Ireton and Albert Parker, all of Newark. A brother, Elliott G. Parker, of Ithaca, and a sister, Mrs. Isaac Hayes, of Frankfort, N.Y., also survive.

Mr. Parker had been a Democrat all his life and was well known among the older residents of the village.

The funeral was held Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. Carl W. Scovel officiating. The burial was made at East Palmyra.

East Palmyra Cemetery
Parker, George d 6 Jan 1907, age 63 years (lot 016-6)

Mrs. J. A. Traver received word from Flint, Mich., that her cousin, Miss Maude Tobias, died last week Thursday morning. Miss Tobias spent nearly a year in Newark, leaving for home last June. During her stay here she won the love and esteem of a long list of friends. It is indeed sad that she should be taken from our midst so early in life.

Avondale Cemetery
Flint, Genesee County MI
Maude Eleanor Tobias
November 1886 - January 3, 1907

Eben Powell died at his residence in Sodus Centre, Tuesday, aged 64 years. A widow, a daughter and a brother survive.

Baptist Rural Cemetery
Sodus Center, Town of Sodus
POWELL, Eben, Mar. 14, 1842 - Jan. 7, 1907

Mrs. Ellen J. Snedaker, aged 8_ (illegible) years, died Monday forenoon at the residence of John Allen, Sr., in Sodus. She was born in Junius, and was the daughter of the late James Watson.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Galen
SNEDAKER Adrastus 1813 - 1892
SNEDAKER Ellen J. wf Adrastus 1819 - 1907

1900 census of Galen, Village of Clyde - Ellen Snedaker, widow, residing alone, age 80, b. June 1819, 2 children, 0 living

The death of Mrs. E. C. Kanouse, of Rose, occurred suddenly Tuesday evening of heart disease. Her age was 7_ (illegible) years. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Jerry Gatchell, with whom she resided.

Rose Cemetery, Bill Dean's Listings
Kanouse, Eliza C., wife of Wyan, 1830 - 1927 [Correction: d.o.d. should be 1907]
Kanouse, Wyan, husband of Eliza C., 1824 - 1891

1900 census of Galen - Eliza Kanouse, widow, residing with Jerry and Alice Gatchell, age 68, born Aug. 1831

Mrs. Jane A. Sampson died at the home of her son, George Sampson, at North Wolcott, last week Thursday morning of pneumonia, after a serious illness. She was 79 years of age. She is survived by two sons, Stanley, of Auburn, and George, with whom she lived.

Sarah M., wife of George Vincent, died at her home in Butler Saturday, aged 54 years. She had been in poor health for several years. Mrs. Vincent was the daughter of David Sprague, one of the best known families of that section. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, Maud, and one son, Clarence, all of whom reside at home. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon.

Butler Center Cemetery
VINCENT George E. 1851 - 1932
VINCENT Sarah M. wf. 1852 - 1907

NEW 1/17/14   from The Clyde Democratic Herald, Wednesday, January 9, 1901

The remains of Mrs. Louise Vanderbilt, widow of Garry Vanderbilt of Clyde, who died at Rose last Sunday, were brought to Clyde and interred in Maple Grove Cemetery yesterday afternoon. [Not on Maple Grove Cemetery list]

Mrs. Christian Ahrans died yesterday morning at her home four and one-half miles south of Clyde, aged 68 years. Deceased is survived by her husband, and two daughters, Mrs. Carrie Malchoff and Mrs. Minnie Pultz, and one son Christian Ahrans, who resides at Seneca Falls.

NEW 1/17/14   from The Clyde Democratic Herald, Wednesday, January 9, 1901


A Third May Die - Terrible Crossing Accident at Clyde.

While driving a cutter across the New York Central railroad crossing a few hundred feet east of the Clyde station at 10:45 o'clock last Friday night James Judson Goodell, aged 20, his brother Grover, aged 20, and their aunt, Mrs. Kate White, aged 46(?), were struck by Train No. 21, west bound, the New York and Chicago mail.

James Goodell and Mrs. White were instantly killed and Grover Goodell was so badly injured that it is feared he cannot survive. Mrs. White was thrown seventy-five feet and the boy about fifty.

The engineer of the train was James Harris and Frank Lee was the conductor.

The train was late when pulling into Clyde. The engineer did not see the people on the track and the first he knew of the accident was when he saw the bodies flying past the cab of the engine.

The train was stopped and the three victims were carried to the Clyde station.

The accident was the second this train had that night. An unknown man was struck and instantly killed at Minoa earlier in the evening.

Grover's right leg was broken above the knee and the left below the knee and his lung punctured. Coroner Thatcher of Newark was summoned and appointed an inquest for 8:30 a. m. January 16th.

The bodies of the two killed were interred at 2 p.m. yesterday in the Dutch Reform Cemetery about seven miles south of Clyde, and was the largest funeral ever held in this vicinity. [NOTE: this cemetery is in Seneca County.]

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Monday, January 21, 1901

Young Goodell Crippled.

Saturday afternoon Doctors George D. Burrett and Clarence Klaer(?), of Clyde, amputated the right leg of Grover Goodell, which was crushed in the recent railroad accident of January 4th, at Clyde. The leg was taken off above the knee.

The Clyde Herald, Wednesday, February 3, 1926, page 3

Looking Backward 25 Years [1901]

Grover Goodell, the only survivor of the fatal Glasgow street railroad crossing accident four weeks ago, died at his home last night.

NEW 1/17/14   from The Clyde Herald, Wednesday, April 13, 1932


In the eight days from Sumday, April 4th to April 11th, inclusive, eight deaths were mourned by Clyde residents. For a village of this size the number of deaths in that period is unusual and the loss is appalling. In order of their occurrences the deaths were as follows:

Roy S. Syron, 46
Joseph B. Colgrove, 63
Elizabeth H. Nichols, 65
Lydia A. Wright, 73
Esther Mary Cook, 26
William H. Godfrey, 74
Carolyn Burch Luffman, 18
Dorcas Dagenkolb, 80

NOTE: Several of the obits were transcribed on 6/6/2013 onto Obits Board 6 - Cook, Luffman, Dagenkolb.

NEW 1/17/14   from The Democratic Herald, Clyde NY, Tuesday, November 20, 1888

Alonzo Stone, husband of Ada Stone who was murdered two years ago, was burned to death in the Rochester fire last week. His charred remains were found on Wednesday and his identification was discovered by means of a gold watch with his wife's photograph lying by his side.

The death of Mr. George Thompson, who was recently employed in the barber shop of H. Dixon, occurred at the latter's residence on Sodus street, Wednesday evening. Funeral services were held from the house Friday afternoon.

NEW 1/17/14   from The Palmyra Courier, Friday, March 6, 1885

Charles A. Darling, an old and much respected citizen of Shortsville, was stricken with apoplexy while visiting his son-in-law, W. H. Allen, of Trumansburg, last week, and died in less than twenty minutes. He was 66(?) years of age.

NEW 1/17/14   from The Newark Courier, unknown date ca. January 16, 1872

Williamson Items-

Pultneyville, Town of Williamson

A large number of citizens turned out to pay their last respects to the daughter of Sheriff Brownell, who is buried to-day at Pultneyville.
January 12th

Lakeview Cemetery
Pultneyville, Town of Williamson
Brownell, John 1824 - 1899
Brownell, Libbie D. 1837 - 1871
Brownell, Jane E. 1851 - 1872
Brownell, Julia B. 1853 - 1872

[NOTE: John N. Brownell was Sheriff of Wayne County between 1870 and 1872. The daughter would be Jennie or Julia, who were 18 and 16 respectively in the 1870 census of Macedon.

Online biography of John N. Brownell on the Sheriff's Dept. website.

NEW 1/17/14   from The Clyde Herald, Wednesday, July 12, 1916


At 2 p. m. Thursday, July 5th, at his residence in Clyde, N.Y., Byron Henry Perry, youngest of the family of the late William Fox and Mary Tuttle Perry. Deceased was 41 years old, was a native of Clyde and had lived here all his life. He leaves one sister, Marion E. Perry, of Brooklyn. Funeral services were held at St. John's Episcopal church last Saturday.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Galen
PERRY Byron 1874-1916
PERRY Marian E. wf Byron 1866-1925 [should be sister]
PERRY Mary E. wf Byron 1841-1911 [should be mother]
[NOTE: 1910 census of Galen - widow Mary L. Perry, age 68, residing with son Byron Perry, age 26, and her sister Chloe E. Tuttle, age 70. 1915 census of Galen - Byron Perry, age 41, and Marion E. Perry, age 47, residing with Chloe E. Tuttle as her nephew and niece]

NEW 1/17/14   from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Friday, January 18, 1935


Marion, Jan. 17- Funeral services for Mrs. Mary E. Van Hall, who died Monday, aged 38 took place this afternoon.

1930 census of Marion - Mary E. Van Hall, age 33, wife of Abram J. Van Hall, age 36, and 3 young daughters


Clyde, Jan. 17- Mrs. Irene Ellinwood Taylor, 75, wife of Clarence Taylor and a former resident of Clyde, died today in Buffalo.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Galen
TAYLOR Clarence D. 1863-19-(no date)
TAYLOR Irene wf Clarence D. 1861-1935

NEW 1/17/14   from the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date in February or March 1890

Albert Frey of Fairville, a young man in the employ of Mr. Ellenwood of Clyde died very suddenly Monday. He was a good young man and highly esteemed. The funeral will be held at the family residence near Elbridge Austin's, at 12:30 to-morrow.

Mrs. Martha Fox died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Ocampaugh, on Wednesday, February 26, aged 83 years. The burial took place in Phelps on Friday. Mrs. Fox was born in Vermont. She leaves three sisters, Mrs. Cole of Lyons, Mrs. Parsons of Hopewell and Mrs. Russell of Seneca Falls.

Pioneer Cemetery
Village of Phelps, Ontario County NY
Fox, Martha E., wife of William; died Feb 26 1880; age 80 yrs

1880 census of Phelps, Ontario County NY - widow Martha E. Fox, age 74, residing with widowed daughter Almeda Ocompaugh

NEW 1/17/14   from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Tuesday, April 25, 1933


Newark, Apr. 24- Funeral for Mrs. Theresa M. Armstrong of Jamaica, N. Y., who died Saturday in Brooklyn, will be held at the home of her step-daughter, Miss Jennie A. Armstrong, at 214 Prospect Street, Newark, Wednesday at 2:30 p. m.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Armstrong, Theresa 1860 - 1933

NEW 1/17/14   from the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date in 1890


Isaac Johnson, a farmer, resident of Marion, died at his home in Williamson Wednesday morning was brought to this place for burial.

Marion Cemetery
findagrave list
Isaac Johnson
1829 - 1890
Not on county historian's list

The funeral of Mrs. James Griffin will be held to-morrow. Elder Lawton officiating.

Marion Cemetery
Griffin, James H, 1824 - 1905
Griffin, Mary, wife, 1831 - 1890

NEW 1/17/14   from the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date in April 1887

Sudden and unexpected was the death of George Hill, of East Newark, which took place Monday. Mr. Hill had not been well for the last three weeks, but nothing serious was apprehended. Sunday morning he arose about 5 o'clock, dressed, and went down to his sister's, Mrs. Wells Axtell, and very soon began vomiting violently, which kept up until about 11 o'clock Monday, when he died. Deceased leaves several children, his wife having died some two years ago. The funeral was held this forenoon from the Lutheran church.

MRS. ELIZA PEIRSON, wife of Samuel Peirson, life long resident of our town, passed peacefully away on Sunday afternoon April 3d, after a severe and painful illness of three weeks. For many months she had been in failing health. Mrs. Peirson was 72 years of age, and had been married 52 years the 30th of last September. The wedded life of this couple began in the little red house just north of Wm. Hyde's place, the old Peirson farm, where they resided two or three years. In the meantime the farm house, farther north, had been built, into which they removed and where they remained till they took up their residence in the village, ten years ago. Mrs. P. leaves six children: Ruth, Henry J., Andrew J., Albert, Martha, Mrs. Lape, and Byron, all living in Newark and the vicinity.

Mrs. Peirson was a quiet, unobtrusive and contented woman, happy in her home, a noble wife and loving mother, whose worth shone brightest within the peaceful pursuit of daily duty and home affection. She had been several years a member of the Presbyterian Church of this place. She leaves a legacy of dear and precious memories. Many will recall the happy fiftieth wedding anniversary of this couple, held the 30th of September 1884(?) (illegible).

The burial service as held to-day at 2 P. M.

East Palmyra Cemetery
Peirson, Eliza d 9 Apr 1887, age 72 years (lot 109-8)
Peirson, Samuel d 11 Feb 1893, age 81 years (lot 109-9)

Last Thursday Mrs. Anna M. Vosburgh departed this life in her 89th year.

Fifty years ago deceased moved with her husband onto the farm until recently occupied by her son, Peter Vosburgh. About ___ years ago she was paralyzed and since then has been nearly helpless and blind. She was a consistant (sic) member of the Presbyterian church of Fairville, from which church her funeral was attended last Saturday afternoon, the pastor Rev. S. Nelson officiating.

NEW 1/17/14   from the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, March 14, 1906


Henry Frank died Wednesday at the home of his son in law, aged 84(?) years. Mr. Frank is survived by five children, one of whom is Mrs. Philip Goetzman of Newark. There are twenty-one grand children and twelve (?) great grand children.

Anson H. Cady, formerly of Lyons, died at his home in North Chili, Sunday, aged 72 years.

North Chili Rural Cemetery
North Chili, Monroe County NY
Anson Henry Cady, Oct 17, 1833 - March 11, 1906
Photo and profile on findagrave

Florence McCarthy of Lyons died Friday at the residence of his daughter in Syracuse. The remains were taken to Lyons for burial.

[1900 census of Lyons - Florence McCarthy, age 75, female, b. Ireland]

Mrs. Louise Marzolf Hawley died Friday at the home of her mother, aged 33 years.

Lyons Rural Cemetery
MARZOLF Louise 1873-1906
[1900 census of Lyons - widow Louise Hawley resided with her mother Barbra Marzolf]


Henry C. Eggleston, a former citizen of Palmyra, died recently in Philadelphia, aged 6_ years.

Mrs. Harvey Heath died March 6 of pneumonia.

Palmyra Village Cemetery
Heath, Anna E., wife of Harvey & dau. of Richard MEE, Mar. 6, 1906, 59y

Wm. H. Pendry, father of A. S. Pendry of Palmyra, died in Albion recently, aged _1 years.

Union Cemetery
Albion, Orleans County NY
William Harrison Pendry
November 27, 1815 - March 4, 1906
findagrave listing

NEW 1/17/14   from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Monday, May 15, 1905


The Oldest Communicant of the Presbyterian Church of Lyons

Lyons, May 14- The community was shocked to learn of the death of Mrs. Sophronia Clark Bottume, widow of Dr. Bottume, which occurred at her home on Catherine street at 11 o'clock yesterday morning. Mrs. Bottome was 88 years of age and up to a year ago had enjoyed good health, but last fall she began to fail and became gradually more feeble until the end came. Mrs. Bottume was the daughter of the late Rev. William Clark and as born August 19(?), 1816. Her father was one of the earliest Presbyterian ministers in this section of the state and had pastorates in Wolcott and Huron. She was married to Dr. E. W. Bottume May 27, 1841. In 1856 Dr. Bottume and Mrs. Bottume came to Lyons.

Mrs. Bottume was prominent in church work and charity affairs and was a member of the Presbyterian Church, being its oldest communicant at the time of her death. She is survived by one brother, General Emmons Clark, of New York, one son, Dr. Edward C. Bottume, of Chicago, two daughters, Miss Harriet W. Bottume and Mrs. Charles D. Hubbard, both of this village.

According to Landmarks of Wayne County (1895), she was the sister of lawyer and State senator William Clark, Judge John T. Clark of Wisconsin, and Gen. Emmons Clark.

Washington L. Acker

Macedon, May 14- Washington L. Acker died this morning at the family home, aged 76 years. He had been a continuous resident of Macedon for seventy-three years. He leaves his widow, Lucy, and one son, Eugene W. Acker, of Macedon.

Macedon Village Cemetery
ACKER W. L. 1829 - 1905
ACKER Electa M., wife, 1832 - 1896
ACKER Ella M., 1878, 3y 4m
ACKER Eugene 1853 - 1910

This obit is from a neighboring county, but might help someone:

Death of George Murphy

Seneca Falls, May 14- George Murphy, aged 46 years, and a respected resident of this village, died Saturday, after a week's illness with typhoid pneumonia. He leaves his wife and two children, William and Rose Murphy, of this place, and three sisters.

Arcadian Weekly Gazette, October 1, 1901

A. F. Ranney died last week in Phelps.

1900 census of Phelps, Ontario County NY - Alonzo F. Ranney, age 87, b. Sept. 1812; Alonzo Franklin Ranney

NEW 1/17/14   from the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date in January 1890

Peter Feller, a well-known citizen of Palmyra, had a shock of apoplexy Monday, and died in a short time.

Palmyra Cemetery, Vienna Street
Feller, Peter - June 10, 1840-Jan. 6, 1890, Co K, 98 Reg. N.Y.S. Vol.

Abraham Cewine, aged 83, died last night at his home between Newark and Port Gibson.

S. P. Hoag, proprietor of the brick livery stable, died at the Gillson House Saturday of pneumonia, aged 38, after an illness of several weeks. The remains were taken to Palmyra, where the funeral was held yesterday, at the residence of his wife's mother, Mrs. Chapman, an immense crowd of people showing their affection and respect for the deceased by attending. Mr. Hoag was brought up on a farm near Macedon Centre, where his parents still life; after which he lived for a time with James Kent. He then went into the livery business in Palmyra, from there he went to Clyde, and for some time has been in business in Newark. He was married only four months ago to Miss Bessie M. Chapman, an esteemed young lady of Palmyra, who has the sympathy of a large circle of friends. Mr. Hoag was a successful business man, a pleasant, quiet gentleman to meet, and during his residence in this village had contracted many warm friendships. He was an esteemed member of the Newark club, and a beautiful floral pillow was provided for the funeral by that organization. Mrs. Hoag is in town to-day.

Palmyra Village Cemetery
Hoag, Sylvester P., husb. of Bessie & son of David J. & Maria A., Jan. 4, 1890, 38y

1880 census of Palmyra - Sylvester P. Hoag, age 38, brother-in-law of James P. Kent


Mrs. Hoeltzel and family desire to express their heartfelt thanks for the many kind attentions shown them on the occasion of the recent death and burial of their son and brother, Edward H. Hoeltzel.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Hoeltzel, Edward son Henry & Mary Aug. 30, 1859 - Dec. 16, 1889

NEW 1/17/14   from the Arcadian Weekly Gazette, unknown date possibly in October 1894

Mrs. Thomas Seeley of Williamson died Saturday evening, aged 70.

Pleasant View Cemetery
Town of Williamson
Thomas Apr. 11, 1818 - Sep. 12, 1910
Britania wife Feb. 20, 1821 - Oct. 20, 1894

James Harrington, a former Macedon man, died Friday aged 65 years.

Macedon Village Cemetery
HARRINGTON James W., 1894, Co. E, 111 N.Y. Vol. Inf.
HARRINGTON Laura E., wife, 1885, 24y 3m
HARRINGTON Mary Belle, dau., 1881, 2y
HARRINGTON Annie E., dau. of J.M. & Jane, 1881

1880 census of Macedon - James M. Harrington, age 49

NEW 1/17/14   from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Wednesday, February 15, 1905


Charles Sherman of Rose Passed Away at Wolcott After an Operation.

special Dispatch to the Democrat and Chronicle.

Wolcott, Feb. 14- A very sad death occurred this afternoon at 5:30 (?) o'clock, when Charles Sherman, a lad 16 years of age, passed away at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Henderson, on Draper street. The young man was the son of Mrs. Hannah Sherman, of Rose, and last September came to live at the Henderson home in order to secure the advantages of a high school education. He was remarkably bright and a hard worker, paying his own way through school.

He was in his usual health until Thursday, when retiring from school at noon he complained of a slight pain, but returned to school in the afternoon. As he did not improve a physician was summoned and it was pronounced a case of appendicitis and an operation was performed Saturday afternoon. The attack had advanced too far to admit of recovery and he sank slowly to the end.

The students of the high school and the community in general are deeply moved over the sudden loss.

Rose Cemetery
Sherman, Charles E., son of Geo. A., 1889 - 1905

NEW 1/17/14   from the Wayne County Review, Thursday, June 21, 1906

Bradley Hanchett, son of Manly Hanchett, a life-long resident of the village of Lyons, died Friday at the age of 59 years. Mr. Hanchett had been in ill health for a number of years and death as not unexpected. Interment was made in the Lock Berlin cemetery. [not on historian's cemetery list, or on findagrave list; father Manly E. Hanchett is on findagrave list]

David A. Stevenson of Savannah was struck by lightning and instantly killed Saturday afternoon at about 4 o'clock. Mr. Stevenson and his son Reginald were engaged in painting a large, new unoccupied barn on the Clayton Beach farm three miles south of the nearby village of Montezuma. They were in the basement of the barn waiting for the storn to pass over when the lightning struck the cupola, following the beam to the basement on which Mr. Stevenson was sitting. Other men in the barn at the time were severely stunned. He was 54 years of age, and respected by all who knew him, having resided here a greater part of his life. He leaves a wife and two sons, Arthur and Reginald, of this place.

NEW 1/4/14   from The Marion Enterprise, Friday, January 12, 1923, front page

Julia Elizabeth Curtis Meeks

Relatives in Marion have received news of the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis Meeks, widow of Rev. O. P. Meeks, which occurred in December, 1922, at her home in Kinston, N. C. Mrs. Meeks was 72 years old. She was the daughter of the late William S. and Julia Chapple Curtis, of this place, and passed her early life in Marion. When a young woman she was a successful dressmaker. In the seventies she was united in marriage with Rev. O. P. Meeks, a Baptist minister. One of his pastorates was in Wolcott, in this county, and during their residence in that town, Mrs. Meeks did much efficient work for temperance besides her church activities. For years the family had lived in the Carolinas. Mr. Meeks died a number of years ago.

Mrs. Meeks had been in feeble health for some time.

Three sons and two daughters survive: William, Benjamin, Edward, Miss Mamie and Miss Grace Meeks.

Mrs. Meeks leaves one sister, Mrs. Mary Russell, in California; one brother, William B. Curtis, in Marion; and one half-sister, Mrs. Jennie Curtis Manchester, in Illinois, formerly of this town.

Her body was buried by her husband in Charlotte, S. C.

Mrs. Annagusta Drake

Mrs. Annagusta Drake, widow of Charles W. Drake, passed away at 6 o'clock, Tuesday morning, January 9, 1922, at her home on Palmyra Street, after a long illness, being 79 years of age.

Mrs. Drake had survived her husband only two months.

Her maiden name was Annagusta West. She was born in New York City.

She had been a resident of Marion the last twenty years, coming here from Sodus with her husband. She was a member of the local W. C. T. U. She leaves one son and six daughters: Joseph Drake,, of Newark, N. Y.; Mrs. William Carroll,, of Williamson; Mrs. Sarah Haskins,, of Marion; Mrs. Charles Boyle,, of Oswego, Illinois; Miss Janet Drake, and Mrs. Clara White,, of Buffalo; Mrs. Agnes Hasselwander,, of Rochester; eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren; also one brother, Edward West, of Newark, N. Y.

The funeral was held Thursday afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from the house, Rev. L. W. Bumpus, pastor of the Baptist Church, officiating. Burial was in the family lot in Marion Cemetery.

Marion Cemetery
Drake, Chas W, 1840-1922
Drake, Anna Gusta, wife, 1843-1923
Drake, Clara B, daughter, 1881-____

George H. Malcolm

Mrs. Jennie Henion has received news of the death of her brother, George H. Malcolm, a former resident of Marion, which occurred Saturday evening, December 30, 1922, in Seattle, Washington.

Mr. Malcolm was a shipworker, and dropped dead on the street, presumably when returning from his work. Funeral services were held Wednesday, January 3, and the body cremated.

Mr. Malcolm is well remembered in this town where he conducted a meat market in former years, later being proprietor of the old stage route between Marion and Palmyra, for a period of years.

He spent over a year in Nebraska; and, after returning to Marion, moved to Seattle in March, 1902, where he had since lived.

George H. Malcolm was the sixth of sixteen children of George and Jane Fraser Malcolm, and was born in Scotland, 69 years ago, the entire family coming to this country when George was -1 years old. [Note: it is printed as "minus one"]

The family settled in Marion in the early seventies.

Of this large family only three sisters and one brother, survive. They are Mrs. Jennie Henion, of Marion; Mrs. Helen Drysdale, of Virginia; Dr. Robert C. Malcolm and Mrs. Fannie Hoyt, of Washington, D. C.

Mr. Malcolm leaves also one daughter, Mrs. Daniel Contant, of Sodus; and two sons, Edgar Malcolm, of Syracuse, and Percy Malcolm, of Fairport, and six grandchildren, Hugh and Lloyd Contant, in Sodus; Eugene Malcolm, in Fairport; and Rosemary, Arline and Jane Malcolm, in Syracuse.

NEW 1/4/14   from The Marion Enterprise, Friday, March 25, 1910

The remains of Lewis Gundy were interred in Marion cemetery Thursday. [NOTE: not on Marion Cemetery list]

George Near, father of Fred Near, who formerly resided here, died of pneumonia in a Buffalo hospital on Thursday. Mr. Near had lived with his son Andrew in Buffalo for several years. He was over 80 years old. His wife, Nancy Near, died at Ovid a month ago. Undertaker S. B. Curtis went to Buffalo last week Thursday and the remains were brought to Ontario for burial Friday afternoon.

NEW 1/4/14   from The Marion Enterprise, Friday, January 26, 1923, front page

Mrs. Jay Keesler

Mrs. Elizabeth Elias Keesler, wife of Jay Keesler, died at Sunnycrest Sanitarium, Auburn, N. Y., at 10 o'clock, Sunday morning, January 21, 1923, after a lingering illness from tuberculosis.

Mrs. Keesler had been in failing health for the last year and a half, having received treatment at Oakmount Sanitarium, and also at Stony Wold, in the Adirondacks. She had been at Sunnycrest since last May.

Throughout her illness she was most patient, keeping up hope of recovery till the last. Mrs. Keesler was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Verdine Elias, late of Marion.

She was born in this town, November 18, 1894, living here till after her marriage, and had many friends in Marion.

Eleven years ago she was married to Jay Keesler, of Marion.

They moved to Fairport seven years ago, living there till August 1921, when they removed to Sodus. Mrs. Keesler was a member of the Methodist Church, in Sodus. She is survived by her husband, Jay Keesler; one son, Wilson, in his eighth year, and one daughter, Lillian, five years old; one brother, Jacob Elias, of Rochester, and three sisters, Mrs. John DeFisher, and Mrs. Adelbert Simmons, of Sodus, and Mrs. Peter J. Van Hall, of Marion; one half-sister, Mrs. Fred Sampson, of Rochester; also a step-father, John Van Hall, of Sodus; and two step-brothers, John Van Hall, Jr., of Sodus, and Carl Van Hall, in Pennsylvania.

During her illness her little daughter has been in the home of Mrs. Keesler's sister, Mrs. Peter J. Van Hall, in this town; and the son is with his grandmother, Mrs. May Lown Weaver, in Newark.

The body was brought to the home of Peter J. Van Hall Mnday, and funeral services were held in that home, Tuesday afternoon, Rev. John Ossewaarde, pastor of the Second Reformed Church, officiating.

The body was placed in the vault in Marion Cemetery.

The bearers were Peter J. Van Hall, John DeFisher, Adelbert Simmons and Jacob Elias. The floral tributes wre very beautiful, including two pieces from the American Can Company, in Fairport, by whom Mr. Keesler is now employed.

Card of Thanks

We wish to acknowledge with thinks (sic) the kindness we received during the illness and death of our wife and sister; the beautiful flowers and the conveyances. The kindness of Rev. John Ossewaarde was deeply appreciated.

The Brothers and Sisters.
Jay Keesler.

NEW 1/4/14   from The Newark Courier, January 10, 1901

Mrs. Frances Smith, widow of Richard Smith, died Jany. 4 in Rose, after one week's illness of pneumonia, aged 76 years. She leaves five children.

Rose Cemetery
Smith, Frances, wife of Richard, 1833 - 1901
Smith, Richard, husband of Frances, 1825 - 1893

Dwight Garlock, a venerable and esteemed resident of Port Gibson, died at his home in that village at an early hour Thursday morning, after a brief illness from an acute stomach difficulty, at the age of 70 years. The early life of deceased was spent in the town of Phelps, and when the Civil war broke out he enlisted in the Union army with the One Hundred and Eleventh New York Infantry, and served until at the battle of Gettysburg he was wounded and lost a limb. He is survived by a widow, one son, Judson Garlock, of Palmyra; and four brothers, Cyrus and James, of Newark; Peter of Phelps, and John, of Palmyra.

The body of Millie Van Amberg, who died last week Tuesday at her late home in Buffalo was brought to Savannah for interment. She was the daughter of Mrs. Stephen Sprague.

Harwood-Sprague Cemetery
Town of Savannah
VANAMBERG, Millie (Sprague?), wife of A.M., 1847 - 1901

The remains of Charles Knowlton, who died at his late home in Buffalo, were brought to South Butler for interment.

Mrs. John Miles, wife of Yardmaster Miles, of Lyons, died Saturday evening. She was 33 years of age and is survived by a husband and six children.

Died at Wolcott, Jany. 2, Mrs. Henry R. Lyle, aged 25 years, from consumption. Also at Red Creek Mrs. Sarah A. Gates aged 76 years.

Glenside Cemetery
Town of Wolcott
Lyle, Henry R., 1869-1923
Lyle, Irene Dutcher, 1876-1900 Wife

Mrs. Abram Dunning died last week in Pultneyville, aged 70 years.

Lakeview Cemetery, Pultneyville, Town of Williamson
Dunning, Abraham 1812-1902.
Dunning, Maria, wife 1818-1901

John P. Martin, a well known young resident of Lyons, died Sunday, aged 35 years. He is survived by a widow and two young children, Fay and Arlene Martin.

Lyons Rural Cemetery
MARTIN John P. 1865-1901
MARTIN Elizabeth wife 1861-1937
MARTIN Fay A. 1892-

Mrs. E. J. Mesick died at her home in Palmyra Monday after a short illness, aged 35 years. Deceased was the wife of E[dwin]. J. Mesick, the well known insurance agent at Palmyra.

Jerome See, at one time a highly esteemed resident of Newark, later of Lyons, recently died in the Willard hospital at Ovid.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
See, Jerome husb. Elizabeth 1833-1901
See, Elizabeth wife Jerome 1841-1928

The funeral of John McIntyre, of Sodus, aged 65, was held Jan. 7.

South Sodus Cemetery
John 1820-1901
Mary, wife, 1827-1908

Sodus Centre.

Lorenzo W. Pierce, a young man who had been an invalid since early childhood died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John T. PIerce, on Mill St., Friday morning, aged 34 years. He is survived by his parents and a sister, Miss Anna B. Pierce. The funeral was held Sunday, Rev. Valentine officiating; interment in our local cemetery.

Baptist Rural Cemetery, formerly called Brick Church Cemetery
Sodus Center, Town of Sodus
Lorenzo 1876 - 1901
John T. 1849 - 1924
Catherine ALLEN, wife, June 22, 1852-Jan. 14, 1904
Henry Herman 1877 - 1933

NEW 1/4/14   from The Newark Gazette, Wednesday, September 26, 1906


The following dispatch to the Democrat & Chronicle from Phelps is of interest to many Newark friends:

Phelps, Sept. 21- Mrs. Betsy Roberts, an old resident of Phelps, passed away this evening after an illness of twelve weeks. Mrs. Roberts was the widow of William M. Roberts, who died five years ago at the age of 80. She was born in the town of Lyons, April 6, 1842, and was therefore 82 years of age. Her brothers, Silas D. Burroughs, of Geneva, James H. Burroughs, of Newark, and a sister, Mrs. Melissa Armitage, of Newark, and her children, Rev. Stanley B. Roberts, D. D. of MInneapolis, Howard N. Roberts, of Oberlin, Ohio, Mrs. Inez M. Meeker, of Penn Yan, and Linda P. Roberts, of this place, survive her.

Mrs. Roberts had lived for 52 years in the town of Phelps. She was a member of the Presbyterian church.


Many friends were shocked to learn of the sudden death of Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Feller at her home on Madison street September 21st, after an illness of only one day.

Mrs. Feller was born seventy-four years ago in Red Hook, N. Y., the daughter of Peter D. and Catherine Feller.

She came west with her family in 1851, and lived in the town of Palmyra for many years. She was married to Harmon Feller in Palmyra Dec. 19, 1866, who died in 1878. In 1883 Mrs. Feller came to Newark, where she has since lived.

She was a member of the Universalist Church, was esteemed by her many friends, and dies lamented by all who knew her. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. M. M. Norton, with whom she made her home, and two brothers, Lewis W. Feller of the town of Palmyra, and John E. Feller of Newark. The funeral was held yesterday afternoon at the residence, Rev. C. Palmatier officiating.

"List of Persons Buried in Willow Avenue Cemetery During 1906."
Date of interment Sept. 25, 1906, Anna E. Feller, Newark, 74 years
[not listed on Newark Cemetery list]


Phillip De Wandell, son of John De Wandel, died last Thursday at the City Hospital in Rochester, following an operation for appendicitis. His age was nine years, and he is survived by his parents, a brother and sister. The funeral was held Friday morning at St. Michael's church, Rev. J. J. Gibbons officiating.


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hooper lost their little daughter, Mildred, aged five weeks, last Wednesday. The funeral was held Thursday, and the remains were taken to Waterloo for burial.


Howard E. Cable, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John Cable, died Thursday forenoon, aged eleven months. The funeral was held at St. Michael's church Friday morning, with burial in Willow Avenue Cemetery.

"List of Persons Buried in Willow Avenue Cemetery During 1906."
Date of interment Sept. 22, 1906, Howard E. Cable, Newark, 11 months
[not listed on Newark Cemetery list]


Minard Robison died at his residence in Fairville Wednesday afternoon, after an illness of several years, aged 62 years. He was born in this town and had spent his entire life here, living for the past thirty years on the farm where he died. In 1871 he was married to Ella Rowe of this town, who survives him, with two daughters, Mrs. Glen Powell and Miss Irene Robison, all of this village. He leaves also a grand daughter, Miss Futh (sic) Powell; a brother, A. V. Robison, and a sister Mrs. Frank Pulver, all of this town. Deceased was a member of the Fairville Presbyterian church and of Newark Grange. The funeral was held Friday afternoon with burial in Willow Avenue Cemetery.

"List of Persons Buried in Willow Avenue Cemetery During 1906."
Date of interment Sept. 21, 1906, Minard Robison, Arcadia, 62 years


As briefly noted in last week's Gazette, Jacob P. Lusk died Sept. 17 at his home north of East Palmyra aged 75 years, after an illness of nine days with congestion of the lungs. The funeral was held Thursday, Rev. C. W. Scovel of Newark officiating, and the remains were brought to Newark for burial in Willow Avenue Cemetery. A large number of neighbors attended the service at the house, and Newark friends gathered at the grave to witness the committal service. East Palmyra neighbors of the deceased acted as bearers.

From the very first beginnings of this town and village the name of Lusk has been indelibly stamped on their history. Jeremiah Lusk was one of the first settlers along the creek. His sons, Jacob P., (father of the subject of this sketch) Isaac and Phillip, became the owners of the tract of land on which Newark village now stands. Jacob P. built the first road to the creek, the foundation being underbrush. In 1820 Joseph MIller came here from Herkimer to build a section of the canal. Knowing that a basin would be built here, he bought 100 acres of land of Jacob Lusk, near the canal, 96 acres being south of it, and started a village, calling it Miller's Basin, which was the name of the village for a number of years. This 100 acre tract was surveyed and platted by Hiram Tibbett. Jacob Lusk gave the land on which the first school house was built. Phillip Lusk, a brother was one of the first storekeepers, having a store at Nimham's Corners, and an ashery. His sons ran a foundry.

Jacob P. Luck, Jr., just deceased, was born seventy-five years ago on his father's farm in the northern part of the village on Pearl St., now known as the Wm. Peirson farm, a part of which forms the fair grounds. He grew to manhood there, and finally owned the farm, then one of the largest and best in Wayne county. At the age of 35 he sold the farm and went into the furniture and undertaking business. This is the business now owned by J. Stuerwald & Son, and was then located in what has since been known as the Gillson Hotel. Mr. Lusk was also interested in the livery business with H. H. Stansell, the firm being Lusk & Stansell. Thirty years ago Mr Lusk sold out his property in Newark and bought the Hunting Post farm north of East Palmyra, where he has since lived. He had a pleasant home there, and had made a success of specialized farming, his grapes and other small fruits being famous in the markets.

In 1851, Mr. Lusk joined the gold seekers in California, and had many exciting experiences in the camps and with the Indians during the three years he was west. After his return he was married on Jan. 10, 1855, to Eleanor A. Griffith of Phelps, who survives him.

When the war broke out Mr. Lusk's three brothers, Isaac, Thurlow and Lycurgus, went to the front and served with honor. He wanted to go, but his father prevailed on him to stay at home and help take care of the families of those who went.

Mr. Lusk was a man of gentle, genial manner, generous of money and sympathy, and a kind indulgent husband and father. He was a member of the Newark Presbyterian church, a man of honor and integrity, respected by all, loved by those who knew his best qualities. It has been said of him that he had not an enemy. It does not need to be said that his friends were legion. There are many who will deeply miss his cordial, pleasant greeting, and his home hospitality. Few men had more warm friends, and all will miss him. To his immediate family the death seems almost irreparable.

Deceased was a staunch Republican all his life. He was a supervisor of this town for several terms, and Commissioner of Highways in Palmyra for four years.

He is survived by his wife, two sons, Wm. B., of Phillips, Montana, and Isaac M. 2d, who lives on the farm; two daughters, Mrs. Chas. Blair of Jersey City, and Mrs. John Gallegher of this town. There are five grand-childrem (sic) and one great grand-child. He is survived also by a sister, Mrs. E. Thompson of Chicago, and a brother, Isaac M. Lusk of Michigan, to whom he made a long visit last winter.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Lusk, Eleanor A. 1838 - 1916 wife of Jacob. P.
Lusk, Jacob P. 1831 - 1906

"List of Persons Buried in Willow Avenue Cemetery During 1906."
Date of interment Sept. 20, 1906, Jacob P. Lusk, Palmyra, 75 years

NEW 1/4/14   from the Northern Christian Advocate, unknown date in April 1847

ELIZA, wife of Thomas Gardner, and daughter of James and Elizabeth Collins, departed this life on the 19th of January last, in the town of Sodus, Wayne Co., N.Y., in the 32d year of her age.

Our sister seemed to be moved by principle from her very childhood. For obedience to parents, sweetness of temper, industry and neatness, she was rarely equalled. At the age of fifteen, at a camp-meeting in Sodus, after a very severe struggled in most earnest and agonizing prayer, she obtained peace with God, through our Lord and Savior (sic), Jesus Christ.-

She soon attached herself to the Methodist E. Church, of which she was a worthy member till she left the Church militant for the Church triumphant. About three years after her conversion she became concerned for a deeper work of grace, which I believe she obtained.-

For some years after this her soul breathed nothing but love, perfect love. She was so conscientious, so circumspect, so watchful, so prayerful, and so devoted, that her life seemed to say to all who saw her, "so follow me as I follow Christ." She was united in marriage to Mr. Thomas Gardner in the spring of 1839, who with a little daughter about five years old, are left to mourn. For about eighteen months previous to her death she passed through great bodily afflection (sic), but not a murmer (sic) or a repining(?) word escaped from her lips. Her last hours were peaceful and happy. Her youngest brother writes, "Our sister was happy in God, and died in peace. May we meet her happy spirit in heaven. Farewell, dear Eliza - but,

"Yet again we hope to meet thee,
When the dream of life is fled;
There in heaven we hope to greet thee,
Where no farewell tears are shed."

NEW 1/4/14   from The Newark Courier, unknown date ca. January 16, 1872

A friend informs us of the death of Mrs. Geo. S. Snyder, of Port Gibson, after a long illness. She has been an esteemed resident of that place for over 35 years. The meetings at the Methodist church of that place, last week, were full of interest, and did much good.

Mr. Thomas Walton, brother of Wm. Walton, of this village, died suddenly at Rose, last Friday, from the bursting of a blood vessel. His remains were brought to this village, and the funeral took place last Sunday. Deceased was about fifty years of age, and leaves a wife and family. - Palmyra Journal 11th.

From Clyde.- Jan'y, 1872.- Conrad Sedore fell over the bank of the canal last Saturday night, while in a state of intoxication, and was found Sunday forenoon, frozen to death. He was about 70 years old. The verdict of the jury was death by accident.

Rose Cemetery
Sedore, Conrad, husband of Harriet, 1801 - 1872
Sedore, Harriet, maiden name Hall, wife of Conrad, 1807 - 1895

Rochester,- Jan. 15th-
To-day the funeral of one of our most influential and respected citizens is held. Mr. Wm. Reynolds, owner of Reynolds Arcade, who built and was for a long time proprietor of Corinthian Hall, died last Friday of bilious fever. His death is deeply lamented. The Arcade has been draped in mourning since his death.

Death of Dr. Chase.- Dr. Durfee Chase, died at his residence in this village Wednesday evening at the advanced age of 79 years. He was our oldest resident physician, having come here in 1812, where for the past thirty years he has been an active practising (sic) physician of the Homeopathic school, and to whom we owe more than to all others the introduction of the system of practice among us, and its beneficial results. Dr. Chase was beloved by all who knew him, a man of great kindness of heart, who was ever ready to do good, whose life's work was a benison, whose declining years were peaceful and whose death awakens a deepfelt sorrow in many homes.- Palmyra Courier.

Palmyra Village Cemetery
Chase, Durfee, Jan. 10, 1872, 79y, War of 1812
Chase, Almira Holmes, wife of Durfee, Aug. 11, 1823, 32y
Chase, Lucinda C. G., wife of Durfee, July 17, 1884, 86y


SNYDER- In Port Gibson, N.Y., Jan'y 15th, 1872, of cancer, Mary Ann, wife of George S. Snyder , aged 53 years.

HARRIS- In Newark, Jan'y 3d, 1872, of inflammation of the lungs, Mrs. John Harris, aged 63 years.

Newark Main Street Cemetery
Harris, Salley Dec. , 1809 - Jan. 2, 1872 wife John R.
Harris, John R. May 16, 1805 - Mar. 9, 1866

KNOX- At Palmyra, Jan. 7th, Mrs. Lucinda Knox, aged 51 years, wife of Edward Knox.

Palmyra Cemetery (Vienna Street)
Knox, Lucinda - wife of Edward, Jan. 8, 1872 50y

NEW 1/4/14   from The Newark Union-Gazette, Saturday morning, July 24, 1915

Sunday, at her home in Walworth, occurred the death of Buelah LeRoy, aged 11 years. She leaves her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius LeRoy; one sister and three brothers, Olin, Arthur and Raymond. Funeral was held Tuesday afternoon with burial in Marion.

Glenn F. McIntyre, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis W. McIntyre, who moved from Palmyra to Niagara Falls about two years ago, died early yesterday morning as the result of a broken back at St. Mary's Hospital in that city. The young man had been camping with two friends at Wilson, near Lake Ontario and about twenty miles from Niagara Falls, for about two weeks. On Thursday afternoon he was doing some gymnastic work from a limb of a tree when the limb broke and he fell headforemost to the ground, breaking the back bone and spinal cord.

St. Anne's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Town of Palmyra
McIntyre Curtis W. 1866-1939
McIntyre Esther, wife 1873-1937
Glenn F. 1898-1915

NEW 1/4/14   from The Clyde Herald, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1924

Herbert J. Snyder

Herbert J. Snyder who resided with his daughter, Mrs. Ray Caywood on Glasgow street, this village was found dead in bed this morning about 7 o'clock. He was in his usual health when he retired last night.

Mr. Snyder was 73 years old and is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Caywood and Mrs. John Heron, of Red Creek. His remains were taken to Red Creek, his former home, where funeral services will be held on Friday afternoon.

South Side Red Creek Cemetery, Town of Wolcott
Snyder, Herbert J., 1850 - 1924
Snyder, Amelia, wife, 1859 - 1918

Lydia C. Allen

Lydia C. Allen, a native of this town, died very suddenly at her home on Waterloo street, this village at 7 o'clock, Monday morning, aged 65 years.

Deceased was subject to heart attacks, but had been usually well the preceding day. When she awoke Monday morning, she complained of a difficulty in breathing, and expired before a physician could be called.

She is survived by her husband, John Allen, Mrs. Mira Brink, Miss Adeline Allen and Arley Allen.

Funeral Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Methodist Church.

Mrs. Frank McDermott

The death of Mrs. Frank McDermott, formerly Miss Nellie Clark of this village, occurred at her home in Cortland yesterday as the result of twin childbirth, a boy and girl.

She was a most estimable young lady and greatly beloved by a host of acquaintances here who greatly deplore her loss. Funeral arrangements were not announced at this writing.

Mrs. Wm. Bramer left Monday and Mr. Wm. Bramer and sons, Raymond and Bernard, left today for Cortland where they were called by the serious illness and death of Mrs. Frank McDermott, formerly Miss Nellie Clark of this village.

Miss Margaret Roberts

Miss Margaret Roberts, one of Clyde's most winsome and estimable young women, died at her home on DeZeng street this village, at 11 o'clock Sunday forenoon aged 21 years. Deceased was a native of Clyde, and spent her entire lifetime here. Pulmonary tuberculosis was the cause of her untimely death. She leaves to mourn her death, besides a host of friends, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roberts; five brothers, Fred, Clarence of Clyde, Willard of New York, and Seth of Rochester, and four sisters, Mrs. Myrtle Knapp, Clyde; Mrs. Hazel Pierce, Newark; Mrs. Dorothy Neipling of Palmyra and Miss Clara Roberts, Clyde.

Funeral services were held at the home at 2 o'clock this Wednesday afternoon, the Rev. L. W. Farnsworth, pastor of the Clyde Methodist Church, of which Miss Roberts was a member, officiating. Interment was made in Maple Grove cemetery. [NOTE: not present on Maple Grove Cemetery listings]

NEW 1/4/14   from The Clyde Herald, Wednesday, July 5, 1916


James McMahon, of this village, died at noon last Friday, aged 65 years. Deceased was born in Ireland and had been a resident of Clyde 45 years. He is survived by his wife. Funeral services were held in St. John's Catholic Church last Saturday morning.

St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Town of Galen
James, 1851 - 1916
Bridget, wife, 1840 - 19__


Last Friday Merle Mack and Wallace Mack, aged respectively seven and eleven years, sons of James R. Mack, of Binghamton, formerly of this village, were drowned in the Chenango River near their home. The younger fell into the river and the older brother tried to rescue him. Both were drowned.


Richard H. Roberts, of this village, a veteran of the Civil War and a member of Company G, 75th Regiment, New York Infantry, died at the home of his brother, Frank Roberts, on DeZeng street, last Thursday morning, aged 74 years. Funeral services were held at the home at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Galen
ROBERTS Richard H., 1844 - 1916, Co. G, 75th NY Vol. ROBERTS Esther Pausley, wf Richard, 1842 - 1936


Patrick Welch, a well known and well liked citizen of this village, who served as Chief of Police here during the years 1913 and 1914, died at 3 o'clock last Saturday afternoon, aged 60 years. Deceased is survived by his wife, two sons, Raymond and John, and one daughter, Mary. Funeral services were held in St. John's Catholic Church at 9 o'clock Tuesday forenoon.


Thomas Howes died at his home on Waterloo street at 5:30 o'clock last Saturday morning, after an illness of more than a year, aged 72 years.

He was born in England and was an Engineer by trade. He was a business in Clyde for a number of years and conducted a repair shop on Columbia street. He was a veteran of the Civil War and a member for many years of Clyde Lodge, No. 300, I. O. O. F., and of the Clyde Encampment and Galen Canton, as well, and filled many offices in these organizations. He leaves his wife.

Funeral services were held at his late home at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon, the various branches of Odd Fellows attending in a body and conducting ritualistic services at the grave.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Galen
HOWES Thomas 1844-1916
HOWES Maggie M. wf Thomas - died 1883
HOWES Emma J. 1863-(no date)

NEW 1/4/14   from The Palmyra Courier, Friday morning, December 10, 1897

Mrs. Lydia B. Short died at the home of T. O. Ashmead in Williamson on Thursday evening of last week, aged 69 years. Deceased had been a great sufferer and a helpless invalid for about five years. She had always been a resident of Williamson, and was the widow of the late Chester Short, who died about ten years ago. She is survived by three daughters and three brothers.

Ridge Chapel Cemetery
Town of Williamson
Short, Chester F., b 2 Feb 1823, husband of Mrs. Lydia B. Short, d 29 July 1886 (Co. E., III Reg. N.Y. Vol.)
Short, Lydia B., b 11 Oct 1828, d 2 Dec 1897, wife of Chester Short

Mrs. William Wood died at her home in Williamson on Thursday evening of last week, after a painful illness. She is survived by a husband and four children.

Mr. John Adams, a life-long and highly respected citizen of Williamson, died at his his (sic) home in that village on Thursday afternoon of last week from the effects of a stroke of paralysis. Mr. Adams was born in Williamson and had always resided there. He is survived by his wife and four children: Mr. Homer Adams, the present member of the Board of Supervisors from Williamson; Myron Adams, Mrs. Anna DeHond, and Mrs. Eva Freer. Also one brother, Orlando Adams, all residents of Williamson.

Dr. L. [Lathrop] S. Sprague, a prominent physician of the town of Williamson, died at his home in that village on Saturday last after a long and painful illness, aged 78 years. Deceased was born in Cato, and was the son of a prominent physician. He was a graduate from the Jefferson Medical College and practiced some time in Lyons, but afterwards removed to Williamson. He married Miss Mary Bennett of Williamson in 1843 and had since resided in that town. His son, Dr. J. A. Sprague died in March, 1897. Deceased is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Collier (?), and Miss Mamie Sprague, both residents of Williamson.

Mrs. Watson, who has been spending the summer with her sister, Mrs. W. P. Cole died in St. Louis, Mo., on December 1st.


December 9, 1897

Dr. L. S. Sprague died Saturday morning, aged about 75 years. He had been slowly failing in health since the death of his son, Dr. J. A. Sprague several months ago. He was a successful physician in this place for over 40 years, and much honored and respected by everyone. His funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at the Presbyterian church of which he was a member since its erection. His wife, who was Miss Mary Bennett, sister of the late J. P. Bennett, died 23/25(?) years ago. He leaves one daughter, Mrs. Nellie Collier and an adopted daughter, Miss Mamie Bennett Sprague, daughter of Charles Bennett who was taken when three months old at the death of her mother.

Mrs. L. B. Short, who has been an invalid for several years, died Friday at the residence of T. G. Ashmead, her boarding place. Funeral will be held there Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs. Will Wood was buried Sunday. She leaves a husband and four small children.


Mother and Daughter Die Within Two Hours of Each Other.

Mrs. Hannah Post died at the hope of her daughter, Mrs. A. C. Hopkins in this village on Monday evening at ten o'clock at the advanced age of 87 years. And the news of her death had hardly been sent to the other members of her family, when Mr. Hopkins received a telegram stating that one of her daughters, Mrs. E. M. Cherritree, had died at her home in Syracuse at ten o'clock Tuesday morning, about twelve hours after the death of her mother. Mrs. Post formerly lived in Syracuse, but for the past year had made her home with Mrs. A. C. Hopkins in this village. Deceased had been in poor health for a long time and her death was not unexpected. She is survived by three daughters: Mrs. A. C. Hopkins of this village; Mrs. M. M. Pratt of Des Moines, Iowa, and Mrs. John Gallagher of Chicago. Mrs. Cherritree was a resident of Syracuse, and had also been ill for some time. She was 42 years of age and is survived by her husband. The remains will be brought to this village and double funeral will be held on Friday afternoon.

Palmyra Village Cemetery Update List
Post, Hannah, wife of Elias, Dec. 6, 1897, 87y Cheritree, Laura W., Dec. 7, 1897, 44y
Palmyra Village Cemetery List
Post, Hannah - 1810-1897
Cheritree, Laura H. Post - 1851-1897

NEW 1/4/14   from the Newark Union, August 8, 1874

Fatal Accident.

Thile at the Glass Factory on Thursday, Russel Hakes, an old man of over eighty-three years, fell from a platform, about ten feet high, on to some glass pots, receiving a severe shock to his system. One ear was also nearly severed from his head. His injuries resulted in his death on Friday night. -Clyde Times.

NEW 1/4/14   from The Palmyra Courier, August 20, 1897


Mrs. John L___ Poysner died very suddenly at her home on Fayette street in this village, about one o'clock Thursday morning of rheumatism of the heart. Mrs. Poysner had been suffering with rheumatism for the past two weeks, but nothing serious was anticipated. But last Wednesday night the disease went to her heart and proved fatal. Deceased had been a resident of this village a long time and was a member of Zion Episcopal church. ___ was ___ (illegible) years of age and leaves one son, George, of Elmira, and two sisters, Mrs. Clara E. VanDeCarr of Avoca this state, and Mrs. John Maynard, of Coldwater, Mich. The funeral will be held on Saturday.

1880 census, Village of Palmyra, Main St. - Julia Louise Poyneer, age 41, dressmaker, wife of William age 42, son George Henry, age 8; Also resident in Palmyra in 1870.
1880 Palmyra business directory - Poyneer, Mrs. J. L., dressmaker
from findagrave
Brookside Cemetery
Shortsville, Ontario County NY
J Louise Poyneer, age 58
George Poyneer, age 43, ___ - May 6, 1916

NEW 1/4/14   from The Newark Courier, unknown date in September 1876

From Williamson.

A sad and fatal accident occurred in the north part of our town on Sunday afternoon, of the 10th inst. It appears that a young lad of some eleven years, son of Mr. Albert Milliman, rode a horse into a field near the barn to water, and on returning was thrown off the horse, and mangled in such a manner about his head and shoulders as to cause his death an Friday following. The horse was one of a work team, about seven or eight years old, supposed to be kind and gentle in every respect. The unfortunate boy was rendered speechless by his injuries, and thus unable to state the particulars to his grief stricken parents. This melancholy incident casts a gloom over the entire community, particularly as the deceased was a pet and favorite in the neighborhood of his residence.

NOTE: In the 1870 census, Albert and "Silva" Milliman resided in Williamson (p.o. Pultneyville) with Harriet Milliman, age 10, and Leland Milliman, age 5. In the 1880 census, the parents resided with daughter Hattie, age 20, son Menzo, age 4, and a namesake son Leland V., age 2. NOTE: the spelling of the first little boy named Leland V. is incorrect on both the County Historian's list and the listing on findagrave. If Leland Milliman passed away on Sept. 12, perhaps he was buried on Friday, the 15th.

Lakeview Cemetery
Pultneyville, Town of Williamson
Milliman, Albert, 1831-1893
Milliman, Sylvia E., 1840-1916, wife
Milliman, Lela V., Sept. 12, 1876, 11-2-12
[findagrave dates are Jun. 30, 1865 - Sep. 12, 1876]

From Sodus.

DIED:- Infant of Justus Pulver, on 12th instant, of scarlet fever.

From Huron.

Osborn Cahoon, son of Mr. Lyman Cahoon, died last week, and was buried in the Huron Cemetery on Sunday last.

Evergreen Cemetery, Town of Huron
CAHOON, Osman, 1862 - 1876
CAHOON, Lyman R. 1825 - 1886
CAHOON, Martha J. wife 1831 - 1886

... On Wednesday of last week, Mrs. Lamphere, wife of Mr. Franklin Lamphere, was buried in the same cemetery. [NOTE: not listed on Huron Evergreen Cemetery list]


SELLECK - In Palmyra, Sept. 9th, 1876, Mr. George Selleck, aged 64 years.

Palmyra Village Cemetery
Selleck, Margaret, wife of George, Nov. 7, 1864, 49y
Selleck, George, Sept. 9, 1876, 64y

WILLIAMS - In Wolcott, August 31st, 1876, Jesse W. Williams, aged 79 years.

FERGUSON - In Galen, September 1st, 1876, John Ferguson, aged about 32 years.

SCHREIBER - In Lyons, September 7th, 1876, Fredericka, wife of Henry Schreiber, aged 42 years, 3 months and 17 ays.

Lyons Rural Cemetery
SCHREIBER Henry 1837-1916
SCHREIBER Frederica 1834-1876
SCHREIBER Edward 1872-1873
SCHREIBER Matilda 1860-1943
SCHREIBER Henry 1867-1950

JOHNSON - In Fairport, at the residence of her son, O. Johnson, Sept. 11th, 1876, Mrs. Jane Johnson, formerly of Sodus, in the 68th year of her age.

CLAVEN - In Sodus, Sept. 4th, 1876, Henry C., youngest son of T. C. and Libbie G. Claven, aged 6 months.

NEW 1/4/14   from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Tuesday, November 1, 1904

Mrs. Catherine Calkins

Wolcott, Oct. 31- Mrs. Catherine Calkins, a lifelong resident of this vicinity, died Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Reynolds, in Rochester, aged about 85 years. The remains were brought to Wolcott to-day on the noon train for interment in Hubbard cemetery, in Butler. Mrs. Calkins left Wolcott but a few weeks ago to reside with her daughter in Rochester. [NOTE: not present on Hubbard Cemetery (Town of Butler) list]

Mrs. Penelope Van Closter

Marion, Oct. 31- Saturday night, at the home of her son-in-law, on Palmyra street, occurred the death of Mrs. Penlope (sic) Van Closter, widow of John Van Closter. She had been in ill health a long time. She is survived by three daughters, Kate, Mary and Mattie, all married, and three sons, Frank and Daniel, of this place, and John, of Dakota. She was about 80 years of age.


Mrs. Walsh Was Over Ninety Years of
Age and Had Long Lived in Lyons.
Her Remarkable Memory.

Lyons, Oct. 31- The death of Mrs. Catherine Walsh, widow of Michael Walsh, occurred to-day at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Lawrence Bradley, on Catharine street. Mrs. Walsh was the oldest communicant of St. Michael's Church and the second oldest female inhabitant of the village. She was born in Wexford, Ireland, over ninety years ago, and there she lived until 1870, when with her family she emigrated to this country, settling at once in Lyons, where her home has been made ever since. Her death was due to the general breakdown incident to old age, but up in the last she retained most remarkable vitality and a wonderfully clear mind.

Being possessed of an unusually accurate memory and having passed through most interesting and extraordinary experiences in her early days in Ireland, Mrs. Walsh's society was eagerly sought by young and old, who delighted to hear her tell of the scenes and incidents of the great famine which scourged her home country in 1848, and of the many personages, since become famous, with whom in her early profession as a hospital nurse she came in contact.

Three sons and one daughter survived the venerable lady. They are John Walsh, of Melbourne, Australia; Stephen Walsh, of Buffalo; Jerold Walsh, of Syracuse, and Mrs. Lawrence Bradley, of Lyons. Michael Bradley, New York Central ticket agent at Lyons; John Bradley, American Express agent at Youngstown, Ohio; Stephen Bradley, of Syracuse; Lawrence Bradley and Julia Bradley, of Lyons, are surviving grandchildren.

Lyons Rural Cemetery
WALSH Michael 1808-1874
WALSH Catherine wife 1820-1906
NOTE: Is this the same couple? According to this obit, Catherine Walso was born in or before 1814 and passed away in 1904]

Letters of administration were issued to Jacob Gress upon the personal estate of Henry W. Gress, late of Lyons, who died in Dunkirk on the 8th of September, 1904, leaving a personal estate of $3,000. Mr. Gress, it will be recalled, was a locomotive fireman employed on the Lake Shore road. While in the discharge of his duties last September, at Ridge Run, a few miles from Dunkirk, he was killed by the sudden blowing out of the water plug from the engine's boiler. Mr. Gress was thirty years old and unmarried and his next of kin are his parents, Jacob Gress and Caroline Gress, who have lived for many years on a farm in South Lyons.

South Cemetery, Town of Lyons
GRESS, Jacob, 1848 - 1911 Caroline
GRESS wife, 1846 - 1915
GRESS, Henry W., 1874 - 1904
GRESS, Fenton P., 1865 - 19(?)
GRESS, Mary M., 1869 - 19(?)

NEW 1/4/14   from The Marion Enterprise, unknown date in late August 1886


In Marion, Aug 19, 1886, Geo. Geer, aged 77 years.

Marion Cemetery
Geer, George, 1808-1886
Geer, Matilda, wife, 1815-1875

In Marion, Aug 21, 1886, Joseph Farnsworth, aged 34 years.

NEW 1/4/14   from The Clyde Times, Thursday, May 12, 1921


Arthur A. Bramer died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Bramer, on DeZeng Street, Sunday evening, May 8, 1921, after a lingering illness at the age of twenty four years.

The deceased was one of the most promising young men of this village and was a favorite among his companions. He was in the service during the late war, being stationed at Camp Jackson, S. C. It was while there that he is supposed to have contracted the diseased from which he died. He is survived by his paernts, two sisters, Mrs. Katie McDermott of Cortland, and Miss Mary Bramer of this village; also by four brothers, William, Leo, and Bernard of Clyde, and James of Rochester.

Funeral services were held from St. John's Catholic Church Wednesday morning at nine o'clock and interment was made in the Catholic Cemetery. The members of the George Aden Brown Post attended in a body and representatives from the Jules Verne Fish Post of Rochester, of which the deceased was a member, were in attendance. The pall bearers were selected from among the latter while the former acted as an escort of honor. At the grave taps was sounded and a military salute fired.

St. John's Catholic Cemetery
Town of Galen
William, 1857-1941
Joseph H., Naval Training Unit 1899-1921
Arthur A., Pvt. Batt. D. F. A. 1897-1921
Anna, 1866-1928
Leo P., 1903-1921
Mary H., 1902-1923


William Marriott, for many years a resident of Galen, died at his home in South Butler at an early hour Sunday morning, May 8, 1921, aged 76.

Mr. Marriott was a farmer by occupation. He was a member of Clyde Lodge No. 300, I. O. O. F. and a veteran of the Civil War. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Allen Conroe of Galen, and Mrs. George Hopkins of Greenboro, N. C. Also by two sons, Charles Marriott of Newark, and William Mariott of North Rose; one brother, Robert Marriott, of Newark. Funeral services were held from the M. P. Church at South Butler Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock and interment was made in the Butler-Savannah Cemetery. A large delegation from the local lodge attended the obsequies and the Butler lodge also turned out in force.

Butler-Savannah Cemetery
Town of Savannah
Wm. 1844 - 1921, Co K, 75 N.Y.V.
Lucinda, wife, 1850 - 1926
Francis, son, 1885 - 1907
Emily, dau., 1876 - 1892

News Twenty-Five Years Ago [1896]

Charles A. Perkins, of Rochester, but formerly of Clyde, died at the Homeopathic Hospital, Rochester, April 20 of neuritis. Mr. Perkins was born in Clyde June 15/16(?), 1849 and had passed nearly all his life in this village. At an early age he entered the employ of his father in the Perkins Dry Goods Store. He is survived by one son, Charles, and two brothers, Frank and George of Clyde.

Mrs. George Dixon, aged 75 years, died Saturday morning at her home three miles south of Clyde. Five children survive her, Mrs. Stephen Phillips, Charles and Levi Dixon of Clyde, James and Thomas Dixon of Waterloo.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Galen
DICKSON George 1815 - 1887
DICKSON Sophronia wf 1822 - 1896
DICKSON Levi E. 1849 - 1907

NEW 1/4/14   from The Clyde Herald, Wednesday, July 12, 1916

At 2 p.m., Thursday, July 6, at his residence in Clyde, N.Y., Byron Henry Perry, youngest of the family of the late William Fox and Mary Tuttle Perry. Deceased was 41 years old, was a native of Clyde and had lived here all his life. He leaves one sister, Marion E. Perry, of Brooklyn. Funeral services were held at St. John's Episcopal church last Saturday.

Maple Grove Cemetery, Town of Galen
PERRY Byron 1874 - 1916
PERRY Marian E. wf Byron 1866 - 1925 [Correction: this is his sister, not his wife. His only survivor was his sister.]
PERRY Mary E. wf Byron 1841 - 1911 [Correction: this is Byron's mother, not his wife]

1900 census of Galen - Byron H. Perry, age 26, b. July 1875, resided with his mother Mary L. Perry, age 58, b. Oct. 1841, his sister, Marian E. Perry, age 32, b. Aug. 1867, and his aunt Chloe Tuttle, age 60 and single, b. June 1839. His mother was a widow, and said she had 3 children, 3 of whom were living.

Byron H. Perry is confined to his home with a severe attack of illness. [Clyde Herald, July 5, 1916]

Perry Will Upheld

Surrogate Gordon G. Harris has just handed down a decision wherein he upholds the terms of the last will and testament of Marian E. Perry late of this village. Miss Perry, who was a school teacher in New York, died October 13, 1925. Dr. Geo. S. Allen, of Clyde, was executor of her estate, which was valued at $8,000 in real and 410,000 in personal. [The Clyde Herald, Wednesday, June 8, 1927]

Chloe E. Tuttle

The remains of Chloe E. Tuttle, formerly and for years, a resident of this village, who died at 498 Sixth street, Brooklyn, N.Y., last week Wednesday, were brought to Clyde and funeral services were held at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon at the home of her niece, Miss Marian E. Perry, No. 70 Water street. Interment was made in Maple Grove Cemetery. [not listed in Maple Grove Cemetery listings] [The Clyde Herald, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1924]

Mrs. Mattie Pizzarusso, wife of Dennis Pizzarusso, and infant son died yesterday morning.

NEW 1/4/14   from The Arcadian Weekly Gazette, Newark, NY, unknown date in 1898

Mrs. Adrian Smith, who lived on the Shaker Tract, died suddenly Thursday.

Sodus Rural Cemetery
SMITH Adrian 1831-1920
SMITH Sarah wife of Adrian 1832-1898

Captain J[ohn]. A. Laing died Saturday evening in Williamson after a painful illness from cancer. He was a veteran of the late war and a captain in the One Hundred and Eleventh Regiment, New York Volunteers, which went out from Wayne county. Captain Laing had many friends, not only among the veterans, but among all classes.

Ridge Chapel Cemetery Records
Town of Williamson
Laing, John A., b 1816, d 1897, (Capt. Co. E., 111th Reg. N.Y.S. Vol.)

Elsewhere on our site, an undated newspaper clipping from "The Olde Scrapbook":

Death of Capt. John A. Laing

Capt. John A. Laing died at his residence in this village Saturday, Jan. 15th, after a long and painful illness from cancer, at the age of 81 years, 6 mos. and 10 das. His death removes from our midst one who for the past twenty-five years has been a prominent citizen of our community, and who received the respect and honor of all who made his acquaintance.

He was born in the town of Boston, Erie Co., July 5th, 1816, and received his education in the common schools and at Waterloo Academy. He was a painter by trade, devoting most of his time to ornamental work on carriages. The early part of his active life was passed in Marion where he made many friends and was highly esteemed.

In 1859 he was a Member of Assembly from this county and represented his district with credit, being a ready speaker and a good debater. When the war broke out he took the platform and spoke for his country and urged men to join the army. After a few months he entered the army as a Lieutenant in Co. E, 111th N.Y. Vols., and was a faithful soldier having the confidence of his men. He was afterward promoted to the rank of Captain, and while commanding his regiment was severely wounded and was given up by the surgeons to die, but a good constitution and a determined resolution to live carried him through and he returned home, though he never fully recovered from his wounds.

The Captain always took an active part in political matters, and was often at conventions and public meetings where his voice was heard in the deliberations. He was a Republican from the organization of that party until the day of his death. For sixteen years he was Justice of the Peace in this town, being compelled by age and infirmity to retire to private life. Until within a few weeks past he has been seen on our streets nearly every day, and everyone was always glad to see him and receive his cordial smile and cheery greeting.

Since the death of Mrs. Laing, two years ago, he has been cared for by his daughter, Mrs. C.C. Hudson. He leaves, besides his daughter, one son, Charles, of Fort Dodge, Kansas.

The funeral was held on Tuesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, at the Presbyterian church, being conducted by (cut off).

NEW 1/4/14   from the Wayne County Review, Thursday, April 19, 1906

Mrs. Julia A. Burnett, for many years a resident of Lyons but more recently living at Rochester, died in that city last week and the body was brought to this village Thursday of last week for burial in Rural cemetery. There are no surviving relatives in this village.

NOTE: not listed in Lyons Rural Cemetery. Residing in Lyons in 1880 with husband George. Both were age 51. Listed as Julia A. Burnett in 1870 Lyons census, with husband George, and William E. Burnett, age 12. Listed as Julia A. Burnett in 1860 Lyons census, with husband George, and William E. Burnett, age 3, and George Burnett, age 77. William E. Burnett 1857-1942, and wife are listed in Lyons Rural Cemetery, resting near the elder George Burnett, who passed away in 1869.

NEW 1/4/14   from The Newark Union, October 16, 1880

Miss Rhoda Woodard, died on Saturday afternoon last, at the residence of William Woodard, in this village aged 88 years. The funeral was held from the house on Monday morning and the remains were taken to Canandaigua, for burial.

NOTE: Miss Woodard is buried in Sand Hill Cemetery, Canandaigua, Ontario County NY as "Roda Woodard 1792 - 1880." She was the daughter of Seth Woodard and Elizabeth Barber. William Woodard was her nephew.
Photo of her stone.


BRADLEY - In St. Catherines, Ont., Oct. 10, 1880, Patrick W. Bradley, formerly of Phelps, aged 47 years.

PRICHARD - In Phelps, Sept. 26, 1880, Benjamin Prichard, aged 80 years.

WOODARD - In Sodus, Oct. 9, 1880, Rhoda Woodard, aged 88 years.

O'HARE - In Sodus, Oct. 4, 1880, John O'Hare, aged over 60 years.

Sodus Rural Cemetery
O'HARE John 1819-1880
O'HARE Anna C wife of John 1830-1887
O'HARE Edwin W son of John & Anna 1865-1895

SHAW - In Sodus, Oct. 8, 1880, Gilbert Shaw, aged 78 years.

"Lost Stones" of Sodus Rural Cemetery
SHAW Mary wife of Gilbert 1808-1868

GOWTHORP - In Sodus, Oct. 9, 1880, Mrs. Anna Gowthorp, aged 78 years.

Centenary Cemetery
Town of Sodus
Gowthorp, Robert, May 11, 1866 63y

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