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At the time of the 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 US censuses, information was gathered about deaths in the calendar year proceding each census. This specialized census, referred to as the Mortality Schedule, is particularly convenient for researchers as it can pick up people who died in the preceding 12 months for whom there was no headstone or newspaper obit. Accuracy of age or enumeration of all deaths can't be guaranteed - the census taker collected this information door to door from residents, asking if someone had died in their household.

New researchers - deaths weren't required to be formally recorded in NY State until after sometime after 1900. There's no such thing as a 19th century or earlier death certificate for our county or state. This sad state of affairs can be verified by contacting the NY State Health Department.

We'd like to post more of the various years' Mortality Schedules for Wayne County (abstracted from microfilm) but will depend on site visitors contributing pages they've gathered for their own research. If you have a Mortality Schedule page please consider typing it up to share on our site. It all adds up.

For access to the Mortality Schedule microfilm, please inquire of your local librarian about interlibrary loan.

Fair warning: the film for this census page was of very poor quality, being faded on the film. This was one page I acquired for personal Harper research some years ago. There were more deaths recorded for Galen.

1860 US Mortality Schedule
Deaths reported in the Town of Galen for June 2, 1859 - June 1, 1860

name, age, sex, marital status, place of birth, month in which person died, profession/occupation/trade, disease
or cause of death, number of days ill

Derall, Wiliam, 88, male, widower, NY, Nov., old age
Buss (?), Armon, 3 weeks, male, NY, Sept., sore throat, 1 day
Tindle, Sarah E., 2, female, NY, Dec., croup, 3 days
Barns, Phebe, 62, female, married, NY, Dec., house keeper, dropsy, 1 year
Tindle, William E., 7, male, NY, July, disease of the brain, 4 months
Cada, Simon P., 1, male, NY, April, croup, 4 days
Ferguson, Eliza, 32 (52?), female, married, Sept., NY, house keeper, consumption, 1 year
Bastion, Michael, 7 mos., male, NY, Feby., unknown, 7 days
Desmond, John, 68, male, married, Ireland, June, farmer, mortification foot, 2 years
Baker, Mary, 5, female, NY, April, inflamation of the lung, 5 days
Cornell, Anna, 51, female, widow, NY, Sept., house work, consumption, 1 year
Winchel, Russel, 57, male, married, NY, Sept., farmer, typhoid fever, 2 weeks
[a Russel Winchel age 30-40 is listed in the 1840 census of Rose]
Harper, Buel A., 2, male, NY, April, disease of the head, 2 weeks
Casey, Mary, 52, female, widow, Ireland, Dec., house keeper, run over by the cars
Burt, Jane, 44, female, married, illegible, Dec., house keeper, consumption, 2 weeks

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