Part 1

Arcadia, Butler, Galen, Lyons, Macedon, Marion

The typescript of the list of marriages that took place in Wayne County in 1847 was gratiously provided to us by the Wayne County Historian's Office. We hope this list will provide clues to ancestral location and help you better formulate questions when visiting the societies or ordering mail searches. We assume many of the younger couples joined the migration out to Michigan and other points west. If you recognize any of these couples, please drop a line to Tim so it can be noted next to their listing.

As you scan the listings you'll see unusual spellings. They're not typos we've made but can be attributed to the original typist's interpretation of old handwriting, or assumptions made by the ministers, J.P.'s or registrars of the marriages. If a spelling differs from that of your ancestral surname, or marriages didn't take place in the townships you thought your ancestors were from, don't pass them by. Jot them down...just in case. Some of the women are obviously entered by their nicknames or "pet names". You'll note marriages between couples who didn't reside in Wayne County but lived over the borders in Cayuga, Monroe, Seneca and Ontario Counties. A date can be used to search for a newspaper announcement. A minister's name could be researched to determine church affiliation for other members of your family.

During years 1847 - 1850 some New York State counties officially recorded information about births, marriages and deaths. Then they just stopped. Not all counties preserved this early information so each county must be taken on a case-by-case basis in making inquiries of societies. Required birth registration didn't start in New York State until 1880, over 30 years after the 1847 - 1850 events were recorded, and wasn't really enforced until 1900. New York State death registration wasn't required until just after 1900. Marriage certificates were issued in the 1860s but kept by the couple and written down by the person performing the marriage.



Jan. 21
Samuel A. Ackerson, Arcadia, age 22
Sarah Crabb, Arcadia, age 20
Rev. R. P. Lamb, Arcadia

Jan. 23
Henry Tubbs, Arcadia, age 24
Annis Austin, Arcadia, age 18
Rev. E. K. Hound, Lyons

Jan. 28
Charles Tinklepaugh, Sodus, age 23
Louisa M. Demming, Arcadia, age 20
Rev. Mr. Haskins, Marion

Jan. 28
Wilbur Palmer, Arcadia, age 55
Maria Blanchard, Arcadia, age 26
Rev. William Roe, Phelps

Feb. 3
Clark Mason, Arcadia, age 36
Emeline Peterie, Arcadia, age 25
Rev. J.H. Kellogg, Arcadia

Feb. 7
Barney Whitman, Marion (no age given)
Sally Ann Chrystler, Marion (no age given)
Rev. Harmonous Hogoboom, Arcadia

Feb. 7
Henry Lusk, Arcadia, age 51
Lelis Wadsworth, Arcadia, age 30
Rev. William E. Turner, Arcadia

Feb. 20
Alexander Werner, Phelps, age 33
Phebe Snook, Arcadia, age 22
Rev. J. H. Kellogg, Arcadia

Feb. 22
George Harding, Steubin Co, age 29
Eliza Stansell, Arcadia, age 22
Rev. R. P. Lamb, Arcadia

Apr. 1
Chilon B. Lusk, Arcadia, age 26
Margaret Drum, Arcadia, age 20
Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Arcadia

Apr. 15
Asa Robinson, Phelps, age 22
Alvira Doane, Arcadia, age 21
Rev. R.P. Lamb, Arcadia

Apr. 22
William Baldwin, Lyons (no age given)
Jane M. Johnson, Sodus (no age given)
Esq. Geo. Tillotson, Sodus

May 4
John Hale, Arcadia, age 22
Eliza Kent, Arcadia, age 22
(none listed)

May 4
Benjamin Thorn, Arcadia (no age)
Lucinda Shaver, Arcadia (no age)
Rev. Orrin C. Payne, Arcadia

May 18
Samuel A. Comstock, Sodus (no age)
Catherine Himes, Sodus (no age)
Rev. Orrin C. Payne, Arcadia

May 18
Walter Shufelt, Arcadia (no age)
Lany Drake, Arcadia (no age)
Rev. Bragelion Short, Kendall, Orleans Co.

Jun. 2
John S. Betts, Michigan, age 25
Hannah Toohy, Arcadia, age 25
Rev. Josiah Burghderf

Jun. 9
Vincent Reynolds, Arcadia, age 23
Evaline Pennington, Arcadia, age 20
Nathaniel Kellogg, Esq., Arcadia

Jun. 25
Francis Filkins, Sodus, age 23
Polly Chadwick, Arcadia, age 17
Rev. J. H. Kellogg, Arcadia

Jun. 27
John Everts, Arcadia, age 22
Charity Hill, Arcadia, age 22
Esq. Dubois, Marion

Jul. 4
Coonraldt Smith, Arcadia, age 28
VanDerKar Melissa Chrystler, Arcadia, age 24
(none listed)

Jul. 8
Anson C. Demming, Arcadia, age 27
Catherine Tinklepaugh, Sodus, age 22
Rev. G.R. Shumway, Arcadia

Arden Swan, Burlington, Vt. (no age)
Henrietta Buckland, (no age) Arcadia
Esq. Clark Mason, Arcadia

Jul. 18
Oliver Severance, Cleveland, Ohio (no age)
Elizabeth T. Tinman, Canada, (no age)
Esq. Clark Mason, Arcadia

Jul. 22
Robert Wilson, Arcadia, age 25
Lurana Howell, Arcadia, age 18
Rev. Josiah Burghdurf

Jul. 22
Moses Dennis, Lyons, age 29
Pama Fellows, Sodus, age 28
Rev. Bennet, Sodus

Aug. 19
Ransom B. Parks, Arcadia, age 24
Mary Amsden, Arcadia, age 22
Rev. Josiah Burghderf, Arcadia

Aug. 1
Elisha Skuse, Lyons, age 42
Lydia Hotchkiss, Arcadia, age 37
Rev. J. H. Kellogg, Arcadia

Aug. 1
Martin Marsh, Arcadia, age 23
Mary Austin, Arcadia, age 15
Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Arcadia

Aug. 14
Giles Quackenbush, Arcadia, age 21
Emily Valentine, Arcadia, age 18
Rev. J. H. Kellogg, Arcadia

Aug. 17
John Haight, Arcadia, age 28
Christina Drum, Arcadia, age 21
Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Arcadia

Aug. 17
Francis Hicks, Arcadia, age 27
Frances Little, Arcadia, age 19
Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Arcadia

Aug. 20
Richard A. Diviney, Arcadia, age 28
Hannah Mosier, Arcadia, age 21
Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Arcadia

Aug. 20
Levi VanInwagen, Arcadia (no age)
Christina Vosburgh, Arcadia (no age)
Rev. G.R.H. Shumway, Arcadia

Aug. 22
Garret Dubois, Troy, age 27
Christina Vosburgh, Arcadia, age 22
Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Arcadia

Sep. 4
John S. Miller, Rochester, age 25
Latisia Sabin, Arcadia, age 20
Rev. R. P. Lamb, Arcadia

Sep. 5
Philip H. Strow, Arcadia, (no age)
Miss Pollock, Arcadia, (no age)
Rev. J. J. Austin, Arcadia

Sep. 16
Francis S. Olmsted, Arcadia, age 23
Jane G. Wells, Sodus, age 19
Rev. Thomas Stacey, Castleton

Sep. 19
Johnson VanMarter, Lyons, age 55
Hannah Dunn, Sodus, age 25
Rev. J. Oldridge, Sodus

Sep. 22
Hiram J. Leonard, Phelps, age 47
Sarah C. Lamson, Arcadia, age 47
Rev. G. R. H. Shumway, Arcadia

Sep. 22
John Bliler, Lyons, age 48
Elizabeth Lencern, Rochester, age 35
(none given)

Sep. 26
Anson Beebe, Arcadia, age 47
Pauline Petterson, Arcadia, age 47
Rev. G. R. H. Shumway, Arcadia

Sep. 27
Charles H. Pitcher, Arcadia, age 22
Rosannah Gylka, Lyons, age 20
Esq. Clark Mason, Arcadia

Sep. 28
Gideon Lewis, Arcadia, (no age)
Sarah Garlock, Arcadia (no age)
Rev. Josiah Burghdurf, Arcadia

Sep. 30
Isaac VanDusen, Arcadia, age 30
Jane M. VanValkenburgh, Arcadia, age 16
Rev. Francis Ingrum, Lyons

Oct. 1
Alfred Lillybridge, Arcadia, age 22
Cornelia Reynolds, Arcadia, age 22
Esq. Satterlee, Lyons

Oct. 3
Clark Harrington, Lyons, age 40
Patty Avery, Lyons, age 41
Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Arcadia

Oct. 3
Samuel Wicks, Sodus, age 22
Getty Ann Simmons, Arcadia, age 23
Rev. Samuel Wiar, Sodus

Oct. 4
John Hale, Arcadia, age 22
Elizabeth Kent, Arcadia, age 22
(none given)

Oct. 5
Erastus Stebbins, Arcadia, age 27
Hannah E. Baldwin, Arcadia, age 24
Rev. James M. Compton, Syracuse

Oct. 7
Cyrus A. Fuller, Lyons, age 22
Julia Ann Patten, Lyons, age 23
Rev. Samuel Wiar, Sodus

Oct. 17
Barney Mayher, Lyons, age 25
Bridget Higgins, Lyons, age 26
Esq. Clark Mason, Arcadia

Oct. 28
Wilson Payne, Farmington, age 21
Maranda Goodnough, Farmington, age 23
Esq. Clark Mason, Arcadia

Oct. 28
Richard P. Groat, Arcadia, (no age)
Mary Ann Lovejoy, Arcadia, (no age)
Rev. J.J. Austin, Arcadia

Nov. 2
Henry Lape, Arcadia, age 26
Chris Jane Tial, Lyons, age 19
Rev. Jacob Merick, Lyons

Nov. 2
Orrin Blackman(mar?), Arcadia, age 28
Harriet Hurd, Arcadia, age 19
Rev. G. R. H. Shumway, Arcadia

Nov. 4
John McLeland, Arcadia, age 26
Phebe Austin, Arcadia, age 18
Rev. Harmonious Hogoboom, Arcadia

Nov. 9
Shubal M. Rogers, Arcadia, age 24
Marina Pond, Arcadia, age 19
Rev. J.J. Austin, Arcadia

Dec. 1
Henry Post, Marion, age 63
Mary VanDike, Arcadia, age 46
Rev. G. R. H. Shumway, Arcadia

Dec. 22
Elias VanGorder, Phelps, age 30
Henrietta Rush, Arcadia, age 18
Rev. G. R. H. Shumway, Arcadia

Dec. 28
James Kocher, Phelps, age 22
Eliza Price, Arcadia, age 23
Rev. G R. H. Shumway, Arcadia

Dec. 30
George Crater, Arcadia, age 27
Catherine Smith, Arcadia, age 17
Rev. Wm. E. Turner, Arcadia


Feb. 14
Albert Saxton, Butler, age 37
Jane Knapp, Galen, age 30
Merritt Purdy, Esq., Butler

Apr. 20
Wellington Bidwell, Albion, Mich., age 23
Margarit VanAuken, Savannah, age 19
Rev. James Gregg, Butler

May 25
James H. White, Ann Arber, Mich., age 26
Charlotte M. Tompkins, Butler, age 21
Rev. Thomas W. Wright, Wolcott

Jun. 27
Andrew Stone, Butler, age 20
Melissa Cooly, Savannah, age 17
John Weatherwax, Esq., Savannah

Jul. 7
Oliver C. Davis, Butler, age 26
Elisa Ann Bunce, Butler, age 24
Rev. Moses Lyon, Wolcott

Aug. 12
Christian Fisher, Butler, age 24
Fanny E. Dow, Butler, age 18
Rev. Amasa Stanton, Victory

Aug. 28
Walter Cooley, Ottawa ?, Ill., age 20
Elisa Harrington, Savannah, age 17
John Weatherwax, Esq., Savannah

Sep. 12
Lester Watson, Butler, age 29
Elizabeth Cook, Butler, age 2-
Rev. Moses Lyon, Wolcott

Sep. 16
Gilbert Fisher, Butler, age 22
Calista Stage, Wolcott, age 18
Rev. Moses Lyon, Wolcott

Sep. 16
Charles Churchill, Wolcott, age 22
Talithy Cleveland, Butler, age 18
Rev. Royal Houghten, Butler

Nov. 11
Horace Peet Jr., Butler, age 21
Harriet Calkins, Butler, age 22
Merritt Purdy, Esq., Butler

GALEN --- MARRIAGES --- 1847

Jan. 2
Russel Butler, Galen (no age)
McClary, Miss, Galen (no age)
William A. Cornwell, J.P., Lock Berlin

Jan. 12
Thomas Hyers, Galen, age 23
Dorothy Peas, Galen, age 26
William A. Cornwell, J.P., Lock Berlin

Jan. 24
Jacob Wycall, Galen, age 28
Margaret Dismond, Galen, age 21
O. Florida, Auburn

Feb. 24
Nathan Case, Galen (no age)
Mary J. Flemming, Galen (no age)
William A. Cornwell, J.P., Lock Berlin

Mar. 1
Etna Brown, Galen, age 24
Eunace Fezler, Savannah, age 23
Jabez S. Lamoreax, J.P., Clyde

Mar. 3
David Poucher, Sodus, age 45
Delia Hinman, Galen, age 30
Rev. Samuel M. Beebe, Clyde

Mar. 18
Dewit Myres, Galen, age 23
Mary Weeks, Galen, age 22
Rev. E. Latimer, Clyde

Apr. 14
Nelson McDougall, Galen, age 26
Ann Maria Allen, Galen, age 17
Rev. Joseph B. Vrooman, Clyde

May 6
Ebenezer Allen, Galen, age 45
Francis Moulden, Lelecia (?), Tompkins Co. 27
Rev. Joseph B. Vrooman, Clyde

Jul. 22
David Foster, Newark, age 27
Rhoda Ann Caster, Galen, age 17
Elder E. W. Elighton, Galen

George Strohm, Galen, age 24
Elizabeth Ray, Lyons, age 21
Rev. Mr. Denler, Lyons

Sep. 19
George Butler, Galen, age 22
Abigal Connolly, Galen, age 21
H.P. Jones, J.P., Clyde

Sep. 21
Charles Edward Elliot, Galen, age 28
Mary S. Griswold, Galen, age 21
Rev. S. J. M. Beebe, Clyde

Oct. 2
John Becker, Galen, age 24
Elizabeth Barrick, Galen, age 18
Rev. S. J. M. Beebe, Clyde

Oct. 19
Cornelius Miller, Clyde, age 22
Irena Whiting, Clyde, age 17
Rev. C. G. Acly, Clyde

Oct. 21
Syman T. Snedeker , Clyde, age 26
Hellen W. Howe, Clyde, age 20
Rev. C.G. Acly, Clyde

Oct. 30
Wm. H. Adams, Lyons (no age)
Elizabeth VanDuzen, Lyons (no age)
Wm. A. Cornwell, J.P., Lock Berlin

Nov. 8
Peter Andersen, Savannah, age 26
Almira Sedore, Galen, age 20
Rev. S. J. M. Beebe, Clyde

Nov. 10
Abner Hulbert, Orleans Co. (no age)
Marietta Gage, Orleans Co. (no age)
Rev. C. G. Acly, Clyde

Dec. 25
Isaac Cooper, Fayette, Seneca Co. , age 23
Elener McIntyre, Fayette, Seneca Co., age 16
Rev. D. Ferris, Clyde
Dec. 25
Josiah Bramer, Butler, age 23
Maria Marcellas, Butler, age 20
J. S. Lamoreax, J.P., Clyde

LYONS --- MARRIAGES --- 1847

Feb. 3
Nelson Hazen, Lyons, age 34
Esther T. Bradley, Lyons, age 28
Rev. Ira Ingraham, Lyons

Feb. 10
Abram Shaw, Lyons, age 27
Harriet Lamson, Lyons, age 21
Joseph K. Tinkham, Sodus

Mar. 3
Morton S. Pomeroy, Arcadia, age 28
Betsey Ann McLeland, Lyons, age 26
Rev. Ira Ingraham, Lyons

Mar. 10
Benjamin J. Bradley, Lyons, age 36
Nancy Hopkins, Lyons, age 22
Rev. Ira Ingraham, Lyons

Jul. 8
Cornelius T. Cuer, Lyons, age 30
Sarah Catlin, Phelps, age 28
Rev. E. G. Townsend, Phelps

Oct. 27
Wm. Voxburgh, Arcadia (no age)
Jane VanEtten, Lyons, age 27
Rev. Ira Ingraham, Lyons

Nov. 30
William Adams, Lyons, age 22
Elizabeth VanDeuzen, Lyons, age 18
William Cornell, Esq., Galen

Dec. 16
Wm. Clapp, Phelps, age 22
Mary Brink, Lyons, age 16
Rev. I. Hall, Lyons

Dec. 22
Elias VanGordon(der?), Arcadia, age 25
Hariet Rush, Arcadia, age 19
DeWitt C. VanSlyck, Esq., Lyons

Dec. 24
John Albaugh, Lyons, age 21
Laura Holmes, Lyons, age 16
Salisbury, Esq., Rose Valley


Gilman Currier, Boston, age 33
Sarah E. Larkin, Macedon, age 20
An alderman of the City of Rochester

Jan. 6
Samuel B. Crosier, Macedon, age 34
Elisa C. Turner, Macedon, age 26
Rev. Gideon Osborn, Macedon

Feb. 3
Charles A. Smith, Farmington, Ont. Co., age 22
Maria Roxie, Macedon, age 23
Durfee Osband, Esq., Macedon

Feb. 17
Aaron W. Pratt, Williamson, age 27
Ann M. Hagerman, Macedon, age 22
Rev. J. W. Fox, Walworth

Apr. 1
Daniel Langdon, Macedon, age 47
Margaret Carpenter, Macedon, age 30
Durfee Osband, Esq., Macedon

Jun. 10
Ira L. Beals, Macedon, age 29
Adalia Norton, Ontario, age 26
John F. Packard, Esq., Macedon

Jun. 17
Miles B. Riggs, Groton, Tompkins Co., age 26
Martha Warner, Macedon, age 24
Rev. W. W. Fisher, Palmyra

Jun. 27
George Rice, Macedon, age 24
Jane Ripley, Macedon, age 23
Rev. D. Herrington, Palmyra

Jul. 3
Lucian W. Warren, Macedon, age 21
Rosannah S. Hicks, Macedon, age 18
Abishal Goodell, Perinton, Monroe Co.

Aug. 1
Levi J. Tedman, Macedon, age 25
Jane S. Grimes, Walworth, age 18
Durfee Osband, Esq., Macedon

Aug. 14
Jacob Volland, Ann Arbor, Mich. age 26
Sophia Dean, Macedon, age 20
Married according to Quaker Discipline

Sep. 13
Tomas VanNorman, Canada West, age 23
Mary A. France, Farmington, Ontario Co., age 22
Rev. W.W. Fisher, Palmyra

Sep. 29
Richard M. Post, Macedon, age 22
Lucy J. Barnes, Macedon, age 20
Durfee Osband, Esq., Macedon

Oct. 24
George Marshall, Macedon, age 23
Rhoda A. Mumford, Macedon, age 21
Rev. Daniel G. Holmes, Walworth

Dec. 25
Henry McPherson (negro), Palmyra, age 23
Sarah Chase (negro), Macedon, age 29
Rev. Bilow, Farmington

Dec. 30
John Walton, Palmyra, age 23
Susan Wigglesworth, Macedon, age 29
(none listed)


William Daily, Arcadia (no age)
Almira Duel, Marion (no age)
Rev. Merrill Forbs, Marion

May 12
John H. Galaway, Howell, Mich. (no age)
Martha G. Durfee, Marion, age 24
Cornelius Putnam, Esq., Marion

May 20
George Griffith, Marion, age 21
Lorinda Burr, Marion, age 18
Elder Maine, West Walworth

Jul. 4
James Case, Marion, age 20
Letitia Carr, Marion, age 17
Eli Smith, Esq., Marion

Jul. 4
Gideon Howell, Marion, age 22
Elvira Sherman, Marion, age 22
Rev. Edgar Galaway, Marion

Jul. 29
Erastus Kinyan, Marion, age 23
Susan M. Potter, Marion, age 20
Eli Smith, Esq., Marion

William Pouley, Palmyra (no age)
Elizabeth Davenport, Sodus (no age)
Rev. J. G. L. Haskins, Marion

Sep. 22
Christopher Bilbe, Marion, age 25
Margaret H. Bostwick, Marion, age 23
Rev. Hiram S. Hamilton, Marion

Oct. 15
Oliver P. Kinyon (Henion?), Carlton, Orleans Co.
Harriet Jane Curtis, Marion, age 25
Rev. Hiram S. Hamilton, Marion

Oct. 23
Stephen Pulver, Sodus, age 22
Palina Pulver, Sodus, age 26
Rev. Hiram S. Hamilton, Marion

Oct. 21
Edward P. Larkins, Sodus (no age)
Rachel Howell, Marion (no age)
Elder S. Mosier, Marion

Nov. 17
Nelson Bartle, Arcadia, age 38
Julia Tucker, Marion, age 31
Rev. Hiram S. Hamilton, Marion

Dec. 19
Willard Parmeter, Marion (no age)
Betsey Steele, Marion, age 16
Elder S. Mosier, Marion

Dec. 26
Coridon Hodges, (no residence or age)
Nancy Duel, Marion (no age)
Rev. Merrill Forbs, Marion

Dec. 30
Henry Post, Palmyra (no age)
Mary VanDik, Arcadia (no age)
Rev. G.R. Shumway, Arcadia

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