Marriages Recorded at Lyons Presbyterian Church

1825 - 1829

The following marriage citations were copied from original handwritten record books of the Presbyterian Church of Lyons, Wayne County, N.Y. by Harriett M. Wiles in 1952. Her unpublished typescript of miscellaneous records of Lyons Presbyterian Church can be viewed at the New York City Public Library. Harriett M. Wiles was a resident of New York City and her interest in Wayne County's history is unknown. No further information was given and all spellings are as on the typescript. None of these folks are my ancestors so I have no information about them. For further information about persons listed please contact the Wayne County's Office of the County Historian.

Nov. 25,1825 Peet-Faber, Ezra M. and Clarinda
Dec. 11, 1825 Shepherd-Sherwood, Hiram and Eliza

Jan. 1, 1826 Wood-Huntley, Thomas and Mary
Jan. 2, 1826 Adams-Perrine, David and Hannah
Jan. 2, 1826 Allen-Glidden, Oliver and Harriet C.
Jan. 5, 1826 Robbins-Harrington, George and Betsey
Jan. 7, 1826 Strong-Carpenter, Joseph Carpenter
Feb. 15, 1826 Failing-Harris, Abraham and Helen
June 22, 1826 Matoon-Gaul, William and Sarah
June 22, 1826 Brown-Warner, Abner and Eliza
July 4, 1826 Thornton-Perrine, Merrit and Polly
July 30, 1826 Drake-Avery, Lewis M. and Julia M.
Aug. 3, 1826 Warden-Brown, Isaac and Martha
Aug. 13, 1826 Davis-Needham, Gilman and Harriet
Aug. 22, 1826 Johnson-Brown, Benjamin and Dorcas
Oct. 18, 1826 Geer-Royce, Harvey and Angeline
Sept. 27, 1826 Daniels-Papage, Amos and Margaret
Oct. 17, 1826 Hays-Matthews, Alexander and Susan
Nov. 14, 1826 Avery-Leach, Lyman and Amelia
Nov. 16, 1826 Miller-Frary, John and Mary

June 14, 1827 Buchanan-Pierce, Mr. and Miss
Sept. 2, 1827 Prebbles-Cunningham, Mr. and Sophia
Sept. 9, 1827 Moore-Armstrong, Henry and Elizabeth
Sept. 26, 1827 Holmes-Lovejoy, Gilman and Mary

Feb. 14, 1828 Hendrick-Newkirk(?), ? and Miss or Mrs.
Mar. 6, 1828 Newkirk-Wallers (or Walters), Leonhard and Marcia
Mar. 6, 1828 Dennis-Neukkull(?), Uriah and Elizabeth M.
Mar. 13, 1828 Rogers-Van Inwagen, James and Catherine
Apr. 10, 1828 Barclay-Tilding, Barton and Clarissa
May 29, 1828 Israel-Chesney, Lot and Nancy
Aug. 20, 1828 Goodrich-Ely, Ward and Betsey
Aug. 26, 1828 Neapos-Chapman, Benjamin and Nancy
Oct. 10, 1828 Dickerson-Griswold, Herman G. and Mary
Oct. 21,1828 Wadhams-Beard, David and Frances
Nov. 5, 1828 Beadle-Shyblys, Thomas and E.
Nov. 27, 1828 Brown-Wicks, Abner and Sally
Dec. 29, 1828 King-Whitehead, Hosea and Esther
Dec. 30, 1828 Van Etten-Pemer, Peter and Betsey

Jan. 3, 1829 Tillottson-Clark, Lewis and Eliza
Feb. 22, 1829 Patton-Youngs, Evert and Sally
Feb. 24, Putnam-Price, Marion and Lucy
Mar. 4, 1829 Lane-Burnett, Levi and Eliza
Mar. 4, 1829 Hough-Barclay, ? and Deborah
Mar. 26, 1829 Day-Swift, Elijah and Ann
Mar. 28, 1829 McWort-Beaton, Zaccheus and Susan

There were no more marriages listed in the transcript of records of the Lyons Presbyterian Church. As these marriage records are for a short period of time it's possible that they were the records left by one particular minister or pastor (whose name wasn't mentioned) or all that Harriett M. Wiles had access to some 50 years ago. Availability of other surviving records for this church is unknown by this typist.

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