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Ontario, Wolcott and Sodus

The typescript of the list of deaths that took place in Wayne County in 1849 was donated to us by the Wayne County Historian's Office to help you better formulate questions when visiting the society or ordering mail searches. We all hope this list provides clues to ancestral location, surnames and perhaps a final death date. If you recognize anyone on this list, please drop a line to Tim so it can be noted next to their listing.

As you scan the listings you'll see unusual spellings. They're not typos we've made but can be attributed to the original typist's interpretation of old handwriting, or assumptions made by the registrars of the deaths. If a spelling differs from that of your ancestral surname, or deaths didn't take place in the townships you thought your ancestors were from, don't pass them by. Jot them down...just in case. A date and location can be used to search in the 1850 census or the info may turn out useful to others searching your surnames.

During years 1847 - 1850 some New York State counties officially recorded information about births, marriages and deaths. Then they just stopped. Not all counties preserved this early information so each county, and township within it, must be taken on a case-by-case basis in making inquiries of societies. Required birth registration didn't start in New York State until 1880, over 30 years after the 1847 - 1850 events were recorded, and wasn't really enforced until 1900. New York State death registration wasn't required until just after 1900. Marriage certificates were issued in the 1860s but kept by the couple and written down by the person performing the marriage.

*** Official death certificates were not given for New York State in 1849.***

*** Neither the team who assisted in preparing the township death lists nor the coordinators have further info on the persons named below. ***

F. = Foreigner    N. = Native     M. = Married    U. = Unmarried


January 5 Thomas Sherburn U. N. Ontario 3
Scarlet fever
January 15 Albert Williams U. N. Ontario 3
Scarlet fever
February 12 Armina Pierce U. N. Ontario 39 Tayloress Consumption
February 16 John Meeker U. N. Ontario 4
Scarlet fever
February 26 Julia Jones U. N. Webster 29 Housewifery Inflamation of hart
March 1 Mary Gardner U. N. Ontario 7
Scarlet fever
March 6 Mary A. Blackman M. F. Ontario 22 Housewifery Consumption
March 7 George Williams U. N. Ontario 17 Farmer Consumption
March 15 Emaline Booth U. N. Williamson 3
Scarlet fever
March 30 Girard Richmond U. N. Ontario 3
Scarlot fever
March 31 Theron L. Straight U. N. Ontario 13
Scarlot fever
April 8 Richard Speller M. N. Ontario 55 Farmer Affiction of spine
April 23 Catharine Swift M. N. Ontario 25 Dressmaker Enlargement of hart
April 25 Palmer L. Maine U. N. Ontario 4
May 4 Chloe Electa U. N. Ontario 3
Scarlet fever
May 5 Oscar Booth U. N. Williamson 5
Scarlet fever
May 14 Mary E. Fuller U. N. Ontario 8
Bilious fever
May 15 Polly Hallock M. N. Ontario 49 Housewifery Erysipelas
May 25 Abram Louck U. N. Webster 1
Dropsy on brain
May 30 Sarah A. Whitecomb M. N. Ontario 26 Housewife General debility
June 17 John J. McKeen U. N. Ontario 6
Scarlet fever

Martin Cole M. N. Webster 26 Farmer Fall of tree
July 4 Sarah Saunders U. N. Ontario 11 mo.
Small pocks
July 5 Amanda Gurnee U. N. Ontario 4
Scarlet fever
July 16 Lois Fosdick U. N. Webster 68 Housewife-widow Inflamatory rheumatism
July 19 Mary E. Willets U. N. Ontario 16
September 12 Lyman Lamphere U. N. Ontario 17 Farmer Dropsy on brain
September 22 Harriet Gurnee U. N. Webster 2
Summer complaint
September 29 Marvin G. Pound U. N. Ontario 2
October 5 Ellen E. Dillingham U. N. Ontario 1
Summer complaint
October 12 Thomas Colwell U. N. Ontario 3
October 15 John Colwell U. N. Ontario 1
October 29 Francis A. Gibbs U. N. Ontario (blank)
Cropsy on brain
October 30 Cornelia A. Wrisley U. N. Ontario 4
Summer complaint
November 16 Ruth Burton M. N. Ontario 66 Housewife Summer complaint
November 26 Enos W. Burton M. N. Ontario 56 Carpinter Inflamation on bowels
December 7 Milo Patric U. N. Williamson 1
December 22 Christiana Fries U. N. Ontario 8

Ontario 1849: prepared by Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, NY


January 7David F. Howland U. N. Wolcott 11
Scarlet fever
February 6 Mary J. Plank M. N. Wolcott22 Housekeeper Consumption
February 8 John Clapper U. N. Wolcott 3
February 22 Geo. Underhill U. N. Wolcott 3
Scarlet fever
March 9 Elizabeth Tracy widow Wolcott 85
Old age
March 18 John N. Williams U. N.Wolcott (blank)
Billious Cholick
March 28Horace Ward U. N. Wolcott1
March 29 Sally Ann DeWitt M. N. Wolcott 39Housekeeper Conjestion of the brain
April 3 Thomas N. Madan U. N. Wolcott 20 Farmer Accident
April 9 Augustus Underhill U. N. Wolcott11
Congestion of the brain
April 10 George Lewis U. N. Wolcott 17
Carpenter Brain fever
April 13 Ann Pearsels M. N. Wolcott 26Housekeeper Dropsy
April 14 Mary Benedict M. N. Wolcott 48 Housekeeper Consumption
April 20Harriet Ann Linsey U. N. Wolcott15 Farmer dau. Inflamation of brain
April 25 Mary Packer U. N. Wolcott76
Old age
April 26 Andru Brown U. N. Wolcott2
April 28 Jonathan Karr M. N. Wolcott 92
April 28Hellen Bennett U. N.Wolcott 2
April 29 Eliza Corbit Wolcott 2
Shoked with a bean
May 8 John R. Park U. N. Wolcott1
May 24James A. Turner U. N.Wolcott 11
Congestion of the Brain
May 25 Richard C. Cheesbro M. Wolcott40 CarpenterCongestion of the brain
June 22 Harriet R. Lewis U. N.Wolcott 21 HousekeeperConsumption
July 16 Mrs. Colburn M. N. Butler74Housekeeper Old age
August 8John Linsey U. N. Wolcott10 Farmers son Inflamation
August 9 Eliza Clapper U. N. Wolcott 6
August 20Nancy Wetherby U. N. Wolcott 3
August 21 Harry Wetherby U. N. Wolcott1
September 2Nancy J. Snyder U. N. Wolcott 6
September 4Eliza McNeal U. N.Wolcott15
September 6Mariam Underhill U. N.Wolcott6
September 8 A. Snyder U. N. Wolcott 2
September 9Margaret Clapper U. N. Wolcott 2
September 10James Backer U. N.Wolcott 3
September 11Thomas J. Backer U. N. Wolcott1
September 12 Elmer Lyon U. N. Wolcott4
September 14 no nameWolcott 1
September 14 Sarah E. Reed U. N. Wolcott6
September 16Henriett Reed U. N.Wolcott 9
September 17 Silas Sears U. N. Wolcott 21
September 18 Mary Earll U. N. Wolcott (blank)
September 22Caroline M. Conger M. N. Wolcott26 HousekeeperBillious Dyareah
September 24 Thomas W. Dutton U. N.Wolcott5
Enlargement of the brain
September 25 Dianthy Speer M. N. Wolcott 32HousekeeperCholera
September 27 Jacob Blauvelt M. N. Wolcott 52?
September 27 Wm. Williams M. N. Wolcott41 Farmer Chillfever
September 28 Drusella Ahrmes M. N.Wolcott 63 Farmer Dysintary
September 28James E. Warner U. N.Wolcott 2
September 29 Ellen Loeza Bowen U. N. Wolcott(blank) Farmers dau. (blank)
September 29George Hoag U. N.Wolcott1
December 14 Mary Spencer N. widow Wolcott 55 Housekeeper Inflamation and fever

Wolcott 1849: prepared by Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, NY


November 11 Millie Irwin U.N. Sodus 30 Domestic Consumption
August 26 Geo. I. Sergent U.N. Sodus 18 Farmer Cholera
February 20 Susan Mason M.N. Sodus 28
April 9 Sally M. Shutts U.N. Sodus 1
March 16 Sarah Birdsall M.N. Sodus 46 Domestic Pleurisy
February 25 Sarah Clark N. Sodus 69 Domestic Consumption
August 3Ann Chapman M.N. Sodus 22 Domestic Consumption
August 25 John Wride U.F. Sodus 49 Farmer Consumption
December 20 Wm. B. Gates U.N. Sodus 10 Domestic Scarlet fever
December 16 Laura Gates U.N. Sodus 3 Domestic Scarlet fever
June 24 Mary Wilks M.F. Sodus 41 Domestic Child fever
March 7 Stephen Gurnee U.N. Sodus 76 Farmer Monia pota
March 5 (7?) Darcas St. John M.N. Sodus 82 Domestic Bronchitus
February 15 Lucy Ann Hodd M.N. Sodus 29 Domestic Consumption
August 15 Mary Robinson M.F. Sodus 38 Domestic Consumption
October 2 Chas. Hamby U. Sodus 74 Farmer Old age
December 6 Willard Baker U. Sodus 21

December 20 Olive Balch U.N. Sodus 11
Scarlet fever
April 25 Catherine Demmon M.N. Sodus 24 Seamstress Consumption
March 31 P. N. Fellers M.N. Sodus 57 Farmer Asthma
December 2 David Allen M.N. Sodus 33 Farmer Congestive fever
January 13 Imagene Whitbeck U.N. Sodus 30 Domestic Scarlet fever
February 8 Emily Ann Johnson N. Sodus 3
May 10 Daniel McIntosh M.F.Sodus 68 Farmer Fell from horse
August 17 Betsey Kiplin U.F. Sodus 44 Domestic Consumption
October 14 John Vanderbelt U.N. Sodus 45 Farmer Dislocation of the neck
October 15 Richard P. Alford U.N. Sodus 20 Farmer Cholera
November 5 James Alexander U.N. Sodus 67 Mechanic Consumption
February 14 Daniel M. Tayler U.F. Sodus 1
Inflamation of the lungs
May 1 Parna Denis U.N. Sodus 28 Domestic Inflamation of the lungs
May 10 Western Wilber M.N. Sodus 16 Farmer Inflamation of the bowels
May 25 Wm. Walling U.N. Sodus 60 Farmer Billious fever
May 25 Phebe Walling U.N. Sodus 16 Domestic Consumption
November 25 Blair Carpenter U.N. Sodus 22 Farmer Inflamation of bowels
January 11 Mary Goodsell M.N. Sodus 13 Domestic Consumption
July 20 Saml. L. Morse M.N. Sodus 67
June 2 Wealthy Collins U.N. Sodus 36
March 2 John H. Case U.N. Sodus 19
Conjestion brain
September 13 Martha Norton U.N. Sodus 11
Conjestion brain
November 8 Mary E. Hulbert U.N. Sodus 2
December 14 H. J. Snyder ___ Sodus 48
January 21 James Gillet M. Sodus 55 Farmer Bite of a hog
August 30 Ellis Hopkins U. Sodus 20 days

August 20 Lydia Reynolds U. Sodus 8 months

October 14 Wm. Nicholds U.F. Sodus 67 Farmer
July 6 Elizabeth (unknown) Sodus 77 Domestic M.F.

Sodus 1849: prepared by Dorathy Hardie of Thousand Oaks, CA

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