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Arcadia, Marion, Savannah, Walworth, and Williamson

The typescript of the list of deaths that took place in Wayne County in 1849 was donated to us by the Wayne County Historian's Office to help you better formulate questions when visiting the society or ordering mail searches. We all hope this list provides clues to ancestral location, surnames and perhaps a final death date. If you recognize anyone on this list, please drop a line to Tim so it can be noted next to their listing.

As you scan the listings you'll see unusual spellings. They're not typos we've made but can be attributed to the original typist's interpretation of old handwriting, or assumptions made by the registrars of the deaths. If a spelling differs from that of your ancestral surname, or deaths didn't take place in the townships you thought your ancestors were from, don't pass them by. Jot them down...just in case. A date and location can be used to search in the 1850 census or the info may turn out useful to others searching your surnames.

During years 1847 - 1850 some New York State counties officially recorded information about births, marriages and deaths. Then they just stopped. Not all counties preserved this early information so each county, and township within it, must be taken on a case-by-case basis in making inquiries of societies. Required birth registration didn't start in New York State until 1880, over 30 years after the 1847 - 1850 events were recorded, and wasn't really enforced until 1900. New York State death registration wasn't required until just after 1900. Marriage certificates were issued in the 1860s but kept by the couple and written down by the person performing the marriage.

*** Official death certificates were not given for New York State in 1849.***

*** Neither the team who are assisting in preparing the township death lists nor the coordinators have further info on the persons named below. ***

F. = Foreigner    N. = Native     M. = Married    U. = Unmarried


January 9 Hannah Davis M.N. Newark 67
January 14 Peter Shufelt U.N. Arcadia 3 mo.

January 15 Hiram Thompson M.N. Newark 42 Labour Chill fever
January 19 Hannah Fisk M.N. Arcadia 56
January 19 William Hacket U.N. Lyons 14 Farmer Consumption
January 23 Esbon B. Grant U.N. Newark 1
Enlargement of the kidney
January 23 Cyrus S. Button M.N. Newark 56 Farmer Consumption
February 1 Stephen Fisk M.N. Newark 70 Labour Consumption
February 1 Child U.N. Lyons 1 day Poorhouse
February 8 Charlotte VanDerburgh Newark 4
February 10 Austin Carpenter M.N. Newark 42 Grocer Consumption
February 15 Horace Rifford U.N. Lyons 49 Poor House Intemperance
February 19 Mary E. Comstock U.N. Arcadia

Inflammation in bowels
February 26 Harriet Speed U.N. Arcadia 13
March 1 Francis Billingham U.N. Newark 1
March 2 Ambrose Scotten U.N. Arcadia 2
Inflammation in bowels
March 4 Hannah Rowe M.N. Arcadia 40
March 7 Elizabeth Robbins U.N. Newark 11 mo.
March 8 Harvey Calkins U.N. Phelps 49 Farmer Consumption
March 12 Dorr Becker M.N. Arcadia 26 Boatman Consumption
March 15 Martha J. Hyde U.N. Canandaigua 1
Dropsy on the brain
March 15 George H. Hays U.N. Newark 14
Brain Fever
March 24 Angeline Johnson U.N. Newark 1
April 4 Mary Jane Fuller U.N. Arcadia 1
April 6 Hannah Howell M.N. Arcadia 75
Affection of the heart
April 6 Jane VanDusen M.N. Arcadia 23 Farmers wife Fever
April 18 Lyman Olmsted 2nd M.N. Arcadia 28 Farmer Consumption
April 20 E. Flowers U.N. Arcadia 3
Inflammation on the brain
April 21 Silas W. Burdick U.N. Arcadia 7
Scarlet fever & dropsy
April 24 Susan R. Burdick U.N. Arcadia 6
Scarlet fever & dropsy
April 24 George Deitz U.F. Lyons 1 Poor House Inflammation on lungs
May 2 Aaron VanDerKarr M.N. Arcadia 77 Farmer Palsy
May 7 Elman Mugridge U.N. Newark 1 yr. 9 mo.
Dropsy on brain
May 8 Oscar Palmer U.N. Arcadia 4
May 9 Martha McMannis M.N. Arcadia 43 Labour wife Consumption
May 15 Esbon R. Blackmar U.N. Newark 9
Congestive fever
May 20 Jeremiah Williams M.N. Arcadia 55 Farmer Erysipelas
May 21 Alfred Wilcox U.N. Arcadia 2
Scarlet fever & Dropsy
May 26 Alice St. John U.N. Arcadia 10 mo.
Scarlet fever
May 27 Abby Frits U.F. Arcadia 3
Scarlet fever
June 1 Henry Frits U.F. Arcadia 11
Scarlet fever
June 6 Caroline Duel U.N. Frankfort, Herkimer City. 17
June 11 Harriet F. Coleman U.N. Arcadia 5
Scarlet fever
June 23 Balzora Whitbeck U.N. Arcadia

Scarlet fever
July 1 Thomas McCarver U.N. Arcadia 22 Boatman Consumption
July 3 Elizabeth VanValkenburgh M.N. Arcadia 29
July 10 William Calkins U.N. Phelps 79 Farmer Old age
July 11 Fanny M. ------ U.N. Arcadia 3 mo. 25 days
Summer complaint
July 15 Reuben Pulver U.N. Lyons 8
Scarlet fever
July 18 Margaret Manchester U.N. Arcadia 15
Brain tumor
July 19 Naoma Carpenter M.N. Arcadia 92 Farmers wife Old age
July 20 Jacob Whitmore M.N. Arcadia 39 Grocer Cholera
July 20 Adelia Snyder U.N. Arcadia 9
Scarlet fever
July 23 Ann P. Brown M.N. Newark 40 Farmers wife Dysentery
July 24 James L. Haight U.N. Arcadia 11
July 26 Licurgus Crippin U.N. Newark 22 Labour Consumption
July 29 Lydia Norton U.N. Lyons 70 Pauper Consumption
August 1 Jeremiah Mesick 2nd U.N. Arcadia 10
Inflammation in the Bowels
August 2 James Thompson U.N. Newark 24 Boatman Small pox
August 4 Nelson Waite M.N. Lyons 28 Farmer Cholera
August 9 Cornelia Snyder U.N. Arcadia 6
Scarlet Fever
August 9 Wessel A. TenBrook M.N. Arcadia 62 Farmer Consumption
August 11 Clarion Allerton U.N. Arcadia 9 mo.
Bowel difficulty
August 11 Peter M. Everts M.N. Arcadia 36 Farmer Delirium tremens
August 12 Monroe Bronk U.N. Arcadia 2
August 16 Josephine DeGraff (Negro) U.N. Arcadia 3
August 17 Melissa Payne M.N. Arcadia 23
August 18 Laura VanDerKarr U.N. Arcadia 10 mo.
August 18 Charles Taylor (Negro) U.N.
Summer complaint
August 20 Ann Eliza Lucas U.N. Arcadia 12
Camp complaint
August 20 Henry Colburn U.N. Wolcott 84 Farmer Rupture
August 23 Margaret Sears M.N. Arcadia 42
August 27 Jane Tooles U.N. Arcadia 16
Congestive fever
August 27 William H. Thayer U.N. Arcadia 2
September 2 Harriet Lyke U.N. Arcadia 81
Dropsy on the heart
September 15 Revilo Socez U.N. Arcadia 16 days

September 16 William Redder U.N. Lyons 6 Pauper Scarlet fever
September 16 William Doane M.N. Arcadia 73 Laborer Erysipelas
September 18 Roxana Blackmar U.N. Newark 1
September 21 George Bridger U.N. Arcadia 1
Summer complaint
September 23 Louisa Whiting M.N. Newark 41
September 27 Francis M. Hickey U.N. Arcadia 4
October 2 Ezra Robinson M.N. Phelps 84 Farmer Old age
October 3 Mary E. Wolfrom U.N. Arcadia 3
Spinal complaint
October 3 George Cull U.N. Arcadia 2
October 4 Amaziah Simmons U.N. Arcadia 1 1/2
October 6 Oliver Edwards M.N. Arcadia 49 Farmer Inflammation of the Lungs
October 7 Mary H. Clark M.N. Newark 29 Merchant's wife Dysentery
October 7 Asa Hutchinson M.N. Lyons, Mich. 69 Farmer Dysentery
October 14 Richard Alvord U.N. Lyons 19 Boatman Dysentery
October 24 Charlotte Powell M.N. Newark 18
October 30 Catharine Carr M.N. Lyons 65 Pauper Ship fever
November 3 Russel B. Rathbone U.N. Lyons 54
Intermittive fever
November 4 Robert H. Hoyt U.N. Arcadia 11
Liver difficulty
November 5 Thomas Wilber U.N. Arcadia 2
November 5 Joseph Lusk M.N. Newark 28 Furnace Man Brain Fever
November 22 Dorcas Houghton M.N. Arcadia 48
November 30 Martha J. Simmons U.N. Canandaigua25 Seamstress Consumption
December 18 Laura A. McNeil M.N. Arcadia 35
Inflammation on the bowels
December 18 Cordelia Payne U.N. Newark 11
December 24 Joel Phillips M.N. Arcadia 45 Grocer Inflammation on the lungs
December 26 Frances E. Miller U.N. Arcadia 1
Inflammation on the brain

Arcadia 1849: prepared by Tena Hanna of Elk Grove, CA


January 12 Edgar Westervelt U.N. Palmyra 24 Farmer Consumption
January 20 Bruce, (Male) U.N. Marion 6
Spinal Disease
January 27 Sarah Newton U.N. Marion 5
Inflamation on lungs
February 10 Lyman White U.N. Marion 19
February 10 Almyra Archer U.N. Marion 61

February 22 Stepen B. Culver M.N. Palmyra 69 Farmer Consumption
February 28 Saly Atwater M.N. Marion 52 Housekeeper Consumption
March 24 Alexander Allen U.N. Marion 16
March 26 Laury Hill U.N. Marion 2
Scarlet fever
April 4 Elizabath J. Cook U.N. Palmyra 9
April 20 James Howell M.N. Marion 40 Farmer Inflamation on lungs
April 28 Josephen Vale U.N. Marion 3
Scarlet fever
April 29 Chs. Durfee U.N. Marion 11
Conjestion fever
May Baldwin Rowley U.N. Palmyra 16
Conjestion fever
April Franklin Rowley U.N. Palmyra 6
Conjestion feever
June 15 Betsy Knapp M.N. Marion 60 housekeeper Consumption
June 14 Julia Tiffany U.N. Marion 4
Scarlat feever
June 1- Lorenzo McKintire U.N. Marion 19
Scarlat feever
June 1- Harriet Brown U.N. Marion 7
Inflamation brain
June 16 Caroline Kinyan U.N. Marion 6 mo.
Dropsy in head
June 19 Clarisa Parks M.N. Marion 58 Housekeeper Small pox
June 20 Caroline Trumble U.N. Marion 10 yr. 2 mo.
July 20 Lydia J. Hutchins U.N. Marion 14
Inflamation of head
July 30 Rachel Brock U.N. Marion 84
July 30 Almyra Kinyan U.N. Marion 7
August 22 Hannah Cogswell M.N. Marion 52 Housekeeper Consumption
October 12 Pheby Huff M.N. Marion 56 Housekeeper
October 28 Jane Wilcox M.N. Marion 53 Housekeeper Consumption
October Eunice Sweezey U.N. Palmyra 60
Bowel complaint
October 27 Daniel Twadall M.N. Marion 65 Farmer Disease of liver
November 9Elen Eddy U.N. Williamson 1
December 13 Emery Howell U.N. Marion 1
Scarlott fever
December 14 Hiram Howell U.N. Marion 5
Scarlott fever
December 16 Sary Ann Howell U.N. Marion 3
Scarlott fever
December 25 Letty Ann Patrick M.N. Williamson 41

MARION DEATHS 1849: prepared by Kathy Mott of Jasper, IN


January 20 Lewis Haywood U.N.Savannah 2
February 26 Imer Beadle M.N. Savannah 38 FarmerConsumption
March 27 Deborah Smith Galen

Dropsy on the head
May 10 Martha A. Roberts U.N. Savannah infant
May 12 Mary Palmer U.N. Savannah 66
May 26 Gilbert Conklin M.N. Savannah 73 Farmer Inflamation
May 27 Charles H. Cronk U.N. Savannah 6 days
June Sarah J. Miller U.N. Savannah 2
Runny abscess
June 14 Nancy J. Torrey U.N. Savannah 2
July 12 John Ph---burgh M.N. Savannah 61 Farmer Typhus fever
August 24 Anderson (male) U.N. Savannah 1
August 29 Eunice Sedore U.N. Savannah 26
September 6 Horrace Hall U.N. Butler 1
September 12 Almira Anderson M.N. Savannah 25 Farmer Consumption
September 15 William O. Guthrie U.N. Savannah 18 mo.
October 1 Matilda Cummings U.N. Savannah 17 Miliner Consumption
October 22 Mary Parks U.N. Savannah 59 Housekeeper Inflamation induced by ?
November 4John Selfridge U.N. Savannah 93 Farmer Old Age

Savannah 1849: prepared by Kathy Mott of Jasper, IN


January 8 Lucius Caldwell U.N. Walworth 16
January 23 Gilbert Yeomans M.N. Walworth 73
Inflamation of the brain
February 6 Eleaner Brown U.N. Walworth 26
February 8 Margaret Mitchell M.N. Walworth 63
February 21 Elisha Buttolph M.N. Walworth 77 Farmer Dropsy
February 28 Theron S. Buckley U.N. Walworth 3
Inflamation of brain
March 1 Jane E. Hagaman N. Macedon 3
March 15 Namah Foskett M.N. Walworth 67
April 30 Edgar A. Smith M.N. Walworth 26
May 11 Noadiah Dickinson M.N. Walworth 80 Farmer Pleurisy
May 15 Deborah Dickinson M.N. Walworth 77 Farmer's wife Old age
June 7 Infant Walworth 2 days

June 15 Betsey A. Edwards U.N. Walworth 16
Spinal affection
June 19 Edgar A. Boynton U.N. Walworth 20 mo.
Inflamation of lungs
July 11 Tammy Gardner M.N. Walworth 45
July 16 Loren B. Gardner Walworth 1
Dropsy on brain
July 19 Job Stedman U. Walworth 84 Farmer Old age
July 22 Mary Smith U.N. Ontario 12
Inflamation of brain
August 27 Nancy M. Parker M.N. Walworth 34 Farmer's wife Consumption
August 29 Hamline McKinstry Walworth 4 mo.
September 2 Alzera Findley U.N. Walworth 22 Farmer's Dau. Dysentery
September 14 Reuben S. Finley N. Walworth 7
September 19 James Warren N. Macedon 4
September 27 Mary J. Gildersleeve Macedon 1
Disease of heart
September 29 Ann Warren N. Macedon 2
October Francis Camburn M.N. Walworth 63 Farmer Unknown
October 15 David Foskett M.N. Walworth 72 Farmer Inflamation of lungs
December 15 Margarett Webb N. Walworth 4 mo.
December 26 Benjamin F. Cowell N. Walworth 5

Walworth 1849: prepared by Debra Wiegand of Macedon, NY


June 8 John R. Spoor M.N. Williamson 37 Preacher Consumption
August 26 Carlton Underwood U.N. Williamson 1
August 27 John Burdon N. Williamson 3
September 11 John C. Vanwinkell U.N. Williamson 17 Farmer Dysentery
September 12 Hannah Curtis U.N. Williamson 3
September 21 Content Curtis U.N. Williamson 63 Tayloress Dysentery
October 1 Sarah Augstus Leroy U.N. Williamson 2
October 4Elizabeth Stoddard M.N. Williamson 25 Domestic Consumption
October 5 Minerva R. Lee U.N. Williamson 12
Scarlet fever
October 12 Lydia Nye M.N. Williamson 44 Housekeeper Dysentery
October 18 Sarah Bedford M.F. Williamson 28 Housekeeper Quick consumption
October 24 Wm. S. Parkhill M.N. Williamson 39 Physician Congestion of the blood
November 12Daniel Russell M.N. Williamson 81 Farmer Spinal complaint

WILLIAMSON DEATHS 1849: prepared by Debra Wiegand of Macedon, NY

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