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Butler, Galen, Rose and Lyons

The typescript of the list of deaths that took place in Wayne County in 1849 was donated to us by the Wayne County Historian's Office to help you better formulate questions when visiting the society or ordering mail searches. We all hope this list provides clues to ancestral location, surnames and perhaps a final death date. If you recognize anyone on this list, please drop a line to Tim so it can be noted next to their listing.

As you scan the listings you'll see unusual spellings. They're not typos we've made but can be attributed to the original typist's interpretation of old handwriting, or assumptions made by the registrars of the deaths. If a spelling differs from that of your ancestral surname, or deaths didn't take place in the townships you thought your ancestors were from, don't pass them by. Jot them down...just in case. A date and location can be used to search in the 1850 census or the info may turn out useful to others searching your surnames.

During years 1847 - 1850 some New York State counties officially recorded information about births, marriages and deaths. Then they just stopped. Not all counties preserved this early information so each county, and township within it, must be taken on a case-by-case basis in making inquiries of societies. Required birth registration didn't start in New York State until 1880, over 30 years after the 1847 - 1850 events were recorded, and wasn't really enforced until 1900. New York State death registration wasn't required until just after 1900. Marriage certificates were issued in the 1860s but kept by the couple and written down by the person performing the marriage.

*** Official death certificates were not given for New York State in 1849.***

*** Neither the team who are assisting in preparing the township death lists nor the coordinators have further info on the persons named below. ***

F. = Foreigner    N. = Native     M. = Married    U. = Unmarried


October 11 John Westcott M.N. Butler 50 Farmer Summer complaint
October 13 Martha Hall U.N. Butler 95 ---- Summer complaint
May 22 Louisa A. Scott U.N. Butler 5 ---- Scarlet fever
August 12 Antha Bishop U.N. Butler 1 ---- Hooping cough
July 7 Sarah E. Carter U.N. Butler 7 mo. ---- Dropsy
August 1 Martha Frederick M.N. Butler 81 ---- Old age
February 28 Tamer Burghdurf M.N. Butler 65 ---- Information of lungs
August -- Peter Wendover M.N. Butler 69 Farmer Fit of apoplexy
August -- Rufus Bacon M.N. Butler 78 Farmer Consumption
September -- Harriet P. Terbush U.N.
25 days ---- Summer complaint
August -- Maryann Terbush M.N. Butler 24 Housekeeper Consumption
November -- Alonzo Smith U.N. Butler 14 Farmer Rheumatism
November -- Amy Smith M.N. Butler 32 ---- Disease unknown
November 30 George A. Miller U.N. Butler 21 Cooper Consumption
May 25 Lany Miller U.N.Butler79 ---- Cancer
July 28 Cornelius E. Herring M.N. Butler 34 ---- Cholera
September 24 Joseph Southwick M.N. Butler 57 Farmer Summer complaint
September 25 Lavinna Franca -- Butler 67 ---- Summer complaint

BUTLER DEATHS 1849: prepared by Kathy Mott of Jasper, IN


September 6 Frank Adelbert Town -- Rose 4 mo. 17 days --- Disentary
March 17 Squire B. Craft -- Rose 2 --- Congestive fever
January 15 Martin Chas. Dickerson -- Rose 1 --- Inflamation on the brain
April 23 Mary Closs M.N. Rose 19 --- Fever
July 7 Thomas Tabor M.N. Rose 62 Farmer Congestive fever
September 1 John Mitchell N. Rose 17 --- Killed by the rolling of a log over body
September 26 Catharine Haviland N. Rose 12 ---Congestive fever
April 2 Sarah Elsworth M.N. Rose 79 --- Consumption
December 11 James M. Baldwin U.N. Rose 3 --- Croup
July 20 Phila Lyon U.N. Rose 27 Teacher Consumption
May 30 Margaret Christler U.N. Rose 17 --- Consumption
August 3 James V. Rich -- Rose 3 mo. --- Dropsy on the brain
June 28 Sarah Ann Casterline M.N. Rose 33 --- Congestion of the brain
March 11 Lydia Bailey M. Rose 65 --- Asthma
May 21 Jos. G. Lackey N. Rose 1-1/2 --- Inflamation of the bowels
June 15 Nancy Langley M.N. Rose 45 --- Inflamation of the bowels
March 12 Orrin T. Aldrich U.N. Rose 20 Farmer Consumption
April 23Jos. Boynton M.N. Huron -- Farmer Dropsy on the heart
July -- Charlotte Drown -- Huron -- --- Inflamation
May 16 Selden Borden M.N. Rose 51 Pedler Consumption
December 21 Wm. Dismond M.F. Rose 42 Farmer Bleeding at the lungs
July 9 Braman Jeffery N. Rose 5 --- Scarlet fever
October -- John P. Chatterson M.N. Rose 56 Carpenter Apoplexy
January -- Wm. Winters N. Rose 22 --- Consumption
June 18 Egbert Lovejoy N. Rose 2 --- Scarlet fever
June 20 Elenor M. Parker F. Rose 1 --- Scarlet fever
October 21 Catharine Robinson N. Rose 23 Teacher Consumption

ROSE DEATHS 1849: prepared by Kathy Mott of Jasper, IN


January 6George Clark U. N. Galen 8
Scarlet Fever
January 7 Hannah Vosburgh U. N. Galen 2
January 7 Solomen Ford U. N. Galen 86 Farmer
January 9 Gilbert Hooker M. N. Galen 91
Old Age
January 15 Phebe Jane Thomas U. N. Galen 13
Inflammation of the brain
January 26 George Darwin Moon U. N. Galen 2
January 31 Lydia Barker M. N. Galen 27
Child birth
February 20 Sarah Ann ------ U. F. Galen 1
Scarlet fever
March 14 Calvin D. Harper U. N. Galen 24 Laborer Consumption
March Maria Strong U. N. Galen 7 mo.
March 21 Lydia Bruin M. N. Galen 72
Inflamation of the lungs
March 21 Elizabeth F. Breah U. N. Galen 15 months
March 21 Ribrant Pincheon U. N. Galen 11
March 22 John Stevens U. N. Galen 2
Congestion of the lungs
March 25 Luke Morley M. F. Galen 66

March 25 Mary Comins M. N. Galen 51
March 26 Maria Lape N. Galen 93

April 5 Cordelia Crawford M. N. Galen 36
April 11 W. N. Myres U. N. Galen 25
accident-sawing machine
April 21 Bethuel Munn M. N. Galen 46 Cabinet maker Affection of the lungs
May 9 Fanny Cady U. N. Galen 62 Farmer Appoplexy
May 21 Ruth Skinner M. N. Galen 82
Old age
June 1 Jeremiah Bacus (Negro)U.N Galen 4 mo.
Inflamation on brain
June 5 Susan Childs M. N. Galen 23
Dropsical Consumption
June 7 Ananias Wells M. N. Galen 72
June 12 Philip Wurty Jr. U. N. Auburn 24 Shoemaker Dropsical Consumption
June 13 Cornelia Becker M. N. Galen 57
Dropsical Consumption
July 10 Lucy Jane Stowe U. N. Galen 4
July 14 Alfred Griswold M. N. Galen 43 Farmer Typhus fever
July 14 Thomas Drakeford M. N. Rose 26 Farmer Cholera
July 21 Emeline McMullen M. N. Galen 25
July 22 Chs. M. Terry U. N. Galen 1
Congestion on the brain
August 1 Temperance Weed M. N. Galen 58
August 14 Levina Hendrix M. N. Galen 76
August 17 Angelica Olmsted M. N. Galen 20
August 24 John W. Cross U. N. Galen 11 mo. 27 days
Inflamation of the bowels
August 24 Irena Vanderbilt U. N. Galen 1
August 29 Tunis Conkling M. N. Galen 66
August 29 Sarah M. Stocking M. N. Galen 32
Phelgmata cholerus
August 29 Mary Tripp M. N. Galen 53
September 1 Josephine Magee U. N. Galen 1
Inflamation of the head
September Sarah Maria Shorter (Negro) U.N. Galen 1
Inflamation of the bowels
September 2 Thomas B. Stowe M. N. Galen 38 Farmer Jaundice
September 11 Hariet Sherman M. N. Galen 27
September 19 Albert Stocking U. N. Galen 1 mo. 19 days
October 12 Franzina Burr N. Galen

Summer complaint
October 14 Martha Coon U. N. Galen 9 mo.
Whooping cough
October 19 Robert A. Tellou U. N. Galen

October 24 Mary Kelly U. F. Galen 24
October 24 Geo. Lapham M. N. Galen 31
October 27 Wm. Growbech U. F. Galen 27
Bleeding of the lungs
October 30 Agnes T. Stratton U. N. Galen 1
October Oscar Forbes U. N. Galen 3 mo.

October 31 John McRorie M. F. Galen 81
Old age
November 7 Moses Munn M. N. Galen 71
November 17 Eveline Gilbert M. N. Lyons 27
Dropsy on the brain
November 26 James Sickman U. N. Galen 19
November 28 Eve Gantz U. F. Galen 13
Nervous fever
December 3 Dorathy Barnard U. F. Galen 54
December 12 Seeley Jewell M. N. Galen 79 Carpenter Gravel
December 22 James Houghtaling M. N. Galen 69 Farmer Appopexly
December 22 Shuball Cornell U. N. Galen 24 Farmer Congestive fever
December 29 Hellen M. Vogle U. N. Galen 7
Dropsy on the brain

GALEN DEATHS 1849: prepared by Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, NY


January 6 Elizabeth Connell M. N. Lyons 33 Housekeeper Consumption
January 16 Laura Curtis U. N. Lyons 19 Seamstress Consumption
January 20 Rachel Cary U. N. Alloway 5
January 21 Sarah Adams N. Lyons 45
Found dead
January 21 Harriet Curtis M. N. Lyons 50 Housekeeper Consumption
January 21 William Hacket U. N. Lyons 14
Contestion of liver
January 21 Mary Leeds U. N. Lyons 11
January 25 Catharine Bartlet U. N. Lyons 7
Inflamation of the brain
January 28 Carmmilla T. Woodruff U. N. Lyons 22 mo.
Disease of the heart
January Not named U. N. Lyons 1 mo.
February 2 Mary Polhamus U. N. Lyons 2

February 15 Frank Whitney N. Lyons 5
Scarlet fever
March 2 Unknown Burnet Male U. N. Lyons 2
Scarlet fever
March 4 Alice Palmeter U. N. Lyons 7 mo.
March 7 Charles Wakeley N. Lyons 6
March 9 G. H. Walhizer U. N.Lyons 6 mo.

March 21 Lewis Coburn M. N. Lyons 42 Farmer Consumption
March 23 Mr. Levins M. N.Lyons 78 Unknown Consumption
March 26 Eliza Ann Gould U. N. Lyons 10
Scarlet fever
March 27 Alleta Harrington U. N. Lyons 2
Scarlet fever
March 29 Mariah Francisco U. N. Lyons 5
Scarlet fever
April 4 Phinney Harrington U. N. Lyons 5
Scarlet fever
April 5 William Welch N. Lyons 1
April 8 E. T. Stillson U. N. Lyons 1
Scarlet fever
April 9 Walter Harrington U. N. Lyons 7
Scarlet fever
April 9 T. C. Kingsbury M. N. Lyons 56 Shoemaker Cronic dysentary
April 9 ------ Suez U. N. Lyons child
Scarlet fever
April 15 Dennis Knapp U. N. Lyons 5
Scarlet fever
April 15 Sarah Knapp U. N. Lyons 3
Scarlet fever
April 18 Jane M. Stuver U. N. Alloway 3
April 25 Mary June N. Lyons 7

May 1 Fanny Case Lyons 2
Scarlet fever
May 6 Louisa Bailey U. N. Lyons 5
Scarlet fever
May 6 Mrs. Cady M. N. Lyons 51
May 6 Frederick Roman N. Lyons 53
May 6 Mrs. Suez M. N. Lyons 32 Housekeeper Unknown
May 7 Willy W. Geer U. N. Lyons 3
Scarlet fever
May 11 No name Lyons 12 days
May 14 James Stanley Lyons 1
Scarlet fever
May 14 Francis Yerrington U. N. Lyons 19
May 28 F. D. Cornell U. N. Lyons 5
Scarlet fever
June 1 Not named Lyons 2 mo.
June 6 John ? Lyons 5
Scarlet fever
June 6 Byron B Wood U. N. Lyons 5
Scarlet fever
June 7 John Hoyt U. N. Lyons 5
Scarlet fever
June 15 Wm. Malcum Unknown

July 3 Byron Turbush N. Lyons 2 mo.
July 6 Margaret Southard Lyons 3 mo.

July 9 Stanley Turbush Lyons 2
July 18 Wm. H. Demmon U. N. Lyons 7
July 19 Dennis L. Gerlanes F. Lyons 30
July 20 Elizabeth Powers U. N. Lyons 6

July 24 Emily Jones U. N. Lyons 2 mo.

July 24 Catharine Ann Strope U. N. Lyons 22
Chill fever
July 24 Henry Williams U. N. Lyons 7

July 25 Stephen Snyder M. N. Lyons 72 Farmer Cancer
July 29 Bish twins (girl & boy) Lyons

August 12 George Barnhart Lyons 1 mo.
August 12 Henry J. Beaty U. N. Lyons 1
August 16 Mary Mariah Burns N. Lyons 4
August 26 Benjamin Riggs M. N. Arcadia 82 Farmer Old age
August 30 Mariah Churchill Rochester 1
September 5 Elizabeth Smith U. N. Lyons 86
Chill fever
September 11 Samuel F. Minkler U. N. Lyons 1
September 20 Caroline Wesley M. N. Lyons 26 Housekeeper Consumption
September 21 No name U. N. Alloway 1 day

October 2 George M. D. Burnett U. N. Lyons 11 mo.
Summer complaint
October 4 Mrs. Smith U. N. Lyons 85
Old age
October 5 Penelope Dickeson U. Lyons 1
October 12 Mr. Hutchinson U. Michigan 69

October 16 Margaret Rosell U. N. Lyons 16
October 16 C. C. Williams U. N. Lyons 3

October 26 Elizabeth Angle U. N. Lyons 2
Whooping cough
October 26 Sarah Fowler M. Lyons 46
October 26 C. McVicker M. N. Lyons 52
November 9 Vandyke (male) Lyons child

November 14 Jane McGown M. N. Alloway 36 1/2
November 16 Nicholas Hooper Alloway 65
Rum consumption
December 11 Cornelia Vanwaggoner M. N. Lyons 55 Housekeeper Inflamation of the lungs
December 23 Mrs. Ireland M. N. Lyons 33 Housekeeper Unknown
December 24 Anna Mead N. Lyons 6 mo.
December 30 Wright child (no name) Lyons 3 mo.

LYONS DEATHS 1849: were prepared by Patti Norton of Baldwinsville, NY from copies of the Office of the County Historian's typescripts

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