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Sodus, Walworth, Wolcott, Savannah, Palmyra and Rose

The typescripts of the several lists of deaths that took place in Wayne County in 1848 were donated to us by the Office of the County Historian to help you better formulate questions when visiting the society or ordering mail searches. We all hope these lists provide clues to ancestral location, surnames and perhaps a final death date. If you recognize anyone on this list, please drop a line to co-coordinator Martha (address on front page of this site) so it can be noted next to their listing. Be sure to put 1848 Wayne County NY Deaths as the subject line of your email so that it won't be summarily deleted as junk mail!

As you scan the listings you'll see unusual spellings. They're not typos we've made but can be attributed to the original typist's interpretation of old handwriting, or assumptions made by the registrars of the deaths. If a spelling differs from that of your ancestral surname, or deaths didn't take place in the townships you thought your ancestors were from, don't pass them by. Jot them down...just in case. A date and location can be used to search in the 1850 census or the info may turn out useful to others you'll someday encounter who're researching your surnames.

During years 1847 - 1850 some New York State counties officially recorded information about births, marriages and deaths. Then they just stopped. Not all counties preserved this early information so each county, and township within it, must be taken on a case-by-case basis in making inquiries of societies. Required birth registration didn't start in New York State until 1880, over 30 years after the 1847 - 1850 events were recorded, and wasn't really enforced until 1900. New York State death registration wasn't required until just after 1900. Marriage certificates were issued in the 1860s but kept by the couple and written down by the person performing the marriage.

*** Official death certificates were not given for New York State in 1848.***

*** Neither the team who are assisting in preparing the township death lists nor the coordinators have further info on the persons named below. ***

F. = Foreigner    N. = Native     M. = Married    U. = Unmarried

SODUS DEATHS: prepared by Dorathy Hardie of Thousand Oaks, CA


March 30 George Lund Sodus 5

May 7 Nathan Warner M.N. Sodus 73 Farmer Apoplexy - fit
July 22 John S. Fellows M. Sodus 62 Farmer Consumption
October 27 Philip Mink M.F. Williamson 29 Farmer Consumption
October 7 Alice Wride M. Sodus 77
Old age
February 20 Mary Allcock U.F. Sodus 93
Old age
January 8 Hood Mockridge U.N. Lyons 17 Blacksmith Congestive fever
December 2 Prince Fulton (Negro) Sodus 80 Laborour U.F. Found dead in the road. Verdict of the jury- to his death from exp to the weather.
September Elizabeth Harper M.F. Sodus 36
September 7 Maria Skinkle M. Sodus 48
Summer complaint
September 12 Susan M. Skinkle U. Sodus 4
Summer complaint
April 7 Benjiman Osborn M.N. Sodus 70 Farmer Fever
December 22 Richard Manchester M.N. Sodus Ctr. 64 Mason Affection of the heart
Nov. 10 (female) Sodus Ctr. 10 days
Not known
May 4 Patience Hughson U. Sodus 20
Congestive fever
June 13 Jerusha Orton M.N. Sodus 51
September 3 Charles W. Featherly M.N. Sodus 26 Mason Dysentery
July 31 Edward H. Poucher U.N. Sodus 7 months
September 22 Samuel Snyder U.N. Sodus 8
Scarlet fever
September Charlotte A. Snyder U.N. Sodus 1
February 7 Henry Allen U.N. Sodus 17
February 27 Edmund Reed U.N. Sodus 18
Lung fever
August 25 James Waugh U.N. Sodus 16

March 4 Cornelia Lathrop Sodus 9
Congestion of brain
May 26 Robert Crage M.N. Huron 48 Currier
Oct 23 Holly St. John M.N. Sodus 84 Farmer Old age
August 20 Abraham Brethern M.F. Sodus 96 Farmer (Negro) Old age
August 22 W. M. Noble M.N. Sodus 60 Farmer Billious fever
February Turner (male) M.N. Macedon 50 Farmer unknown

WALWORTH DEATHS: prepared by Kathy Mott of Jasper, IN


February 29 Ichabod Love M.N. Walworth 65
April 23 Porter Gardner U.N. Walworth 19
August 28 Isabel Simmons N. Walworth 1
Summer Complaint
July 12 Harriet Thompson M.N. Walworth 29
Congestive fever
December 15 Aurelia W. Hibbard M.N. Walworth 2
Scarlet fever
October 1 Elbert Yeomans N. Walworth 8 months
Inflamation on the brain
December 27 Medorah H. Drake N. Walworth 4
Scarlet fever
April 27 Mary Ross M.N. Walworth 33 Housekeeper Consumption
February 8 Ebenezer Still M.N. Walworth 83 Farmer Gravel
August 27 Mariah Loniza N. Walworth 5
September 8 Rozannah Lasher U. Walworth 18
Typhus fever
August 4 Richard Blackbourn U.F. Walworth 53 Farmer Erysipelus
August 22 William B. Thacher U.N. Walworth 23 Farmer Erysipelus
July 24 Elnora ----- U.N.Walworth 13
Inflamed throat
January 24 John Winslow M.N. Walworth 82 Farmer Dysentery
April 11 Benjamin Hoag M.N. Macedon 96

December 28 Mary Jones M.N. Macedon 32
January 18 Son of E. & J. Bullen N. Walworth 3 weeks
April 26 Mary P. Lyon N. Walworth 2 10/12
April 19 Caroline Strickland U.N. Walworth 20 Farmers daughter Erysipelas
October 15 Infant of Saml. & Ellen Anson (female) Walworth 6 weeks
February 3 (male) no name given Walworth

November 5 John Byron Bolster N. Walworth 4 months
May 13 Sarah Yeomans M.N. Walworth 66
Disease of lungs

WOLCOTT DEATHS: prepared by Kathy Mott of Jasper, IN


January 18 Thooda I. Easton U.N. Wolcott 5
Scarlet fever
January 28 Wm. Woodard M. Wolcott 65 Farmer Rheumatism
February 15 Egbert Arne N. Wolcott 5
Scarlet fever
February 15 Joseph Kelley U.N. Wolcott 86 Farmer Old age
February 22 Mary J. Gardner U.N. Wolcott 11
May 5 James Clay U.N. Wolcott 89 Farmer Cause not known
May 15 Emma Balcomb U.N. Wolcott 2
June 15 Betsey Smith M.N. Wolcott 23 Housekeeper Consumption
July 26 Charles W. Hendrick N. Wolcott 1
August 15 Erasmus D. Knapp N. Wolcott 1
August 21 Chas. H. Vanduesen N. Wolcott 7
Scarlott fever
August 22Hellen E. Holmes N. Wolcott 2
Scarlott fever
September 10 Ellen Bennett N. Wolcott 2
September 16 James A. Howard
Scarlott fever
September 18 Mary Corbet N. Wolcott 2
Choaked with a bean
September 21 James McBride N. Wolcott 1

September 26 Sarah Pierce N. Victory Cayuga Cty. 5 mos.
October 7 Lucy Vandercook N. Wolcott 64
November 11 Francis Madan N. Wolcott 1
Cutting teeth
November 15 Timothy Smith N. Wolcott 1
November 16 Deborah Madan U.N. Wolcott 28 HouseworkMeasles
December 4 Geo. A. Drew N.Sterling Cayuga Cty. 3 yr.
Bled to death
December 12Mary Woodruff U.N.Wolcott94
Old age

SAVANNAH DEATHS: prepared by Kathy Mott of Jasper, IN


June 6 Amzry Green U.N. Savannah 64 Labourer Consumption
June 18 Aby Forbs U.N. Savannah 94 Labourer Old Age
September 9 Sally A. Smith M.N. Savannah 29 Labourer Consumption
March 29 (male -not named) Savannah 2 months
September 1 Sylus Palmer U.N. Savannah 1
May 15 Lewis Carrier U.N. Savannah 1 month
Not known
October 29 Catharin O'Neil U.N. Savannah 1 month
Not known
May 22 Sarah Sulivan M.N. Savannah 28 Farmer Consumption
December 2 Roda J. Bacon Savannah 5
April 14 Charles Hall M.N. Savannah 26 Mechanic Consumption
May 25 Medad Blaesdel M.N. Savannah 67 Farmer Dropsy
November 1 John Stackus M.N. Savannah 66 Farmer Accidental
September 4 James W. Bramer U.N. Savannah 6 months
November 1 Henrey Ingersoll Savannah 2

ROSE DEATHS: prepared by Tena Hanna of Elk Grove, CA


January 15 Evaline A. Closs U.N. Rose 22 School Teacher Consumption
January 20 Levi Lumbert U.N. Rose Infant

February 17 Horace Converse U.N. Rose 1
Inflammation of the bowels
February 24 Joseph Snider U.N. Rose Infant

February 28 Alanson Pease M.N. Rose 48 Farmer Inflammation of the bowels
March 9 William Burt M.F. Rose 53 Farmer Accident
March 12 Susan Havens M.N. Rose 64 Housekeeper Consumption
March 26 Mary Ladd M.N. Rose 39
March 27 Isaac Gilleo U.N. Rose 1
Dropsy in the head
March 29 Elizabeth Winfield U.N. Rose 88
April 7 Sophia L. Dickson M.N. Rose 37

April 11 Rodney Hendrick U.N. Rose 4
April 16 John D. Winchell M.N. Rose 51
Inflammation of the bowels
April 18 Jacob Clapper M.N. Rose 58 Farmer Cancer
May 3 Marshall West U.N. Rose 3

May 5 Henry Deady U.N. Rose 17 Farmer Accident
May 14 Damaris Wilson M.N. Rose 66
May 25 Asa Town M.N. Rose 66 Farmer Apoplexy
June 9 Simeon Barrett M.N. Rose 84 Farmer Apoplexy
July 5 Jenette Bennett U.N. Rose 17
July 9 Sarah Tungate M.F. Rose 50
July 16 Henry Fosmire M.N. Rose 50 Farmer Congestive fever
July 27 Margaret Pixley U.N. Rose

August 19 Luphina Otto U.N. Huron 2
September 6 Elmira Hale M.N. Rose 37
Chill fever
September 9 Henryette Pixley U.N.Rose

September 10 Fidelia Lamb U.N. Rose 5 months

September 31 Elizabeth Cure M.N. Rose 52
October 1 (female) Pollock U.N. Rose1 month
Inflammation of the bowels
October 9 Nancy C. Pixley M.N. Rose 39

October 20 Emery Bice M.N. Rose 27 Farmer Nervous debility
November 16 Ruth Casterline M.N. Rose 74
Old age
December 3 Polyette Mirick U.N. Rose 2
December 11 Henry Potter U.N.Rose 19 Miller Inflammation of the bowels or camp dysentery
December 14 Polly Mitchell M.N. Rose 47
December 16 Elmira Rich U.N. Rose 1 1/2

December 25 Roxana Nichols M.N. Rose 28

PALMYRA DEATHS 1848: prepared by Tena Hanna of Elk Grove, Ca


We're not sure if the Palmyra deaths for this year are all that are availablee.

October 2 Mary A. Bortles U.N. Palmyra 13
October 4 Rhoades Sherman M.N. Palmyra 73

October 8 Lewis Foster M.N. Palmyra 48 Farming Consumption
October 12 Betsey Terry M. Palmyra 84
Old age
October 16 Anna Salisbury M.N. Palmyra 51
October 30 Margaret Culver M.F. Arcadia 23
Inflammation from childbirth
November 1 Jerusha Hudson M. Palmyra 24
November 8 Jotham P. Gurney U.N. Troy, Rens. C. 22 Apothecary Consumption
November 21 Lucy Townsend U.N. Palmyra 48 Housekeeper Disease of the brain
December 10 Mariett McKewin U.N. East Palmyra 3 mos. 12 days
Scarlet fever
December 17 Tercena Alcorn M.N. Palmyra 28
December 18 Thomas Grinnel U.N. Palmyra 22
Bilious cholic

Infants who died during the year:
Returned thus by clerk of Union School District No. I, Village of Palmyra

P. Lee
C. Grayson

These returns of births, marriages and deaths have been transcribed "verbatim et liberatim" from the returns of the district clerks.

Amos C. Sanford, Town Clerk

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