Arcadia, Butler, Galen, Lyons and Macedon

The typescript of the list of births that took place in Wayne County in 1849 was gratiously provided to us by the Wayne County Historian's Office. We hope this list provides clues to ancestral location and helps you better formulate questions when visiting the societies or ordering mail searches. We assume many of the couples and their children joined the migration out to Michigan and other points west. If you recognize anyone on this list, please drop us a line so it can be noted next to their listing.

As you scan the listings you'll see unusual spellings. They're not typos we've made but can be attributed to the original typist's interpretation of old handwriting, or assumptions made by the registrars of the births. If a spelling differs from that of your ancestral surname, or births didn't take place in the townships you thought your ancestors were from, don't pass them by. Jot them down...just in case. A date and location can be used to search in the 1850 census or the info may turn out useful to others searching your surnames.

During years 1847 - 1850 some New York State counties officially recorded information about births, marriages and deaths. Then they just stopped. Not all counties preserved this early information so each county must be taken on a case-by-case basis in making inquiries of societies. Required birth registration didn't start in New York State until 1880, over 30 years after the 1847 - 1850 events were recorded, and wasn't really enforced until 1900. New York State death registration wasn't required until just after 1900. Marriage certificates were issued in the 1860s but kept by the couple and written down by the person performing the marriage.



Esbon Vosburgh Jan. 2 William & Jane Vosburgh
Newell S. Langdon Jan. 10----S. & Sylvia Langdon
Theadore R. Rush Jan. 13----& Sarah Rush
Caroline Sebring Jan. 15 Philip & Lydia Sebring
Charles Rowland Jan. 18 Henry C. & Delina Rowland
Rachael Eliza Robinson Jan. 19 Asa H. & Almira Robinson
Alice Maria Bartle Jan. 19 Nelson & Julia Bartle
Albert F. Piersons Jan. 22 Samuel & Eliza Piersons
Phebe Emma Harmon Jan. 28 Havey L. & Susan Harmon
Amos Carll Jan. 28 Samuel & Jane Carll
Livingston (female) Jan. 29 Margaret Livingston (illegitimate)
Isaac Royce Feb. 1 James H. & Jane Royce Simon
Esbon Cronise Feb. 6 Simon & Catharine M. Cronise
Thomas Beckwith Feb. 7 John & Mary Beckwith
Lydia Ann Seeley Feb. 11 John & Hannah Seeley
Andrew D. Robinson Feb. 20 John D. & Christina Robinson
James Stout Feb. 28 John & Maria Stout
Orlando Hugh Showerman Mar. 1 John & Belinda Showerman
William Harrison Elsworth Mar. 2 Harrison & Sarah A. Elsworth
Susan Alice VanDuser Mar. 5 Hiram & Elizabeth VanDuser
Susan Elizabeth Clark Mar. 9 Isaac N. Clark & Mary Bloomer (illegitimate)
Alice Johnson Mar.12 Samuel & Deborah Johnson
Edward Higgins Mar. 14 Barney & Margaret Higgins
Mary Nithler Mar. 14 Nicholas & Elizabeth Nithler
Fanny Maria West Mar. 17 M------ & Nancy West
Lucy L. Pulver Mar. 21 Aaron & Sophia Pulver
Isabella Prescott Mar. 22 Hiram & Elizabeth Prescott
Jacob D. Hughson Apr. 2 Jacob D. & Martha Hughson
Estella M. Cronise Apr. 5 Henry 2nd. & Jane Cronise
Samuel A. Delmon Piersons (twin) Apr. 5 Henry R. & Calista Piersons
Henry A. Delbert Piersons (twin) Apr. 5 Henry R. & Calista Piersons
Francis Henry Palmer Apr. 11 Studley D. & Mary M. Palmer
Schemerhorn (male) Apr.12 Francis & Rebecca Schemerhorn
Margaret Jenne Apr. 14 Mark & Esther Jenne
James E. Crandall Apr. 16 Hiram & Maria Crandall
Aurilla L. Ayers Apr. 20 Edwin & Charlotte Ayers
Ellen Maria Grant Apr. 22 John & Elizabeth Grant
Catharine E. Nicholoy May 1 Jacob & Harriet Nicholoy
Eliza Ann Hooker May 1 Ira & Mary E. Hooker
Barbary Schwab May 6 George & Lana Schwab
Caroline E. Phillips May 8 Benjamin & Harriett Phillips
Harriet Elizabeth Tyler May 9 Nathaniel & Julia Tyler
Alice E. Stever May 11 Philip & Sarah Stever
William Henry Green May 15 William C. & Elizabeth Green
Harrison Wm. Pitcher May 17 Charles H. & Roxana Pitcher
Mariman Shaver May 19 George & Hannah Shaver
Frank Maley May 20 John & Maria Maley
Martin Vosburgh May 21 Robert & Ida Vosburgh
Frances A. Parkhurst May 22 William R. & Maria Parkhurst
Caroline Bisha May 23 Christian & Catharine Bisha
Hewitt (female) May 25 Robert & Mary Hewitt (pauper)
William M. Wilcox May 31 William M. & Caroline Wilcox
Allen U. Turner June 5 John & Irena Turner
Ellen Bostwick June 5 Heman & Louis Bostwick
Frances A. Lillybridge June 6 Alfred & Cornelia M. Lillybridge
David Rush June 11 George & Caroline Rush
Dempster L. VanMarter June 14 Johnson & Rachel VanMarter
Sarah Ann Peek June 14 Abram & Acenath Peek
Lewis Hopkins June 15 Mary Hopkins (illegitimate; pauper)
James Wolfrom June 18 William W. & Mary Wolfrom [* see note at end of page]
Louisa Harris June 22 Alfred & Louisa Harris
Joseph Gleason June 25 Timothy & Eliza C. Gleason
Helen Mugridge July 2 Joseph & Aurelia Mugridge
DeLavergne (male) July 5 George E. & Mary Ann DeLavergne
Mary Collins July 5 Dennis & Mary Collins (pauper)
Edwin Secor July 6 Joseph & Alma Secor
Alice Rush July 6 Ward & Mary Ann Rush
Francis E. Brown July 8 Milton S. & Ann P. Brown
Eldora L. Bartle July 12 Warren S. & Eliza Bartle
Byron Porter Like July 14 James & Mary Like
Alexander Driscol July 14 Jeremiah & Nancy Driscol [* see note at end of page]
Catharine Lux July 15 John G. & Catharine Lux
Judson & Hudson Fisk (twins) July 19 Lonson & Adelia Fisk
Carnelia Viletta Jane July 25 Anthony & Caroline Jane
Arletta Amelia Coleman July 25 Alfred & Melissa Lusk
William H. Hoffman July 30 Franklin & Mary Hoffman
VanVleet (male) Aug. 2 Garret & Margaret VanVleet
David S. P. Booth Aug. 3 Ezra & Sarah Booth
Drake (male) Aug. 3 Philemon & Ann Drake
Lampman (male) Aug. 7 Ward & Berthia Lampman
Charlotte C. Paul Aug. 8 Alvah & Rowena Paul
Caroline Depu Aug. 9 John & Abigail Depu
Adelia C. Tobias Aug. 10 Ira & Sarah Tobias
Albert Lane Aug. 11 Jacob & Sally Lane
Jones (male) Aug. 13 Esther A. Jones (illegitimate; pauper)
Frisby (female) Aug. 13 Hannah Frisby (illegitimate; pauper)
Sarah Maria Harris Aug. 15 James & Barbary Harris
Charles H. Hickey Aug. 21 Jacob & Maria Hickey
Revilo Locey Aug. 30 Marvin & Cornelia Locey
Manly T. Robinson Aug. 31 George E. & Sarah Robinson
Hartman (male) Sept. 1 Lewis & Hannah Hartman
Elizabeth Taylor Sept. 6 Solon & Sarah W. Taylor
Charles Sager Sept. 6 Philip & Sally Sager
John Hicks Sept. 8 James & Mary Hicks
Frederick A. Curtis Sept. 8 Alanson & Laura Ann Curtis
Albert Pollock Sept. 13 James & ---- Pollock
Henry H. Averill Sept. 13 Horace & Caroline Averill [See End of Listing!]
William Fuller Sept. 15 William & Matilda Fuller
Julia Rogers Sept. 15 Hiram H. & Julia Ann Rogers
Abigail L. R. Parker Sept. 23 Samuel & Mary Parker
Esbon R. Blackmar Sept. 26 Horace & Cornelia Blackmar
Eliza Ann Wright Oct. 1 F. H. & Eunice Wright
Alma Barhydt Oct. 5 A. J. & Mary J. Barhydt
Edwin A. Lamoreux Oct. 5 Moses & Fanny Lamoreux
Martin Luther Trobridge Oct. 5 Alpheus & Isabel Trobridge
Henry J. Mesick Oct. 6 Henry J. & Josephine Mesick
Hallock (female) Oct. 9 Corydon & Antoinette Hallock
Alfonzo VanDerburgh Oct. 10 George M. & Nancy VanDerburgh
Mary Ellen Groat Oct. 12 Richard P. & Mary Ann Groat
Miller (male) Oct. 13 Tunis & Charity Miller
Emigene Roberts Oct. 15 Russel & Jane Roberts
Florina A. Wilson Oct. 16 Robert & Lorina Wilson
Ida A. Dickinson Oct. 21 Erastus & Lydia Dickinson
Elsworth (female) Oct. 23 Hasben M. & Rosetta Elsworth
William J. Redfield Oct. 25 Charles & Mary Redfield
Vowers (female) Oct. 28 John A. & Elizabeth Vowers
Hamlen E. Taylor Oct. 29 Charles D. & Elizabeth Taylor
John C. Teal Nov. 4 Lawrence & Maria Teal
Henry W. Thorn Nov. 8 Benjamin & Mary Thorn
Frances Daggett Nov. 10 John & Eliza Daggett
Frances E. Powell Nov. 10 George N. & Mary E. Powell
Frear (male) Nov. 11 John L. & Judith O. Frear
Burley (male) Nov.13 Nelson & Martha E. Burley
Alfred W. Norton Nov. 14 George W. & Susan Norton
Garlock (male) Nov. 15 George & Matilda Garlock
Gifford (female) Nov. 20 Isaac & Mina Ann Gifford
Baldwin (male) Nov. 21 William & Jane M. Baldwin
Wilber (male) Nov. 25 Timothy & Nancy Wilber
Niles (male) Nov. 26 Jeremiah E. & Rebecca Niles
Jacob D. Whitmore Nov. 29 Jacob D. & Eliza Whitmore
Grant (female) Nov. 30 Julia Grant (illegitimate; pauper)
VanGorder (male) Dec. 2 Simeon & Eleanor VanGorder
Quackenbush (female) Dec. 3 Giles & Emily M. Quackenbush
Ann Maria Spoor Dec. 4 Alfred & Catharine Spoor
Fuller (female) Dec. 8 Horace & Lucretia Fuller
Eliza Ann Harmon Dec. 8 John Geo. & Catharine Harmon
Decker (female) Dec. 8 Jasper & Susan M. Decker
Pennington (female) Dec. 13 James W. & Cornelia Pennington
Bevans (male) Dec. 15 William & Evaline Bevans
Lamoreux (female) Dec. 17 Andrew O. & Delia Lamoreux
Asa Gumore Dec. 17 Daniel & Amanda Gumore
Dawson (male) Dec. 21 Abram & Brienna Dawson
Nellis (female) Dec. 24 Abram R. & Sarah J. Nellis
Georgiana Nellis Dec. 25 Azaria & Margaret Ann Nellis


George W. Masters May 3 George W. & Dortha Masters
Merritt H. Fenn Sept. 11 Nelson & Fanny M. Fenn
Leora Estill Wood Sept. 25 Hudson R. & Catharine Wood
Wilber W. Crampton Feb. 8 George & Harriet Crampton
Asenith Merrell Feb. 12 Miles & Elizabeth Merrell
Ell M. Price June 10 Virgil E. & Lydia T. Price
Ellen E. Anderson Apr. 19 William & Margaret Anderson
James Reynolds May 20 George & Aceneth Reynolds
Esther E. Peck Apr. 14 Horace Jr. & Harriet Peck
Antha Bishop July 5 Joel & Yemira (Zemira?) Bishop
Harriet F. Devoe Aug. 10 John & Ann Devoe
Alfreda L. Calkins Oct. 16 Martin & Catharine Calkins
Mary M. Searls June 12 Noys & Mary Searls
Filorena Elizabeth Hibbard Aug. 21 Hamilton & Phebe Jane Hibbard
Lydia Ann Bunce Feb. 25 John & Nancy Bunce
Miller (female - not named) Dec. 30 Charles & Charlotte Miller
Isaac Upham Aug. ? Daniel & Lana Upham
Harriet P. Terbush Aug. ? Elisha & Mariann Terbush
Jerome Edwards June 26 Otis & Sally Edwards
Nelson W. Hall Sept. 22 Robert & Julia Hall
Ann M. Eggnor Sept. 24 Robert & Ann Eggnor
Anna Watson Oct. 12 Zachariah & Sally Watson
Sarah M. Johnson Oct. 9 Charles & Emily Johnson
Young ( male - not named) Dec. 25 Asa & Clarinda Young
Merrell (female - not named) Dec. 31 Rily W. & Charlotte Merrell
John Bruce June 4 Aaron & Rosannah Bruce
Uriah Horton Dec. 1 Winana & Mary Horton
James M. Stewart Nov. 24 James & Damaris Stewart


Polly Alvira Holdridge Jan. 1 Ambrose & Caroline Holdridge
Martha Coon Jan. 7 George & Sally Ann Coon
Clymena Elizabeth Barrack Jan. 12 John & Ann Maria Barrack
Lee Vosburgh Jan. 12 John & Christina Vosburgh
Mary Gelista Mead Jan. 18 Daniel & Marietta Mead
Emma C. Polhamus Jan. 2 John M. & Maria Polhamus
Helen Irene Strong Jan. 28 Silas C. & Rebecca Jane Strong
Edward B. Childs Feb. 10 Gardner C. & Susan Childs
Leander Charles Henry Bowles Feb. 17 George & Alice Bowles
Virginia Dezeng Feb. 22 Charles S. & Caroline Dezeng
Lydia Ann Barker Jan. 31 Charles & Lydia Barker
Jacob R. Waldruff Jan. 7 Jacob & Helener Waldruff
Moses R. Stuck Jan. 13 VanRennselear & Merry Ann R. Stuck
Cordelius Crawford Feb. 26 Joseph & Cordelia Crawford
Oscar Forbes Feb. 27 Henry & Susan Forbes
Endorah Lape Feb. 26 Samuel I. & Eve Lape
Charles Baker Feb. 26 Martin & Fanny Baker
David Gillett Mar. 6 Isaac M. & Fineta Gillett
Zachary Cady Mar. 4 Lorenzo & Alma Cady
Watsen Weed Mar. 14 Oscar & Rebecca Weed
Margaret Ann Hand Mar. 18 Henry A. & Catharine Hand
Ellen Melinda Nagle Mar. 16 Annis & Martha Nagle
Jeremiah Baccos (Negro) Mar. 28 Enos & Elizabeth Baccos
Gertrude Dayton Apr. 24 Minard & Lucretia Dayton
Margaret J. Furlong Apr. 7 Philander & Jane M. Furlong
Adalantha Whittlesy Apr. 22 George & Louise Whittlesy
Orlando E. Lamb Apr. 6 Chauncey B. & Elizabeth Lamb
(Chauncey B. is gggg-uncle of coordinator Martha; Elizabeth's maiden name was Vandemark)
Reuben Decker Apr. 9 Charles F. & Lucy Decker
Eugene Michael Apr. 30 John & Laura Michael
Erwin Milton Clark Apr. 17 Lysander & Elizabeth Clark
Mary Augusta Sanders Apr. 15 William H. & Mary Sanders
Rose Kerney Apr. 6 Barnard & Mary Ann Kerney
Hayton (male) Apr. 16 David & Catharine Hayton
Ellen Loueza Perry Apr. 26 Samuel C. & Auriella Perry
Charles Jones May 4 John & Clarinda Jones
Allick Powers May 1 Edwin & Ellen Powers
Margarette Howe May 29 Seth & Caroline Howe
Henrietta O. Whittlesy May 4 Melzar & Sarah Augusta Whittlesy
Darwin Fisk May 24 Franklin & Pauline Fisk
Elmira F. Barnes May 14 Stephen & Elizabeth L. Barnes
Mary Frances Hanchett May 16 Manly & Caroline Hanchett
Margaret Ann McMillan June 7 Benjamin & Martha McMillan
Henrietta Strickland June 18 George & Sarah Strickland
Buila Thorn June 15 Isaac R. & Rebecca Thorn
David A. Amigh June 25 Peter & Sarah Amigh
Sarah Angeline Tripp June 10 Ira & Mary G. Tripp
Martha Ann DeGolyer June 22 Joseph T. & Melissa DeGolyer
Sophis Lettetica Winchell June 18 Riley & Mary Winchell
Abigail Williard June 12 Charles & Johanna Williard
Wm. Edward Decker June 12 William & Julia Decker
Cora Delphina Bliton June 23 William & Sary Ann Bliton
Edward Tipling June 13 Thomas & Matilda Tipling
Charles Luther Humphrey June 4 Franklin & Hannah Humphrey
Charles Albert Perkins June 15 Rush & Mary Augusta Perkins
Emma Lenora Townsend July 8 Ira B. & Jane Townsend
Laura Ann Nichols July 5 Wm. M. & Sophia B. Nichols
Almira Endora Exner July 8 James & Jane Exner
George Smith July 12 Wm. W. & Sarah Ann Smith
John Henry Wise July 26 John P. & Mariah Wise
Elizabeth Jane Kipp July 15 Henry & Sophronia Kipp
Caroline Fox July 7 Philip & Lana Fox
Asenath McMillen July 13 Andrew & Eliza McMillen
Minerva Aims Mastin July 30 John & Lucinda Mastin
Mariah Anna Muenz July 25 William & Willhamene Muenz
Barbara Ann Hendrick Aug. 5 Thomas & Parmelia Hendrick
James Irwin Stratton Aug. 5 Oliver & Sarah Ann Stratton
Waldruff (male) Aug. 15 Edward & Jane E. Waldruff
Emma Gertrude Hughson Aug. 11 Eugene & Malissa Hughson
Emma Gertrude Stone Aug. 1 Joseph D. & Charity F. Stone
Caroline Terry Aug. 13 Chancy & Mary Terry
Abel Augustus Fish Aug. 17 Abel & Martha Cordelia Fish
Ellen Fuller Aug. 1 John S. & Asenath Fuller
[Note: see Feedback Forum for information regarding John S. Fuller

Frederick W. Moon Aug. 22 Geo. W. & Clarissa C. Moon
Cornelia Louisa Andrews Aug. 22 John T. & Harriet Andrews
Bogart (male) Aug. 30 Isaac & Mrs. Bogart
Maria Emeline McMullen July 4 D. M. & Emeline McMullen
Thomas A. Knight Mar. 13 Abram & Mary Knight
Emily A. Harper May 3 Abram & Mary Harper
Hannah Mackie July 1 Mathew & Elizabeth Mackie
Benjamin Titus Sept. 1 Benjamin & Z. B. Titus
William Edward Ward Sept. 15 Chester A. & Caroline D. Ward
Rosena Abeal Sept. 11 Gilbert & Minerva Abeal
Lester Adelbert Williams Sept. 8 Sanford & Patience Williams
John R. Sedore Sept. 24 Edward & Annis Sedore
Andrew Jacob McClary Sept. 15 William & Ann McClary
David Brink Sept. 19 Jacob & Ruth Brink
Jane Elizabeth Forgusen Sept. 3 Charles & Martha Forgusen
Sally Eyre Oct. 23 Fredrick & McDelana Eyre
Edwin Eugene Burt Oct. 10 William & Jane Burt
Rosea Morshamer Oct. 28 John & Dorothy Morshamer
Darwin C. Youngs Oct. 3 Henry & Ann Eliza Youngs
John Brandick Oct. 27 Michael & Nancy Brandick
Dickinson (female) Oct. 6 Christopher & Sarah Ann Dickinson
Eliza Maria Graves Oct. 21 Edward N. & Euphena Graves
James B. Murty Oct. 25 James & Mary Ann Murty
Charles Abel Brown Oct. 1 Etna & Eunice Brown
Mary Westfall Nov. 1 John & Julia Westfall
Mary Catherine Osborn Nov. 14 David & Nancy Maria Osborn
Lana Jane Gorden Nov. 18 William & Eliza Gorden
Philander Root Nov. 3 Albert & Phebe Root
Angeline Mead Nov. 24 John & Angeline Mead
Mary Eliza Redfield Nov. 10 Luther Jr. & Ann Eliza Redfield
Albert Watson James Nov. 15 James S. & Keziah James
Stephen K. Walker Nov. 19 Hiram & Cynthia Walker
Ellen Maria Vanamburgh Nov. 6 Herman & Emily Vanamburgh
Bradley (female) Nov. 18 Lucius J. & Hannah Ann Bradley
Caroline Rosana Bastian Nov. 27 Valentine & Barbary Bastian
Hush ( female) Nov. 15 Joseph & Aurilla Hush
John Henry Stoicker Dec. 14 John & Mary Stoicker
Adelbert Town Dec. 20 John & Sarah Town
Mary Long Dec. 22 Philip & Wilmina Long
Ketchum (male) Dec. 15 Leander S. & Mary J. Ketchum
Dexter Capron Dec. 21 Chester R. & Eliza Ann Capron
Lundy (male) Dec. 19 Elia & Mary Jane Lundy
Wm. L. Morley Dec. 18 Henry L. & Mary E. Morley
Mary Ann Densparger Dec. 13 Peter & Barbary Densparger
James W. Philips Dec. 1 Horace & Sarah Philips
Smith (female) Dec. 10 Wm. & Jemina Smith
Edward P ----- all Dec. 27 Geo. & Margaret P -----all
John Lorenzo Shepard Dec. 12 Martin & Jemima Shepard
Hellen Pincheon Feb. 18 Wm. D. B. & Mary Pincheon
Mary Matilda De---ll March 30 James M. & Emily De---ll
Emily Blount May 27 Asher & Olive Blount
Harriet E. Perry June 2 Chas. W. & Harriet Perry
Harriet Coon June 26 John & Sophia Coon
Albert Stocking (twin) Aug. 1 Geo. W. & Sarah Stocking
Flora M. Stocking (twin) Aug. 1 Geo. W. & Sarah Stocking
Walter Bachman Oct. 13 Samuel & Jane Bachman
Mervin Bachman (twin) Dec. 9 Charles & Mary Bachman
Marvin A. Bachman (twin) Dec. 9 Charles & Mary Bachman
George R. Green Oct. 4 Geo. H. & Eliza Green
William Frederick Coon Mar. 15 Frederick & Lany Coon
Lany Fox Mar. 16 Frederick & Lany Fox
Manerva Hosford Nov. 19 Luther & Hannah Hosford


Gusta Ridgeway June 26 William & Melissa Ridgeway
Barclay (male) Dec. 11 Abram & Rachel Ann Barclay
Charles M. Shaw July 30 Joseph & Betsey Shaw
William Burch Aug. 9 Welston & Harriet M. Burch [See End of Listing!]
Sarah M. Sherman Oct. 9 Elijah & Betsey M. Sherman
Wilber (female) Oct. ? Jefferson & Elizabeth Ann Wilbur [See End of Listing!]
Purdy (male) Apr. 30 Denkis Purdy (illegitimate)
Anna Rebecca Dunn Oct. 29 Almira & James Dunn
Hornbeck (female) Sept. 15 Wells & Katherine Hornbeck
Whitlock (female) Sept. 13 Charlotte & Levi Whitlock
Westfall (female) Dec. 24 Lewis & Katharine Westfall
Clara Westfall Mar. 2 John & Caroline Westfall
Wilson Langdon May 2 Wilson & Catharine Jane Langdon
Burns (female) Jan. 14 John & Lydia Burns
Sara K. Miller Apr. 22 Barnard & Julina Miller
Clarence Vanderbilt May 16 John & Rachel Vanderbilt
Laura Lane May 26 Levi & Sally Lane
Julia McLeland Nov. 9 Wm. & Sarah Ann McLeland
Albert Eugene Sherman Feb. 4 Job & Julette Sherman
John Gardner Purdy Feb. 4 Elisha & Jane Purdy
Wm. Elden Soules Mar. 5 Stephen & Catherine Soules
Renaldo Vanderbilt Apr. 6 Isaac F. & Rebecca Vanderbilt
Benjamin Spencer Sherman June 29 Benjamin & Phebe Sherman
Mason Garton Wood Aug. 7 Richd. & Rebecca Wood
Lucinda Rosell Aug. 7 Albert & Harriet Rosell
Richard Waddle Sept. 10 John & Jane Waddle
Vanwickle (female) Sept. 19 Gardiner & Ann Vanwickle
Wm. E. Leach Feb. 11 Richard Lyman & Mary Ann Leach
Wm. Wilcox Mar. 10 Potter & Nancy Wilcox
Emma E. McGown Apr. 10 Wm. & Jane McGown
Clarence McCarn May 14 Wm. & Mariah F. McCarn
Mary J. Follet May 23 Wm. & Margaret Follet
Wm. E. Steel June 23 Wm. F. & Matilda Steel
Isaac Inglehart Jun. June 20 Isaac & Martha Inglehart
Elizabeth Ferguson Sept. 17 Charles & Martha Ferguson
Hale (female) Sept. 20 Isaac C. & Permela Hale
Emma Adelaide Roys Sept. 29 John C. & Electa Roys
Vanslyck (male) Oct. 15 D. W. C. & Harriet Vanslyck
Hatch (male) Oct. 21 Daniel & Angeline Hatch
Elizabeth Harris Nov. 28 Smith & Catharine Harris
Elias Cost Rosecrants Dec. 19 Elias & Francis Rosecrants [See End of Listing!]
Mary Albertine Conover May 26 Peter & Olive Conover
Curtis (female) June 1 Richard J. & Mary Curtis
Albert Jacob Mitchel July 20 Jacob & Jane Ann Mitchel
Laura Adelina Jeffers July 27 Nathan & Sally Jeffers
Mary Catharine Young July 29 Conrad & Sally Young
Lewis (male) Aug. 18 Orville & Catharine Eliza Lewis
Charles W. Hunt Aug. 20 Alonzo & Asenath Hunt
Evi Hartman Jan. 13 Jacob & Evi Hartman
Udora Lawrence Jan. 17 Michael & Adelia Lawrence
Sally Brock Feb. 12 Frederick & Sally Brock
Evi Isch Feb. 12 John & Catharine Isch
Cloe Picket Feb. 26 John M. & Mary Picket
George Yackele Mar. 4 Michael & Mary Yackele
James McKay Mar. 7 Melvin & Nancy McKay
Havens (female) Mar. 10 John & Caroline Havens
John Timmerman Mar. 12 George & Elizabeth Timmerman
Sherman (male) Mar. 22 Alanson & Mariah Sherman
Flora E. Gould Apr. 17 Worth L. & Eliza Gould
Hellen L. Bashford Apr. 20 Charles & Eliza Ann Bashford
E. D. Estelle Mooney May 5 George & Climeria Mooney
Andrew C. Stickney Apr. 26 Charles & Mary E. Stickney
Mary L. Rice May 13 Caleb & Sarah L. Rice
E. Taft Treadway May 28 Alfred & Elizabeth Treadway
Margaret Southard May 28 N. D. & Margaret Southard
Joshua B. Ellis June 3 B. V. & Lydia Ellis
Pachin (female) June 23 Mr. Pachin (gone to Clyde)
Henry C. Roberts June 27 Hugh & Harriet Roberts
Melvina Althen July 12 Philip & Christine Althen
George Barnhart July 13 George & Barbary Barnhart
Jacob Gantner July 16 John & Catharine Gantner
Charles Beadle July 19 Thos. & Eviline Beadle
Bish (female twin) July 29 George & Dorothy Bish [alternate spelling Buisch; see note at page bottom]
Bish (male twin) July 29 George & Dorothy Bish [alternate spelling Buisch; see note at page bottom]
John Boemler Aug. 8 George & Barbary Boemler
Holsey C. Taft Aug. 17 Horatio N. & Mary Taft
Tiplin (male) Sept. 5 John & Charlotte Tiplin [should be Tipling]
Caroline Coats Sept. 6 Thomas & Eliza Coats
Louisa Suten Sept. 8 Martin & Elizabeth Suten
George Hessleback Sept. 12 Simeon & Margaret Hessleback
Charles Stanton Sept. 15 John W. & Gertrude Stanton
Mariah Guest Sept. 24 Joseph & Lydia Guest
Rarrick (female) Oct. 10 John & Sarah Rarrick
Hellen J. Caswell Oct. 16 N. B. & Elizabeth C. Caswell
Charles H. Hare Oct. 26 Jacob & Christina Hare
Unknown illegitimate Dec. 6 Mother name not known
Harriet Ann Rerick Apr. 2 Abraham & Dorcas Rerick
Francis C. Fink June 14 A. P. & Angeline Fink
John W. McCall July 13 Joseph & Sally McCall
John Bloss Aug. 28 Samuel & Julia Bloss
James Rogers Sept. 8 Bartlet R. & Melinda Rogers
William Williamson Oct. 2 Wm. & Mariah Williamson
Charles Bailey Oct. 2 Sylvanus & Catharine Bailey
Eslick (male) Oct. 15 Wm. B. & Anna Eslick
William Powers Oct. 15 Warren & Jane Powers
Theodore Frazer Apr. 25 Andrew & Catharine Frazer
Wm. & Mary Rodenback June 6 Daniel & Catharine Rodenback
Frederick Rooker July 10 John & Susan Rooker
George Kent Oct. 2 G. T. & Martha K. Kent
Bennett (male) Oct. 25 John & Jane Bennett
Sarah E. Clapp Jan. 1 Clark R. & Ellen B. Clapp
Ellen M. Thomas Apr. 22 Shem & Hannah Thomas
Anna Mead July 8 H. C. & Harriet Mead
Hemstreet (male) July 14 John & -------Hemstreet
John Croul Sept. 10 Columbus & Catharine Croul
Rosetta King Sept. 20 D. W. & Phebe King
Mary Hall Oct. 15 John & Elizabeth Hall
Ellen Cole Oct. 26 James & Susan Cole
Gavit (male) Jan. 19 S. B. & Harriet Gavit
Andrew Walhizer May 1 Andrew & Margaret Walhizer
Frank Bennett July 28 G. L. & Ann Bennett
Edward B. Freland Aug. 3 Daniel & Lydia B. Freland
Sherman (male) Aug. 3 S. D. & Jane B. Sherman
Julia Ann Reynolds Aug. 30 Nathan & Adeline M. Reynolds
Margaret C. Supple Oct. 20 John R. & Margaret C. Supple [* see note at end of entry]
Randall (male) Nov. 8 Abram & Mary Jane Randall
John Perdy Feb. 3 Elichol & Jane Perdy
Purdy (female) Feb. 6 Mary Purdy Illegitimate
Margaret Coughlin Mar. 29 Patrick & Margaret Coughlin
Jane Kiernan Apr. 5 Barnard & Mary Kiernan
Dorothy Gantner July 3 Jacob & Elizabeth Gantner
Bennington (male) Mar. 28 Mr. Bennington gone to Pilgrim Port
William H. Hecox Oct. 5 John & Lydia Hecox
Elizabeth Smith Apr. 2 Mathew B. & Catharine Smith
Byron Turbush May 28 Milo & Catharine Turbush
Cloe T. Hawley May 9 Martin & Janet Hawley
Jane E. Speed Aug. 13 Orando & Louisa Speed
Frederick Veeder Sept. 22 Philip & Sophiah Veeder
Emily Jones June 25 ------ Jones


Justin W. Carpenter Sept. 20 Caleb M. & Maria Carpenter
Catherine Matilda Coniff Dec. 11 Patrick & Mary Coniff
Mary M. McCormic Apr. 19 John & Mary McCormic
Cornilius Gratten June 20 Peter & Margaret Gratten
Mary H. Justin May 21 Joel H. & Elizabeth Justin
Millard T. Colvin Feb. 2 John & Sarah A. Colvin
Reubin Harris Oct. 29 Samuel & Mary Harris
Sarah Jane Reed Apr. 16 Thomas & Mary M. Reed
William Gibbs Apr. 18 R. & Eliza Gibbs
Emma Arnold June 22 Martin & Ruth Arnold
Lydia Barnes July 30 James W. & Lydia L. Barnes
Warner B. Riggs Nov. 26 M. B. & M. W. Riggs
Zimrhoda J. Bradish Dec. 21 C. H. & A. D. Bradish
Juliett Wakeman May 6 William C. & Elizabeth J. Wakeman
Daniel Mahony Sept. 1 John & Margaret Mahony
Chas. Seaman Apr. 29 John & Elizabeth Seaman
Abel Alverado Conant Aug. 24 Alonzo L. & Elmira Conant
Cyrus Reynolds Feb. 14 John & Ann Reynolds
Beam (female) July 15 John & Eliza Beam
George Raynous May 8 Moses & Mary Ann Raynous
Sarah Louisa Stebins Aug. 24 John W. E. & Louisa Stebins
Leander Odell Nov. 9 Ira & Diantha Odell
Bates (female) Nov. 30 Orrin & Mary Bates
Ellen A. Galloway May 14 James D. & Lucretia Galoway
Caroline P. Jones May 18 Luther B. & Nancy Jones
Mary M. Keeler Apr. 18 Nathan B. & Ruth Keeler
Thomas Hyn Eddy Aug. 25 Ira & Susan Eddy
David Mosher Jan. 18 Marvin & Sephrona Mosher
Mary A. Spear Jan. 7 Luther & Lydia Spear
Miller ( female) May 26 Robert & Elizabeth Miller
Edwin Tucker July 30 Calvin & Ernetta Tucker
Julia M. Malona Oct. 21 Gilsen & Maria C. Malona
Norman (female) Apr. 13 Isaac & Eliza Norman
Zurriah E. Chaplin Aug. 21 Isaac & Elizabeth Chaplin
Cramer (male) Apr. 26 Isaac & Emily Cramer

January 2011
Re: Henry H. Averill Sept. 13 Horace & Caroline Averill
From: Jim Chamberlain

Listing from Arcadia Births 1849

"Henry H. Averill Sept. 13 Horace & Caroline Averill"

Hi, I found this while searching for family, Horace is my 2nd great grand father and I found them in the 1850 us census of Arcadia, and Henry H is listed as James H. & just Harison in 1856 Iowa census. I found them next door to his Father Asa & Mother Arathusa. I found a cemetery listing for Arathusa in the Old Marbletown cem. but nothing for Asa. Horace & Caroline then moved to Iowa, found in 1856 Iowa census.


September 26, 2006
Re: Buisch twins
From: Alice M. Pierce

There was a note in my father-in-law's papers that said that George and Dorothea Buisch had twins that did not survive. I was delighted to see a listing for George and Dorothy Bish for a female twin and a male twin born July 29, 1849 in your list of Lyons births 1849. I'm sure that is the right one: they went on to have 7 more children. Can you put in a note to indicate the alternate spelling? I was SO pleased to see that! My father-in-law left very good notes.


November 26, 2006
Re: James Wolfrom June 18 William W. & Mary Wolfrom
From: Delbert Thomes

James Wolfrom, on the list, is the son of William Wayne Wolfrom & Mary Doane. He was one of 8 children. He mar. Eunice Orvilla Torrey (probably in Wayne Cty). They had one known child, Eudora - female. Born: May 1879 in Newark NY; Died 24 Apr 1880 in Newark NY.

July 28, 2006
Re: Alexander Driscol July 14 Jeremiah & Nancy Driscol
From: Shellie

The Alexander Driscol born to Jeremiah and Nancy Driscol is my gggrandfather. Thank you so much for posting these as I wondered what day Alexander was born. Wish they had put down Nancy's maiden name, but just the same thank you. I have also been told that Jeremiah and family came from the Parish of Skull, Cork county, Ireland. I just found out from my genealogical source that Nancy's maiden name was McCarthy. This was Jeremiah's second marriage. Jeremiah and Anne aka. Nancy were married at The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary on October 8, 1834, in County Cork, Ireland. Nancy's mothers name was Ellen Brown. Apparently Jeremiah had 11 or so children with his first wife but at this time I do not know her name. Maybe with this info. I can help other people as I did not know that Jeremiah was married twice.Alexander was born in Wayne county, New York, Township Arcadia. Alexander Driscoll moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where he died in 1904. Then his body was taken back to Lyons, New York, where he is buried with his father, mother and siblings. He married Sarah Isabelle Young. Thanks again for posting the 1849 births.:)

July 15, 2006
Re: Wilber (female) Oct. ? Jefferson & Elizabeth Ann Wilbur
From: Ginni Morey

Her name was Elmira Eisenlord Wilbur born 10 October 1849. Jefferson & Ann moved to Illinois around 1850 then settled in Ponca Nebraska from 1860. Jefferson & Ann were my 3rd great grandparents.

Re: William Burch Aug. 9 Welston & Harriet M. Burch
From: Ginni Morey

The father's name is actually Wolston. Harriet's maiden name is Wilbur and is the sister of Jefferson. Wolston & Harriet moved to Michigan about 1855. Wolston died in 1871 from complication of heat stroke received during the Civil War. Harriet remarried Levi Galehouse and spent years trying to receive Wolston's pension. She died before receiving it.

Ginni Morey
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May 13, 2003
Re: Elias Cost Rosecrants Dec. 19 Elias & Francis Rosecrants
From Elise Anderson

Just found a name on the Lyons 1849 birth that I believe might be my 2nd greatfather and his first wife. Elias Rosecrants moved on to Saginaw, Michigan area. He changed his name to Elias Rosencrants. His brother, Mark Rosecrants retained the original spelling. Two sisters, Margaret and Jane along with his father, James Rosecrants all ended up in Michigan.


I am delighted to claim one of the names on your list of births. In the year 1849, town of Lyons, my great great grandparents (John R. and Margrett Supple) gave birth on Oct 20 to my great great aunt, Margaret C. Supple. As an aside on the spelling of "Margaret," I have a piece of paper (containing a lock of HER mother's hair!) my gg grandmother signed "Margrett C. Supple" in 1860. Also, her maiden name was "Campbell."

A (hopefully) quick question; how do I go about finding this same birthdate information for my gg grandmother (Mary Elizabeth Supple) in Lyons in the year 1847? You mentioned the records were kept starting in 1847. Any chance that information is available somewhere online? [We were only provided with the 1849 records and that might be the year the towns started collecting birth records. You can email the Office of the County Historian to see if they do.]

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide... some days just finding a name and corresponding date that tally with your guesses and assumptions can make all the difference.

Best regards,

April Canaday

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