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From the 1860 Gazetteer of the State of New York, by J. H. French

HURON - was formed from Wolcott, as "Port Bay", Feb. 25, 1826. Its name was changed March 17, 1834. It lies on Lake Ontario, E. of the center of the co. A part of Great Sodus Bay lies in the N.W. corner. East Bay, in the N., and a part of Port Bay, in the N.E., extend into the town. Its surface is rolling, with a general northern inclination. In the W. and N. W., near Great Sodus Bay, are several tracts of swamp lands. The lake shore rises in a series of bluffs, the highest of which - Chimney Bluff - is 175 ft. above the lake, and Bay Bluff 120 ft. Several small streams flow N. through the town, the principal of which is Mudge Creek, which empties into East Bay. The soil is a sandy and gravelly loam, intermixed with clay in the S. North Huron (p.v.) contains 2 churches, a saw and grist mill, and 40 houses; South Huron (Huron p.o.) 1 church, a townhouse, and 20 houses. Port Glasgow (p.o.) is a hamlet, at the head of sloop navigation on Great Sodus Bay. The first settlement was commenced by Peregrine Fitzhugh and Wm. Helmus, and some other families from Md., in 1796. (1) The first church (Presb.) was organized in 1813. (2)


  1. Among the other early settlers were Dr. Zenas Hyde, ___ Knox, and several families from Mass. and Conn., in 1807; Josiah Upson, in 1808, and Norman Sheldon, in 1810. The first birth was that of a child of Dr. Hyde; and the first death, that of Mrs. Hale, in 1809. Gardiner Mudge taught the first school, in 1812; Norman Sheldon kept the first inn, in 1810; James Mudge kept the first store; and Elihu Spencer built the first saw and grist mill, in 1809.
  2. There are 3 churches in town; M.E., Meth. Prot., and Presb.

Current Place Names in the Town of Huron:

Bonni Castle, East Bay Park, Huron, Lake Bluff, Lummisville, North Huron, Resort, Rice Mill, Sunset View, York.

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