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Newark Diner

The Landmark Newark Diner, Newark, N.Y.
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From the 1860 Gazetteer of the State of New York, by J. H. French

ARCADIA - was formed from Lyons, Feb. 15, 1825. It lies on the S. border of the co., a little W. of the center. Its surface is a rolling region, broken by drift ridged. Mud Creek flows E. of the town, N. of the center, and receives several small streams as tributaries. The soil is a sandy, gravelly loam, mixed with clay on the hills. Gypsum is found in the S. W. , and marl in the center. Newark, (p.v.) including Arcadia, (p.v.) in the S. part, on the canal, was incorp. July 21, 1853, as Newark. It contains 7 churches, a bank, flouring mill, tannery, 3 furnaces, and several manufactories. It is a fluorishing canal village and a station upon the N.Y. C. R. R. Pop. 2,042. Fairville, (p.v.) about 5 mi. No., contains 1 church, a tannery, a limited amount of manufactures, and 159 inhabitants. Marbletown, near the S. E. corner, contains a church and 10 houses. Jessups Corners and Hydeville are hamlets. Settlement was commenced in 1791, by Joseph Winters and B. Franklin. (1) The first church (M.E.) was organized in 1805. Roger Benton was the first settled minister, in 1806. (2) A family named Fox, residing at Hydeville, in Arcadia, first heard the mysterious sounds known as the "rappings" on the night of March 31, 1849. Investigations were made in regard to the origin of the raps, but nothing definite was settled upon. The family soon after removed to Rochester, the "raps" accompanying them; and hence the name "Rochester Rappings". A series of investigations was instituted, and the matter became public, some claiming for it a spiritual origin, but the great majority pronouncing it a humbug or delusion. From this source modern spiritualism originated.


  1. Gilbert Howell and Paul Reese came in in 1795; Samuel Soverhill in 1798; Humphrey Sherman, Reuben Starks, and John Miller, from Long Island, in 1800; and Ebenezer Smith soon after. The Lusks came in from Columbia co. in 1806. Jacob, Philip, and Isaac Lusk purchased 1 sq. mi., which is now occupied by the village of Newark. Caleb Tibbitts, Stephen Aldridge, Henry Cronice, and Cooper Culver settled in 1807; and Dr. A. Hyde, in 1810. The first death was that of a child of B. Franklin, in 1792; the first marriage, that of ___ Hess and Amy Tibbitts, in 1798. Stephen Aldridge kept the first inn, and J.P. Bartlet the first store.
  2. There are 10 churches in town; 2 Meth. Prot., M.E., Presb., Prot. E., Union, Ref. Prot. D., Bap., R.C., and Christian.

Current Place Names in the Town of Arcadia:

Fairville, Fairville Station, Hydesville, Marbletown, Minsteed, Mud Mills, Newark, Stebbins Corner, Zurich

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