Sodus, New York

September 12, 1904 - June 23, 1905


"Where there's a will
There always is a way;
The falling of the water drops
Will wear hard rocks away."

PUPILS ADVANCED ROOM - Minnie M. Milem, Teacher

George F. Bastian
Martha M. Bramer
Arthur R. Bramer
Ina C. Carlson
Frances R. DeGelleke
Bertha A. DeMay
Isabelle E. Elker
Bertha D. Fonda
Ida B. Gage
Florence L. Herman
Zeata J. Negus
Mabel L. Parrish
Minetta B. Rehkugler
Ruth M. Rehkugler
S. Kenneth Smith
John H. VanAmburg
Ethel I. Weber
Emma H. Wilck
Wallace A. Wagemaker
Jessie T. Watson
Pearl Watson

PUPILS PRIMARY ROOM - Edith C. Miller, Teacher

Leanhart W. Bramer
Raoul C. Bramer
Sara S. Cattieu
Edwin J. Cattieu
Bessie M. Chase
Nellie E. Chase
Verne R. Chase
Grace Degelleke
Matie R. Flint
Charles F. Gage
Jacob H. Hotell
Frances Houghteling
Orlando Houghteling
Leon H. Houghteling
Ernest Lobell
Earl G. McWhorter
Alice M. Oswaldt
Vernon J. Parrish
Lena V. Porter
Blanch M. Raymer
Esther Raymer
William H. Raymer
Benjamin B. Rehkugler
Albert Smith
Earl T. Rehkugler
James R. VanAmburg
Lorin E. VanAmburg
Grace VanMarter
Lionel B. VanMarter
Clyde Weber
Leona Weber

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Typed by Co-coordinator Allyn Hess Perry. This record, and other school lists, are available at the Office of the County Historian.

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