Information from newspapers
(The Record, Sodus, NY and Wayne County Alliance)
and graduation programs

Compiled by Bette Bugni
Sodus, NY

Class of 1859
Esther S. Clark
Priscilla M. Parsons

Class of 1864
Emma J. Borradaile
Charlotte A. Winters

Class of 1877
Kate Star Rogers
Eugene A. Payne
George Byram Green

Class of 1878
Clara L. Carr
Lyman C. Pierce
Hattie E. Rogers
Jared A. Reed
Libbie A. Ward
Libbie E. Calhoun

Class of 1879
Myric Kelly
Charles K. Knapp
Derrick W. Ross
Frank D. Teall
Maude Burke
Marguerite Schuyler
Lucy T. Rogers
Kate Winchester

Class of 1880
Adelia Bates

Class of 1882
Elnora Pulver
Charles F. Hitchcock
William G. Wallace
Frank J. Pitcher
Mary H. Ward
J. Frank Myers
James K. Calhoun
Lyman P. Hitchcock

Class Motto - "Mens agitat" (mind over matter)

Class of 1884
Allie P. Dingman
Mary Coleman
Anna R. Stickney
Louise Perkins
Harry H. Williams
Jacob Brasser

Class Motto- "Virtue Serves as an Anchor"

Class of 1886
Frank L. Allen

Class of 1888
Isaac Brasser
Edward W. Mills
Seeley Tinkelpaugh
Peter F. Overslaught
Rose G. Brundage
DeWitt Proseus
Marian E. Danford
Myron H. Proseus
Minnie E. Tinklepaugh
Edward D. Snyder
Nellie E. VanSlyck

Class Motto - "Finis Coronat Opus" (The end crowns the work)

Class of 1889
Libbie J. Pulver
Clara Bettys
Hattie M. Gibson
Grace B. Dingman
Allie E. Wride
Joseph J. Boyton
John Brasser
Jacob Cole
Charlie H. Palmer
Leon E. Peeler

Class Motto - "Truth Before Favor"

Class of 1890
Harry A. Gibbs
Elvin A. Kenyon
Etta A. Smith
Eva C. Stickney

Class Motto - "Perseverando Vincemus" (Persistence Wins)

Class of 1891
Arthur Robert Catchpole
Grace Louise Grannis
Herman Lewis
Edward David Klippel
Frank Jay Pratt
Katherine M. Seaman
Claude John Sergeant
Mary Young

Class Motto - "Begun, not finished"

Class of 1892
Edna M. Heath
Eva M. Gill
Inez M. Pulver
Iola D. Osgood
Arthur W. Fisher
William Wilson

Class Motto - "Invenian viam aut faciam" (I will either find a way or make one)

Class of 1893
Ernest W. Covell
Martin I. Foss
John Plassche
Fay R. Robertson
Myron O. Tripp

Class Motto - "Contendimus ut Vincamus" (Strive to Win)
Class Flower - carnations
Class Colors - lavendar and nile green

Class of 1894
John Fernando Cole
Clive Monroe Cottrell
Warner Edwin Danford
Frederick Coleman Hill
Charles Warner Mills
Albert Menzo Milliman
Dewitt Sergeant
Nellie Rose Shaw
Ida Wilson
Aimee Belle Williams

Post-graduate Students
Frank L. Allen 1886
William Wilson 1891

Class Motto - "Per Angustias ad Victorian" (Through Want Toward Victory) Class Colors - blue and white Class Flower - sweet pea

Class of 1895
George R. Mills
Hattie A. Curtiss
Chester C. Kelly
Matie A. Lander
Susie C. Cole
Margarette P. Clark
Carrie M. Richardson
Lulah B. Ward
Ethel L. Whitbeck

Class Motto - Thy destiny lies within thee
Class Colors - white and gold
Class Flower - carnation

Class of 1896
Alvah H. Pulver
William Pullman
Linda A. Buckler
Lizzie M. Dufloo
Amie L.Norris
Floy E. Norris
Lillian B. Poucher
Harriette Belle Snider
Jessie W. Stickney
Edna M. Thirkell
Anna E. Whitbeck

Class Motto - rowing, not drifting
Class Flower - white rose
Class Colors - violet and lavender

Class of 1897
Carl Gibbs
Hattie Hopkins
Dora T. Gaylord
Alice V. Goldring

Class Motto - "Onward"
Class Colors - purple and gold
Class Flower - carnation

Class of 1898
Grace L. Sergeant
Edith A. Vosburg

Class of 1899
Nora P. Fisher
Edward D. DeRight
Una E. Weaver
Arthur T. Jolley
Helen M. Knapp

Class History - Charlotte Whitney
Class Prophecy - Matie A. Lander

Class of 1900
Carl Gurnee
Fred M. Yeoman
Isabelle Cheetham
Grace Pultz
Miss Smith?
Miss Allen?
Helen Knapp?

Class of 1901
Seward D. Hendricks
Willis D. Curtiss
C. Ora Weeks
Pearlie E. Hopkins
Raymond C. Hill
Minnie E. Grannis

Class Colors - queen's purple and old gold

Class of 1902
Harmon S. Hill
Isaac C. DeNeef
Collins A. Jenks
Jesse A. DeMey

Class Motto - "Diligentia Vincit" (Diligence Conquers) Class Colors - orange/red and violet/blue Class Flower - white rose

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