March 7, 1913

The following was transcribed from an original copy of The Record, an 8-page newspaper published in Sodus, NY. This small-town newspaper published day-to-day local news for the towns of Sodus and Rose. All spellings are as in the original and will not be "corrected." As our volunteer time is at a premium and this transcription took a long time to do, the tedious process of bolding names individually wasn't done. Please use the search function of your browser to find persons of interest.

The Record, Vol. XVI. No. 47
Sodus, Wayne Co., N.Y., March 7, 1913.


Bert Turner left Saturday for a trip of several days, New York and Washington being the objective points. He was in the last lnalmed city for the inauguration ceremonies. M. M. Farrell expected to accompany him, but owing to illness which kept him from his duties at the Pennsylvania railway station for more than two weeks, he was obliged to forego that pleasure.

Dr. and Mrs. F. L. Wilson have returned from a visit with the family of Mrs. Wilson's sister, Mrs. Cowan, at Richmond, Ind. They stopped at Washington, D. C., for the festivities on Tuesday.

George Garlock is recovering from a long illness of typhoid fever.

Mr. Cooper of Rochester, who owns a cottage on the South Shore, has recently purchased the Cook lot on the corner of Margaretta Grove and has commenced the moving of his cottage across the ice to this lot.

Mr. and Mrs. F. C. VanDuser have returned from Wolcott, having been called there by the death of his step father, George Lasher.


Charles H. Green underwent an operation in the Homeopathic hospital in Rochester on Friday of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raymer of Lyons were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raymer of this place last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bastian of South Lyons visited Mrs. Bastian's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin, last Sunday.

Blanche and William Raymer have been visiting friends in Sodus and Wallington during the past few days.

Mrs. Eunice Shaw entertained her daughter, Mrs. J. C. Smith, her granddaughter, Mrs. E. D. Jordan, her grandson Bert Smith, and her little great grandson, Robert Jordan, of South Lyons, for a few days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Shaw, of Sodus were guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Miles over Sunday.

The social held by the Willing Workers' Society at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Ashford last Friday night was attended by a large number. Friends from Zurich, Sodus Centre, Wayne Centre and Lyons were present. About $20 was cleared.

The regular monthly business meeting of the Willing Workers' Society will be held in the M. E. church parlors to-night.

Rev. J. C. Crooker will speak next Sunday morning on "Gleaning the Gold," and in the evening on "The Mission of Life's Sunshine."

The Ladies' Aid Society of the M. E. church will meet at the home of Mrs. Andrew Brower on March 12th, at two o'clock.


The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Leib is suffering from scarlet fever. Dr. Bennett of Sodus is attending her.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Harper and daughter Edna visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Harper, at Sodus Saturday and Sunday.

Archie Richards and James Brown spent Saturday at Newark and Lyons.

John Wilson of Newark spent Wednesday with friends in this place.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shufelt visited at Lyons Monday.

James Brown visited his sister, Mrs. Alice Sebring, at North Lyons Sunday.

Amos Carll of Sodus Centre was the guest of his daughter, Mrs. George Wahl, last Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Mitchell and daughters, Mae and Ethel, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Catlin and son, Harold, Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Harper, MIss Lillie Hughson and Miss Myrtle and Claud DeVall attended the social at Byron Ashford's near South Sodus last Friday night.

William Devall of PHelps visited his brother, Spencer Devall, last week.


Mrs. William Welch visited friends in Wolcott and Huron last week.

Mrs. William Sucher returned home from the Myers' hospital in Sodus Saturday very much improved in health. Although partially confined to her room she is slowly recovering. Mrs. Grant Palmer is caring for her.

Mrs. Arthur Gatchell entertained the "Neighborhood Society" of her street on Friday evening.

Mrs. L. H. Allen has returned from Hornell, where she was called by the illness of her little grandson, Delos Ford.

The Ladies Aid Society of the M. E. church will serve a dinner at the homem of Mr. and Mrs. John Raymer March 13th at one o'clock. These dinners given by the ladies are becoming very popular and it is hoped a good attendance will be present at this one.

Mrs. Mabel Blackman is caring for Dr. H. F. Seaman, who is ill.

Mrs. James Thompson and sons, Samuel and Frederick, are passing some time with her sister, Mrs. Murray, at Rockaway Beach, L. I.

Among the changes to take place April 1st are: Charles Lapp and wife will move in Mrs. O'Dell's house on Railroad street; Mrs. Shaver and son Harvey into Mrs. Case's house; Mrs. Lapp into the Shaver house on Railroad street; Henry haver into Olin Darling's house, which he has purchased; Fred Shepherd onto J. P. Thompson's place south of the railroad tracks; Benjamin Ives into Mrs. Cartman's house; Albert Sherman into the house vacated by Mr. Ives; Floyd Teetor and family into the east side of Anson Gatchell's house; Mr. Collin's and family onto C. F. Burns' place; and Elmer Wheeler into his house on Railroad street.


Guy L. Waldorf of Wolcott visited Sodus Centre friends Tuesday.

Mrs. C. H. Bennett was a guest of Auburn relatives over Sunday.

Editor H. L. Averill of Palmyra, was a visitor in Sodus Wednesday.

Mrs. Carrie B. Barker and Mrs. D. S. Austin passed Wednesday in Rochester.

THe Daughters of the King met Monday afternoon with Mrs. H. L. Kelly.

Deputy George C. Watson of Clyde inspected the granges in town Saturday.

Miss Minnie Erasmus resumed her studies at the Newark High School Monday.

Miss Juanita Olmstead visited her parents at Wolcott from Friday until Monday.

Mrs. George R. Robinson has been spending a few days with friends at Penn Yan.

Mrs. Edward Finch, who was operated upon recently by Dr. Bennett, is improving.

Mrs. Warner E. Danford is entertaining Mrs. J. F. Coad of Cuba for a few weeks.

George N. Negus was the guest of friends at Rochester from Saturday until Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Smith have been spending the week with relatives at Rochester.

General Manager McDonough of the Wayne Telephone Company was in town Saturday.

Mrs. J. Murray Proseus has been visiting Elmira relatives during the past three weeks.

R. M. Cheetham, president of the Williamson State Bank, was a caller in Sodus Wednesday.

Mrs. William B. Smith of Newark visited her brothers and sister in town during the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Mason Wood of Huron were guests of Sodus relatives the fore part of the week.

Frank Flannigan of Orleans was a guest the fore part of the week of Mr. and Mrs. Abram Brock.

Mrs. Nettie Smith of Rochester was a guest of her sister, Mrs. William Cunningham, Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Cole of Marion were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Cole in this village Wednesday.

Ray Chandler of Rensselaer was a guest over Sunday at Peter DeMey's.

William J. Tack of Palmyra was the guest of his parents and other relatives in town over Sunday.

Miss Helen L. Klumpp of Sodus Centre is at home from visiting friends at Lyons and Weedsport.

Peter DeNeef, Jr., has returned to Rochester, after a week's visit with his parents, south of this village.

R. S. Borradaile of Sodus Centre has been spending several days with friends at Wolcott and Rochester.

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Delano of Sodus Centre entertained a company of friends at dinner Wednesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Whiting and son of Red Creek were guests on Tuesday of Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Hyde.

Harvey E. Shufelt has received his appointment as deputy sheriff, much to the gratification of his numerous friends.

Edward Bates is expected home tomorrow from spending a week with his brother David and his wife at Pulaski.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cunningham and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cunningham and family were entertained on Sunday by Joy friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Raymer of Lyons visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Walhizer, from Saturday until Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. William Cunningham entertained a company of friends Monday evening. A six o'clock dinner was served.

George Bradley, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Bradley, has had a relapse, necessitating the return of his trained nurse.

Monday, April 7th, is the date set for the coming of Bishop Walker to St. John's Episcopal church. He will confirm a class at that time.

Supervisor and Mrs. James K. Gatchell and daughter Ruth of Huron visited Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Delano at Sodus Centre during the week.

C. J. Catlin has moved his market from the Fire Department building to the recently erected building on Maple avenue, next to the Grange block.

George Gray of Cato, a former resident of this town, has been the guest of Albert McMullen and of other lang syne friends since last week.

F. S. Collins reports that he has inspected the talking motion pictures in Rochester, and says that the people there have gone "daffy" over them.

Mrs. G. A. Fearon, who has been ill at the Sodus hospital for two weeks, is improving rapidly. Mr. Fearon was in town from Syracuse for over Sunday.

The steamer on which F. W. Chamberlain and B. A. Hopkins sailed from Liverpool was due at New York yesterday and they are expected to reach ome to-day.

Mrs. Jennie Borradaile, Mrs. E. B. Thrasher, Mrs. L. G. Ghent, and Miss Anna Cambier of Sodus Centre have been spending part of the week with friends at Rochester.

Peter Longrod, E. C. Klumpp, H. S. Duncan, W. A. Smith, Frank Gardiner, C. T. Bennett, E. B. Thrasher, E. A. Webler, and George Rawden had business at Lyons during the week.

William Plummer has taken the contract to construct the new building for C. L. Gramkee, to take the place of the one destroyed by fire December 20th. It will be of cement, with brick facing.

Dayton S. Lester will move from the Negus seed farm to the Claud Wilson farm in Williamson the first of April, and Jesse Gulick and family will move from Phelps to the house vacated by Mr. Lester.

Frank P. Bartles on has moved to his farm near the Sodus Centre cemetery and John A. Gulick has moved into the house vacated by Mr. Bartleson, which was purchased by Mr Gulick last autumn.

The following have been drawn from this town to serve as trial jurors at the session of the county court which will convene at Lyons on March 18th: Thurston McCarty, E. T. Boyd, C. M. Smith and William DeVolder.

Mr. and Mrs. John Boice of Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Andrews and Mr. and Mrs. George Worden of Alton and Mr. and Mrs. Clark Lester of South Sodus were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Abram Israel during the week.

F. D. Gaylord has so far recovered from his accident as to be able to be about the house on crutches and expects soon to venture abroad. His good courage enables him to make more rapid progress than many others would think possible.

Mr. and Mrs. William Mott, who moved to Rochester last fall, have returned and are at present with their daughter, Mrs. William Adsit, west of this village. They like Sodus even better than ever, and if they could find a suitable house they would undoubtedly make this their permanent home.

Rochester Lodge, B.P.O.E. boasts the tallest elk in captivity since placing the antlers on Ross W. Bryant, a former resident of this town, last Wednesday evening. Mr. Bryant is 6 feet, 9 1/2 inches tall, and the Rochester dailies asset that the lodge goat had to be fitted with stilts before the candidate could be initiated.

Miss Lulu May Taylor, one of the popular young ladies who has grown up in Sodus, was married in Rochester Wednesday, March 5th, to Joseph Stallknight of that city. The young couple will reside at 668 Portland avenue, Rochester. Miss Taylor resided on the Foland farm west of this village until a few months ago, when she closed the home and went to Rochester to live. The best wishes of a large circle of friends here are extended to Mr. and Mrs. Stallknight.

Mrs. E. C. Delano of Sodus Centre entertained the Ladies' Literary Club Friday afternoon. Continuing the study of the lives of prominent Americans and what they accomplished, interesting and instructive papers were read as follows: By Mrs. E. B. Thrasher on "Charles K. Nash;" by Mrs. Leroy G. Ghent, "Alexander T. Stewart;" by Mrs. Leon S. Lacey, "George Washington;" by Mrs. Sheldon Sours, "Booker T. Washington;" by Miss Bertha L. Kansler, "Benedict Arnold." Mrs. George R. Borradaile will entertain the club this afternoon. The annual banquet of the members and their husbands and escorts is scheduled for the evening of March 17th, a sort of "Wearing of the Green" affair.

The Christian Endeavor Society of the Presbyterian church will hold a social Monday evening, March 10th. Those desiring to attend are requested to meet at the home of Miss Bertha Kitts at seven o'clock, from which place they will start for a sleighride. It will be necessary for those who desire to go to notify some member of the committee in charge, in order that arrangements may be made for enough sleighs for the party. The committee consists of Dwight F. Gaylord, Miss Marion Hendricks, Miss Mary Porter, Elliott Hill, Solon Hyde and Miss Kitts. Refreshments will be served at the home of Miss Kitts after the return from the ride. The ladies are expected to furnish these. The cahrge for the ride will be twenty-five cents.

The "C. & H." Club made a surprise visit to Mrs. B. A. Hopkins Wednesday evening. The guests came provided with delicious refreshments which were served during the evening. The hostess was presented with a dozen hand embroidered napkins, the work of the club members.

The Monday Club will meet the evening of March 10th with the Misses Craft at the home of Mrs. W. E. Danford. The following program will be given; Roll call, current topics; "The Battle of Culloden," Mrs. W. D. Curtiss; "The Ramseys - Poet and Painter," Miss Ward; "Paul Jones," Miss Ida Shaver.

After figuring the cost of labor, fertilizer, cover crop seed, spraying materials, barrels, interest, taxes, etc., a careful estimate shows that the cost of producing a barrel of apples in Wayne county in 1907 was 66 cents; in 1908, 71 cents; in 1910, 83 cents; and in 1912, 85 cents.

About twenty friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. White dropped in on them unannounced last Friday evening, It was a complete surprise, but proved to be one of the most enjoyable social affairs of the winter. As a toen of esteem the host and hostess were presented with an elegant oak rocker.

The Truth Seekers' Class of the M. E. Sunday school held an unusually pleasant meeting at the home of their teacher, Dr. F. D. Andrew, Friday evening. The young people went from this village in a sleigh load, the drive proving not the least enjoyable part of the evening's fun. Dr. and Mrs. Andrew proved themselves ideal entertainers for young people. About fifteen members of the class were present.

Herbert Fowler of Spring Valley, Minn., was in town calling on old friends. He formerly resided in this village, leaving here fifteen years ago. He has resided in Spring Valley over ten years, and owns a farm and several building lots. Mr. Fowler is a tailor by trade and continues that line of work. He has a deep interest in his old home town, and always comes here when he makes a trip east.

According to government reports there is not much ice in the lake harbors. At Charlotte harbor there is no ice, and the same condition exists at Niagara. At Sodus Bay the ice is solid and aboaut ten inches thick, and this condition is also reported from Fair Haven. There is very little ice in the Oswego harbor, however, and only a small field of floating ice is visible in the lake. Navigation should open on time this year.

From the Lyons Press: "The Williamson supervisor case entitled Alson B. Covert vs. Frank M. Gordon, a litigated contest to decide who of the two parties involved had been legally elected to the office of supervisor of that town at the election held in November, 191, has been decided. Covert and Gordon were opposing candidates. The latter received the greater number of votes and was granted a certificate. Mr. Covert contested the seat upon the ground that Mr. Gordon was school trustee at the time of the election. There is a statute expressly forbidding the holding of these offices by the same man. Mr. Gordon did not resign the school trustee until after the election. Mr. Covert alleged that Mr. Gordon did hold the two offices for a time. Justice Clark in supreme court upholds Attorney E. W. Hamn's contention that under the statute such double holding was impossible. The decision was handed down last week. The opinion holds that Mr. Gordon as school trustee accepted the nomination for supervisor the office of trustee became vacant automatically."

H. H. Gramkee has arrived in Sodus to make this his home, his family to come later. The residents of this village will be glad to welcome Mr. Gramkee and his family.

Patrick Sullivan has returned from visiting his parents in New York. During his absence his position as telegraph operator at the New York Central station has been filled by R. D. Early of Walker.

At the annual meeting of the Friendly Class of the Presbyterian church held at the home of Mrs. H. P. Butts Friday evening the following officers were chosen for the coming year: President, Mrs. Lyman Riggs; vice president, Mrs. Frank M. Snyder; secretary, Miss Helen R. Green; treasurer for the class, Miss Bertha Goodsell; treasurer for others, Mrs. Isaac Vandermill; teacher, Mrs. H. P. Butts; assistant teachers, Mrs. H. S. Bradley and Mrs. J. E. Rice.

There was a sufficient fall of snow early in the week to make excellent sleighing, the first of the winter. It will have to be recorded that we did not have any sleighing of consequence until March, which is a rare experience. The drawing of logs has been greatly aided by the snow fall, and much timber has been drawn to the basket and crate factories since Monday.

It was predicted a few years ago that the coming of the automobile would cause a surplus of horses and send down the prices, but the contrary has been the result. Horses have been scarce and the prices have been higher than ever. W. W. Wood & Son state that they have sold more horses the past winter than ever. They have received four car loads from South Dakota.

The Friendly Class will be entertained this evening by Mrs. C. J. Catlin, Mrs. Jennie Hyde and Miss Bertha Goodsell at the home of the first named.

John F. Hayes returned Monday from spending three weeks in the south, most of the time being spent in Mississippi, on the gulf coast. He reports a very delightful time. When he left there Friday the mercury was 80 in the shade. Mrs. Hayes did not return with him. She expects to remain in Mississippi about a month longer.

From the Newark Union-Gazette: "A meeting of Newark business men was held at the office of WS. E. Comstock yesterday forenoon. The subject was good roads. Supervisor Brown told of the official action of the county. Arcadia is to have seven miles of country roads and thse are to be built third in the order of sequence, the fist and second contacts being for the completion of contracts already started. ILt is not at all sure whether the state road, known as route 20, will be built through this section this year or not."

A large number were present at the annual meeting of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Presbyterian church Friday afternoon at the church parlors. An unusually interesting program was carried out, consisting of readings and music. A solo by Miss Gertrude Knapp was especially enjoyable. Officers were elected as follows: President, Mrs. D. B. McMurdy; first vice president, Mrs. C. K. Knapp; second vice president, Mrs. F. D. Gaylord; secretary, Mrs. Peter Barclay; treasurer, Mrs. Adam Brier. A fine supper was served after the formal meeting.

James Gilkey of Clyde visited his sister in this town during the week.

For Sale.

Horse 8 yrs. old, sound and all right, either single or double. Weight 1100.
H. M. Barnes.

Two good Jersey cows. One coming four years, calf by her side. One coming eight, due soon.
Phineas Toor, Geneva Road, Sodus.
Twenty rods form Palmer Stop. Trolley line.


A young man to clerk in our store. One able to speak the Holland language preferred.
Gordon & DeHond, Williamson.

Man as farm tenant.
E. T. Boyd.

Good Hay.

For sale at Jacob Boone's on the Vosburgh farm. Inquire of Jacob Boone.

Lots for Sale.

In one of the finest residence sections of Sodus village.
W. E. Irish.


Bert E. Day of Rose, and Miss Mae Shepherd, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Shephard of Alton, were married at the Methodist Protestant parsonage Tuesday evening by Rev. Allen. The couple were attended by Roy Teetor of Alton and Miss Bertha Day of Rochester, a twin sister of the groom. After the ceremony they drove to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd M. Teetor, where a wedding supper was served.


Clyde Currier of Maxwell spent Friday and Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Mabb.

Miss Bertha Waters spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Peter Verbridge of Newark.

Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Reasue have purchased a new piano.

Miss Mabel Webler called on friends here Friday.

L. M. Snyder spent Tuesday in Fairville.

Earl G. Keckison spent from Friday until Monday with his cousins, Cecil and Gilmer Chase, at Newark.

Jacob Vangee spent Sunday in Newark.

A genuine surprise was given Glen and Elnora Steele last Thursday evening by forty of their friends. Games were played and music was enjoyed by all. Elnora Steele and Bertha Steighler sang a duet. About 10:30 supper was served. All returned home at a late hour after spending a most enjoyable evening.


Friday morning the high school department listened to another of the interesting and helpful talks given by Principal Dorman. It is regretted that there was not more of the public interested enough to spend a few minutes Friday mornings in the school room, for all are welcome. [Subject was "Air Castles." Refer to original paper for eye-glazing description of the lecture and to understand why most local residents had something else to do that morning.]

Wednesday morning Harold Clicquennoi talked on what is most needed in our school today - true school spirit.

Tuesday afternoon the junior class met and organized with the following members: Margaret Sentell, Bernice Burden, Ila Seager, Leona Turner, Castelle Gaylord, Glen Turner, Blanche Hopkins, Margaret VanWeaver, Ada Seelinger and Alice Whitbeck. The officers are as follows: President, Glen Turner; vice president, Bernice Burden; secretary, Leona Turner; treasurer, Castelle Gaylord.

For Sale.

The Famous Snider House, Sodus. Business very prosperous. Ill health reason for selling.

Alton & Huron Stock Horse Co.
Will sell their thoroughbred Belgian Stallion at auction March 15th, at 2:30 p. m., at the Alton House. Weight, 1,750; age 8 years; color dark bay roan.
Elmer Wheeler, Auctioneer.

Hard wood and chunks, and timber for building.
C. J. Obine.

Home brand lime and sulphur solution for spraying.
A. Bean

Irish Cobbler seed potatoes. Large size. $1 per bushel.
C. C. Abbe.

No. 1 chestnut posts. Enquire of
W. M. Featherly, Resort.

New Way Spraying Machine.
Lewis VanWeaver.

Book case and library table.
Mrs. B. A. Hopkins

New House. Will be finished April 1st. All modern improvements. Price reasonable.
W. E. Irish

Motor boat; 26 ft. over all; 10 h. p. engine. Fully equipped. All in good repair. Price $200.
F. C. Vought.

A quantity of hay.
Peter DeGrater, Wallington.

In Sodus village. 11 room house, with bath, electric lights, hot and cold water, furnace heat, barn 30x36 feet, large lot 4x15 rods.
Enquire of Charles Sager.

Horses for Sale.

20 head of Iowa horses. Drivers, draft and general purpose horses, at the barns of Chas. Hanby, 1 mile east of Williamson High School, and 1 mile south west of East Williamson.

In this village, good house, new barn, good well, cistern and garden.
Enquire Dr. B. E. St. John.


Young man to work in grocery store. One who can understand the Holland language preferred. Apply to J. L. Toussaint, The Grange Store, Sodus.


Elm, beech and soft maple logs. Also both hard and soft wood bolts.
Sodus Crate & Basket Co.

I want to rent a good house with privilege of buying it.
F. D. Gaylord.

House for Sale.

For an actual cash payment of $530, and a mortgage of $2,500, will arrange with responsible party to sell the double house on High street, which has cost $4,070.80, retaining a two year lease at $360 per year, ($15 per month per side,) payable the full two years in advance, thus reducing the investment to a low figure compared to the value of the property. This is a bargain, and an easy plan by which to acquire a home, or a desirable property, for renting purposes.

G. R. Mills.

Desiring to build on my Main St. property, I offer for sale my Newark St. house, lot, barn and henhouse. Electric lights, furnace heat, bath and telephone. Located on a soon-to-be-improved highway direct to Newark. 10 varieties grapes, from late summer to fall, 10 kinds of peaches, late summer to late fall, 4 varieties of apples, Aug. to Nov., 4 varieties of pears, 3 varieties of cherries, summer to fall, 2 varieties of berries, 2 Asparagus beds, one sweet chestnut tree. All above in bearing. Fine early garden.

C. K. Knapp.


Marenus Clicquennot will sell at his farm at the Centenary crossing, on the Ridge, on Friday, March 14th, at 12 m., 2 cows, coming in, lumber wagon, democrat, bobs, log boat, fanning mill, double harness, horse rake, cultivators, Osborne mower, cutting box, dog power, row boat, door frame and door, complete, apple machinery and sacks, 3 tackle blocks, log chains, binding chain, barley fork, ladders, 12 lb. scales, 2 cant hooks, wire stretcher, quantity of traps, grinding stone, cross cut saw, wood rack, fox and beadle hound, trimming shears, pruning shears, bush hook, set carpenter tools, work bench, shave horse, 2 gallons white lead, 21 swarms bees, beehives, 3 lbs. bee foundation, bee smoker, hat, catcher and honey cup-board, and a quantity of household furniture. Usual terms. W. W. Wood, auctioneer.

The subscriber having sold his farm will offer at public auction at the Holling farm, situated about two miles north of Williamson, and two miles south of Pultneyville, on Lake avenue, on Friday, March 14th, 1913, commencing at 1 o'clock sharp, the following described property, viz:

2 horses, 4 cows, double work harness, one-horse work harness, single-harness, two-horse wagon, one-horse wagon, platform rack, surrey, stanhope, ____ (paper worn), Wiard plow, shovel plow, berry hoe, Milwaukee mowing machine, spring-tooth drag, smoothing harrow, land roller, pair bob sleighs, two seated cutter, cutter, corn sheller, scales 1000 lbs. capacity, 5 picking ladders, 5 ladders L( 3 - 24 ft., 2 - 18 ft.), 6 picking bags, 3 apple pickers, grindstone, blankets, robes, trimming saws, pruning shears, 275 bu. crates, quantity peach crates, quantity peach baskets, one-third bu. quantity of tarleton, quantity berry crates, 225 bu. corn in the ear, 50 bales shavings, 1 1/2 tons bailed hay, crow bar, shovels, hoes, log chain, 10 bu. potatoes, Gould hand spray pump, 2 bamboo extensions with hose, 50 hens, whiffletrees, corn planter, clover sower, canvas, 4 bags phosphate, 3 spray barrels, quantity 1/2 bu. picking baskets, 200 new fruit baskets, fly nets, oak sideboard, mahogany divan, 3 bedroom suits, mahogany commode, upholstered chairs, couch, rockers, 2 parlor tables, bureaus, looking glass, cot beds with mattresses, new writing desks, music rack, oak extension dining table, pictures, and other articles too numerous to mention.

Paul Holling.

A. J. VanLara            Auctioneer.
Williams Yeomans             Clerk.

Notice to Creditors to Produce Claims.
Pursuant to an order of Hon. Clyde W. Knapp, Surrogate of Wayne County, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Peter C. Gibbs late of Sodus, in the county of Wayne, deceased, that they are required to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to Matilda B. Gibbs and Carl J. Gibbs, executors of the said deceased, at the place of residence of said Matilda B. Gibbs, in Sodus, on or before the 9th day of July, A. D. 1913.

Dated Sodus, N.Y. January 3d, 1913.
M. M. Kelly, Atty. for Executors, Sodus, N.Y.

Matilda B. Gibbs, Carl J. Gibbs,

(Savannah Times.)

Fred Taylor had a serious experience last Sunday in trying to lead a heifer which had never had a halter on before. The heifer was a strong and vigorous Holstein, and carried a wicked eye in her shapely head. It was easy to see that the Holstein didn't take kindly to Fred's attentions while he was placing the long rope around her horns. With the rope adjusted, he ordered the stanchions opened, and the crowd to stand back. The heifer took the initiative at once. Out of the barn the heifer went, closely followed by the highway superintendent, and candidate for re-election. The heifer ran at a furious clip, tail erect, head near the ground, and Taylor's legs flying like snare drum-sticks, and his rubber coat slit up the back, floating in the February zephyrs at right angles to the heifer's tail. She chaperoned Taylor over lumber piles, into ditches, and through the orchards, where his course was marked by human gore and auburn colored human hair. In spite of the loss of a golden lock at every jump, and bare-headed, Taylor still hung onto the rope, and led the Holstein heifer home.

Rose and Vicinity.

Miss Charlotte Hills is visiting relatives in Rochester.

Miss Harriett A. Wilson is visiting friends at Clyde.

Mrs. James Melvin of Shortsville is visiting her brother, Clinton Bain.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Klinck entertained relatives at dinner last Friday.

Mrs. Frank E. Reynolds has returned from an extended stay in Rochester.

Roe T. Soule has presented the Free Library with several historical volumes.

Bert Knapp will move on the Valorus Ellinwood farm south of this village this spring.

Albert D. Collier of Clyde has presented the Rose Free Library with a fine oak library table.

Dr. and Mrs. G. D. Winchell and Miss Marian Winchell visited relatives at Wallington Sunday.

John McRorie will move from Wayne Centre to the Bert Knapp house on Lyons street April 1st.

Mr. McDonald of the Auburn Theological Seminary supplied the pulpit at the Presbyterian church Sunday.

Mrs. Harrison Valentine and Mrs. George F. Valentine entertained a company of friends at luncheon Monday.

The Ladies' Missionary Society of the Presbyterian church will meet with Miss Jessie Barnes this afternoon.

Miss Lena Brewster went to Lyons last Friday to attend the Rooker Class banquet at the Methodist Episcopal church.

Mr. and Mrs. Galusha Oathout and Mrs. Sarah Saxton of Wolcott visited Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Klinck over Sunday.

William A. Marsh spent Monday and Tuesday in Rochester. He visited his sister, Mrs. Theron D. Wilson at the general hospital while there.

Some of the young people of this village will present "His Last Chance," a comedy in three acts, at the town hall Friday and Saturday evening, March 21st and 22nd. Music will be furnished by the Rose Orchestra. This will be given for the Village Improvement Society.

Mrs. George A. Collier visited friends at Marion several days last week.

Almon Beals has purchased the Charles Waldron farm in Huron. Consideration, $2,500. Possession given April 1st.

Leaton J. Seelye visited his mother at the General hospital in Rochester last Friday and reports that she is getting along nicely.

Collins G. Wood has moved into his new house on Dix and Thomas streets, which he recently purchased of Mrs. Edna Wood.

The "Sing" at the Rose Inn last Friday evening was largely attended and enjoyed by all present. Another is planned for the near future.

The Standard Bearers of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday school will hold a box social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Bain this evening.

Stephen Waite accompanied his daughter, Mrs. George Oliver, to Rochester last Saturday, where he will make his home for the remainder of the winter.

John Stopfel has decided he will stay on his farm another year and will not move into the Ticknor house as stated last week. The thoughts of moving made them too homesick.

Miss Lucy E. Osborn and her guests, Miss Flora Slocum of Winstead, Conn., and Noble Mack of Scriba, were entertained by Mrs. Frank H. Closs, Jr., last Thursday afternoon.

The Ladies' Missionary Society of the Presbyterian church have elected the following officers: President, Mrs. G. D. Winchell; vice president, Mrs. Willis I. Dennis; secretary, Mrs. Lewis S. Town; treasurer, Mrs. Charles A. Wilson; secretary of literature, Mrs. James Fredenall; chairman of program committee, Miss Charlotte Hills.

The death of Miss Ella Waite occurred Wednesday evening, February 26th at nine o'clock. She had been a sufferer from kidney and heart trouble for some time and it was known she could not recover. Her age was fifty-eight years. She has always resided in this town and after the death of her mother she kept house for her father, giving him excellent care. Her aged father and one sister, Mrs. George H. Oliver of Rochester, survive her. The funeral services were held from her late home Friday morning at ten o'clock. Rev. J. J. Edwards, pastor of the Rose Methodist Episcopal church, officiated. Interment was made in Rose Cemetery.


Lewis Hiltz visited his sister at Lyons last Thursday and Friday.

Mrs. Emily Thompson of Alton visited Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Marsh a few days last week.

Mrs. Chauncey M. Foster visited Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stopfel at Clyde two days last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Stopfel and two children have been visiting relatives at Waterloo during the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Boyce visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry Andrews at Alton a few days last week.

William H. Clapp of South Butler visited Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Mitchell from Saturday until Monday.

Mrs. John A. Smart of Seneca Falls passed the latter part of the week with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Smart.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Metcalf enjoyed a 6 o'clock dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oaks last Thursday.

Mrs. Fred Ream, Miss Allie F. Ream, Mrs. Margaret Mitchell and Clayton J. Allen of Rose and Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Mitchell visited Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Mitchell on Thursday.

North Rose and Vicinity.

Lela M. Rose, Editor.

Mrs. Burton Stacy of Alton was in town last week.

Homer Stone was at home from Leroy over Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. Clum were in Rochester one day last week.

Miss Ruth Thomas spent last week with her brothers at Resort.

Miss Alice Catchpole has been the guest of friends in Syracuse.

Mrs. R. Monroe was in Auburn last week to visit her brother, who is ill.

Mrs. C. Seager of Sodus has been the guest of her grandmother, Mrs. J. Briggs.

Miss Jennie Weager of Wolcott, was the guest of Mrs. Charles Garlic Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. George Tator of Wolcott spent Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Day.

Walter Smith and family have moved from Glenmark into J. C. Aldrich's tenant house.

Mrs. Dewitt Quereau entertained the "Never Worry" Embroidery Club at her home Saturday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Welch spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gatchell near Clyde.

John Bly has purchased the Raup house on Main street and has rented it to Frank Hill.

Rev. J. C. Langford and daughter Margaret and J. C. Benedict have returned from Vermont.

Mrs. J. M. Gray entertained the Embroidery Club at her home on Wednesday of last week.

Miss Laura Young of Wayne Centre will make her home with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hill and attend school here.

At the Grange chicken pie contest Mrs. Charles E. Burnett won first and Mrs. Joseph Stubley the second prize.

Harold Welch and Miss Loretta Higgins of Geneva spent a part of last week with Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Welch.

Mrs. Dewitt Quereau arranged a surprise birthday party for her mother, Mrs. William Quereau, on Friday.

Mrs. Charles Garlic and her trimmer were in Rochester and Buffalo last week getting ready for their millinery opening.

After a week of helpful meetings at Resort, Evangelist and Mrs. F. Suffield left here Saturday morning for Naples, which is their next field of labor.

Miss Lucy Barnes entertained the members of her Sunday school class at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Barnes Monday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Partrick have returned from a trip to New York. Mrs. Partrick also visited Miss Eva Deady at Rockville Centre.

On Wednesday evening of last week Mrs. O. A. Skutt surprised her husband by inviting eleven of his men friends to supper. They were served by Gray Skutt and Donald Welch. A fine time is reported.

A variety shower was given Miss Elizabeth Vandeputte at the home of Mrs. O. A. Skutt Wednesday afternoon. The guests were the members of Mrs. J. C. Long's and mrs. G. W. Marshall's Sunday school classes of the M. E. church.

Undertaker M. E. Newberry was in Rochester last week to bring to Huron the body of Mrs. William Jones, who died in a hospital in that city. Mrs. Jones' maiden name was Cady and she was a resident of Huron for several years. Her age was about 45 years.

Mrs. E. A. Salter and Mrs. Charles Garlic entertained the Literary Society at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Salter on Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Gray and Mr. and Mrs. H. Smith entertained the club Wednesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gray.

Last week the Aldrich-Marshall party visited Mervin Dickinson, proprietor of the Hotel Oregon, at Portland, Oregon. Mr. Dickinson is a cousin of Mr. Aldrich. Later they reached Seattle, which is the extreme point of their journey and from now on their travel will be homeward.

Mrs. M. E. Newberry has kindly consented to teach vocal music in the primary department of the public school during the remainder of the year free of charge. The lessons are given each Friday afternoon. This is a rare opportunity for the pupils as Mrs. Newberry is an experienced teacher, having taught in the New York public schools.

The funeral of Mrs. J. Burch, aged 61 years, occurred at the M. E. church Monday afternoon, Rev. J. C. Long officiating. Mrs. Burch had ben ill for several months with ___ (paper worn!) trouble. She is survived by a son, Wiliam Acker of this village, and a daughter, Miss Edna Acker, who makes her home in Rochester. The friends and neighbors sent a very handsome floral piece.

Williamson and Vicinity

Howard Hoste has the grip.

J. L. Transue made a business trip to Syracuse Wednesday.

Supervisor F. M. Gordon was in Lyons on business Monday.

Mrs. Raymond Cottrell is employed as clerk in A. B. Covert's store.

J. Papapan is spending the week in Rochester and elsewhere on business.

Isaac Mayou is building a new residence on Miller street in this village.

Mrs. Frank Fisher of Rochester has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Fisher.

The donation for Rev. J. C. Henry last week will amount to nearly $250. Donations have been added to the amount received at the church, which was $230.

Mrs. G. D. Young is attending the millinery openings in Syracuse this week.

Ralph Westfall was at home from Colgate University from Thursday until Sunday.

Mrs. Eugene Parkhill and Mrs. Joseph Hanby were in Sodus Saturday afternoon.

Jacob Buerman of Sodus visited his sister, Mrs. Daniel Delelys, Tuesday afternoon.

Miss Lucile Berzine went to Lyons Monday to begin her spring millinery business.

A daughter, Loraine Eleanor, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Decker February 25th.

Miss Elizabeth Hoste is spending a week with her sister, Mrs. J. C. Obine, in Sodus.

Miss Jennie Russell of Rochester is spending some time with friends in this village and vicinity.

William Cady and daughter of Palmyra spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Milo White.

Miss Ida Vanderbilt was a Sunday guest of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stuver, in Rochester.

The Ladies' Aid Society and the Ladies' Missionary Society of the M. E. church will hold a joint meeting at the home of Mrs. Peter Behage this afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Waterman spent Sunday with Mrs. Waterman's mother, Mrs. Jackson, in Macedon.

Mrs. Earl Troutman of Rochester has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schattner.

Miss Clara Shepherd of Rochester is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Shepherd, in this village.

Mrs. William VanHolde and Peter Manhave and family made an automobile trip to Rochester Saturday.

Mrs. Bye A. Hopkins and daughter Blanche of Sodus were guests of Mr and Mrs. James Tassell over Sunday.

Leman Robie of Rochester spent Saturday night and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Robie.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thomas entertained a company of friends at their home on West Main street Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Miller entertained Mr. and Mrs. John DeFrine and Philip Vinkey and family at dinner Sunday.

Mrs. Oscar Warren, who was taken to the General hospital in Rochester for an operation last week, is improving.

Master Gage Transue entertained a company of his young friends Saturday afternoon, the occasion being his tenth birthday anniversary.

Paul Holling of Pultneyville has rented the H. A. Tellier residence in this village and with his mother and sister will come here to reside.

A merry sleighload of his schoolmates enjoyed a ride to the farm home of Russell Bishop Monday evening and enjoyed a jolly party.

Miss Katherine Longrod is having a week's vacation from her duties at Gordon & DeHond's store. She spent part of the week visiting friends in North Rose.

Mr. and Mrs. P. T. Wagemaker entertained Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kusse of East Williamson and Mr. and Mrs. John DeFisher and family of Centenary last week Thursday.

Mrs. Anna Randolph went to Syracuse the latter part of last week to visit the family of Rosie Newhall for a week. Following this she will visit relatives in Marion before returning to Williamson.

The fine sleighing of the past week has been good for business as well as pleasure, many getting much done that they had been deferring until sleighing came. The ice harvest here is completed for this season.

Abraham Fisher, Abraham Robine, Peter Legassee, Matthew Plassche and Frank Tummonds have been drawn as trial jurors to serve the county term of court at Lyons, which will convene at Lyons March 18th.

The new state bank building is still attracting many visitors, in spite of the length of time it has been open to the public, the consensus of opinion being that the building is the handsomest in this section, outside of city banks.

Miss Rachel Russell of Syracuse University and Charles Russell of Cornell University were called home last week to attend the funeral of their uncle, Rev. U. L. Joyce, of Greenville, Pa., who was brought to Marion for burial.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry DeJager expect to sail for Holland to visit the former's familiy about the middle of March. Mr. and Mrs. Peter BeHage may accompany them if present plans carry. They will return sometime near the first of June.

The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skellinger died at their home three miles south of this village Monday morning. Death was caused from pneumonia. The survivors are the parents, a brother, Leo, and two sisters, Beatrice and Grace.

Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Farnsworth have been entertaining the following guests during the past week: Edward Paget, Miss Elsie Schoonerman and Irving Davis and family of Marion, Mrs. Charles Snitzel of Ontario and William Farnsworth, of Newark.

Mrs. W. B. Freer is so far recovered from her recent illness as to be able to return to Williamson from the Rochester hospital where she has been for treatment. At present she and Mr. Freer are staying in this village with Mr and Mrs. A. F. DeHond.

Mrs. Harry Tellier and children of North Rose were guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Miihl, Jr., from Wednesday of last week until Monday. Mr. Tellier was also here for a short time, coming to attend the donation Friday evening at the Baptist church.

John Beus, the twelve-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Beus, who broke his leg coasting about two months ago, had the misfortune to again break the same leg while trying to walk. He will be confined to his home for another long time, which is quite a trial to a lad of his age.

The annual banquet of the Williamson board of trade will be held in Odd Fellows' Hall the evening of March 12th. The members will invite their wives as guests this year for the first time in the history of the organization. It is expect that several good speakers will be heard on this occasion.

C. I. Trimble took a party of twenty-five young people from the high school to Marion for a sleigh ride Saturday evening. On their return they were entertained by Masters Donald and Ralph Bennett. A delicious lunch was a feature of the evening greatly enjoyed after the ride in the frosty air.

Thomas West has purchased the fittings in the building formerly used as the state bank and will use them in fitting up the office in his building, which he will commence soon to remodel. Mr. Robie has already moved his jewelry business into the DeZutter block, leaving the West building in readiness to begin the changes contemplated.

J.L. Transue will speak in Caledonia Monday evening, to assist in a temperance campaign now going forward in that section. He will speak of the temperance question from a business man's standpoint, telling among other things what long-continued no-license has done for the town of Williamson, which is second in prosperity and business intetrity to none in this section of the state. That Williamson speakers are called for in this connection is a compliment, not only to the individual, but to the town as well.

Some who have been greatly interested in the extension of the Newark-Marion railway through this town are greatly disappointed that the matter appears to have come to a standstill on account of the failure to obtain the $20,000 required by the railway company. Others are satisfied to let the matter rest for a time, thinking that when the business warrants it the railway will come and pay its own way. Some time ago a law was passed forbidding towns to bond themselves for railroad construction, and many appear to feel that the subsidies required by most railways before they extend their lines into new territory is a plain evasion of this law. In view of the fact that valuable rights of way and franchises are usually granted to corporations free, which afterward appear among their assets with a valuation of many thousands of dollars, there seems to be mulch to be said on this side of the question.

East Williamson.

Mr. and Mrs. Abram Herman were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Contant at their home near Pultneyville the latter part of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Verdow were in Rochester to see Mr. Verdow's brother Aaron, who was operated upon in a Rochester hospital recently.

Mrs. John DeBack, a former resident of this village, died in a Rochester hospital Saturday at the age of 55 years. Funeral services were held in the Reformed church in this village Tuesday afternoon. Rev. John Ossewarde officiated. Burial was made in the East Williamson cemetery. She is survived by her husband, two sons, John and Josiah DeBack, one daughter, Mrs. Harry Tanghe, and one brother, Paul DeBack, all of Penfield, and three sisters, Miss Cora DeBack and Mrs. Herman Willink of Penfield, and Mrs. Leonard Johnson of Union Hill.


James Colwell had business in Williamson Tuesday.

Mrs. Harry Page spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in Sodus.

Mrs. Jacob Kohlman visited her sister, Mrs. Joseph Foley, in Williamson Tuesday.

Messers. Floyd and Carl Mepham have opened their meat market in East Williamson in a new building which they have erected in that village.

All spellings and misspellings of names and common words are exactly as given in the original text. For information about persons or businesses listed, we thank you in advance for directing all questions and research inquiries to the Office of the County Historian.

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