The names listed below of noteworthy Savannah citizens are from the Savannah portion of the index to "Landmarks of Wayne County, New York", edited by George Washington Cowles, and assisted by Henry Perry Smith and others. The book was published in Syracuse, N.Y. in 1895 by D. Mason & Company, Publishers. We are posting this index as the book contains short notices, biographies and occasional family sketches of the individuals below, most of whom were alive in 1895. The numbers following names are page numbers in the original book.

The book "Landmarks of Wayne County" is relatively scarce, due to its age as well as cost at time of publication, but can be found at major genealogical libraries, primarily on microfilm. It's possible, wherever you reside, that your local library could borrow a copy for you from a cooperating library through interlibrary loan. A copy of this book is available for viewing at the main research library of the New York Public Library in New York City, as well as at the Wayne County Dept. of History and Tourism in Lyons, NY.

Names Index of Savannah Citizens found in "Landmarks of Wayne County"

Allen, Wells A., 157
Anderson, George, 20
Bates, C. A., 157
Bixby, John H., 130
Calkins, William M., 158
Campbell, Grove E., Rev., 159
Carncross, Andrew, 148
Carver, P.K., 34
Clarke, Byron G., 159
Coleman, C. A., 158
Cotten, D.J., 158
Cotton, Jerome, 158
Crandle, R. S., 36
Davis, Daniel D., Rev., 45
Dunham, Henry, 42
Dunham, Jerry, 159
Dunham, Laura Ann, Mrs., 42
Earley, James, 49
Evans, David H., 148
Farnum, Ammon S., 53
Farrand, G. A., 53
Farrand, Isaac T., 53
Ferris, O'Connell, 159
Gage, B. F., 281
Goss, James W., 281
Gregg, Alexander, 281
Hall, Aaron, 64
Hall, Aaron F., 64
Hamilton, David R., 63
Harrington, Eb., 63
Hogan, A. N., 143
Holdridge, A. J., 300
Ingersoll, John, Mrs., 160
Jepson, Charles B., 70
Laird, John B., 75
Long, Charles, 76
McGinniss, Michael, 78
Magraw, George R., 160
Male, Edwin B., 161
Merriman, H. E., 160
Merritt, Gordon, 161
Mesner, John, 160

Monroe, Allida, Mrs., 160
Munson, John A., 80
Newton, H. E., 161
North, Orissa, Miss, 85
Olmstead, H. M., 161
Platner, Solomon, 156
Plumb, Charles G., 147
Pomeroy, E. P., 161
Quackenbush, Elizabeth, Mrs., 89
Rector, Sarah, Mrs., 96
Rising, Henry C., 94
Rising, Joseph H., 94
Roberts, Cyrus, 162
Sedore, Ira B., 163
Seelye, Jesse, 101
Severance, Smith, 162
Silver, O. Clate, 102
Smith, Ensign, 19
Smith, Horace W., 104
Soule, Harriet B., 101
Soule, Mary and Lavinia, 102
Spoor, Abijah, 162
Spoore, John L., 163
Stevens, Elford, 162
Stuck, Henry, 145
Sweeting, William H., 105
Swift, Philip, Rev. 162
Taylor, Henry, 163
Ure, Hosea, 8
Vanderpool, George, 164
Van Duyne, Ezra M., 7
Van Dyke, Ralph, Mrs. 144
Van Wickle, Simon, 149
Vought, N. C., 164
Westcott, George H., 165
Widrig, Russell, 165
Wiley, C. C., 165
Williams, Albert, 165
Williams, Samuel, 11
Wilsey, Irving, 164
Wood, Alonzo D., 164
Wood, Charles, 12

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