Names Index to the 1874 Map

of the

Town of Savannah

Wayne County, NY

The names below were abstracted from the 1874 map of the town of Savannah. Although some persons owned more than one property, I determined a total of 240 separate household names. Most of the names were legible; however, due to the small print, errors may have been made in interpreting a few initials. Please verify this interpretation by referring to the original map, which is available at the Office of the County Historian. Source: Atlas of Wayne County, New York, From Actual Surveys and Official Records, compiled and published by D. G. Beers & co., Philadelphia, 1874.

Abrams, B.
Abrams, J.
Adit (?), F.
Albright, P.
Anderson, P.
Baggerly, H.O.
Bagley, W. E.
Baisdell, M.
Barger, J.
Barke, J.
Bassett, I.
Beadle, L.
Beare, W.
Betts, H.
Bishop, H.
Bishop, Mrs.
Bixby, J. H.
Bixby, J.K.
Blanshard, L.
Blasdell, Mrs. K.
Brewster, S.
Brockmure, H.
Brooks, T.
Cady, P.H.
Calkins, W. M.
Campbell, D.
Campbell, Mrs. M.
Candee, G.
Carncross, A.
Carncross, A. N.
Carncross, D. E.
Carncross, H.
Carncross, O.
Carncross, W. H.
Carr, J.
Carris, W.
Carter, A.
Carver D. I.
Case, J. F.
Clarkson, W.
Cobb, B. F.
Coffey, J.
Collen, J.
Conklin, S.
Conklin, W.C.
Connor, J.
Cook, M.
Cook, Mrs. C.
Coon, H.
Coon, Mrs.
Cornell, W.
Cornell, Z.A.
Cotton, D.
Cotton, J.
Crandle, J. T.
Crandle, R. S.
Davis, J.
Davis, Mrs. P. A.
Dean, A. L.
Dean, H. E.
Defreeze, B.
Dodge, A.
Douglas, J.
Dunham, H.
Dunham, J.
Earley, J.
Eastman, P.
Eastwood, W.
Evans & Farrand
Evans, J.
Evans, J. G.
Exiner, L.
Farrand, B.C.
Farrand, G.A.
Farrand, I. T.
Faulkner, W.
Ferris, J.
Ferris, N. & J.
Finland, Mrs.
Fish, J.
Fitch, N.
Foley, W.
Foster, J.
Gand, E.
Gay, D.
Gay, P.
Gay, R.
Gill, J.
Goodmote, H.
Goodmote, P.H.
Green, Mrs. C.
Grosfent, D.
Hadden, J. W.
Hall, A. F.
Hamilton, D. R.
Hamlin, H.
Harder, M.
Harrington, D.
Harrinton, E.
Helmer, Mrs.
Henry, J.
Hiter, J.
Hogan, A. N.(?)
Hogan, A.N.
Hogan, C. T.
Holbrook, H.N.
Hollenbeck, A.
Houghtaling, C. M.
How, Mrs. R.
Hubbard, J.
Hungerford, J.
Husted, J.
Ingersoll, J.
Ingersoll, M.
Ingersoll, Mrs. P.
Ives, C.
Johnson, T.
Kennedy, E.
Kimball, L.
Kingsland, N. B.
Knapp, E.
Lawrence, E.
Logan, S. F.
Long, C.
Loucks, J.
Lowell, A.
Mackey, J.
Mahoney, J.
Marsh, F. or E.
Mason, J.
Maynard, A. B.
McCloud, I. & J.
Mead, D.
Mead, G. W.
Merrigan, T.
Merriman, E.
Merritt, C.
Mill, S. S.
Miller, Mrs. C.
Mongan, Mrs. E.
Monroe, H. B.
Monroe, Mrs. A.
Morisey, P.
Murray, E.
North, J.
O'Neil, H. W.
O'Neil, M.
Olmstead, J. M.
Pardy, Mrs. M.
Pearsall, A.
Pennell, J.
Perry, B.
Pettys, Mrs.
Pettys, Mrs. R.
Platner, S.
Poland, P. (Polard?)
Quakenbush, A.
Radcliffe, S.
Ramsdale, W.
Ramsdall & Couch
Ramsdall, G.
Ramsdall, G. R.
Reamer, J. F.
Reed, C.
Reed, Mrs. W.
Reed, W.
Rising, H.
Rising, J.H.
Rose, A.
Rose, C.A.
Schoonmaker, S. D.
Scutt, F.
Seamans, H.
Searle, Mrs. P.
Searle, R.
Secor, A.
Secor, S.
Seeley, D.
Seeley, J.
Seeley, L.
Severence, R. L.
Simmons, H.
Smith, J.
Snyder, D.
Snyder, J.
Soule, R.
Soule, W. G.
Spoor, A.
Spoor, J.
Spoor, J. J.
Sprague, S.
Springstead, N.
Stack, H.
Sullivan, M.
Swift, N. R.
Tallman, E.
Tallman, J.
Tallman, S.
Taylor, D. J.
Taylor, J.B.
Taylor, Mrs. R.
Teal, G.
Torrey, F.
Torrey, G. F.
Torrey, J.
Trask, J. B.
Trask, Mrs. M. A.
Treat, M.
Van Auken, H.
Van Blaricom, S.
Van Dyke, R.
Vanderpool, G.
VanTassel, J.
VanWickle, S.
Voorhees, G.
Vorce, A.
Walters, H.
Warmuth, D.
Warts, M.
Weed, L.
Weld, A.
Wescott, H.
Wescott, Mrs. L.
Westbrook, S.
Wicks, Mrs. T.
Widrig, H.
Wilbur, J. H.
Wiley, J. H.
Wiley, T. B.
Williams, J.
Williams, S.
Wilsey, E.
Wilson, G. R.
Winegar, J. R.
Winegar, M. B.
Wolfe, M.
Wood, J. D.
Woods, W.
Wright, J.

For further info about persons mentioned we refer you in advance to the Office of the County Historian.

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