Photos of Savannah NY Schoolchildren

These well-preserved early photos of Savannah schoolchildren were kindly contributed to the site by Erik Olson.

In January 2000, Eric told us that "I do believe my great-grandmother was in the photo. Her name was "Gladys Helen Covert" and she was born in 1908. I believe she was raised to adulthood in Wayne Co. but can not confirm that she was born there. I have post cards from her brother who was in the Army in WW1 to her dating 1917. Her father's name was George Covert and mother's name was Mabel Cleveland Covert (she was born in Covington, PA). Another photo that I got was a picture of the Methodist Church in Clyde. This must have been dear to her for her to keep it all this time. If you have any information that might be of use to me or suggestions, I would appreciate it."

Photo of Savannah Schoolchildren

Photo of Savannah Schoolchildren
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High School and Pupils, Savannah, N.Y.

High School and Pupils, Savannah, N.Y.
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