A Short Savannah, NY History
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The Town of Savannah, NY was formed on November 24, 1824.  What Town was Savannah formed from?

In what order, among the towns in Wayne County, NY was the Town Of Savannah, NY settled?

According to 'French's 1860 Gazetteer of the State of New York'...Who first settled the area that became the Town of Savannah, NY in 1812?

The Galen Salt Works of an early period were located in the Town of Savannah, NY.  What consequence caused their operation to be discontinued?

How did Wayne County derive its' name?

The open marsh in the south-west portion of the Town of Savannah, NY produced a coarse grass.  This coarse grass was used in the manufacture of a product by two businesses in Clyde, NY in 1867.  What product was manufactured from this thick coarse grass?

Who were the first couple married in the Town of Savannah, NY?

Who taught the first school in Savannah, NY in 1817?

Who was the first preacher in the Town of Savannah, NY?

The first Town Meeting in Savannah, NY was held in a 'Tavern', located one half mile east of Crusoe Lake on April 1825. What was the name of this 'Tavern'?

Who erected the first 'Saw-Mill' in the Town of Savannah, NY?

Who built and ran the first 'Blacksmith Shop' in the Town of Savannah, NY in 1854?

In what year was the direct line of the N.Y. Central Railroad constructed through the Town of Savannah, NY?

The former "Village" of Savannah, NY was located almost entirely on two 600 acre lots in the original Military Tract Township Number 27. What was the name given to Military Tract Township number 27, and what were the two lot numbers?

Who built the first house in the area of the "Village" of Savannah, NY about 1825?

Who built and kept the first store in the old "Village" of Savannah, NY in 1854?

Who was the first President of the Savannah, NY Village Board of Trustees?

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