1891 - 1892

"Giving the names of the assessed property owners, number of acres for which they are assessed, and their post-office address."


Property Owner Number of Acres Post Office Address of Owner
Ackerman, Daniel 25 Savannah
Albright, P., (heirs) 146 Savannah
Allen, A. T. 16 Savannah
Allen, W. A. 150 Savannah
Anderson, George 72 Savannah
Baggerly, H. O. 122 South Butler
Barnes, John 54 Clyde
Barry, Wm. and John 26 Savannah
Bassett, Ira, estate 44 S. Butler
Bates, Charles 74 Savannah
Beadle, M. 145 Savannah
Beadle, Sanford 146 Marengo
Beare, Wm. 50 Savannah
Bixby, J. H. 100 Savannah
Bramer & Palmer 25 S. Butler
Brand, Hugo 60 Clyde
Brockmire, Henry 69 Savannah
Burger, John, estate 66 Savannah
Burlew, Henry 148 Auburn
Calkins, Wm. 72 Savannah
Campbell, Edwin 32 Savannah
Campbell & Stults 76 S. Butler
Candee, George 48 S. Butler
Carl, John 87 Savannah
Carncross, Andrew 62 Savannah
Carncross, Wm. 168 Savannah
Carris estate 128 Savannah
Carrish, J. and H. 36 Savannah
Carter, A. 12 Clyde
Carver, Jennie 20 Savannah
Clark, E. M. 80 Savannah
Cobb, Mary E. 130 S. Butler
Coffee, James, estate 35 Savannah
Cook, Mary 53Savannah
Copper, Aaron 60 Savannah
Cotten, Jeorme 110 S. Butler
Craine, Porter 98Butler Center
Crandall, R. S. 70 Savannah
Davis, John 118 Savannah
Dean, Eliza Mrs. 49 Spring Lake
Dempsey, M. Mrs. 15 Savannah
Devoe, Daniel 154 Clyde
Dodge, Isaac 49 Spring Lake
Dunham, Henry 170 Spring Lake
Dunham, Jeremiah 90 Spring Lake
Early, James 75 Savannah
Early & McDougal 53 Savannah
Ely & Co. 150 Savannah
Evans, D. H. 158 Savannah
Farrand, B. C. 98 Savannah
Farrand, G. A. 225 Savannah
Farrand, I. T. 63 Savannah
Falkner, William 24 Savannah
Fennel, James 25 Savannah
Ferris, O. C. 124 Savannah
Fisher, E. B. 50 Rossie
Foley, William 71 S. Butler
Foster, James 68 S. Butler
Gage, B. F. 49 Savannah
Gant, Eli 19 Savannah
Gay, Perry 46 Savannah
Gay, Reuben 30 Savannah
Glasgow, Henry 49 S. Butler
Goodman, John 41 Savannah
Goodmote, Henry 39 Spring Lake
Goss, Darwin 11 Savannah
Griffin, Loren 15 S. Butler
Griffith, Samuel 49 Savannah
Groat, John 23 Savannah
Hadden, James 49 Savannah
Hadden, Younglove 49 Savannah
Hall, Aaron 111 Savannah
Hamilton, D. R.138 S. Butler
Harmon, Charles 70 Savannah
Harrington, Eb. 182 Savannah
Hildebrant, John Mrs. 52 Savannah
Hogan, A. N. 128 Savannah
Hogan, Wm. N. 49 Savannah
Hovey, Kate Mrs. 54 Savannah
Ingersol, John 82 Savannah
Ingersol, Merival 49 Savannah
Ingersol, Warren 94 Savannah
Jazzard, Harry 98 Savannah
Johnson, F. M. 45 S. Butler
Kelley, H. T. 93 Rochester
Kennedy, Margaret 55 S. Butler
Kingsland, Julia 98 Savannah
Knapp, Eli 250 S. Butler
Laird, J. B. 162 Savannah
Lapman, Casper 37 S. Butler
Lawler, John 150 Savannah
Lefavor, Otis 87 Spring Lake
Long, Charles 311 Savannah
Loucks, Joseph 74 Savannah
Lowell, J. A. 23 Savannah
Lyon, Thomas 48 Savannah
Mainard, Emmett 83 S. Butler
McCloud, Joseph 56 Port Byron
McDougal, D. Mrs. 15 Savannah
Mead, Calvin 121 S. Butler
Merrigan estate 24 Savannah
Meeriman, Henry 62 S. Butler
Merritt, Gordon 100 Savannah
Merritt, G. and E. 50 Savannah
Messnor, John 44 Savannah
Monroe, Willis 98 Savannah
Morgan, Ellen Mrs. 33 Savannah
Murray, E., estate 86 S. Butler
Newman, William 209 Fairport
North, John 46 S. Butler
O'Neil, Everett 54 Savannah
O'Neil, Henry 123 Savannah
Olmstead, H. M. 130 Savannah
Pangburn, William 100 Clyde
Petteys, R. and David 49 Savannah
Piersall, Andrew 84 S. Butler
Platner, Solomon 130 Savannah
Poland, Barney 29 S. Butler
Pramer, Charles 161 S. Butler
Radcliffe, Samuel 55 Savannah
Radcliffe, Wallace 82 Savannah
Ray, Jacob 100 Savannah
Reed, Charles 56 Savannah
Reed, Charles 108 S. Butler
Reed, Clarence 106 S. Butler
Reed, John 37 S. Butler
Reed, William 123 S. Butler
Reed & Caywood 55 S. Butler
Rising, H. C. 77 S. Butler
Rising, J. H. 56 S. Butler
Roberts, Cyrus 73 Savannah
Ryan, Philip 68 S. Butler
Schoonmaker, S. D., estate 64 Savannah
Searle, R. A. 83 S. Butler
Secor, Adam 33 Savannah
Sedore, Ira B. 145 Savannah
Seely, James248 Rochester
Seely, Jesse 24 Savannah
Servance, Richard 110 Savannah
Shoecraft, J. 49 N. Rose
Smith, George 55 Clyde
Smith, Horatio Mrs. 58 S. Butler
Smith, John D. 35 Clyde
Smith, Thomas 100 Clyde
Snyder, Darius 70 S. Butler
Soule, A. T., estate 325 Rochester
Soule, Herbert C. 74 Rochester
Soule, H. C. and Wilson 70 Rochester
Soule, Welling 80 Savannah
Soule, Wilson 45 Rochester
Soule, Mrs. W. G. 67 Savannah
Southwick, Benjamin 43 Spring Lake
Spoore, John 48 Savannah
Spoore, Margaretta A. 27 Savannah
Sprague, Stephen 80 S. Butler
Springstead, Norman 72 S. Butler
Stuck, Henry 86 Clyde
Sullivan, Michael 40 Clyde
Swift, N. R. 282 Spring Lake
Tallman, E. A. 133 Spring Lake
Tallman, J. 99 S. Butler
Taylor, Henry 80 Savannah
Thatcher, John 24 Savannah
Torrey, Betsey 49 Savannah
Treat, Sylvester 354 Weedsport
Vanderpool, George 45 Clyde
Van Dyne, Ezra 125 Savannah
Van Wickle, Simeon 99 Savannah
Vorce, Andrew 175 Savannah
Waldron, Cornelius 18 S. Butler
Walker, Henry 50 Savannah
Waterman, Charles 48 Savannah
Weed, W. L. 12 Spring Lake
Wemuth, Daniel 112 Savannah
Westbrook, C. 100 Savannah
Westcott, Geroge H. 85 Savannah
Westcott, Heman 49 Savannah
Whiting, Horace 158 Red Creek
Widrig, Russell 138 Red Creek
Wiles, P. H. 118 Savannah
Wiley, J. B. 117 Savannah
Wiley, T. B. 108 Savannah
Williams, Albert 78 Savannah
Williams, John, estate 59 Savannah
Wilsey, Eli 98 Savannah
Wilson, George 68 S. Butler
Winegar, James R. 86 S. Butler
Winegar, M. S. 24 S. Butler
Wood, A. D. 153 Savannah
Wood, C. B. 123 Savannah
Wood, Frank 56 S. Butler
Wood, James D. 294 Savannah
Wood, J. H. 144 Savannah
Wood, S. C. 11 S. Butler
Wood, E. S. 65 Savannah
Wood, William 157 S. Butler
Wright, John Mrs. 21 Savannah
Wurtz, Abram 91 Savannah
Wurtz, Jacob 78 Savannah
Wurtz, J. and A. 38 Savannah

Source: The Wayne County Directory for 1891-92. Newburgh, N.Y.: L. P. Waite & Co., Publishers., 1892.

Although some of the spellings are incorrect, for historical accuracy, spellings of first and last names have been transcribed exactly as given in the original resource, and will not be changed. The site coordinators have no information about individuals listed. We thank you in advance for directing ALL questions about individuals to the Office of the County Historian.

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