These records from John Chatterson's scrapbook were contributed by Frank Dennis, Rose town editor and editor of the Rose Historical Society's newsletter. Frank tells us that "In the 1890s, when he was over 70 years old, former Rose resident John Chatterson began keeping a scrapbook of newspaper articles on deaths and weddings. The Rose Historical Society now has a copy, and an index has been prepared listing names of decedents, brides and grooms in alphabetical order. A copy of the index, plus all birth, marriage and death records for 1895-96, is being placed in the Town Library."

The Scrapbook of John P. Chatterson (1819- )
(1) A - article; N - note
Subject Date Item Type (1) Place Page
Raymer, Gertrude E. and Clayton Henry 1903 Mar. N Huron/Alton 28
Ream, Charles W. 1903 Obit A Rose 13
Ream, Edith and M. Leroy Fikes 1904 Mar. A
Redlington, Minnie, and Benny Johnson 1894 Mar. A Rose 24
Reynolds, Eliza, mother of Mrs. A. Knight 1890 Obit N Huron 2
Reynolds, Julia and Ayner VanMarter 1898 Mar. N Lyons 26
Rice, Geo. W. and Etta May Waldurff 1891 Mar. A Huron 21
Rich, Alice and Edwin Catchpole 1897 Mar. N Rose 20
Rich, Alice and Edwin Watson Catchpole 1887 Mar. N Rose 20
Ridgeway, Mrs. Sarah A. 1891 Obit N Galen 3
Riggs, Edna May and George E. Abbott 1895 Mar. N Huron,Lyons 24
Riggs, Jennie and Goodford Pierson 1896 Mar. N Rose 26
Rising, ---, w. of Eben 1894 Obit N Rose 5A
Roat, Nellie E. and Edwin A. Berry 1890 Mar. A Rose 21
Robinson, Isaac, son of Allen 1891 Obit N Huron 3
Robinson, Sadie, dau. of Allen 1891 Obit N Huron 3
Robinson, Willie, son of Allen 1891 Obit N Huron 3
Rodenbach, Carrie E. and Chas. O. Baker 1899 Mar. A Wayne Ctr. 20
Rodenbach, Philip 1898 Obit A Wayne Ctr. 8
Roe, A. S. - article on section of Rose
Mis. A
Roe, Eunice B., wid of John B. 1894 Obit N Clyde 5
Roe, Mrs. Franc (Wood) 1899 Obit A Rose 10
Rolanson, Mrs. Allan 1895 Obit A Huron 5A
Rose, Bertha and Watson Butts 1892 Mar. A N.Rose 22
Rose, Judson A. and Lillian Gage 1891 Mar. N
Rounds, Frank 1892 Obit A North Rose 4
Roy, Miss of Phelps and Schuyler Deady 1895 Mar. A
Satterlee, Eugene, and Mae E. Thomas
Mar. A Huron/N.Rose 49
Satterlee, Katherine and Harry Proseus
Mar. A N.Rose/Clyde 53
Saxton, Ida L. and Prof. Albert H. Wilcox
Mar. A
Saxton, Martin 1891 Obit N Butler 3
Schlee, Gertrude A. and Abram G. Barclay 1904 Mar. N Lyons 29
Scutt, Frances and A. H. Mudge 1893 Mar. A Rose 23
Seager, Asher and Elizabeth A. Klippel 1892 Mar. N Rose 21
Seager, Carrie L. and George H. Stell 1893 Mar. N Huron 23
Seager, Charles G. and Emma J. Klippel
Mar. A Wayne Ctr. 24
Seager, Claude and Libbie Leader 1893 Mar. A Rose 23
Seager, Elizabeth, w. of Asher W. 1912 Obit A
Seager, Jennie R. and Augustus Clum 1893 Mar. A
Seager, Nettie B. and Lynn Barton 1899 Mar. A Huron 27
Seager, Wm. and Rose Chambers 1900 Mar. N Wayne Ctr. 27
Sedore, Julia and George Milem 1890 Mar. N Rose
Seelye, Alice and Theron Wilson 1900 Mar. N
Seelye, Bert P. and a young lady 1900 Mar. N
Seelye, George 1885 Obit N Rose 2
Serven, Mary M., and Frank B. Hart 1887 Mar. N Junius 20
Shaver, Charlotte, w. of C. M. 1888 Obit N Rose 2
Shaver, Metta and Truman Desmond
Mar. N Rose 21
Shaw, Joseph J. and Mrs. Eunice Anderson
Mar. A
Shear, Emily, w. of Abram Weed 1891 Obit A Galen 3
Shear, John 1891 Obit N Rose 4
Shear, Peter 1890 Obit N N. Rose 2
Sheffield, Hattie E. and Wm. A. Marsh 1902 Mar. A Rose 28
Sheffield, Joel S. 1893 Obit A Rose 5A
Sheffield, N. K. 1892 Obit N Rose 4
Shepard, Geo. V. and Augusta M. Vernoy 1909 Mar. A Wolcott 45
Sherman, E. Willard 1889 Obit A Galen 2
Sherman, Ezra A. and Lottie E. Knapp 1899 Mar. A
Sherman, Florence Ellen and Tunis E. Fowler 1903 Mar. A N.Rose 37
Sherman, George Adelbert 1898 Obit A Rose 9
Sherman, Jessie and Earnest McQueen 1883 Mar. A Huron 21
Sherman, Lottie (Knapp), w. of Ezra A.
Obit. A
Shipman, James, formerly of Clyde 1890 Obit A Buffalo 3
Shipman, Mary Morse, wid of James 1891 Obit A Buffalo 3
Sidler, Walter E. and Mary E. Hutchings 1900 Mar. A N.Rose/Clyde 27
Simpkins, Chas. and Mrs. Mame Steitler 1902 Mar. N Clyde 28
Skutt, Alexander 1892 Obit N Rose 4
Smith, Alice, w. of Morgan H.
Obit N Detroit, Mich. 1
Smith, Antoinette P. and Rev. Geo. Derby 1861 Mar. N Montezuma 20
Smith, Chester 1892 Obit N Clyde 5
Smith, Corinne and Peter L. Allen Jr. 1901 Mar. A Rose/Clyde 28
Smith, Elijah 1892 Obit A Galen 4
Smith, J. E., Dr. 1902 Obit A
Smith, Mame R. and Chas. H. Garlic 1891 Mar. N Rose 21
Snow, Ellen, w. of L. N. 1895 Obit A Rose.Clyde 6
Snow, Lorenzo N. and Lela Collier 1896 Mar. N Rose 24
Snow, Mrs. Lucy M. 1893 Obit N Syracuse 5
Snyder, Martin 1890 Obit N Huron 2
Sodus Point - use as Gt. Lakes harbor
Misc. A Sodus 40
Soper, Adda Vianna and Volney E. Braman 1896 Mar. A Wayne Ctr. 24
Soper, E. Platt 1901 Obit A Wayne Ctr. 12
Soule, Edra, dau. Ira T. 1899 Obit A Rose 10
Soule, Ira T. and Miss Young 1892 Mar. A Rose 22
Soule, J. Gilman, son of Ira T. 1898 Obit A Rose 9
Soule, Rose, w. of Ira T. 1891 Obit N Rose 3
Sours, Edward 1909 Obit A Huron 14
Sours, Mabel and Eugene Coleman 1905 Mar. A Wolcott/R.Creek 38
Sours, Margaret, w. of Philip 1900 Obit A Clyde 10
Sours, Matilda Mrs. 1892 Obit N Huron 4
Sours, Peter and John of MN visiting relatives 1888 Mis. N
Sours, Reuben 1893 Obit A Huron 5
Sours, Teunis 1887 Obit N Huron 2
Spencer, Charles and Alice Howarsd 1893 Mar. A Rose 24
Spencer, Mrs. Newton 1910 Obit N
Stacer, Katie and Wm. E. Fisher of Sodus 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Stanley, Robt. Eugene and Genevieve Phillips 1899 Mar. A Wolcott/Huron 28
Stearns, A. H., Rev. 1897 Obit A Rose 8
Steitler, Charles A. and Cora A. Converse 1905 Mar. A Clyde 33
Steitler, Mrs. Albert 1894 Obit N Rose 5
Steitler, Mrs. Mame and Chas. Simpkins 1902 Mar. N Clyde 28
Steitler, Wm. 1896 Obit A Rose 6
Stell, George H. and Carrie L. Seager 1893 Mar. N Huron 23
Stopfel, daughter of John 1904 Obit. A Rose 38
Stopfel, Ed and Lydia Foster 1892 Mar. A Rose 20
Stopfel, John and Carrie Osborn 1887 Mar. N
Stopfel, Philip 1894 Obit A Rose 5A
Sutphin, Martha, wid. of Wm. H. 1901 Obit A
Tague, Elizabeth B. w. of Charles 1896 Obit A Huron 7
Tague, Matie, and Manley Ditton 1887 Mar. N Huron 21
Taxes paid by many local farmers (named)
Mis. A Rose 34
Teats, Percival and Rose Turvey
Mar. A Williamson 45
Thayer, Mrs. Emily 1896 Obit N Rose 7
Thomas, Mae E. and Eugene Satterlee
Mar. A Huron/N.Rose 49
Thomas, Mrs. Wm. (nee Dodds) 1897 Obit A Rose 6
Thomas, Vinne L., and Wm. M. Green 1982 Mar. N Huron 21
Thomas, Wm. H. 1891 Obit N Rose 3
Thompson, Fred G. and Lenora Weaver 1891 Mar. N Clyde 21
Thompson, Mrs. Ross (Day)
Obit A N.Rose 16
Thompson, Samuel P., GAR
Obit. A Rose 37
Thorn, Joel, hus. Anna Catchpole
Obit A Galen 16
Tibbits, Tunis D. Dr. 1899 Obit A N. Rose 9
Tillson, Juliette and Geo. D. Johnson 1893 Mar. N Rose 20
Tipple, Mrs. Margaret 1888 Obit N Rose 2
Toles, Orton and Maud Andrus
Mar. A N.Rose 29
Tompkins, Anna M. and Stanton L. Waldurff 1899 Mar. A Rose 26
Town, M. Lena and Wm. Graham 1887 Mar. N Rose 20
Towne, Norris and Lotte Davis 1905 Mar. N
Towns, John and Leona Osborne 1904 Mar. A Rose 38
Tracy, Phoebe and Enos Gillette
Mar. A Huron 28
Transue, George, and (no name)
Mar. N Rose 24
Transue, Lizzie D. and Frank E. Young 1892 Mar. A Rose 23
Transue, Rilla and Albert Desmond 1892 Mar.
Rose 23
Tripp, Oscar
Obit A
Turner, Ross J. and Minerva Miner 1904 Mar. N
Turvey, Isabelle J. and John C. Gillette
Mar. A Clyde/Wm'son 45
Turvey, Rose, and Percival Teats
Mar. A Williamson 45
Twamley, Wm. - will (Youngs,Burns, Thompson, Miles, Vosburg, Knapp) 1903 Will A Alton 39
Upson, Eunice, and John W. Warner 1901 Mar. N Rose/Huron 28
Upson, Fred L. and Ella Ward 1900 Mar. A
Upson, Lena Estella and Lyle Fosmire 1901 Mar. N Butler/Huron 28
Upson, Mrs. Estella (Sherman) , w. Frank J. 1886 Obit N Huron 2
Valentine, Bert E. and Nellie E. Wade 1896 Mar. A Rose 24
Valentine, Charles, son of Jackson 1897 Obit A Rose 6
Valentine, Jackson
Obit A Rose 8
Valentine, Marvin J. and Rutherford Ellis 1895 Mar. A Rose 24
Van Tassel, James and Lavina Wigdon 1892 Mar. N N.Rose 21
VanAmburg, Harmon 1891 Obit N Rose 4
Vandenberg, John 1894 Obit A Clyde 5
Vanderburgh, Hannah Ette and James E. Covell 1861 Mar. N Rose 20
Vandercook, Anna and Frank Fellows 1888 Mar. A Rose 20
Vandercook, Lena and Thos. J. Edgcomb,M.D.
Mar. N Rose 21
Vanderoef, Maude L., dau. James E. 1898 Obit A Rose 9
Vanderoef, Alice and Nelson Brewster 1895 Mar. A Lyons 22
VanMarter, Ayner and Julia Reynolds 1898 Mar. N Lyons 26
Vernoy, Augusta M. and Geo. V. Shepard 1909 Mar. A Wolcott 45
Wade, Lula M. and Herbert P. Osgood 1902 Mar. A Rose 28
Wade, Nellie E. and Bert E. Valentine 1896 Mar. A Rose 24
Wager, Harriette and John Worden 1909 Mar. A Rose 45
Wager, Iva and George Chatterson 1904 Mar. N Rose 29
Wager, Rose, Mrs. 1891 Obit N Galen 4
Waite, Abbie E., w. of S. W. 1891 Obit N Rose 4
Waldorf, Ednah L. and Frank J. Crandell 1899 Mar. N Rose 27
Waldorf, S. E.; surprise party
Party A Rose 17
Waldorf, S. E.; surprise party
Party A Rose 18
Waldron, Ezra and Miss Lyman 1898 Mar. N
Waldron, Mr. and Rosa Chaddock
Mar. A Huron 26
Waldruff, Mrs. Stanton E. 1897 Obit A Clyde 8
Waldurff, Etta May and Geo. W. Rice 1891 Mar. A Huron 21
Waldurff, Fred P., son of Stanton E. of Rose 1893 Obit N Rose/Allegan, MI. 5
Waldurff, Stanton L. and Anna M. Tompkins 1899 Mar. A Rose 26
Ward, Ella and Fred L. Upson 1900 Mar. A
Warner, John W. and Eunice Upson 1901 Mar. N Rose/Huron 28
Waterbury, Hiel H. 1898 Obit A Clyde 8
Watson, Geo. C. and Olga A. Devoe 1891 Mar. N Clyde 21
Watson, Sarah and Eugene Akenhead
Mar. N Clyde 27
Weaver, Lenora and Fred G. Thompson 1891 Mar. N Clyde 21
Webb, Charles L. and Minnie V. Burch 1888 Mar. N Wolcott 20
Webb, Clara A. and Milo S. Lyman 1894 Mar. N Rose,Huron 24
Webster, Alfred C. and Flereine Olmsted 1891 Mar. A Acra 21
Weed, Benjamin 1909 Obit. A Clyde 48
Weed, Rebecca (Watson), w. of Oscar
Obit. A N.Rose 58
Weeks, Edith I. and John B. Lester 1899 Mar. A Clyde 27
Weeks, Edward and Hatti Horton 1893 Mar. N
Weeks, Edwin A. and Grace Brandt 1893 Mar. N
Weeks, Emery J. and Leila A. Green 1892 Mar. A N. Rose 22
Weeks, James 1892 Obit N Rose 5
Weeks, Katharine, wid. Rufus R. 1894 Obit A Rose 5
Weeks, Mrs. Sarah, w. of Alonzo Case
Obit. A Rose 37
Weeks, Rufus R. 1861 Death A Rose 5
Weinberg, Zeline and Irving L. Wright 1894 Mar. A Rose 23
Welch, Joseph J. and Anna E. Moran 1900 Mar. A Clyde ? 27
Welch, Thomas B. and M. Olive Briggs 1891 Mar. A
White, J. L. and Ora Dickson 1897 Mar. N Rose 20
White, Mrs. G. V. 1891 Obit N Lyons 3
Wickwire, Jaret 1897 Obit A Rose 7
Wickwire, Mrs. Ida 1893 Obit N Rose 5
Wigdon, Lavina and James Van Tassel 1892 Mar. N N.Rose 21
Wilcox, Albert H. Prof. and Ida L. Saxton
Mar. A
Wilkes, Alvin K.
Obit. A Clyde 46
Wilkes, Alvin K. and Tilla Barnes 1893 Mar. N Rose 23
Wilkinson, Cora and Clinton (?) Bain 1895 Mar. N S. Butler 24
Wilkinson, Dell and Anna Mae Ferguson 1900 Mar. A Rose 26
Williams, Ada -closing school for summer

Williams, Catherine - closed school for summer

Williams, Wallace F. and Addie Cristler 1890 Mar. N Rose 20
Wilson, Carrie N., w. of Harlan P. 1890 Obit N Rose 2
Wilson, E. B., Sr. 1899 Obit A Rose 10
Wilson, George W. and Florence A. Niles 1893 Mar. A Rose 23
Wilson, Luther 1899 Obit N N.Rose 10
Wilson, Mrs. E. B. (nee Calista Flint) 1898 Obit A Rose 9
Wilson, Mrs., wid. of Robert 1894 Obit A N. Rose 5
Wilson, Theron and Alice Seelye 1900 Mar. N
Wilt, Frank S. and K. Estelle Phillips 1903 Mar. A Wolcott 40
Winchel, Clarissa and Charles D. Harper 1887 Mar. N Rose 20
Winchell, C. R. 1896 Obit A Rose 6
Winchell, Delbert Dr. and Ella Bryant 1895 Mar. A Rose 24
Winchell, Mrs. James, mother of Dr. G. D. 1897 Obit A Sodus Point 8
Winchell, Riley 1894 Obit N Rose 5
Windnagle,. Bert and Miss Crowfoot
Mar. N Sodus 39
Winney, Kendell H. and Frances Mae Bradshaw
Mar. A Rose 46
Woodard, Charles 1904 Obit. N Lyons 26
Woodard, Lena and Arthur J. Converse
Mar. A Rose 31
Woodard, Louisa (Messinger). w. of Seth C. 1899 Obit A Rose 9
Woodruff, George and Mrs. Knapp 1887 Mar.. N Clyde/Lyons 20
Worden, Constantine 1902 Obit A
Worden, John and Harriette Wager 1909 Mar. A Rose 45
Worden, M. Irene and Harry C. Andrews 1904 Mar. A Rose/Sodus 29
Wright, Charles S. 1896 Obit A Rose 7
Wright, George 1901 Obit A
Wright, George and Sara Bullock
Mar. N Huron 27
Wright, Irving L. and Zeline Weinberg 1894 Mar. A Rose 23
Wright, Melissa, w. of Selah Finch 1902 Obit A
Wright, Mrs.George M. 1892 Obit A Clyde? 5
Wright, Samuel - tar and feather threat
Mis. A N.Rose 39
Wyckoff, Sarah J., sister of Lyman
Obit A
Wyckoff, Susan, mother of Lyman
Obit A Rose 6
Wycoff, Edith and Frank Anthony 1907 Mar. A
York, Mary and Rev. Lewis B. Chaloux
Mar. A N.Rose 33
York, Mrs. George, Rev. 1899 Obit A Huron 9
York, Prudence L. and Charles H. Covell 1885 Mar. N Rose 20
Young, Frank E. and Lizzie D. Transue 1892 Mar. A Rose 23
Young, George and Edith Finch 1887 Mar. A Wayne Ctr. 20
Young, Miss and Ira T. Soule 1892 Mar. A Rose 22
Young, Viola M. - essay prize 1914 Misc. A Lyons 49
Youngs, Anne E., dau Henry E. 1864 Obit A Seneca Castle 2
(1) A - article; N - note

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