These records from John Chatterson's scrapbook were contributed by Frank Dennis, Rose town editor and editor of the Rose Historical Society's newsletter. Frank tells us that "In the 1890s, when he was over 70 years old, former Rose resident John Chatterson began keeping a scrapbook of newspaper articles on deaths and weddings. The Rose Historical Society now has a copy, and an index has been prepared listing names of decedents, brides and grooms in alphabetical order. A copy of the index, plus all birth, marriage and death records for 1895-96, is being placed in the Town Library."

The Scrapbook of John P. Chatterson (1819- )
(1) A - article; N - note
Subject Date Item Type (1) Place Page
Dagle, Addison and Cora Lamb 1892 Mar. N N. Rose 21
Dagle, Albert and Minnie A. Lamb 1891 Mar. A N.Rose 21
Dagle, Frank 1893 Obit N N. Rose 5
Daley, Renslow and Flora Farnsworth 1908 Mar. A Clyde/Sodus 46-47
Danville-Dougan in Castleton 1895 Mar. N Castleton 26
Darling, Hattie A. and George H. Baker 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Darling, Peter 1890 Obit N Huron 3
Davis, Edgar Carlton and Marilla Oaks 1890 Mar. N N. Rose 20
Davis, Lotte and Norris Towne 1905 Mar. N
Davis, Mrs. Edgar , dau. C. G. Oaks
Misc. N N.Rose 49
Davis, Mrs. Ellery
Obit. A
Deady, Edia and Ed Martin 1892 Mar. N Rose 21
Deady, Ida and W. W. Phalen of Shortsville 1900 Mar. A
Deady, Schuyler and Miss Roy of Phelps 1895 Mar. N
Dedee, John and Lydia Dunham
Mar. N
Demmon, Horace 1891 Obit N Huron 3
Denison, Porter 1890 Obit A Clyde 2
Dennis, Carlton and Mrs. Myra Bradburn 1911 Mar. N Huron 19
Derby, George Rev. and Antoinette P. Smith 1861 Mar. N Montezuma 20
Desmond, Albert and Rilla Transue 1892 Mar.
Rose 23
Desmond, Amos 1891 Obit N Galen 3
Desmond, Charles and Florence Campbell 1895 Mar. N Rose 26
Desmond, Dorothy, dau. Truman Desmond
Obit. A Rose 40
Desmond, Lucy, w. of Wm. 1896 Obit A Rose 6
Desmond, Mrs. Truman 1898 Obit A Rose 8
Desmond, Truman and Carrie Marshall
Mar. A Rose 28
Desmond, Truman and Metta Shaver
Mar. N Rose 21
Devoe, Olga A. and Geo. C. Watson 1891 Mar. N Clyde 21
Dickie, Mybil R. (Daffler), w. of James 1890 Obit N Clyde 2
Dickinson, C. A. and Grace M. Gilfilian 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Dickinson, Harriet, wid. of Darwin 1892 Obit N Rose/Hailey, ID 5
Dickson, Ora and J. L. White 1897 Mar. N Rose 20
Diddy, Ambrose and Lora Lyman
Mar. A Rose 18
Dillingham, Carrie, and Clarence Aldrich 1894 Mar. A Lyons 23
Ditton, Charles - wife ran away
Mis. A N.Rose 35
Ditton, Mamie E. and Leonard C. Lape 1894 Mar. N Clyde 23
Ditton, Manley and Matie Tague 1887 Mar. N Huron 21
Dodds, John C. 1896 Obit A Rose 7
Doremus, w. of Henry 1891 Obit N Huron ? 3
Doty, John F. -(photo only) -d. Mar. 22, 1916 1916 Obit. A
Dougan, Jerome 1901 Obit A Rose ? 11
Dougan-Danville in Castleton 1895 Mar. N Castleton 26
Dowd, Catherine E., w. of Alfred 1900 Obit A
Downing, Moses N. Rev. and Mrs. Gertrude B. Case 1899 Mar. A Clyde 27
Drown, Franklin C. and Hester A. Milem 1909 Mar. A Rose 45
Drury, Bert and Theresa Lundergan 1909 Mar. A N.Rose 45
Dunham, Lydia and John Dedee 1904 Mar. N
Eckerson, Willie, son F. 1864 Obit N Huron 2
Edgcomb, Thos. J. Dr. and Lena Vandercook
Mar. N Rose 21
Ekert, Anna M. and John Lux 1892 Mar. A Clyde 22
Ellenwood, Guy and Mary Morsheimer 1899 Mar. N Lyons 27
Ellinwood, Elnora Seelye w. of Valorus 1905 Obit. A Rose 33
Ellinwood, Emeline, wid. of Orlando 1895 Obit A Rose 5A
Ellinwood, George W. 1896 Obit A Rose 6
Ellinwood, Hattie B. and Edwin Luffman 1898 Mar. A Rose 26
Ellinwood, Lena and Harvey H. Benning 1903 Mar. A Clyde 44
Ellinwood, Lena and Harvey L. Benning 1903 Mar. N Clyde 28
Ellinwood, Orlando 1894 Obit A Rose 5
Ellis, Rutherford and Marvin J. Valentine 1895 Mar. A Rose 24
Exner, Margaret and Horatio Baker 1903 Mar. N Rose/Clyde 28
Farnsworth, Flora - many marriages 1908 Mar. A Clyde/Sodus 47
Farnum, Mary E. and Frederick W. Closs
Mar. N Rose 29
Farrow, Edward J. and Jennie L. Boyce 1894 Mar. N
Feeck, Nellie and Wesley M. Fetherly 1899 Mar. A Huron 26
Fellows, Frank and Anna Vandercook 1888 Mar. A Rose 20
Fenk, Christian 1900 Obit A Rose 11
Ferguson, Anna Mae and Dell Wilkinson 1900 Mar. A Rose 26
Ferguson, Lewis and Nettie Griswold 1902 Mar. A Rose 28
Ferguson, Mollie and C. M. Foster 1893 Mar. A Rose 23
Ferris, Mabel and Dr. Asa Hughes 1903 Mar. N N.Rose 28
Fetherly, Wesley M. and Nellie Feeck 1899 Mar. A Huron 26
Fikes, M. Leroy and Edith Ream 1904 Mar. A
Finch, Edith and George Young 1887 Mar. A Wayne Ctr. 20
Finch, Elizabeth wid. ...Griswold 1897 Obit A Rose 7
Finch, Ina and Alonzo Case
Mar. A Rose 18
Finch, Ina and Alonzo Case
Mar. A Rose 31
Finch, John L. and Amanda Phillips--50th Ann. 1913 Mar. A Rose 52
Finch, Lila and John Boyce 1903 Mar. A Rose 37
Finch, Melissa (Wright), w. of Selah 1902 Obit. A
Finch, Melvina (Chatterson), wid. of Newman 1902 Obit A Rose 13
Finch, Newman
Obit A Wayne Ctr. 12
Finch, Newman (infant son) 1864 Obit N Rose 2
First Pres. Church - cover of dedication program 1883 Mis.
Wolcott 36
Fisher, wife of Michael 1887 Obit. N Clyde 1
Fisher, Wm. 1896 Obit N Rose 7
Fisher, Wm. E. of Sodus and Katie Stacer 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Flack, G. F. and Mrs. Agnes Hughes
Mar. N Rose/Palmyra 31;33
Foist, Geo. P. 1890 Obit N Galen 2
Fosmire, Ella 1892 Obit N Rose 4
Fosmire, Lyle and Lena Estella Upson 1901 Mar. N Butler/Huron 28
Foster, C. M. and Mollie Ferguson 1893 Mar. A Rose 23
Foster, Jerusha, w. of C. R. 1891 Obit N Rose 3
Foster, Lydia and Ed Stopfel 1892 Mar. A Rose 20
Fowler, Lizzie and Winfield Chaddock 1895 Mar. N Huron 24
Fowler, Tunis E. and Florence Ellen Sherman 1903 Mar. A N.Rose 37
Fox, Albert H. and Maude Baker 1905 Mar. A Rose 38
Fredendall, Mrs. James
Obit. A Rose 37
Gage, Grace and Mr. LaSalle 1892 Mar. A
Gage, Lillian and Judson A. Rose 1891 Mar. N
Gage, Lucy
Obit N Red Creek 1
Gage, S. Wesley 1896 Obit A Rose 6
Gardner, Charles 1899 Obit A Rose 10
Gardner, Ella and Elmer Phillips 1904 Mar. A Rose 33
Gardner, Ella, and S. H. Lyman 1888 Mar. N N.Rose 20
Gardner, Hattie and Frederick G. Bauser 1890 Mar. N Clyde 21
Gardner, Henry - suicide
Obit A Rose 32;33
Gardner, Henry and Mrs. Gardner -50th Ann.
Mar. A N.Rose 53
Gardner, John F. 1889 Obit N Lyons 2
Gardner, Laura, dau. Ishmael 1900 Obit A Rose 10
Gardner, Nettie and Irving Lane 1903 Mar. N Rose 28
Gardner, Nettie and Zenas Miner 1902 Mar. N
Gardner, Saml., hus. of Hapilonia Chatterson 1885 Death A N.Rose 40
Gardner, Samuel 1885 Obit A Rose 3
Gardner, Samuel, son of J. G. 1901 Obit A Cincinnati, OH 12
Garfield, Pres. James A. 1881 Obit A
Garlic, Chas. H. and Mame R. Smith 1891 Mar. N Rose 21
Garlic, Eli 1892 Obit N Rose 4
Garlic, S. C. Rev. 1899 Obit A Rose 10
Garlick, Mary, w. of J. L. 1887 Obit N Rose 2
Genung, Benjamin 1888 Obit N Rose 2
Genung, Jane A., wid. of Benjamin 1898 Obit A
Gilette, Enos and Phoebe Tracy
Mar. A Huron 28
Gilette, John c. and Isabelle J. Turvey
Mar. A Clyde/Wm'son 45
Gilfilian, Grace M. and C. A. Dickinson 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Gillett, Almira 1901 Obit A Wolcott 11
Glen, Nancy, wid. of W. J. 1893 Obit N Rose 5
Goldman, Jacob 1889 Obit N Acra 2
Graham, Nelson R. and Florence E. Lovejoy 1892 Mar. N Rose 21
Graham, Wm., and M. Lena Town 1887 Mar. N Rose 20
Grant, Gen. U. S. 1885 Obit A
Graves, Edward N. 1889 Obit N Clyde 2
Gray, Charles and Mabelle M. Campbell 1898 Mar. N Huron 26
Gray, Doris - return from hospital
Misc. N N.Rose 49
Green, Francis, dau. Eliza A. 1899 Obit A
Green, Chas. and Rosa Reynolds 1891 Mar. N Rose 21
Green, George H. 1893 Obit N Galen 5
Green, Leila A. and Emery J. Weeks 1892 Mar. A N.Rose 22
Green, Lydia, w. of William 1893 Obit N Glenmark 5
Green, Wm. M. and Vinnie L. Thomas 1892 Mar. N Huron 21
Greene, Jeremiah 1889 Obit N Clyde 2
Grenell, Adelia, wid of Henry
Obit A Rose 4
Griswold, Agnes S. and Remington Hill 1898 Mar. A Rose 27
Griswold, Jennie E. and Adam J. McMillan 1904 Mar. N Rose/Newark 29
Griswold, Julia -and Ernest Julian Howard 1909 Mar. A Rose 46
Griswold, Meda A. and Frank S. Barton,M.D. 1890 Mar. N Rose 21
Griswold, Mrs. Mary A. 1894 Obit N Rose 5
Griswold, Mrs. Sarah C., formerly of Rose 1891 Obit N Rose 2
Griswold, Nellie and Lewis Ferguson 1902 Mar. A Rose 28
Griswold, Philander M. 1898 Obit A
Griswold, Ray and Nada Baker 1909 Mar. A N.Rose 45
Groesbeck, Sadie L. 1896 Obit. A Clyde 40
Gurnee, Jesse 1893 Obit N N. Rose 5
Hamm, Augusta and Charles Jeffers 1893 Mar. N Clyde 23
Harmon, Peter 1896 Obit N Rose 7
Harper, Charles D. and Clarissa Winchel 1887 Mar. N Rose 20
Harper, Frank and Mary J. Horton 1892 Mar.

Harper, Gardner and Hattie Chapin
Mar. A Rose 21
Harper, Minerva A. and John MacDorman 1904 Mar. A Rose 37
Harper, Nancy Bivins, w. of Alexander 1897 Obit A Rose 7
Hart, Clinton M. and Ida Phillips 1902 Mar. A Rose 28
Hart, Frank B. and Mary M. Serven 1887 Mar. N Junius 20
Haveland, Bert and "a young lady from Rose" 1891 Mar. N Lock Berlin 21
Haviland, Peleg 1893 Obit N Rose 5
Hendricks, Roe L. and C. Florentine Holley
Mar. N Wolcott 23
Henry, Clayton and Gertrude E. Raymer 1903 Mar. N Huron/Alton 28
Henry, Seymour, hus. of Ella A. Lovejoy 1904 Obit. A Huron 44
Hettie, Miss and Irving Lane 1888 Mar. N Rose 20
Hickok, Rose (Wager), w. of W. D. of Rose 1894 Obit A Rose/Syracuse 5
Hill, Remington and Agnes S. Griswold 1898 Mar. A Rose 27
Holbrook, Frances and James Crombie 1892 Mar. A Rochester 23
Holley, C. Florentine and Roe L. Hendricks
Mar. N Wolcott 23
Holliday, A. C. and Salinda Patterson 1890 Mar. N Rose 20
Horn, Wm. H. - GAR
Obit. A Rose/Sodus 48
Horton, Hatti and Edward Weeks 1893 Mar. N
Horton, Mary J. and Frank Harper 1892 Mar.

Houseman, Louise E. w. of Wm. H. 1905 Obit. A Sodus 37
Howard, Alice and Charles Spencer 1893 Mar. A Rose 24
Howard, Elizabeth, wid. of Henry
Obit A Wolcott 14
Howard, Ernest Julian and Julia Griswold 1909 Mar. A Rose 46
Hoxie, Elias B. Rev. 1900 Obit A Weedsport 10
Huffman, Emma
Obit A Joliet, Ill. 2
Hughes, Asa Dr. and Mabel Ferris 1903 Mar. N N.Rose 28
Hughes, Mrs. Agnes and G. F. Flack
Mar. N Rose/Palmyra 31
Hurter, Wm. and Nellie Carpenter 1902 Mar. A Rose 28
Hutchings, Mary E. and Walter E. Sidler 1900 Mar. A N.Rose/Clyde 27

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