These records from John Chatterson's scrapbook were contributed by Frank Dennis, Rose town editor and editor of the Rose Historical Society's newsletter. Frank tells us that "In the 1890s, when he was over 70 years old, former Rose resident John Chatterson began keeping a scrapbook of newspaper articles on deaths and weddings. The Rose Historical Society now has a copy, and an index has been prepared listing names of decedents, brides and grooms in alphabetical order. A copy of the index, plus all birth, marriage and death records for 1895-96, is being placed in the Town Library."

The Scrapbook of John P. Chatterson (1819- )
(1) A - article; N - note
Subject Date Item Type (1) Place Page
Abbott, George E. and Edna Mae Riggs 1895 Mar. N Huron,Lyons 24
Abrams, Grace and Elmo Barless 1898 Mar. A
Ackerman, Lyle 1890 Obit N Clyde 2
Ackerman, Mrs. Henry 1899 Obit A
Akenhead, Eugene and Sarah Watson
Mar. N Clyde 27
Akenhead, Thomas 1900 Obit A Marengo 11
Aldrich, Clarence and Carrie Dillingham 1894 Mar. A Lyons 23
Aldrich, Ellen (Carrier), w. of George 1903 Obit A N. Rose 13
Allen, Florence and Wm. Crowell 1898 Mar. N Cambridge,MA 26
Allen, Peter L. Jr. and Corinne Smith 1901 Mar. A Rose/Clyde 28
Anderson, Mrs. Eunice and Joseph J. Shaw
Mar. A
Andrews, Harry C. and M. Irene Worder 1904 Mar. A Rose/Sodus 29
Andrews, Leon and Grace A. Benjamin 1901 Mar. A Rose 28
Andrus Family reunion 1911 Reun. A Rose 18
Andrus, Mr.
Fun. A Wolcott 18
Andrus, Andrew - accident
Mis. A Rose 39
Andrus, Andrew - Ladies Aid Society, M.E.Church, social
Mis. A Rose 39
Andrus, David Henry 1902 Obit A Huron 13
Andrus, Evelyn M. and Geo. S. Porter 1899 Mar. A Rose 26
Andrus, Frank D., son of D. H.
Obit N Huron 2
Andrus, Hiram 1887 Obit N Huron 1
Andrus, Luman 1902 Obit A Clyde/Illinois 12
Andrus, Mary A., wid. Hiram
Obit A Rose 19
Andrus, Maud and Orton Toles
Mar. A N.Rose 29
Andrus, Mrs. J 1900 Obit A
Angus, Jennie F. and Robert Lasher 1899 Mar. A
Anthony, Frank and Edith Wyckoff 1907 Mar. A
Armstrong, Edgar 1910 Eulo. A Rose 15
Armstrong, Edgar 1910 Obit A Rose 15
Armstrong, Merton and Elsie Catterfield 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Arnold, Sarah J. (Brown), w. of Dr.J. N. 1894 Obit. A Clyde/Rochester 5A
Bain, Clinton (?) and Cora Wilkinson 1895 Mar. N S. Butler 24
Baker, Chas. O. and Carrie E. Rodenbach 1899 Mar. A Wayne Ctr. 20
Baker, George H. and Hattie A. Darling 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Baker, Horatio and Margaret Exner 1903 Mar. N Rose/Clyde 28
Baker, Maude and Albert H. Fox 1905 Mar. A Rose 38
Baker, Mrs. (Johnson)
Obit A Rose 12
Baker, Nada and Ray Griswold 1900 Mar. A N.Rose 45
Barclay, Abram G. and Gertrude A. Schlee 1904 Mar. N Lyons 29
Barclay, Lorraine, w. of Jacob 1895 Obit A Sodus Ctr. 5A
Barless, Clayton and Lena Markham 1890 Mar. N
Barless, Clinton J. 1900 Obit A Rose 10
Barless, Elmo and Grace Abrams 1898 Mar. A
Barless, Miss and Mr. Chrisler 1909 Mar. A Rose 45
Barless, Mrs. C. L. 1896 Obit A Rose ? 5A
Barless, Romaine 1904 Obit. A N.Rose 39
Barnes, Mrs. R. H. (nee Levanway)
Obit A Clyde 11
Barnes, Sarah (Finch), w. of Alvin
Obit A Rose 15
Barnes, Tilla and Alvin K. Wilkes 1893 Mar. N Rose 23
Barnum, Phineas T. 1891 Obit A Bridgeport, CT 3
Barrett, Betsey, w. of Lewis 1893 Obit A Rose 5
Barrett, Catherine, w. of Anson Cady 1905 Obit. N N. Chili 39
Barrett, Ella A. and P. T. Klippel 1892 Mar. A Galen 21
Barrett, Jerry 1894 Obit N Rose 5
Barrett, Mrs. Mary, wid. John 1889 Obit N Rose 2
Barrett, Simeon I. 1893 Obit. A Rose 1
Barrick, Hattie 1898 Obit A N. Rose 8
Barton, Frank S. M.D., and Meda A. Griswold 1890 Mar. N Rose 21
Barton, Frank S., Dr. 1897 Obit A Clyde 7
Barton, Lynn and Nettie B. Seager 1899 Mar. A Huron 27
Barton, Mrs. Caroline 1884 Obit N Wayne Ctr. 2
Bauser, Frederick G. and Hattie Gardner 1890 Mar. N Clyde 21
Becket, Mrs. Rebecca 1864 Obit N Rose 2
Bellinger, Abram and Lydia Lockwood 1900 Mar. A Rose 27
Benjamin, Frank M. and Abbie M. Colborne 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Benjamin, Grace A. and Leon Andrews 1901 Mar. A Rose 28
Bennett, J. W. and Anna Eveline Lyman 1901 Mar. A Rose 27
Benning, Harvey H. and Lena Ellinwood 1903 Mar. A Clyde 44
Benning, Harvey L. and Lena Ellinwood 1903 Mar. N Clyde 28
Berry, Edwin A. and Nellie E. Roat 1890 Mar. A Rose 21
Births, marriages and deaths - 1896
Rose 54-56
Births, marriages and deaths, 1895
Rose 57
Bishop, Cephas 1899 Obit A
Bishop, John and Cora Knapp
Mar. N Rose 23
Bishop, Mrs. Lincoln 1898 Obit A Pilgrimsport 7
Bishop, Sarh M., w. of Cephus 1894 Obit A Rose 5A
Blynn, Catharine, w. of J. H. 1893 Obit N Rose 5
Blynn, Ovid 1891 Obit A Rose 3
Bond, Charles L. Jr. and Myrta Jeffers 1895 Mar. A Rose 24
Boyce, Infant son of John
Obit N
Boyce, Jennie L. and Edward J. Farrow 1894 Mar. N
Boyce, John and Lila Finch 1903 Mar. A Rose 37
Bradburn, David 1892 Obit N Rose 4
Bradburn, Mrs. Myra and Carlton Dennis 1911 Mar. N Huron 19
Bradburn, Thomas J. 1904 Obit A Rose 14
Bradburn, Thomas J. and Myra Johnson 1885 Mar. N Rose 20
Bradshaw, Frances Mae and Kendell H. Winney
Mar. A Rose 46
Bradshaw, J. E. Dr. and Frances Cramer
Mar. N Rose 19
Braman, Volney E. and Adda Vianna Soper 1896 Mar. A Wayne Ctr. 24
Brandt, Grace and Edwin A. Weeks 1893 Mar. N
Brant, Mrs. Myron 1888 Obit N N. Rose 2
Brewster, Arthur E. and Ella Olmstead 1892 Mar. A Acra 22
Brewster, Nelson and Alice Vanderoef 1895 Mar. A Lyons 22
Briggs, Jesse and Eunice Briggs 1899 Mar. A
Briggs, M. Olvie and Thomas B. Welch 1891 Mar. A
Broderick, Michael 1892 Obit A Clayton, Mich. 4
Brown, Sarah J., w. of Dr. J. N. Arnold of Rose 1894 Obit A Clyde/Rochester 5A
Bryant, Ella and Dr. Delbert Winchell 1895 Mar. A Rose 24
Bullock, Sara and George Wright
Mar. N Huron 27
Burch, Minnie V. and Charles L. Webb 1888 Mar. N Wolcott 20
Burch, Wm. 1895 Obit A Rose 5A
Burns, Wesley 1893 Obit A Alton 5
Butts, Henry and Isabel Kaiser 1896 Mar. N Lyons 24
Butts, Watson and Bertha Rose 1892 Mar. A N.Rose 22
Cady, Catharine Snow and Wm. McFee 1900 Mar. A Chili 27
Cady, Mrs. Mary (Sours), dau. Capt. P. Sours
Obit A
Cady, Sylvester 1892 Obit A Galen 4
Campbell, Florence and Charles Desmond 1895 Mar. N Rose 26
Campbell, Mabelle M. and Charles Gray 1898 Mar. N Huron 26
Carpenter, Nellie and Wm. Hurter 1902 Mar. A Rose 28
Carter, Thomas J. and Anna Moore 1902 Mar. N Rose 37
Case, Alonzo and Ina Finch
Mar. A N. Rose 18
Case, Alonzo and Ina Finch
Mar. A Rose 31
Case, Gertrude Barrett Mrs and Rev. M.N. Downing 1899 Mar. A Clyde 27
Castor, Mr. and Agnes Miner 1902 Mar. N Rose/Red Creek 28
Catchpole, Edwin and Alice Rich 1897 Mar. N Rose 20
Catchpole, Edwin Watson and Alice Rich 1887 Mar. N Rose 20
Catchpole, George 1902 Obit A Rose 11
Catchpole, Mary A. (Osgood), w. of George 1893 Obit N Rose 5
Catchpole, Mrs. Nettie and Robert Catchpole 1903 Mar. N Rpse 29
Catchpole, Robert and Mrs. Nettie Catchpole 1903 Mar. N Rose 29
Cattefield, Elsie and Merton Armstrong 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Caywood, Mrs. David 1891 Obit N Butler 3
Chadderdon, John 1904 Obit. A
Chaddock, Alonzo 1890 Obit N Rose 2
Chaddock, Rosa and Mr. Waldron
Mar. A Huron 26
Chaddock, Winfield and Lizzie Fowler 1895 Mar. N Huron 24
Chaloux, Lewis B. Rev. and Mary York
Mar. A N.Rose 33
Chamberlain, Miss and Charles G. Oaks
N.Rose 24
Chambers, Rose and Wm. Seager 1900 Mar. N Wayne Ctr. 27
Chapin, Franc (Henry) 1901 Obit A
Chapin, Hattie 1899 Obit A
Chapin, Hattie and Gardner Harper
Mar. A Rose 21
Chapin, Irene and Edward Martin
Mar. A Rose 39
Chatterson, Dr. "Chatty" - divorce case
Mis. A Rose 38
Chatterson, Cynthia - list of farming utensils 1857 Mar. Mis Rose 31
Chatterson, Emily 1905 Obit. A Rose 37
Chatterson, Emily - accident
Mis. A Rose 39
Chatterson, Emily visiting relatives and friends 1887 Mis. N Rose 36
Chatterson, Mrs. Henry 1891 Obit N Rose 4
Chattterson, George and Iva Wager 1904 Mar. N Rose 29
Chrisler, Eliphalet
Obit A N.Rose 14
Chrisler, Mr. and Miss Barless 1909 Mar. A Rose 45
Christler, John 1892 Obit N Rose 4
Church dedication -- M.E.
Ded. A N.Rose 17
Church dedication - M.E.
Ded. A N.Rose 18
Clapp, C. M., b. 1847 - GAR encampment
Misc. A N.Rose/Butler 52
Clapper, Sarah, w. of David 1901 Obit A Rose 11
Claus, Mrs. Mary, w. Daniel 1890 Obit N
Cleveland, Edward 1892 Obit A Wolcott 4
Closs, Mrs. Hamual 1894 Obit A Rose 5A
Closs, Caleb H. 1897 Obit A Ross 7
Closs, Ellen Thomas and Oliver James Morelock 1895 Mar. A Rose 26
Closs, Frederick W.
Obit A Rose 45
Closs, Frederick W. and Mary E. Farnum
Mar. N Rose 29
Closs, Harvey 1886 Obit N Rose 2
Closs, Josephine and Arthur Johnson
Mar. A Rose 31
Clum, Augustus and Jennie R. Seager 1893 Mar. A
Coe, Marshal and w. Aurelia L. -divorce
Mis. A Clyde 38
Coe, Marshall divorces wife 1897 Div. A Galen 41
Colborne, Abbie M. and Frank M. Benjamin 1898 Mar. N Rose 26
Colburn, W. H. 1895 Obit A Wolcott 5A
Coleman, Eugene and Mabel Sours 1905 Mar. A Wolcott/R.Creek 38
Collier,. Lela and Lorenzo N. Snow 1896 Mar. N Rose 24
Collins, Chauncey B. 1895 Obit A Clyde 5A
Collins, Hannah Croul, w. of T. W. 1893 Obit N Lyons 5
Collins, Judge Thaddeus and Mrs. Mead
Mar. N Lyons 31
Collins, Lydia, w. of Carlos Brown 1901 Obit A Galen 11
Collins, Maud and Dr. Milton G. Lape 1894 Mar. A Wayne Ctr. 23
Collins, Minnie and Edwin W. Logan 1892 Mar. A
Collins, Stephen 1892 Obit N Rose 5
Collins, Wm. Wood
Obit A Denver, Colo. 4
Colvin, Maria D. E.(Ely), w. of Darwin 1899 Obit A Clyde 11
Converse, Cora A. and Charles A. Steitler 1905 Mar. A Clyde 33
Converse, John and Florence Knapp 1903 Mar. N Rose 29
Convrse, Arthur J. and Lena Woodard
Rose 31
Cosad, Samuel
Obit. A Wolcott 38
Covell, Charles H. and Prudence L. York 1885 Mar. N Rose 20
Covell, Ernest 1905 Obit. A Rose 33
Covell, James E. and Hannah Ette Vanderburgh 1861 Mar. N Rose 20
Covell, Mrs. Lillian and John Keeler 1910 Mar. N Rose 15
Covell, Mrs. Seymour 1889 Obit N Rose ? 2
Covell, Rosa and Frank Kellogg 1887 Mar. N Rose 20
Covell, Seymour 1893 Obit N Rose 5
Cramer, Frances and Dr. J.E.Bradshaw
Mar. N Rose 19
Crandell, Frank J. and Ednah L. Waldorf 1899 Mar. N Rose 27
Creque, Mrs. Annie C. 1902 Obit A S. Butler 11
Crisler, Lucinia A., w. of E. J. 1896 Obit A Rose 6
Cristler, Addie and Wallace F. Williams 1890 Mar. N Rose 20
Crombie, James and Frances Holbrook 1892 Mar.
Rochesteer 23
Crowell, Wm. and Florence Allen 1898 Mar. N Cambridge,MA 26
Crowfoot, Miss and Bert Windnagle
Mar. N Sodus 39
Crysler, Ina R. 1901 Obit A Huron 12
Cushman, Mrs. Prentice 1891 Obit N Butler 3
Cushman, Prentice 1891 Obit N Butler 3
Cusler, John W. and Agnes McMurdy 1893 Mar. A

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