Index to the Bastion Scrapbook

These records from the scrapbook owned by Carolyn Bastian of Rose, N.Y. were contributed by Frank Dennis, our Rose Town Coordinator and editor of the Rose Historical Society's newsletter. According to Frank:

"This scrapbook of clippings from local newspapers was kept by one of the relatives of Carolyn Wood (Mrs. Harry) Bastian, possibly Awilda Guthrie Martin or her mother. Carolyn now has the scrapbook. The clippings are primarily about marriages and obituaries, plus articles written by Alfred S. Roe for the Clyde paper. These became the basis for his book, "Rose Neighborhood Sketches", published in 1893. The articles by Roe describe the families living in the school districts in the Town of Rose - who lived there in the late 19th century, who their forebears were, and who preceded them as residents. Dates of events described in the clippings range from about 1870 to 1915, with a few later dates.

This index is arranged alphabetically by name of person, or by event, if no person is named. Multiple entries are included when an article by one person deals with another person. For marriages, names of both bride and groom are listed. Year is given when known. Page number refers to the position of the article in the scrapbook, in which items were pasted from both front to back (F1, etc.) and back to front (B1, etc.). Some additional items are loose, in which case the letter "L" (B1 L, etc.) is added to indicate where they may be found.

For additonal information, contact Frank Dennis. He has only the list, but can find details if needed.

* Paginated back to front
F Paginated front to back
** L = Loose; items not pasted in

Adams, E. L. Elected Supervisor, Savannah   B60
Adams, Ensign Democrat and Reform (Party ?) - Savannah   F60
Allen, Katie M. Marriage to Clarence Campbell   F1
Allen, Clayton J. Obit. 76 yr.   B99-100L
Allen, Hon. Adolphus Obit - of E. Troy 1863 F4
Alumni Assoc., N.Rose 8th annual reunion about 1930   B94L
Anti-cigarette bill A.S. Roe speech concerning (in Mass. House)   9F
Armstrong, James A. Golden Wedding [m. ---- Sweet]   B59
Armstrong, James E. Death - 2/3/1818 - 9/19/1904 - A. S. Roe 1904 B83-84
Armstrong, Minnie B. Divorced from Wm H. Seybold   B70
Baptist Church Horse went there by itself   B74
Barnes, Laura Emily See Wilkins 1901 B83-84
Bixby, Hattie M. Obit - 10/11/1863 1877 F4
Blake, Frank Obit. 1842-- Feb. 1929 (87 yr); photo 1929 B79
Boggs, Edgar T. Obit   F64
Bowser, Mr. and Mrs. Fishing (Detroit Free Press)   F8
Brown, Eliz. Obit - see Catchpole 1890 B55
Campbell, Clarence Marriage to Katie M. Allen   F1
Carncress, Myrta Marriage to Geo. Cooper (Savannah)   F60
Cartoon     B79
Catchpole, Eliz. Brown Death 1890 B65
Catchpole, George [M.] Death of wife, Mary, 5/2/1893 (?) 1893 B63
Catchpole, Mrs. Eliz. [Brown] Obit - 1/7/1890 .(89 yr) - w. of Robert C.[1801- ] 1890 B55
Catchpole, Mrs. Mary [Osgood] Obit - 5/2/1893 - wife of George [M.] 1893 B63
Catchpole, Robt. C. Husband of deceased - Elizabeth [Brown] 1890 B65
Center, G. Husband of Mrs. Clarissa Jane Rich Center   B64
Center, Mrs. Clarissa Jane Obit - 2/19/1814 - 9/19/??. Nee Rich, m. J. Gillette, J. Durfee, G. Center 1892 B64
Chatterson, Addie (Mrs. Henry) Obit [Adelaide ??- 1848-1891] 1891 F69
Chatterson, Mrs. Henry Obit. Death of consumption.   F7
Child, Fred S. Kills James Nichols in Clyde   F67
Church, Alanson Eulogy, 1/18/1895 1895 F67
Church, Hiram Obit - 83 yr - ca 1806-1889 1889 F9
Church, Hiram Wolcott History; connections to A.S.Roe 1888 B28 ?
Closs, Caleb H. (Ham) Tribute by A. S. Roe in Rose Astonisher 1/28/1897 1897 B70
Colvin, Frances J. see Winchell 1905 B91
Colvin, Oliver Cook Obit. 2/8/1807 - 10/10/1892 1892 B65
Cooper, Geo. (editor) Marriage to Myrta Carncress (Savannah)   F60
Cosad, Samuel Biography - candidate for school commissioner   B66
Cushman, Emily Wade Tribute by A. S. Roe in Rose Astonisher 1/28/1897 1897 B70
Danville Prison Roe, A. S. to Vets of 9th H.A. 1888 B13-14
Dorland, Jane Obit of husband, Benj. Genung 1888 B28
Dorland, Jane Ann see Genung 1888 B73
Douglas, Edwin T. Marriage to Ednah S. Wilkins   B81
Durfee, J. Husband of Mrs. Clarissa Jane Rich Center   B64
Election slate     F63
Ellinwood, Amy (Kittie) Obit - 1/20/1890 - [Amy (Smith) Ellinwood d. 1850] 1890 B55
Ellinwood, Ensign Obit -10/26/1889 - 71 yr. 1889 B55
Ellinwood, Ezra Chester Memorial by A. S. Roe [1793-1877] 1877 B81
Ellinwood, Irene Miss Obit [1870 - 1884 ?]-Resolution by Busy Workers of Rose Baptist Church 1884 F5
Finch, John L.. 51st wedding anniv. - 1/21/1914 1914 F70
Ford, Charles H. Candidate for Town of Galen Supt - bio.,photo..   B81
Fourth of July Duluth Daily Star   F70
Fungi with foul odor     F7
GAR Anniversary 19th Army Corps.   B62
GAR Reunion 75th Reg., June 1915, in Auburn 1915 F1 L
GAR, 9th H. Artillery 41st Reunion in N. Rose -- A. S. Roe   B93
Garfield, Grandma A President's Mother"   B94L
Garfield, James (Pres.) Obit - 9/22/1881 (?) 1881 B12
Genung, Benjamin Obit - 3/23/1888 [hus. of Jane (Dorland)] 1888 B28
Genung, Mrs.[Jane Ann Darland] Memorial by A.S. Roe [w. of Benjamin] 1888 B73
Gillette, J. Husband of Mrs. Clarissa Jane Rich Center   B64
Hancock, Theodore Obit   B 94
Handy Woman, The"     B88
Hickock, Wm. DeLos Death - letter from A.S.Roe 1913 F1 L
Hickok, [Wm.] Felton Death - A. S. Roe [1833-1902, 9th H.A., GAR] 1902 B87
Hill Democrats   F66
Holcomb, Margaret see Johnson 1889 F3
Home Talent Singing School Rose, 2/29/1872 1872 B99
Horse to Baptist Church shed Went there by itself without driver   B74
Horton, Geo. S. Candidate   B65
Horton, Geo. S. Candidate for Assembly from Wolcott   B66
Howland, Lucy Towne Obit- 6/17/1909 1909 B 1L
Jennings, Alanson Poem on death of, by Annie E. Jennings   F67
Jennings, Annie E. Poem on death of Alanson Jennings   F67
Jewell, Mrs. Dorcas St. John Obit - 83 yr. - in Gloversville, NY 1875 F5
Johnson, Addie Roe Obit (w. of Dr. Lawrece Johnson)   F62
Johnson, F. Marion Obit 1/11/1891 (39 yr) - Savannah 1891 B57
Johnson, Hon. Thomas Obit. bur. Butler 1890 B56
Johnson, Lawrence Dr. Obit NYC -- B. 6/7/1845-Eulogy by A.S. Roe   F62
Johnson, Mrs. Margaret D. Obit - 1827-1889 [w. of Francis M., nee Holcomb] 1889 F3
King, Samuel Marriage to Eliza Smith   F60
Klinck, Allie Marriage to Mrs. Sarah Osgood, 4/6/-   B56
Klinck, Caroline Osgood Death of son Bert 1898 B74
Klinck, H[erbert]. B. Obit - (Postmaster for 1 year) - 1865 - 6/26/1898 1899 B60
Klinck, Henry Death of son Bert [1831-1876 ?] 1898 B74
Klinck, Herbert Resolution regarding 1898 B74
Klinck, Herbert (Bert) Memorial by A.S. Roe 1898 B74
Lake Shore News Letter to editor by A.S. Roe 1888 B28
Leonard, Amos W. Marriage to Josephine Perry   B 1L
Lockwood, Ambrose Obit - 2/17/1893 1893 F60
Lockwood, Isaac Obit - 12/19/1887 (48 yr). Member Rose Lodge 1887 F7
Lockwood, Mrs. Isaac Obit 1885 F1
Lowell, J. Adam Obit, 61 years.   F7
Lyman, Jacob Elected constable (many other names) 1892 B56
Lyman, S. H. Only an Auction" - by A. S. Roe 1901 B68
Marsh, Irene Marriage to Frank Mitchell,3/8/1893 1893 F62
Martin, Henry Obit, 61 yr.   F71
Mason, Mrs. Harvey Memorial by A.S. Roe   B73
McCoon, Charles Marriage to Jennie Terry, 9/18/1881 1881 F7
McCoon, Merritt Politics   F66
McKinley, President Memory of   F24-25 L
McKoon, Eliz. see Young   B64
McKoon, Estelle Address ? to D.A.R. [w. of Merritt A.]   B71
McKoon, Estelle Seelye Joins D.A.R.   B69
McKoon, Ida A.. see Wickwire 1893 F64
McKoon, M. G. Resolution on death 12/9/1896 (50 yr) 1896 B75
McKoon, Merritt Gordon Obit. 5/22/1846- - 12/9/1896 (A.S. Roe) 1896 B69
McKoon, Merritt, et al.     B13
McKoon, Mrs. M. Obit - Butler   F60
McKoon, Supervisor Elected supervisor (many other names) 1892 B56
McKoon, Supervisor     B59
McPerren Photo   B88
McQueen, Chas. E. 80 and working, b. 1838 - Wolcott 1918 F70
Metcalf, Alvah Eulogy   B66
Metcalf, Ida Eldora Marriage to Rev. Harvey H. Paine 6/1/-   B59
Mirick, Mary B. Obit. 12/5/1815-- 1895 1895 B75
Mitchell, Frank [1868-1953] Marriage to Irene Marsh [1873-1941], 3/8/1893 1893 F62
Murdough, Lucinda H. Obit. 11/17/1843 -   B60
Murphy Democrats   F66
Newell, Charles Knecht Marriage to Harriett Bixby Pitts of Mansfield 5/10/1890 1890 B55
Newspaper photo Crowd around fountain ca 1921 B76 L
Nichols, James Killed by Fred S. Child in Clyde   F67
Nutt, Charles Tribute to A.S. Roe   B95
Officers, Town of Rose   1907 F1
Old Home Days - Rose   1907 B90
Old Scythe Tree", Seneca Falls Photo contest, history of   B99L
Onionville News   F62
Osborn, Lucy ? Marriage   B95
Osborn, Prof. L. M., LLD - 1823 (?) - 10/6/??   B64
Osburn, Lucy Estelle Marriage to Frank Lewis Smith   B93
Osgood, Caroline see Klinck   B74
Osgood, Emma see Wade 1899 B87
Osgood, Eudora Seelye. Obit - [1842] - 11/20/1870 1870 F1
Osgood, Linus P. Obit [1886] 1886 B 1
Osgood, Mary Obit - see Catchpole 1893 B63
Osgood, Mrs. Sarah Marriage to Allie Klinck, 4/6/-   B56
Osgood, Nancy J. see Sheffield 1894 B12
Osgood, Nancy J. see Sheffield 1909 B90
Paine, Harvey H. Marriage to Ida Eldora Metcalf 6/1/-   B59
Perry, Josephine Marriage to Amos W. Leonard   B 1L
Pictures (2)     B92
Pitts, Capt. A. M. Retired/returned (?)   B60
Pitts, Harriet Bixby Marriage to Chas. Knecht Newell of Phila. 5/10/1890 1890 B56
Poem Do You Remember?"   B59
Poem Peter delivered from jail   F67
Poem Rose Valley Directory (humorous) 1888 F2-3
Poem     F59
Poem - Hills of Wayne Roe, A. S. 3/5/1908 1908 B47
Poem -- The Fight     B47
Poems Cry of the Heart", "Ballade of Kisses Known"   B70
Poems Reverence for Law" (A. Lincoln); "Wondering About Taking it Easy" (McAlpine)   B76 L
Poems     B59
Poems (?) The Old Black Hen","Just One Verse", "At Home"   B99-100L
Prayer for rain     F34 L
Purple, Samuel Murder of by Willie Sells   F2
Railroad ticket -NY Central 6/2/1897 1897 B69
Railroad, Lehigh Valley Pass 1895 B74
Records of Wolcott 8/29/1888, by A. S. Roe 1888 B23-28
Rich, Clarissa Jane Obit - See Clarissa Jane Center [1814-1892] 1892 B64
Roat, Angeline Seelye Obit [1837-1909, w. of Joseph] 1909 B 1L
Roat, Joseph Obit of wife, Angeline Seelye Roat 1909 B 1L
Roat, Mrs. Angeline Seelye Obit   B48
Roe, A. S. The Steamship Waesland 9/13/1890. 1890 B65
Roe, A. S. A Tribute to the Seelye Boys   B82
Roe, A. S. Address "Rose and Wayne" - 6/4/1899 1899 B51-55
Roe, A. S. Article about birthday of Mrs. Laura J. Wilkins   B93
Roe, A. S. Article on 41st Reunion of 9th H. Artillery in N. Rose   B93
Roe, A. S. Article on Ober-Ammergau   B62
Roe, A. S. Article on Seelye Centennial - 9/2/1915 1915 B97
Roe, A. S. Article on The Rhine. 9/27/1890 1890 B61
Roe, A. S. Comments on Washington, D.C.   B73
Roe, A. S. Danville Prison - address to vets of 9th H. Art. 1888 B13-14
Roe, A. S. Estelle McKoon to D.A.R. ??   B71
Roe, A. S. Eulogy - "Life's Footprints"   B95
Roe, A. S. Funeral in Worcester, Mass.- 1/9/17 1917 B94
Roe, A. S. Funeral of (?)   B97
Roe, A. S. Letter re death of Jarit Wickwire   B93
Roe, A. S. Letter re death of Wm. D. Hickock 1913 F1 L
Roe, A. S. Letter to editor of Lake Shore news 1888 B28 ?
Roe, A. S. Memorial to Ezra Chester Ellinwood   B81
Roe, A. S. Memorial to Felton Hickok   B87
Roe, A. S. Memorial to George Seelye ?   B91
Roe, A. S. Memorial to James Armstrong, 2/3/1818-9/19/1904 1904 B83-84
Roe, A. S. Memorial to Joseph Seelye Wade 1902 B83-84
Roe, A. S. Memorial to Mrs. Joel Sheffield   B90
Roe, A. S. Memorial to Mrs. Joseph S. Wade   B87
Roe, A. S. Memorial to Mrs. Laura J. (Barnes) Wilkins 6/28/1823-1901 1901 B83-84
Roe, A. S. Memorial to Mrs. Mary L. Wade   B88
Roe, A. S. Obit - James Judson Seelye 1903 B48
Roe, A. S. Obit. 6/8/1844 - 1/7/1917 1917 B94
Roe, A. S. of Worcester, Mass. (??)   B63
Roe, A. S. Only an Auction" - article about Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Lyman   B68
Roe, A. S. Paris 9/30/1890 1890 B61
Roe, A. S. Reception on return from Europe   B56-57
Roe, A. S. Records of Wolcott, 8/29/1888 1888 B23-28
Roe, A. S. School District # 2   B49-51
Roe, A. S. Speech on prohibition   F5-6
Roe, A. S. Switzerland, 10/17/1892 1892 B63
Roe, A. S. Tribute to A.S. Roe by Charles Nutt   B95
Roe, A. S. Tribute to Jack Valentine   B71
Roe, A. S. Tribute to; 5/22/1846 - 12/9/1896 1896 B69
Roe, A. S. Wolcott History - H.H. Wheeler 1888 B28 ?
Roe, A. S. Wolcott History - Hiram Church 1888 B28 ?
Roe, A. S. (?) Article on A Sunday in London"   B60
Roe, A. S. (?) Letter from London 10/7/1890. 1890 B 100L
Roe, A. S., Senator Address, 1/12/1898 1898 B72
Roe, A.S. Article on alumni, incl. A. S. Roe - Wesleyan Alumnus 1917 B93-4 L
Roe, A.S. Eulogy for Dr. Lawrence Johnson   F62
Roe, A.S. Eulogy of Mrs. Mary L. Seelye Wade 1899 B88
Roe, A.S. Letter re death of son Delos Metcalf Roe 1882 B45
Roe, A.S. Memorial to Herbert (Bert) Klinck 1898 B74
Roe, A.S. Memorial to Mrs. Harvey Mason   B73
Roe, A.S. Memorial to Mrs. Jane Genung 1888 B73
Roe, A.S. Memorial to son, Delos Metcalf Roe 1892 B62
Roe, A.S. Obit of Merritt G. McKoon 1896 B69
Roe, A.S. Obit of Polly C. Seelye Roe 1908 B48
Roe, A.S. School District # 1   F36-38
Roe, A.S. School District # 10   F16-23
Roe, A.S. School District # 10 (Sodus)   F38
Roe, A.S. School District # 11   F23-30
Roe, A.S. School District # 12   F40-44
Roe, A.S. School District # 2 1889 B43-46
Roe, A.S. School District # 2   F38-40
Roe, A.S. School District # 3 1889 B36-43
Roe, A.S. School District # 4   F44-58
Roe, A.S. School District # 5   B14-17
Roe, A.S. School District # 6 1887 B17-22
Roe, A.S. School District # 7   B7-11
Roe, A.S. School District # 8   F30-36
Roe, A.S. School District # 9 1888 B29-36
Roe, A.S. Speech regarding anti-cigarette bill   9F
Roe, A.S. Wolcott - Olden Days    
Roe, Annabel C. Leader of Levana Club in Worcester, Mass. 1923 B64
Roe, Delos Metcalf Memorial by A. S. Roe 1892 B62
Roe, Delos Metcalf Obit 1882 B58
Roe, DeLos Metcalf Obit - 5/1882 and letter from father, A.S. Roe 1882 B45
Roe, G. Mortimer Drawing of Supervisor Roe   F64 ?
Roe, Harriett Sings in Baptist Church (dau. A. S. Roe)   B93
Roe, Miss of Fulton wife of Dr. Lawrence Johnson   F62
Roe, Mrs. A. S. Story- "How Estelle Ran Away"   B55
Roe, Mrs. Frank Obit . b. 11/10/-   B89
Roe, Nora A. M. Poem - "Good-By"   B57
Roe, Nora A. M. Article "More Light"   B59
Roe, Polly C Seelye Obit - 8/29/27-6/16/08 - A. S. Roe 1908 B48
Rose - Mecca for Democrats Article   F66
Rose Elections     F60
Rose M.E. Church,1824-1889 Roe, A. S., article by 1889 F9-15
Rose Republican     B59L
Roe, A.S. Letter to Merritt (McKoon ?) 1891 F1
Saxton, Chas. T. Hon. Candidate - Clyde   B65
Schlee, Eliz. Martin Obit (buried in Lyons)   B55
School District # 5 Roe, A. S   B14-17
School District # 1 Roe, A. S., article by   F36-38
School District # 10 Roe, A. S., article by   F16-23
School District # 10 (Sodus) Roe, A. S., article by   F38
School District # 11 Roe, A. S., article by   F23-30
School District # 12 Roe, A. S., article by 1891 F40-44
School District # 2 Roe, A. S., article by   B49-51
School District # 2 Roe, A. S., article by   F38-40
School District # 2 Roe, A.S., 1889 1889 B43-46
School District # 3 Roe, A.S. 1889 1889 B36-43
School District # 4 Roe, A. S., article by   F44-58
School District # 6 Roe, A. S. - 11/17/1887 1887 B17-22
School District # 7 Roe, A. S.   B2-6
School District # 7 Roe, A. S., reminiscences/errors   B7-11
School District # 8 Roe, A. S., article by   F30-36
School District # 9 Roe, A.S. 11/13/1888 1888 B29-36
Seelye Boys, A Tribute by A.S. Roe 1905 B82
Seelye Centennial by A. S. Roe, 9/2/1915 1915 B96
Seelye, Angeline see Roat 1909 B 1L
Seelye, Estelle see McKoon   B69,71
Seelye, Eudora Obit 1890 F3
Seelye, Eudora Osgood see Osgood 1870 F1
Seelye, George Obit- 12/30/1895 1895 B 1
Seelye, George S. Obit - 6/8/1894 (32 yr) [1861-1894] 1894 B65
Seelye, George, Deacon Death - [1800 - 1879] 1879 B91
Seelye, James Judson Memorial 9/10/09 [b. 1837 - GAR] 1909 B48
Seelye, James Judson Obit by A. S. Roe 1903 B48
Seelye, Joseph Family Centennial [d. 1854]   B95
Seelye, Polly C. see Roe 1908 B48
Seelye, Sarah A. Sheffield Obit - 5/26/ ? (82 yr) [d. 1887] 1897 B68+70
Seelye, Sarah Ann Obit. 12/29/1814 - 4/15/1887 ?) (82 yr.) 1897 B67
Sells, Willia Murder of Samuel Purple   F2
Servicemen - Baptist Church     B48 ?
Seybold, Wm. H. Divorced from Miss Minnie B. Armstrong   B70
Sheehan machine Democrats   F66
Sheffied, James C. Obit of wife Lucy 1871 F1
Sheffield, C. W. Obit. 2/10/1854---6/10/1897 1897 B69
Sheffield, Joel S. Obit - 4/4/1837- 7/20/1894 [m. Nancy Osgood] 1894 B12
Sheffield, Kennie Obit - 10/1/1877 1877 F4
Sheffield, Lucy M. [Stevens] Obit - [1797 - 1871, w. of James C.] 1871 F1
Sheffield, Mary [Chase] Obit - wife of N. Kendrick [1823-1898] 1898 B 101-2
Sheffield, Mrs. Almira Obit - b. 7/7/1814--; death of son Chas. 11 yr ago.   B47
Sheffield, Mrs. Joel [Nancy J.] Death - A. S. Roe [1838-1909] 1909 B90
Sheffield, N. K[endrick]. Obit - 3/21/1825 (in Lebanon) -7/10/1892 in Rose 1892 B62
Sheffield, N. Kendrick Obit of wife Mary Chase 1898 B 101-2
Sheffield, Nancy Osgood w. of Joel S. 1894 B12
Sheffield, Sara A. see Seelye 1897 B68+70
Sherman, Chester From Rose to Washington, DC   F60
Sherman, G[eo]. A[delbert]. Editor of Rose Astonisher [1858 - 1898] 1898 B70
Sherman, George A. Obit. 3/19/1858 -- [1898] 1898 B74
Smith, Eliza Marriage to Samuel King   F60
Smith, Frank Lewis Marriage to Lucy Estelle Osburn   B93
Smith, John S[led]. Obit. of Huron, 77 yr. [1820 - 1899] 1899 B69
Smith, Louie Walden Marriage to Laura Emily Wilkins 1905 B82
Supervisors, Bd. of Standing committees, Wayne Co. 1892 B62
Supervisors, Bd. of Picture   F69
Supervisors, Bd. of Proceedings   B58
Supervisors, Bd. of Proceedings   F59
Supervisors, Bd. of see Adams, E. L.   B60
Supervisors, Bd. of Standing comm. 1890,1892 F65
Supervisors, Bd. of Standing committees 1892 B7
Supervisors, Bd. of     F60
Supervisors, Bd. of     F62
Sweet, ------ Golden Wedding - m. to James A. Armstrong   B59
Tale of a Hoe     8F
Terry, Jennie Marriage to Chas. McCoon, 9/18/1881 1881 F7
Terry, Mrs. John Obit, 60 yr. 1881 F7
Ticket     B89
Ticket     B92
Toles, Orson [1845 - 1917] Death of son Will 6/26/1898 1898 B60
Toles, Will Obit - 6/26/1898; son of Orson Toles (1 yr) 1898 B60
Town Meeting 3/1/-   B59
Two Days in Rose" 8/9+10/1907 - party of old friends of Fred Reams 1907 B89
Unknown Funeral 1907 B89
Valentine, B. E. Marriage to [Helen E.] Nellie Wade 1896 F64 ?
Valentine, Jack Obit. A. S. Roe [1828 - 1898] 1898 B71
Veterans WW I News 1920 102L
Wade, [Emma] Mrs. Joseph Death - A. S. Roe [1841 - 1899] 1899 B87
Wade, Joseph Seelye Death - A.S. Roe [1839 - 1902] 1902 B86
Wade, Joseph Seelye Obit. [1839 - 1902] 1902 B86
Wade, Mary L. Seelye (Mrs.) Memorial - A. S. Roe [1813-1899, w. of Dudley]   B88
Wade, Mrs. Mary L. Seelye Eulogy by A.S.Roe 1899 B88
Wade, Nellie [Helen E.] Marriage to B. E.. Valentine 1896 F64 ?
Washington, George Picture   B98
Waterbury, Hiel H. 9/29/1842-- 3/24/1898 1898 B73
WCTU Resolutions 1892 F69
Wheeler, H. H. Wolcott History, connections to A. S. Roe 1888 B28 ?
White, Frank Maynard Obit (Mrs. G.V. W. ??)   B58
White, Mrs. G. V. Obit - 10/26/1891 (48 yr) 1891 F7
Wickwire, Ida A. [McKoon] Obit - 5/5/1860 - 9/22/1893 [m. Jarit]] 1893 F64
Wickwire, Jarit Obit of wife Ida A. McKoon, 9/22/93    
Wickwire, Jarit [L.] Death - article by A.S. Roe [1852 - 1893, m. Ida McKoon]   B93
Wilbur, Brownell Obit of wife, Elizabeth Rowell 1887 F7
Wilbur, Elizabeth Rowell Obit, wife of Brownell Wilbur, Victor, NY 1887 F7
Wilkins Family 26th Reunion   B94L
Wilkins, Frederick Hayes Military visa 1916 B76 L
Wilkins, H. D. Funeral   B94L
Wilkins, H. D. Rev. Obit by A. S. Ro [b. 6/30/1851] 1913 B 1L
Wilkins, Herve Dwight Funeral of organist   B91
Wilkins, Laura Emily Marriage to Louie Walden Smith   B82
Wilkins, Laura Emily (Barnes) Death - 6/28/1823 - 1901 - A.S. Roe 1901 B83-84
Wilkins, Laura Jane [Barnes] 78th birthday. [1823 - 1904] W. of Rev. A. Wilkins [b. 1823] 1901 B91
Wilkins, Rev. A[ndrew W.]. Husband of Mrs. Laura Wilkins 1901 B91
Wilkins,Ednah S. Marriage to Edwin T. Douglas   B80
Willard, Frances E. Obit ?   B71
Winchell, Frances J. Colvin 30th wedding anniversary. w. of Giles. 1905 B91
Winchell, Giles [M.] [1850 - 1929] 30th wedding anniversary 1905 B91
Wolcott - Olden Days Roe, A.S.    
Wolcott, Josiah O. Sen. Article on alumni, incl. A. S. Roe - Wesleyan Alumnus 1917 B93-4 L
Young, D. G. Obit. Husband of Eliz. McKoon   B64
Young, Eliz. McKoon w. of D. G. , deceased   B64

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