1891 - 1892

"Giving the names of the assessed property owners, number of acres for which they are assessed, and their post-office address."


Property Owner Number of Acres Post Office Address of Owner
Aldrich, Benjamin 93 N. Rose
Aldrich, George 66 N. Rose
Alford, George 14 Wayne Center
Allen, Augusta 96 Rose
Allen, Clayton J. 104 Rose
Andrus, Andrew 116 Rose
Addrus (sic), Joseph 14 Wayne Centre
Armstrong, Edgar 68 Rose
Armstrong, James 11 Rose
Atkinson, Alice Mrs. 9 Wolcott
Austin, John 20 Wayne Centre
Austin, John Mrs. 12 Wayne Centre
Baker, Horatio 24 Rose
Baker, Marcus 33 N. Rose
Baker, Nelson 79 N. Rose
Barnes, Alvin 203 Rose
Barnes, John 123 Rose
Barnum, David P. 52 N. Rose
Barrett, Gideon 50 Rose
Barrett, Jerry 139 Rose
Barrick, Amy 19 N. Rose
Banjamin, James 206 Rose
Bishop, Cephas 32 Rose
Blake, Bridget 4 Rose
Blynn, Ovid 47 Rose
Boyce, Isaac 112 Rose
Bradburn, Thos. J. 62 Rose
Briggs, Elbert 10 N. Rose
Briggs, Johnathan Mrs. 96 N. Rose
Brisbin, James 5 N. Rose
Brown, Gilbert 40 N. Rose
Brown, Ruth 97 N. Rose
Buchannan, Chas. 88 Wolcott
Buckley, John 100 Clyde
Bush, Oliver 50 Rose
Calkins, James 11 Wayne Centre
Camp, Casper 10 Rose
Campbell, Isaac 97 Rose
Case, Alonzo 24 Rose
Catchpole, E. W. 50 N. Rose
Catchpole, George 155 N. Rose
Chaddock, Alonzo Mrs. 51 Rose
Chaddock, Judson 49 Rose
Chambers, Samuel 18 Wayne Centre
Chapin, Harriet 8 Wayne Centre
Chapin, Stephen 13 Wayne Centre
Chatterson, Henry 100 Wayne Centre
Clary, Morris 17 Clyde
Closs, Caleb H. 145 Rose
Closs, Frank 163 Rose
Closs, Frank Mrs. not stated Rose
Coffee, James 20 Rose
Cole, Isaac 123 Rose
Cole, Wm. H. 73 Rose
Collins, F. J. 127 Rose
Collins, Stephen 148 Rose
Converse, Eugene 49 Rose
Coon, Lucy 68 Rose
Covill, Chas. 88 Rose
Covill, Seymour 68 Rose
Crandall, Byron 48 Wayne Centre
Crisler, Adam 67 N. Rose
Crisler, Charles 28 N. Rose
Cullen, James 80 Rose
Cullen, Thomas Mrs. 97 Rose
Davis, Ellen Mrs. 74 Rose
Deady, Chas. 148 Rose
Deady, George 43 Rose
Deady, James J. 176 Rose
Decker, Henry 18 Rose
Desmond, Wm. 152 Rose
Dickson, Alice 20 N. Rose
Dickson, George 39 N. Rose
Dodds, James J. 99 Rose
Doremus, Abram 49 N. Rose
Dunbar, Aaron 141 N. Rose
Dunbar, Henry 7 N. Rose
Dunbar, John 5 N. Rose
Dunn, Hiram 58 N. Rose
Eli, Riggs 39 Wayne Centre
Ellinwood, Orlando 49 Rose
Ellinwood, E. C. 120 Wolcott
Ellinwood, Valorus 44 Rose
Ellis, S. E. 30 N. Rose
Espencheid, William 87 Wayne Centre
Ferris, H. J. 25 Rose
Finch, Frank 120 Clyde
Finch, John L. 99 Wayne Centre
Finch, Newman 100 Wayne Centre
Finch, Seelah 40 Rose
Finch, William 130 Clyde
Fink, Christopher 23 N. Rose
Fisher, William 137 Rose
Foster, C. R. 89 Wayne Centre
Fox, Charles 48 Wayne Centre
French, James 45 Wayne Centre
Garlic, Henry 142 N. Rose
Garlic, Samuel 64 Rose
Garlic, Sidney 9 N. Rose
Garrett, Richard 27 N. Rose
Getchell, Jerry 35 Clyde
Gordon, Hiram 74 Rose
Graham, Catharine 5 N. Rose
Graham, Nelson R. 150 N. Rose
Green, George 32 N. Rose
Griswold, Alonzo 44 N. Rose
Griswold, Hermond 267 Clyde
Griswold, Mary A. 6 Rose
Griswold, William 300 Rose
Hallett, Horace 95 Clyde
Hamlink, Derrick 106 Rose
Harman, Peter 37 Rose
Harper, Charles 48 N. Rose
Harrington, Myron 9 Wayne Center
Hart, Marion 90 Rose
Hart, Samuel C. 34 N. Rose
Harvey, Mason, estate 118 Wolcott
Henderson, Eustace 77 Wolcott
Henderson, F. E. and T. G. 22 Wolcott
Herderson, Thomas 88 Wolcott
Hendricks, Frank 43 Rose
Hepgen, Antone 4 Wayne Center
Helta, John A. 47 N. Rose
Hickock, Eugene 129 Rose
Hilts, Frank and John 44 Rose
Hollenbeck, Wm., estate 92 N. Rose
Hopping, Sidney J. 74 Rose
Jeffers, Geo. 92 Rose
Jeffers, Robt. 192 Rose
Jewell, Alva 164 N. Rose
Johnson, David 36 N. Rose
Johnson, Leland 32 Rose
Jones, Pardon Mrs. 85 Auburn
Jordan, R. 113 Lyons
Jordan, Wm. 94 Rose
Kaiser, Phidelas 23 Wayne Center
Kellogg, Stephen B. 44 Rose
Klinck, A. A. 130 Rose
Klinck, Geo. 68 Rose
Klipple, Henry 114 Wayne Center
Knapp, Nathan 50 Wolcott
Lamb, John 60 N. Rose
Lambert, Elizabeth 49 Wayne Centre
Lane, Johnson Mrs. 40 Rose
Lee, Joel 176 Rose
Levanway, Henry 169 Clyde
Lewis, Daniel 110 Wolcott
Links, Henry, Jr. 80 Wayne Center
Loryman, Wm. 29 Wayne Center
Lovejoy, Augustus W. 29 Wolcott
Lovejoy, Darius 24 Wolcott
Lovejoy, John 47 N. Rose
Lovejoy, Norman 47 Wolcott
Lumbert, Wm. 14 Wayne Center
Lundergan, Michael 49 N. Rose
Lyman, Charles 9 N. Rose
Lyman, Charles F. 44 N. Rose
Lyman, John 32 N. Rose
Lyman, John B. 86 N. Rose
Lyman, Milo 141 Rose
Lyman, William B. 60 N. Rose
Markham, Thos., estate 14 Rose
Marquet, Getty 17 N. Rose
Marriolt, John 14 Rose
Marsh, C. A. 56 Rose
Marsh, Roswell 48 Clyde
Martin, Daniel, Jr. 47 Wayne Centre
McDorman, Michael 6 N. Rose
McKoon, M. G. 129 Rose
Mc Murdy, William 88 Rose
McRorie, William J. 48 Wayne Centre
Meehan, Michael 47 Clyde
Messenger, Walter, estate 71 N. Rose
Meyers, John 17 Wayne Centre
Milem, George 155 Rose
Miller, Henry, estate 83 Wayne Centre
Miner, Charles 34 Rose
Miner, Darwin 7 Rose
Miner, Fernando 33 Rose
Miner, Frank 21 Rose
Miiner, Harmon 7 Rose
Mitchell, Philander 79 Rose
Mitchell, William 90 Rose
Moore, Charles 5 N. Rose
Morey, Horace 47 Rose
Munsell, G. L. 113 Wolcott
Munsell, Laura 64 Wolcott
Niles, William 41 Rose
Niles, William Mrs. 6 Rose
Oaks, Charles G. 48 N. Rose
Odonnel, Bridget 9 Rose
Osborn, Abner 200 Rose
Osborn, Charles 46 Rose
Osborn, Elijah 72 Rose
Osborn Francis 106 Rose
Osborn, Isaac 40 N. Rose
Osborn, James C. 104 Rose
Osborn, Samuel 169 Rose
Osgood, L. H. 13 Rose
Peck, Charles 8 Wolcott
Phillips, Joseph 128 Wolcott
Phillips, John 72 Wolcott
Phillips, Merrill 12 N. Rose
Powers, NIcholas 10 N. Rose
Proseus, Anna 29 N. Rose
Pulse, Charles 19 Rose
Putnam, Joel H. 204 Wayne Centre
Ream, Frederick 99 Wayne Centre
Reknghler, Charles and John 99 Wayne Centre
Richardson, John 8 N. Rose
Riggs, Henry 14 Wayne Centre
Riggs, William 37 Wayne Centre
Rodenbeck, Philip 10 Wayne Centre
Rodwell, William 66 Clyde
Roe, J. B. Mrs. 100 Clyde
Salter, Peter 5 Wayne Centre
Seager, George W. 55 Rose
Seager, Mary Mrs. 24 Wayne Centre
Seager, Monroe 28 Wayne Centre
Seelye, George 24 Rose
Seelye, Judson Mrs. 38 Rose
Shannon, Samuel 21 N. Rose
Shear, John 41 Rose
Shear, Mary Mrs. 138 N. Rose
Shear, William L. 6 N. Rose
Sheffield, Joel Mrs. 25 Rose
Sherman Bros. 107 Rose
Shoesmith, Edwin 2 N. Rose
Skett, Orrin 44 N. Rose
Smith, Edmond 37 N. Rose
Smith, George 5 N. Rose
Smith, Halsey 64 Wolcott
Smith, Morgan 13 N. Rose
Snow, Lorenzo 237 Rochester
Sober, Mary Mrs. 36 N. Rose
Soper, E. P. 31 Wayne Centre
Soule, Ira T. 10 Rose
Soule, William 15 Rose
Stearns, Charity 29 N. Rose
Stilter, Henry 63 Wayne Centre
Stephens, Charles H. 11 Rose
Stickles, Andrew 5 Rose
Stopfel, John 10 N. Rose
Stopfel, Philip 21 N. Rose
Sutherland, Charles 5 Wayne Centre
Talton, Joseph 10 Rose
Thomas, William 8 Rose
Thompkins, Charles 37 Rose
Thompson, Albert 29 Wayne Centre
Thompson, Samuel 127 Wayne Centre
Tilletson, Chas. 10 Rose
Tindall, Chas., estate 63 Wayne Centre
Tindall, Jerome W. 48 Rose
Toles, Orson 80 Wolcott
Town, Lewis 150 Rose
Trayer, Ellen 9 N. Rose
Troutman, Fred and John 90 Wayne Centre
Tryon, George 44 Wayne Centre
Ulrich, Catharine 5 Wolcott
Valentine, Harrison 92 Rose
Valentine, Jackson 8 Rose
Vandercook, Wm. 106 Rose
Wade, E. D. & J. S. 100 Rose
Wade, Joseph S. 7 Rose
Wager, Abram 107 N. Rose
Wager, Morris 46 Rose
Waite S. W. 12 Rose
Waldruff, Stanton 35 Rose
Warren, Dorcas 34 Wayne Centre
Weeks, Caleb 70 Wayne Centre
Weeks, Frank W. 59 Wayne Centre
Weeks, James 66 Wayne Centre
Weeks, Lucy A. 44 Wayne Centre
Weeks, Michael 39 Wayne Centre
Weeks, Michael and Wm. 45 Wayne Centre
Weeks, Sarah C. 6 Rose
Weeks, Stephen 42 Rose
Welch, Edward 67 N. Rose
White, Walter V. 43 Wayne Centre
Wickwire, Jarit 91 Rose
Wilson, E. B. 91 Rose
Wilson, Harlam 127 Rose
Wilson, I. L. 29 Rose
Wilson, M. L. 48 Rose
Wood, C. G. 46 Rose
Wood, Hudson R. 42 Rose
Worden, Constantine 119 Wayne Centre
Worden, George 58 Wayne Centre
Wraight, George 9 Wayne Centre
Wraight, James Mrs. 14 Wayne Centre
Wright, A. H. Mrs. 8 Lyons
Wright, L. E. L. Mrs. 25 Rose
Wyckhoff, Susan B. 88 Rose
York, John, Jr. 322 N. Rose
Young, Eason 54 Wolcott

Source: The Wayne County Directory for 1891-92. Newburgh, N.Y.: L. P. Waite & Co., Publishers., 1892.

Although some of the spellings are incorrect, for historical accuracy, spellings of first and last names have been transcribed exactly as given in the original resource, and will not be changed. The site coordinators have no information about individuals listed. We thank you in advance for directing ALL questions about individuals to the Office of the County Historian.

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