of the

Presbyterian Church

Palmyra, N.Y.


      ELDERS: Wm. R. Johnson, Amos C. Sanford, Franklin Williams, Lucius H. Foster, Wm. H. Kent, Peter Barr, Chas. H. Brigham, Geo. S. Johnson, Marvin Hill.
      DEACONS: Jeremiah L. Philip, M. B. Riggs, Edwin E. Rogers, Wm. R. Johnson.
      TRUSTEES: Sam'l. B. McIntyre, W. H. Kent, Marvin Hill, Edwin E. Rogers, Thaddeus Philip, Pliny S. Aldrich.

Mrs. Eva Scholl Died, January 22, 1888, aged 56
Mr. Lyman Reeves Died, January 25, 1888, aged 85
Mrs. Ann McInherenny Died, February 18, 1888, aged 77
Mr. Edward Neinstein Died June 17, 1888, aged 56
Mr. William G. Fisher Died, October 1, 1888, aged 65
Mrs. Elizabeth Parsons Died October 7, 1888, aged 81
Mrs. Ann Crandall Died, October 16, 1888, aged 80
Mrs. Jane O. Pettit Died, October 19, 1888, aged 86
Mr. John Bonte Died, October 26, 1888, aged 22
Mr. John Luppold Died, Dece'r 11, 1888, aged 26


Superintendent, Lucius H. Foster
First Assistant Superintendent, David S. Aldrich
Second Assistant Superintendent, Amos C. Sanford
Treasurer, F. W. Griffiths
Librarian, Addison L. Root
Chorister, Geo. S. Johnson


President, Mary A. Aldrich
Vice Presidents, Edwin Hurlburt, James L. Reeves
Secretary, Mary L. McKeown
Treasurer, F. W. Griffiths
Executive Committee, Herman L. Riggs, Mrs. Catharine Cleveland, Elizabeth W. Eaton


Samuel B. McIntyre, Mrs. Jas. McKeown, Mrs. James H. Smith, Miss Elizabeth W. Eaton, Miss Emila Yeomans.


President, Mrs. R. F. Stoddard
Secretary, Miss Mary A. Aldrich


President, Mrs. C. M. Kingman
Vice-Pre's, Mrs. C. D. Johnson, Mrs. Joseph Rogers, Mrs. F. R. Stoddard
Secretary, Miss Mary A. Aldrich
Treasurer, Mrs. H. D. Cone
Directors, Mrs. M. C. Finley, Mrs. A. S. Rogers, Miss Sarah Hall


President, Miss May McIntyre
Vice-Pre't, Miss Caroline L. Hall
Secretary, Mrs. H. D. Cone
Treasurer, Mrs. Charles R. Whitney
Directors, Mrs. Almon Green, Miss Mary A. Aldrich, Mrs. A. S. Rogers


President, Edward N. Corning
Vice-Pre's, Marcia A. Bliss, Helen T. Chapman
Secretary, Myra A. Smith
Treasurer, Grace Beal
Executive Com., Mrs. Geo. S. Johnson, Mrs. H. D. Cone, Miss Lena G. Chapman


President, Herman L. Riggs
Vice-Pre't, Kate Crandall
Secretary, Lena G. Chapman
Treasurer, Addison L. Root
Corresponding Secretary, Mary S. Eaton
Lookout Com'e, Geo. S. Johnson, Esther F. White, Rev. H. D. Cone
Prayermeeting Committee, Fred A. Pitkin, Margaret A. Wismer, Julia G. Pomeroy
Social Committee, Caroline L. Hall, Fanny G. Yeomans, Josie Devoist, William T. Chapman, Fred W. Griffith
Hotel Visitation Committee, Harry G. Chapman, George A. Wismer, Charles H. Johnson

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, January 28, 1888

General Lyman Reeves died very suddenly at his home in Palmyra on Wednesday evening, aged 86 years. He had been about the house during the day and when about to retire at 8 o'clock, he entered his bed room and in a short time called to his wife; but before she could reach him he dropped dead. Aid was at once summoned, but he was past all help, death probably being due to apoplexy. General Reeves was born in Palmyra in May, 1802, and was at the time of his death the oldest native citizen of the town. In 1823 General Reeves was married, and has raised a family of five children: Nelson, Franklin, and Clark Reeves, and Mrs. George Harrison, of Palmyra, and Byron Reeves, of Rochester. He received his military title as a leader in the New York state militia in 1844. On any pleasant day the general could be seen riding about the streets of Palmyra on his old military horse. Had he lived, General Reeves would have celebrated his sixty-fifth wedding anniversary in May next. The funeral will be held from his late residence, on Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock.

Palmyra Cemetery, Vienna St.
Macinerheny, Annie Scott - Mar. 17, 1811-Feb. 18, 1886, descended from the Scottish kings

Source: 4-page pamphlet of officers and committee people of organizations within the church, printed by Democrat Print, Palmyra NY. All spellings and unusual punctuation are as in the original. We thank you in advance for directing ALL questions about individuals listed to the Office of the County Historian.

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