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1875 NYS Census

Town of ONtario

Wayne County, NY

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Miscellaneous Statistics:

Town of Ontario; for the year ending June 1, 1875
James H. RIKER, Enumerator

First M.E. Ch. of Ontario: Meth. Epis.; value of church & lot $5000; seats 300; usual number in attendance 75; number of communicants or regular members 60; salary of clergy besides use of real estate $550

Free Meth. of Ontario: value of church & lot $1500; seats 200; usual number in attendance 60; number of communicants or regular members 24

Ontario Bapt. Society: Baptist; value of church & lot $1200; seats 400; usual number in attendance 100; number of communicants or regular members 90; salary of clergy besides use of real estate $600

Presb. Ch. of Ontario: Presbyterian; value of church & lot $1400; seats 200; usual number in attendance 40; number of communicants or regular members 35; salary of clergy besides use of real estate $500

First Weslyan Meth. of Ontario: Wesl. Meth.; value of church and lot $2000; seats 250; usual number in attendance 60; number of communicants or regular members 40

St. Marys of the Lake: R.C.; value of church & lot $1800; seats 300; number of communicants or regular members 175

Newspapers & other Periodicals; Ontario Sun with a circulation of 550

Inns, hotels and taverns - 3; whole sale stores - none; retail stores and groceries - 9

Domestic animals in cities and villages. The number of domestic animals kept by those who occupy no farming lands are 85 horses; 53 cows.

Wages, estimated average pay of hired laborers and mechanics, exclusive of board: men working at common hand labor in building etc. $1.25 by the day; farm hands hired by the season or year $1 by the day, $20 by the week; farm hands hired in haying and harvest $2 by the week; carpenters and joiners $2 by the day; masons, stone and bricklayers $2.25 by the day; blacksmiths $1.50 by the day; painters and glaziers $2 by the day; sewing and other woman's hand labor 75 cents by the day.

General Remarks: A place called the Burgh contains 160 inhabitants, one called Ontario contains 320; one called Ontario Center 170 and one called Furnaceville 160. The usual place of employment of all is in this town.


Town of Ontario: during year ending June 1, 1875
James H. RIKER, Enumerator

William BURGESS, 22, single and Louis EARL, 17, single
April 15 in Ontario by a J.P.

Eugene RUSSEL, 20, single and Mary J. PAYNE, 22, single
Dec. 8 in Ontario by a Presb. clergyman

Wesley OSBORN, 27, single and Emma SMITH, 23, single
Dec. 17 in Marion by a Bapt. clergyman

Horace HILL, 76, widowed and Susan SHERBURN, 72, widowed
Aug. 6 in Ontario by a Bapt. clergyman

Chauncy NORTON, 21, single and Ida ALLEN, 20, single
Mar. 17 in Ontario by a Meth. E. clergyman

Irving CUTTEBACK, 20, single and Emma WALL, 17, single
July 4 in Ontario by a Presby. clergyman

Edgar FITTS, single and Clare RISLEY, single
Mar. 12 in ontario by a Presb. clergyman

Brien FOLEY, 23, single and Margeret GILNO, 19, single
Sept. 18 in Newark by a J.P.

Francis DAILY, 38, single and Jennie McVAY, 24, single
May 1 in Fairport by a R.C. clergyman

Cornelius O'NEIL, 25, single and Rosa BAILY, 18, single
Dec. 25 in Clifton Spr. by a R.C. clergyman

Abraham VERDOW, 23, single and Libbie LEROY, 23, single
Mar. 24 in Pultneyville by a Meth. clergyman

Mathew SCOTT, 24, single and Mary KELLY, 18, single
April 7 in Fairport by a R.C. clergyman

Albert HARBERTSON, 24, single and Ella COOPER, 25, single
Feb. 7 in Ontario by a W. Meth. clergyman

Warner BENNETT, 21, single and Lelia BROWN, 24, single
Mar. 16 in Ontario by a Bapt. clergyman

Isaac Harrison GRANGER, 36, single and Lenora SMITH, 23, single
Mar. 16 in Ontario by a J.P.

Albert E. WARNER, 20, single and Martha Louisa GRANGER, 20, single
July 1 in Sodus by a Prot. Epis. clergyman


Town of Ontario; during year ending June 1, 1875
James H. RIKER, Enumerator

Henry James POPE, 10 months, male, single, May 13, b. N.Y., inflamation of brain

Josephine SHAW, 17, female, single, April 23, b. N.Y., inflamation of lungs

Addison SHERBURN, 34, male, married, Jan. 24, b. N.Y., farmer, inflamation of lungs (quick consumption)

Anna BARNHART, 12, female, single, Dec., b. N.Y., fitts

Huldah BARNUM, 1 month, female, single, Sept. 18, b. N.Y., unknown (Dr. Ellsworth)

Edmond FRIES, 35, male, married, Jan. 5, b. Dutchess, farmer, inflamation of stomach

Roy E. CRANDALL, 2 months, male, single, March 2, b. N.Y., inflamation of lungs

Wallace CLARK, 24, male, single, April 16, b. Wayne, farmer, congestion of lungs

Eliza E. PAYNE, 17 years 3 months, female, single, July 19, b. N.Y.

Emily DUEL, 38, female, married, May 22, b. N.Y., keeping house, inflamation of liver

Elias CLEVENGER, 71, male, widowed, May 2, b. New Jersey, carpenter, appoplexy

Caroline WHITNEY, 64, female, married, July 20, b. N.Y., keeping house, cancer in stomach

Sidney WHITNEY, 73, male, widowed, Dec. 17, b. Washington Co., farmer, injured by timber falling on him and kidney complaint

Mary ROOT, 14, female, single, Aug. 7, b. N.Y., heart disease (dropsy)

Debra WHITCOMB, 76, female, married, Dec. 8, b. Vermont, keeping house, inflamation of stomach

Loami WHITCOMB, 77, male, widowed, March 10, b. N.Y., physician, cancer

Alison J. CAREY, 1 year 6 months, male, single, October 11, b. N.Y., disease of brain

William James BLYTHE, 51, male, married, Sept. 4, b. England, farmer, consumption

Harriet Jane MARCHANT, 11 days, female, single, April 22, b. Wayne

Peter CATEAU, 2 years 11 months, male, single, April 21, b. Wayne, fitts

Susan Colwell, 6, female, single, April 14, b. Wayne, scarlet fever

Ezra CHAPMAN, 87, male, widowed, July 7, b. Conn., farmer, old age

Samuel A. MORSE, 5 years 6 months, male, single, March 23, b. Wayne, scarlet fever

Rachel BOGART, 1 year 11 months, female, single, April 2, b. N.Y., scarlet fever

Isaac HATHAWAY, 35, male, married, Jan. 18, b. N.Y., hotel keeper, rupture of bladder by kick from a person

Harriet SANDERS, 22, female, married, May 31, b. N.Y., keeping house, abortion

Hattie May Sanders, 5 months, female, single, Nov. 7, b. N.Y., bowel complaint and cutting teeth

Anna DRATON, 7 months, female, single, September 25, b. N.Y., cholera infantum

Edwin McKOWN, 38, male, single, August 24, b. N.Y., farm laborer, enlargement of the heart

Elizabeth HOST, 3 months, female, single, October 5, b. N.Y., scarlet fever

Edson J. WHITCOMB, 52, male, married, Jan. 1, b. N.Y., physician, paralysis

William F. REED, 39, male, married, March 17, b. N.Y., merchant, consumption (hemorrhage from lungs)

William CRAMMER, 67, male, single, May 27, b. N.Y., farm laborer, consumption

John DENNEY, 68, male, married, Jan. 20, b. N.Y., farmer, consumption

These records were taken as part of the NY State 1875 state census and cover the calendar year from June 2, 1874 to June 1, 1875. Otherwise there are no such government records for the other 1870s years ex. for the US 1880 Mortality Schedule. Not all records have survived for all towns and counties in New York State. To find out what has survived, please check with the historical society of the county you're interested in, visit the New York State Historical Society in Cooperstown, NY, or inquire of your nearest Family History Center about microfilm loan.

***For all inquiries about persons mentioned or availability of other and similar records, do not email the site coordinators (as we have no further info). We refer you in advance to the Office of the County Historian.

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