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Town of Ontario

July 1862


Below is a transcription of the original handwritten Town Supervisor's list of all men whose enlistments were credited to the Town of Ontario as of July 2, 1862. As this is early in the War, it won't include men who may have enlisted between July 3, 1862 and April 9, 1865. All names are spelled exactly as on the original document. The original document lists men who enlisted in three different regiments. As this is an original piece of historical documentation, we will NOT be adding your relative or later recruits to the three regiments to this page. We have no way of determining if the men stayed with these regiments, transferred to others, or survived the War. Thank you to the Office of the County Historian of Wayne County, NY.

"The following is a list of Volunteers from the Town of Ontario who have enlisted since the 2d day of July 1862."


Allen, Alonzo H. Comp B, 138th Reg.t.
Andrew, William A.
Atwood, Alvah J.
Birdsall, William
Bishop, Edwin A.
Brock, Charles J.
Beard, George
Clark, James E.
Diver, Jerome R.
Diver, Frank H.
Davis, Allen B.
Foot, Harvey
Finn, Patrick
Franklin, Joshua
Franklin, Benjamin
Gregory, Truman, Capt.
Gregory, Lyman
Greenwood, William E., Lieut.
Griffen, David
Gage, Jene
Hopkins, Cassius C.
Harkness, Edson J.
Hoxie, John C.
Holtrom, Frank P.
Jilno, Ezra
King, John
Koopman, Anthony
Ladd, Francis W.
Mack, Samuel R.
Merrick, Joseph S.
Manchester, Charles T.
Niles, Egbert
Niles, Edwin T.
Patterson, Charles P.
Pratt, Almon J.
Page, Ebenezer
Page, William S.
Painter, George
Pease, Charles W.
Ruffle, John
Rouch, Max
Richmond, George H.
Reed, John L.
Raymor, Andrew
Rifenburgh, Walter
Smith, Morris M.
Sharp, Emmet W.(?)
Spellar, James
Smith, Walter
Stanford, Daniel J.
Thatcher, James H.
Terwilliger, Eugene A.
Vail, Jacob
Watson, John
Warren, Jerome
Wooster, William E.
Wall, Alonzo
Wooster, Seymour W.
Woodworth, Edgar
Whitcomb, Charles


Dewinne, Joseph 111th Regt.
Dodswell, Thomas
Easton, Charles M.
Granger, Isaac
Hill, Horace G.
Parnell, Edward
Reed, James
Taylor, Daniel


Atwood, Alvah 108th Regt.
Atwood, Reynolds, 2d. Lieut.
Cladle, Augustus
Eastley, Benedict
McGuckin, Andrew
Velty, Alois
Worth, Nichols

"We certify that the foregoing is a correct list of Volunteers who have enlisted since the 2d day of July 1862 from the town of Ontario.

Ontario Oct 27 1862"

                Thos. / Theo.(?) Williams, Supervisor
                Isaac Z. Hodges, Commissioner
                Joel B. Pratt}
                E. W. Wooster} assessors

Note: Please use our site search engine to look for further information about men listed, or order research from the Office of the County Historian. A brief look through our listings for Ontario Village Cemetery turned up the following:

Atwood, Alvah J., born 1813, died 1896, Civil War
Atwood, Alvah H., born Sep 23, 1846, died Mar 7, 1887, Civil War
Parnell, Edward, son, died Jul 13, 1863, age 20y 7m 15d, NY S.V. killed at Gettysburg, PA, Co.A, III Reg.

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